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Dec. 29, 2021

What's Trending for 2022 Weddings

What's Trending for 2022 Weddings

In this episode, Kristina and Mike explain how 2022 & 2023 will be host to more weddings in a year’s time than the industry has seen since the early 1980’s... and what trends you will see make a grand entrance and those that a lot of today’s couples have determined are dispensable!

What’s hot and what’s not for wedding trends in 2022 is covered in this episode! Take a listen as Kristina and Mike break down floral trends, live-streaming your ceremony, popular colors, planning for late night snacks at your reception, DIY décor and so much more!

Tune in to this episode to hear how destination weddings and more intimate ceremonies with 50 or less guests is what is trending with today’s modern couple.

Whether it’s charcuterie boards, donut walls, queso bars, Waffle House delivery or taco trucks, late night reception snacks are trending for 2022. Listen to this episode to hear all about it! 

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL LEARN about the décor, apparel, colors and food trends coming for weddings in 2022 and beyond.

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
Are you getting married in 2022? Or 2023? This is one episode you don't want to miss.

Michael Gaddie  0:05  
We are talking all about trends. They may be here to stay, or they may come and go. So stay tuned.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:13  
You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes. joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists? 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to The Ring The Bling And All The Things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one need to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.

Mike, I'm excited to talk about today's topic. Now I know that our sidekick Sharon's not here, but wedding trends. It's really interesting what we're hearing about what we're already seeing for possibly 2022 2023. Where do we stop,

Michael Gaddie  1:43  
there's so many unique things coming for the next two years. And they say it's going to be the biggest change in weddings that you've ever seen.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:52  
Well, in this takes me back to a quote I believe we talked about this on a previous episode. But Yahoo put up a story, I believe it was back in August. And one of the predictions is that 2022 is going to see the most weddings since 1984. That's crazy. That is one thing that immediately comes in your mind when you hear that.

Michael Gaddie  2:21  
The first thing is I don't see how it can be more busier than this year. So I'm really planning and trying to get my life in order to be able to handle next year. Thanks to your help.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:36  
Okay, here's what immediately popped in my mind when I reread this. Those that are engaged, that are set on 2022 or 2023. For wedding dates, make sure you get a venue secured, especially if you have a certain place that you know, without question, this is where you want to get married, or you have a top three, gosh, I hate for people to have their heart set on a certain venue, especially when you read a report like this

Michael Gaddie  3:07  
well, and you know, you can have your venue that you want to be at. And I've said we've said this a few times before too. But don't set your date, contact that venue and let them tell you when they're available. If that's how that venues that important to you to be there. Let them help you plan your day and say this is when we're available. And then you pick your date around that.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:30  
And I think gosh, when we first started doing this podcast, it's hard to believe it's almost been a year. But we talked about people picking seasons versus picking a month or picking a certain date. And gosh, I it really seems like we're headed right for that.

Michael Gaddie  3:51  
And the thing about it is it's not just venues, it's all your specialty, all your popular venues, vendors, such as photographers, videographers, DJs bands, I mean, these people, florist not gonna leave myself out. I mean, these people book up years in advance.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:12  
Well, let me throw one more in there. Planners. And I'm not just saying that because Sharon's not here with us. If you know that you want a planner to help you through this entire process.

Michael Gaddie  4:25  
Well, the thing about planners, Sharon's company, I mean, she can only do one a weekend. You know, so if she's booked, she's booked. So and you know DJs same way florist caterers usually when they're booked for that weekend, they're done. So I would jump on the bandwagon.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:45  
And I'll be honest, because I feel like we're pretty transparent on this podcast. And for those out there that might not realize this. I work with a lot of different wedding professionals. Some of them are so overwhelmed with what's going on and how busy they've been, not even being short staffed, but the staff, they've had the writer die, they are overloaded. And I'm hearing for multiple people, not just a couple, that they're pulling back just a little bit on the number of events they do throughout the week, throughout the month throughout the year, in order to keep their loyal employees, but also to keep their sanity. And I think what that translates over to engaged couples, their parents, their wedding parties, whoever is helping with your planning, is to plan ahead.

