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Oct. 18, 2021

Why Pinterest Is Paramount For Wedding Pros

Why Pinterest Is Paramount For Wedding Pros

In this episode Kristina is talking about Pinterest and how more than 50% of brides-to-be are utilizing it for inspiration and ideas when planning their weddings. The marketing opportunities for your wedding related business abound on this platform! Are you utilizing it? Tune in to this episode to hear more staggering statistics and why Kristina thinks every wedding professional should take advantage of using this platform to promote their products or services.

Pinterest is its own search engine. It has become one of the most popular resources for engaged couples covering everything from traditions to trends and every wedding related subject in between. If you are not utilizing it to showcase your products and services, you are missing out on future business! Tune in to hear why the marketing opportunities abound on this platform.

“Pinners” pin 90 MILLION pins about weddings and conduct 378 MILLION wedding related searches every year! Stop for a second and let those numbers soak in! This is where your audience is spending a lot of time. You probably should spend some time there too to capture their attention. Listen to this episode to hear how!

Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon? It’s not too late to utilize this platform for leads and bookings. All the engaged couples you work with are using it! Don’t you think you should be too? Catch this episode to hear Kristina talk about all the astounding statistics and amazing benefits of using Pinterest to market your wedding related business.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND that utilizing Pinterest to market your wedding related business will put you directly in front of your target audience!

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More than 50% of brides to be are utilizing Pinterest for inspiration and ideas when planning their special day. Wedding related businesses have many marketing opportunities on this platform. Are you utilizing it? Tune in to this episode to hear more staggering statistics, and why I think every wedding professional should take advantage of using this platform to promote their products or services. 

Welcome to Marketing Monday on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized digestible marketing solutions, and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

The more and more I check on statistics when it comes to Pinterest, the more I realized we need to have more of a conversation about it. Some of these numbers that I've recently came across, or honestly just staggering to me. And these are old statistics, I'm gonna say, three years at least old that say every year 40 million people turn to Pinterest for guidance across their wedding planning journey. And this is straight from Pinterest blog. Wow, that is 40 million people turn to Pinterest. And I think that's why I want to start talking about it more because I'm not so sure how much wedding professionals realize the marketing opportunities that lie on that platform. Pinterest is a search engine. That is what it is made from is a search engine. And it is a resource for engaged couples to find information, whether it be on traditions, whether it be on new trends. Honestly, it's completely across the board when it comes to wedding planning. So just to dive a little bit more before I go into this topic is pinners people using Pinterest pinners, save nearly 90 million pins about weddings, and conduct 378 million wedding related searches every year. Now keep in mind, I've said these numbers are at least three years old. I've done some digging to try to find more recent statistics and I have not come across that yet. So I know these numbers are definitely elevated from when this report or this blog post was put out by Pinterest. So I wanted to do a short and sweet episode in regards to Pinterest. Because some people that I come across, they have a personal account on Pinterest, they didn't even realize they could have a business account. And that's really important in regards to Pinterest. More recent data shows that nearly 50% of rides to be utilized Pinterest pre engagement, wow, with a lot of different topics that are wedding related. So I want to talk about five steps, okay, that you need to make sure in regards to your Pinterest account. First of all, you want to make sure that you have a business account not a personal if you're going to be using it as your business. Pinterest guidelines state that you should not be using a personal account, it's actually against their rules. And so technically, if they come across you and you're using your personal account as your business, they could take down your account. So don't even have that happen. It's really simple to switch it over to a business account. Pinterest has a great tutorial section to walk you through some of the different aspects of their platform in converting to a business account. If you just look that up on Pinterest It is a very simple process. So make sure you have a business account. Now this next item is important. You want to claim your domain. What that does is that ties your domain to every pin because when you put information out on Pinterest, it's called a pin that puts your domain attached to every pin that you put out on Pinterest.

