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Dec. 1, 2021

Memorable Moments - Photography Tips For Your Wedding

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In this ladies only episode, Kristina and Sharon sat down with professional wedding photographer, Misty Enright, to talk about everything to consider when planning your wedding photos… timelines, sunsets, first looks, shot lists and literally all the things in between.

Tune in to this episode to hear the ladies of our podcast talk to a professional wedding photographer who shares all her best tips to make sure your day is captured perfectly!

Don’t miss this episode! Kristina & Sharon are walking wedding day photos… and how there is so much more to the photos than looking good. Let’s face it! The only thing that becomes more valuable after the wedding are your photos from the day. And these ladies want to make sure you get them right!

Listen to this episode to hear a 16 year wedding photography veteran give her best advice and tips for capturing the memorable moments on your BIG day… from having a details box, shot list, staged exit photos to the recommended number of hours a shutterbug is needed to catch all the important moments.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND that you can control the timeline better before the ceremony… and if photos are done beforehand, it will allow you to go right to the reception and celebrate with your family and friends.

Did you do your bridal party photos before the ceremony? Tell us about it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Misty Enright
Misty shot her first wedding in 2003 in Cincinnati. It was a friend's wedding. She took some 'for fun' jobs after that and in 2005, after being 'that girl with a camera' her whole life, she made photography her job. Since 2005, She has shot proposals, engagements and weddings in 15 states. Her work has been featured nationally in wedding planning blogs and published in local magazines. And after almost 300 weddings, She has seen it all. And after 16 years in the business of weddings, She is excited for what is to come and possibly new beginnings.



Sharon Rumsey  0:00  
There's a lot more to wedding photography than just getting dressed up and smiling for the camera. It involves so much more than just the pictures themselves. Here photos are the only things that will become more valuable when your wedding is over.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:13  
This episodes dives deep into all the things you need to consider when planning your wedding photos timeline, sunset, first looks shot list and literally all the things with our guest, Misty Enright. 

You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes, joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to The Ring The Bling And All The Things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode

Sharon Rumsey  1:38  
Hello Hello I am so excited for this episode. Those of you that are frequent listeners of the ring the bling and all the things are already familiar with our guest today. If this is your first time to listen welcome and I also am so excited to finally get some of my questions answered that I have about wedding photography you have questions I have some questions I do so we have guests back with us today that you guys have already heard from before misty in right with misty in right photography we are going to break it down all things fantastic photos today

Kristina Stubblefield  2:15  
Sharon You didn't even mention it's an all girls episode again. I know but I miss Mikey I think you said that in the last one he wasn't with him he is missed but don't worry he's not too far away. Fortunately, he is quite busy. It is wedding season so okay,

Misty Enright  2:36  
but maybe maybe it's me because he wasn't here the last time I was here either.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:41  
Oh I don't I don't think that's it. Okay so first for those listeners that weren't tuned in last time will you give them just a little bit of your background?

Misty Enright  2:52  
Sure. I like Sharon said and misty and right with misty and right photography based out of you know, the greater Woodville area I've been shooting weddings for 16 years. That's a long time.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:07  
I've seen it all I've seen a lot

Misty Enright  3:09  
over the years a lot. A lot.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:15  
So in the last time you were with us you talked about your I don't want I don't like to say new venture but your five How did you word it?

Misty Enright  3:26  
A new journey

Kristina Stubblefield  3:27  

Misty Enright  3:29  
A transitional path?

Kristina Stubblefield  3:31  
Yes. For sassy, sexy, bad ass portraits for real women. That's right. And

Sharon Rumsey  3:37  
if you guys have not heard that episode, you need to go back and listen to it because I was in love with it. It's so interesting. And I think those that's such a cool idea.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:47  
It is so make sure you go back and check out that episode. But I want to start it off with the very first question. Okay. Are you nervous? No,

Misty Enright  3:54  
I'm excited. Okay,

Kristina Stubblefield  3:56  
it has to do with photography. So you should be good, right? Yes. Okay. What is your number one tip for the day of their wedding. What's the number one tip you have for those engaged couples

Misty Enright  4:10  
to breathe. Breathing is very important.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:13  
It's that simple.

