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Jan. 3, 2022

You’re Already Doing The Work - Make It Count! with Angela Proffitt

In this episode, Kristina sat down with entrepreneur and podcaster Angela Proffitt. Angela has over 22 years in the hospitality space and shares her thoughts on social media marketing, knowing your numbers to know your worth, capturing content… and explains that putting in the work and showing up consistently will yield your business a return on the time invested.

Are you giving your business maximum exposure in the digital marketing space? If you’re not consistently in front of your audience, you’re going to be forgotten. Tune in to this episode for tips on staying relevant for the younger generation of clients.

Do you know your numbers? As in, do you know what it costs to run your business hour by hour? Listen to this episode to hear special guest, Angela Proffitt, talk about knowing your worth, raising your rates and how to make the work you’re already doing count - because nothing is free!

Capturing behind the scenes content of your service based business is what your potential clients want to see. Beyond it being GOLD for your business… it is truly evergreen - meaning it doesn’t expire anytime soon. Stay tuned to this episode to hear when and how to capture this content.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND knowing your business numbers will help you know your worth and that treating your business like a client will take it to new heights.

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Angela Proffitt

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
In this episode, I sat down with entrepreneur and podcaster Angela Proffitt, Angela has over 22 years in the hospitality space, and shares her thoughts on social media marketing, knowing your numbers to know your worth capturing content, and explains that putting in the work and showing up consistently will yield your business a return on the time invested. 

You're listening to a Business Booster episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. I'm a technology consultants, marketing strategist, business coach, and in the past of wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing impactful, easy to implement solutions and strategies for efficient workflow and business growth. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

Stop what you're doing right now, because of this guest, you're going to want to hear what she has to say. Believe it or not, I've made the trip to Nashville, Tennessee. And not only have had a fabulous day with this guest, but she even said she would be a guest on the podcast, and why I'm so excited to be sitting next to her. I'm most excited about our listeners and the tips, tricks. And who knows what else we're going to talk about. I'm talking about the one the only Angela prophets GSD girls, and you're gonna want to check out our YouTube channel because for sure there is video of this one. Now, I don't want to leave out one of the co host. Sharon is definitely behind the scenes today. So we're going to have lots of pictures to share out. But Angela, first of all, would you please introduce yourself to our audience?

Angela Profitt  1:55  
Yes, I'm Angela Proffitt. I've been in the events industry in the hospitality industry for over two decades. What your No way? Yeah. Yeah. My family had a venue when I was growing up. And I grew up around it. And then I went to school to be a psychologist and I worked in mental health. And I loved people and I love working with people and helping people but healthcare was not for me. Not long term. So for fun on this side, my friends will really it was my parents friends kids started to get married at our church.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:31  
Can you say that fast? Three times.

Angela Profitt  2:33  
Oh my gosh, my kid my friend though. Right? My parents friends kids. Yeah. And me, my sister knew how to like decorate and like plan weddings. So we just started doing it for fun. And this was way before social media. And we started just doing it and with word of mouth that spread. And then it got so busy to where I could actually leave my full time job and set out to be this thing called an entrepreneur, which I had no clue what the hell I was doing. It always

Kristina Stubblefield  3:04  
people always say it sounds like so much fun. Yeah.

Angela Profitt  3:08  
It's really scary. I mean, we won't even go go down that path today. But, you know, it's like everything that you do in life with life experience. You meet people along the way, God plops people in your life at the right times for certain reasons that you have a choice whether to listen and go with the guidance or fight that passion when you know that there's something more. So yeah, I've been in hospitality space for 22 years.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:32  
Well, and what I find most interesting, so we were at a conference not very long ago, that was had to do with the Association of bridal consultants. And honestly, that's the first time I met you in person. And I after day one of the conference, like felt like we had known each other forever. It just forever clicked. And we could go on and on about that. But honestly, we have so much to talk about. I want to hop right in. You have worked with wedding professionals. You've worked with venues all over the world. Honestly, all over the all over. You just came back from overseas Turkey, Italy. Yeah, yes. So I always love talking to people about their experiences. And I think that's one thing that where I'm able to relate a lot with people is even experiences outside the wedding industry. It is amazing working together and collaborations. So we're gonna talk about what today

Angela Profitt  4:35  
we're gonna talk about, like marketing and content creation.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:41  
And and before we started, we honestly you something you said, stuck out with me and I'm going to let you say it the right way. But it's something that you said that you can't take with you or why take it with you.

Angela Profitt  4:55  
You can't take your knowledge with you. You can't take what

Kristina Stubblefield  4:58  
you can. You can't But who's that benefiting? Right? Well, we don't know, maybe there's a whole nother world out there we don't know about yet. But why when you could help people

Angela Profitt  5:09  
here, so many people with your experiences, and one of

Kristina Stubblefield  5:13  
the things that we were talking about was, if you're not talking about what you're doing, what you can do, what your business does, what your passions are, why you do what you do, if you're not in front of people, you're going to get left behind, like a dinosaur. And unfortunately, some of that is going on, especially in the wedding industry, because some younger people, very smart, younger people, although they may have less years of experience, they are on all these social media channels, or they're really utilizing a few. And to me, they're top of mind. They are out there in people's faces. And what does that I try to share with my audience? But in your words, what does that do?

