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Oct. 6, 2021

The Meat & Potatoes: 3-6 Months Out

The Meat & Potatoes: 3-6 Months Out
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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon are talking about the meat & potatoes of wedding planning when you are 3-6 months out from your BIG day!

Tune in to this episode to hear about all the things that should already be done or that you should be doing now that you are 6-9 months out from your wedding. If you check some of these items off your to-do list, you can coast into the last couple of weeks with grease on your shoes!

Don’t miss this episode! Kristina, Mike & Sharon are talking about lining up fittings, determining your accessories, finalizing your rehearsal dinner, meeting with the officiant and everything else that you should be doing when you are 3-6 months out from your wedding.

Listen to this episode to understand when your invitations should be ordered, addressed and sent, when the honeymoon planning should be finalized and when the groomsmen’s attire should be decided upon.

all that needs your attention and to be finalized when you are 3-6 months out from your wedding day!

Did you use a wedding planner or do all the planning yourself? And how did you handle staying on task and on schedule? Tell us about it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings 

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  

All right, get ready because the countdown is on. Here we go.


Michael Gaddie  0:07  

We continue with our 12 month wedding to do list and dive into the three to six months prior to the wedding.


Sharon Rumsey  0:14  

No joke, you need to get a pen and some paper because we are spilling some good stuff in this one and you're going to want to write it down.


Kristina Stubblefield  0:21  

You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes, joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to The Ring The Bling And All The Things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.


Okay, if we don't talk about wedding planning enough in today's episode, as Sharon has already told me, we're diving into the meat and potatoes. Mike, let's at least talk during the intro because I have a feeling Sharon's really excited about this episode. She's


Michael Gaddie  1:47  

always excited. I know. But anything to do with wedding planning cheese right there.


Sharon Rumsey  1:51  

I mean, I do love it. See,


Kristina Stubblefield  1:52  

I knew we wouldn't be able to get too much of a word in Sheeran, although I've already stowed your line. This is the meat and potatoes. You got really excited when we said we were going to be talking three to six months is this time to get serious and start checking off those boxes three


Sharon Rumsey  2:09  

to six months is when the rubber meets the road. It's when it's time to start saying what


Kristina Stubblefield  2:13  

she's full of all these different little things not all


Sharon Rumsey  2:17  

from the I'm from the country. We have a ton of them. Well,


Kristina Stubblefield  2:20  

I don't I don't know if you already know this, but I think our listeners might can tell that.


Sharon Rumsey  2:26  

Okay, in all honesty, though, this is where the rubber meets the road. It's time to to just start really, it's time to quit saying I'm thinking about it. It's the time to like really check off some boxes, get some things done so that you can coast in to the those last few weeks before your wedding kinda with grease on your shoes. You're just gonna slide in no problems. No worries, because you've done everything you need to do. I don't


Kristina Stubblefield  2:51  

know about you, Mike, but I might need to change my lingo a little bit. She's got like all these little flag comments and sentences.


Michael Gaddie  2:58  

That's what I love about her.


Sharon Rumsey  2:59  

Oh, hey, jealous, I'll teach you some.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:01  

Okay, in all honesty, don't be jealous. So if you're three to six months out, you definitely should already have some planning accomplished, right?


Sharon Rumsey  3:09  

100% all your vendors should basically be booked, maybe not like your cake and those kind of smaller things. But definitely all your major players should be in place by the three to six month mark. It's specially in today's wedding world. Well, and


Kristina Stubblefield  3:23  

let's talk about that. Because sometimes people have to change dates and things come up. I know recently, we've talked about some people being deployed, and you have to make some different arrangements. And so it sounds like to me, this is an episode if any of that applies to you. This may be the meat and potatoes that is very important for you to tune into.


