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March 16, 2022

Tips For Saying YES To Your Perfect Dress with Adorn Bridal Shop Consultants Bethany Hogsett & Hailey Smith

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When you want to be the absolute most beautiful version of yourself because all the eyes are going to be on you for your wedding day, dress shopping can seem like a daunting task… but it doesn’t have to be! Tune into this episode for some amazing picking of the dress and calming therapeutic advice from the Adorn Bridal Shop consultants, Bethany & Haley. You’re going to hear how to just relax into the process, voice your vision, prepare for the bridal appointment and know when to say YES to your dress.

• [2:03] Bethany & Healy share their #1 tip for a bride just starting to look for her dress… 
• [3:54] Bethany & Haley explain that the style that is in right now… is anything goes! 
• [5:23] Bethany speaks of finding inspiration on Pinterest boards and on Instagram. 
• [9:03] “we're gonna go a little more therapist route on you, you know, we're gonna start asking more specific questions…” 

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Bethany Hogsett & Haley Meuse with Adorn Louisville


Michael Gaddie  0:00  
When all the eyes are going to be on you for your wedding day dress shopping can seem like a daunting task. 

Kristina Stubblefield  0:05  
Tune into this episode for amazing advice from the ladies at adorn Louisville, Bethany and Haley. They will walk you through how to voice your vision, prepare for your bridal appointment and say yes to your dress.

You're list listening to The Ring The Bling And All The Things Podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee down the aisle into happily ever after. Our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between and after. Now, let's get started with this episode. 

Mike, it's just me and you on this episode. But we have a special guest in here that we've been talking about for months for many episodes, that we wanted to cover this topic, Sharon's not with us today. She'll be missed, but I have a feeling you're going to get a few more words, hopefully. So without further ado, we have two girls in here from adorn Louisville. Hi. And with us is Bethany and Haley. And thank you all so much for coming in. I think this is gonna be a fun episode. Mike, they're gonna need to buckle up.

Michael Gaddie  1:38  
Buckle up. Oh, it's gonna be a bumpy one. Well, we're ready.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:42  
First and foremost, dress is usually at the top of brides list. Probably many of them out there have Pinterest boards in regards to dresses. I have so many questions. istyles. What's in what's not? Where do you start? But Mike, we always like to start with this one burning question. Yeah,

Michael Gaddie  2:02  
so what's the most or the number one tip that you could give to a bride that just starting to look for a dress?

Bethany Hogsett  2:10  
Ah. So first and foremost, relax, let it be fun, it can feel a little bit stressful, especially starting out because it's a world you've never entered, and you're gonna come one time. So for us, you know, we're there every day, we're in bridal world every day. So take the pressure off a little bit, when you're just starting to look at styles when you're just starting to decide where you might want to go. Look at it like you would anything else that you're shopping for when you're looking at websites, when you're looking at Instagram, what speaks to you, what places resonate with you and just make you think I have to go there. Those are the places we recommend that you go to. It doesn't always have to be us. We don't have to be the first one on your list. We hope it is. But we think that you should look at it in that way so that you don't end up at a store that, you know just feels discouraging because it's not matching your style. Not everyone has the same style and bridal has completely changed over the last several years. And really anything goes. So if you're a funkier bride, if you're a traditional bride, whatever it may be anywhere in between. Look at it that way so that when you're entering those shops, you can really just sit back and enjoy it. Enjoy it. You should just put

Michael Gaddie  3:28  
on the one thing that you know, with me being a florist. The first thing I ask them is what style is your gown? What color is your gown? Yeah. And the past two years, I can honestly say you these gowns and styles are all over the place. I mean, from black to short, to long to full. I mean it's it's not what is the trend right now? 

Bethany Hogsett  3:54  
I mean really is the only answer this when she has a good answer for

Kristina Stubblefield  3:59  
it. All right, Haley, come on, give us the answer. Honestly

Haley Meuse  4:01  
a little bit of everything's in I've seen super high net Victorian, I've also seen super boho with fringe or super clean and classic and sexy. It's everything. And it's honestly great that everybody is just welcomed with open arms and any style and I just love to see all the creative creativity that everyone has, and it's different.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:25  
I'm gonna be honest with you. We are just a couple minutes in. I never have heard it said like Bethany said it, what you're drawn to. You know, I think for me, you just went to the stores that your friends went to or that you heard so and so got a dress from. I've never heard it put like that. But that makes sense. When we talk about photography, videography, wedding planners, like what's your fit, what are you drawn to so that that tip really stands out to me? Well,

Michael Gaddie  4:58  
so how to one Do you think? Or what should you tell abroad? How do they even start to look? How would they pick a Dorn over another competitor in Louisville? I mean, how I mean, I don't I wouldn't even know where to start like

Kristina Stubblefield  5:10  
the process like process. Mike, you talk a lot about Pinterest, like, show me your Pinterest board? I'm What process do you recommend before even people come into a store? Or find a store?

