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June 12, 2021

The Hyatt House Spotlight

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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with Amy Anderson-Miller about room blocks for your out-of-town wedding guests, number of rooms to book, what to ask is included, what to look for in your contract and more!

Stay tuned! Co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon are talking about room blocks in this episode with special guest Amy Andeson-Miller of the Hyatt House in Louisville, Kentucky. They get specific about the difference between courtesy blocks and attrition, how many doubles vs. king rooms to reserve, additional perks that may be included and more!

Listen to this episode for some great tips on ensuring comfortable, convenient and affordable accommodations for your out-of-town wedding guests.

Setting up a room block for your out-of-town wedding guests is logistically important… making planning and transportation easier and more fun for your guests! This episode will provide tips on when to book your room block, what to look for in your contract and all the other advantages and perks offered to the engaged couple!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTANDthat booking room blocks for your out-of-town guests is not only important and courteous but will ensure comfortable, convenient & affordable options... making planning and transportation easier.  

Share with us how booking a room block for your out-of-town guests helped make your logistical planning easier and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings

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Michael Gaddie  0:00  

Night night sleep tight,


Kristina Stubblefield  0:02  

making sure that both you and your guests have comfortable, convenient and affordable accommodations for wedding weekend is super important. And there is more to it than you may think.


Sharon Rumsey  0:14  

What is the difference between a courtesy block and attrition? How many doubles versus King? Should you book? Could the bar possibly be kept open late for your wedding crew? Is there a complimentary upgrade for the bride and groom breakfast? Amy Anderson Miller answers all of this and more in this episode.


Kristina Stubblefield  0:33  

You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes. joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling, and all the things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.


So we're going start this episode off a little different. We're really excited to have our guests because she's made us feel like family. And I know you heard about her in the intro. But I want to take just a minute. And I want us to be able to get our minds right before we started recording, we did fortune cookies. And it's always a good time to share positive and inspiring things. So Sharon, I'd


Sharon Rumsey  2:10  

like you to share yours. When I you know in my family when you read a fortune cookie, you have to say between the sheets after?


Unknown Speaker  2:17  

Is that inappropriate Honey, you do whatever you think you need to


Michael Gaddie  2:22  

only share.


Sharon Rumsey  2:25  

Okay, I won't do our family tradition. Victory is just around the corner. Mike, would you like to share yours?


Michael Gaddie  2:33  

You will soon be reassured that you were heading in the right direction between the sheets.


Unknown Speaker  2:43  

He had to add that in there. Okay, before now it's our fabulous guests turn Amy share with me.


Amy Anderson Miller  2:52  

I'm not so sure that mine is is any kind of a charming saying mine's actually telling me to leave. Mine says a change of scenery will be good for you.


Sharon Rumsey  3:04  

Well, after you're done dealing with us, it changes scenery will be good for


Sharon Rumsey  3:07  

you. We're going from here over to the bar. Right sweet. Baby, let's get started.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:14  

Okay, before we dive in, I'm going to share mine your strong ethics will benefit you in the long run. And I think that applies to all of us that are here. So this is a time to remind you that no matter what you have going on, and how bad things may seem right now that there is always a brighter something to look forward to on the horizon. So we'll start we'll start off with that positive note. Yeah. And Amy, thank you for agreeing. I know Sharon really had to twist your arm to get you to come on and be a guest


Amy Anderson Miller  3:51  

I'm excited by this y'all


Kristina Stubblefield  3:52  

and might make a couple phone calls to heard it. Yeah, couple just a couple sounds great, though. Mike, I'm gonna let you introduce but please don't forget, let her talk about herself. Ask her to introduce herself a little bit just not the those just not go off the intro.


Michael Gaddie  4:13  

To introduce Amy Anderson Miller. She is with the Hyatt house Lobo east. Also other hotels that you were involved in. That's right. Tell us a little bit about what you do with these three hotels that you have and tell us about the other hotels you have.


