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Dec. 29, 2020

She Brings It To The Table!

She Brings It To The Table!

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon spotlight Heitzman’s Bakery, a Louisville, Kentucky bakery & caterer that has been in business over 130 years.

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A Louisville, Kentucky bakery & caterer has been bringing it to the table for over 130 years! Tune in to hear some great wedding day catering, cake and bartending service tips from this beloved community staple.

Looking for some cost cutting tips when it comes to your caterer and wedding cake? Tune in to hear how to stay within budget on your BIG day.

You might want to tune in to this episode! A bakery & catering business that was started in the 1890’s and now has its fourth generation of family members running it has some great tips to share when planning your wedding day.

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon spotlight Heitzman’s Bakery, a Louisville, Kentucky bakery & caterer that has been in business over 130 years.


  • UNDERSTAND-This is your day! Not Prada Patty’s day! You have a budget to stay within and we’re here to help you do that.
  • LEARN -How to cut costs on your cake and catering budget without skimping.
  • DISCOVER -The questions to ask you caterer and wedding cake baker to still have an elegant event without breaking the bank.

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Kristina Stubblefield
social media @kristinastubblefield_ or @soinmediagroup

Sharon Rumsey, A Perfect Plan Eventswww.aperfectplanevents.comsocial media @aperfectplankentuckiana

Michael Gaddie, Lloyd’s Florist  social media @lloydsflorist


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Sharon Rumsey  0:00  
One family, serving one community, leaving one big legacy. This is Heitzman's traditional bakery and deli in Louisville, Kentucky

Kristina Stubblefield  0:08  
with over 130 years in the bakery and catering industry. This family knows a thing or two about weddings.

Michael Gaddie  0:16  
So today in this vendor spotlight we are getting to know the owner and my friend, Marguerite, Schad.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:24  
You got engaged now way. Happy. Yes, joyful time, of course, stressed and overwhelmed. 100%. Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling and all the things where we will get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. We'll cover all things from yes to I do's and all that happens in between. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie. And Sharon Rumsey with over 50 years of wedding experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now, let's get started with this episode.

Okay, I know you heard all about our guests in the intro. But, Mike, I think you've probably known Marguerite the longest so I guess I have to let you really introduce her.

Michael Gaddie  1:37  
Well, I've been working with Marguerite for quite some time. And when it comes to cakes, catering, rehearsal dinners or anything like that, I push Margaret because she's amazing, her and Danny both. So welcome, Marguerite and Marguerite is from Heitzman's traditional bakery. And welcome. Thank you for being here. Thank you. I

Kristina Stubblefield  2:00  
appreciate it. And Marguerite, Mike always forgets to ask but could you tell us and I really want to talk about your family history. It's a family owned and operated business. And for those of you that are listening, we're recording out of the Louisville Kentucky area Marguerite is located. We were at 9426 Shelbyville Road Out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Marguerite Schad  2:23  
The family is actually four generations right now. We started back in 1891 with my great grandfather, Jacob. The next in line was Charles and it was my dad and my mom. And now we're the fourth generation. Me and my husband and my son operate the business now. And it's been close to 21 years now. on our own. So yeah, and we do a series of things like bakery catering, wedding cakes, deli items, sandwiches, we've got a dining room. So really a full house.

Unknown Speaker  2:57  
So can I fill in what you left out, you do family meals, you do holiday meals, you have a room that you can run out for meetings. Don't look at me like that, Michael, I know a lot about Hetizman's Bakery. I know Sharon, you've worked with Marguerite, but you really can offer anything. Our box lunches today came from heitzmann bakery and I'm gonna tell you about the box lunches. It's like level 10 bucks lunch. Okay, because Marguerite, what comes in your box lunches?

Marguerite Schad  3:25  
Well, we kind of think of everything, all the way from the meat to the bread to the pasta, to the chip, and then cookie for dessert. So it's a cute little Gable box, which is kind of easy to tote and take to office or to home school, whatever you like,

Unknown Speaker  3:42  
will and I'm gonna The reason I'm pointing this out, because Sharon brought this to my attention. I never would have thought about it when we talk about weddings, because that's what we're talking about is for wedding party vendors when you're talking about a full wedding day. And it was one thing that struck me when Sharon said that, wow. You always think box lunches, meetings, conferences, but Sharon, Come on jump in here.

