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Aug. 23, 2021

Who’s Ready To Talk TikTok?

Who’s Ready To Talk TikTok?

In this episode Kristina is discussing TikTok and how you can unleash your creative side (even if you’re messy about it) and utilize this highly popular platform to market your wedding business!

Who is ready to talk TikTok? Don't change the channel just yet! Kristina is talking to all of you wedding pros out there! Engaged couples are using this platform and so should you to get your products or services in front of the masses. This valuable resource is more than just an app and businesses worldwide are using it to unleash their creativity to market their businesses! Tune in to this episode to hear more!

Don’t miss this episode! The TikTok app has been downloaded more than 2 BILLION times! Yes, we said BILLION! We understand it is just one more in the long line of social media apps… but engaged couples are using it! Get ahead of your competition by marketing to your audience where they are spending the most time!

If we told you there was a way to engage creatively & authentically with your audience, would you listen? Then you need to catch this episode! Kristina is breaking down some startling statistics about TikTok and how it can be utilized to reach a much larger audience than just your current social media followers!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND that you can grow your brand’s exposure creatively and authentically with TikTok.

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Who is ready to talk TikTok? Don't change the channel just yet. I'm talking to all of you wedding pros out there. Engaged couples are using this platform, and so should you to get your products or services in front of the masses. This valuable resource is more than just an app, and businesses worldwide are using it to unleash their creativity to market their businesses. Tune in to this episode to hear more. 


Welcome to Marketing Monday on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized digestible marketing solutions and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. Who's ready to talk? TikTok for businesses of course. Alright, so first of all, did you know TikTok is more than just an app? It is and businesses can use it to market. So I'm on tic tocs website. And it says TikTok for business is where you can unleash your brand's creative side, a fully immersive no judgement world where there's an audience for every voice. It also goes on to say, no matter how big or small your business, no matter what you're making, or selling. We believe your brand deserves to be discovered here. I can't wait to hear your all's feedback. So are you using TikTok? Have you found success with TikTok? I would love to hear your feedback. All you got to do is visit the website or find me on social media and send me a message. Are you using it? Well, let's dive in just a little bit deeper. You know me and you know, I love some numbers. And that's exactly what we're going to talk about. First. Let's put some things into perspective. I'm so glad that Hootsuite put together some stats on tik tok because I think that is so important when making the decision to invest your time, energy and effort into a social media platform. Number one, I always tell people you want to live where your target audience spends their time. And for those wedding professionals out there, I know there are engaged couples I know there's brides grooms that are using tik tok. Okay, okay, let's keep your complaints and have some puffs to a minimum. Let's just get through this episode because it can be a lot adding another social media platform or another tool to your tool belt. So let's first talk about the statistics. Number one, TikTok has been downloaded more than 2 billion times. What? Yup. numbers don't lie, as I like to say, Wow, goodness, and they hit that milestone in August of 2020. Who have like to see what that number is now. Goodness gracious. tik tok is the seventh most used social network. Now again, these statistics I'm reading you are from Hootsuite. And you can look these up as well. I'd be interested to see what that number is on most use social network at the end of 2021. I feel like there's so many people out there talking about TikTok and you don't really think people just think it's for teenagers that are making goofy little video clips. I've actually seen some really good business tutorials information product spotlights, I've really seen some good content on TikTok, believe it or not, but let's keep going. TikTok is now available in more than 200 countries. Wow. That's a lot. This is an interesting one. Combined, TikTok ti k t okay. With no space and ti k space. T