Amy Anderson Miller  4:28  

Okay, great. Well, I am a sales manager for done hospitality. And we are fortunate to have three properties here in Louisville. We have our newest one, which she just opened on October the eighth the Hyatt house Louisville East which we love By the way, which is where we are sitting right now we're sitting in the meeting room of the Hyatt house Louisville east and and I'll actually just go in reverse order. Our second one to open is actually just down the road. She's only about a mile and a half down. From this property, the Hilton Garden Inn mall St. Matthews, a lot of people are familiar with her she kind of towers next door to Dillards in the mall, St. Matthew so you can usually spot her over there. And then we have our first property in Louisville which is the property downtown. That is the Holiday Inn Express and suites. Local downtown on a thin market right by Louisville Slugger. We get a view of that bat. It's nice.


Kristina Stubblefield  5:27  

And I'll tell you what, Mike, I'm sorry, but Sharon over here. So we had the opportunity to stay the night. Even though this hotel is still somewhat under under construction, this


Sharon Rumsey  5:39  

sort of


Kristina Stubblefield  5:40  

Yes, sorta the bar is open. The bar is open. The rooms are fabulous. How long do we got? Because I'm gonna tell you that Mike, I'm sorry you missed out maybe the next time you'll join us. But the rooms fabulous of events, I immediately think wedding parties. bachelorette parties, bachelor parties and I'm talking right into your segue. Sharon you go right ahead.


Sharon Rumsey  6:03  

I actually met Amy a few months ago back in the early summer and had the opportunity to come as the hotel was actually being built it wasn't even open yet. And I got to do a hardhat tour and the instant I saw those rooms I just knew that they were ideal for a bridal party to get ready in. I don't really know how to explain it and I'm you'll do a better job but to me each room is almost like a small apartment. Big islands lots of natural light just perfect for bridal parties to get ready in. But on a personal note like Christina said we spent the night here last night, girls night. It was girls and night on tin and we literally had the best time everyone was so kind to us. I can't say enough about every single person we met just went above and beyond trying to make sure we were comfortable and happy Mike is feeling left out over here Sharon


Michael Gaddie  6:59  

rose okay rillette


Sharon Rumsey  7:01  

but we were both texting each other first thing this morning saying how amazing those showers are. That is the nicest shower I've ever had and I might not go home.


Kristina Stubblefield  7:14  

Well my stuff is still in my room. thinking I might fit in one more. Let's explain a little bit about that. So in we are going to definitely post some pictures on our social media so you all can see we did get a tour before but when you have to stay when you get to stay in a hotel don't have to get to one of the things that I have always thought about I have thicker hair. I used to have really long hair don't have that anymore. But a lot of times it in a time crunch. You know I'm not one that likes to get up at the crack of dawn and have to spend two hours getting ready. But let me tell you that's why I don't like to wash my hair at places because the water pressure I could rinse it in a sink faster than I could in a shower. But let me tell you what, I could have washed my hair many times in that shower. And although we're making a joke about it, it was actually quite refreshing to be honest with you your shower setup although we're talking a lot about this is even the drain it is such new you haven't seen before. But everything down to the finishings the electric cords that are you have so many outlets for USB four plugs for all that. And the storage. So when you talk about wedding parties, Brides, girls, okay, and not leaving guys out exactly. When you're staying somewhere before your big day or your big event. Or if it's a bachelorette party and you're all going out, a lot of people wash their hair Get ready, you have to have a lot of things plugged up. And I'll be honest with you, that has really, it seems as if a package deal to me. And I've been to many other very nice places. But my experience has just been like, gosh, this really suits people in the event world. Especially weddings, it's