Sharon Rumsey  4:07  
Yeah, I welcome Marguerite we're so excited. You're here. I love working with Marguerite. I think the story of the business is amazing. And the foundation that that business is built on means a lot. One of the things that I always try to do when I'm planning a wedding and wedding day is you have to feed that bridal party because if you don't, you're gonna you're going to have somebody pass out you're going to have somebody that starts drinking mimosas, but they don't eat anything and then they drink more mimosas.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:35  
Are you saying that's a bad combination? It's

Sharon Rumsey  4:37  
a little bit of a bad combination so

Kristina Stubblefield  4:39  
we can get into stories about that. But let's get going. There's too much to talk about.

Sharon Rumsey  4:42  
What I love to do with Marguerite is actually a couple things. She's an amazing caterer to serve the main food for your wedding at your reception. She's her staff is just top notch. They're very well trained and the food is delicious. But I also like to have lunch brought into my bridal party and I like that box lunches, especially for the groomsmen because they can kind of pick the sandwich they want and like she said, you know you get it's a it's a treat, it's a big box lunch. And then a lot of my My Brides, they some of them like the box lunches, but also Marguerite does an amazing kind of bridal lunch. Am I using the wrong word buffet? You know, you get a cheese torte and you pick some little sandwiches and a veggie tray and a fruit tray. So just kind of a spread that your bridal party can have as they're doing hair and makeup. That's really, really fun. And the other thing that she's amazing at his rehearsal dinners. They have a great room there that's just been remodeled. And it's the perfect perfect spot to host a rehearsal dinner. They can do bar, they can do everything. And as a planner that makes my job easy because I call one person, one conversation and the whole thing set up,

Kristina Stubblefield  5:53  
Mike. Mike, I think I said to you. I think I said to you, Mike I'm sorry that you've known Margaret the longest. I'm not sure she needed to be a guest here today because I feel like Sharon over there.

Michael Gaddie  6:08  
Just told everything that she needs to tell right.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:11  
I mean, Marguerite Gilfillan, I'm done. Gosh,

Sharon Rumsey  6:14  
I mean, I could do a huysmans commercial I truly could. Okay, well, we'll

Kristina Stubblefield  6:17  
talk about that later.

Michael Gaddie  6:19  
Let's jump in with what, let's let Marguerite talk for a minute, okay.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:26  
Why does she need to, because let me tell you something, if you're not talking about their business, there's nobody else better than the people that use your services.

Marguerite Schad  6:34  
And that's so true. I mean, Sharon has stepped in, and with her expertise, and you know, coordinating the wedding and everything, everything has to be easy to the bride and the groom. To the bridal party, you have to feel comfortable with those people. And we are like family, because we do work together. So well. In with me having a family owned business. That's pretty much how I treat all my all my customers and my clients. I want them to feel comfortable with me. When it comes to food, whether it be dessert, or actually feeding a person, I can pretty much tell you exactly just by looking at you what kind of style of foods you want. What's going to make them feel comfortable. It just makes it just makes the day go go faster. Everybody's pleased. Everybody leaves with a smile on their face. In Rolly Sharon has brought up two I've got some great working people that that are at the bakery cooking and baking. Some of them have been with me for as long as 35 years. Well, back when my dad my mom had them. So I mean, it's a lot of tradition. And I put a lot of pride into it. I'm not a five day a week person, I'm a seven day a week person. I'm always available, whether it be an email or phone call, or what have you. So when it comes to food, whether it be for dessert, something elegant, or just an appetizer, or maybe a full course meal, we can make it happen.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:05  
And I think that's one of the biggest things. Mike, I'm gonna let you talk I promise. I think that's one of the biggest things that when I first met Marguerite, she did so much that I just thought I can go in there and get cookies and doughnuts, and then others breads. Oh, wait, she has other things in her case that are, you know, salads. And one of the things that stands out she meatloaves you know, dinners. But then as I got to know her, I was like, Wow, she really has the whole gamut. When it comes to events, she can bring you breakfast, lunch, dinner, she can have it displayed all fancy with some of Mike's flowers, whatever Sharon directs, but that one stop shop to me. And I'm going to let Sharon talk to, to me that equals less stress. And that means a lot to a lot of people.

Marguerite Schad  9:01  
And it actually helps the bottom line too. Because when you're actually getting the cake from me, maybe the dessert, save rehearsal dinner with this as well, which can be kind of like maybe let's do Italian night versus roast beef and chicken. You know, it's going to help your bottom line because when you do all three things at one time, you're going to save 10% off. That's usually how I do it for all my families, is they receive 10% off if they do three versions of their say, reception, rehearsal dinner and actual wedding cake. That's awesome.