So that is a great way to drive traffic back to your website. And again, they have a great tutorial section. So you want to claim your domain. The next thing is, and I've talked about this before, when you talk about social platforms, you want to make sure that your profile has the most up to date information, whether it's your contact information, your website, you want to make sure when someone gets on your Pinterest account, it is your brand, it reflects your business. It's not something completely different. Again, when we talk about branding, we're talking about cohesive. So when they go to your website, your Facebook, your Instagram, your Pinterest, it looks like the same business, it's not something completely different. So make sure that you take the time to fill out your profile in detail. tell people what you who you are, why is it you do what you do? What do you want them to know about you? This doesn't have to be an elevator pitch doesn't have to be sell, sell, sell. Give them a little insight into what your business is about who you help. Again, as wedding professionals, you're not just sell sell, you're selling the experience, not necessarily services. So remember that when you're updating your social profiles. In this instance, I'm talking about your profile on Pinterest, make sure your business name is exactly how it is when they're when you're found in other places. Don't shorten it on one place, use it completely the exact way it is on another. Make sure it is the exact same on all your different social media platforms. And make sure your name is exactly as it should be on your print Pinterest profile. Now the next thing is if you're not used to using Pinterest, this may be okay, how well do I update my boards if I really don't have any boards? Again, don't get overwhelmed. Take a breath. And just if you have no boards, create a couple boards. One of the easiest things to turn to and marketing for wedding professionals is the events that you've been part of in most recent. So the last few months, the last year, use some pictures from those events. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed by oh my goodness, what am I supposed to make my boards about? Make it about the experiences that your business has been part of. And as a wedding professional, that's the most recent events. Now, could you do other boards that have helpful tips and information maybe it's tricks that you want to share some some great little tidbits that you've learned along the way that can save people some time and stress? Absolutely you can. You can spend as much time making as many boards for your business that you want to. If you've not been using Pinterest on a regular basis, make you a board about most recent events, share some pictures of your couples and there may be some behind the scenes, and then move on you can always come back and create more boards in the future. This is something that you can maybe focus more time on during the offseason. I say that, but we're not really sure what that means in this new time. So let's keep going. The other thing is when you why mentioned boards previously, but your pins. Now, I said that Pinterest is a search engine. Exactly. But it's also to provide inspiration to people, you can use your own inspiration to share it with others. So when you're putting a pin out there, make sure that the description you put in the pin has keywords in it. You know if it has to do with wedding photography, maybe you go into detail about what type of photography. When was the picture taken. Just think about keywords around that particular image that you're sharing. And when I say keywords, I don't mean hashtags. I mean as you're writing your description, if it is a photo that was taken at sunset, right after the ceremony, you know it could be something that was a beautiful photo captured just at sunset with a lovely couple in a vineyard. I'm just giving an example your keywords their sunset, couple vineyard. So be descriptive, maybe the best way to say it in your pins in the description of your pins. Now, again, if you're new to Pinterest, you're going to be like okay, she's going over my head.

You don't have to do it to perfection. At least having some pins and some boards. On a Pinterest business account can help your business. So many times we get hung up on the perfection part well, I don't know exactly what to say, I'm not sure if this is the best picture to use. Well, what if there's a better one, maybe I should wait, you know what we would we could spend our lifetime waiting for the right moment for the right picture for the right wording, when you could be helping others out there. by just taking that messy action. That's a word that I've really tried to embrace this year messy action, at least you're taking action, it might not be perfect. But at least you're taking it. So these are tips that I'm providing to you, that you might not be at a place where you can really worry about making sure the description has the right keywords in it, okay, just get a description on there. And then that's something else that you can work towards. When you have more time, you can always improve, there's always room for improvement. So just taking action and getting some pins and some boards on your account is the best way that you can start utilizing Pinterest for leads and possibly bookings. The numbers don't lie, they tell us that this is an active market for engaged couples. And if you want to be considered in that active market, your business needs to show up. Well, you can't show up if you don't have an account on Pinterest, you're not going to show up if you have a business account. But you have no boards, you have no pins in those boards. So just having a little bit of information, a little a few pins, and a board or two. You have a presence on Pinterest, it does not have to be perfect. The reason that I wanted to do this episode was I feel like those numbers scream to wedding professionals, hey, here's your target audience, are you going to are you going to come play in the same ballgame as them? That's what those numbers screen to me. And I'm gonna share that with other wedding professionals. Because there's so many opportunities to connect with potential clients. This is where they're at. This is a proven platform that they're using on a regular basis. And they could be making their decisions based on the company's the businesses that are found on Pinterest. And if your business is not there, then that means you can't even be considered. And what if these numbers grow? What if that doesn't change if you're only on Facebook and Instagram, but a large target audience is on Pinterest, and they don't move to Facebook or Instagram? How can they find out about your business? statistically, we would think that they would go and do a Google search. And you would be found there. But give yourself a better opportunity. If we know that this is where engaged couples are spending their time making their decisions and using it to plan their weddings. You want to be found there. So I hope you found this helpful. I'm looking forward to diving more into Pinterest, I just wanted to give you a few quick pieces of information that you could utilize No matter if you were already using Pinterest. Or if you've been thinking about it. Or if you didn't know anything at all about it, that hopefully you could take away these few items and get started or build your profile some. So I hope you found that helpful. Again, connect with me on social media. And if there's topics that you want to hear, all you have to do is drop me a message or an email, and I will be happy to consider it. So until next time, I hope that you stay safe if you like what you hear, take a few minutes and go on your podcasting platform that you use and write a review that is one of the most helpful ways that you can help me as well as the ring, the bling and all the things get the word out to others in regards to our podcast and our episodes. So until next time, see ya.

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