Amy Anderson Miller  9:13  

a great fit. It's a really great fit. I love it for bridal party to get ready in for all the reasons we just talked about. But I also with my job do a lot of reading wedding room blocks, where I'm blocking out several rooms for wedding guests to stay in. So Amy, I'm going to turn that over to you because that's what you do. Yeah. However, we're gonna let our guest hop, help our listeners understand what a wedding room block really is. Sure. Okay. And that's exactly what I do. And the way done hospitality works is we have three properties here in Louisville, but I work with weddings, as one of my segments. So no matter what venue you're going to be Using and what location works best for you, you're still going to work with me when it comes to helping you set up that wedding block. And which is really nice because that way you know exactly, you know who you're going to talk to and directly who you can go to. And so, a wedding block is ideal for out of town guests. And it's even more ideal for the wedding party themselves, because we actually release them from a lot of those little details, they no longer have to worry about, because now we're going to handle it for them. If someone has a question, or a special requests for their room, they call us or email us, they no longer have to call the mother of the bride or the wedding planner, even in handling that question. So it does alleviate a lot of that extra stress when everybody's trying to worry about other more important details. So once we set up a block, we are with you from start to finish, we are going to be the ones that are going to work directly with the guest, we send out a booking link, it's a hot link. And so that makes it very easy for everyone. Because you're going to be able to email that link directly to someone, you can post it on your wedding website, you can post it on a wedding Facebook page, and all your guest has to do is click that link, it's a hot link, and it will go right to that room block, it'll go right to those room choices. And to that special rate that we have set up for that wedding party, every room block is going to get a discount, it's going to be discounted from someone who's just going to call and ask for a room for those same dates. So we are going to be saving guests money when they come on that trip to the wedding, which of course is a lot that it comes up very often what's it going to cost me to travel to a wedding. I know that's in the back of a lot of people's minds about traveling into a wedding event. And that's where I feel like a block is such an advantage for any group, because we're going to save them money, it's going to be a good value. And, and I think that that really helps people make the decision as to whether or not they're going to travel. And logistically it's so much easier for the wedding planner, the bride and groom to have everybody in one place. So if we're providing transportation, those kinds of things, everybody's in one location, also having breakfast provided for the for the bride and groom. I know some of the things that you've offered to my couples that I really appreciate is some of my couples are not done with the party. That's right. You're right we do with a block Not only is the value but we offer perks. So the bride and groom a lot of times we're going to give them a complimentary honeymoon suite, the night of the wedding. We're going to offer breakfast included in the rate for the wedding guests. So everyone has a cook to order breakfast the next morning. And you're right, the really fun part is our bars in the hotels generally will shut down at 10pm. But what we have started to do with weddings is we noticed that a lot of weddings they don't want to stop after the reception is closing down. They want to keep the party going. The guests are already all at the hotel. And it's wonderful because now they're not going to drive anywhere. And so all we do is have the wedding party let us know ahead of time that they would like to come back and continue the party and we will simply keep our bar open we let the bartender know we know that they're coming and there's no charge for that. We just want people to have a good time and and they just continue the bride and groom's love that and yes, the ideal place here with the patio and the fire pits. I mean, it's perfect and


Amy Anderson Miller  13:59  

invitation to continue party.


Sharon Rumsey  14:02  

Now how can you say no? Right? How can you sign up.


Michael Gaddie  14:05  

So if the bride wants all of her bridesmaids to get ready in her room, and they all want to be together what some of the products or services that you provide. In the room.


Sharon Rumsey  14:19  

We do we have a bridal dressing suite package. We have that actually at any of our properties, the Hyatt place and the Hyatt house actually ended up giving us the perfect room because we have these big corner suites that are 800 square feet. So and as Sharon had mentioned before, they're going to have all the plugs and all the natural light to be able to get ready. But we also bring in heavy iron rolling garment racks they are 72 inches high so they are gown length. That's awesome. They are heavy and they will not tip we bring in a professional Garment Steamer We have flip flops for everybody's feet when they're, you know, trying to yes to stay out of the heels. While they can. I love me some flip flops. We bring in extra barstools for the hair and makeup. When they need that as well, we have extra full length mirrors that we will bring in. If they need a few extra ones there, they're the six foot mirrors that we just simply lean against the wall. So if they want more mirrors add to the room, we just simply bring those in as well, for the group, it literally takes care of everything.