Angela Profitt  6:05  
Well, I mean, and again, I go back when people look at me, and they're like, Oh, well, year of the selfie generation is like, No, I'm not, I've really good jeans. But it if you're not exposing yourself, and if you're not staying top of mind, in front of your audience constantly, you're going to be forgotten. And then you get left behind. And I was sharing with you earlier, a lot of the people that we work with are over 50. And they know that they have to change something, because what they're doing is no longer working. And you can still say we get all of our clients through word of mouth, hey, we have to still to this day, our private clients, but our online clients. And then also if someone who has a very active Instagram, or an active Facebook page, and they go to look you up, and you don't have either of those, a client is more likely to choose someone who has a website has a Facebook page and has an Instagram account. Because they're relevant, they're keeping up. And if I hear one more person, say, I'll just hire a young person, get an iPhone, and give it to them. That's not how you fix this. Because if you because we've interviewed some of the younger kids that are under 20, that has that's actually happened to them. And they feel anxiety, they feel like they're set up for failure because there's no direction, then they might be comfortable with the phone. But they don't know how to make money on the phone. They don't have a strategy for social media. And while social media can be very simple, and you can just, it's free. It's nothing's free all your time is precious and priceless. And so what you choose to do with that time, typically is work and do things for clients, and you're making you think you're making money, at least you have money coming in, but sometimes more going out.

Kristina Stubblefield  7:55  
That's knowing your numbers. And that's another two or three episodes a whole nother

Angela Profitt  7:59  
episode, right? But it's like you're already doing the work. So why not capture the work that you're already doing? And you can't say to me, Oh, I'm too old for that. Or I'm like that that's not an excuse anymore. And I love it. When people say that, to me, it happened today and I pull it down. And this guy Frank, who's literally, I think, almost 80 years old. I'm

Kristina Stubblefield  8:22  
not even being funny has 6.6 million followers and his grandchildren. They have taught him and their grandma how to do content. And it's precious. And it's so cute. But it's it has nothing to do with age, things constantly change. And if you're not keeping up, then you will be forgotten. One of the things that stuck out to me when you shared Frank's tic toc was how raw how authentic. They were. The ones I saw did not have filters. i It looked like it was in their living room. Yeah. Is they seem to just be themselves. And you said they have deals they have they have created a brand. Yeah. And so many times people say I mean tic tock and Instagram rules. That's I mean, you just supposed to be funny or dance. There's a whole nother side to it. And I think like a lot of things we can in our own way, or we just push that off. And honestly, I worry some of the top wedding professionals that have 2030 years of experience that have the critical life skills that become so important when you're running an entire event. They're not even getting a shot. At that event. They're not even getting an opportunity for a consultation for a meeting. Why? Because it's been six months since they posted on their Facebook or they haven't used Instagram in a year, because they're too busy, or they don't have a tick tock account. And it's really a shame if you think about it. Because you don't have a presence online. Kind of similar to not keeping up with your website. That is unfortunate. And I feel like I preach and preach and preach to people about embracing social media, find a way to turn your camera on, make sure you share your pictures. And that is exactly what we're diving into. And you said, you're already doing the work. So let's talk a little bit about that I mentioned to you make sure you know, the photographer and the videographer. And this is more geared towards wedding professionals. But if you're doing any kind of work like that, make sure you know who those people are, exchange business cards, more scan their QR code, whatever it is, and get their contact information. Because number one, that's the event that you're part of, and you can use that I always recommend giving photo credits. That's something you're a part of,

Angela Profitt  11:09  
well, I would have a conversation before the event and asked like if there is a planner involved. Usually it falls on us, but not always. And

Kristina Stubblefield  11:21  
I was kind of that what I said was more geared towards the planner. So thank you for clarifying that.

