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Nov. 8, 2021

Video Testimonials Are GOLD!

Video Testimonials Are GOLD!

In this episode Kristina is talking about the value of video testimonials from happy clients and how they are outranking and out-performing written testimonials... And getting them is a whole lot easier than you think! Turn your happy clients into spokespeople for your business. Tune in to this episode to hear more!

Written testimonials are great! But, video testimonials are GOLD! 79% of consumers report they have watched a video testimonial to find out more about a company, product or service. Tune in to this episode to hear Kristina share more statistics and how all it takes to get a video testimonial is to ask for one.

Video testimonials resonate more than written words as they are authentic and can convey feelings or emotions and what that client experienced with your business… and since as a wedding professional, you are selling an “experience,” video testimonials are priceless! Listen to this episode to hear all the ways you can repurpose a video testimonial for your business.

64% of consumers report that a video testimonial left about a product or service has helped them make their decision to purchase that product or service. Help your potential customers make their decision to choose you by sharing video testimonials on your website and social channels. Catch this episode to hear just how effective video testimonials can be at winning new customers!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND video testimonials are not only great for organic SEO but they are key for helping potential new customers make a decision to choose you for their wedding!

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In this episode, I'm talking about the value of video testimonials from happy clients, and how they are out ranking and outperforming written testimonials. And getting them is a whole lot easier than you think. Turn your happy clients into spokespeople for your business. Tune into this episode to hear more. 

Welcome to Marketing Monday on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized digestible marketing solutions and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

So recently, I did an episode that was in regards to reviews being the new referral. So this episode is taking it a step further. You can look at it like that. And this is also an episode on its own. So what am I talking about? I'm talking about video testimonials. And I know you're probably rolling your eyes and thinking, Wow, she is giving me something else to do. Well in all honesty, what I want to do is open your eyes to the opportunities that video testimonials offer for your business. Now written reviews are wonderful. At least you're getting feedback from people regarding your business. But picture for just a minute. The difference between reading something on screen or watching a video that showcases a person's feelings, their emotions, the impact that your business had on their special day. Those video testimonials capture something far beyond what is in a written testimonial. You're never going to hear me say that you should not have written testimonials on your website, because I believe you should have both. I do believe statistically video testimonials are out ranking and outperforming written testimonials. However, there are people that do still prefer to read, although they're few and far between versus watching a video on a website. Now on social media. Those statistics are quite a bit different already. And I see them doing nothing but increasing video is just it's everywhere. So video testimonials. Let's talk about some of the basics first. And I think you can do some of your own research and start paying attention to what you feel when reading a testimonial on a business website versus watching a video testimonial. And now that you've listened to this, you may start to see or it may start to resonate with you how it affects you differently. So how effective are video testimonials? Well, let's go to the numbers. Okay, 79% report. They have watched a video testimonial To find out more about a company product or service. Now here's the next 160 4% say that a testimonial video has played a part in convincing them to buy a product or service. Okay, that's in general terms that is not wedding specific. So let's talk about wedding specifics. Some wedding, for the most part is a significant milestone in a person's life. That's a given. video testimonials for wedding professionals are priceless in my opinion. Because there's no better way to listen, see and hear how a client or what a client experienced with your business. Because at the end of the day, that is exactly what you are selling. If you're a wedding professional, it's the experience. Sure you have services or products that you're offering. But all in all, it comes back to the experience that all all of these experiences with the vendor team that they have for their special day is what makes up their wedding day.

