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May 9, 2022

To Be Considered, Be Consistent

To be considered, you have to be consistent! In this episode, Kristina talks about ending the excuses and that staying consistent is crucial when it comes to visibility on social media. If you aren't taking the spotlight, it's likely shining on someone else. Tune in to this episode to learn from Kristina’s recent experiences... from making excuses to showing up and getting organic results.

•  [5:00] Kristina speaks about visibility on social media and consistency is the key role.
• [12:36] Kristina elaborates on how you can repurpose your content differently for social media platforms.
• [17:11] “the biggest thing for me has been taking my own advice. And actually batching content that has that has been a game changer for me”.
• [22:45] “social media is such a powerful tool. I do not want you to miss out on those opportunities”.

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
No more excuses to be considered, you have to be consistent when it comes to visibility on social media. If you aren't taking the spotlight, it's likely shining on someone else. Tune in to this episode to hear my own recent experience from excuses to showing up and getting organic results. You're listening to a Business Booster episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things Podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. I'm a technology consultant, marketing strategist, business coach, and in the past a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing impactful, easy to implement solutions and strategies for efficient workflow and business growth. Now, let's dive in to this episode. I'm really excited to dive into today's topic, visibility. Now what I'm referring to in this episode with visibility, I'm really going to stick to social media. There are many different ways to be visible online. But the numbers, the tips and information I'm going to share, specifically in this episode has to do with social media. And I'm going to share a little bit about my own experience in the past three months. And any time I have actual hard data, meaning I know that these numbers are legit, I know what content was used, I know what platforms were used. I know everything that makes up the numbers, the insights, as most social media platforms call it, because that to me, allows me to speak on a different level, because I know what it was before. I know what content and posting schedule and all that things were used. And then I know the results that was generated from that. And with my own brand, and our business, we have seen an increase that I feel makes enough impact that I want to share it with people, I want wedding professionals, other business owners to hear me share my own story, and be able to implement some of these tips and information in your own business. So about three months ago, because we always focus on our clients first, most of the time, what that means for my brand of Kristina Stubblefield. And what that also means for The Ring The Bling And All The Things as well as So In Media Group, as a lot of times, additional visibility that we could do is usually pushed to the backburner. And I will say for the most part, the ring, the bling, and all the things is pretty much treated as a client as it should be. And the other two, Kristina Stubblefield, and So In Media Group, not so much. But about three months ago, I decided that with the push of my team, especially my husband, that, you know, I always share with clients and talk to them about the importance of consistency. And how people are making decisions, buying decisions by just reviewing or seeing the information that's out there, in this case, social media. And I am one that usually says okay, here's some people to go check out that we're involved with. Don't check out my own social media or don't check out so and maybe it groups social media. I'm notorious for saying that. And that isn't always the best thing answer. To be honest, it's never the best answer. One of the best suggestions I give to people that do client work, meaning for someone like me, I also coach and consult other businesses. So I consider that client work. And what I always tell people is clients are extremely important. But you also have to treat your business as a client. If not, it always will get pushed to the backburner. No matter how hard you try, no matter what great intentions you have. Trust me, I speak from experience. It happens. And when you talk about visibility, when you talk about social media and the age that we're in of digital marketing