okay are the third most common search query on YouTube Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine. I'm pretty positive. I've done an episode about that. But Hmm, interesting numbers. Okay, we're gonna just wrap it up with a couple other statistics before we hop on into it. tik tok has nearly 100 million monthly active users in the United States. 89% of Americans recognize the TikTok brand. Well, I feel like it's kind of everywhere. In the US, the vast majority of TikTok users are below 30 years old. So let's see, Pew Research Center shows that 48% of US adults between 18 to 29 years old use TikTok, wow, the figure drops to 20% in the 30, to 49 year old age group 14%, among 50 to 64 year olds, and 4%, for those that are 65, and up. Now, how many of you out there are shocked by those numbers? I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm a little surprised. It's a higher percentage than the last time I looked. And I think we're going to see that those numbers shift, because younger adults into adults from 20s to 40s or so the more comfortable they get with it, I think the more they will use it. Also, if it is an increasingly popular app, which it has shown to be, I think that people tend to embrace that more, because why their friends are on and all that kind of stuff. So interesting, I just wanted to share some of these statistics with you. Because to me, I'm gonna go back and say I'm a numbers person, you know, if your target audience is there, and that's where they're spending most of their time, then it's probably something you need to consider. Now, let's be clear, I am not saying oh my gosh, stop what you're doing, and create a to talk account and make sure that that's part of your marketing plan every week. That is not what I'm saying. I'm all about planning out marketing. Some of its dunsborough the moment but most of the time, you always want to plan out your marketing content. So this is to shed some light on what is TikTok and some of the basic information about it. I don't think I've done an episode before on TikTok, and I have a lot of people that have asked me about it more and more So recently, and that's why I wanted to talk about this. And it may be something that you need to plan to start in a month. Or maybe it's the start of 2022 that this is something you're going to add into your marketing plan. Just because we're talking about it does not mean stop what you're doing. completely change up your marketing plan not do any of that. take this into consideration when you're planning out your marketing in the upcoming months. This is the last statistics I'm going to leave on as far as before we dive into more of the topic. Here's a usage stat. This one does surprise me. Android users spend an average of 13.3 hours on the app a month. This is research from app Annie Tiktok users with Android devices spend an average of 13.3 hours streaming on the app per month. This puts TikTok in fourth position among social media apps behind Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram in terms of cumulative time spent using the app. Whoa, that's a lot of time. So if we believe engaged couples wedding professionals, wedding industry as a whole is using TikTok and you're a wedding vendor wedding professional. This is something that you need to consider as part of your marketing plan. Again, I said consider not necessarily immediately implementing. So let's talk a little bit more about what in the world is TikTok and how can you use it for your business. So let me start with this. The Ring the bling and all the things does have a TikTok and we have done to tick Doc's. All right. The first one was with me, Mike and Sharon. And it was kind of a fun, just a brand awareness about the ring, the bling and all the things now we only have at this time we have not utilized this


platform to build an audience or anything like that. We just started this probably two weeks ago. I'm going to guess we have two followers, probably Mike and Sharon. Okay, I'm not sure if it's me or not. But my point to this is, the first one that we did has 832 views. Now, why is that good information? Well, only, we only have two followers on our tic Tock channel. So if two of them were our followers, that means 830 people we do not know, or that don't follow us, saw this video saw our business name, saw our channel on TikTok. The second one was me talking about marketing Monday, boop, boop, and it had 532 views. My point to this is reaching a large audience, that is not your followers, not in your circle. Okay. I feel like for my marketing expertise and experience, that is one of the benefits of TikTok similar to Instagram reels. I really feel like that is the main preference for me saying about using TikTok because you can reach a larger audience that is not familiar to your business or brand. So I want to go back to tic tocs website. And I want to talk just a little bit about what they have in here. And you can go to it. It's TikTok comm forward slash business is where I'm at. And I think what I want to point out to people is what TikTok offers. So you can activate interactivity, tap into unique engagement solutions, and immersive formats to creatively and authentically connect with audiences around the world. This to me really stands out because I talk a lot about your authenticity. No one is your business, you know, you are authentic, you are your business. And when we talk about social media and the changes, how it's evolved over the years, one of the things that I tell people is, audiences are looking to connect. It's that connection piece, it's being yourself and being authentic, that will drive more engagement. And that to me is something that stands out about TikTok is it is really about engagement solutions from their wording. And creatively and authentically connect with audiences. So that's something to keep in your mind. You can discover all kinds of people out there on TikTok, you can grow your audience, which in turn, should help you grow your brand, if your marketing plan supports that. Also, the other thing that they call out here on their website, is trends. Start Here, culture starts here, engage with users who were at the forefront of their latest trends and movements. be irrelevant be part of trends that matter. Okay, that's that strikes a chord with me because you're connecting with raw, authentic material. The other thing is, you can also run ads on tik tok. And I think we will see more and more of that. And affordable advertising, especially when you're talking about digital advertising is what a lot of small businesses like to tap into lower cost for ads, higher impressions, kind of some of the same topics that go on when you're talking about Facebook, Instagram ads, Google ads. I think that's something that people consider is using it for running ads, maybe not as necessarily putting out content. And it would be a different conversation based on industry. But for wedding professionals, you are your business, that you're selling your business, you're selling yourself. And if a person meets you at a wedding show, that same person they can meet in a TikTok video. So I think remembering it's you that you're selling. It's what it comes down to.