Michael Gaddie  9:35  
So let's let's jump in on the wedding cake for a minute because I know I do a lot of

Kristina Stubblefield  9:39  
are you gonna jump? Are you gonna jump in a wedding cake or you're gonna talk to them over

Marguerite Schad  9:43  
or over it? Oh, okay.

Michael Gaddie  9:46  
So I mean, there's not a wedding that we don't do that that I don't run into you or Danny setting up a wedding cake when we do the flowers and what are some of the more What do you see that's more popular now on flavors of cake?

Marguerite Schad  10:04  
Mm hmm. Yeah, well flavors of cake, lemon and strawberry. And honestly, we've always made almond almond cake with buttercream icing, but that seems to be the top seller right now is the almond cake because it's so moist.

Michael Gaddie  10:17  
And I know you do a lot of wedding cakes. But there's also other things that you've been doing over the past couple years with cupcakes and donut walls. So tell us a little bit about that.

Marguerite Schad  10:27  
Yeah, I think everybody's kind of got an open book, especially with the barn weddings and actually do an outdoor weddings pies are really exciting. The little three inch pads or maybe a nine inch pads. Those are so cute. Are they cute? And you can go different flavors with it like for fall you can do pumpkin, you can do pecan summer you know the cinnamon apple and the cherry pies are really popular keyline pads. donut wall has been amazing. That just isn't necessarily for alternative for a wedding cake, but you can actually do it for late night snack. So before the your guest at your wedding reception before they head home after those four hours of partying, let's put something on their belly before they had home.

Michael Gaddie  11:12  
Well, we did a wedding Saturday night. And you all did the donut wall.

Marguerite Schad  11:16  
It was so beautiful.

Michael Gaddie  11:17  
I don't think I've seen that large box that you open up now White's got all these donuts hanging on them. It was really cool was amazing. It was a few of those myself. Yeah,

Marguerite Schad  11:28  
they were very, very popular. And that wedding by far was just absolutely gorgeous. I mean, everybody involved just did an outstanding job. And again, that's working together as a team. And that's that's like family to me, because it all comes together. And it's a lovely night. You know, it just makes everything wonderful.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:47  
And one of the things that I'm hearing you all talk about is the event coming to life and food. No matter what kind of food is a big part of that

Marguerite Schad  11:58  
we are wherever you go, you got to have food, whether it be something small or a large meal, you know, food is where it is. And it's comforting. People will stay they will linger around. And even better if it's good food people

Kristina Stubblefield  12:11  
will hang around too. Well. And you can customize a menu based on what your client once that's right, what the couple once what their vision is. I'm assuming you do sit down. We do we can do plated meals on real China

Michael Gaddie  12:30  
that she brought, she provides that she has an option of that.

Marguerite Schad  12:34  
Yeah, we actually own the China put the silverware we always use a cloth napkin, on any kind of style of of catering that we actually do and serve. But as far as the actual, what kind of food you want, it really kind of depends on what you what kind of style you want. Do you want barbecue? Do you want, say carve roast beef, maybe Turkey.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:59  
us all you've also done like heavy, heavy appetizers,

Marguerite Schad  13:01  
appetizers. So I was just getting ready to say and again, that's going to fill people up to just really kind of depends on your season. Like if it's for summer, I would strongly strongly suggest maybe a heavy appetizer and then do dessert, as you say a fourth course Sharon, you've

Kristina Stubblefield  13:16  
come across this too with a person's timeline and their plan. If you know it's going to take them a while to get to the reception and stuff. I'm sure you've come across this with planning out appetizers having some kind of finger food or something like that.

Sharon Rumsey  13:31  
Yeah, if you're going to definitely if you're going to do a lot of photos between your ceremony and your reception, you want to make sure those people are taken care of you want a great bar, you want you know, some some substantial appetizers, because people are going to be hungry and they're going to want something to snack on. So it's really, really important. And Marguerite and just trying to we try with our podcasts to do you know, a lot of bridal bridal education. So when I'm abroad, and I'm looking for my cater, what kind of questions should I be asking? What should I look for? When I go in to talk to my cater?