Michael Gaddie  15:33  

I mean, that's one stop right there. I mean, why wouldn't you choose you? That's amazing. So let's say how far out Should we do a broom block if if we want to book a room if when they get engaged or


Amy Anderson Miller  15:50  

as soon as they find their venue, I always think it's it's definitely better once they've determined where they want to have the reception at because they want the location to be as close by as possible. And that is the really great thing. Our three locations really do put you in the center of the majority of the venues here in Louisville, we can offer dual blocks. So if you would like your wedding party to have a choice between a pet friendly location, more suites available here at the Hyatt house, or if they are Hilton loyal. And they would like to be by the mall, we have the Hilton Garden Inn, but they're only a mile and a half apart. And you're still within such a close vicinity to the East End venues. But I always say once you have your venue, get your room block going. Because in pre pandemic times, Louisville is a very busy city. And there are a lot of city wide events. So the earlier you can get your room block going. A lot of times you can be those price jumps that you see so often in a busy city as those rooms sell out.


Michael Gaddie  17:01  

So how does a blue a room block work? If If I say I've got 100 people coming in from out of town? How do I know what number to tell you that I need to block rooms for? Is there a formula for that? Because I have no clue.


Amy Anderson Miller  17:15  

You know? I am i do i a lot of times they'll send out the information along with the save the dates, and they'll get kind of an idea of who else interested. But it's usually about 30%. If you can, if you're going to invite 100 out of town travelers, you're usually going to get at least 30% of those that are going to travel in. And you know, you also need to think is it 100 people or is it 100 invitations is going to be actually 100 rooms, because that's in the other question and maybe 100 people, but you've got couples or you've got families where it only actually totals down to about 25 or 30 rooms. But it doesn't have to be exact room blocks are kind of you have a lot of give and take there we are welcome to Let's say we do 30 rooms. But we can always reduce as well and keep an eye on the block. If the wedding guests are if they're a lot more excited about the wedding and they're starting to really book up the block. We keep an eye on that and we can grow a block as well.


Michael Gaddie  18:20  

So I'm not guarantee if I call you and say hey, Amy, I need 30 rooms and then I end up using 15 Is there a charge for that or it's


Amy Anderson Miller  18:29  

gonna depend on the type of contract you have. The rule of thumb is generally more than 20 rooms, you're going to have a contract that has attrition, which means you're guaranteeing 80% of those rooms will be reserved 20 rooms or less is called a courtesy contract where we are holding those rooms simply as a courtesy. You do not have any obligation for those rooms to be reserved. And we give the guests up to 30 days before the big event to reserve and what is not used just falls back into reservations automatically. If you have a really large block where it's 3040 rooms, then we talk about an attrition contract. And that's something that we always discuss in full because it is an obligation and I don't ever want anyone going into it not understanding what is required on their end. The contract outlines it but that's kind of like reading stereo instructions. So I like to be able to make sure to sit down with the wedding planner or the bride or who's handling the room block and understand if they're obligated to pay for unused rooms.


Michael Gaddie  19:43  

And that's where the wedding coordinator the wedding planner would step in and hopefully take care of that detail.


Sharon Rumsey  19:50  

What I usually tell my guests to do is to make their guests said tell my guest I met my clients. What I usually tell my clients to do is to take a really good look at their guests. Once we get that list made, and go through with a highlighter and just highlight everybody that's going to come in from out of town. And let's count that number, you know, and that's a good start, because every person you're marking is going to need a room. And then I usually take about five people off of that. And that's the room number that I go for when I do a room block, because I just want to give them a little bit of a cushion in case somebody decides they can't travel in, or they decide they're going to stay with family in town or something. And then, you know, I just did a 30 room block with Amy last week. And so that's an attrition block, because it's so big, where we are obligated to fill 80% of those rooms. But normally, I don't do that. Normally, I just do a courtesy block so that my clients not under that obligation.


Kristina Stubblefield  20:46  

This makes me think of something before people do a room block, do you allow them to come out and do a tour or a walkthrough?


