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May 17, 2021

MM | Online Appointment & Booking Software

MM | Online Appointment & Booking Software

*Episode previously recorded and released as part of Kristina Stubblefield's Genius Marketing Solutions podcast.

In this episode, Kristina provides solutions to help with your productivity and gives recommendations for online appointment and booking softwares that will save you time and stress!

If we could provide a solution that would help you have more time in your schedule, would you listen? Well listen up! This episode dives into online appointment and booking software… the benefits, the ease of use, the built-in automations and more!

Tune into this episode to hear how making the appointment scheduling process simpler for the end user will end up being a win for you and your business!

Can you imagine an online tool that syncs with your calendar, allows new business to schedule with you without you ever having to speak to them and sends confirmation emails or texts for you? Well it exists! And Kristina will tell you all about it in this episode!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL DISCOVER how to save precious time and potential stress for you and your business by utilizing an online appointment and booking software.

Online Appointment and Booking Tool

This link can help you book appointments, meetings, events, etc online.

Book Like A Boss

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  

If we could provide a solution that would help you have more time in your schedule, would you listen? Well listen up. This episode dives into online appointment and booking software, the benefits, the ease of use the built-in automations, and so much more. Welcome to Genius Marketing Solutions podcast. Hi, my name is Kristina Stubblefield. For over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist, and coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In my podcast episodes, I'm providing bite size, digestible marketing solutions and information that can be immediately implemented and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive into this episode. I'm super excited to talk about today's topic because I love providing solutions and helping people with their productivity. And that is exactly what I'm going to dive into today. And it is in regard to online bookings. Now, some people might think of this as like an online meeting scheduling tool, and that's fine. But I want to talk about the amount of time and stress that it can save you by putting in place a great online booking tool, I'm going to share with you one that I personally use and have for Gosh, probably the last four plus years. And it is called book like a boss, I'm going to include all the details below in the show notes, or you can always get them on my resource tab on the website, genius Marketing Solutions And you may hear that I'm quite excited because even in the last couple months, I have helped a couple of wedding professionals put in place an online scheduling system. And let me tell you, the feedback has been incredible. Multiple times they have said to me how much this has changed the way they do business how much time they've gotten back and been able to focus on other parts of their business or just have downtime with their family. So let's talk about it. So we're here's where I'm coming from. If you are a wedding professional, that you book events, you can use an online system. It's great. And I'm going to talk about some of the features. But if you also book meetings, like say you schedule appointments, or you schedule consultations, you can use an online scheduling platform just like book like a boss. Now. Let me tell you something, there are many different software's and tools out there doesn't matter to me which one you use. I can speak about this one because I personally use it and know just about all the features it has to offer. But where I'm going to start with first is the benefits of using an online scheduling tool or booking system. First of all, let me start by saying that if you're in a system where you have no system and you email back and forth, trying to schedule a consultation, let's say it's a free consultation, you don't even know if this person is going to utilize your services. How much time are you wasting, emailing back and forth for a potential client? You're not even sure if they're going to use your service. Heck, you don't even know if they're going to show up for your consultation. So if it's online, and they can see what availability is their options. They're going to pick one of those times and guess who gets to decide what times are available, what days they're available. Guess who gets to control their schedule,


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Kristina Stubblefield  4:31  

You you have control over your schedule. I've been there awkward moments where you really do not want to meet face to face. Some people refer to it as client facing days. You really don't want it you were planning on doing office work that day. But you have this person on the phone who really needs to meet with you. And this is the only time they can meet with you. And guess what starts happen unless you've got a really business focused mind and that you can say that two letter word No. Because most people, okay, if that's the only day you can meet, then I'll make it work, why you have them on the phone, they can't see your calendar, they don't even need to see your calendar, they can't see what's available, what you've put out there and said, if you want to meet with me, these are the times I'm available, pick one. I've had this conversation multiple times. And I get it, maybe you've just started your business, and you're trying to be as flexible as possible. But if you start from the beginning, owning your schedule, taking a stand and saying this is the two or three days a week, or these are the five days a week that I meet from these time periods, and you can put an online scheduler in place. I assure you here newsflash, if someone really wants to meet with you, they're going to pick a time that you're available. Why? Because they really want to meet with you people have schedules. You can't go to a restaurant be like, well, it's 10:30pm, I'm hungry. you close it, they closed at eight. And you're going to expect to eat there at 10:30pm. Because that's when it was convenient for you. That restaurant gets to decide their hours. And you as a wedding professional or any other type of business owner out there gets to decide your schedule. Now I get that there may be times that you need to be flexible, or you have this one special occurrence. But remember, you are in control of your schedule. And I'm here to tell you, an online scheduling tool can take away those awkward moments can take away the questionable Do I really need to give in and meet this person because it's in black and white, they can see what's available to them. Sure, I told you this was a hot topic for me because your schedule is the backbone of your productivity. If you're all over the place at different times of the day, seven days a week, meeting with the person here or meeting with the person there. When can you work on your marketing for your business. Because you got to do the events, if you're an event professional, you got to show up and do the events. So they're on your schedule, you will have this hodgepodge of different meetings and consultations and vendor appointments, possibly, and this and that. And we haven't even talked about the personal side with your own appointments that you might need to do. You know, if you're like most other business owners, sometimes people think I can just push that appointment off. Because you haven't taken yourself as a priority. Most of the time, I have conversations with clients and coaching clients. That is a lot of times you have to look at your own business as a client to prioritize it. Because it should be priority number one, and your schedule, when it comes to productivity has to be the backbone. It is what controls your movements throughout the day. And no one else has control over that than you. So if you're going back and forth, emailing with people to schedule a meeting, and Okay, this day doesn't work, let me email you can help you could be 10 emails in and you're still talking to a prospect that may or may not use your service. Take all of that time energy and stress off your plate by using an online appointment Scheduler. Now, you can there's also booking scheduling that you can do. And it doesn't matter what type of business you are. If you want to make a calendar online, I should really say an online calendar software that can has all of your available dates. And if a person wants that date, they go in and choose that date.


