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Dec. 28, 2020

The Pandemic Pivot

The Pandemic Pivot

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk about pivoting in a pandemic and how to include all your friends and family through Live Streaming when restrictions are in place.

Pandemic restrictions may not allow for all your loved ones to attend your BIG day. Live Streaming your ceremony for those that can’t be there may be a solution!

Do attendance restrictions during the pandemic have you limited on the number of guests who can attend your ceremony? Catch the moment in a completely different way and allow those guests to still be with you through Live Streaming.

Live streaming your wedding ceremony is one way you can overcome pandemic restrictions. Tune in to hear more how your day can include this no matter your budget!

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk about pivoting in a pandemic and how to include all your friends and family through Live Streaming when restrictions are in place.


  • DISCOVER - How Live Streaming can allow your family & friends to still share in your BIG day during a pandemic.
  • UNDERSTAND - What questions to ask the professional doing the Live Streaming.
  • FIND OUT - Why the right equipment and communicating with your venue about Live Streaming is important.
  • LEARN - How to pivot in a pandemic and still include all your invited guests even with gathering restrictions.

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Michael Gaddie  0:00  
COVID sucks, ready to hop off the Rona coaster?

Sharon Rumsey  0:04  
If you've had to uninvite half of your guests count, how do you still make your family and friends feel included when you're trying to get married during a pandemic?

Kristina Stubblefield  0:12  
Stay tuned as we talk about live streaming, and how it can help you allow all of your family and friends to be there for your big day. You got engaged now was happy. Yes, joyful time, of course, stressed and overwhelmed. 100%. Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling, and all the things where we will get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. We'll cover all things from yes to I do's and all that happens in between. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie. And Sharon Rumsey. With over 50 years of wedding experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now, let's get started with this episode.

Okay, so thanks for joining us for another episode. Mike and Sharon are really excited to talk about something else that has to do with technology. But I'm excited about it. And today we're gonna be talking about live streaming your event. So

Sharon Rumsey  1:37  
really, you're in nerd heaven?

Kristina Stubblefield  1:39  
I am. I don't take that. That is not criticism to me. I'm good with that. It

Sharon Rumsey  1:43  
was a compliment.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:45  
Yes. So and you know what this has come up more because of the pandemic. But in all honesty, it has really played a role for older family members that can't come to events. And I really think the pandemic has brought this kind of to the top as an option for people that they may not have thought about before.

Michael Gaddie  2:08  
Oh, to explain to us what it is just in case somebody don't know.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:12  
Okay, this is so live streaming. Your wedding means you are streaming your event over the internet. Live live? Yes. Now there are some people that have recorded it and then made it available. But what we're specifically talking about is, in so many people think about when I say live streaming that that means it has to be Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or zoom. Correct. It's not though,

Michael Gaddie  2:39  

Kristina Stubblefield  2:40  
Well, there are some companies out there that use those platforms. And it depends on the type of event you want. And I know Sharon has brought this up before. But the big question is, is it private. And of course, when you're doing a Facebook Live, there are privacy settings that you can have in place. You we've probably heard, I know I have have several instances where zoom sessions, even a lot of business sessions, not even just events have gotten hacked during it. And when you zoom an event, a lot of times you'll hear people say you've got to make sure that you have a moderator. Because if somebody was to hack in that event, they've could be putting bad things in the comments. The same thing can happen with a Facebook Live. I didn't know that. That's

Michael Gaddie  3:27  
that either. So how do you prevent that from happening?

Kristina Stubblefield  3:31  
Okay, so we have helped out some of our customers that are wedding planners, Sharan being one of them, because we've done event streaming for businesses in the past before pandemic. So it was something we were familiar with. And sharing, you are actually one of the first one to reach out to me about this. And if we were going to help in the wedding event industry, one of the biggest things I thought about is I wanted to be able to provide the service. And it only be shown to the people I wanted it to be shown to and how we do that. Is there a software that is under our marketing company, so in media group, where we provide a private link to the couple or the wedding planner, and then they can put that on their invitation, save the day wedding website, only the people that have that link can get access to it.