So in my opinion, wedding professionals, video testimonials are gold. I believe that it should be on several different pages of your website, but we're gonna, we're gonna cover that later. When you when I look at our clients, and I look at their traffic, I look at what plays a role in increasing their leads, or what helps them with bookings. Most of the time, video testimonials have played some kind of role in them booking a client now, is it the one magic piece to the puzzle? No, because I've always said there's no magic piece to the marketing puzzle. However, I would go and say that to me, in my personal experience in my expertise, video testimonials for wedding professionals can play a larger role in marketing for your business than some of the other pieces to your puzzle, that does not mean that you don't need the other pieces to make up your puzzle. Just having video testimonials is not necessarily going to cut it. So if we think back for a minute, why do you think video testimonials resonate so much more than written words on the screen on their phone? Well, a lot of times in these testimonials when a person speaking on camera, it's very authentic, it's very real. Most of the time without being asked, they even talk about some pain points are some solutions that you provided to them on their day. They also a lot of times will share the experience of working with your business. And what that comes down to is really highlighting and showcasing your customer service. So when you take a video testimonial, and you take all those components rolled into a 32nd, or one minute, two minute clip, however long it is you're delivering the experience and the solutions that you've provided to someone. And the best part about it is you're not the one providing it. It's the person that has experienced this. It's your client that's talking for you, that is telling others about their experience with you. Who better else to talk about your business, and your customer service and the experience of working with you than your client. They're hearing it straight from the other person. There's no better form of marketing for wedding professionals in my opinion. It I hold it very highly on the marketing list for wedding professionals, I'm sure you can tell that by how much I'm talking about it. But let's dive into a little bit more of the marketing part of video testimonials. First of all, it's really important to mention a video was loved in a lot of places. But I'm going to tell you one of the things that you might not necessarily hear people talk that much about is search engine optimization. Video is amazing component for SEO. And that will kind of roll us into you know where you can utilize these video testimonials. So everyone that asked me about paid advertising. Normally, SEO was at the top of that list. Because they've heard somewhere they should be doing paid SEO, they're not exactly sure what it means. They don't have any idea of what that really involves. I've done an episode on this before. So if you're not very familiar with SEO, or you want a refresher, you can go back and listen to that episode. I don't have the number handy, but you can you can search and it'll come right up on our website. So SEO, anything that you can do for organic search engine optimization, organic equals free is a bonus to your business. And video testimonials fit that category. Now, that means where where does it needs to be placed. And to me this is really important. And you probably think Christina is immediately going to say website. I'm going to first

This kind of goes hand in hand. So first of all, they should definitely be posted on your Google My Business, why Google loves Google, it comes down to that. Google, my business is a large platform. that not enough business owners, especially wedding professionals use to market their business. There's a previous episode on that as well that you can dive into. Now, hand in hand, YouTube is the second largest search engine besides behind Google, second largest search engine. So before I mentioned website, I'm going to say, YouTube, every video testimonial to be honest with you, any video you have for your business should be on YouTube. That is my opinion. I feel like if someone is on YouTube searching for your business to give your business the best chance to come up, the more video videos, the better. Now, of course, you need to have them title, they need to have descriptions, they need to have call to actions. That's a whole nother episode. But your video testimonials should be on YouTube. Now, next website, of course, your video testimonial should be on there, there's a couple different strategies there that you can dive into. First of all, you could have a testimonial page and have your testimonials on there, I encourage you to have one or two testimonials on your homepage, you have to remember some people will never leave your homepage doesn't matter what else is on your other pages. You need to have something on your home page with the video testimonials. I did a previous episode on websites. So you can go back and listen to the important factors in regards to websites. So I also feel like having a video testimonial or two on your about page can be beneficial. Now, depending on how your website is set up. Some people have a video page. Some people have multiple pages. Sometimes you have different service pages. I have worked with clients where we have put video testimonials, one, two, just depending on each page of their website. Now, is this going to be exactly the same for every wedding professional out there? Maybe not? Would it hinder you if you had a video testimonial on every one of your web pages? A generic answer would be no I don't believe so. The other thing is when you talk about strategy, let's say you have six video testimonials. Is there a benefit to not having them all on your website? I would say probably not. where someone may answer differently is the rotation of content on your website. For organic search engine optimization, you want to make a change on your website once a month. that sends out a notice without getting too technical. Hey, there's been a change over here on this website. And then there's an action that takes place out there with the search engines. Back to the topic at hand the videos. What I would encourage you to do is to rotate if you're going to use all six of your video testimonials, if that's how many you have, I would rotate them every couple months every month. So not the same one stay on the homepage that's on the about page, you're really just kind of flip flopping content to give it a different look. Again, because what if a person you could have your best video testimonial on your about page or what you consider the best. But if they never make it to the about page, if you don't rotate it at some point in time, put it on the homepage, it may not get viewed as much. And I'm not going to say that are some video testimonials better than others. That's, you know your opinion. It depends on the content. The context that was discussed in the actual video testimonial itself.

