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Nov. 22, 2021

The Social Outage of 2021

The Social Outage of 2021

In this episode Kristina is talking about the recent Facebook and Instagram blackout of 2021. What if the social media platforms we use the most to market our businesses went away? How would we reach our potential clients? Tune in to this episode to hear more on this subject and how having a back-up plan and pivoting quickly to other digital marketing avenues will help us maintain without skipping a beat.

Are all your marketing eggs in one social media basket? Tune in to this episode to hear Kristina talk about having a back-up plan should your most used social platform go down temporarily or permanently.

Text message marketing, email marketing, blogging, your website! These are all digital marketing avenues to be considered when the social channels aren’t available to market your wedding related business. You’ll want to make sure these and other digital resources are available to you as a means for marketing your business should the social channels fail to function properly or go away completely!

Ensure your business stays up and running and your marketing efforts aren’t hindered by listening to this informative podcast about having a back-up plan and pivoting should there be another social media black-out.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND that having a back-up plan for your digital marketing efforts should social channels fail temporarily or permanently will keep you ahead of the game and your competition.

What other digital marketing efforts do you utilize beyond social media? Tell us about them and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings

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Are all your marketing eggs in the social media basket? The recent Facebook and Instagram blackout of 2021 got me thinking, what if the social media platforms we use the most to market our businesses went away? How would we reach our potential clients? Tune in to this episode to hear more on this subject, and how having a backup plan and pivoting quickly to other digital marketing avenues will help you maintain without skipping a beat.

Welcome to Marketing Monday, on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast, my name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist, and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized, digestible marketing solutions, and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

So a hot topic recently was when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down, all of a sudden, no warning, just you want to get in there. And it's as if time stood still. And after talking to a few businesses, I guess I was kind of surprised at how they felt. They literally said to me that they felt cut off from their clients, that they had some plans to post out about dates that were available. And it's as if they were completely flipped upside down. And it didn't immediately come to them about their other options. And this really got me thinking how many people are putting all their eggs in the social media basket? I think there may be a lot more out there that are willing to admit it. And that's why I wanted to do this episode to just cover this topic. So it can start the wheels turning in your head about what if a social media platform that you use, and maybe you only use one, maybe you use two or three of them? What if they went down, technology's great when it works. And outages are not completely uncommon. Sometimes they're not six hours long. But in the digital age we live in, we have to be realistic. And say and think to ourselves, there could be a time where this was down, or this didn't work for a day, a few days, a few hours. And you really need to have a backup plan. Especially if all your eggs are in the social media basket. But what I would encourage people to do is not have all their eggs in the social media basket. I really like that phrase in case you can't tell. I think I've already mentioned it a few times in this episode. But it comes up a lot when I'm working with coaching clients or clients that I provide marketing services to how fixated they become on one marketing tactic, or one marketing Avenue. And with this outage, it really brought me back around to want to share with people this is why it's so important to use different pieces of the marketing puzzle. This is just one of the reasons. Because if that piece of technology was gone for a short period of time, a few days or possibly indefinitely, could you be leave left scrambling on what you already had scheduled to be posted on social media if that's where it was. Would you feel like dead in the water? Did you feel completely disconnected from your current clients or from your potential clients? If you use social media platforms, only to market your business or to keep the word out about your business however you want to frame it. Or you use just Facebook Messenger or just WhatsApp to communicate with your clients.

This is a time where you really need to think about what is my process? What is my plan if this did not work for however long. What do I go to And then make sure your clients especially that you already have booked in your business, make sure they know. Okay, well, I'm used to communicating through Facebook Messenger, if that's not an option, I'm going to be receiving an email, I'm going to be getting a text message. Do you even make your business number? If it does texting? Do you even make that available to your clients, or his cell phone, I should say, because some people don't make their cell phone. That's a whole nother topic. Giving out your cell phone number, you know, that's may not be what fits in your business. But my point to that is, if you feel cut off from your current clients, how do your clients feel they probably feel the same way. Or they don't know where to turn, if that was your form of communication. Now, there's a lot of other things to think through on this. Not only just communicating, but what social media posts did you have planned? So the outage that recently happened, you know, what messaging did you have going out, does that need to be take taken and move to another social media platform. So let me give you a for instance, some of our own stuff we had planned to go out on Facebook and Instagram, and I believe one of those posts, we moved and put on Twitter, I believe, we don't use Twitter that often. But I'm just giving you a scenario. So if you had something that is time sensitive, urgent, or it just keeps your business going, maybe you post a regular specials, or you post something every day that goes on in your business. Moving that content to another platform. If you use multiple social media platforms at for your marketing, then may have not been such a big deal because people were already used to you being on LinkedIn or Pinterest. Tik Tok, wherever it is that you spend your time. But if you only used Facebook and Instagram, or you currently only use Facebook and Instagram, at that time period during the outage, you had no social media platform to utilize to market your business. And for those that I've had a few more in depth conversation. It's almost like they felt like, oh my gosh, what do I do? What now what I mean, what's my other options? It was almost as if they didn't think there were any options I and I hate to say it like that. But when you become so dependent, maybe there's the key word, when you become so dependent on one particular Avenue, and your whole entire business runs on it gets leads from it, so forth and so on. That can be very, that can be very scary. In, let's all admit, we definitely do not like change, let's not even act like we do. You know, change is a difficult thing. But there can also be some really great things about change. Um, I utilize Facebook and Instagram more so than any other platforms. And I'm sure there's other people out there that do as well. But this really made me think, Hmm, and this is nothing against Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp. every social media platform you can argue back and forth about, there's benefits to it. And there's downsides to it. It's how you utilize it. And for me, and my opinions, small businesses, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are amazing avenues when used correctly, to not only market your business, but to keep your name out there to connect with others that could potentially take a 1000s of dollars to do so if you want to use the word traditional marketing is what I'm saying. So what do I want you to take away from this episode? Because I always tried to do that.