Sharon Rumsey  3:44  

Yeah, and honestly, for any bride, or any couple, I'm sorry, this is the actual like, time to get things done. I hear a lot when we're planning Can I circle back to that? Or can I think about it and you sure can if you're 18 or 12 months right but when we get three to six months, my answer is going to be the circles complete. We're here. We've got to decide this. Let's


Michael Gaddie  4:05  

get going decision time. Yeah, but what's one of the most important things when you get to this date, I think we need to look


Sharon Rumsey  4:14  

I think for a bride everything should be locked and loaded for that dress. So I think if you need any lingerie, your undergarments that you're going to wear under your dress should totally be purchased during this time period. They should be tried on we should be trying on the dress with the undergarments that you've chosen. A lot of dresses today. You know they have a they have a built in bra you don't need a bra some dresses you do need a bra. Those are the things that we need to look at and think about and take care of at this time period.


Michael Gaddie  4:45  

So at this point, though, the dress should be bought already and being ready to be altered. Oh


Sharon Rumsey  4:50  

honey, that dress should have been bought at 12 months out. It should. We should start lining up Barbie. We should start lining up our fittings and then any accessories you want, you know, are you gonna? Are you gonna bling it out with a belt? Are your veil headpiece, those kind of things at the 3d sorry, yeah, it's a three to six month mark, we really want to be looking at that.


Kristina Stubblefield  5:13  

So I have a quick question. And I know that we've talked about this before. But Do people really need to worry about anything that's going on affecting shipping and things like that? I know, we've mentioned it in previous episodes, but we have couples out there that could be listening that just got engaged. And just to plug that in, when you're talking about wedding dress, or accessories and things like that, I'm assuming in today's world, you need to stay on top of those.


Sharon Rumsey  5:42  

I tell my clients and I think you guys have heard me say this before, you can have a baby quicker than you can get a wedding dress, because nine to 12 months is the average amount of time by the time you choose it. order it, get it shipped in most dresses are not made in the United States, you get it shipped in, you find a seamstress, and you start getting it altered, you're looking, you're looking at about nine to 12 months,


Michael Gaddie  6:07  

we just went to market over the weekend and about dresses with a friend of mine. And they're saying, you know, six to 15 months actually what they were saying Yeah, and to get something in,


Sharon Rumsey  6:21  

it's really hard. I've had a lot of my clients that, you know, with COVID, some of them gained weight, some of them end up losing weight. And it's hard to tell you to choose a garment that far out. But you have to and then you just have to get a good seamstress to take care of it. I know Mike, you mentioned jewelry. Another thing at this three to six month mark is let's pull the guys in here, we need to start looking at wedding bands. It's time to start getting some of those things ordered. And you know, selected so that we know that they're going to be in in time for the wedding. Another thing that's really important at this three to six month mark is it's time to think about that other event, your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. So it's it's time at three to six months to confirm with your venue, what time and what day your rehearsal can be. A lot of venues aren't going to tell you that until about, some of them are even as close as a month out. And that's really hard. Because they have to wait and make sure they aren't going to have another wedding the day before your wedding. But it's hard for couples because they want to plan their dinner and that kind of things. So I recommend going ahead and planning your rehearsal dinner. And if you have to rehearse on a different day than your big rehearsal dinner party, that's okay.


Michael Gaddie  7:44  

So you're seeing more that now we


Sharon Rumsey  7:46  

are seeing more of it. Because venues are so booked right now. Yeah, that there's a lot of Friday weddings, there's a lot of Thursday weddings. So go ahead. Don't let Don't let the fact that your venue has not confirmed your actual rehearsal. keep you from planning a rehearsal dinner. I mean, those can be two separate days and that's okay.


Michael Gaddie  8:10  

What about if you're going to write your own vows? Is this the time we need to start thinking about that?


Sharon Rumsey  8:16  

Definitely. It's time to start thinking about that jotting some notes. Also a great time to have that first meeting with your officiant and go over what you want your ceremony to be kind of firm up those ceremony details. Such as is there going to be any type of unity ceremony, any readings need to we need to be selecting readings? Who's going to read the readings? Is there going to be a special song song? How spiritual Do you want your ceremony to be? So it's a great time to schedule meeting with your officiant and just go over every single thing for the ceremony. So that if the officiant does ask you to choose some songs or some readings you have some time to do that. It's also a really good time. I know we already talked about the wedding dress, but it's time to really look at your bridal party attire. It's really time to get in there and get those suits you know for for the guys you want to make sure that you've chosen a suit six months would be by probably limit on that


Michael Gaddie  9:23  

that's what Pam would say.