Angela Profitt  11:25  
Yeah, usually, like from a planners, like if you are a service based business, even if you're not in the wedding industry or events industry, if you're a service based business, the only thing that you have to capture is either client testimonials, or what you're what you're doing. And if you have a product, it's a little bit easier, because you can shoot your product, and really get your product out there. But with services, it isn't like that. And something that I've learned the hard way is people want to see who is behind the scenes, like who is the magician, or who are the magician who's executing Yeah, like behind the scenes. And so we have all kinds of data to back it up, where if you show your face and you show a little bit behind the scenes, then people learn to like you and they trust you and they learn from you. And they're going to listen to you, they're going to take guidance from you. And so one of the best things that I ever did, is one of my brand managers, he's like, there's this thing called Facebook Live, and you're gonna need to start doing it. And I'm like, I don't have time to pee. Are you kidding? Like, and he's like, Well, it needs to go on your timeline it needs. So we actually have a conversation 30 days before with Photo Video and we ask, do you guys have time to do this? Do you have a third or fourth shooter? The people that work with us frequently do they want that that credit, they want to be able to provide certain images for the vendors and certain behind the scenes videos. And then if they don't, or they flat out, just say no, or the client didn't pay for that, then we have our own people. And we we bring them in for 90 minutes to get certain things and that's building a portfolio. Now oftentimes, we never do it. We never put it out on the same day or oftentimes not in the same weekend. Like some of the stuff that goes up was four months ago. It's like our backlog, right? But honestly, that really doesn't expire. Never Never. So we always say like keep it evergreen, which I thought that was like Christmas trees like ever. No evergreen means like, it's always going to be good, at least for like three to five years. So it's not like I mean, clearly if it's a Christmas wedding, and there's Christmas trees everywhere, you know, sometimes we might wait until the next holiday or we'll do like a Christmas in June special or something like that. But you've got to keep things relevant. And again, it's like I didn't start this to do it for like to show everybody what we were doing. So when we have clients that are like, Why didn't you put my event on this? Or what about this? And I'm like, I didn't do this. I don't do this for social media. Like social media didn't exist when I started this like I do it for the couple. And if we have an opportunity to capture I mean, one time there was literally a fire in the kitchen like the kitchen was on fire. No one knows except like the team like trying to put everything out and like I was the one that like pulled the fire I was like am I the only one here that knows how to work like box fire extinguisher like for real? And it just so happened I was out of work that day. And thank goodness for you right that I wasn't out there Facebook live in which is what my timeline had said you know, shit happens. So later that night the bride said something and I'm like oh talk about later you don't in my head. I'm like if you only knew like there's priorities. So now like because this was years ago, y'all now we have someone dedicated on the team that is like doing behind the scenes and BTS and like capturing the other thing with just the wedding industry is we've done a really poor job educating Meeting potential couples on what it's really like. And this is this is a perfect example. And Sharon even said it at dinner. She's like, Okay, so some people charge like an attorney. So the industry of lawyers, attorneys, they have done an incredible job, probably the past 3050 years, letting you know, they're worth letting you know their value letter, you

Kristina Stubblefield  15:22  
know, you're charged by the minute. There is no question you can round it up. You call them and you talk to them on the phone for 12 minutes. You're getting billed for 15. Yep, some offices may round to the half hour

Angela Profitt  15:33  
and some up to the whole hour. So when you they've, and listen, I don't fault that at all. They've done an awesome job. But what we because we sell this perfect dream, which is a real thing. But you guys come on behind the scenes shits going down. No matter how much you plan, there's weather that there's so much out of our control.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:55  
There's so much on day of even as someone that's not currently active, a wedding vendor, I was in the industry for seven years. And there is so many things that could fall in so many different directions. But we're talking day of but you're talking the amount of time leading up to it. I mean, right now with everything going on. I can't remember. And I don't want to misquote Sharon, but I think she said like you're wanting some venues are booked out for 18, almost two years or they're here. They're in Nashville. It is in the dresses, getting them shipped, and everything. Think about that 18 to 24 months of planning. But that's why I recently went with Mike and Sharon, to do some behind the scenes with one of the bride that came on before her wedding. She gave us approval to do so. Oh my gosh. Oh, em, gee, I mean, I was there from 12 to nine. And the amount of things that happened that was on no timeline. And that's a short day, y'all. Will it? I wasn't there. You know, Sharon does, I don't know, 18 hours a day. But I wasn't there when they started hair and makeup at 7am. You're right. But I was there in the room when the bride got dressed. Yeah. Okay, that's a whole nother topic. But I there is not a curtain being pulled to say in we're talking about I'm just mentioning a planner. I have not mentioned the florist, the DJ, the caterer the oh my goodness, already

Angela Profitt  17:30  
five plus vendors pretty much on every single event we do

Kristina Stubblefield  17:35  
and it's put on wedding planners, if you have one, or yourself which, honestly, my whole mindset about wedding planners have changed. Because I can remember when I was much younger thinking, I'm pretty organized, you know, I know who I want to use. But honestly, if you attend a wedding, and you could see behind the scenes when there's a wedding planner, and you can see behind the scenes, when there's not one, you wouldn't make it an hour through watching it to be like, Oh, hell no, I love that. No, you know, but honestly, you're right, the industry as a whole. from an education standpoint, people seem to expect or assume prices haven't changed that much since when their mom or maybe their grandma got married. Or they think things are easier because of technology, or because of Google, or because of this one. In all honesty, some things are much more complicated. It's

Angela Profitt  18:41  
like if you had a mother or father that were they were having a heart attack, you take them to a hospital, and you hope it's a Chest Pain Center. And you hope they have good cardiologist. And if there is a stent or a specialty, you need a cardiothoracic specialist surgeon. So you wouldn't go to Google? And look at how to

Kristina Stubblefield  19:06  
do that. Well, we wouldn't. I mean, I hope everybody out there would answer the same,

Angela Profitt  19:11  
but it really is, you know, I mean, and we work with a lot of physicians, and I was in health care nurses and health care. So it's like, they just kind of laugh but when their kids get married, which those were some of my very first clients were the doctors daughters getting married. And they're like, I don't know how you do this. I don't know how no one no part of it they they're like, pay whatever. How much do you call it's like, but they get it. They get it that it is a special thing with a special touch. And life experience brings you along. But then on top of that you build relationships with your vendors, the expectations, you don't have to potty train people when you've been doing it for a while and I'm being funny y'all. But seriously, it's like when you have to work with a new person every single time. Even if you both have a lot of experience you might not be on same page with expectations.