Then what happens then they've chose that date, do they you have to go when you have to get in another system and send them an invoice and then get in another system and send them on a contract. With a booking software. You can tell it when someone picks a date. I want an email to go to them that says this information. Here's the link to make your deposit to reserve this date which is not reserved until I received Your deposit. And here's a link to my contract that you need to fill out and send back to me to reserve this date. If you are doing that manually if you're communicating multiple times to schedule a consultation, and if you're communicating, a person says, Yes, I want to go with this date and your email in the back. Okay? Well, let me get you my contract out and then that you send them the contract, they send it back and then and now I need to get you an invoice for your deposit. How many times are you working on the same item, when it could be automated for you. That's the power of a booking software. Now, the one I use does both, it does appointments, as well as bookings. As a matter of fact, you can have many different types in there. The other thing is, it allows a software to work for you. Hell, it could be working for you while you sleep. Someone can go to your website. I'm interested in meeting with you about doing this at my wedding. Oh, look right here, I can schedule a consultation with them up. The only day they do these is on Mondays between 12 and 4pm. I'm going to select this day at 4pm. What can happen then you get an email. So in so just booked a consultation on this appointment up, you connected your calendar to this software. So it automatically puts it into whatever calendar you use. For me, I use Google Calendar. I haven't had to do anything. Person scheduled a consultation, it sent them an email and told them thank you for scheduling the consultation. Here's what you need to complete before said consultation. If you have any questions contact me. It sent him that email, and it automatically put it in my Google calendar for me. I haven't done anything to schedule that consultation. Other than setting up my consultation in my online calendar software. For me, I use book like a boss. I had to set it up. But how many times over and over again, am I setting up consultations? Am I setting up coaching sessions going back and forth Time is money no matter what type of business you have. So you can be doing something else than manually talking to chasing down appointments, however you want to word it, it can be doing it for you. It's just getting it set up. Now, there's there's other things that you can do with an online booking software. I mentioned calendar integration, which is great because then when you get the email that someone has booked, then you it automatically goes in your calendar. The other thing about using a booking software or a calendar, online scheduling software is say something's come up. And they need to reschedule. They have the option in the email confirmation they received. So if someone needs to reschedule with me, they don't have to call me. They don't have to send me an email where I've got an email back and then try to figure out a new date that works for them that day doesn't work and got an email back. Whoo, goodness gracious, there's three or four other emails. They can reschedule. Or they can cancel by clicking a button. And you may be thinking, gosh, I want to give him that easy way to cancel. Do you would you rather them show up and waste your time or their time? Absolutely not. Not when you have the opportunity to meet with somebody else that either has booked your services or is a potential client that's really interested in your service. So by giving easy ways for them to schedule meetings, consultations, however you word it for your business. People are going to be like oh my goodness, this person made it so easy to connect with them to schedule with them.


