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Feb. 24, 2021

Suit Your Fancy - Tuxedos & Suits

Suit Your Fancy - Tuxedos & Suits
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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon discuss suits & tuxedos... what groom’s don’t think about, what groomsmen are the worst about and why slim doesn’t mean skinny.

Tune in to hear about men’s attire for your wedding day… what the groom’s don’t think about, what groomsmen are the worst about… and don’t forget about the dads!

Listen in while co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with their expert men’s attire guest, Pam Gaddie. She explains how far in advance you should pick your attire, get measurements and what is typically included with a suit or tux rental.

Did you know that rental suits and tuxedos can only be altered to a certain point and that just moving a button’s placement can make all the difference in fit? Tune in to hear about these and more great tips concerning men’s attire for your wedding day!


  • FIND OUTthe best time to shop for suits and tuxedos and how to deal with the out of town groomsmen’s attire.
  • UNDERSTANDwhy the groom needs to be a little different in look than the groomsmen and why the dads attire should not be ignored.
  • DISCOVERthe difference between ultraslim and traditional suits… and why slim doesn’t mean skinny.

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  

Wedding Day is not just about the ladies looking fabulous. You want all the guys looking their best as well.


Sharon Rumsey  0:06  

There sure is a lot more to choosing a suit making sure it fits correctly. And most of all getting all your goofy groomsmen to follow directions than meets the eye.


Michael Gaddie  0:15  

Stay tuned as we talk with an expert in men's attire, Pam Gaddie, and elite partner of Jim's Formal Wear in Louisville, Kentucky.


Kristina Stubblefield  0:24  

You got engaged. Now what? Happy? Yes, joyful time, of course, stressed and overwhelmed. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the blink and all the things where we will get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. We'll cover all things from yes to I do's and all that happens in between. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie, and Sharon Rumsey. With over 50 years of wedding experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now, let's get started with this episode.


You all are in for a royal treat with this episode, because what you may not have heard in the intro was our guest is the one and only she's been so excited she's been waiting for this day to get here. She is the one and only Pam Gaddie. And why would that name sound familiar to you? That's because she is the better half of my good friend and co host, Michael Gaddy. Pam, thank you for being here.


Pam Gaddie  1:56  

Thank you for having me.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:57  

And we don't even have to act like he's here we can we just talk amongst ourselves.


Pam Gaddie  2:01  

He's he's used to that me ignoring him. So good.


Kristina Stubblefield  2:04  

Well, before I make a mistake, like he normally does, I'm gonna let you introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about what you do. And then we've got a lot of topics and questions for you. And you're gonna give our listeners a lot of good information about suits.


Pam Gaddie  2:22  

I hope so.


Kristina Stubblefield  2:24  

I think you will write Sharon, don't you think she's going to be just fine, isn't she?


Sharon Rumsey  2:27  

I think she is going to be better than she even knows if you're not nervous.


Pam Gaddie  2:31  

Are you know it's okay.


Pam Gaddie  2:33  

Okay, good. All right, Pam. Tell them all about you. Okay,


Pam Gaddie  2:38  

I am Pam Gaddy. With Jim's formal wear we're at Lloyds florist. So we do house. Jim's firmware inside of our shop. And gyms has been in business since 1964. And I have had the pleasure of working with them. I couldn't believe it. I found out today, almost 10 years, it'll be 10 years in February.


Kristina Stubblefield  2:55  

So that means you've had the pleasure of 10 years times 365 days to work alongside this gentleman right here.


Pam Gaddie  3:06  

Actually, I've been with him at the shop for 20 years.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:10  

I just met with the suits part. Yeah, no.


Pam Gaddie  3:12  

With the guys 10 years that's long enough, Pam.


Pam Gaddie  3:16  

I mean, what let's not add any more time to that.