Kristina Stubblefield  20:01  
Absolutely. And if you're a wedding professional or business owner, and you're like, wait a second, am I listening to the right episode? I thought this was marketing. Actually, to be honest, it is, what we've just talked about is knowing your worth coming to terms with, what are you worth. And there's a whole other thing you need to know your numbers and things like that. But first, if you have not evaluated your prices, and I know a lot of people out there have been at the same price point for a long time. We're going to get back to the conversation of content, but really sit and think about the equipment, the training, the continuing education, the insurance, those rates have went up your mileage, I mean, I could list things for days. Everything is increased. And some people say to me, Well, I don't think I should raise my prices every year. While everything else goes up. Hell gas changes by what the minute. Yeah, it's crazy. And it's, it really comes down to knowing your worth, or respecting yourself. Because you have a saying, and we saw this earlier. I'll let you say it if it doesn't, if it doesn't have it don't make money and don't make sense. And honestly, if wedding professionals out there, I hope but I know some of them aren't. If you're not in the green, at the end of an event, how in the world are you putting food on the table for your family.

Angela Profitt  21:42  
And if you know what that means, it's okay, because I've created a business for 10 years, I didn't know what red green net or gross, I didn't know what any of that meant, until someone got a hold of me and taught me. And they they made up really funny stories. So I could like remember what all that meant. It's real vivid now.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:01  
Well, and again, it comes down if you don't know your numbers, but we're gonna circle back around to content because the way that leads have changed. And pushing traffic to your website is honestly comes down to consistent content. On social media. Sure, you can talk about email marketing, and text message marketing, and all of that. But if you're not consistently showing up for your business, that means your audience doesn't know about you. Or what about people out there that don't know about you, but they need a person that offers your products or services? And if you're not active, so what tips can we share with them? Like how to really just embrace content,

Angela Profitt  22:49  
you don't have to show your face, although I'm going to tell you to show your face Oh, I was gonna say don't give them an out and you don't have to use your voice. Okay. So the face really be a nice I am the first three months just capture what you're doing. So you have a freaking smartphone. Okay, we all have smartphones. So profit up, get you a $10 Amazon stand.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:10  
Or if you got some books laying around. Yeah, and you don't want to take that step to get a tripod yet

Angela Profitt  23:15  
where you could stack up toilet paper rolls, which client actually did and sent a picture. And this was during the tone shortage,

Kristina Stubblefield  23:21  
I get no judgment though. We plant anything,

Angela Profitt  23:27  
and just record what you're doing. Now your hands may be in it. And then the platform is because they've come such such a long way you can put text on the screen, you could do a voiceover. And you know, you got to just get get the comfort level. You don't even have to do anything with it yet. Just get

Kristina Stubblefield  23:46  
that just press record and just press record that red button. Yes, very inviting. Yep, have it have a battery

Angela Profitt  23:53  
backup charger just in case like you want to make sure that you know it's plugged in because it does run your battery down a little bit. But you're already doing the work. That's step one. Then step two is to treat yourself like a client. We talked about this, like we my team, we treat my personal brand, like I am a client. And we put client meetings on the calendar, GST meetings once a month, where all the speaker stuff we've done or whatever I've done my personal podcasting stuff, we grid out the content, we plan it out, and you work on your business, not in your business. So treat yourself as a client, you would never sign up a client. And that kind of changes your mindset a little bit. So then if you want to plan it out, and then you could get someone to help you actually post it. Or you could just watch a YouTube video, which is a lot of how I've learned or I have paid and gone to other people's conferences or taking their online courses to know how to do some of this

Kristina Stubblefield  24:55  
stuff. And if you don't feel comfortable, and if you have the extra money, outsource it and and you're not even thinking about it. That is if you know, and if not, you're going to have to dive in, and it circles back around to investing in yourself, treating yourself like a client, you have to put yourself first.

Angela Profitt  25:16  
And this is where knowing your numbers matters. Because like, for example, you should know that you have an hourly rate, everyone should know that it costs them. And I mean, I'm just making this up $3,000 an hour to run their business. Like if you look at the most successful businesses that are the most profitable, people know how much it takes when they are out of their company. And so you have to know what that number is. So that when you start to pull it, pull yourself away from your kids game, or your mom's sick, or your dad's sick, I mean, I went through this, and I thought, there's no amount of money that's worth me not being there. And the clients will have to wait or they'll just have to go to a team member. And I realized not everybody has a team. But this is another reason that you should consider even an internship program to start building a team. And they can help you get this content. But one thing I don't want to forget to talk about, there's this book called empowering yourself. I think it's not on Audible, so I paid someone to read it. And she was on podcasts, especially my sister in law.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:24  
And that comes down to automate and delegate that would fall under the delegate category. And then what she give you a report.