Marguerite Schad  14:09  
I want to make sure that they're certified. Definitely through the health department, the Better Business Bureau, I think that's very important. A lot of caterers are done out of home. And again, you know, I haven't I'm not opposed to that. But I think you know, your surroundings, especially with COVID, and all that going on right now, I think it's important to make sure that you've got a business that stands behind their product. That as far as actually making sure that they're happy with their food. I would make sure that you feel comfortable with the caterer that you're talking to. Like for instance, may you want to make sure that we gel and we want to make sure it's a good marriage because I'm going to be talking to you at least for six to eight months down the road. I want to kind of get a feel of how you are And what you're looking for, and I can usually figure that out within 10 minutes, you know, I kind of get a feel of what they're looking for. So, again, it can be elegant, or it can just be casual, you know, what kind of style wedding Do you want, we can make it happen for you that way, either way. And I think with the coordinator, standing behind me on that, we can pretty much make everything go very, very smoothly. And I know some of the things that

Sharon Rumsey  15:25  
I've learned to look for in a cater when when I'm meeting with them. And my client is, I want to know, is bussing the tables included? Because when I first started, I remember I did a wedding. And I just start looking around and there's all these dirty dishes piling up. And I thought, well, isn't the caterer supposed to do that? And I went to the caterer and no, that's not in our contract. So you know, who busts those tables?

Kristina Stubblefield  15:48  
Yeah, that happens all the time. And yes, that's all included. And more there two hours beforehand, were the last ones to walk out. And I

Sharon Rumsey  15:55  
always want to know if cutting and serving the cake is, is included, because some people do charge an additional fee for that. And we don't and then some venues require the caterer to stay to the end of the event and take the trash out. That's right. So I want to ask all of those questions when I go in to meet with a caterer. And then you just mentioned some that we have a lot of caterers right now that are working out of their home, I've ran into the situation where venues will not allow food to be served in their venue that's not prepared in a commercial kitchen. So that's an important question to ask too. You want to make sure you know your vendor requirements and make sure that your cater can meet those requirement. Absolutely.

Marguerite Schad  16:35  
That's so important. And one thing you don't want to happen is and the worst thing that could happen is somebody got sick at your wedding, oh my gosh, that just it lingers on for years, and you just don't want that to happen. So and again, we're not that that pricey, I don't think you are definitely not pricey Thank you more than reasonable, you know, we've got we really kind of taken in, in consideration, everything that does have to be made, and actually done at each one each catering that we do. And all of our staff is very well staffed as far as making sure that the customer is taken care of. And that does include all the little things like the bussing tables, we do the bar service to. So we've got cups, we've got the ice, we've got the coolers, basically, when we do catering, and whether it just a drop off or actually serving it. Really the only thing you have to do is show up and have a centerpiece from Mike. And then we do everything else. Everything in between is done. More great. I

Kristina Stubblefield  17:45  
want to ask you something. You've done this for a long time. Mm hmm. What's your favorite part about weddings? When I'm talking about food, it can be about cake food? What's one of your favorite parts of that?

Marguerite Schad  17:56  
I would have to say probably the customizing their menu, customizing their menu, because that's them, okay. And I always strongly suggest to the bride and groom pick out what you want. Because it's the only day in your life, you can say, Hey, this is what I want for my day,

Unknown Speaker  18:14  
is that the only day. That's it,

Marguerite Schad  18:16  
I always think so. Usually, at least, that's how I would look at it. Because that day is special, it's all about them. Okay, and whether it's them walking down the aisle, or whether it's them taking the piece of their cake for the first time. Again, these are special moments, and you got to make sure that it's everything that they want. So really the communication between the bride and groom and picking out their menu I think is important because even down to the cake flavors, this is them. This is what their life is going to be. And this is where it starts.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:49  
I have so many questions, so many questions in the mind.

Marguerite Schad  18:52  
It's why I've been doing it for so long, because it's fun.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:55  
So what no matter how many guests you're having when you're making your menu, if you're trying to pick chicken, fish, pork steak, whatever it is, is there things that couples need to think about or be concerned about?

Marguerite Schad  19:13  
Well, I think the biggest thing is give people options. I think when you have a chicken option, a beef option, maybe a fish, it gives people a choice of whether to have this or that if you have a plated meal to me, I think it's a little bit more confined. And if somebody doesn't like sauteed vegetables, but you know they like the steak, then there's going to be the vegetables sitting there on the plate. So really, you know, I think a buffet is nice because it kind of gives you the options of actually having a beef and a chicken. I've actually had a third option on there to Swedish meatballs is another thing that acts as a meat and kids like that and the guys like Swedish meatballs, but I would give people options on the buffet I would always do that. potato dish, whether it be mashed potato, or rotten potato or roasted, and then fill it in with, say green beans or macaroni and cheese or something like that

Kristina Stubblefield  20:09  
as a filler, and your years of experience helps a couple, navigate that. So buy them using a licensed professional caterer that it's experience. They can help them make that menu that they're they can enjoy as well as their guests.