Sharon Rumsey  3:19  

And Pam Gaddy is a st st from Jesus. I believe


Pam Gaddie  3:23  

she is she is


Sharon Rumsey  3:25  

nobody else can do it.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:27  

Mike wave at the camera. And make sure you check out our social media because you're not gonna want to miss some behind the scenes. Pam, I am going to keep them focused. Okay. Mike printed as a sheet and I may take a picture to share with our audience. I'm gonna have to put it so far away from me because the font size is I'm not sure how it fit on one page to be honest with you. You're


Sharon Rumsey  3:49  

10 years younger than Michael and I so


Kristina Stubblefield  3:52  

we're not talking about ages Sharon. Buttercup. Yep. What's Michael savored St. Michael, just tell me your favorite saying.


Michael Gaddie  3:59  

Buckle up. Buckle up. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.


Kristina Stubblefield  4:03  

Okay. Yep, I knew he wasn't gonna do a good job. Okay, Pam, what is one thing in your 10 years of dealing with suits that gentleman, grooms groomsmen? What's one thing that stands out to you that they don't think about?


Pam Gaddie  4:25  

The groom typically does not think about being a little different. It is really hard for me to get them to the understanding of knowing that the bride does not look like the bridesmaids in her gown. He needs to look a little bit different than his groomsmen.


Kristina Stubblefield  4:41  

Really, so they don't want to they want to wear the exact same Yes,


Pam Gaddie  4:45  

yes, they do not want to stand out. They do not want to look any different. And that is probably the largest hurdle that I face.


Kristina Stubblefield  4:53  

So it's really important and I know this has been talked about I've heard it somewhere. That groomsmen, listen, and follow the timeframe about getting in and getting measured. I'm throwing these good topics out at first we're gonna dive right in Are you go?


Pam Gaddie  5:14  

No, they're not. That is one of the things that I try to stay on top of. We usually have everybody have their measurements and their deposits paid eight weeks out. And what I will usually do is when we're given the contract, we reach out to all the guys, we introduce ourselves, we tell them what we expect when we expect it.


Pam Gaddie  5:35  

And they


Pam Gaddie  5:36  

follow through, right? Nope, not all the time. Every now and then you do find one that falls through the cracks. And we have to reach out to them a second, a third, and sometimes the fourth time.


Kristina Stubblefield  5:47  

Really, yes, I share. And I'm not even looking at you. Because I bet you're just like, that's what you're doing are just


Sharon Rumsey  5:53  

notorious. The groomsmen are, I call Pam it every wedding we do together pretty much and I just say which one? Which ones missing. But Pam will find them for me. Yes,


Kristina Stubblefield  6:07  

Pam will track them down, she will but have not heard you say when you started texting with people, you got a better response than trying to call because people won't call back, they won't check their voicemail.


Pam Gaddie  6:19  

I typically will text the guys that are out of town. My only concern with the text is then they start texting me back with their measurements. And there are times that I don't even have my phone on me because I also work the sales counter, you know, six days a week.


Kristina Stubblefield  6:36  

Right? So just following the instructions to make sure they get measured. Time is important. Yeah, to get their items back. What is one tip you would share with people out there in regards to their suits.


Pam Gaddie  6:55  

Just trying to make sure that everybody gets it done in a timely fashion, looking for things that are a little bit different, even if the groom just has a bow tie and everybody else has a long time. That one little thing makes him stand out as the groom. And that's what you really need. Sham, you


Sharon Rumsey  7:12  

know, you just mentioned, especially the ones out of town. Is that a concern? If we have a bridal party and some of the guys do live out of town, how do we go about that? No, actually,


Pam Gaddie  7:28  

I would say out of say 10 weddings, nine out of 10 of them at least have one person that's out of town. And then that's where the texting comes in. When I know that that person is out of town, they'll send them a text with the out of town measurement card. So they have it right on their phone, when they go to get measured somewhere in their area. And if they need help to do that, I will find them one. I do know that like gems form aware has 5000 retailers throughout the United States. So it may not be a storefront like you are used to seeing. But like one like myself, which we're inside of Lloyds, Florida, so I will help them find one. If they cannot, then they have that information. They just get it back to me. But you don't


Sharon Rumsey  8:07  

have to actually come into town No, to get measured. No, that's awesome. Now, how far in advance do you recommend that the guys come in and select their formal where and then once that's done, how far out from the wedding do you recommend they get fitted?