Michael Gaddie  5:42  
That's exactly right. And just by you saying that, in years past, I've always done anywhere from five to eight weddings a weekend I kid you not this year, we have done anywhere from eight to 12 weddings a weekend for the last three to four months since June, actually. And I have made a commitment. And that is one thing that you're just saying, you know, I have made a commitment when I'm booking for 2022. I love my job. And I told abroad this last night, I love my job, I love making brides happy. But for next year, I'm already cutting my weddings off at five a weekend. If you you're the six person, I'm sorry, we're cut off, I want to still be able to enjoy my job, make my brides happy and not be overwhelmed. And don't get burned out. Because I don't want to cheat the brides that I've already booked. And I don't think that's just for my business. I think that is what a lot of vendors are doing now.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:46  
Well, in we're gonna get to more trends here in a minute. But you bring up a very interesting topic. And I think in all the overwhelm the planning, that the just excitement, sometimes and without any intentions. For brides, their parents can get quite upset very quickly if something doesn't exactly go their way. And that is not to pick people apart. It's to say, at the end of the day, these wedding professionals are human beings. Exactly. They also have a life outside their business. And what you just said, I'm hearing from a lot of wedding professionals, some I work with some I coach, some I do services for some I'm just friends with. So it's from all different sources. And I think what that trickles down to for our listeners for our wedding Wednesday episodes, you still have brides and grooms and couples that have not had the reception, maybe they got married, maybe they decided to postpone or hold off their event. Because maybe they have something that they don't feel comfortable still right now, at the time of this recording. Being around the family members that mean the most to them that they want to be part of their special day. And they're pushing it a year. They're pushing it to yours. What that means is less than let's dates are available. Exactly. And I think the whole thing that and I brought this topic up about this Yahoo article, it's hard for us to wrap our minds around it being busier than it is right now. But I think that that translates boundaries for wedding professionals. And for our listeners of this episode. That means make your decisions, especially on your top vendors, right venue being one of them. Right. Right away.

Michael Gaddie  9:00  
And you starting with that. I mean, I know we got off the beaten path of that for a minute. But I mean, it just shows how important it is to jump on the bandwagon and get your venues and your vendors booked ASAP.

Kristina Stubblefield  9:13  
But we'll wait. We'll talk about trends for 2022. Mike, I think this is going to carry on 2023 2024 I don't think this I think this topic is going to be one of those topics that you're just so tired of hearing about because of that ripple effect. Yeah. So with that being how we've rolled out this episode, I know that you've seen some new trends, maybe that are already starting, but there's a lot of hype about going into the new year.

Michael Gaddie  9:45  
Yeah. I tell you what the things that they're saying and that's gonna happen over the next few years. They say that there's going to be a lot more outdoor weddings, which I think that's an you know, we hear this but I mean, we do a whole lot of outdoor weddings. I'm just thinking how Can we be more outdoor weddings, but they say that's the trend now that for the next two years, outdoor weddings is going to be the thing.

Kristina Stubblefield  10:07  
Now your key there that I'll just plug in is if you're going to do outdoor, go back and listen to some of our previous episodes where we talked about plan ABCD.

Michael Gaddie  10:17  
Yes. And Joe, always have a plan B, CD,

Kristina Stubblefield  10:21  
make sure you're thinking about all the things with your outdoor event. Um, I feel like some of the places that I've heard recently people talking about is places that have a plan B, right there. So if you're doing outdoor, there's a place to easily transition site or whatever. Yes, yeah. So what else you got?

Michael Gaddie  10:44  
Well, the new thing is to and really I'm seeing a lot of this now is they're saying the decorative trends is in greenery for weddings, greenery has been outstanding and just overwhelming. With decorations. Everybody thinks, and I want to say this because everybody thinks, oh, let's do lots of greener because that's cheaper.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:10  
Well, when something becomes popular, what happened?