Angela Profitt  26:31  
Well, what I paid for hour was like, a very small amount of that came out of my hourly rate, right, that I could pay her to read the book and then be on the podcast and just give us the high level. But goodness, okay, but it's just like cleaning house, like I don't clean, I don't cook. I don't claim this like a Cardi B song or something. But it's like, I would rather pay someone to do those things to free up my time. So I can go help someone else. And I don't mind taking some money out of my hourly pay, and giving it to someone else to support another business. And that's what they do to free me up.

Kristina Stubblefield  27:07  
That's their specialty. Yeah.

Angela Profitt  27:09  
It's like Uber to meeting sometimes because I need to get work done. It's not because I don't have a car and I don't work. It's just I need some time. And I don't want to sit in traffic anyway. Squirrel. So this book, the pie, y'all, this is really good. So in 2019, there's the study done. So pi p i e, P is performance. So how you perform at your job? Is your image, what is the image of what you want people to say about you? And then you have your exposure? How much are you actually putting out there? And so we had a family dinner conversation and my mom's like, well, back when I was your age have been performance was everything you got a raise every year if you performed good don't work like that anymore, y'all. So 10% And someone making a purchasing decision for service based industry. 10% worse performance. That's effing sad. What Why Mitch was 30%. And so that's what other people say to their friends about your service. And 60% was exposure, meaning those that are showing up consistently on social media showing what they do, and it's not bragging you guys, it is what it is. But you should be proud what you're doing it you don't have to be arrogant. You don't have to be. It's not showing off. In fact, I used to have that mindset,

Kristina Stubblefield  28:34  
please preach it because I've said it. Listen, share it. When when people are like, Oh, well, that's

Angela Profitt  28:41  
great that you've traveled the world and you've like work on all these private islands and then in in, in, in in Asia, can I just climb in your suitcase? And it's like but what you don't know is all the preparation and the planning and the shit that happens behind the scenes. My very first private island wedding in Antigua with someone who was on American Idol and we land there's no Hobby Lobby there's no Walmart there's there's no nothing. You put your stuff on barges pray it gets through customs and make it guess what her flowers Didn't you have to have your shit together. I'm climbing up trees in the middle of the night where I could go to jail for cutting down just like greenery and shit to have something and she she could have cared less she did not care at all. That's not the point. But it's like all the men her dress got wet the sand or the salt in the water started eating at the crinoline and her dress and it just started to I mean, there's all these things and you can't just run and go get a spot treatment. Because it's not what do you mean on an island right? It's so it's not that easy. Or it sounds so glamorous. And it's like yes, it's

Kristina Stubblefield  29:50  
it's neat to get fun once it's over. But let's talk about the stress. Yeah, it's

Angela Profitt  29:55  
in everyone's looking at you like every time there's there's an issue or a problem. And so It's like, but with anything, there's pros and cons. But it's like, don't ever discount someone's excitement for expanding in their business or doing something new or going and traveling the world. If someone's making fun of you, or saying like, Oh, that's nice that you like, bought that car, you know, you're just bragging, you're showing off. And it's like, actually, I work my ass off. And I'm really proud. How about you say, I'm so proud of

Kristina Stubblefield  30:23  
you? What? Like, how about saying thank you to them? Because obviously, you must be doing something. Right, right?

Angela Profitt  30:30  
I mean, how about we look at it from the positive lens of

Kristina Stubblefield  30:35  
people do not empower other people. Now, I'll be honest with you, I feel like COVID helps if we have to talk about positive of it. It made us back to kind of human Yes, about COVID, ie our human roots of, you know, empowering. But I just had this conversation with a couple people about, we don't take enough pause, to really process the impact we have for others. And this goes for all business owners. And I feel like one of the outlets that you can utilize to not only benefit, that power of the pause, but also to share with the world, what you're doing, is by turning your camera on, and talking about that project, talking about that event, if you don't prefer to be on camera blogging about it. And then maybe one day, you'll get up the courage, I hope you do, too, where you just read that, you know, or you share pictures on your social media about that. Because that's an accomplishment. I tell people every day that you wake up and you choose to be in business for yourself or an entrepreneur, hats off to you, it's not easy.

