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April 5, 2021

MM | Social Media Marketing Overview

MM | Social Media Marketing Overview

*Episode previously recorded and released as part of Kristina Stubblefield's Genius Marketing Solutions podcast.

In this episode, Kristina talks extensively about social media marketing, the benefits of using it to reach the 3.8 billion active users and the first 3 things to consider before you utilize social media to reach your target audience.

Don’t miss this episode! Kristina dives into all the benefits of social media marketing and the benefits of utilizing it. From better brand awareness and loyalty to improved SEO rankings and conversion rates to connecting with your customers, this episode is packed full of great information to help you gain knowledge to properly market your products or services.

If you have been searching for a proven way to actually generate leads without spending a lot of time or money, you have to listen to this episode! Social Media Marketing is undoubtedly the most effective way to increase sales, online presence and brand loyalty and Kristina tells you all about it in this episode!

Could your business benefit from increased brand loyalty, referrals and better conversion rates? Well of course, it would! Tune into this podcast episode to hear all about social media marketing, the benefits of using it to reach the 3.8 billion active users and the first 3 things to consider before you utilize social media to reach your target audience.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND that if potential customers can't find you, they can’t become your customer… and the most cost-effective & efficient way to help them find you is through social media marketing!


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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  

Could your business benefit from increased brand loyalty referrals and better conversion rates? Well, of course, it would tune into this podcast episode to hear all about social media marketing, the benefits of using it to reach the 3.8 billion active users. And the first three things to consider before you utilize social media to reach your target audience. Welcome to genius Marketing Solutions podcast. Hi, my name is Kristina Stubblefield. For over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist, and coach. 

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Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In my podcast episodes, I'm providing bite size, digestible marketing solutions and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. Now, before I just hop right into this week's topic, I want to take just a moment and say thank you so much to those who have taken time to subscribe, and actually reach out or write a review, I really appreciate that it means a lot. And it gives me feedback on information topics, things that you all want to hear or things that you're struggling with currently in your business. So I want to share with this I don't have the person's name, but they wrote a review. And the review goes like this. Christina has such a passion for helping you improve your marketing. She has such a loving way to guide you along your journey. Thank you for your great advice. You can't go wrong with this podcast, hit subscribe, just do it. Thank you so much, whoever that was that wrote it in. It means a lot to me to hear your direct feedback, and how this information that I'm sharing with you, is helping you in your specific business. So if you're already, I can't wait to talk about this week's topic, social media. Now, when you say social media, today, it's a lot different than when social media first came out. It started with just a couple of different social media options. Now when you mentioned the word social media is that Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, tik tok. The list goes on and on. And that's not to leave any out. But do we throw Google in there as well, because now you can post on Google My Business very much like you post on Facebook or Instagram. And today's topic, I want to kind of stick to an overview. And if you'll follow along with me, through this episode, I think you will see the importance of kind of taking a step back from your business, and doing that 10,000 view where you're not working in your business, but you're actually looking above it, to see what's going on. Because you get so busy inside your business, that you forget about the consumer level. How are they perceiving you? Where are they located? And that's where I'm going to start today. So let's take just a minute, why are we even talking about social media? Well, that's because not only are there 4.5 billion people that are using the internet. And that was really at the start of 2020. It'll be interesting to see these numbers come out, especially with the pandemic going on. A lot more people were online on social media on the internet, but 3.8 billion active social media users 3.8 billion, and what that means for small businesses, especially wedding professionals, there is a large target audience out there. It's just making sure you're found where they live.