Pam Gaddie  8:23  

We have a set goal of having everybody's measurements and deposits paid eight weeks out. Okay. And once that is done, then I can place the order with Jim's firmware. So just because you place the order with me at Lloyds florist, until that last person gets measured in deposit is paid. The order is not officially placed with Jim's former where


Kristina Stubblefield  8:44  

I love how she says we set a goal that was so creative there with your wording. Pam


Pam Gaddie  8:51  

Yes, we set that goal in hindsight being 2020 in and we set that goal of eight weeks and I will tell the bride and groom's at the consultation. We set that goal of eight weeks and know that we still have a buffer there. I'm not gonna disclose what that buffer is because I get the wrong idea. I will I can go past that day. It's not fun.


Sharon Rumsey  9:11  

It's I know when I do my checklist in my software that I use for planning, I'm able to now it's a new feature we can send text reminders. So I have started putting in a text reminder to my grooms and my groomsmen that eight weeks out they need to take care of their formal wear.


Kristina Stubblefield  9:30  

I have a question. I don't understand what all comes with running a suit. I don't understand how the process works. Can you walk us through a little bit of that for those who might not know Sure.


Pam Gaddie  9:44  

When we do a suit or talks we will ask them basic information. The suit in itself comes with your pants, your jacket, your shirt, best tie, that is all included in one lump sum. If they want to do shoes, because there for a long time, kind of getting out of it now, but when all of the barn atmosphere, they took the shoes out of that, so if they want to do shoes, they rent them separately. But yes, they can be done anything and they if they want don't want to do best, that's fine. We can do that as well. Sharon, I


Kristina Stubblefield  10:20  

have heard you say something about this, I think before and if it was Mike, I'll say I'm sorry. People don't check what all they got. They don't open it until the day of like to make sure all their items are there.


Michael Gaddie  10:36  

Well, that's a big thing. I mean, and we deal with that a lot. just for an example. I mean, tell them about the experience that we just had this past weekend with someone getting their suit at like eight days before the wedding and they call the day before and something didn't fit correctly.


Kristina Stubblefield  10:54  

Pam, I like how he said tell them the story and then he just kept going he


Michael Gaddie  10:57  

never Brown is gonna be quiet.


Pam Gaddie  11:01  

With what he's talking about is we had one a gentleman last weekend who got a drop ship. And typically I'm a drop shipper, you usually do have it the weekend before. And most of the time on that Monday, the week of the event, I will call corporate and say hey, I know this gentleman's gotten his suit dropped. When will he get it? Or has he gotten it? And they tell me as soon as I know that then I'm calling him. Hey, you know you got your suit. Have you tried it on yet? Oh, I'll try it on tonight. Yeah, I got it three days ago. Okay. So, again, I tried to be very diligent about it. I call him four times. On the fourth time, he calls after hours and says, Oh, I got it. My sleeves are too long. Well, dude, it's Friday afternoon. The wedding's tomorrow morning. Love it.


Pam Gaddie  11:47  

She said, Dude, love it.


Sharon Rumsey  11:50  

I probably would have said something.


Pam Gaddie  11:52  

Correct. Let's keep going Pam before she does.


Pam Gaddie  11:57  

But what we were able to do was he got it to us. We fixed it. And we somebody came picked it up wedding day. Okay, well, that brings me to a whole nother question. Because you explained to me about the process, what comes with it? Are they fit to exact size? Or how does that work? A lot of our guys come in feeling like this should be a tailored suit. And I get that I do want everybody to look and feel their best. But one thing they've got to keep in mind is the gentleman that word the weekend before may have been a little smaller than him. And the week after the gentleman's gonna be a little bit bigger than he is. So as much as I tried to tailor them to them. As far as their likes and dislikes, I can alter them up to a certain point. So if you get a jacket and your sleeve is too long, then yes, I'm going to I'm going to accommodate you and adjust your sleeve. And him that and in in the store. You do that? Yes, I do that in store.


Pam Gaddie  12:55  

Really. Okay.