Any video testimonial in my opinion is beneficial for your business. If it's a 15 Second, if it's a 32nd if it's a three minute I normally don't try to hinder or put a timestamp or a countdown on video testimonials. I think you let a person speak and you let them tell their story. People love stories. You know you may think it's longer but that's because you were probably at the event. But for somebody hearing it for the first time. It might not matter to them if it's a two minute testimonial. So that's one thing is now will a 10 minute testimonial fly it depends on your business. I mean again, you know you can take what I say And use it how you want. But for the most part video testimonials that I've been involved with have been somewhere in the 32nd to Two Minute range, I'm not going to say that there hasn't been a couple that have been over two minutes, but I'm just giving, giving you an example. So I've mentioned that they should be on your Google My Business, I mentioned YouTube, your website is what we just covered. And the next thing is social media. Absolutely, you can use video testimonials on your social media, I encourage you to do so. Actually, the other thing is video testimonials can be repurposed. Don't forget about that, you know, you can repurpose that content, you can have them, you can put it out on Facebook, a couple weeks later on Instagram, on LinkedIn on Pinterest, it's completely up to you how you would like to use that content to market your business. To Me video testimonials really never expire. Or I mean, you could say they get dated, but in all honesty unless you completely change up your products or services. In my opinion, when a person speaks about their experience with you will people really get hung up on the exact services they used with you? Probably not. And that's one of the best things about video testimonials is that's content that you can repurpose for a long time. And as you get new video testimonials, you can kind of rotate through them. There's whole other strategies there to it. Just today, I want to stick to the importance of video testimonials and how it can really benefit your business. Now before I go on to the next part of this episode, I'd like to close this section out by saying where you can use video testimonials is honestly unless you can run social media ads, you can run streaming ads with them, you can use them in email marketing, you can use them in text message marketing, I already mentioned social media. There are many opportunities. If you do wedding shows, you may be able to use them on your display at a wedding show. Depending on your setup. Again, it's going to be different for every business, those video testimonials. It could be you could have a QR code on a brochure or a rack card or on your banner at the wedding show. And when they scan that QR code, your video testimonial page comes up or maybe a specific video testimonial plays, your opportunities are pretty much endless on how you can use those video testimonials. It is a marketing asset for your business. So now that we've talked about kind of where you can place them, how you can use them. You're probably saying, Well, how in the world do I go about getting video testimonials? Well, as I mentioned in the previous reviews episode, how many of us ask for reviews? And I would pose the same question. Have you asked for a video testimonial?