Unknown Speaker  5:23  
I love that question. Look, look at pictures, like that's so huge. And Pinterest probably is the biggest one Instagram, you know, being the other, but look at things and, you know, everybody's bodies are different. So sure, your body might not look exactly like that in a photo, but look at the things that, you know, if you have a Pinterest board, even if you feel like it's all over the place, we might take a look at that and be like, Oh, no, like,

Kristina Stubblefield  5:50  
you know where they're high, or what they're thinking,

Unknown Speaker  5:52  
you know, or at least at least somewhat, and then if it changes, once we put you in dresses, that's okay, you know, we think on the fly, it changes all the time, it's all good. That happens, I feel like it's one way or the other, you either end up really, really different than you thought or you kind of stay right on track. And if you're anywhere else in between, that's fine, too. You know, I think one thing that brides worry about is, you know, we see a lot of television that makes it look like dress shopping looks a certain way. And to be totally honest, it doesn't, it looks really, really, really different for every bride, and every party that comes in, and all of it is good. You can bawl your eyes out, when you find the one, you can look at us and say, Okay, let's do it, which I've had a bride. And all of it's fine, you don't have to have a certain experience to have your experience.

Michael Gaddie  6:43  
So when a bride comes in and talks to me, that's the person they show me as their Pinterest page, you know, with me, and I think it's a little different with you all. I mean, they're gonna show me pictures of flowers. And I know, okay, yes, I can do this, I'll show me two or three different pictures. And I'll just take all three of those and combine them together to make one. If they bring you a picture of a gown and say, I want this gown. How do you do that.

Unknown Speaker  7:07  
So we have six different designers in our location. Now our Nashville location, which is our original location has even more. So that'll continue to grow and change. But basically, we'll look at that dress. And it's either going to be something we have, or it's going to be something that I instantly think, Oh, it's this dress, that's what I need to put you in first. And honestly, you know, if we get through the whole appointment, and we realize we don't have the dress for you, it does happen. It happens at every store. There are times where we want to just really graciously say, I don't think I have it, I don't think I'm the best option for you. But here are the places I recommend that you go. Because at the end of the day, our most important thing is that you as a bride have an amazing experience and you find the dress that you love. The dress finds you. If it's with us, that's incredible. We want to be there from the moment you enter the shop to the minute you walk down the aisle.

Michael Gaddie  8:04  
So how often does it happen that they just come in and they try on the first dress and they fall in love with it.

Unknown Speaker  8:09  
85% of brides really fall in love with one rollers, three dresses.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:16  
So the next thing I was gonna say to you do you recommend people try on dresses until they just I think people are hesitant about trying on too many dresses. But it just sounds like you're talking about it's an experience. It's it's not a fitting, it's not it's an experience to try those on. Really try it on. Try them on until you find what you love what you know, is it?

Unknown Speaker  8:44  
Yes. And I think it's a yes and no on that. So try it on until something just jumps out at you. But there's a point where, at least for us, you know, if you come in and tell me you've been in in 50 Plus dresses, and you're not narrowed down, we're gonna go a little more therapist route on you, you know, we're gonna start asking more specific questions because you probably are more narrowed down the neath think. And once you've been in that many dresses, that's when it doesn't it's not fun for the bride, because now they're overwhelmed thinking I'm never gonna find a dress. And we hear that, you know, we we've heard that in our Nashville location. We've heard it in Louisville, and that's where we don't want you to get and if you're there, it's okay. But if you come to us and you've reached that point, we're going to sit down like we're gonna straight up sit down with you before we get in any dresses and be like talk to me

Kristina Stubblefield  9:42  
because that is the experience they are trying to send here. Right? You're trying to help guide them. Exactly. And that is what stands out right here is it is a little bit about what we talk about, about community over competition. It's about them having a great day. experience, more so than anything else.

Unknown Speaker  10:05  
As I said, for us, it's really about the experience as a whole whether you find a dress with us or not.

