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Awsome podcast!

Great job with all super episods which are helping.

Fun podcast!

What a delightful show about all things wedding. Practical tips and an entertaining trio. Chances are, whether you like it or not, you have been touched firsthand by all of the subjects in this podcast. Take a listen!

Great podcast!

Thank you Kristina!!! Awesome informative podcast!

Fabulous Podcasts

I’ve watched all of these to date. And I love them! They always have great guests, awesome tips and you know you can always have a few laughs while listening. These three are great together! Looking forward to many more. Thank you!

Amazing Info

These three are not just awesome people, but experts in the wedding business! This podcast is informative and hilarious! I love watching the bloopers!

Entertaining and so much great information!

Getting married? Already married? Know someone who is getting married? So full of great info coming from vendors who have been in the wedding industry for many years. Time well spent listening to Mike, Sharon , Kristina and their vendors who know their business well.


Love it! Fun to listen to them! They are awesome!

Wedding prep can be fun!

These three are more than hilarious, they’re also experts at making wedding dreams come true- seriously. Skip the expensive books and magazines, this podcast is a fabulous guide to all things weddings.

The best

I’m already married but always good info for friends getting married

Listen in for both smart moves and some fun!

Kristina, Sharon, and Mike have an incredibly fun vibe and that makes this podcast so good to listen to. Their expertise about every element of the wedding business and pulling off a wedding is just going to keep you entertained and informed; I know the show ages it will be even better than its amazingly sparkly start. Enjoy!

Great entertaining and informative podcasts!

Kristina, Mike and Sharron and guests of the The Ring The Bling and All The Things are funny and full of great tips on wedding planning and beyond! Check it out! Highly recommend!

Great Advice!

This team is awesome! They made my daughters wedding perfect!

Love this team!

Highly recommend! Love this team!

Great podcast for brides

If you are planning a wedding, this is the podcast for you! You will learn so many great tips to help make your big day amazing!

Informative and All The Things!

Such a good podcast for those that need tips and tricks getting ready for the big day!


I love hearing friends have a real conversation! So fun, goes by quick, helpful tips for planning... what more could you want?! You can tell they’re having a good time and I can’t wait for the next episode! #TeamBride Thanks for getting me wedding ready!


The Ring, The Bling, And All The Things is AWESOME!! They’ve been there done that & will have your back! It’s fun, informative and important to work with this much talent for memories of a lifetime.❤️

Great podcast

Love it!


As any bride knows, planning a wedding can feel confusing, overwhelming, and chaotic. But this crew of seasoned wedding experts will quickly become your wedding BFF’s —they’ve got your back! These episodes are jam-packed with helpful tips and advice to guide you step-by-step through the process so you can sit back and do what you’re supposed to do: have FUN and ENJOY being a bride-to-be, without the stress!