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Episode #119 - Mindset: A Strategic Way of Thinking with Jarrod Haning

Different from positive thinking, daily affirmations or current belief systems, the definition of mindset is a strategic way of thinking that is duplicatable and learnable.

In this episode, Kristina talks about mindset with Jarrod Haning… and in the first 5 minutes of the episode, your mind will be blown! Tune in to hear them discuss learning to access different parts of your brain on demand and how when you accomplish this, it changes the way that life shows up for you.

We promise by the end of this episode, you will understand more clearly that you are just one thought away from a breakthrough!

Jarrod is an award winning speaker, has been featured on ABC Nightline, spoken on stages all across the country, has clients all across the world, delivered 4 TEDx talks related to Mindset Performance, and been chosen by TED global as the featured speaker of the week. He specializes in a Nobel Nominated process that teaches you how to think at a higher level and allows you to access different parts of your brain on demand. As a result of this training *most of his clients go on to double their income by purposely working half as many hours.

His background as a classically trained musician has equipped him with a unique set of tools for leveling up your leadership. For recreation you’ll find him flying, skydiving, or mountain bike riding. But his most prized accomplishment was winning the World Tickle Championship in the 5- year old category.

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