Michael Gaddie  10:13  
So when it comes to a bride coming into your store, can they just walk in off the street? Do they need to make an appointment? How does that work for you

Kristina Stubblefield  10:21  
all? Oh, wait. All right, Haley's gonna give us an answer this time. Come on, Haley.

Unknown Speaker  10:28  
So we are appointment only. Just because a couple of things, we do it a little bit differently. We will actually contact you and ask you questions about your style before you even come in. So we have dresses ready for you. So it's not an overwhelming experience of, hey, look at all this, and then figure it out kind of thing. We're here to guide you and help you. So we are appointment only?

Michael Gaddie  10:52  
Well, I think that's great, because that's what I wanted to hear. Because I think that's what sets you apart. Yes. Then any other Bridal Show

Kristina Stubblefield  10:59  
was just getting ready say are all bridal shops appointment only? No,

Unknown Speaker  11:02  

Kristina Stubblefield  11:02  
no. Okay. I didn't know. And just by looking at my website, my answer that like

Michael Gaddie  11:10  
just by looking at your website, I can tell you give that personal touch. Yes. And makes the bride comfortable. And you were talking earlier about having a sitting down with them and doing a conversation with them to get them back to normal with not getting overwhelmed with what directed us. I mean, I think that is a more of a shop that makes them more comfortable, where they're not rushed into. And you know, here's this dress, here's this dress, how do you know find out what dress you like or don't like? The question that you asked before, I think that's perfect.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:43  
And I think that ties into what she's saying about the experience. It is. It sounds like to me, it's more than just 30 minutes or an hour when you talk about an experience. I'm assuming that is for people to come with you to be able to give their feedback, but also take part in that experience with you.

Unknown Speaker  12:02  
Exactly. And we tell your party that you know, we're will never say oh, don't touch the dresses, don't look through the dresses, you know, it's the opposite. We're like come in and act like it's your home. Because I did it again. But, you know, we'll tell your party like hey, you get the fun job, sit on our comfy couches and chairs and have a good time, have champagne, have water, whatever you want. And give your opinion to your girl like, you know, you're here to support her. She's chosen you to be here with her. And we're basically there to let everybody have a really, really good time. And we'll do the hard work. So

Michael Gaddie  12:41  
I feel like when it comes to okay, I've got engaged. That's usually the first thing that bride thinks about, you know, even though it should be hate to say it should be where the venue is going to be and picking a date. But I swear they're out there for that dress. So how far in advance? Good question Should a bride come to see you?

Unknown Speaker  13:04  
Yeah, so ideal time for what we do because we're special order is nine to 12 months before your wedding. And we say that because most of our dresses are a minimum of four to six months to actually like order to your specifications and come in. We specialize in customization. So we do that through our designers. We do it through the local seamstresses that we trust and we work with that we vetted, you know, before we were even open. And all of that takes time. So the biggest favor you can do yourself is give yourself the time so that we don't need to limit you because we are yes, women, I want to tell you yes to everything you want. But if we don't have as much time, we can't always do that we will do everything we can. But we can't always do it. When we have less time

Kristina Stubblefield  13:50  
with logistics and shipping. There's been delays due to many reasons. You having a little bit of extra time makes for less stress when you're talking about a wedding. And I

Unknown Speaker  14:02  
love that you said that because that's what we're all about. You know, I've said it like we want you to relax, we want you to have fun. And part of that is like when you do find the dress. And you've said yes and you've done all of that, like everything after that point is on us. And when you are in that crunch time when you're under six months, even though we give you that like reassurance for me, like I'm a stressor, you know, like I would walk away and be like, but is it gonna come you know and like it's on us, we will make sure it happens but I don't want you to spend six months before your wedding stressed out if your dress is actually going to get there. So if you give us the nine to 12 months, then when you walk away You Can you know go down the street to me squared and like have a cocktail and start that like nine months of just enjoying yourself.

Michael Gaddie  14:47  
Well I'll be honest with you before we started this podcast over a year ago, I thought honestly being a guy you could go into any bridal shop and you know I'm gonna try this on okay, I'm a walkout pride honestly but a multivitamin walk out the door with it. It's not that way.

Unknown Speaker  15:03  
It does exist. It's just not that way for us.