You have to be visible. And what that comes down to is consistency. So for me, as I was saying about three months ago, I started to be better about or implement some of the tips and strategies that we utilize with clients. And I must admit, I was a little reluctant, I'm gonna be honest with you it. You know, if everybody is honest, you don't really like change, you know, you can get so hung up on the shiny object syndrome. And what I mean by that is, you know, oh, there's this new platform, oh, there's this, there's that. There's this software, there's this technology, and you can hop from thing to thing, searching or going after those shiny objects, and you end up accomplishing nothing. It's a vicious cycle. So yes, I was reluctant. You know, I was hit or miss with putting out reels tiktoks, even stories for that matter. It there's no excuse for it, honestly, other than it was just something I wasn't focused on. And, you know, we've been very fortunate, we get a lot of referral business, um, referred a lot of clients about coaching and consulting. And I'm very thankful and blessed for that. But in the grand scheme of things, when you have a brand, or you have a business, it doesn't look good that random posts are put out. It just doesn't. If you go a month, two months, three months now, without posting on Instagram, or Facebook, I'm telling you firsthand experience. Are you still doing what you do? Are you still in business? Is this way still operating? These are the questions that are swirling around. And it is definitely a completely different age that we live in. Social media can be a very powerful tool, it is one of the best marketing tools for small businesses, especially wedding professionals to have in their toolkit. However, when we start talking about consistency, and posting a set number of times a week, or doing reels or tick talks, or stories, it isn't something that you do once or twice a month. It's just not. And most people aren't prepared to hear that. You know, I'm one of those out, I want to do it when I want to do it. And I definitely did not share that sentiment with clients. You know, sometimes I'm in my own way. And it's taken me a long time to get there to admit that. But I'm okay with sharing that with people. Because I can help others that are the same way. In the past few years. I cannot tell you how many clients that I've worked with that when they first came to me words out of their mouth immediately. I am not doing video, I do not want to be on video. I'm not doing it. Well. That's a topic for another day. And I needed to put myself in a situation. If I was my own client, what would I say to them? And it was this. You're not showing up for yourself. You have a message. You're good at what you do. You have years of experience. You have education to boot. You live and have lived in many of digital ages. And you can help people, but if they don't hear your message, if they don't see your face, if they don't see you showing up, you're not top of mind. No matter if you like tick tock no matter if you do or don't like Instagram reels. They are not going anywhere. And so what I did is I started to embrace doing some tiktoks and doing some reals. And I'm gonna be honest with you at first i was like,

what else can I be working on? But back to the professional side of things. I knew the data. I knew the technology, I knew the data, everything. I know that people that are doing tiktoks, and reels are getting results, those that do it on a consistent basis. Now, what results would I be talking about? Well, it could be more followers on Instagram, it could be more followers on Tiktok, it could be traffic going over to your website. It is a long game. And what I mean by that is, if you think right, now, you're gonna put up a tick tock, and your phone's gonna ring off the hook, your email is gonna go crazy. If it does, great, but that's not necessarily the norm. However, when you get new eyeballs, or even people that already know you, on the content you put out, you are going to be top of mind. You never know when they may run into somebody that needs what you offer. When you're top of mind, people can refer you more. It's the truth. And that's exactly what I'm going to sit here and share with you. I help people batch content all the time, whether it be videos for their websites, Instagram reels, tic TOCs just content in general that they can use on multiple platforms. I help people do it. I sit down, help them plan out. Number one, I help them come up with a strategy if they don't already have one. Most people don't even think about it, they just go out and do. Again, that's another episode. But I sit down with people and to really work out the details of their strategy, and then help plan out. Okay, what videos are we going to do? Are there videos needed for your website? For Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube? Are you needing videos for reals tic tock stories. Because most of the time, that content can be repurposed. Almost every time it should be repurposed on multiple different platforms. And then, okay, we set up a time to record that's batching you want to batch as much as you can. Some people do good doing it for an hour or two other people do better doing it for three or four or five hours. However it works for you. batching is key with staying consistent, especially with what's going on with social media now. So I'm reeling back to my story. Here we go. So as I mentioned, I started about three months ago, being better about putting up reels, tic TOCs. Post on multiple places. So that would include a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business. And I believe that's it. And what I have really focused on is putting up two to three, sometimes four reels in a week. And here's where I want to share with you all the results of that. So we had not posted on our so in Media Group, Instagram for quite a while. Been a few months. For those listeners who don't know. So in Media Group, LLC, is a marketing business that I co own with my husband, Josh, and the ring, the bling and all the things is underneath that umbrella. And Josh and I were on a project together that involved content creation, mainly video. And before we hopped out of the vehicle, I took a quick selfie and posted about it about being a husband and wife team and hashtag some other stuff.

