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July 19, 2021

The Power of YouTube

The Power of YouTube

BEHOLD the power of YouTube! In this episode, Kristina is continuing the talk about video marketing and why setting up a YouTube Channel for your business and posting to it will increase engagement, social followers, leads and sales!

YouTube has 2.3 BILLION monthly users and is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google! Are you utilizing it to promote your business? Tune in to this episode to hear the importance of setting up a channel and sharing videos to it to elevate your business’ social presence and engagement.

62% of businesses utilize YouTube as a channel for posting videos. If you’re not taking advantage of all it has to offer, you are missing out on the billions of consumers who use it! Kristina shares some more impressive statistics in this episode that will help you jump in on the video and YouTube movement!

Did you know that 62% of video watch time occurs on mobile devices? How does your company stack up with that statistic? If you're not, you are missing the boat on the 1 BILLION... yes I said Billion... hours of video consumed every single day! Tune in to this episode to hear about the importance of setting up a YouTube channel and how to utilize it to increase followers, leads and sales for your business.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND the power of YouTube and how utilizing it will make a difference in your following, your engagement on social channels and increase your leads and sales.

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YouTube is the largest search engine behind Google. Are you utilizing it in your business marketing efforts? If you're not, you're missing the boat on 1 billion. Yes, I said billion hours of video consumed every single day. Tune in to this episode to hear about the importance of setting up a YouTube channel, and how to utilize it to increase followers, leads, and sales for your business. 

Welcome to Marketing Monday on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist, and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized digestible marketing solutions, an information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive into this episode. 

As I mentioned before, video marketing is so important that I wanted to hit on the multiple platforms that video could be used on. And first and foremost, YouTube, people tend to forget it's the second largest search engine behind Google. And in order to take advantage, or even tap into YouTube, it has to be in video format. So I want to start off by sharing with you why video is so important. And yes, I'm going to dive into some numbers, but it's just a few of them. First of all, YouTube has over 2.3 billion users monthly logged in. And that number is increasing at a rapid pace. YouTube is the preferred digital video platform for 90% of people in the United States. More than 1 billion hours of video are consumed on YouTube every day. Now the important thing there is consumed on YouTube every day. On the YouTube platform 70% of YouTube watch time occurs on mobile devices. If you've listened to one of my previous episodes, in regards to website, I talked about the percentage going up so much year in every year on mobile devices, and a lot of times, people in the wedding industry 75 to 80% of their traffic is mobile. So this is no surprise that percentage of 70% of YouTube watch time occurs on mobile devices. 90% of people discover new brands or products via YouTube 70% of YouTube viewers have made a purchase from a brand as a result of seeing it on YouTube. You're seeing a pattern here, right. And last but not least 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel for posting a video. The shocking number to me is only 9% of all small businesses in the United States use YouTube. What it's the second largest search engine, and that means a lot. But what that number means for you that's listening to this episode. There is a big or old of opportunity for your business by using YouTube, maybe it's even an outlet that your competitors aren't found on. They haven't invested in utilizing YouTube invested meaning they haven't invested in creating the videos. They haven't invested in putting together a plan. They haven't maybe even spent time thinking about it. Maybe they haven't been fortunate to hear the statistics that I've dropped over the past regarding video marketing, but that 9% of all small businesses means that's a channel that has possibilities for new leads for lead generation and most wedding professionals. That's what they want. They want to generate those leads for events.


Just To just I sit here and shake my head, that's just unbelievable. So let's talk a little bit about YouTube. If you're not very familiar with YouTube, you can have a channel on YouTube, kind of similar to having a Facebook page. And YouTube has a unbelievable amount of analytics statistics to tell you how much of how many times videos are viewed, how much of the video is viewed in that tells you a lot, because when you start putting videos up on YouTube, I encourage people to make them different times, meaning, put up a three minute video, put up a 32nd video, put up a minute video with your audience or with your potential clients, what videos are performing the best, meaning which ones are the most watched, if there's a three minute video, and people are only watching 50% of it. Maybe a minute and a half is your sweet spot for the amount of time you should have in your videos. So that is really important when you're starting out using YouTube. Mix up the time of your videos, the link of your videos. Now, YouTube isn't necessarily a place for just a 32nd promo video, I'm not going to tell you that I don't put them on there because I do why not. It is a video platform. But that's not all that goes on a YouTube channel. So I'm going to start out by saying, if you do not have a YouTube channel, I encourage you to go in there. Set up a YouTube channel, you can set it up with your business name, you can put in custom artwork that has your logo at the top, it gives you all the sizes dimensions. So you can use a program like Canva. Or if you have a graphic designer, you can tell them that you need custom cover art for your YouTube channel. Because your your branding is really important. It is video, but that channel art is part of your branding. So definitely stay on brand. The other thing is make sure you fill out the about section. Now. social platforms and YouTube includin have been making changes to what they call some of this. Right now. It's called the about section. And you can fill out information about your business, including a description. And the other important thing is you can put links on there to your Facebook, Instagram, your website. So fill out the about section as much as you can. The next thing that I would encourage you to do in about video. Even if it's just recorded with your cell phone, I would encourage you to put it on a tripod, or prop it up with something so it's not shaky or moving. And just turn the camera on and share with people a little bit about your business. why you do what you do? What benefits your business offers? Or what pain points your business helps address. So start very basic. And keep it short and sweet. Could it be three minutes? Absolutely. Could it be a minute? Yes, that's where I would start is somewhere in the ballpark of one minute to three minute telling about your business. That way, when someone looks up your YouTube channel, there is at least some video on there about you. When you upload your video, which is really easy to do with the YouTube app, you can upload it straight from your smartphone or tablet.