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I think you're gonna hear me mention that later on in this episode. So let's just keep on going. I get asked a lot of times about the benefits of social media. There's a lot of benefits, but I'll start with just a few. Increase brand awareness. social media platforms can play an intricate role in increasing your brand awareness, your brand recognition. The more you engage with your audience, the more you post. If you use the correct strategy in your post, you can provide a lot of education and insights not only to about your business, the services you provide But maybe some pain points that you touch on and can help people with through your product or services. So increased brand awareness is probably one of my top picks when it comes to the benefits of social media. More inbound traffic. Now what that means is, if you use social media correctly, or let me just say, if one of your strategies is that you want more traffic to your door to your website, then you can use social media to achieve that goal. It's all in how your strategy is played out on whatever social media platforms you're using. Are the posts that you're making, have call to action, do they have calls to action is that call to action to go over to my website and check out this product, or make sure you sign up for my newsletter, all you have to do is visit this link and you're taking them to your website to sign up for your newsletter. Maybe you're spotlighting products or services, and you if they want to read more about that, then they need to click on the link and maybe that link is located on your website. It's all in the strategy that's behind your post. One of the other things is improved search engine ranking. Now, this is probably one of the items that is highly debatable, because people think when they are active on Facebook, LinkedIn, different platforms, that everything they post can be read by the search engines. And that is incorrect information. Most of the time, search engines can only read a little bit about your social media profile, what I'm really referring to is like your business page. On some of the channels, it's considered a profile, most of the time, that is just your name. For example, your Facebook page name, they can't read all of the wonderful post, and content and service information and product details that you're posting about. The search engines cannot read that information to help you rank higher in the search engines. However, if you are found on social media platforms, then that does play a role in your social media footprint. That is a topic for a whole nother episode. But it is really important for you to realize that just because you're actively posting on social media platforms, does not mean that that is all kinds of content that plays a role in search engine optimization. And I get asked that a lot of times. So again, diving in deeper to that would be a whole separate episode. But I just want to make sure that you're aware of that. You can increase conversion rates with social media marketing. And what do what do I mean by conversion rates? Well, there's a couple things. But whenever you increase your visibility, you gain more opportunities, possibly for conversion would be the better way to say it, you gain more opportunities for conversion. Because if you think back to another type of business, maybe it's a big business that's out there. And you constantly see ads on TV or social media ads, the more times you see that company, it's probably more at the top of your mind. Well, and if you're thinking about something, there's more opportunities for you to order something from that place, or use that business for something. So it's more opportunities for conversion. If you're inactive on social media, there is less opportunity for conversion. And now with the big shift that has happened over the past year or two was social media. People want to feel connected to you. They're drawn to learn more about a person, a business. You know, I think a lot of times, you know, there's that human element of it. It's not just about posting about products or about services. It's about connecting with the people that is part of that business. They want to know the story. There's so many connection opportunities, and that can really help with your conversion rates. One of the other things that I'll talk about when people ask well, how can social media benefit me better customer service and satisfaction. It is a social media is a great avenue for communication, customers, or potential customers can reach out and ask their questions. Or maybe it's a customer that has a question about a product that they've purchased. It is a great way to showcase your customer service skills, and actually achieve better customer satisfaction. Your company actually has a voice on social media, it's how you choose to use it. One of the things that I will encourage you to do, make sure your notifications are turned on. That way, if someone does message your page, that you at least get the opportunity to respond in a timely fashion. Because you can have excellent customer service skills. There's social media, and you're not even having to have a conversation via phone. With this customer or potential customer, it's their messaging. And people now are really judging businesses out there on their response time, especially on social media. One of the other things that I will say along these lines is no matter what the messages, maybe there's a comment posted or message sent to your page, take the time to respond. Even if it's negative, the message that you get is negative, or the comment is somewhat negative towards a product or service or the business use this time to excel at customer service. Because you can turn that negative into a positive, it's all about your wording. Don't put it off for two or three days responding to the comment or to the message. You know, take action. It's all in your wording. So the customer service and the customer satisfaction, to me are benefits of social media marketing. One of the other things that a lot of businesses really want to hone in on is brand loyalty, loyal customers. Because at the end of the day, there's no better item for your business than a referral. And when you have good brand loyalty, and you have people out there talking great things about your business. And they're referring you mentioning your name to their family, their friends, or if your type of business comes up in a conversation, and they talk about you, to me, there is no better not have thanks if you want to put it that way. Or there's no higher praise when a client refers me to someone else, because not only are they happy with what we've done for them, but they think that we'd be a good fit for someone else that they think enough about us that whoever they're referring to us to that they believe in us that we will follow through on whatever services that they're a friend, family member or person they've been in contact with. 