Most of the time, people will be willing to do it. Now will everyone do it? Some may say no. We use a software that makes it really easy for people to send us video testimonials. We also have some clients that use it, I'll put it in the show notes for you as well, we'll link to it. Or you can go to our website and go to the resource section. And there'll be a link there for you as well. But it is really easy. All you do is you can either you can record a video message to send to the person that's asking them for a video testimonial. And there's a button at the bottom that says reply with video testimonial. What that means is a person can do it in the comfort of their own home, they can do it from their laptop, their tablet, their smartphone. It's very easy for the end user. But what's even better about it is when they send the video back It's already in a format that you can use wherever you want to use. Now that doesn't mean you can't edit it of course you can but if you're looking for quick turnaround on video testimonials, I have by far use the software for gosh I don't even know maybe four or five years maybe longer than that now and it's very easy and If you if you give people less hoops to jump through, on delivering testimonials back to you, especially video testimonials, most of the time, they will do it. As long as you don't give them so many ways that they're like, gosh, this is too many steps. So asking is the first thing and how to obtain video testimonials. Ask now the reason I like the software that we use, is because I can record just a standard video that's not personalized, that I can send out, or I can record a video every time for my smartphone for my laptop, doesn't matter. And I can send that personalized message within a few minutes. So I can make it as personal as I want. You can also send an email and ask them for a video testimonial. So you don't want to use a different software. So you just want to ask them, a person could record that from their smartphone and send it back to you through Dropbox, Google Drive. I'm sure there's other options that are out there as far as sending large files back to you. Because that's what you have to think of a video most of the time, you do not want them to text it, because when you text, it actually condenses down that video. So what it does is in order to send a bigger file is it has to take away the resolution the file size. So a lot of times if that's delivered by text message, they're pixelated. And that is one thing you do not want your videos to not look crisp and clean. Now, I do feel like they're they are more authentic. If a person is doing it sitting on their couch at their table. Outside, they're holding their own phone. It's not staged, you know, it is authentic. And I think that is very powerful. A lot of times I've had people ask me, and if they don't have a tripod, I tell them to prop their phone up on a stack of books or on a countertop, a box, whatever is easiest for them, it doesn't have to be a bunch of hoops to jump through in order for a person to record a video testimonial. So the easier you can make it for a person, give them clear instructions. If you're not going to use the software, then tell them exactly what they need to do to get the video back to you. And this can be done for people's events that you've just done. Or as I mentioned in the reviews episode that I did recently, this could also be from events a year or so ago, it doesn't have to be ones that were just done. So think about that, you may have an event that stands out to you and you're like, Oh, I wish I would have known about getting a video testimonial, they'd been great. Ask them, just ask them. Take the step, take the initiative, you may be surprised at the response you receive. And the other

thing is, don't be shy about how you're going to use these videos. that a lot of times I tell clients, tell your customers that you loved working with them that they were so much fun, you would love to share their experience with other visitors on your website or your social media. So you can help others. That's what you're using it for is to generate other business or to look not to look credible, but to show that you're credible, to show that you're an authority in your industry. Just be upfront and honest with them. You don't have to hide where you're going to use this. You want them to know. The other question that I've had posed a lot of times is, you know, do does this have to be professional? Do they have to have their makeup done and be a nice clothes? No, let your client do it. However, they're comfortable. Because if a person is most comfortable, they're going to record a better video. Don't get hung up on what they say. A lot of times I tell people not to prompt them with certain questions. Just say what would you share about your experience with me with my business about working with us, you know, and leave it open ended. Let them talk as long as they want to talk again, you can always edit the video. You don't have to use it. If they send you a four minute video. That doesn't mean you have to use all of it. So just let them speak let them tell their story. Let them share their experience. That's the best way to get video testimonials now. If you want to send them a list of questions that Up to you, I'm just speaking from experience. What I've seen the best results is just letting the person speak and tell their story and their experience. The note that I'll end this episode on is, make sure that you use the video testimonials that you receive. Because if you've done the work up to that point, if you've reached out, you've asked the person for the video testimonial, they've taken time to record it, they've sent it back, make sure you do something with it, whether it be on YouTube, and that's it, maybe it be on your website. I just encourage you to use it, you did the work to get it. Let it do work for your business, whatever that may be. You know, I wanted to cover this topic because in my opinion, video is a crucial marketing tool it video testimonials, videos of yourself about your business. Honestly, all types of video, I don't think it's going anywhere. I think we're gonna see more use of it in everyday emails in communication. Honestly, I've seen some of it go on with text messaging. And I do not feel like it's going to slow down at all. And that's why I felt like it was so important to tackle this topic. And share with you how important it is for wedding professionals to embrace video testimonials, for marketing their business. So I hope you found this helpful. If you like what you hear, please take a minute and go to your favorite podcast platform and leave the ring the bling and all the things podcast a review, we would greatly appreciate it. If there's a topic you'd like to hear more about. shoot me a message or email me. I love hearing from people what they have questions about. We pay attention to all of those, so don't hesitate to reach out. Until next time. Take care.

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