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Dec. 6, 2021

Social Proof Marketing

Social Proof Marketing

In this episode Kristina gives the definition and examples of social proof marketing - a psychological phenomenon where if we see others doing and enjoying something, we instinctively want to do it as well… and how you can use it to your advantage to effectively market your business.

Don’t miss this episode! We’ve all heard the phrase that the “PROOF” is in the pudding, right? Well, the PROOF is in this episode - social proof marketing! Kristina breaks down different types of social proof and how you can utilize it to generate leads and sales.

We know you are already asking for them but are you using them on your website and in your messaging? Testimonials and reviews resonate with potential clients and are an intrical part of your marketing strategy and the best part - they don’t expire! Listen to this episode to hear more on this subject and other forms of social proof you can use to build trust with your previous and potential clientele.

Stay tuned for this information-packed episode about social proof marketing and how incredibly beneficial it is to wedding professionals. From using it to overcome objections and applying specific numbers in your messaging to get your point across, Kristina offers several great tips you can implement immediately for your business.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND what social proof marketing is and how you can easily tap into it to push more leads and sales to your wedding related business.

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What is social proof marketing? It is a psychological phenomenon where if we see others doing and enjoying something, we instinctively want to do it as well. How can you use it to your advantage and effectively market your business? Tune in to this episode to hear at least seven ways you can use it immediately. 

Welcome to Marketing Monday on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized digestible marketing solutions, and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

Okay, so in today's episode, we're going to be talking about social proof. How many of you out there have not heard of that terminology before. And it's okay, if you haven't, you know, a lot of times in marketing, there's different terminology thrown around. People have what I consider slang for certain marketing topics or trends. And for those wedding professionals that listen to the podcast, I think this you need to pay close attention to, because this topic can really be utilized pretty easily for wedding professionals. And I don't mean that it can't be easy for other different types of businesses as well. But wedding professionals have a lot of content to pull from. And I'm going to give you an example about social proof. I was reading an article or a report from a company the other day, and their example they gave had to do with a wedding professional. It was actually in regards to a DJ. So that's how I'm going to start this off. Let me just walk you through about social proof. And here, here's that excerpt from that article. So you're at a wedding, it's that time of the evening where the DJ is started playing. But the dance floor is empty. Nobody wants to be the first person to venture on there. Just as the DJ is about to put on a song from his emergency use only playlist at SU, who has been bubbly for hours, decides to step up, she swiftly followed by Uncle Eric, a cousin, and then her kids, the floodgates open up. And before long, the whole dance floor is just beaming with people having a great time. Now you're finally ready to sneak onto the dance floor and show off those new moves that you've been practicing. That right there is social proof. If we see others doing something, and enjoying it, then we instinctively want to do it, too. It's really that simple. And I really liked that quote there from the article I just read because I think that can hit home for wedding professionals. You know, social proof builds trust. And that's what we're all after. If you're marketing your business, you're building a trust, or you want to start building a trust with people, for them to pick up the phone or to go to your website or fill out a request a quote form. And if customers trust your business or you they're more likely to choose you over a competitor. And I think as we really look at how social media has evolved, it's constantly evolving, especially since the pandemic started. You're really seeing a lot more of the social in social media. People are wanting to connect with people. Yes, we follow businesses, or we like them on social platforms. And to connect to those businesses. You're looking to connect to the owners, the employees. It's that connection piece. That really is what helps generate leads or sales or helps you stay top of mind especially in the wedding industry