Michael Gaddie  11:13  
Popular it go sky high, and dried flowers. And we are starting to see the brides that I have talked to for next year. They're bringing these would flowers. They're bringing pompous grass, they're bringing dried foliages and you're gonna see a lot of that. That's I'll be honest with you. I've been doing this for 32 years. And this is the first time that I love it. Don't get me wrong. I do like it, but it's like, it's totally different than I've ever seen wedding flowers before. And I think that's a good thing because it's turning the page to the next generation to bring in something new to us.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:49  
We'll end with that same question. Are you still hearing a lot or that same topic? Are you still hearing a lot about these floral walls or greenery walls

Michael Gaddie  11:58  
or walls greenery walls, greenery arrangements, you would not believe the people that want stands for their centerpieces with nothing but greenery on them or greenery suspended from the ceiling over the dance floor or the head table. Greenery is just the trend right now and you're gonna see that for the next two years.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:17  
Well now that you mentioned that, what about colors because what I'm seeing hearing and reading is bright and bold colors. What

Michael Gaddie  12:27  
your that they say that's going to be coming in 22 but I'm going to be honest with you. I am not seeing that here in Kentucky.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:34  
Well a lot of your I've seen a lot of your photos have your couples have had a lot of greenery, but I feel like I've also seen a lot of neutral neutral,

Michael Gaddie  12:45  
neutral whites creams champagnes. That's the trend right now. And I mean, I love it because I mean when you when you work with those colors, no matter what color the dress is, either it be dusty blue mol blush, gray, sage, green, all those really light colors. Those colors look good with it. So your mix of white and a cream and a champagne with it. It stands out so much better. You know, every now and then I'll get a bride that comes in and says Mike, I want orange and hot pink and lime green. But that's not the trend. You don't see that. And I like those brides that come in and do that because they don't You don't have to feel like you have to follow that trend that's going on.

Kristina Stubblefield  13:29  
They were kind of they're coming in with their Pinterest boards. Yes. When people come in with their Pinterest boards with since we're talking about colors, do you find that they're coming in kind of with their whole plan? Like their whole scheme?

Michael Gaddie  13:43  
We've talked about this before, but the Pinterest board and the beginning. I hated it. I know you did. Because I mean I sat down at my table and I used to be the one to show pitchers pitchers up the stuff we've done books and we go through ideas and sell it. I'll be honest with you, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I don't want to take my job belittle it at all, but they bring me their computer, they bring me their notepad, whatever they have done and they pull their Pinterest up. And they say like this is what I like. Now what I do is I say okay, you like this, we'll start with the broad Do you want to and she'll show me three or four different pictures that she likes. So I say okay, well let's do a little bit of this a little bit of that so it's not coffee can blend you can blend them all together. You know this one might not have as much greenery in it as the other one does. So we just get the feel for her because I have a lot of girls that say I like tons of greenery and I want something real big. But then the next bride that comes in says not just want a couple flowers and a little bit of green or no greenery at all. So but still the Pinterest page or the boards make my life so much easier because they're bringing it to

Kristina Stubblefield  14:52  
me. They're not trying to explain it know your vision. They're getting their

Michael Gaddie  14:56  
colors off of Pinterest to right now blog tones and terracotta. Terracotta is really popular, but it's that time of the year two.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:06  
Gotcha. So it'll be interesting to see what unfolds with colors as we get into 2022.