And brand loyalty can work in your favor so much. And this really kind of goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction. But the more brand loyalty you have the better consumers willing engage with you. And you create this relationship. And when you do that, you're staying at the top of people's minds. you're interacting, people are interacting for you. It's not just you being a cheerleader for your own business. There's others that are out there being cheerleaders for lack of better word for your business. So brand loyalty. In building that loyal customer base is so important. No matter where you're at in your business, whether you're just getting started or you've been in business for many years, social media can play a huge role in either improving your brand loyalty or building brand loyalty Now I've just talked about some benefits with social media marketing. But I always speak from three important steps to achieve the best social media marketing. And I'm going to go over those with you today, I actually am going to include a link in the show notes. And on my website, I have a free social media marketing Bootcamp, so to speak, that you can get more information and work through this. for your specific business in you will find even more detailed information than what I'm covering in this episode in that boot camp. So you can find that information in the show notes or on the website. But my three items that I really dive into, when helping a client, figure out their social media marketing, the very first one, you must determine your objective. And objective, which comes before goals represent what social media will help you, or your business achieve. Maybe this is business conversions, brand awareness, customer experience, online reputation. What do you want to achieve? from social media? What is it that social media can do for your business? And that is a really important question. Because your post your voice, how active you are on social media, all hinges upon your objective. Now, that's the case if you want to be strategic. Now, why would you want to be strategic? Well, if you just want to hop on different social media platforms, just to say you're on there, and just to post this or just to post that, then this doesn't apply to you. But if you want to be strategic about it, because you want to grow your business, maybe you want to get events on certain dates to fill your calendar. When you get clear on your objective, you can turn that into the correct posting path, how to utilize social media to obtain your objective. And so this is all part of a social media strategy. So the first one determining your objective, the second one, and most of the time when I talk to people, they haven't even thought about this. My second one, define your audience. You need to clearly define your audience demographic and go into as much detail as possible. Age, is it a certain gender location? Do they have certain hobbies or interest? Maybe it's challenges they face? Where do they spend their time? What other brands they like, I'll be honest with you, this list can go on and on. The more detailed you can get about your audience, the better you can align your social media marketing.


Just as important to outline the why you're using social media marketing. It's important to clarify who you're trying to reach. And the reason that we want to get very clear on the first two items, is because the third one that I'm going to mention, because you can figure out which social media channels are the best fit to reach your objective. We already know there's plenty out there to choose from when it comes to social media channels. But which ones should you be using? Well, that's determined by your objective in your audience. Now let's think about this for just a minute. Once you answer those first two questions, you're probably going to have a pretty good idea which social media networks are going to be the most valuable for your business. If you don't already know what demographics are located on the different social media outlets, if you're not exactly sure what audiences are on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, make sure that you go to the show notes or my website and get access to this free boot camp. I have information in there a separate page on the social media channels to give specifics on each channels demographics. So you can go and fine tune which platforms you should be on. And here's what I mean by that. If your target audience is between 20 to 40 years old, then you must consider first probably Instagram, close second, Facebook. Now, am I saying that you don't need to consider Tick Tock? Absolutely not. It all depends where your target audience is spending their time, because of their spending their time on Instagram. And all you have is a Facebook business page. And you're not tapping into Instagram, you're missing out on where your target audience is spending their most time. And if one of your objectives is to increase traffic or get more leads, you've got to show up where your target audience is spending all their time. Because if you're over here, posting three, four times a week, and you're really working Facebook, and you're wondering, why am I not getting leads from this? Why am I not getting messages? Maybe that's not where your target audience is spending most of their time. And I will tell you, for most businesses, probably two or three social media platforms, is going to be where their target audience lives. Most of the time. It's not just one social media channel. And I know you're thinking, well, gosh, all I have time to do is one social media, you know, maybe all I have time to do is just one, well, then isn't it really important to make sure the one that you have time to post on to be active on to engage with is the one where your target audience is spending their most time. It might not be your favorite one. But if your objective is to grow your business or get more leads, or increase engagement, it needs to be where your target audience has been in their most time. I have people come to me all the time, that say I only do Facebook, I don't like Instagram, I'm not going to do Twitter, I don't have time for LinkedIn. And guess what? their target audience really isn't on Facebook. At the end of the day, it's where do you want to spend your time scrolling or scaling your business? And that sometimes is hard. Because maybe you're not as familiar with Instagram, as you aren't with Facebook.