Amy Anderson Miller  20:55  

Yes, absolutely. We actually encourage that, I think it's a really good idea for the wedding party or the wedding planner to come out and be able to see the hotel for themselves and get a really good idea of how that's going to work from the venue for the size the room types. And if they want one of those packages, what does that entail? And what room would that be in? Because Because it's you get such a much better idea of what will work for you. With such a strong visual. I always just think it's a really good idea. And during the pandemic, I was even doing virtual tours, I would just flip my phone around and walk through the hotel and show him the rooms show him the lobby, show him the bridal dressing suite. And it worked.


Kristina Stubblefield  21:45  

I think that would even be important for maybe people that whose family's here, but they live out of town. Yes, they're having the event here to know that they can virtually Yes, take a tour of it and be talking to you and ask him questions. During that time.


Amy Anderson Miller  21:59  

It works really well. It's usually only about a 30 minute phone call. You know, we keep it a little bit brief, if it's going to be virtual, but but it worked really well. I booked quite a few weddings in the early days of the pandemic just like that. And I think it's something that's here to stay.


Michael Gaddie  22:16  

I agree. I mean, really, when the when this all started on, I never did zoom or anything like that I did all of my wedding appointments. But he definitely did not do much technology. I'll be the first one to know what thanks to Christina, I'm getting better.


Kristina Stubblefield  22:33  

We You know what, and it's it really come down to when I used to talk to Mike and Sharon, and I'd be like, let's jump on a zoom. And they both be like, really, we have to zoom in, I'm like, let's just hop on there for a few minutes. And but they've really,


Kristina Stubblefield  22:47  

we've all had to adapt, you know, it's not the ideal situation. But at least you can still conduct a business, people can still plan their events. And it's nice to know that you offer options to be able to adjust as things come up.


Sharon Rumsey  23:05  

I just don't ever want anyone going into something where they, they just don't feel good about it. And you know, it just leaves so much to the unknown if they want to see it, and they can't. So that's why I think the site tours are so important, whether they be in person or virtually. And you know, currently on my book, I have four brides that live out of state. Thankfully, two of them have moms that are local. So I kind of have boots on the ground with me. But those brides that live out of state, that's awesome that they can still see the hotel that they're choosing. So I I agree, I think they're here to stay


Kristina Stubblefield  23:40  

well, and I think being able to work with someone like Amy, she's familiar with the area. So if your guests are not from here, she can help provide information to them what's available around different places to eat. Because you're and you've talked about this before. I don't know if the episodes aired or not yet, but you've talked about if you've got rehearsal dinner, but those guests aren't coming to it, they may have a whole day evening to go out and explore or do things


Sharon Rumsey  24:06  

well. And I mean, even look at just the two of us. And we are from very close to here. But we stayed here last night and we wanted to go out to dinner. And the place we wanted to go to they were they were full, they couldn't fit anyone else in so the lady at the front desk, you know, as I was waiting for Kristina to get here, I'm like, where else is good and because we're from, you know, 20 minutes from here, and they were able to give us some idea. So I think definitely using that hotel staff that is familiar with the area and we do a lot of welcome bags when we do a room block. So can you talk that to us a little bit about that and like if if my clients want to do welcome bags, is that something you guys can help with? Absolutely. We do. We offer that service in all of our hotels. It's a complimentary service. Wow, we never charge for the wedding party to bring in the gift gift bags. Now we've had to adjust that a little bit. With a pandemic, where we let them have it at the front desk, because we don't enter a room once it's been sanitized, but that is always available service to them. And we arranged that a few days before we schedule when those bags are coming in, we even have a form that the family fills out in terms of if they have a specific request for the bags. Sometimes they have specific bags for specific people. So we just always like to have that in writing. That way, our front desk is familiar with that particular wedding party when they're handing it out. Because many times you can have two or three wedding parties on the same weekend. And when you're making your gift bags, or your welcome bags, it's really, really a good idea. If you're not familiar with the area, to talk to that hotel contact, you know someone in Amy's position to get her to give you some ideas of things to do around town because most people don't just come in town on wedding day. So if they come in town a day earlier, they're staying a day after that person that's local can give you a lot of good ideas of what your guests could do and some different sites to see. And I love that you guys do that as a complimentary service? Because most hotels do charge for that. Yes,