Marguerite Schad  20:25  
Yeah, over the years, and I've been in the business for 42 years I've been doing this since I was age six, actually bagging buns for my mom and dad, you

Kristina Stubblefield  20:34  
shook your head like, Can you believe it's been that long? I

Marguerite Schad  20:37  
know you still Well, I feel like that, but I really love it.

Unknown Speaker  20:41  
And I still largely do, though I

Marguerite Schad  20:43  
do. I do. There's nothing better than saying, like even selling a dozen donuts. That's something that my husband made, you know, to actually see a cake that was produced by our Baker, that's been we've been with me for 32 years. And to see that satisfaction on people's face of a strawberry cake for the first time. I mean, those are the things those are the moments that you just can't I mean, there's no you can't put a price on something like that. So it really does, it really does take pride in that, because it took 130 years. And that's how long we've been in business 130 years to get to where we are right now. And I don't take that for granted. And I bet you've had to make pivots and changes along the way, it's the year of that wording. But I bet in 130 years, there has been changes and all kinds of things like that. Honestly, there hasn't been a whole lot of changes as far as the recipes go. But I think with dealing with the public, a lot of people are very demanding these days, just because like Cake Boss, you know, you've got these pictures that look like this $2,000 Okay. And we try not to make the $2,000 cakes, because it's not reasonable, you know, especially for our area here in Louisville, Kentucky. But it can be done if that's what you want as a $2,000 cake, we can do that. But we try to be reasonable. We try not to scare people off with the pricing. So that's why we're kind of compatible when it comes to what people's needs are.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:12  
And I know Sharon, you probably have a bunch of questions and things to talk about about wedding cakes. Because you know, like you already mentioned pies donut walls cakes. So go right ahead.

Sharon Rumsey  22:25  
One of the things I really appreciate about Marguerite and actually learned this from her is if I have a couple and you know the most of the time wedding budgets are tight they are it's just that's just reality, that's

Kristina Stubblefield  22:37  
why they need you. So you can just make sure every little dollar adds

Sharon Rumsey  22:41  
up when they say you know, I've got 300 guests and I This cake is going to be unreal, it's going to be so expensive. What I learned from talking to Marguerite learning from her is let's make an awesome beautiful two tier cutting cake for the pictures and for the couple to cut. But then you can get sheet cakes and have them in the back there already pre scored and ready to cut. Plus you you actually get to choose more flavors that way in a sheet cake is much less expensive than an actual tiered wedding cake quite interesting. That's

Kristina Stubblefield  23:13  
a very good tip.

Sharon Rumsey  23:14  
Well, that's a margarite tip. So I always tell my customers just wait you know, let's talk it through and I think you're gonna be surprised at what we're able to do.

Marguerite Schad  23:24  
A lot of times when that happens when you have like say that she cakes versus a big cake to feed 300 people. Again you are talking about a big price price difference for sure. But a lot of times the mom will step in and they want that big gorgeous cake for their either son or daughter actually cutting your big gorgeous cake they do and you know what? Let's compromise with that. And instead of saying let's do a four tier cake, let's do a smaller three tier cake and they do sheet cakes on the side. There's so many different things and like we talked about many cheesecakes many cannolis the sheet cakes Of course. Oh cookies let's we did Sharon Anna together did a thing for abroad in July or June I believe it was it was a three tier chocolate chip cookie. So that's kind of fun. So that's something trending right now. Amazing.

Sharon Rumsey  24:19  
It was that was the heaviest wedding cake. I got scared for a minute that the table wasn't gonna hold.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:25  
It was really well we actually share a picture out on our Instagram because our listeners need to see what we're talking about because it wasn't just a cookie cake. It was layered it It was amazing.

Marguerite Schad  24:39  
It was four layers of chocolate chip cookie and then three tiers ha and buttercream in between and cream in between. That's right and it fed around 250 people and

Sharon Rumsey  24:50  
then we actually had the cutest little cutouts a little paper at all. That's what I call them. cutouts of the bride and groom on the top and some flowers that Mike did and it's my Favorite cake I've ever seen.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:01  
Well, you can definitely go to our social media, we will definitely post this because if I had never seen something like that

Marguerite Schad  25:06  
was the first time that we've done that that is that was truly it's not

Sharon Rumsey  25:10  
gonna be the line. I know it was really

Kristina Stubblefield  25:12  
you had anybody you posted about it right did have you had anybody else saying it several,

Marguerite Schad  25:17  
I've done at least a dozen.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:19  
But thanks to do a smaller version, right? Even for a birthday or anything like that. I took