Well, I want you to take the time to think about what is still there. If all the social media platforms had an outage tomorrow and I hope goodness they don't. But it's technology. It is ran on technology. If that was all gone tomorrow, no matter for how long What are staples in your business that you could turn to. And I'm not saying that you have to utilize these right now. But it just wants you to have a mental note that this, this is what I could turn to, there are still options. But I also want to take this a step further, because I'm pointing out how important it is to not have all your eggs in one marketing basket. Or if you want to break it down in one social media basket, because of what just happened recently with the outage. So first of all, email, email marketing is not dead, no matter what anyone says. Email marketing is not dead. And let me tell you your first sign to that. One of the number one things, number one tools, number one tips that I hear a so often out there to engaged couples, is make sure you create an email just for your wedding, because you're going to be getting a lot of emails, and you're going to be doing a lot of communication through email. That I just changed my voice there. I think I did. PS side note, it's not really a PS, I guess we're not at the end of this. But there's no one else in here. So I'm guessing I'm talking to myself for this microphone. I made it sound like I was referring to someone. I think I did just change my voice there. But I hear that time and time and time again, not just at wedding shows. I hear that happen a lot in meetings, first encounters, things like that. So a lot of people are out there telling engaged couples to create an email address as specifically for their wedding. So email is not dead. Email marketing is not dead. Now. It has it changed. Absolutely. And is someone going to open an email and read three or four paragraphs probably not. But if it has some pictures, and if it includes a video, I think you would be surprised to look at the conversion rates. That's a whole nother topic to get into with email marketing. But most everyone, I'm not gonna throw around percentages of an email. I would hope to goodness that when you're doing a contract or bringing on a new client, or talking to a lead that you get their email address, that takes me into the second part of this, I'm assuming you're probably going to ask for their cell phone number. And that can open up an opportunity for text message marketing. Now, I'm not going to dive too deep in this. But text message marketing is an opportunity, especially with the younger generations that don't use email as much that you can stay connected with current clients quickly. Because there are programs out there that you can send mass text messages, you know, if your number one line of communication was down, you could notify your clients within just you know, five or 10 minutes of using a program and send them a mass text message. And it's super affordable, super affordable. So text messaging is always an option. Lastly, for what I'm going to just talk about today, because I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Your website, your website could be your number one line of communication. First of all, you should have access to your website. Or make sure you have a very strong relationship with whoever has access to your website. I'm still going to argue the point that as the business owner, or manager, you should have access to the website to update it whenever you need to. If it's three in the morning, 9am noon, whatever. You're not waiting for someone to make changes. With that being said your website could be your number one communication source, you could immediately put up

due to the outage. I'm not going to be using messenger for communication. If you have any questions, please email me here. Boom done within a couple minutes. But you can take it a step further. Maybe you have a blog on your website. Maybe you want to record a video to let everybody know Hey, with the outage. We are going to be posting some of our stuff on Pinterest for the next couple days. You can use it as a communication tool, not just her an outage. But this brings it to the surface. Now, can you have outages with your website, of course, you can. Hopefully you don't have that very often, if it is what a good hosting company shouldn't have that, again, it's technology, I'm not going to say it cannot happen. Because with the word technology, it can. But your website is one of your number one marketing tools for your business. And I'm not going to get into statistics on that. But no matter where someone find you, a lot of times they end up on your website. Most of the time before they even call you to schedule a consultation or to talk to you about a date. They've done their research, they've you looked you up in one of those avenues is your website. So that is a great place, that you can keep clients or potential clients up to date with how to communicate with you what's going on in your business dates that you have available, your website, and I've done other episodes that you can go back and listen to in regards to the most important things on your website. Today's episode was really just a talk about avenues that you can turn to if your main line of communication or marketing is social media platforms. And potentially it only being one or two, which were affected by an outage recently. And I just sometimes it's just talking about the stuff that can make you say, You know what, I really do need to just think about that for a couple minutes for a few minutes. Or put that on my list of things in my business that if my main channels of communication are gone temporarily or permanently, you know, what, where would I turn, it doesn't need more of a discussion, especially if you're busy in your business. But I didn't want to go without discussing this. Because that outage I mean, impacted a lot of businesses, not only did it impact people that were having withdrawals from social media, but that is for another podcast or another day. But in all honesty, small businesses are really dependent upon keeping the word out about their business on a consistent basis. So when you go hours without having that form of communication at your fingertips, it can be stressful, it can impact your business. And that's why I just wanted to record a short episode to say there are other avenues for you to turn, I encourage you to think about it before it happens. And because it recently happened, I thought it was worth recording a short episode, just so we can all think about ways to maneuver through something like that when it happens again, because in my opinion, it's not if it happens again, it's when there's a lot that goes into the technology behind these social media platforms. And I won't bore you with my love of the IT world because then you really wouldn't listen. But there is a lot that goes into making these platforms work. And as I said, In the beginning, outages aren't uncommon, sometimes they don't affect everyone, sometimes they don't last but a couple minutes.

But there is the chance that it can last longer than that. And it can be more impactful on your business. So just think it through and have a plan doesn't have to be very detailed, but at least you've already thought about it and you're not scrambling when the time happens. I hope that you found this beneficial. And that I'd love your feedback. If you you did something different because this outage happens. Go to the website and either record a quick message or you can fill out the contact form. I would love to hear from you. Make sure you connect with me on social media. I've got some cool stuff coming down the road. And I love to continue to bring you tips and information. Follow me on social media because sometimes I do quick lives or things that aren't necessarily recorded on podcast episodes. You can find me on most social media platforms. Until next time, everyone take care.

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