Michael Gaddie  26:11  

yes. That's awesome. That's the first time I've ever heard of No, I


Amy Anderson Miller  26:14  

just, I just had a bride, we just signed to pay $3 per bag. Yeah, for that. Yeah, you know, it brings up a really good point. And I cannot stress this enough. Our three hotels under done hospitality, there are is just a certain way we do things in our hotels. And it all lines up to an exceptional customer experience that is first and foremost in what we do for our guests and what is important to us. So no matter which hotel you're at, you're going to get exactly the same exceptional experience at all three locations. So you don't have to feel anxious about why I'm not as familiar with this one. Or I'm my friend stayed at this hotel, but we're staying at this hotel, you're still going to get the same quality and, and the same exceptional front desk team. And you're still going to get me handling the wedding with all three hotels. So it's very consistent. It's something I can count on dealing with brides and these kind of things, you know, the relationship is so important. And I really, really do you feel like you care about them and that you you are invested in their event. Yes. So I really do appreciate that.


Kristina Stubblefield  27:30  

Well, and I'll tell you from the time that we first walked in the door, the first time we were here, it felt very cozy. It did not feel as if I was walking into a hotel, and from the staff to the lobby, how inviting it is to how the rooms are. It goes back to what we've talked about before. This is the experience. And this just screams events, weddings, family, that kind of thing. And we're all pet lovers here so Sharon and I made several comments. There's another dog oh my goodness, like it was just refreshing to see that.


Amy Anderson Miller  28:15  

You know you brought up a really good point about this being pet friendly and I know Mike had said about when we were talking about attrition contracts. The One really cool thing about having this second hotel now on the east end is if an attrition contract is a scary thought and it can be to a lot of people where do the I want that responsibility to pay for unused rooms. We have the ability to have dual blocks because we have these two hotels that are a mile and a half apart. So whether your wedding is at hazelnut farms or at the homestead, having a dual block gives you the ability to you can have 20 rooms here and you can have 20 rooms at the Hilton. You are not going to have any attrition you are going to have to turn courtesy contracts. You're going to actually give your guests an option on price point on a pet friendly location and a location in terms of what are they nearby


Michael Gaddie  29:13  

That's amazing. That's awesome.


Amy Anderson Miller  29:14  

And I actually do that sometimes I know you mentioned this a second ago about people that are you know said if they're Hilton loyal or if they're Hyatt loyal. I do that sometimes because I'll have you know someone in the family Tell me a lot of our family uses this hotel. And we have points or we have you know, we want to stay where we're familiar. So if you if you break that block up and do a dual block like she was talking about, you're able to give that choice and let people go where they have points or have that familiarity and we do give meeting planner points to who sets up the block as well so the bride and groom can earn points high it has a very cool honeymoon program for points for the bride and groom in our Are commissionable as well to wedding planners who work on commission. So there are a lot of advantages to setting up these blogs and a lot of extra perks that the wedding party and the wedding planners can earn as well.


Kristina Stubblefield  30:13  

And I'll tell you something that stands out on this great pieces of paper that Sharon made sure that we had. Thank you, Sharon, you're on is you had put in here that done hospitality is committed to every guest every time and what I want to share with you is, most times actually, every time I came in contact with someone that worked at this hotel, I felt as if me and Sharon were the only people staying here. And I mean that in a very positive way you really


Amy Anderson Miller  30:42  

really felt like they cared that you had a good experience. We do. And that's exactly the done hospitality way in you're going to find that at every single hotel, you go to a done in the two states that we have them. Again, speaking back to consistency, and it's what drives the Hospitality Group. And this is how they open their hotels. This is how they train their employees. And this is this is the way that we treat our guests each and every time and with each and every employee.


Kristina Stubblefield  31:16  

Well, and I think you've shared a lot of really good tips absolutely and great information not only about this location, but done hospitality as a whole. And I want to I'm gonna let you close out with how people can connect with you and all that good stuff. But we're doing a very fun part. We're gonna give you three rapid questions. Tell us what comes to mind. You're definitely going to like the first one. I hit the mic. She's so excited. She's about to get the microphone. Okay, let's hear it.