Sharon Rumsey  9:24  

Yeah, six months is when that needs to happen. Get in there choose their suit, you know tie everything you want. And then that gives plenty of time for the formal wear vendor to contact all your all your guys and get them in and get measured. The other thing is we get so focused on the wedding dress we forget about the bridesmaids dresses. So I actually have it on my checklist and I'll planner that we need to confirm when the bridesmaids dresses are being delivered. We need to make sure that they're going To get here and have time to have their fittings and everything done as well. So bridesmaids dresses is super important.


Michael Gaddie  10:06  

What about talking to your makeup artist and your hair and that, in that a thing that we should be doing


Sharon Rumsey  10:14  

most of my girls would have already had a trial by now, we book hair and makeup honestly is one of the first vendors we call. And a lot of couples will get their trials done for their engagement photos. But if you have not had a trial with your hair and makeup person, that is definitely something that needs to happen in the three to six months if you have not already done it.


Kristina Stubblefield  10:37  

One thing I'd like to plug in here, Sharon, and I know we've talked about this on a previous episode is with hair and makeup, you pointed out one of those episodes, your vendors that there's only one person or there's not multiple people on that person's team, it's important to really think about them up front, for those out there that are listening, that may just recently be engaged. You know, and I can't speak for every area. And I know we have listeners everywhere. But in our area, waiting to the six month mark to try to get a makeup artists would really concern me. Really good point,


Sharon Rumsey  11:15  

they book up really, really fast. I think another thing that we need to look at during this three to six month time period is our invitations. It's definitely time that they be in closer to six months than three, that not only they be ordered. But if you're going to hire a calligrapher or anyone special to address those for you, it's time to get that person in place and get those addresses and those envelopes to them. If you're going to do it yourself, it's time to get started about you know, I recommend that invitations be mailed about 10 weeks out. And people underestimate the amount of time it's going to take to address them. So if you're doing that yourself, I would start that definitely at the three to four month mark before they're mailed. And then one of the major things that I think gets overlooked during this time period, because we're so busy wedding planning is that we're not honeymoon planning. So I think that this three to six months time is the time to really lock in that honeymoon. And don't get caught off guard. You want to research? Do I need a passport to go where I'm going? Do I have a passport? Do I know where my passport is? Is it? You know, at my mom's house? Did I lose it? Do I have I never had one.


Michael Gaddie  12:31  

Because boy is it out of date. I mean, right?


Kristina Stubblefield  12:33  

If you have to order a passport, it takes it takes a while. So pan I'm gonna bring up a topic probably not have a big favor right now, or favoritism right now. But make sure if you booked your honeymoon, a year ago, however long ago, make sure none of your credentials or requirements or anything have changed. Yes, um, whether you have or have not used a travel agent, if you've used a travel agent, reach out to them and just have an up to date conversation. There are places that are obviously changing what they're requiring. And that's not something you want to find out the week of your wedding.


Sharon Rumsey  13:15  

Another thing I know that I'm really I actually refer my clients to a travel agent because I'm not qualified to help them with travel. But one of the things I keep hearing come up when I meet with my clients is they didn't research vaccinations that were required. And that's a huge thing. I mean, we all know the world we're living in. So that's a huge thing. Make sure that you know what vaccinations are required and make sure that you know where you're proof of all your vaccinations. We're not just talking about COVID. But proof of all your vaccinations are.


Michael Gaddie  13:50  

Well, you know, things change daily too, especially for the bride and grooms other couples getting married here soon. I would check that Dale Yes, because it changes. So if


Sharon Rumsey  14:00  

there's ever ever been an advertisement for why you need a travel agent 100% This is it. Because they can advise you and they stay very current. It's their job to stay current on all of this stuff. And the other thing that I hear come up a lot lately is rental cars. So if you're going on your honeymoon and you're expecting to fly into your destination and rent a car, they're not readily available anymore. And that's a huge thing. So you want to make sure that you have a rental car reservation in place early


Michael Gaddie  14:34  

and honestly I mean right now the rental cars are more expensive than the air flights


Sharon Rumsey  14:38  

in that it's something that's it's known I've also heard too, and I haven't verified this but that there It used to be you could rent a car for a day or a couple days. But now most places are requiring like a week minimum to even talk to you about running a car.