Michael Gaddie  15:13  
Something else that's really popular that's coming up they say next year is DIY decor. And when I say DIY decor I'm not talking about doing your own flowers. I'm not talking about doing your own bouquets or centerpieces. But you know, like making things making signs, welcome signs, Mr. Mrs. Signs to hang on the head table, making your backdrop for your photo op. Those are the things that the bride and groom's are coming together with and trying to make something for their own. And I think that's a good idea. your seating

Kristina Stubblefield  15:47  
chart, seating charts, you programs, they don't even really call it programs anymore. I've seen some DIY stuff for maybe cocktail hour, but not the actual receptions. Or even the rehearsal dinners. I know we've talked about that before. It's have their own little unique spin on it. But it's not the whole theme being DIY, is that the right way to say it

Michael Gaddie  16:12  
exactly it. So I mean, just happens something that is creative and done by the bride or the groom, or the family, for them to share that they've done. Absolutely. Let me just say this, I don't think you need to get into worrying about your centerpieces and your flowers for yourself and all that because I'm gonna tell you, that's a stressful thing. And you need to pay somebody to do that.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:35  
Well, in anybody that's contemplating that you need to go back and listen to some of our previous episodes, because you have extra time usually to set that stuff up. But when you got an hour to get out, and who's taking your rentals that you went and picked up where who's going in what car who hasn't been drinking has been drinking, who's taking the glass vases?

Michael Gaddie  16:55  
Who's taking to worry about none of that? No,

Kristina Stubblefield  16:58  
there's a whole lot to it. And we've done some episodes talking about that. One of the other things, and we've had this conversation, I don't think we talked about it on episodes that much. But I feel like a lot of times people are getting away from some of the formalities, or what we call some of the traditional parts of the reception. One of the things I will throw out is that the bouquet, the garter, we've talked, we did mention this in a previous episode about them, instead of doing the bouquet toss using it for maybe the anniversary or the generations dance, right? But I feel like some people, they get stressed out, or it bothers them or gives them anxiety, to even think about doing some of that stuff at their reception. And they're just eliminating it. And I feel like it's happening more and more

Michael Gaddie  17:57  
it is and actually you know what, if it doesn't make you comfortable to do it or put you at a, you know, you want to be at ease that day. If it stresses you out, don't do it. I mean, there is no bylaws. To follow to do it on your special day, you can do it exactly the way you want it.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:17  
If you want to incorporate traditional things that your parents, grandparents, or friends have done at their events. Absolutely. If you want to do something completely different. It doesn't matter. It is your day. As Sharon says the only vote that counts is the white dress. But in all honesty, it's about celebrating two people coming together. So if you are even thinking about getting hung up on formalities, thrown out the window and do what you want.

Michael Gaddie  18:47  
Well, and and moms are going to kill me when I say this. And I just this happened this week. Last night a matter of fact, I had a bride and her mom and her aunt come in. And the aunt was the mother of the broad sister. And she said, What kind of okay, do you want? And she was showing me pictures and stuff. And she says, no, no, no, honey, you want a cascade. And I looked at her and I said,

Kristina Stubblefield  19:12  
the kind that comes down and hangs on nails.

Michael Gaddie  19:15  
And I said Well, that was popular in the 80s. But the girls today are not going to be wanting that. Now cascades Believe it or not are coming back. But not the kind that she I mean, this ain't had her picture and said here, this is what you want. And I swear I think it was the poker that she carried in 1980. But in the brow was like, Um, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Kristina Stubblefield  19:38  
I don't think it's called cascading, but with some of the greenery and stuff, it kind of does hang down, but it's not more you're more talking about like, almost Cascadian

Michael Gaddie  19:46  
teardrop, like a teardrop look. Okay, and those you just don't see that anymore. But if that's what you want, yes, that's what we'll do. But that's another thing that the mom and the aunt was all over this bride saying oh, you've got To do this something that no, now you all had your day. And now it's her day. Absolutely. So I was on the broad side then something else that's really, really, really coming up and I love it is portraits. They have live, artists come in and paint portraits of the bride and groom. It could be while they're on the dance floor, it could have been while they're at the ceremony. And I mean, I know a guy and I've, we've met him at different shows. Sounds funny.