Michael Gaddie  15:06  
But I mean, that's a different level of dress that you've got. And I think, you know, it's taken by detail, right. And I think I want to come down to your shop, to your open house. But I'm going

Kristina Stubblefield  15:18  
to Well, what you just said, though, goes back to what you said at the beginning of the episode, finding your styles, and finding places that you are drawn to also what you just mentioned, if you know, you're outside the special order window, that right there helps narrow down what shops are going to work for you, you have to be realistic. And if not, you are going to be stressed. And I think if people took the time to make those phone calls, and ask those questions like Haley mentioned having a conversation before they even come in, we're back to a complete experience. So if you're listening to this, and you are in a certain window of time, reach out to shops, because we have people listen to us all over if you're not in the Louisville, Kentucky or surrounding areas, reach out and see if they are a special order, or custom dress shop. Or if you can go in like Mike said, and be able to buy off the rack, there are times people have to move their dates, or they don't have as long to plan and you will save yourself. And also the dress shops time by being upfront honest and asking those questions.

Unknown Speaker  16:37  
Absolutely. And when in doubt, call us. You know, I, I won't speak for every store on most things. But on this I will like if you have a question we want to answer. We want to be helpful to you. You know, like that's what we come to work every day to do is to make your bridal experience. Great. So if you have a question or you're unsure, call the store. Like for us, we even have texting, if you go to our website, you can text us and it really is us on the other end answering the questions. So whatever is conducive to your life, you know, ask your shops because we want to help you.

Michael Gaddie  17:12  
So let me ask you this If a and I'd hate to pull this out, but say A plus size girl comes in and says, you know, are there certain size samples that you carry? That maybe if I'm at 20 or 20 2am I gonna be able to come in and Toronto dress in your store?

Unknown Speaker  17:29  
Yeah, that's a great question. So are average samples in store to try on because everything that we have is what we refer to as a sample. So it's the ones you try on and then we're gonna measure you and order it to your specifications in your size. Ours average from a bridal 10 to 14. Bridal sizing is not the same as regular sizing. So

Kristina Stubblefield  17:50  
I'm so glad that you just mentioned it because I don't think a lot of people realize that.

Unknown Speaker  17:54  
Yeah, it's it's not at all and I don't know who decided that once upon a time because it doesn't make any of us feel good. But it doesn't line up with anything. As we know women's sizing doesn't make any sense to begin with. But, um, but yeah, so bridal 10 to 14 bridal is typically about two to three sizes higher than your regular size. So let's say you average a size six, in like most of what you wear your pants, your dresses, things like that, you're probably going to be around a bridal 10 No, of course we measure you and make sure of those things. But I say that so that you know when I say we're between a bridal 10 to 14, that's a little bit smaller than what it sounds, it doesn't mean that if you're you know a size higher than that, that we can't or won't help you, we encourage you to come to us. But often what we'll do is we're going to talk to you on the phone just like Haley mentioned when we're you know, getting an idea of everything about you as far as your bridal journey, I may recommend before you know if you're coming to us and it's your very first time, we may recommend that you go to a shop that has all bridal sizing. Just it may not even be dresses that are your exact style. But before you get into ones that are one size, and this happens, no matter what size you are, you know, if you're like a size zero to a size 30 You know, they all look different on everyone's bodies. So we may recommend that you go to a shop like David's Bridal that has sizing for everyone, mainly so that you can see the way a dress should fit your body when it's the right size for you. So that when you're getting into dresses that are one size, it helps with that visualization because we do all kinds of tricks behind the scenes to make that dress you know be on your body and and look as much like it will the day of but one size dress is just never gonna look the same on every size body right? So that's usually our recommendation and will tell you that will call you and say like, Hey, I'm confirming your appointment. Here's my recommendation so that you can come and have the absolute best experience with us.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:59  
You know, and there's a lot to what she just said, there, there's a lot because I'll say about when Josh and I got married, when she was talking about styles, until you can look at all these pictures and like these different styles and think this is gonna look better on you than this, or there's no way I would do sleeveless. And that is exactly what I said, Oh, I will not, I'm not gonna do sleepless, what did I end up with?

Unknown Speaker  20:24  
I was gonna say you got a sleeveless dress.

Kristina Stubblefield  20:28  
But I never would have thought I honestly, if if a person that was with me, I would give credit where credit's due. But I really don't remember who was said, I really think you should try this on. And I was like, What color is that? It don't have straps. But until I put it on, I really, honestly got to walk out of the store with that dress. It's just the way the chips fell. It's not at all what I had planned. It normally does not happen like that, because I've heard many other experiences. But had I not tried that on? There's no way I would have picked that off a rack for myself or somebody if you would have held that up, I'd been like, no. But it goes into what you're saying. You can like things in pictures. But until you put that on your own body, right? In a size that's close to what you were to see how you feel in it. I think a lot of times people don't realize how important that is to try on different styles. Because you may surprise yourself, I did.