Michael Gaddie  14:54  

So I there's a lot of things have changed, you know with what's going on in the world today. So always keep up With that in mind,


Sharon Rumsey  15:01  

and I love to always wrap our podcast up on a fun note. So I also think the time, the three to six months time is the time to plan to have those parties, bachelorette parties and bachelor parties. You know, lock it in at about six months go enjoyed it about three months. We did a whole episode on bachelor bachelorette parties. I know. And I mean, they're their whole event in themselves. Now they're a trip there, you know, tons of fun, they take a lot of planning. So go ahead and start getting you know, get on that maid of honor whoever is going to be hosting your bachelorette party get on that best man, whoever is going to be hosting your bachelor party. I know one of my clients, she went to Vegas, with all her girls. And then the next weekend, he went to Vegas with all his guys, they had totally different experiences and enjoy different things while


Kristina Stubblefield  15:54  

they were there. But I think that's a recent episode that will have dropped by the time this one comes out, right? You definitely want to go, Wow, she dropped some bombs on the experience she had in Vegas. And it was really fun having her in studio. So


Michael Gaddie  16:13  

I always love Christina, when Sharon gets in on these topics, because she she's just right on top of everything. She's excited, she knows her job.


Kristina Stubblefield  16:22  

Well, and I think she brings a little different take to them. Why it is so serious to focus on it. And and she really, you know, anybody that talks about her wedding planning, she is very detail oriented. But why she says they're important is because of past experiences, or what can happen. And I think that's what really helps when we have these smaller, compact episodes where we can talk about a specific timeframe of planning is it's not just oh, you need to do this, this and this. No, this is really why you need to think about this because of this.


Michael Gaddie  17:07  

Well, you've got to keep in mind, too, Sharon does this every weekend. And man inexperienced.


Kristina Stubblefield  17:14  

Do you think that we have a recipe?


Sharon Rumsey  17:16  

They're so cranky today. And now you're being so nice to me, I feel horrible,


Michael Gaddie  17:20  

but as being an experience or topic planner, this is why bride should listen to our podcast and specially Sharon because she knows when you should do things and when you shouldn't do things. So I give you 100% everything you don't


Sharon Rumsey  17:36  

appreciate well,


Kristina Stubblefield  17:36  

and I'll tell you what, this is probably never been the best time to say, you know, it's we want to include everyone. Any children. Sure your favorite saying your we were just talking about this earlier, love is love. And I'm going to celebrate all of it. And so anybody out there that is engaged planning your wedding, we love to hear from everyone. A lot of times we do hear from females that listen to the podcast, we know some guys listen to it as well. But we want you to know, we don't care who you are out there. If you're a wedding professional, if you're engaged if you're the mother of the bride and listening for all the details. If you're not part of the wedding party, we love to hear from our listeners, if there's a topic that you would love for us to cover that maybe we've talked about or breezed past, but you really want us to dive in deeper. That's why we always say reach out to us. All you have to do is go to our website, click the contact button, we read all of those messages. And I know Sharon always likes to plug in about giving us a review. Absolutely. We pay attention to all glowing


Michael Gaddie  18:54  

five star review.


Kristina Stubblefield  18:55  

Yes, I left it for her to fill in the blank. Thank you, Mike, you've heard her say it enough. But now we really do value everyone's input. And I think one of the most surprising things is hearing how many wedding professionals listen to the wedding Wednesday or spotlight Saturday episodes, that we're talking all about weddings. And it's just really great to hear feedback on how people's weddings are going, how their engagements are, or if they're already married, how, what they did, because we'd love sharing that with our listeners and giving people ideas that they can use for their special day. You


Michael Gaddie  19:37  

know, even if it's a good thing or a bad thing that's happened during your wedding, let us know so we can help somebody else work out that pressure that happens.


Sharon Rumsey  19:44  

I learned something every single wedding I do.


Kristina Stubblefield  19:47  

And you know what I've heard a lot recently about these late night snacks being delivered to reception with the whole thing. Oh hey, we need to do an episode on I've just made Waffle House and I'm not gonna just keep throwing out.