Sharon Rumsey  4:34  
It's become so important, with COVID and I think it will continue to be something that brides want even post COVID Please, Lord, let that be soon. Because with limited guest counts. It's there are so many people that a bride really wanted at her wedding. They are now not able to attend. We're down right now. You know as we're recording this who knows what it will be next time 250 People in an event. So if you take a wedding that was going to have 300 people, and you limit that count so much, there are a lot of people that they still want to be part of their wedding. So it's came up a lot. And I love your option, because I had a bride actually say to me, but if I livestream on I have a bunch of strangers at my wedding.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:20  
And that's a really good point,

Sharon Rumsey  5:21  
it is a really good point. And it was really important to her that that not happen.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:25  
And everything we do is we set it up ahead of time, you're familiar because we're working on a couple of weddings together. But it is very private, it's only to the people you supply the link to. There's even some more security measures that can be put in place, it can be password protected. But I don't want this to stick to this topic just to the service that we provide. I enjoy being able to do that to help people. Even the last couple ones that we have done, most of their guests have been some of them have been overseas, right? Even some in the service that could not be there. And it wasn't even COVID related. Some of them were many hours away in the states that you know, they had elderly grandparents or elderly family members that just could not travel. And the biggest thing that I try to remind people are software is one click, doesn't matter if you're 90 years old, or if you're 20 years old, it is one click on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. And I think you have to remember that when you're doing something to live stream your event, it has to be easy for the end user. And sometimes although you can click on a link for zoom, or it's going to be Facebook Live. A lot of times there are some delays with that. So if you're considering live streaming, make sure you ask some of these questions, is there a delay, what we use, there is about a five to seven second delay, but it's streamed in HD, you know, that is very minimal. Some of them are 2030 seconds, a minute or longer. And you just need to know that information. It's not a it's not a complete game changer, but just having all of that information. And I've had people even asked me while I was gonna have my friends stream it on Facebook Live, but then I got to create a Facebook group, and then I have to worry about who's in the group. There are ways to stream your event, no matter what your budget is. And should you hire a professional. That is in your best interest. Yes, wedding professionals because it's live streaming, it's live, there can be things that happen. And if you have a professional just like florals or wedding planners that have been in this boat before, most of the time we know what to do. Okay, Plan A is not completely working. We already know plan bc in our minds, where is you have a friend and they're up, it's not working, they set the phone down and watch the rest of the

Sharon Rumsey  7:58  
couples asked me if I can have someone from my team do it. And it's not that I wouldn't do anything for my couples, that my answer is a hard No. I do not want that responsibility at all.

Michael Gaddie  8:11  
I don't blame you. But you know, how great is it that I mean, when I take the power orders. It's always the grandparents you know how many grandparents you have? Well, I have three grandfather's have three grandmother's but one of them might not be able to make it because she's not feeling very well she you know, she's in a nursing home. And we don't know if we can get her out? How great would it be for her to be able to or someone to have something there for her to watch it live stream. So I mean,

Sharon Rumsey  8:37  
couples have absolutely loved it, that they you know, they thought they were going to be so closed off and not able to share and finding out they have this option has been again, I think it's gonna become more popular

Michael Gaddie  8:47  
to even after the COVID may have started this. But I think after it's gone, it's gonna be around for a long time,

Kristina Stubblefield  8:55  
there was a little bit of it going on beforehand, more of it was corporate and business, I was

Sharon Rumsey  9:00  
gonna say I had never done it until the pandemic,

Kristina Stubblefield  9:03  
right, because it really brought this to the surface, especially like you mentioned being limited to get guest count. And here's some of the tips that I will give out there. No matter if you're going to try to have a friend do it or anything. Make sure you use a cell phone holder. And I will here's what I'll have you do you don't realize how much movement is in your hands if you pick up your cell phone. And I do this a lot with marketing using our smartphones to take pictures or video because let's be honest, the smartphones these days, it's just about like a DSLR camera. I love it because it's a lot more convenient. But you don't realize how much natural shake or movement you have in your hands. Even though your phone may be a little bit larger. There is a natural movement in your hands when you're holding it. Who's going to take a picture because I'll post it on social media so I can show them that I'm doing this. So you have to think about you're going to be holding This for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the length of the ceremony. If it's a church service, it could be 45 minutes to an hour. So number one having to hold it, I encourage people to use a cell phone holder, I also encourage them to use a tripod. If that is a you don't realize until you're standing there holding it, I have never done a wedding without a tripod, a cell phone holder, a whole thing because you're most of the time, not in a situation where you can see everything happening. So you have to be able to pan left or right. And when you have a person that does not do live streaming, you don't realize the movement in that phone, it can be real blotchy, it can be kind of,