Angela Profitt  31:45  
And you're going to have people make fun of you recently, and for me personally, like there's a much deeper story to like the whole capturing everything. So and I mean, I just don't talk about it, because why why would I need to but I was recently in Italy, and we were filming at 12 different locations, and it was getting ready to launch a certification. And there were P I was probably the youngest one there in age and in business. Most of these people have been in business 30 and 40 years. And some of them are really good at social media. And some of them aren't. Most of them have learned or they've adapted or they have hired someone to help them. And so we were doing like a tic toc workshop and there was one guy in the group. He's just such a like Scrooge about everything. And he's like, can you just get the phone out of your face for like one lunch or one dinner like you're so annoying. And I looked at him I'm like, You know what, I think I'm going to tell you why I'm so into like capturing all the moments. I know you don't know me and my brand very well. But my brand is all about being present. That's actually what outside of weddings like I teach people how to be present. And then but the main reason I'm like my dad had the craziest life when he was an undercover drug agent. And I mean, the stories and just it's like he could talk for days and days and days, he got throat cancer and he died. And we always talked about him writing a book or starting a podcast. This is when I mean, I had my own podcast, I never even had my podcast, you know. And he wanted to do all these things. And then it's like he never smoked, never drank. But he got throat cancer and couldn't talk for years. And so when that happened, it's just so sad that it's like we have no documentation for like the grandkids, just to know, like how awesome he was, you know, so it's just like, it's so much more than that. So it's like, don't make fun of people. It's like, Yes, I love capturing things. But like for my young nieces and nephews, it's like if you can dream it, and you're smart enough, and you apply yourself and yes, you're gonna fall down. And yes, you're gonna make mistakes. And yes, people are gonna make fun of you, but you fail fast. And the faster you fail, the faster your ask gets up, and you learn. I'm never doing that again, to say no, the next time to that, or I'm going to ask more questions. But you never ever, ever take something away from someone where you don't know. And then something else happened. Like we were all like traveling together. And I mean, there were like, 20 of us. And I have these bottles that I carry my shampoo in and they look like they're, you know, dollar store like the caps are falling off. And I mean, I can click, I can afford better, like little travel things, but they were my dad's, you know, and it's like, I carry those her in if someone like took those and like tried to replace it with like, nice designer or whatever, but it's like the meaning behind the safety and you never know. You know, what's the same one man's treasure is another man's trash. You know, you just don't know. And so I always try to tell people like don't don't judge a book by its cover. You never know what's going on. And so I don't do it for myself. I do it to show other people what's possible, and then the younger kids of the generation, yes, there's a lot of bad on social media. There's some awful things. But there's some amazing things that amazing opportunities that I would have never gotten. I mean, I may not even know you guys, if one of the girls hadn't seen me on social media, you know. So it's just like, if you think about all the good that comes from it, and stop shaming influencers and stop shaming people that are brand ambassadors, they're out there doing the fun content, but you like and trust them, and it's a business, do the business?

Kristina Stubblefield  35:38  
Turn it on? Do it for yourself? Yes. What would you, thank you for sharing with our listeners, I didn't even know that. We're going to talk about it a lot. But honestly, I don't think even people realize that you can download your content off this most social platforms. And what a way to kind of put together your own roadmap of what you and your business have been through, or to share. Like for me, with my nieces and nephews, I don't have kids of my own add on. And they're too young right now to be on social media. But you're doing it for not only yourself, but you're making a difference for your audience. And you're right, so many people instantly judge a book by its cover. And it's really unfortunate. And I wish that all of us could do better about that. Honestly, I do.

Angela Profitt  36:33  
There's an app called One sec. So it stands for one second every day. And so you can just you know, whatever the highlight of your day is like, take a second. And so when my dog got sick, I took one second like every day, but I knew it was going to dive for like three months. And and then you put a little montage together, you know, and it's like, I still can't release the montage because I can't say with a straight face. But it's like, those are so precious, you know, so if you just do it with your work, why not like, I do it for my personal life and my family. They're like, can you let the effing phone up? And I'm like, but then when I leave and not an hour, I get home and my sister's texting me and she's like, are you going to send me those pictures for Facebook? And it's like, See,

Kristina Stubblefield  37:19  
see, you're just bitching that I had it

Angela Profitt  37:21  
out, you want the content. And you know, my team has learned to just shut up sometimes like, they just they're like, I'm like, wait, wait, but you know, it's like, I get on their nerves. And then later, they're like, Oh, this is so good. I'm so glad you did it. But like you were saying at the end of the year, at the end of every year, we like take a little second of like all the big things and where we been the events. And then like, share it with like your clients and your vendors like a recap. And like we've done it so many years in a row. And let me tell you what you think is so not interesting to someone is so my very first video, I was literally soaking 500 White washcloths from the Dollar Tree. In my bathtub, I sliced up cucumbers, and I was soaking them because we had an outdoor wedding in August. And we were rolling them and putting them in the freezer and giving them to guests the next day. And so my brand guy was like just I was like, he was like just video that I was like, No, I'm gonna be my robe with my hair on my head. No, I have no hair, no makeup, he's like, Just do it. And so I did. And it was like, a huge tip. And what I thought was, I was like, this is just common sense. Like, this is stupid. He's like, not everyone is written on a ship to a private island, when you get off and they're handed a little towel, like, but so what you think is maybe normal, or just like your norm is not the norm for anyone else,