Unknown Speaker  21:40  
And it does happen a lot. And that's where you know, at the very beginning, we said, a huge tip is to come in with an open mind no matter where you're going. Because our goal is not to like get you in the exact opposite of what you wanted, our goal is for you to feel like the absolute most beautiful version of you, the bride that you are and that's different for everybody. So, you know, if I had styled you and I looked at you and was like, I got to put you in a strapless I would just say that to you. Like I just have a feeling you need to see this and that's why you're the professional I did on and you hate it, it's fine, we'll take it off.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:16  
But you do this all the time. And it goes back to the wedding professionals. If you trust in them as even with trying on dresses, you see all of this aware others that are coming in to do business with you this their first time they may not have had an experience like this. And gosh, the wedding professionals they're really good at what they do. But you also do it 24/7 And can give you that expertise

Michael Gaddie  22:46  
and that's why I think too I mean I feel like I've got a product you all have a product if they're going to like me and they're going to like you we've sold the product no matter what we come up with them but if you sit down and give them a personal one on one saying youth I think you look better than this or this I think they you know respect that and I feel like as salespeople because both of us are when they get up and leave the table or leave they you want them to come back in help them with another project later down you know brother or sister or their whatever

Unknown Speaker  23:23  
exactly, you know and we know especially in this area, you know so much as word of mouth like you do here like my sister in law went to Dorne and she had the best you know, she had the best time ever and that's where we you know, in the beginning we said like you don't necessarily have to just go to the places that you're like well everybody I know went there because if it really doesn't speak to you I at least wouldn't make it the first shot. But maybe it's not on your list. But there is something to be said for you know the people that you love and trust if they're like no trust me like you've got to that might mean something.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:55  
Okay, so I know we've talked about dresses and this has been mean we could talk so long about this. But also there's other components to this veils shoes is that something that you work with people in regards to

Unknown Speaker  24:13  
like accessories as a whole

Kristina Stubblefield  24:15  
Thank you there's a whole accessories as

Unknown Speaker  24:21  
oh yeah hey, oh my gosh accessories love specially veils. We have a little bit of everything anything so if you need certain gloves made you can get certain gloves, whatever your little heart desires. Just tell me and let's see if we can make it so jewelry also jewelry, yes, earrings, necklaces, hair broaches, anything.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:45  
It's important because that all goes together with a look. Right? I'll go back to given myself as an example. This person wanted me to put on I don't know the technical term but Mike they're going to know it. A thing around your waist

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
There's a bell or a sash. There we go.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:04  
That was like, No, until you saw put it on. And I ended up with it. And I was like, it just changed it.

Unknown Speaker  25:13  
It just changed it. It just took it up a notch just a little bit.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:17  
It was shocking. So do you recommend when people are when brides are finalizing their dress? You recommend they do their veil shoes? Because it's kind of it's all one staple piece, right? It's all one look.

Unknown Speaker  25:34  
I wouldn't worry too much about shoes until like alterations and stuff like that. But like vales, or for doing head pieces or for doing earrings? Yes, you. You want to try it all on so you can see the whole vision. There you

Kristina Stubblefield  25:48  
go. Mike. See there's no word I was looking at.

Unknown Speaker  25:51  
Vision. Yes. And if see if those certain components go together or not. If this is your style, if this is you, let's let's find out. Let's try these things out.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:01  
Okay, she has a hidden tip in there. Did you catch that? About the shoes, I didn't even realize that until don't worry about fitting alterations until alterations. Wow. We can all kind of now

Unknown Speaker  26:14  
if you already have beautiful shoes that you already picked out. Gorgeous. I'd love to see them. I love shoes, but they

Michael Gaddie  26:21  
bring with them you can

Unknown Speaker  26:24  
but I won't tell you to put them on because the dresses are super long. And it's a lot easier for you to walk around barefoot entrusting get you in and out of that

Kristina Stubblefield  26:34  
vision. That's the word that I was going for and all the accessories. That's a big part of it.