Pam Gaddie  12:56  

And that's why when we talk to the guys and they get measured, we will tell them, Hey, your suit is going to come in typically on Tuesday, the week of the event, make your appointment as quickly as possible. It says in our contract that as long as you come in and try your suit on with us by three o'clock on Thursday, we will make those alterations and make you look and feel your best.


Sharon Rumsey  13:17  

That's a really quick turnaround.


Kristina Stubblefield  13:19  

Yeah. And she's just mentioned things it has to be done in a timely matter. You can't wait till the last minute, especially if changes need to be made. Correct. Sharon Have you ran across think problems like this? Honestly,


Sharon Rumsey  13:31  

I haven't because Pam is so good at what she does. And she does almost all of my guys suits. I really haven't. I mean, if I did, she would be on speed dial but I haven't so far. I just I mean, I would have said are you kidding me that you've had the suit a week? didn't try it on.


Kristina Stubblefield  13:50  

So you wouldn't have you would have said something and Pam


Michael Gaddie  13:52  

comes across really good with her guys. I mean, she and she loves it because she's a mom. Well, I mean, she she she shows passionate and what she does too, because she wants him to look great. She wants the pictures to be perfect for him. Pam tell tell them about what benefits you do or get if you get certain amount of suits from us you get with the groom and


Pam Gaddie  14:16  

if you do five adult rentals, then the groom is free. So we dress them from top to bottom absolutely free.


Kristina Stubblefield  14:24  

Do you find that the parents of the bride or groom, are they going into suits as well? Or what typically happens there?


Pam Gaddie  14:33  

Usually when we go over everything I'll say, okay, groom best man. groomsmen. What about the dads? And most of the time, it's like a deer in the headlight looking like, oh, dads are supposed to think about it. No, they don't. Not at all. And that's basically three categories. For me. You've got your groom, your groomsmen and your dads. I do think that dad should look a little different than a groomsmen he should not be dressed. Exactly. Like the groomsmen The other thing is that the thing that I find that most brides do not think about is if they do want to dress dad's the exact same Well, you also got to look at those pictures with mom. You know, you don't want dad to have a color of tie and mom be dressed in something different. And it looks awful in pictures. Well, that them to be cohesive, yes, you want them to be most dads, I tried to make it more neutral toned.


Kristina Stubblefield  15:28  

And again, I don't know much when it comes to this. Sorry to disappoint you, Michael. But I'm gonna try to ask a question here. Are all the suits the same as their different styles? Or how does that work? Jim's


Pam Gaddie  15:43  

has probably 100 different suits in their collection. And that ranges anywhere from different colors, different styles, different fits, they go from ultra slim to traditional, oh, this


Kristina Stubblefield  15:55  

is gonna bring up a good point, I think


Pam Gaddie  15:58  

keep going. ultra slim is what I call the equivalent to skinny jeans. I mean, it fits completely down the legs, hugging them.


Kristina Stubblefield  16:09  

The dads and grandfathers sign up for that one all day long.


Pam Gaddie  16:13  

Some do. Depending on the dad and himself, all the way to the modern traditional cuts, which we are doing very few of just because they're more boxy. Most of them that we sell right now are slim. But slim actually fits a wider group of guys better than anything that I've ever seen. And also talking about slim. I mean, a lot of guys think that slim mean skinny, and it does not mean that we cannot stress that enough. What does it mean? It's just the cut of how it's made. It's not boxy, where you've got it's more so boxy versus tailored. I think slim is more tailored.


Michael Gaddie  16:57  

It doesn't matter if you weigh 300 pounds. It's gonna it's gonna fit you in a slimmer way.


Pam Gaddie  17:03  

It's gonna Yeah, that's what the slim I mean, the slim cuts. I mean, people think, Oh, my gosh, no, this is gonna fit too tight. No, it doesn't slim actually goes up to a size 66. And on average, most guys are anywhere from like 36 to 46. And you think that up to 66? Yes, it's going to fit a wider variety. A lot of my football build type guys look so awesome in slim, and they'd would not think that they do. And the reason they do is because it's more tailored, if you put a gentleman built like that in a traditional or moderate cut, everything looks too baggy for them looks like it's kind


Sharon Rumsey  17:43  

of just hanging off.