Kristina Stubblefield  20:33  
I know a guy. Yeah. We actually saw him at a show earlier this year. And it was absolutely breathtaking. And what, what shocked me the most about that? Is the percentage of the photo or the painting that actually gets done at the

Michael Gaddie  20:51  
end. Yeah, that's amazing. I mean,

Kristina Stubblefield  20:54  
I think it was like 70 or 80% of it. It was shocking. Yeah.

Michael Gaddie  20:59  
And I mean, how I would rather have that than just, you know, a photographer, you know, I'm not saying that you can't have the photographer. But that is something very unique, very unique, personal. And

Kristina Stubblefield  21:12  
it is going to be a memory to treasure. Absolutely. Yes. One of the other things, Mike, we've, I don't know if we talked about this on an episode or not. But food, I guess more so having some fun with it. But we have we have heard from people that bring in late night snacks, whether it be a food truck, or a delivery service. I mean,

Michael Gaddie  21:36  
that's a trend to that's not not even late night, some people are even doing that for their main meal for their buffet. You know, it depends on if you're going through with these outside side weddings, that they pull up with these deliveries of these trucks. pizza, chicken, ribs, no matter what.

Kristina Stubblefield  21:57  
Well, the other thing we heard from one or two people recently was about breakfast. Yeah. I can't even remember exactly who it was. But that is something that they had Waffle House brought in or that's what it Yes, they did. And the other thing was, um, you know, when you talk about fun with food shokudo rewards with doing like a spread type. Uh, did I not say it? Right? Your

Michael Gaddie  22:23  
you said it right? Because I can never say it. Right.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:25  
Okay. I thought I was like, go ahead. Do you want to take a try at it,

Michael Gaddie  22:28  
recruiter he boards.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:31  
If anything, at least, we make you all laugh. Um, but it's kind of your favorite things. Something that pops out to me is the bridal shower that I went to where you did a floral demonstration at? And I can't remember, I think it was the bride loved pickles. Yes. She was actually a guest on our podcast not very long ago. But she did. I don't even remember how many different types of pickles. That's not something you see all the time. So it's things that you as a couple that you enjoy, or that something that you all really enjoy with friends that they're implementing into their wedding, their cocktail hour or the reception.

Michael Gaddie  23:17  
And that's what it's all about. It's about you to the couple needs to bring out what they enjoy in life, and share it with their family and friends. So I think that's, that's awesome.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:29  
One. Yeah. One of the other things. Well, I'm a pickle person. So I was like, Oh, my goodness, this is a pickle person. So here's the other thing. And I've been fortunate to do this a few times for some wedding planners that I know. I don't think that this part, this technology part is going to ever go completely away. I know it was really heightened to because of the pandemic, but live streaming, or some type of streaming of the ceremony, which, on one side, I think it's awesome, because if you have elderly grandparents or parents or family members that cannot travel, that don't live close by for whatever reason, could be in the hospital, it doesn't even matter about the pandemic so to speak. They can still be part of your special day, as it happens, as if they were there.

Michael Gaddie  24:30  
I think the pandemic introduced us to zoom technology, because we could not be together.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:38  
Well, Mike, just so you know, I've been using that kind of technology for about 810 years, but it became the only way for a while to do business and to communicate with one another. Yes. Now the live streaming and this is I'm a zoom user, but when I live stream of weddings, I definitely do not use Zoom for it's own reason. But I feel like a person needs a private link. This is your access to get in and be able to write in a guest but you know, on the computer, fill out a guest book, but also be able to download that video. That's my own take. I'm not knocking zoom. But I like something that's very user friendly, that no matter how old you are on a phone, tablet, computer, you click one link, you're there waiting for it to begin. But I don't I've heard people to have 150 200 people a guest at their event. And they still live streamed it because someone saw was across the country or in another country. And I, I think that's why this is on a Trends list. Is because sometimes, there can be reasons that things come to the surface, that play a big role during changes in our lives, that there's a reason it doesn't really go away completely.