You're selling yourself. So if you can showcase your personality, your creativity, your enthusiasm for what you do, you probably have a great chance of selling your business product or service. So now, let's go even deeper. I think one of the things to realize is content is so important with tik tok? It really is. But you can also have user generated content by having people use certain hashtags. And you can repurpose that content on your own channel. To me, I think more of TikTok being light hearted, not as serious, you know, some, some people think that it's just all funny videos, and things like that. But there is a way to showcase your business and your personality. And ultimately, brand awareness, by taking part on TikTok, you know, you can also get into talking about trends in the wedding industry, it doesn't, you don't have to get on there and completely talk about your business. And this is what I do. And this is why you should buy for me and me, me, me, you know, you can talk about trends, you can talk about wedding topics that pertain to your industry, in the wedding world. Now, if you want to hop right into doing some dancing videos, and things like that, more power to you go for it. But to others, they may not just be comfortable doing that. And there's all kinds of helpful information that you can find online about TikTok, I just wanted to spend an episode talking about it, because there's some people out there that have maybe just don't know about what TikTok is, maybe you haven't been one of the millions of people that have downloaded the app yet. One of the things that you can do is, look out at other people's download the app, create an account, that doesn't mean you have to post anything, and look out at what other people are doing. Or your competitors on TikTok. If they are, what are they doing? How are they utilizing it. If your competitors aren't on TikTok, that could mean an opportunity for you to use an avenue that they're not using. Okay. So now let's keep going, gosh, this, now that I'm going through some of this, I'm like, okay, it might be time to do another Tech Talk. So the other thing is that you can provide informational content, okay? It doesn't just have to be fun. It doesn't have to necessarily be funny. Okay? It can be educational, it can be entertaining, and it can be emotional. The thing about it is, is TikTok allows you to showcase several different shades of your business. But it also helps establish as a you as an authority. That's what you want to do with social media is being known as a authority in your industry. It will help drive engagements, followers likes views. And at the end of the day, drive more traffic to your website, or two people calling you, or messaging you, depending on how you use your marketing strategy. One of the things that I talked to people about is maybe provide some tips in your industry. Just start there. You don't even necessarily have to be on camera. That's one thing that people always think when I mentioned the word video, or stories, or reels or TikTok, they're like, Oh, I don't want to be on camera. You don't have to be you have to find unique ways and find a way to just do it. Let's bring that topic up. My husband will love that. It's one of his favorite sayings to meet, stop talking about and just do it. He loves to say that to me. But you know, earlier this year, I was involved with a group and that that saying was take action. Just take messy action, take some kind of action. Just take action doesn't have to be perfect. I've mentioned this on several my episodes. Who's perfect. What's the what is perfection? Do we know? Is there anyone out there? That's perfect. So taking messy action. Again, all of this I'm saying with a disclaimer, just because I'm mentioning this and talking about it doesn't mean to stop what you're doing on other social media platforms. Does it mean pivot your complete marketing plan and get fully engrossed in TikTok, that is not what I'm saying. Every business is unique. Not every marketing plan fits


every wedding industry out there. Not every type of industry in the wedding world does the same marketing plan work for them. I just want to bring awareness as this being an outlet to embrace and advertise your business when the time is right and if it is right for you. So let's keep talking about content. I mentioned user generated content. You can use things by having hashtags, and you can use that in your content, you can repurpose it on your channel on tik tok. hashtags are a big thing on tik tok, it helps drive more traffic. And you can do so, if you're mentioned in tic tocs, or your hashtags used, you can repurpose that content on your channel. I would probably view it first, just to make sure, but you can use user generated content as content on your own channel. Now let's talk about interacting. There are three ways to interact on tik tok. If you're not familiar with those, let's talk about them. It's duet feature stitch feature and replying to comments. Wow, you can interact. Just by replying to comments. Yes, you can. I probably suggest that be the first place you start. You've probably seen some duets that have been out there. And you can look again, I encourage you to go out create an account and look at what other people are doing. And you can see the difference in types of interaction types of posts, all that kind of stuff. duets are a great way to interact with others videos, you can collaborate, and you can help get a bigger reach for those posts. Okay, now let's talk about stitch. It's another way that users can interact. They can clip together scenes from a video into their own video. Now, the duet one puts it really kind of next to each other side by side, where stitch blends the two together. Okay, stay with me. My favorite thing, don't let the eyes glaze over, just stay with me, we're almost through this. One of the best things that I first mentioned is about commenting on post. And that is a great way just to get started. It can help you build your following because people are linked. When you comment, they can get a hyperlink right over to your channel, to your profile to follow you. And you can reply, you know, in just immerse yourself into the content that's already there.