Michael Gaddie  26:41  
I mean, it's almost like a one stop shop when it comes. That's what people say to me. Because we do suits. We do flowers and we do suits. We don't do dresses or anything like that. But you're covering multiple things that they can take care of before they walk out of your shop.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:59  
Yes, that all goes into one vision. That's what I was. Because I was thinking about when you're taking your dress. And I know a lot of times people are like veil or no veil. You see a lot of that on social media, headpiece, veil, nothing. And so I was just curious if people a lot of times try to do all of that which it sounds like they should since that's part of the vision. Yes.

Michael Gaddie  27:21  
So let's talk about color. I mean, we do a lot of weddings. And I'm I want to say 99% of the time. Our dresses are ivory, and not white. is white. Kind of disappearing. I don't see that's what I

Unknown Speaker  27:39  
found out. Um, so in modern photography, she turns either a little silver a little blue, and she's not really white anymore. So ivory, kind of save the day and you still get so that's why

Michael Gaddie  27:52  
I hear a lot of color such as diamond white. I don't hear the word ivory either. I hear like I feel like I hear champagne champagne. Dufty gold. I mean, I hear all kinds of he's in

Kristina Stubblefield  28:06  
his element. Can you tell?

Unknown Speaker  28:08  
I know I love it. I was like Dufty gold. Romance me with that. Dress. No, but think of it like paint colors. You know, like you look at them, and they're really similar, but some of them you're like what in the world who named that? It's kind of like that. Most of our dresses. They're called ivory. Some of them are called off white. And then some designers you know have less traditional options. They have sand they have new they have champagne, like you mentioned. And one of our designers offers red or black. So and we actually I tell you like at least here in Louisville that is the color we asked about more than anything else is black wedding dresses. So for those of you who are wondering, we do have one designer that we carry that will make we carry them in store in her ivory shades but she does make them in a beautiful black. So

Michael Gaddie  29:07  
well last year and 21 I mean I had a broad wear pink. I had to wear broad wear black and also red. So I mean, you're right on target with that. I mean, you don't see that too often. One of my favorites though, was the pink. I mean that baby pink. I mean it was just a really pale I've seen picture of that. And it was it was beautiful.

Unknown Speaker  29:31  
There's a there's a new designer in our Nashville store. Szanto Lauren, they actually have a trunk show this coming weekend, but she has a specific dress that is hand painted, and they will make it in any color you want. Yeah, and it's stunning. We I saw it in person in New York and I was like, Can we

Kristina Stubblefield  29:49  
get a picture of that to post out on social media? That way we'll have it in the show notes. So

Michael Gaddie  29:53  
you just said trunk show I know a little bit about trunk shows. Like I told you. My best friend owns a bridal shop too. So tell him about a trunk show. Do you all have trunk shows?

Unknown Speaker  30:03  
We have so many.

Michael Gaddie  30:05  
So tell us about that. Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:08  
So what is a trunk show for wedding dresses?

Unknown Speaker  30:11  
Yeah. So for us, I'm sure it's a little bit different depending on the shop. But for us, it means that we have one of the designers that we either carry, or maybe something that we're considering picking up, or you know, having long term in the store, because some designers will offer that option as well. But right now, what we've had so far is designers that we carry, they'll send what they call a trunk show, typically for a weekend, some will do a week or up to two, if it's accessories, things like that. But they're basically going to send us all the things. So in most bridal shops, we carry a designer, but we have a certain number of dresses that we've chosen. So it's dresses that you know, we think for our brides, those are going to be the ones that you know, speak the most to you and that you're going to love. But a trunk show, we're going to get all of them. So this past weekend, we had Pronovias, which is one of our top designers that we carry. And they actually sent us both of their 2022 collections. So I have 12 to 18 of those at any given time in the shop. And we had an additional over 20 dresses this past weekend. So it just opens up the world to you know, our brides who, you know, we even called some who already had a favorite from that designer. And we had one bride come in and basically we put her in her favorite and then we put her in the one dress that we were like if anything, we'll beat her. It's her sister, this new gal right here. And that's her dress. So you know, like, I know we all we call them gals. Yeah,

Michael Gaddie  31:43  
she White is out.

Unknown Speaker  31:45  
Right? Right, exactly. She failed. But you know, and then this coming weekend, we have read of an IR s as a trunk show. So we already carry her line a lien. But she has another line that's more of her couture line called rivini that we don't yet carry in Louisville, we do have it in our national location. But we're getting that trunk show too. So that it's basically something that will only be here this weekend. And our brides can basically you know, essentially we're seeing like how much do you love it? Like is it something you know?

Michael Gaddie  32:15  
Cuz if they love it, you know, you're probably carry it. Right.