Michael Gaddie  26:01  
Well, I just think that's something that's going to be here to stay for a long time. That's almost like the turn of the future. You know, it's just something that that technology has taken over. And I think we'll see more different things, not just in weddings, but everyday life. You don't see that more.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:20  
I don't ever see this used as well, I could go to the wedding. But there's a live stream option. I think I'm just gonna stay home and watch it. It's that.

Michael Gaddie  26:31  
I don't think that'll take the place of it.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:33  
No, I'm saying I don't I think your guests that want to be part of your day that have made an impact on your life. If there's any way possible, I think they're going to be at your event. I think this is just a wonderful avenue for anybody that cannot no way shape or form may be there. Or this provides a safer option for them if need be. Yeah. So what else you got,

Michael Gaddie  26:58  
the next thing we have is more intimate, intimate weddings, such as just close family and friends not having to or even 100 people. I mean, they're saying 50 or less, is going to be very trendy for the next two years. And I can see that and along with saying that, I mean, they're saying destination weddings. So when you do destination weddings, I can almost ban the destination and the intimate weddings together because you're gonna take 25 to 50 people to Florida or to the Bahamas or whatever, and have that intimate ceremony. So they're saying they're gonna, you're gonna see a lot more of that.

Kristina Stubblefield  27:40  
I think that was the case. You know, before when we used to talk on some of our episodes about being budget conscious, you know, you have to really watch your guests count, because one or two people doesn't just mean one or two people to take part in your catering. Exactly. It could mean a table, a centerpiece chairs, the list can go on and on.

Michael Gaddie  28:02  
You could probably save not save. But I mean, you would probably spend your budget for 50 people, then you had 200 people and go to a nice, low, different location and take everybody there.

Kristina Stubblefield  28:18  
Well, what my what I was just going to say is I don't think this decision, it being a trend is necessarily about budget conscious. I think it's just they want a more closer, intimate as it says, ceremony, celebration.

Michael Gaddie  28:38  
Think I think it's I mean, again, it's everybody's personality,

Kristina Stubblefield  28:43  
it comes back to what do does the couple genuinely want what their special diet. Yes. Well, I tell you, and there's this is just the tip of the iceberg with trends. Maybe that's not the right wording, but Well, I think we're gonna see, we're gonna see so much. And I think it's going to be really interesting the way things unfold, because I hear so much about smaller events. But I also hear that others have waited because they want two or 300 people there,

Michael Gaddie  29:14  
right? I mean, you're gonna see it in all aspects. I mean, you're gonna see it everywhere all over the board

Kristina Stubblefield  29:19  
think the next two to three years? I'm not sure. Honestly, I don't even know if we really know what's on the horizon when it comes to weddings. I think that may be one of the most interesting things is kind of seeing how the year plays out. Some of these predictions are made and some of them come to fruition. Some of them are like what the world was or rethinking. Because, as it transpires, we hope that people are coming from a place that they're making decisions on how they want the event.

Michael Gaddie  29:49  
Well, you know, you, myself and Sharon, we're all in the business. We do research, we look we work with different vendors every day we do work with different families and brides. I think it'd be a good idea for if any bride or groom or couple is out there listening to us. And there's something we have not talked about, or they have done that unique. Please contact us and let us know about it. So we can talk about it. It's because we learn from you all too

Kristina Stubblefield  30:19  
well, if you're seeing something that you like that, gosh, the last four weddings I've been at this has happened and they didn't even mention this. We'd love to hear Yeah, it's easy. Just go on our website. And you can hit the contact button, or we even have it to where you can just click the microphone, and you can record a message because we'd like to sometimes use those on our episodes. So, Mike, I think we can wrap it up here. We appreciate everybody tuning in. If you like what you've heard, please share it. If you know somebody that's getting married, or that's in the business, please take a minute and share the podcast with them. And the other thing that you can do to help us out is

Michael Gaddie  30:59  
give us a five star glowing review a glowing five star review. Don't say it like sharing. It is what

Kristina Stubblefield  31:06  
if we sprinkle a little flavor in there. So Alright everybody, until next time, take care.

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