Kristina Stubblefield  38:42  
or people will think nobody will be interested in this, like, who's gonna want to watch this Exactly. Or people will I don't have my makeup on. Or oh, you know what, I can't turn on my video right now and have lipstick on. I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard that. Or well, I don't really know if I have the right shutter. And I have to admit, I have been as guilty of it as the next person. And the more I have paid attention to your stuff and gotten to know you. It has really just made me want to be and I mentioned this to Sharon. Again, she's in the background, so we keep referring to her. But I even mentioned to Sharon earlier, like I want to get to a point with being more comfortable with less and less makeup on and it's not at there's really for me, it's just, oh, I'm gonna do video. It's just an automated thing. It's not even something that and you know what video and pictures, the connection with people when it's more raw and authentic. People aren't scrolling past that. The produce stuff. Honestly, I mentioned this before we recorded I feel like the the playing field is leveling some in the direction of entrepreneurs and small businesses, because it doesn't have to be as produced content. Now it's Disclaimer, I work with videographers, all of those people, professional videographers, photo photographers, all those things have an important place, shout out to them, because technology, software change at lightning speeds. And trust me that I am not here to tell you, you do not need professional heavy that you need that all those things, however, on a daily basis capturing content, use it to your advantage, because a couple years ago, it seems like everything needed to be produced until the C word came around. And you were in your homes. And for something to point more in the direction of entrepreneurs and small businesses and all those things run with the opportunity. And that's

Angela Profitt  40:49  
what, you know, I feel like COVID is going to be here like I will never not hear of the pandemic and COVID As long as we live. Oh, gosh,

Kristina Stubblefield  40:56  
wow, we have to think like that.

Angela Profitt  40:59  
I just I look, I mean, my mindset around it is when you get too comfortable doing something, you start to die out. And so you know, you hear all the time get comfortable being uncomfortable. Like I say that all the time. And I have to tell myself that sometimes to like, anything bad that's happening. I'm like, Okay, this is just an opportunity to teach and learn. And God is doing this for a reason. Like, don't act crazy. Everything happens for a reason. I just can't come up with a reason right now. But usually things come full circle. But for those of us who really understand how to pivot and understand how to push and do something new and reinvent, I mean, it really put us to the test of how are we going to make money? How are we going to take care of our clients, and you know what you push through you do what you have to do? And that's all there is to it. I mean, I needed a few weeks when everyone was like, What are we getting there? I was like, I don't know, I need you to stop talking for two weeks. Leave me alone, at any to sit and look at my whiteboard. Yep, I use a whiteboard and big paper just for the day. And then I take photo and video of it, then it goes in the cloud. But I need to think here and you need to think about like, what am I good at? And what am I passionate about? And when you put those two genius things together, and you start talking about it and sharing it. It guess what, when you talk about it, it's so cool, y'all. This shit comes back to you. And that's like, you know, when people are like, Oh, are you just going to completely get out of the image after COVID I was like, You know what, and I'm like, we really miss people. We really miss our events like as cheesy as it sounds like we love all the like love in the air and the happiness in the air. And you're either born with wanting that or you're not. And so it like feeds, it's like the an addiction almost of like, it feeds that addiction. And so, you know, those of us are really like people people we figure it out.

Kristina Stubblefield  42:56  
It's almost it's interesting. You mentioned it like that, because I feel like it was kind of a lot of people had to pivot. Okay, my favorite word I've been using evolve more clarify, because I've really got clarify what we're gonna really heavily forward, right. But it's interesting now, because it's almost like there's another little shift, another little pivoting, how can I go back partially, but clean up some stuff that you know, maybe I really enjoyed, you know, you had three parts your business, but you really enjoyed one or two of them. And again, they're kind of pivoting back like you just mentioned, we I think we all missed events, I think especially those that were social and like to be around other people. And that's what made you energized and want to work more on your business, and conferences and classes and continuing ed. That's what all keeps us going and the wheels turning inside your business. And so when all that was gone, it really led us to protect it, let it lead us down a path to appreciate it more. Absolutely. And I'm looking forward to more and more conferences as the world evolves. And I feel like events, social happenings. It's going to open backups, maybe slowly, there may be a few setbacks, but embrace the opportunities that are there. And one of the things that you said about your dad, why you have a voice while you're able to help people and give back. Share your passion. You never know who you're going to help how many people you're going to help how many people those people are going to help you just wrote don't realize the domino effect. And the positive impact you can have in one person or 1000s of people. And it

Angela Profitt  44:48  
doesn't have to be hard guys like it's it's the simplest things like today we started it's like step one, clean off your camera lens on the front end. In the back, and it's like the simplest things. And sometimes people, like when I do tips on tick tock or on Instagram rules, and you know, people, everybody knows that, duh. And like, I'll comment back and say, well, actually, most of the people we work with are over 50. And while they have a smartphone, they don't know how to use it in a smart way. And so we help break that down for them, and have fun with it. So that's awesome that you know that, where are you doing any tips yourself? Shut the EFF up. No, just kidding. But seriously, I mean, that's kind of what I really want to say. Sometimes, if you catch me on a bad day, which there are many bad days, so wake up every day, like today is gonna be a good day no matter what, right? Because y'all when you work in mental health, and you work with in psychology, like, you think you're having a bad day. No, no, like, there's there's real bad days. And so, you know, it's like, people are like, Oh, I'm so blessed. I'm like, No, we worked really hard to get here. There's nothing about like angels flapping down around us, like you put the work in, you show up consistently, and you get a return. Period, the end like well, and one thing my grandpa used