Unknown Speaker  31:48  

You're the first guest in at happy hour. You go to the bar and what do you order?


Amy Anderson Miller  31:55  

Dirty Martini extra olives. Ooh,


Unknown Speaker  31:59  

good answer. Okay, so are you pro toss or anti toss?


Amy Anderson Miller  32:07  

Okay, tosses garter tosses, oh, I'm actually anti toss. I always hidden the back. She gave us all the information. My husband's a DJ and when he calls people out for the toss, and he's doing the the bridal bouquet toss. He'll say, Okay, any ladies who are single or wish you were single, come on. And I always go No, you just see Ron just teasing.


Kristina Stubblefield  32:34  

Okay, last one. Beef chicken or fish, chicken. See, she knew exactly what she wanted to say love a lady that knows what she wants. Exactly. Okay, so Amy, for anybody that wants to connect with you with any of the three locations here in the Louisville, Kentucky area for done hospitality, how can they connect with you or find out more information


Amy Anderson Miller  32:56  

they can call one phone number. My direct line is 502-813-7222. And that's going to get my direct line at the office. I have an email address as well. But it's a long one I'll


Kristina Stubblefield  33:14  

put it in in the notes. I can click right on it if they want to see pictures are more information. Can they get to the properties from done hospitality website or where do they need to they can it's done hospitality and it lists all of our hotels and they can click on on every single one of them to book or just to read more about it.


Amy Anderson Miller  33:34  

And even though we're talking about the Louisville Kentucky area, done hospitality has properties in Evansville, and then also in the northern part of Indy in an area called fishers up where I key is feel like going shopping and IKEA you can come and stay at our big Hyatt up there. And that's a great way.


Kristina Stubblefield  33:52  

Thank you. I've got to let Sharon close this one out. And Mike might find her over it. I'm not sure I'll let them go at it. But thank you for the incredible hospitality. Welcome is been outstanding. gerrant might well let might get a word in edgewise here. Come on, Mike.


Michael Gaddie  34:11  

Amy, thank you so much for being here today and appreciate you hosting our meetings. And we're looking forward to working with you in the future. Wow. So


Amy Anderson MIller  34:18  

lots y'all are a fun bunch. I


Amy Anderson Miller  34:21  

can't wait. I was just getting ready. Say you've had as much fun with us as I think we've had with you. I hope. Okay, Sharon,


Sharon Rumsey  34:27  

take it away. So Amy, we really really are grateful. I know that you are super busy. And we're grateful that you took the time to come and share not only your time but your expertise with us because I learned something pretty much every time I talked to you. So I really do appreciate that and I feel like meeting you is gonna make me a better wedding planner. And hopefully we will have a long, long long list of couples that we share in done hospitality hotels. Oh, you can count on it. All right. Thank you, Amy. Thanks, everybody.


Kristina Stubblefield  35:10  

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the ring, doubling and all the things. If you like what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, the ring, the bling and all the for past episodes, and make sure to connect with us on social media. If you would like to help us get the word out about this podcast, make sure to share with your family, your friends and anyone you know in the wedding business.


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Amy Anderson Miller

Amy Anderson Miller works for Dunn Hospitality Hotels in Louisville. She is your personal wedding contact for Dunn Hospitality, Louisville. She is also here to ensure you & your guests have an exceptional experience.

The foundation of Dunn Hospitality Group is based upon their “Commitment to Excellence” to their customers, their associates, their shareholders, partners, and the communities which they serve. By setting their goals high, and continually exceeding their commitment, Dunn Hospitality Group has become the “Premiere Hospitality Company in the Midwest.”

As the second and now third generations begin to prepare to carry the tradition, it is understood that thry do not just operate hotels, but focus on delivering a world class hospitality experience and being “committed to every guest…every time”. Their hotels are award winning properties and they take pride in knowing they are blessed to be surrounded by such a passionate team focused on that promise.