Maybe some things you've heard about Instagram. You just think, gosh, I can't do that. I don't know how to do that. Let's Okay, you're really good probably at your specific business. You probably know it backwards and forwards. I probably couldn't come in and do your business for you the way you do. Just as if you probably couldn't do marketing the way I've done it because I've done it for umpteen years. But it's being open minded enough to ask for help to take some classes or courses to get just some skills where you can be active for your business. Because if people cannot find you that are your target audience, they cannot become your customers. Just as if people don't know what your business is. They can't buy your products or services. If you're not on an active in the social media platform, where your target audience lives and spends their time they cannot follow you they cannot ask you questions about your products or services they can't purchase from you because they don't know anything about you they can't book you for their special day if they haven't seen any of your information and not one time have i said you're not at the top of their mind you can't be at the top of their mind if you're not even found where they're spending their time on social media and that is very frustrating for a lot of business owners that come to me and say i just i'm doing this i'm doing that i'm doing this and they haven't even taken the time to ask themselves who's my target audience what do i want out of social media and just starting there you can really provide yourself some clarity you've heard me say before you cannot be everything to everyone most people cannot be on every social media platform and do it 100% it's the honest truth and i would debate that with anyone that tried to say differently because most of the time wedding professionals are small businesses you're doing all the things your hands are in the marketing in the accounting in the actual event itself that's the thing all on its own you've heard me talk about that on other episodes you're doing all the things that's why it's so important to get clarity and get your so get a social media marketing strategy because it will pay off in the end you will probably spend less time on social media and get more leads which leads is going to turn into increased revenue and most of the time that's what people are looking for they're active on social media because they want leads out of it they want people to go to their website and then call them email them check their availability they want revenue out of it whether you say that allowed or not once you get clear on your objective you can then align your social media marketing post ads all of that stuff to where you can achieve that objective you can work towards that objective and that's why i will close this out and say i emphasize a lot to people to prioritize their social media channels because you need to focus on the social media channel that your target audience is located on where they're spending their time and then what's the second one and then what's the third one and that's the order of importance that you need to focus on for social media having a social media strategy is so important it's the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media it helped guides your actions it lets you be very intentional in your post in your ads in your videos because the more specific your strategy the more effective you can be for your business


I hope you're able to take something away from this episode i wanted to bring a little bit of clarity to the sometimes overwhelming first steps with getting out of social media at least getting something out of it because a lot of times you put so much into it and going through these three items that we talked about today the first one determining your objective the second one defining your audience and the third one prioritizing social media channels if you take the time to work through your specific business and answer these questions openly and honestly you can form a very solid social media strategy and reach the objective that you want from social media make sure you go to my website genius marketing solutions and click to get access to that free social media marketing bootcamp it will be in the show notes as well as on my website And take the time to go through that boot camp for your own specific business. And then I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know what those answers are. I would love to hear from the audience. Maybe this is something you've done before. Maybe this is something you've never heard or never thought about doing for your own business. So take time, go to the website, you can hit the contact button, and send me a message or find me on social media. So until next time, keep working on your business and keep striving for those goals. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of genius marketing solutions. If you would like to get notified of upcoming episodes, make sure to click the subscribe button on your favorite podcast platform. We welcome any feedback from topic ideas to questions you may have. You can visit our website for previous episodes, or to send us a message visit genius Marketing Solutions


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