And you want to make sure that you put in a title that includes your business name, and what the video is going to consist of. So for example, I'm ABC business, a little bit about us, or why we love what we do at ABC business, in your title, and then make sure you put a description in and I'm going to give you a little tip here. An important tip. Make sure to put a link the very first entry in the description, put a link to your website, www dot whatever your domain net, there's so many different ones out there, then enter down to the next line. And then put in there your description. If this is your about video, I would put your address if you have a physical location, or any other pertinent information about your business in that description, I've already said a link to your website, it could be an email address, a phone number, your mission statement, or tagline, things like that in that description. And then you don't really have to do anything else, you can put tags in there for to tag your video. It's not something you have to do if you're just getting started. But you can put tags in there. And I call it like to categorize your business, or how you want to come up with certain search words in YouTube, follow the steps to completely get it uploaded, and get it out there where it is live on YouTube. And then there's a lot of options. One of the first ones is to do social media post with the video link, you know, on Facebook, or talk about post a picture on Instagram, that's maybe a picture of your YouTube channel. And for people to go follow you. You know Instagrams a little tricky, because you can't actually put the link in there when you're making the post. So you have to get a little creative when it comes to that. But share it out there. You could also embed that video. And I know that could be a big word for some people embed that video on your about page of your website, or maybe even the homepage of your website, you can repurpose that video on multiple platforms, it doesn't just have to live on YouTube. The biggest takeaway that I want to leave you with at the end of this episode is just get some videos up on YouTube. Because when the videos are on the YouTube platform, the YouTube algorithm work for you and my having videos on their platform, that's what's going to start happening. Now this isn't something that you can just put up one video. And then that's it. And some people have done that. But if you really want the second largest search engine to produce traffic to your website, increase your social media followers, increase leads or sales, you have to show up on a regular basis. But at least get started by getting one video there. then figure out what is going to work best for you. What's obtainable in your business? Can you put up one video a month to YouTube? I mean, that will at least be 12 videos in a year. If you're asking me, how many Should I


realistically getting started, I try to tell people two videos a month and spaced them out when they get uploaded. Even if you record them at the same time, spaced them out when they get uploaded, you can upload them at the same time. But when they're scheduled to go out, you want to use that algorithm to your benefit. So you don't want to upload two videos, make them live the same day and time. So you can you can what's called schedule one or save it as draft. But put up a video and then maybe wait two weeks and put up the next video or turn it on or schedule it for two weeks out. If you know, okay, I'm going to put two videos up a month, then I want to encourage you to do one every two weeks. Again, you can batch record, but then schedule them out to where they go live one every two weeks. That's how you're going to get the most out of that number of videos per month. That's how you get the most out of the algorithm. So I hope that this information has been helpful. And the reason that I really wanted to talk about YouTube. It is the largest second largest search engine. Google's number one is that ever going to change? I'm not sure. But YouTube is definitely the second largest search engine and when engaged Couples or the parents or family members are searching for wedding professionals. I can tell you based on the statistics and the numbers, because you already know they don't lie, you're going to give a better shot to those potential clients, finding you if you're on YouTube, so that your business can be found. So once you get your videos uploaded, I would love for you to shoot me a message on social media, or visit our website and record a message to me or hit the contact button and share with me your YouTube channel. I'd love to check it out. And you never know, we may even share them out to our audience. So just whatever you do, keep working on your business. Because there are definitely people out there that need wedding professionals, just like yourself. Until next time, take care.


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