Sharon Rumsey  25:23  
a couple into Marguerite. Well, they got married in October, I don't remember when we went for our cake tasting. But the groom really, really, really wanted cookie cake. And the bride really, really, really wanted cake, wedding cake. And they I just couldn't get him to compromise. And I you know, I mistakingly said, Guys, you know, you've got to make a decision. She's not a magician. And when we left marguerites, they will she is she is because they ended up with a cake that was a layer of cake. a layer of cookie is a layer of cake, a layer of cookie, and people talked about it all night.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:58  
And that is what Marguerite said, It's them. She's creating something that is this couple. And to be able to bring those visions to life and they still laugh about it. You know, I know this couple personally, and they still go, can

Sharon Rumsey  26:11  
you believe that we had cookie and cake at the same time. And Sharon, I

Kristina Stubblefield  26:15  
know you've had people talk about this. There's usually a lot of questions about how do you figure out how much food to have?

Sharon Rumsey  26:21  
Mm hmm. You ask us very smart cater

Kristina Stubblefield  26:24  
well, but isn't this where rsvps become very important about actually being respectful to the couple and filling them out?

Sharon Rumsey  26:33  

Kristina Stubblefield  26:34  
Marguerite, how do you maneuver about figuring out how much? How would a couple Look at that. As far as if I know that I'm having 150? Yes or No, I'm having 200 guests?

Marguerite Schad  26:47  
Well, I think the biggest thing is you do have to RSVP a lot of people just tend to guess at it and just kind of leave it at that. But I think it's important to RSVP it is a little bit more costly, as far as mailings or whatever how you all are doing and emailing back or whatever. But I think it's important to get that head count. As far as me as the owner of the catering company is just me just trying to get my formula together to make sure that there's enough food there. I've never had an issue where we've ran out of food. I think, Mike, Mike's been there to a couple of our caterings before that we've done and we never seem to run out of food. I mean, we always seem to have enough cushion there for at least five to 10 people extra,

Sharon Rumsey  27:29  
I think you're really good about kind of adding on just in case she's excellent about that. Because

Marguerite Schad  27:34  
you've got that you got your officiant there, that's marrying you, you got your photographer that's going to eat if you're having a band, or whether if you're having a DJ, those people are going to be eating too. So we've got to consider those people being a part of your list. But yeah, we can make it you know, but you have to be truthful with me many times, and I've come across this with two people, you know, money was a factor. And if that's a factor, come to me and tell me because maybe we can move the menu around, let's get rid of China. And let's go nice disposable plates, which almost look like China these days. That they just give me the the not not the true number, you know, and they will run out of food. So you do have to make sure that you're at least honest with me. And then if we are over budget, just talk to me. I mean, all it is is just a matter of moving things around to make it happen.

Sharon Rumsey  28:27  
I think that's true for most wedding professionals. I think if you just say, I know I you know, I do brides with Mike all the time, too. And if you just say I can't, that's just more than we can spend 99% of the time, a true professional is going to they want your business and they're going to work with you and try to get you know that budget met and still have a really, really nice event. And

Marguerite Schad  28:50  
I want to add to that too, Sharon, when you talk about having a venue and there is only what do they call it a preferred list of caterers on your list, if you know you want to have it at such and such a place. I love this place because it looks so good. It is me I want to have it there. But you already have a caterer yourself and say it's me. You need to go in and present that to the venue first before you sign that contract, because they're not going to pass up that money. Right? Okay. And you might have to pay $500 more,

Sharon Rumsey  29:26  
but you're still going to save two or 3000. Exactly,

Marguerite Schad  29:29  
because a lot of these preferred caterers are looking for like that 60 to $70 ahead per person. And you're just not going to find that with me. You're just not going to find that.

Kristina Stubblefield  29:39  
Can we circle back around to the bar for just a minute? I don't think there's a lot discussed about that. Could you tell people what the importance of using a bar service and when I'm saying bar service is having a company provide the bar

Marguerite Schad  29:55  
right now we do offer that when you do catering with us. We do offer a bar service. So if you're doing even just a rehearsal dinner with us at the bakery, we will do Bar Bar service there, you would purchase the liquor at your local liquor store, they will deliver it to the venue, our say you're actually having just 30 people at your rehearsal dinner, he would just bring us the liquor the day before, from somebody in your family, and we will make sure it's chilled, we got the cups, the ice and all that. So again, we are a one stop shop, you're looking at the food, you're looking at the cake, you got your plates, you got your linens, if you want us to do the linens for you, we can actually do that as well. So bartending again is another thing that actually is bottom line finishes the whole the whole gamut. And you could just have beer and wine, you don't have to be doing a full full time bar. Sharon, can

Kristina Stubblefield  30:50  
I ask you about plugging this in? Sorry, Mike, you gave a really good tip on one of our episodes, and I'm not sure if it's aired yet or not. But in regards to if you have a family member or friend in regards to drinking?