As I mentioned before, yes, you can do ads on tik tok, they didn't have them in the beginning. But now they do. And I've really feel like that's an episode all on its own. I'm not going to go too into that too much. But there are some options for different video formats, or let me rephrase, they do offer different ad formats. So you do have some options they are with running ads, it's a great way to increase your brand awareness. And again, it's not for every person. But you can look at that as an option. As far as digital advertising. One of the things I want to leave you with is if you are going to embrace TikTok in your marketing plan and strategy, I would encourage you to make sure that you can tap into TikTok analytics. I really am a firm believer in that you want to make sure that you can you get as much information back on who's seeing who's seeing them, what's going on with your post your videos that you're putting out. There, there's a lot of things and again, I'm not going to hop into that conversation. But Tick TikTok metrics can be very beneficial in how often you use the platform, your messaging on the platform, what types of posts are working better than others? There's it's a whole different and let me rephrase. There's a whole world of opportunity out there with TikTok in the analytics is a key part to having an understanding of how your content your TikTok content is beneficial. And I think that's really important. I know I talk a lot about numbers but as I've always said there's a story behind those numbers. You could be spending a lot of time a week on TikTok and not be getting anything from it. You need to know where your leads and sales are coming from. There can be 100 social media platforms. And if we're realistic how, as a business, as a business owner, can you be in 100 different places every day promoting your business? This that any other it comes down to? What are you getting the most out of? Not necessarily the most fun. I mean, we'd love for that to be the case. But what is producing the best results for your business, the results that you're after if that sales bookings events, or what channels and outlets are producing that. And that's where you need to spend more of your time. And Analytics reports that gives us that information to know where what is going on with the content that you're putting out there. I encourage that across any and all platforms, those numbers really can tell a story. Just before I close this episode out, I want to leave you with a couple of their TikTok for business stats, TikTok ranks as the second biggest app in consumer spend. And I think this is important data collected by app Annie from iOS and google playstore reveals that TikTok only ranks behind Tinder when it comes to how much consumers spend. TikTok ranks actually TikTok rakes in more than YouTube, Disney and Netflix. Let that one sink in for a second. The other thing is a vertical TikTok videos have a 25% higher watch through rate. More specifically, vertical videos have a 25% higher six second watch through rate. Those six seconds can make all the difference, especially if it's a TikTok ad. So I hope you found this episode beneficial. I think I'm gonna end on the part about you know, TikTok is quick, easily digestible format. That's what it comes down to. It primarily appeals to Gen Z. But it also connects with aging millennials. And for those businesses,


TikTok can be an effective digital marketing strategy to connect with two of the largest consumer groups now and in the future. And that's why I wanted to make sure that you had some kind of overview of what tic Tock is. So that way you can decide for your own business. If this is something in the future. No matter if it's soon or down the road that you could, you should consider this as a marketing avenue for your business. I can't wait to hear your feedback. I want to know who out there is using TikTok so visit the website, or find me on social media and send me a message. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say. And make sure you find the ring the bling and all the things on TikTok, as I said yes, we have an account set up and you will find us there. Our user is ring bling, all the things and you will see videos coming from me Mike and Sharon as well. I really believe it's one of Mike insurance a favorite thing to do. They normally will say when are we doing a real or when's the next TikTok that we're doing? Little do they know we're going to be doing more of it. So on that note, I hope you found this beneficial. Until next time, keep getting the word out about your business. There's couples out there that need you to help with their big day. Until next time, see ya.


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