Michael Gaddie  10:51  
it's real important to because the person watching, it may just turn it off, because it makes it make them

Kristina Stubblefield  10:56  
seasick. Absolutely. So a tripod, for sure. But also we move around our tripod. So having something on the bottom of your tripod. We've even used tennis balls, they make actual things that you can put on the bottom of your tripods, but to where it's a little bit smoother movement. But really think about that timeframe of that ceremony drone, don't try to just hold a phone in your hand. Even if you're just going to stream on Facebook live, you can get a cell phone holder on Amazon for under $20 that fits any and every smartphone. So that's my tip. The other thing is making sure that you do some kind of test beforehand. Most of the time, if we have not been to a venue, especially some of the ones we've done recently have been outside, we go when we do a test run because people don't realize it's actually better to use cell phone data than it is Wi Fi. Because you can have breaks in your Wi Fi that breaks the live stream. Whereas cell phone data, we have been very fortunate with the luck on our cell phone data. Um, the other thing is, depending on how you're live streaming, once that live stream is over, let's just say you're going to do a zoom. Once that's over, they can't go back, they can't go back and watch that in till. If someone recorded it through zoom, which I've had people say, Oh, my goodness, I had this done by zoom, and they forgot to hit the record button. So there was nothing for them to download, and then upload to share with the people who didn't get there in time to watch it. A software, for example that we use through a marketing company, it doesn't matter if a person comes in, we normally start about five to seven minutes before the ceremony actually starts. Because a lot of times the grandparents will be seated, and things like that that will start just right before the ceremony. So if you come in five minutes into the ceremony, you're seeing the live stream while it's live. So there's some things to think about is what if you have somebody that wants to come back, they weren't home from work yet. And they're 30 minutes behind, they really can't see the live stream until it's been downloaded and then uploaded to another platform. So really do your research. And make sure that people know what time your ceremony starting how they're going to be tuning in. If they cannot be there, when it starts, you're not going to be able to see it to the next day or two days later. There's some really some things to think about. And that's because it's come up for us doing live streams. Because people thought, Well, how soon do they have to be there in order for it to catch it live? So that's one of the things that's important with how we do it. I just encourage people just to take the time to do a test run. Well,

Sharon Rumsey  13:55  
I know, you and I did a site visit recently together to a church. And I was really impressed with all the things that you had to check that day, you wanted to see exactly where the bride was going to enter from you set up and check the angle that you would have as she came down the aisle where you would have to move. And also we were at a Catholic Church and there were some parameters as to where you were allowed to go to film. So it was great to have you come over we met with the mother the bride, the bride lives out of town. But we met with her mom, she kind of told you what was important. We went over how everything was going to work. And I really appreciate it. There was a lot I didn't know that you were going to check that day,

Kristina Stubblefield  14:36  
especially in a church and there is some things that other venue venues where they don't want you to go, even if it's in a field, right? And also, please even if you're having a friend do this, be mindful of the people taking pictures and your videographers because, yes, they're expensive. They're expensive, but they're there to capture your attention. Emory's in a complete different way than live streaming, live streaming is not videography, it is not. Now there are some videographers that offer live streaming as part of their packages. But by no stretch of the imagination or any of us saying, do live stream and not a videographer, the last one I was at, there were photographers, a videographer had for camera remote camera setup, I had conversations with them, when I got there and said, Look, this is where I'm thinking about going, I do not want to cross in your path, you're capturing their moments and memories for a lifetime. I'm live streaming, and they so appreciated that I even asked, and it was, you know, when they walked in front of me, they still tried to bend down. But they were they're trying to do things right in that moment. And I think that's so important. So if you're having a friend or family member, do it, please just make sure you have them know, where your photographers and videographers need to be for those important