Sharon Rumsey  20:04  

White Castle Taco Bell. I did a wedding this past Saturday and we had Joe Ella's hot chicken.


Kristina Stubblefield  20:10  

Okay, we're gonna wrap it up on this note because we're gonna hop right into another episode and say on site. No, in all honesty, Sharon, that is great information. Thank you for sharing your if I


Sharon Rumsey  20:20  

can, if I can say anything when we do these episodes now on I don't know what we're calling them checklist episodes are, you know when to do what episodes. If I can say anything to Brides, whatever you thought in the past, or whatever people that got married three or four years ago are telling you as far as a timeline to book things, and a timeline to get things done. Don't listen. The wedding world today is a whole new world, the wedding boom is real. And you need to get your vendors booked. You get that ring on your hand, take a beat, enjoy being engaged. And then let's start getting things done. Because it is it is people are booked.


Kristina Stubblefield  21:01  

Remember, the world has changed for everyone, including wedding professionals. And every one seems to have had to pivot or adjust in some way, shape or form. And I think that couldn't be more true, Sharon and what you said even if it was just a couple of years ago, check in on contracts, policies, requirements, anything like that, because things could change in a month's time.


Michael Gaddie  21:29  

In a week's time, really, I mean, it can change tomorrow, very quickly. Yeah.


Kristina Stubblefield  21:35  

In it, it is to not only protect wedding professionals, but to also protect the engaged couples on their special day at the at the end of the day. Even though you might be thinking out there. Okay, well, wedding professionals are changing their contracts, or they're doing this or they're doing that. You have to remember they have families as well, they have a business to run. But in all honesty, almost all wedding professionals, heart and soul are in every single event they do as if it was their own child's. And in order to do what's best for that engaged couple, and their business changes are having to be made. And we all have to adjust like we have for the past however many months, although we're over talking about it, it's not going away. So we just want to provide the most up to date information out there. And just do your research and check in before you finalize any details. And I'm so excited when we do our next checklist episode, because that's the really fun time that right before the wedding. Hopefully a lot of the planning is done by then. Right, Sharon? Oh, yeah, we're


Michael Gaddie  22:43  

waiting should be done.


Sharon Rumsey  22:46  

It's so funny. I just logged into homeplug. I just did a walkthrough. I did a walkthrough on a Friday with another client of mine. And I said I can do it. I just have to be done by three because I have a rehearsal for my wedding tomorrow. You know, I was with these people on Friday. The wedding was on Saturday. And the mother of the bride for this other client says to me, how can you be with us today? The day before the wedding? I mean, aren't you doing a million things? And I was like, well, ma'am, if I'm not ready to go, the day before the wedding, I should be fired. I was you know, like the day before the wedding. If


Michael Gaddie  23:22  

I don't have to worry, you got to


Kristina Stubblefield  23:26  

get your shit straight before the wedding and your app should be out. summarize it for you. If


Sharon Rumsey  23:31  

my ducks aren't in a row, less than 24 hours before the wedding, you better float on out of there. 100% and not okay. Yeah. And I think yeah,


Kristina Stubblefield  23:40  

we see Mike I can be creative with my wording.


Sharon Rumsey  23:44  

Yeah, I was she was just amazed that I had time to do a venue walkthrough with them and had a wedding rehearsal that night.


Kristina Stubblefield  23:51  

All right, we're having too much fun. You know what that means we have to cut this one off and probably move into another episode. We love it. We're having a lot of fun. We love hearing from you all. So if you have anything you want to share with us or if you love what you hear


Sharon Rumsey  24:07  

glowing five star reviews, please and thank you.


Kristina Stubblefield  24:11  

And if you want to share anything with us, you can follow us on social media or visit


Michael Gaddie  24:18  

ring the Blaine and all the things calm.


Kristina Stubblefield  24:22  

correctly. Everyone stay safe. We'll see you next time.


Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things. If you like what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, for past episodes, and make sure to connect with us on social media. If you would like to help us get the word out about this podcast, make sure to share with your family, your friends and anyone you know in the wedding business.


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