Kristina Stubblefield  17:45  

And this really brings out the point. If you use a professional that this is what they specialize in, they can kind of help guide you give, you can ask them questions and get direct feedback about your event your suits. Yes. You want me to keep going I have all kinds of questions.


Pam Gaddie  18:03  

The other thing that you'll find, in my opinion with us versus someone else is, say you've got a gentleman who is broad across the shoulders, but he still has a waistline. So what we will do is when he comes in and tries on a suit to get it to fit across the chest, and may have to be a little bit bigger than it would around his waistline. So we'll move those buttons. And that's one of those alterations that we do in house. So we'll move that alter button over even one inch and that pulls that in and gives him his still waistline.


Kristina Stubblefield  18:34  

I'm learning all kinds of things. And I know that I've heard someone say something about this. They have a responsibility to get them back to you, right. So after the events over what happens after the events over,


Pam Gaddie  18:48  

we have a really bright green piece of paper in every pocket that says please return this to us by Monday at four o'clock. So if the events on Friday, you can drop them off to us on Saturday. If the events on Saturday. You've got until Monday to get them to


Kristina Stubblefield  19:02  

why do I have a feeling you really pointed out about that big green piece of paper on there? Oh, just


Pam Gaddie  19:09  

that's that's a topic for another story when we're drinking.


Kristina Stubblefield  19:14  

Did you all hear that? She just said she'd come back. We didn't even we didn't even think we could get her to do one right? I'll take that as a win. There you go.


Sharon Rumsey  19:23  

Anytime I know one of the things that I see a lot and I've actually started carrying in my emergency kit, just to kind of add on to men's form aware a little bit is I have so many like almost every wedding, somebody doesn't have socks. So I carry a Navy pair, a black pair and a brown pair of dress socks in my emergency kit now because some groomsmen is not going


Kristina Stubblefield  19:47  

to have their socks so they can't dress themselves. Okay,


Sharon Rumsey  19:51  

and Austen I'm a boy mom, like Pam, I have two of them. So I totally I know that I need to carry those socks.


Pam Gaddie  19:57  

Wow. Yeah, you would not believe The number of guys that will come in and say, do you think these socks will be okay? I'm


Sharon Rumsey  20:03  

like, dude, you're wearing beige socks and you got a gray suit on it? No, what I really love is when they have the athletic tube socks. Oh, yeah. And they're like, what's wrong with these? Yeah. And I'm like, take them off. Give them to me. Yes. No.


Kristina Stubblefield  20:16  

Yes. Make sure your socks match, please. So for people out there, Pam that might be considering? Should I just go and find me something at the store? Or should I rent something? What can you kind of break that down a little bit or go into detail about


Pam Gaddie  20:30  

it? I mean, we do offer purchase, as well as to be able to rent. In today's society. I would say probably 80% of our guys don't care anything about wearing a suit. It's, it's not about the suit anymore. We are so casual at work, at church, even at a wedding, that most of them do not care anything about having a suit. But if they want to purchase a suit, yes, we can help them with that. And we do help them with that. It's just a matter of knowing the group of guys that you have. But I would probably say and Mike correct me if you think this is wrong, I'd probably say 85% of our guys care nothing about having that suit. Mike,


Pam Gaddie  21:19  

don't you dare correct her that ain't


Michael Gaddie  21:21  

great. I mean, I agree. Now, sometimes we'll have a groom that comes in and says, I want all my groomsmen to purchase their suit. And half of them don't even wear suits. So in the one thing that she has is she has an option of renting or buying the same suit. So if half of them wanted to purchase the suit, and half of them didn't want to purchase it, they could rent it.


Sharon Rumsey  21:44  

Yeah, I know, I was at an appointment with these guys. One day, we were doing florals as well as picking out our seats. And Pam said, you know, they were asking about purchasing and Pam said, you know, if you have a profession that is going to require you to have a suit to wear a suit frequently, then yes, it's probably worth your money to purchase. If not, no, and I remember the groom going, Oh, I don't have that. I don't ever have to wear suit. So I really loved the way that she put that. And it really lets him kind of think it through.