Michael Gaddie  16:00  
moments, I can see in the future, where live streaming professionals will be one of the key targeted people to hire, such as a video, person or photographer. But what I'm hearing from this whole statement today is you really you need to hire a professional to do it. Because there's so many little details like you're not going to have your girlfriend or your best friend go over and see where the where the bride is going to enter the church and what how much room you have, she's gonna flip her phone out right then and start recording. And I don't think that's what you need,

Sharon Rumsey  16:35  
when she's not gonna know, to check her data to check the Wi Fi not use the wiser, really

Michael Gaddie  16:40  
hire professional to do this

Kristina Stubblefield  16:42  
well. And one of the things that the last one I was at, it was at a beautiful farm. And look at large event space, they had a special area where the ceremonies took place, and where the bride and the wedding party entered, I had to be in one place to get a good angle for you to be able to see when you're live streaming. Now the way we do it, it's set up where you can kind of zoom in, you can zoom in on what you're who you're trying to watch. But they even had a dog that was in their processional. And I wanted to make sure that I was in enough space where I could tilt the camera knowing that that was going to happen. Because I said, Wow, the dog almost stole the show here in this one. But that was an important part where if you didn't know that was happening, it was just really cute. But also, I moved three times during the ceremony because I wanted to get as close to the bride and groom, but I don't break the barrier in front of the guests in person. I just feel like that's a no no, unless the bride and groom say differently. They're there to witness it in person. So I always stay behind the guest. But what I did when the photographer and the videographer had gotten their shots, and I was kind of watching them, I moved into the aisle behind the back row of chairs. So that way, it was focused on the bride and groom. They had this arch behind them that open to these like rolling hills, it was beautiful saw the pictures, it was

Michael Gaddie  18:16  
beautiful. I saw the video, it was really good. Well,

Kristina Stubblefield  18:18  
it was pretty on video, but in person, you know, but I still didn't want to cross that barrier of the guests. They're so there's so many things to be mindful of. And I would still watch for the photographer and videographer because if they needed in that place, I felt like I needed to back out to give them the room.

Sharon Rumsey  18:38  
Christina, is there a way for a couple to make this personal. I know you and I talked before, my couple that you're working with they wanted to be able to communicate with those guests, they wanted to personalize their live stream a little bit can Is that possible?

Kristina Stubblefield  18:54  
The way we do it, we allow them to all of the at the top of their live stream as their names. We always put a picture of them if that's what shows until it goes live. And then also we let that we get a message from them if they want to put out on on there. We're sorry that you couldn't be here with us in person. But it means a lot that you're taking time to join us

Sharon Rumsey  19:16  
your guests know they're still special to you.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:18  
And then we also heard feedback about a guest book. And that is something that we do is a virtual guest book as part of that. So Wow. That's really cool. Yeah. And then they can they can write a note while they're watching it. It doesn't take away from anything. But also what we do is the couple can go in but most the time we go in and we print that as a PDF, where they can keep that or put it in their scrapbook or things like that. But then we download a copy of the actual file. We send it to them on thumb drive in it is available for them for 30 days online, or for their guests. That's just something because you never know when you mentioned grandparents are elderly family members, it might be five or seven days. Unfortunately, maybe they were in the hospital or they were ill or something. So they don't have to wait necessarily for the videographer. Because there's a lot that goes in for videographers editing, there's a turnaround time, but they can at least see something from that special day. And that's why we choose to do it. I've even had people ask me, could you please share a link to me, so I can send it to someone instead of them just waiting to get the thumb drive, and I'm happy to do that, um, especially if someone is ill or something, they may not have a whole lot of time to wait. And that's not to bring the mood down in this episode. But it's just nice that you can share things like that. And I really think you have mentioned it, I don't necessarily think live streaming is going to go anywhere, even after the pandemic. And I agree with you, Sharon, the, the sooner we can all get through this, I think it's brought a really a lot of good out in people. But the live streaming can play that role when the key people or your family and friends cannot be there with you in person that they can still somehow be part of your

Sharon Rumsey  21:10  
it's actually limitless what we can do with this. I have a client right now nothing to do with COVID, the groom is from Ethiopia. Only his mom is able to come. I think maybe his sister's trying to come. But there are so many other family members that he would love to have. But you know, for a ton of reasons, they're not able to come. And I've actually mentioned it to this couple because they can be in Ethiopia and see the wedding

Kristina Stubblefield  21:36  
well in with a time change different. Maybe they're not made if it's happening at 3am their time, but they can turn around at seven or 8am and watch it whatever they can even watch it

Sharon Rumsey  21:47  
together as a family they can,

Michael Gaddie  21:49  
I can see this being a full time job for you.