Kristina Stubblefield  32:18  
So how do they find out about upcoming trunk shows? Do you post it on social media or your website? Both?

Unknown Speaker  32:24  
Yes. So well, I'll talk about it on our social media. We run our social medias separately through national level so that they can be more specified to each location. And then our website will do the same. So you can see all of our events just started our main adorn Louisville page.

Kristina Stubblefield  32:41  
Wow, I had no idea. That's what a trunk show was. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  32:44  
Well, I mean, fine, cuz sometimes it's like veils and things, too. If they make it. It's not just dresses,

Kristina Stubblefield  32:49  
the accessories. Okay. I'm glad you asked about that. Because I'm sure people see that and have no idea whatever.

Michael Gaddie  32:58  
bridal gown I mean, I know our good friends. They do it for prom dresses. And they do it as a weekend. And they are slammed. Yeah, I mean slammed with that trunk Star show.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:11  
Oh, okay, so we've covered a lot. Is there anything that you would like to share with our audience that we haven't talked about yet that you think is an important tip or information in regards to wedding dresses, accessories, anything like that? Putting you on the spot now?

Unknown Speaker  33:31  
We did cover a lot I

Kristina Stubblefield  33:36  
and I think

Unknown Speaker  33:37  
the only thing we didn't mention that, you know, if you come into the store, you'll you'll probably hear us say this is fall in love with the base. And this is for us specifically. So like I said, we specialize in customization through our designers through our seamstresses. And basically, if you can dream it up, we will figure out a way to make it happen. That's kind of what we tell you. That's why I say we're yes women. So fall in love with your base, and then anything you tell us you want. If we can figure out a way to make it happen, we will make it happen.

Michael Gaddie  34:11  
Okay, so that leads me to a question. So you bring me three dresses out. I love the sleeves on this one. I love the bodice on this one. I love the bottom on this.

Kristina Stubblefield  34:22  
Now listen to him thrown out those fancy.

Michael Gaddie  34:24  
So I mean, are you said if you listen, you'll do what I want. So are you going to take those three gowns and make them one? Not saying

Unknown Speaker  34:31  
yes and no, it may not technically I may not technically do that does happen. I may not technically do it, but especially like if you have a dress that's the same designer and you're like I love the top of that but i like i like the fit of this dress and I like the top of this one. And they're the same designer. I will literally pick up my phone and text or call them up at something. Well you just make this top in this bottom. And I didn't even know that was an option.

Michael Gaddie  34:56  
I didn't either. I just did it this past weekend.

Kristina Stubblefield  35:00  
I love her answers I'm going to start using yes and no. She's done that a few times that I'm like, Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  35:09  
Yeah, no. I'm like, technically maybe no. But essentially, yes. Right. Right, you can cry, right? And for instance, you know, let's say that it's a scenario, like you said, where it's like, I love the top of this, I love the bottom of this, you know, but I, but overall, I like this sleeve, that is going to look different depending on the bride and what dresses and what designers we're speaking to. But each of our designers that we carry, I can send them an email, call, whatever, and say, Hey, tell me every piece of this dress, how it comes pricing all of that. We have a bride right now who fell in love with a dress from one designer, but she wanted one particular layer of glitter from a different designer. So we are ordering that separately, and we will add it into her dress and alterations. So that's why I say yes and no, like, it may not be as simple as what it sounds. But if there's a will they do exactly.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:10  
Yeah. Well, and the thing about what I hear her saying is what she has said, share with me your vision, share with us what you're really wanting and talk to us and just tell us and then we can see what we come up with.

Michael Gaddie  36:23  
I've got one more question. So are you going to use fancy terms in this question? Well, maybe okay. But I've been in this business since the early or late 80s. I have seen so many dress trends.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:38  
What do you want to go through some of those

Michael Gaddie  36:41  
sleeves? Long Sleeve? Back in case? That's what that's what my question was gonna be like, what do you see the trend and dresses coming up in the next few years?