we've all talked about this before, getting someone on the phone to communicate doesn't happen as much as it used to. So if you've eliminated a step that they have to talk to you on the phone, or they've got to play phone tag or they got to send you multiple emails and you've made it simpler for them. That's going to be a win for your business. The other thing is, you can do automatic reminders. You don't have to call the day before send text messages or send emails, hey, just confirming our meeting for tomorrow. No, if you use a booking software, or scheduling software that offers automatic reminders, which mine does, it will send out, it could send out an SMS or a text message is what I mean by SMS. Or it can send an email reminder. And you get to decide what it says you get to decide when it's delivered 24 hours before two days before you get to decide. Then if that date doesn't work for them, they're not calling or emailing or texting an hour or two before your scheduled time. And then that slot goes to waste. That's why by doing automatic reminders, if they need to cancel or reschedule, you're giving yourself an opportunity to utilize that time with another client or potential client. One of the best parts about the software that I use is it allows me to set up my appointments, or consultations or coaching sessions, how I want and here's what I mean exactly by that. I can say okay, this type of coaching session is 30 minutes. I need a padding of time 15 minutes after this appointment, before another appointment can be scheduled. So let me kind of paint this picture for you. You're available for consultations between 12pm and 4pm. Your consultations need to be 30 minutes. However, when someone books a consultation at 12 o'clock, and that consultation is over at 1230 you want a 15 minute break before the next available time. So your next available time would be 12:45pm. Because you want a 15 minute break after your 12 to 1230 meeting. You don't have to do anything other than set it up. Because once you've set it up, it keeps track of your appointments for you. So it knows what times are available and what times aren't. It knows if someone books at 12. And you've set the parameters up, like I just mentioned, your next available appointment time is 1245. If someone takes 1245, your next available appointment time is going to be 130 30 minutes for your appointment 15 minute break in between. The other thing about this is you can decide if you want your online scheduling software or booking software to take a look at your calendar for me. Let me give an example. I use Google Calendar. So I have these available appointments set up. But what if I schedule a video shoot? Or what if I have a personal appointment? That is in my calendar, I want my software, my online scheduling software to check my Google calendar to see if that time slots available before it allows someone to book. So my calendar syncs with my booking software and online appointment software. Both ways if someone books using my online scheduler, the online scheduler book like a boss tells my calendar, put this appointment in someone's booked. If I already have an appointment there, it tells my Google Calendar tells book like a boss, hey, that time is not available. I already have something there. It does the work for me. And I don't want to refer to this as a secretary. But this is kind of like an appointment assistant who could use one of those an appointment assistant, a very affordable appointment a system assistant. Now, as I mentioned, there's many different software's out there.


I have used a few in the past. But by far my favorite is book like a boss. It makes it so easy for myself, not only to set it up and manage it, but it also makes it easy for my clients to book appointments or sessions. And that's important because ease of use makes a difference for my clients. I need something that's mobile friendly. I need something that's going to check my calendar. Maybe it's even it needs to check multiple calendars. I need something that syncs to With my calendar, I even need something that is, it knows the time zones, Time Zone detection. That's important because not all my people, not all my people, not all my clients are in the same time zone that I'm in. I also really utilize the reminders. And not everyone wants an email reminder, some people prefer a text message reminder. And that's, that's really important. Also, I want it to be my own wording in these confirmation emails, these reminder emails, I don't want the standard text. Thank you for scheduling your appointment. No, I want it to be my own spin. Hey, thanks for booking I'm so excited to talk to you about your business. I'm not sure that that's what mine says. But I think it's similar to that. And this is one of those topics that I've really wanted to talk about. And yes, it's different than marketing. But it really plays such a big part of your business puzzle in operating your business, because if you really take a step back, and you look at the amount of time you're spending to schedule appointments, book events, schedule, consultations, schedule vendor appointments, I can keep listing them out. If you really look at the time that you're spending, I think you'll be shocked. Most people are. This is a topic that a lot of businesses talk to me about when we dive into what are your pain points, especially if they're wedding professionals, managing their calendar, their appointments, their events, is a struggle, because are people messaging you on Facebook? Are they emailing you? Are they texting are they calling the Office of the calling your cell phone, there are so many different avenues of communication by having one streamlined way that people can book appointments, book consultations, book meetings with you, whatever the terminology is for your specific business, I promise you at the end of the day, it will save you time. And it will allow you to make more money in your business. Because of the ease of use the convenience, p that makes a difference for people. I hear it all the time. And that's why I'm wanted to share this with you and you don't have to use the same software that I use. I just always like to speak from experience. If I'm going to recommend a software, or a tool for a person to use or a system to put in place. I always like to speak from experience. This has been very instrumental in productivity for coaching as well as our marketing agency. So I encourage you to check out information about that particular software. Again, the link will be in the show notes or you could always go to the resource page of my website genius marketing solutions. I love talking about productivity. I said that when I started so I look forward to bringing you more information about tools systems that all equal, better productivity for you and your business. I hope you enjoyed this episode. You can shoot me a message or connect with me on social media. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Until next time, stay safe. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of genius marketing solutions. If you would like to get notified of upcoming episodes, make sure to click the subscribe button on your favorite podcast platform. We welcome any feedback from topic ideas to questions you may have. You can visit our website for previous episodes or to send us a message visit genius Marketing Solutions


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