Sharon Rumsey  21:52  
She's very good at it, oh,

Kristina Stubblefield  21:54  
I really enjoy it. Because from a tech side, you know, there's so many times that people have, you know, the social media, this or social media that this is one way that technology, you know, even some of the other things we talked about in episodes has to do with technology, like timelines, planning, websites, all that kind of thing. But this live streaming can really connect people to an event as if they're there. And that's what I enjoy most about it is your feeling you're possibly filling in a void, that they may not have been able to participate in that day. And to me, that's what makes it important. That's why I enjoy doing it. And I appreciate Sharon reaching out to even see if this is something I'd consider. Because even after doing a few of them, I was like, wow, this really makes a difference for a couple in their family. So I've enjoyed it. But there is so much to it. I've learned even being I had no idea how much there

Sharon Rumsey  22:53  
was to

Kristina Stubblefield  22:54  
it being in the technology field. And I'm probably a little bit more mindful, because I've been around the wedding industry for so many years. Those pictures are everything after it's over, they're so important. And you don't want to cut in that one shot where you got to be that person whose arms in it. Because you know, and I just specifically tell the photographer video, please, all you got to do is please tell me to move. Because I feel like they should come first with capturing those

Michael Gaddie  23:22  
things. That's great that you're saying that. But I mean, I can see in the future that you will be, like I said earlier, you'll be one of the main ones. And you're going to have to have your own spot where the photographer and the video person get on my way.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:37  
in there, I don't think a lot of times people think about it, you're not just setting up a tripod, hit the button. And then there you go.

Sharon Rumsey  23:42  
That's what people think it is. Exactly. And

Kristina Stubblefield  23:44  
until I did this on

Sharon Rumsey  23:45  
until I did the walkthrough with you. I'll be honest, that's kind of what I thought it was. And then when we did the walkthrough, I was like I am so glad that I called in did not try to do this myself,

Kristina Stubblefield  23:57  
Well, in a church especially. That is you have to be really careful. They don't want a lot of movement and activity. Don't be very respectful. Yeah, that's why I wanted to ask the questions it Can I come up to the first few if I'm over here to the side, you know, I don't want to come any closer. I don't want to break the barrier for the bride and groom. And I do not want to get in front of guests that are there. And especially when you talk about spacing, and they have to be spaced out so many pews right now with what's going on at the time we're recording this. And it was just great to go there in person. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I don't want to walk in to an event. I have not been there. I don't know what their guidelines are. I'm asking 100 questions, which is what you should be doing but ahead of time. I don't want to be that vendor wedding days, not the day for questions. Professional wedding vendors don't do that. They come prepared. And but just be mindful. If you're having a friend or family do it. It's not impossible. There's some things you really need to think about. If your budget allows, I encourage To use a professional, because this live streaming may be more important than you really realize at the time. And I hope these things that we've covered, will provide you with those questions, those points, those topics to talk about, no matter who you're having do the live stream for you.

Michael Gaddie  25:19  
Great information. Thank you so much. I think that's a great, I think it's been great.

Sharon Rumsey  25:23  
Yeah, it's exciting. Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:25  
And I do think I agree with you all, I think it's around, even. it's here to stay after we make it through the pandemic. So hopefully, you all found this helpful. Connect with us on social media, we'd love if you'd subscribe to the podcast, shoot us a message. If you have a wedding coming up, post about it, tag us on social media, hit the contact form on our podcast page or on our website, we'd love to talk about if you've already had your wedding, we'd love to have some topics to discuss and share with people. You know, there's probably things that you have come across out there during your wedding or you wish you would have known ahead of time or things like that. So we'd love to include that in a future episode. And we appreciate you tuning in. Until next time, see ya.

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