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and all Also share. One of the other things that I really liked in the article was, there was seven types of social proof. And I'm going to go over those with you quickly because they all stood out to me. So number one testimonials, number two reviews and or star ratings. Number three, case studies, number four awards or badges, five, customer logos, six, numbers, seven customer activity. And I want to kind of go into those in a little bit more detail. And stay with me here, because I think that you will be able to implement some of this fairly quickly for your own business. And here's why this is so important to me. What do we all struggle with? Or have to think about objections? What are going to be the objections of your potential clients. And here's what I mean by that. someone's interested in using your service. But this, or, Oh, they may think this, or this may cause a problem that objection piece. But with social proof, those objections are automatically addressed. It is right there for them, whether it be in a testimonial, a case study, there are so many opportunities for those objections to be addressed in the different types of social proof. So let's keep diving a little bit deeper. One, one of the very first ones I mentioned are testimonials. And for any of my clients that are listening, or people that I have coached, or consulted with in the past, you know that I've talked a lot about testimonials, testimonials is one of the number one things to utilize in your own business for marketing. Number one, if you're not asking for testimonials, you need to figure out how to starting immediately. It is not even a question if you should, or wonder if my competitors are doing that, it doesn't matter. Everyone should be asking for testimonials from their clients. It you can even go back a couple years ago. Guess what? Testimonials don't expire. And that is proof right there. That someone had a great experience with you in your business. To me, you're going to hear me talk about testimonials. And reviews are an integral part of any one's marketing strategy. Honestly, it is one of the easiest strategies you can implement in social media marketing, on your website, in print marketing, in all the different types of marketing, you can incorporate testimonials and reviews. Now for those of you out there that might be thinking okay, well, testimonials and reviews, aren't they the same thing, not necessarily a testimonial, think of it as a quote, This person is recounting exactly how you help to them how you played a role in their special day, if you're a wedding vendor, where a review could be from your client could be from someone that also attended the event. Think about that for a minute. You go to a wedding, how many people are there, the review doesn't just have to come from the client, the couple getting married, it could come from the guest. And that's the biggest thing is to me. If people say well, which is better testimonials, or reviews, testimonials, I think hold a little bit more weight. If you want to say it that way. As far as if someone is reviewing your website or your social media and they come across a testimonial. That's basically a quote from someone that used your service or a review. I'm going to say they're both really important, but if I have to pick one or the other, I'm going to tell you testimonials first. One of the things that I tell clients that I work with is just like listening to potential customers are listening to your existing clients or your past clients listening you can pick up on certain wording. How do they explain your business? Nisour your services,

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the same can happen in a testimonial. It is what is in their testimonial can be so beneficial for your business. But a lot of times they resonate, those testimonials resonate with potential clients. And again, I'm more sticking to those in that are wedding professionals. If a couple tells three or four or 510 sentences about how your business or you helped make their special day a reality, just summarizing there, you get another couple reading that in there, that's what I want. That's what we're looking for. That's what stress we don't want to have to deal with, or we want to help with, they can immediately relate. And that's what makes testimonials very, very powerful, especially for wedding professionals. So definitely, if you are not utilizing testimonials, or reviews, I definitely encourage you to do so social proof is not going anywhere. That type of marketing is unbelievably beneficial to wedding professionals. One of the things I tell people is if you are getting testimonials and review, no one can know about them or read them, if you don't get them out on your website, on your social media. If you don't have it out there, people cannot read them. So getting them as part one, you have to make sure you do something with them, you have to display them, for people to be able to read them. And I could go on and on about testimonials and reviews. I'm pretty positive. I've done an episode specifically about testimonials. But there will be more to come. Because it's never going anywhere. It's never going anywhere. A lot of times you don't hear a lot of wedding professionals talk about case studies. And to be honest with you, what are case studies, How's that different? Well, that's a really breaking down how your business your product, your services, helped a couple? How was it beneficial to them? How did it make their day flow better? How did it make their dreams become a reality, we can keep going with this, but you get the point. And that that a case study a lot of times is a few paragraphs that is really kind of telling a story so to speak. But it's collecting a lot of information along the way. Now, I have seen a few wedding professionals do case studies as like blog posts, or articles. And of course, that's fabulous, because then you can share with them out on social media. But in case studies are just much more detailed than testimonials or reviews, I think it's good to have a mixture. And case studies I think could be really beneficial to wedding professionals. Because you're pulling a potential client in could be a couple could be pulling them in. And then a couple of the things in that case study really resonates and sticks with that potential client. And what does it do keeps you at top of mind, they constantly think about what was in that case study. Such a beneficial again, back to social proof. It's such a great form of that it is a great marketing tool to use for social proof. Another thing, a lot of wedding professionals don't always remember about putting awards or badges on their websites on their social media. If you're a part of different organizations, you should wear that proudly. Whether it be networking groups chambers, there's so many different options, bigger associations.