Kristina Stubblefield  46:05  
to always share is, be thankful for what you have, there's always somebody else out there that has it much worse off. Always, always,

Angela Profitt  46:13  
always, always, you and you never know. The other thing too is like, just with the you know, in marketing, I was telling you guys this earlier, like with marketing and content, when you have a troll, or you have someone like lashing out at you. That means you've made it because they're celebrate, yeah, they're paying somebody paying attention. And you've struck a nerve with them that could potentially save their life. And usually, like, it's just a reflection of them. It's not a reflection of you. Like, you're happy. You love what you do. You're out here helping people and let me tell you, for one out of every 100, like, you're gonna have people that just are not in the same mindset as you, they don't see the world as you and that's okay. Because it takes all types for the world to go round, right? And there's all kinds of personalities, and you're not for everybody. And so if someone's like, relax, okay, and that's okay. Like, if someone's being rude or lashing out, like, I know a lot of people that will go and delete the comments. I don't I'm like arguing my comments that helps the algorithm go out, especially my content out for free. You keep on arguing. I love doing Apple tips and the glaciers Come on, and they argue,

Kristina Stubblefield  47:23  
haters welcome here. I just see the lights flashing in neon haters welcome here, please comment.

Angela Profitt  47:30  
But it's like, and then if they get really, you know, like, Okay, I'll pray for you. You clearly need some prayer.

Kristina Stubblefield  47:37  
Unless it's a bad day, then you might hear something else they say, yeah, you

Angela Profitt  47:41  
might hear go to hell. But then one of my girls will delete it because they want me to be professional.

Kristina Stubblefield  47:45  
Absolutely. I feel like we could go on.

Angela Profitt  47:49  
But we got we got a why we got a wine and dessert dinner date.

Kristina Stubblefield  47:53  
We do. And honestly, Angela has graciously agreed to allow Mike to come with us. And Sharon, to do a podcast episode. So you'll hear her back for a wedding Wednesday episode very soon. We may have to make it our two or three parter, because I just got a feeling when Sharon and Mike get in here. Y'all talk a lot. I'm gonna have to mute their microphone. I always forget I have that power with this little controller here. You do? Yes, I do. But in all honesty, I can't wait to dive in. And just I love to sit and listen to wedding planning. And then I love to to kind of chime in and get my concern going and to have you in that. Oh, my would definitely have to make it a two or three parter. So, Angel, with all honesty, thank you so much. Thank you for having I know, this went in a few different directions. But in all honesty, I think what we wanted to accomplish with us I think was far more exceeded. What we set out to do is

Angela Profitt  48:51  
go for it. Like don't don't worry about what everyone else thinks about you take action. That's what word I've been using this year film something messy action. It doesn't have to be perfect. No, no film something. And if

Kristina Stubblefield  49:07  
we can they use pictures if they haven't done a lot of that yet.

Angela Profitt  49:11  
Yes. But just know that pictures aren't going to be pushed through the algorithm. It's the pictures are very much pay to play. So video is where it's at right now. And you don't

Kristina Stubblefield  49:20  
have to be it doesn't have to be your face, doesn't it? You don't even have to be you don't just do it.

Angela Profitt  49:25  
But tag, the podcast, please. If it's your very first Yes. And then you guys could start helping like get a little group together of people to like encourage each other for

Kristina Stubblefield  49:39  
accountability grass. And one of the things I was going to mention to you I've been doing that recently with tick tock accountability and Instagram accountability. And honestly, it really does help because we're going and looking and be like, Oh, that's a good idea. In you can have just another business owner or another friend. That's your accountability partner. To end it will keep you going and pointed in the right direction of action

Angela Profitt  50:06  
to quick apps. So if you want to do tick tock so you can get tick, save, and then you save the video after you post it to your account. And then you can reuse it on reels and it takes all the branding off. And then trend talk gives you the top sounds that are trending daily. And yes, guys, you have to pay I think it's like $5 a month, but it is it saves you so much time. So why would you not pay for it? Absolutely. And that gives you a little bit of edge against everyone else. So you can wash rinse, repeat your content and then use the training sounds.

Kristina Stubblefield  50:43  
Absolutely. Okay. We have more tips and information coming your way. Angela, thank you so much for anybody that wants to connect with you the best place to go your website.

Angela Profitt  50:52  
Angela is my personal brain site to Essen Tuesdays and then GST. is our company site. And then if you want some free video tips, so you can go to GST

Kristina Stubblefield  51:07  
Whoo, she's giving away secrets, you can always follow her on Instagram, I encourage you to follow her on TikTok and maybe that will help you stop with the eye rolling to know that anybody can do it, and that there is important to be active. So thank you everyone for listening. If you've liked what you've heard, please leave us a review. Make sure to tag us on your new content that you're putting out. I know Sharon's going to be putting up some here real soon, so you'll see some tags from her. But take action. That's the best tip we can give you (GSD). Until next time, everyone stay safe and keep working on your business. I see. 

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