Sharon Rumsey  31:07  
Yeah, I don't know what you'll think about this, Marguerite, but I've had several weddings, where the couple have come to me and they'll say, my uncle, for example, is known to be a really heavy drinker. And when he drinks too much, he's a booger. You know, he's, he's gonna make a scene. So what I have started doing is I actually asked for a photo of that person. And I keep it very discreet. But I do make sure that the owner of the bar service or the the bar staff that's on that night has that photo. And I'd you know, just quietly say, let's watch this person for over serving, so that they're aware of it. It's really, really been a big help to me. And I think that having that licensed and insured bartender, I have people all the time that go on my uncle can serve beer my my brother has bartended before. I'm not your wedding planner, if that's what you want to do, because I'm not going to put my business. And, you know, my security, financial security on the line, because we don't have someone that is trained, licensed and insured to serve alcohol.

Marguerite Schad  32:20  
Yeah, that's important. And we do have contracts that everybody signs before. You know, all it's all said and done. But yeah, I think that's something that definitely has to be kept in mind. And it kind of gets the family out of the picture or something like that happen. So great, great information there.

Michael Gaddie  32:38  
So let me ask you this, if the bride and the groom are supplying the alcohol, and they've got 100 guests how and they're going to one of the questions I'm sure that's going to be is how much do I need to buy? How do you figure that

Marguerite Schad  32:52  
normally you figure three to four glasses of wine per per person. That's usually how you figure that out. For 100 people, you're probably looking at like four cases of a one whether it be like Moscato or Chardonnay or red wine. Beer you just really need as far as beer, you want to make sure that you kind of look at both sides of the family. Are they beer drinkers? Are they one drinkers? And then just kind of figure at least three beers per person is usually how you do it. And some people will allow kegs if you got a barn theme. kegs, they actually feeds about 133 beers per, per keg.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:33  
I like how you said beads.

Marguerite Schad  33:35  
Yeah, our drink? Yeah.

Michael Gaddie  33:37  
It depends on the time of the year to correct it

Marguerite Schad  33:40  
really does. And, you know, look at your menu, when you're having beef, red wines are great. And then when you're having a lighter meal, like say, a chicken or maybe a fish, a Chardonnay is really nice or Moscato. And this right here is why you use a professional. Mm hmm. Because you've done it for so long. You

Kristina Stubblefield  33:57  
know what pairs and what goes good.

Marguerite Schad  34:00  
That's right, go try make it easy. We try to make it easy. And I think it's one of the things that you know, I have a book that I go by that a PR really give to the couple to make sure that they got time to look at it for like 20 minutes, half an hour, while they're tasting cake and all that if they get a list of questions, a lot of it does have to do with the with the bar because they're just kind of lost. But don't be lost. You know, there's answers to everything. And I've, I've done I've done everything from a frozen drink all the way up to just doing soft drinks, you know, in again, whatever you present to your guests, they're going to be happy with whatever you give them. You know, don't be afraid that you're trying to compare yourself to your to your cousin or say to your friend, you know, you are who you are and you do have a budget to that you got to look at and you know, just ask questions. The biggest thing is ask questions and I can give you an answer. I

Sharon Rumsey  34:53  
love that you said that because I have so many brides that they they do feel like their wedding is less than because they've been to you know, I call them Prada Patty. They've been to Prada, Patty's wedding. And they, they try to keep up. And, and they feel like their weddings less than in and I just you know, I appreciate so much how you make them feel that their event is going to be just as nice. And you know, just as fun,

Marguerite Schad  35:21  
but I think the food really is. I mean, there's nothing worse than going to a wedding, any kind of party and then leaving whether you're hungry, or you just couldn't eat it because the food was awful. Yeah, okay, you totally remember that. You will remember it for years, and there's nothing worse. So I want to make sure people come in, they actually taste my food. That and that will be the food that you're going to be having the day of your party, and we're going to make sure that it's exactly right.

Kristina Stubblefield  35:53  
I think she's hit on so many different topics. We could talk to her for hours. I mean, she's been doing this for 40. So it's gonna say you're

Sharon Rumsey  36:01  
never going to replace that experience.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:02  
You're never you're never going to we could talk stories, I'm sure all day long. But Marguerite, if there was one tip you could leave with people, what would it be?