Kristina Stubblefield  22:15  

And I know we've mentioned a lot about weddings, because that's what we're talking about as a wedding podcast. But any other events, people can come in. You do other types of events as well. Yes. I


Pam Gaddie  22:26  

mean, we are prom season is huge. We usually start that about March 1 and go through May. And yes, a lot of I mean, I love the high school kids. They are so fun and so funny to be around. They'll come out with their ties hanging on their head. How's this work? I don't think this


Pam Gaddie  22:44  

is right. This is not big enough.


Pam Gaddie  22:47  

But yeah, I mean, we've got people that'll come in from for military balls, homecomings. Most of them are Yeah, Derby. We've got some Derby guys that will come in and do their suits for Derby. I didn't even think about that. Yeah. And we've not to be somber, but we've had a couple of guys who had went to funerals and came in and asked about, you know, hey, I don't own a suit. But I know where everybody's really expecting me to have a suit and wear suit. Can you help me? Sure, I'll


Kristina Stubblefield  23:18  

help you. Well, and I would assume an event like that would take place much quicker than having so many weeks. So in instances like that, the best thing to do reach out, make sure that you can help them. Yes.


Pam Gaddie  23:30  

And sometimes we can I mean, can I go to the back room and pull something out of the closet? No, we do not have inventory like that. But if you have even a two days notice, yeah, I can do that. I can make that happen.


Sharon Rumsey  23:43  

That's really good to know.


Kristina Stubblefield  23:45  

But it's a different story. Let's disclaimer, this. It's a different story. When you've got a group of guys, right for the wedding party, and things like that. It's not like you can just snap of fingers have all those there. And they all have to match. And


Pam Gaddie  24:00  

well and the other thing is to do that. Another disclaimer there to do that you are expediting shipping to and you want to keep this as cost effective for these guys as possible. That's why we asked for that eight week buffer. Once you place the order with Jim's farmer where those suits are held for you until that day. So you have first dibs when it comes to that weekend. And that's one thing and that I cannot reiterate enough with these gentlemen who get married say March 15 through the end of May. We are in a heavy prom season. And I tell these guys as soon as the new year hits, get those suits, because if not, you don't want to compete with prom kids for their prom talks. You want to have yours on order and yours held for for those days.


Kristina Stubblefield  24:49  

That's a really good point.


Sharon Rumsey  24:51  

I know. Pam and Mike both have told my clients that the new line from former were companies comes out in January So, you know, my clients are getting married next fall. We haven't chosen their suit yet. Because they want to make sure that they see the newest. They want to have all their options. But believe me, we're going to be in their late January, early February, and we're going to get their suits chosen. And that's what


Pam Gaddie  25:17  

I just had a gentleman call today. Because Yeah, I'm getting married next August, can I make an appointment to come in and pick my suits? You can. But personally, I would wait until those new styles come out at the end of January, or on the flip side of that you don't want to come in right now. start picking out suits. And then I have to call you in February and say, Sorry that you've picked out a suit that's been discontinued. We need to do this again. So they don't make any changes except for in January. With Jim's formal wear.


Sharon Rumsey  25:46  

Do you recommend that they've already gotten their wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, florals chosen that kind of stuff before they choose a suit?


Pam Gaddie  25:55  

I think it's important to have the bride's dress and the bridesmaids. Not necessarily the dress per se, but the color the color. Yes. Because those two things do set the tone for everything, right. Yes,


Kristina Stubblefield  26:08  

I have learned a lot. I mean it that such a if you follow the checklist or the process of it. Jim's firmware can really make it a streamline


Sharon Rumsey  26:21  

process and makes it so so easy. I've had a lot of clients comment, you know, that was pain free. I didn't have to do.