From that post, I got two messages. And I got two phone calls. within 24 hours, out of those four actions, just those four, there were others comments likes, all that kind of stuff. Out of those four, two of them had to do with potential business. And both people said, I've been needing to contact you, I just kept forgetting. And when I saw your post on Instagram, it reminded me to pick up the phone or send you a message. It was a selfie in the vehicle. But the point of the matter is, it was being visible, he was being there, people seeing us that reminded them about reaching out and contacting us. Also, other things that I have other data from this has been new followers, on the different platforms, even LinkedIn, as well as new email addresses, signed up to get our email blasts that go out. People took action. That's the whole point of this. There was legitimate action taken from showing up on a consistent basis. Even the Instagram reels and tiktoks. Some of them were funny, some of them were serious, you know, was a mix, it wasn't one thing or another. But I bring it all back to I was visible. I was top of mind. And again, I say myself, I'm scratching the surface. Because could I be posting every day or putting out content every day? Absolutely. Do I recommend it? Yes, if you can do it on a consistent basis. But the biggest thing for me has been taking my own advice. And actually batching content that has that has been a game changer for me. Because not only do I batch content, whether it be reels or tick talks or different videos to post out. But also, I've been capturing pictures or quick video clips, pretty much every day, whether it's I'm going in to do a speaking engagement, had a client meeting, teaching something in general, just capturing that and creating that content library. I have content to use for a long time. And I think that's one of the things people have in their mind. It's social media. So if this happened today, I have to post about it today. No, you don't. There's people that batch content that don't use it for a month or two or longer. There might not be something right now that you want to put out. But then three or four months, you might just starting to build your library, I call it a content library, where you have to pull from and you know, I A lot of times talk about, you know, life's gonna happen. You were supposed to batch you weren't able to, when you have that content library, you always have something to pull from. And I just really wanted to take an episode and talk about, you know, this is one of those instances where I always helped everybody else. And I didn't make it a priority to implement my own strategies that I've helped so many with to actually do my own batching as I never made it a priority, and in just a short period of time, especially over the last 30 days. The likes the comments, the shares, the messages, the emails, the phone calls, people are taking action. And for my listeners out there, if you take something from this episode recording people will take action when you show up on social media. They will I've I've just been through this experience and

It's not that I'm surprised. I'm not surprised. So if I sound that way, that's not really what I mean. I'm almost smiling, thinking and walking through my head. What if I would have been doing this whole time? What would the results be? But with that being said, you cannot live in the past, you cannot change anything that's already happened. But today, you can implement something for your own business. I tell people, a lot of times, just turn your camera on. Even if it's not on you. Take pictures, take some video clips of stuff, just start building your library. And if there's times that you have questions about this, or you're like, I heard what she said, I relate to that. shoot me a message, send me an email. And let's figure out why you're not taking action. Maybe you'll just need someone to help be a guide, someone to help you figure out what is the way of doing that, like, how do I batch? How do I plan, maybe you don't even have a strategy for using social media to your benefit. I can help. Just reach out and contact me to schedule a discovery call. And let's figure out if there's something blocking you. For me. It was a lot of mindset stuff. It was in it was me. It wasn't someone else. I could say, oh, I didn't have time or no, that's not true. Because if it was a priority, it would have been in my schedule, and I would have made time. It was more myself being in my own way. Questioning will people watch. I mean, are they really going to comment or share. And a lot of times that happens for other people. And I'm here to help with that. I've done this for a long time. Even know, my background is in it, as well as marketing. And I really enjoy systems and processes. If there's something you're stuck with, with using social media to your advantage for yourself or your business, reach out, let's have a conversation. Let's get to the bottom of it. Because social media is such a powerful tool. I do not want you to miss out on those opportunities. Because not showing up on social media means you're not top of mind. People cannot consider you or your business for services, products, whatever they may need if they are not seeing you. I hope you enjoyed this episode. As always, I would love to hear your feedback, send me a message or go to the website and hit the contact button. If you like what you hear, make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. And you can always leave a review. Until next time, everyone take care.

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