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Definitely you people don't know that you're part of those if you don't talk about it, or don't display it. And that is another part of social proof. Oh, they're part of the chamber. Because there's some engaged couples out there or their parents that are helping them with planning or financially helping them with an event and they want to use people that are part of certain organizations could be part of a chamber. That is something that in the past has resonated with him. Well, if you don't display it or talk about it, how do people know that that's something that your business is part of? So I encourage you To wear that badge, proudly make sure it's on your website and make sure you do, post about it on your social media platforms or in your stories, awards. You know, we all get busy and, you know, something, someone said to me one time, oh, I didn't really put that out on social media, I really don't think it's a big deal. You might not think it's a big deal. But anytime you're awarded something in your business, you should shout it from the rooftop. It's not easy being a business, yourself, or being any part of the wedding industry. There's the good, the bad, it's all rolled into one. If you're awarded a bit any type of award in your business, it doesn't matter if you're in the wedding industry or not. Share that out there. It might not be a big deal to you, it should be. But it may not be to you, but to someone else that could really resonate, or it could catch their attention. Or it could again, pull them in or back to social proof. That takes me into another thing. A lot of wedding professionals also do corporate or business events. And some people consider Well, I don't name drop. If you do business, with other companies, it's not about name dropping, you're displaying, that's one of your customers, you're proud to work with this business, you're proud to provide products or services to this business. It doesn't matter if it's a small business, a large business doesn't matter if it's well known. Take all that out the window, you're simply displaying your experience, that you've done business with these other businesses, these other organizations. In so many times people say to me, Oh, I don't want somebody to think I'm name dropping, stop thinking of it as name dropping. This can help you really become more respected, more trusted. Maybe they don't even really pay attention to the logo or know the name of the business that you're putting out. But you're so excited last week, you did an event for such and such company. They may not even know that but you're doing business. Oh, wow, we may be really need to look at this company. They also do corporate events. And people that get married couples, their family, their friends, they were at work at other businesses, they may be able to refer you without even really thinking about it. So share those logos out of events, services, products that you provide to other companies don't keep it hidden under the rug. People don't know what they don't know, I have said that thing over and over and over again. But it really sticks true. And social proof is one of those things that you've got to put it out there. It's got to be out there for people to know. And I'm going to quickly wrap up with these other two items that I had mentioned. But numbers, similar to putting logos out there. Maybe you've done business with 1000 people, for you've done 1000 events, you've done 5000 events, you've done 500 events, numbers, it's a great way to utilize for social proof marketing, those numbers might not mean that big of a deal. But when someone's scrolling over and they're like, Oh wow, this person just did their 1,000th event. That's not the easiest one to say that was a difficult one that I picked. There are 500 event. There are 500 wedding, their 100th wedding, whatever that number is in maybe it's not even that event. You've done 1000 products, whatever it means inside your business, those numbers can really help when it comes to marketing.

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The other thing that I mentioned as well in the beginning was customer activity. And there's there's really an interesting thing to customer activity. When you're talking about we had three events this past weekend. You're not name dropping in are really even saying anything other than you had three events this weekend or you had an event Saturday night. It's just showing activity with customers. Again, goes back to top of mind and again back to social proof. And there's so much more to this topic, but not a lot of people Talk about it. And that's what I want to start doing is these are easy marketing items that you can implement inside your business quickly. And when I set out to do this podcast, these episodes marketing Monday, I wanted them to be shorter, easy to digest that you could easily implement in your business. And social proof can be implemented by anyone, it should be part of your marketing strategy. And I look forward to talking more on this topic. I just wanted to dive into it. So you could start wrapping your mind around it and start thinking about how you can utilize it inside your own business. So I look forward to hearing from you visit the website, shoot me a message on social media, make sure you follow me on social media to get more tips, information, all that good stuff. And if you like what you hear, if you haven't already, I would love if you take a minute to do a review on your favorite podcast platform. Until next time, keep working on your business. See ya.

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