Kristina Stubblefield  26:29  

Okay, Mike, I'm gonna let Pam say how people can find you all connect with you and all that. But I'm gonna let you deliver our fun guests thing that we're doing. And Pam, I'm gonna let him do the questions. We are going to give you three rapid fire questions. And you want to say the first thing that comes to mind. We can edit but you've done great so far. Okay, Mike, what's your first one


Michael Gaddie  26:59  

first question? heading to the dance floor and you stopped by the bar. What's the first drink? You get?


Pam Gaddie  27:05  

A murder sour?


Sharon Rumsey  27:05  

My girl.


Michael Gaddie  27:07  

She's gonna know all these.


Kristina Stubblefield  27:10  

Okay, what's the second one might give it to her? Do you want me to throw one in there? No, no, no, no, no, you got it. Okay. Let me let you get your thoughts together. I'll keep talking. Gentlemen when you're ready. I'm ready.


Sharon Rumsey  27:26  

Pay him I don't know about you.


Pam Gaddie  27:27  

But yes.


Michael Gaddie  27:29  

Toss bouquet. Or no toss bouquet.


Pam Gaddie  27:33  

Toss bouquet.


Michael Gaddie  27:34  



Pam Gaddie  27:35  

good answer. Okay.


Pam Gaddie  27:37  

And some fun.


Kristina Stubblefield  27:38  

You don't meet I asked her. That's the last one pan. Do you run towards the dance floor? Or do you run away from the dance floor?


Pam Gaddie  27:46  

Depends on how much I've had to drink.


Pam Gaddie  27:50  

That might be one of the best answers. That was good.


Sharon Rumsey  27:55  

The next time Christina and I have Girls Night Will you come to always


Pam Gaddie  28:00  

it will leave this person other person here.


Sharon Rumsey  28:03  

Thank you, Mike. You're not invited.


Pam Gaddie  28:06  

But I might need a designated driver.


Michael Gaddie  28:08  

I'll come get you.


Pam Gaddie  28:09  



Sharon Rumsey  28:10  

I will just stay here again like we did last time.


Kristina Stubblefield  28:13  

Okay, so Pam, for anybody that wants to connect up with you. Do you recommend they come by the shop? Do you recommend they call you? I know you just mentioned something about the timeline as far as you know, new line coming out in January. What's the number that that people can reach you on? Best number to reach me on is at the shop. It is Lloyd's florist I try to answer the phone Lloyd's floors with Jim's farm aware but most of the time it is Lloyds floors, because that is our main company there. But it's 502-968-5428. And we'll put the links below where you can connect up with Pam online for Jim's formal wire. And I know you might not have been the most excited I'm not gonna put words in your mouth. But this might not have been the first thing you want to sign up for. But I have had a lot of fun. I've really haven't learned I have learned a lot and you're a wedding planner. That's


Pam Gaddie  29:06  



Pam Gaddie  29:06  

We must have done pretty good then


Sharon Rumsey  29:08  

I learned from everybody all the time. Mike, did


Pam Gaddie  29:10  

you learn anything today? Tonight on this one?


Michael Gaddie  29:13  



Pam Gaddie  29:18  

Did you learn anything from Pam's visit here always


Michael Gaddie  29:20  

learn from Pam. I learned something from her every day.


Kristina Stubblefield  29:23  

Oh, so I'm gonna let you close it out. And I'm sure Sharon is gonna chime in there too. But thank you, Pam.


Michael Gaddie  29:31  

Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it. This wasn't her favorite thing to do. But she actually she she did better than I did. So you're you're awesome. You're amazing.


Kristina Stubblefield  29:41  

You saved yourself. I thought you said you were gonna say better than you thought she wouldn't. I jammed it in there though. All right, Sharon, take


Sharon Rumsey  29:49  

it away. Pam. Like Mike said, We are so so grateful that you came and you shared your time and your expertise with us. Ever since I first started you and Mike have been so kind to me. And treated my clients so well. And I love how my clients come in there and they leave feeling like family to you guys. I'm grateful for that. And just really, really appreciate both of you. And really, really appreciate you for being married to Mike as long as you have because I do not know how you do it.


Pam Gaddie  30:18  

Thanks, guys for having me.


Kristina Stubblefield  30:20  

All right. All right, Pam. Thank you.


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