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March 28, 2022

Planning & Scheduling Your Social Media Content

Planning & Scheduling Your Social Media Content

Consistency is key when it comes to marketing your business on social media. You can save time, energy and effort by batching and scheduling in advance and benefit greatly from staying active and posting regularly. All you need is to define your objectives, create goals and have a plan going forward and Kristina is walking you through all that in this episode! Stay tuned!


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• [1:19] Kristina talks about consistency being key when it comes to posting on social media… 
• [4:31] “What do you want to post about in that month? What's going on in your business? What events were you part of? Are there any celebrations that you want to post about?”  
• [5:10] Kristina shares that when you have a plan, you can reutilize content on multiple platforms. 
• [9:16] Kristina talks about the social media scheduling tools available that save time and effort when posting the same thing to multiple platforms.

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Consistency is key when it comes to marketing your business on social media, you can save time, energy and effort by batching and scheduling in advance and benefit from staying active and posting regularly. All you need is to define your objectives, create goals, and have a plan going forward. And I am going to walk you through all of that in this episode. Stay tuned. 

You're listening to a Business Booster episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. I'm a technology consultant, marketing strategist, business coach, and in the past a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing impactful, easy to implement solutions and strategies for efficient workflow and business growth. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

One of my favorite topics and most of the time, it is not client's favorite topic. But that's okay. I'm going to share with you some tips and information to help with planning and scheduling your social media content. Right now, in the digital age, we're in consistency is key with social media. And I know you've heard that over and over again. But planning and scheduling your social media content can help you stay consistent. We know how important it is to stay active and post regularly. And planning allows you to batch and by batching that allows you to schedule in advance. So when business gets busy, we all know that. Well, there used to be some really busy months in the wedding industry. Now it seems like every month is busy. There could still be a little downtime, I guess in January, so to speak, but you can schedule out your content ahead of time. Raise your hand if that sounds great. You don't have to worry on the fly about what to post out there. The Christina, how do I get there? And I want to talk a little bit about that. You know, I've talked several times about having a plan. And I've talked about how important it is to have an objective to have goals. Those are all really important. But what I want to focus on today is how do you go from plan into scheduling. And a lot of people I don't think realize how much easier it can make your life. To be honest with you. I didn't use the batch content, didn't use to batch podcast episodes I didn't use about social media content. And then I embraced it. And I was like, wow, why didn't I do this ahead of time. But in order to do it correctly, and by correctly what I mean is to stay in line with your brand with your objectives, your goals, to really come to conclusion with your strategy. You you have to plan. So you have your calendar out. Let's just think about this from a calendar standpoint. And I will tell you a side note, I am teaching a free workshop about this coming up. And you can get all the information in the show notes. Or you can visit our social media or website for details. You can always go to Christina and get this information. But the reason I mentioned that if you're hearing what I'm talking about, and you're like, Okay, this resonates with me, or I want to embrace this, or I've been wanting to utilize this, join me for the workshop, whether you can join live or catch the replay of it, because it will help bring all of this together. Again, it's a free workshop. So let's talk about from plan executing to scheduling. So first and foremost, you got your calendar. Alright. And you let's just say you're going to look at it a month at a time.

What do you want to post about in that month? What's going on in your business? What events were you part of? Are there any celebrations that you want to post about? Now? This I've done episodes before about content and topics and things like that. So whatever it is you want to post about. You need to bring in your strategy with them. What platforms are you posting on? How often are you posting on those platforms? Okay? Because when you plan, you can reutilize content on multiple platforms, you just have to plan ahead. Because you want to make sure if you're doing video, you want to make sure it can be sized correctly for the platforms that it's going to be posted on. And I've just did an episode about that you can listen to about video and about graphics, those are just previous episodes that you can catch. So you've got your calendar, and you know, what platforms you're going to post on. And you know, what content you want to go out on those days. Let me add a couple side notes in here. Calendar, it can be a paper calendar, it can be a digital calendar, it could be Google Calendar, we use Google Calendar a lot. There's many other tools you can use out there. When people are first starting with this, I tell them to get a print a paper calendar, there's all kinds of free ones online that are blank, that just have the blocks for each day. It can keep you organized. And it can really help you dump the information that's in your brain that you want to post about and get it down on paper. That is what makes your post for every day are the days that you want to post out there. I should say not necessarily every day. People ask me all the time, how many times should I post? How many times can you post on a consistent basis? That's the answer, because it's not gonna do you any good to post seven days this week, and then go three weeks without posting anything and then post once and then post three times. Consistency is key. Okay, it's definitely key when you're talking about social media. So your calendar, you know what you want to post on what days scheduled time block out time in your calendar, where you're going to work on a couple different things. It's either going to be pictures, graphics, video, or you're sharing content from another place that it's been posted on. You have to make time to come up with that content, not come up with to produce that content, so to speak, I hate the word produce, but to actually go from it written on paper to having the content ready to go. Now, if you didn't catch the previous episode about video, it's really important that you embrace video, more so than any other type of content. Again, you can catch that previous episode. But you can turn your video camera on or record a post, turn it off, record the next post. There are a software out there that will help you. There's even apps on your phone where you can trim the videos down, things like that. Okay. That's called batching. When you take a week, or a month's worth of content, and you knock it out, that's what I call it and just knocking it out getting it done. Then what needs to happen for that to be able to be scheduled out? Does it need to be put into a software and the videos trimmed? Is it pictures that need some kind of graphic on it. So when you're going from your plan to batching then you have where your so to speak producing, making the content from its raw state, how you did it to being ready to go on social media, then scheduling it. There are so many different tools out there that you can use for scheduling. I've used a lot.