Unknown Speaker  36:51  
Honestly, it's exactly what Haley said earlier. It's like no holds barred like anything goes. Um, I will say one trend that has definitely come back is just like super classic clean. I think we went like very, not over the top. But like very glitz, very glam there for a while. And now we've kind of pulled back. And we saw that happening, you know, just in the last one to two years. And I think it's honestly just where people are in life as a whole. Like, we've all kind of taken that moment of like, what's really, really important to me, like, do I want a 300 person wedding? Or do I want a 30 person wedding. And we're seeing a lot more of that. And I think it's happening with dresses, too is brides are figuring out, like, whatever makes me feel the most beautiful and whatever I feel like I shine the most in is what I'm gonna wear on my wedding day. And that's what we encourage, you know, if you think you're going to end up in an Oliver sparkle dress, and you put it on and we can tell that you're just like not that into it. We will just call it out and be like, Hey, we think maybe we should try something different. You know, and it's not because it doesn't look good. It probably looks fantastic. But you can just read. No, I can tell it's not you. She can tell it's not you. We're going to switch it up. We're going through a wildcard in a way the opposite of what you thought.

Michael Gaddie  38:09  
Like I said, I've said this a few times, our friend owns a bridal shop and we went to Chicago with them last fall to they bought their whole lot of gowns and stuff. But this one drifted out in front of me stood out out of all of them. It looked like a pantsuit. Yeah, this big. I mean, this wrap that went around her waist, and it flared out. I know eight feet. That stuck in my mind more than anything and it really wasn't glamorous. It wasn't like it was glamorous, but it what I loved it okay, it wasn't sparkly. It was just sleek, like Lake and smooth. I mean, it was and then she took that off. I mean, you know, she took that piece off,

Unknown Speaker  38:51  
right? She had to probably what stood out the most about that was because it was so different. Exactly.

Kristina Stubblefield  38:59  
And to feel like we're hearing people say they're wanting to go with their own unique style. They're not wanting to wear dresses like they've seen and things like that it ties into what you said, they're wanting to what's important to them, what do they want to wear and be most comfortable in?

Unknown Speaker  39:17  
Right? You know, it's about you and whoever you're marrying. So you know, it's about what is your wedding day look like for the two of you? What's important to you, what makes you feel the most beautiful, what makes you feel like yourself getting married, you know, that's one two is if you think it might be a certain thing, and then it's not. But that's the one that feels more like you. We're gonna encourage you to follow that gut, you know,

Michael Gaddie  39:42  
well, I envy all the brides out there that are looking for bright dresses because you know, yeah, they can come to me and show me this is what I want but show coming up to Urals place and heck, when I walk into a place and there's 300 dresses there and they're all ivory, I'm thinking okay, oh Whatever. But I mean so

Kristina Stubblefield  40:01  
I you lean on professionals to share your vision to help make that that can be overwhelming. Yeah, very overwhelming. Yeah we're great. This is awesome. Thank you so much for coming into record with us for just will you share with everyone where adorn is located especially if they're listening local in the Louisville Kentucky area where you're located just a little bit about your shop. I know that Louisville is new, but your Nashville store has been there will you share with everybody absolutely

Unknown Speaker  40:30  
so adore Nashville has been in downtown Nashville for about three years. We are a small business we're owned by we're all women women owned we are owned by a husband and wife team Jenny, is that the head and then as a whole including our ownership. We are an eight person team between two stores. So we're small but mighty. Louisville is brand new, we've been open for about two months. We have been at the beginning of January. You can find us at adorn Nashville or adorn Louisville on Instagram, depending on you know where you're located, who you might want to see Haley and I will be behind the scenes of during Louisville. And then our website is adorn bridal calm that'll take you to our whole website. If you want to go to Louisville specifically, it's adorn But you can get there either way.

Kristina Stubblefield  41:23  
We'll have links in the show notes. Bethany and Haley. Thank you so much for taking time. I think you have provided a wealth of knowledge and tips in regards to wedding dresses and accessories.

Bethany Hogsett  41:39  
Haley's favorite?

Kristina Stubblefield  41:41  
Yes. So even though Sharon couldn't be here, Mike, it has been it's been great. Thank you. So much, very informative. And I hope we can continue this conversation down the road. Talk about other trends, what's going on in the bridal gown, industry and accessory. So everybody, check out the links in the show notes. Make sure to follow him on social media. As always, if you like what you heard, you can go on your favorite podcast platform, Mike, you're going to do the honors. And write us a glowing five star review. Citizen message on social media or on our website. We would love to hear your feedback about this episode. Again. Thank you all so much.

Bethany Hogsett  42:25  
Thank you all so much. It was so fun.

Kristina Stubblefield  42:33  
Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Rin g The Bling And All The Things. If you liked what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe or follow button on your favorite podcast platform to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, where you can join our email list and get notifications about new episodes and other information. You can also follow us on your favorite social media platforms.

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