Marguerite Schad  36:14  
Be honest with yourself, and be yourself. When your wedding day, you don't want to look different with your makeup. You know, be yourself. Pick out a menu that you love. Be yourself. It's just another day. But it's another day to celebrate with 100 200 people. You know, this is a celebration. It's all about you and the bride or the groom. Just be yourself and have fun. And don't be the first one to leave. You know, party. You know, this is your day. You know, have fun, be the last one to walk out that door, even though you're tired and hungry still. And, you know, just enjoy your day and have fun because that's what it's all about. It doesn't have to be confusing. You just want everybody to have just a great time together to celebrate.

Kristina Stubblefield  37:10  
I hear you say take it all in. Exactly. And Sharon will tell you don't show up to the ceremony late. Yeah,

Marguerite Schad  37:18  
she'll make sure that

Unknown Speaker  37:20  
she has a special place for those people.

Sharon Rumsey  37:23  
The guests that come to the ceremony have

Kristina Stubblefield  37:25  
to catch that on the other episode. Okay, Marguerite, we do something at the end with our guests is something fun. You just have to tell us the answer that comes to your mind. We're gonna give you three rapid questions. Okay, are you ready?

Marguerite Schad  37:39  
I'm ready. Okay.

Kristina Stubblefield  37:41  
rustic or ballroom? rustic? beef, chicken or fish.

Marguerite Schad  37:46  

Kristina Stubblefield  37:47  

Are you pro toss or anti toss?

Marguerite Schad  37:54  

Michael Gaddie  37:55  

Kristina Stubblefield  37:56  
she did it faster than anyone else.

Michael Gaddie  37:59  
Well, she's been around for a while

Kristina Stubblefield  38:01  
she'd been she'd been doing it for a long time.

Sharon Rumsey  38:03  
Okay knows what she

Kristina Stubblefield  38:04  
likes. She knows what she knows. Right? Marguerite for anybody that wants to connect, tell them how they can connect with you social media website. Just give them it all.

Marguerite Schad  38:14  
I love. Okay, so we are on Instagram and we're also on Facebook. So it's Heitzman's traditional bakery and deli. That's our title. Our website is Heitzman So You can go in there and actually see our menu, see our pricing. See great pictures that we've got just launched last week as a matter of fact. So the bakery itself is on Shelbyville road. It's the only location that we have. And it's at 9426 Shelbyville road. Louisville, Kentucky. It's in the East in right at the corner of Hurstbourne Lane and Shelbyville road. Perfect.

Kristina Stubblefield  38:57  
Okay, Mike, I feel like Sharon didn't let you talk very much or was that me? Do you want to close it out? With Marguerite

Michael Gaddie  39:03  
Marguerite, thank you so much for being here. I love working with you know, we've worked together for many, many more years to come away. So I'm excited about I'm always excited to work with you. Well,

Marguerite Schad  39:15  
I feel the same way. And there's nothing better because it it comes out 100% every time we do it. Thanks, miles. Thank

Michael Gaddie  39:22  
you. Thanks for being here.

Sharon Rumsey  39:23  
Marguerite. Thank you for coming. I have so much respect for you and what you bring to the table pardon the pun, what you actually like your experience and what you know. And sometimes if I don't know what to do with abroad, you would be one of my first call. So thank you for sharing this with us.

Kristina Stubblefield  39:37  
Thank you very and I leave you with I think it's so great that a business has been able to be in the community for so long. 130 years. That's something to celebrate every day, and we're going to do that

Marguerite Schad  39:47  
2021 so look out for All

Kristina Stubblefield  39:50  
right. Thanks, Marguerite. Thank you Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the ring, doubling and all the things. If you like what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, the ring, the bling and all the things calm for past episodes, and make sure to connect with us on social media. If you would like to help us get the word out about this podcast, make sure to share with your family, your friends and anyone you know in the wedding business.

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Heitzman started the long history of baking and decorating cakes. In 1924 Charles Heitzman continued the baking tradition and created the famous “Butter Kuchen” and “Strawberry Whip Cream Cake”. Charles’ expertise was decorating specialty, and award winning wedding cakes. In 1954 the late Mary Agnes Heitzman and Paul Osting Sr. expanded the variety of offerings and started the catering division. Dan and Marguerite Schadt took over operations in 2000. The history of Heitzman Bakery is a legend in Louisville and we continue to serve families and businesses alike!

Currently, the 9426 Shelbyville Road location produces donuts, danish, kuchens, muffins, hot breakfast sandwiches and you can even visit for lunch! We encourage you to dine in or take out for dinner. Everything in the bakery and in our kitchen is produced with good quality ingredients and is made seven days a week.

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