I've used several over the years, and I never could find one that was just like this has the features that I need. So we partnered with a company to have our own social media scheduling tool. It has many other features like reporting, and contest and things like that. But if you're searching for a tool to help you with scheduling or engagement, those types of things you can get a link in the show notes about our software. So a software allows you to have a calendar in the software that You go in, you pick the date, you pick the time, and you pick the content that you want to go out. That's one way of doing it. And that's where I'm starting with. There's other ways to do it. But I'm starting with the basics. Even some software's allow you to save hashtags, different things, one of the other things I'm going to say is our software. Again, we partnered with a company to have our software. It also allows you to save hashtags. But it also allows you to post one time on multiple platforms, and change each text on the platform, you can even change the graphic as well. It also does some sizing for you. It also does the scheduling as well, a tool like a social media scheduler. And again, there are several out there. I don't know really off the top of my head of any free ones. And the pricing can be all over the board for these. A lot of times when people have never done social media scheduling, they get a plan a program, and it is way over their head and offers way too many features for them to just get started. And if you have questions about that, shoot me a message send me a DM. And I can help point you in the right direction. And that's why it was important for us to partner with someone for software that we knew. We work with a lot of wedding professionals and we knew what was needed for getting social media content out there. Okay. So tools can help save you time, energy and effort, because you can put it in there one time pick, I wanted to go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. This is the time I wanted to go out, you hit schedule, and it's there. Now I always tell people go back and spot check, make sure that your posts are actually going through. When you use social media scheduling software, there are times that you have to do something called RE authenticate your account. Meaning make sure your account stay connected because of privacy and security changes with the social media platforms. So I always encourage people to spot check to make sure there's the social posts are going out when they're supposed to and on the platforms they are supposed to. Now, I want to go back for just a minute. Because I want to share. You know one thing that we discovered ourselves in planning batching. And scheduling was it really allowed us an opportunity to focus in on upcoming events, upcoming times of the year, it really allowed us to drill down and take advantage of the opportunities that social media present in a positive way. There can be so many different ways that you can repurpose content. And when you are looking at it from a calendar perspective, let's just say one month at a time, you can know oh, this post I want to repost this again in two months, when when you use a software, it's a couple of clicks. In order to do that you're not recreating that content again, or you're not just going through the motions again. One of the other things I will touch on, when you schedule your content out.

You can go back and you can look at a month's worth of reporting. And if you you can do a B testing really. Say you've posted some stuff in the morning and some stuff in the evening. And wow, the evening stuff is gets five times or 10 times the amount of views or engagements than what posts in the morning. That gives you information you need for future post. You can also see what content is performing better graphics infographs how to use video, testimonials. The list can go on and on. But you're able to see what media what content is working best for you. The other thing with scheduling out your content, you can really get a strategy in place for your calls to action. A lot of times people do not use CTAs, or calls to action on their social media post. What do you want people to do? When they see this gorgeous picture of this previous wedding that you were involved in? What do you want them to? Do? You want them to like it? Do you want them to share it? Do you want them to go off to a website? Do you want them to read more about this event? Do you want them to contact you if they want to have an event created like this? What do you want out of the people that see your post? Don't assume they automatically know. Because I've said it multiple times before. People are not thinking what you think people are thinking. I know, let it sink in. I feel like sometimes I say some of the same stuff over and over again in every episode. But that comment, and you don't know what you don't know, I'm not tackling this topic, because you should already know this. Absolutely not. It's difficult to run a business and wear all the hats. The reason I'm taking on this topic, because this is a tool that can not only help move the needle in your business, but it can give you back some of your time. It can help you embrace using social media to grow your business or do less events but make more money. That growth word can mean many things to many people. And I say that a lot as well. But when you start to get results, if you're doing this yourself, and you start getting results, you start to see, oh, okay, maybe I can offload this, maybe I can delegate this out to someone to help me. It just helps you look at the bigger picture with your social media than just posting on the fly. Now, there's many other tips, but I wanted to keep it short. Again, I'm all about easy to digest small bite sized episodes that allow you to implement it immediately or in the near future in your business. If you want more information. If if you want to really dive into this more, join me for the workshop, you can get all the details, as I said in the show notes, or always go to Christina for any upcoming events or workshops, or speaking engagements. So if you cannot join me live on the workshop, it's okay. There will be a replay available that I mentioned. It's free. It's free. So I cannot wait to hear your feedback on this. Thank you so much for tuning in. As I've mentioned before, you know another wedding professional or someone in the event industry that can use these business booster episodes to help them in their business. Please take a minute and share with them. Until next time everyone, take care.

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