Misty Enright  4:14  
It's that simple. If you are stressed it will read on your face. If you are thinking about something else it will read on your face. If you are not breathing and hyperventilating it will read on your face when you're kind of like blacked out on the floor. Breathing is the most important thing if you and we do a lot of I you know I read people by taking their photos and I'm able to tell when you're carrying your attention and your shoulders. And always take a really nice cleansing deep breath and then blow it out or we might do some Lamaze breathing just to get it you know to just be present in the moment. If you can be present in the moment and see that all the people that love you are around then that should fill you with so much joy that you have beautiful expressions on your face. feelings in your heart and then you can have beautiful photos

Kristina Stubblefield  5:03  
will share and I don't know how you're gonna top that.

Sharon Rumsey  5:06  
I'm not gonna top it. I'm just gonna learn some more. Okay, well, let's go for it. Okay, one of the things that I wanted to talk to misty about and I was looking so forward to hearing what she had to say, as a wedding planner, it's my job to create a master timeline for the wedding weekend. every vendor has to be considered every delivery rental, everything has to be considered and factored into this timeline, hair and makeup, so on and so on. I reach out to photographers before I create the timeline. And I always say, you know, how can I make your day easier? What would your ideal timeline be? But it's a struggle for me because I'm also getting a timeline from a DJ, and I'm getting a timeline from a videographer. And sometimes those don't all agree and I have to make the whole big picture work. So when it comes to creating a timeline, for me as a wedding planner, or even for couples that don't have a wedding planner, when it comes to photos, what advice can you give as far as the timeline? Do a first look?

Misty Enright  6:06  
Just do it? You are team first look team first look for number of reasons. One is it's the best you're going to look all day. Shouldn't he see you at that moment? No one's hugged you. No one's kissed you. No one's pulled on your veil, your dress isn't wrinkled. That is the most pristine moment is the moment you get zipped up in your dress, and put your shoes on and get that bridal portrait that is the most beautiful, you are going to look all day should we see you then. The other thing is a lot of couples have anxiety from like being apart. And wouldn't that our just calm you guys down so that when you get to the ceremony, you're not so you know, overly excited to the point of being stressed. I can guarantee you I really have never had a couple where that did a first look that the guy or partner fiance didn't tear up when the bride walked down the aisle anyway, right. And I think that that emotion, it's a different emotion of someone walking down the aisle towards you to marry. I don't think that that's ever happened, where it hasn't had that emotion hasn't been there because they saw each other. The other thing is, is we can control the timeline before the ceremony. After the ceremony. We don't have any control over anything. Maybe the church is trying to fit in a mass and we're running late and so we have to hurry or maybe the location maybe it rains or maybe you know there's so many things that happen. But wouldn't you rather just come out of the reception or mean out of the ceremony and be like

Kristina Stubblefield  7:47  
how we're doing photos you can celebrate we can leave

Misty Enright  7:50  
now we can go to the cocktail hour and celebrate with our family and friends who have traveled to see us because we've already done the work.

Kristina Stubblefield  7:59  
Yeah, I think that really fits in good too because most of the people haven't been married several times before this is their first time right? And although you may be you've prepared a shot list, getting those people together coordinating all that it takes time and that time quickly adds up right and Sharon I know you've addressed this before. The next thing you know you're an hour an hour is gone right cocktail hours over your reception supposed to start and you still have 20 pictures on this list that you want taken but you can't you got to have somebody track down those people right I would feel like the first look how you're explaining it makes total sense on how to alleviate some of that because people did come to celebrate with you

Misty Enright  8:44  
right and we can do the first look a number of ways I can do it with just the bride and groom and do their romantic portraits and let's let's be real I mean if you haven't seen each other before the wedding, and you're nervous and excited and they're nervous and excited and then you guys get to a moment alone together. I'm you know I'm shooting that with a really long lens from way over there. And so you're going to have a semi private moment which is the only semi private moment you're going to have the entire wedding day that's so absolute every every other five minutes of your the rest of your wedding day somebody is going to be up in your business right I always strive to go here or it's time to go here or it's I

Sharon Rumsey  9:25  
struggle with and I'm sure you've seen this too with the first looks. Everybody always wants to watch and I'm like this is a private moment especially if my bride and groom have said they want it to be a private moment. But I've always got bridesmaids and moms right that want to watch those first look. So I'm always like trying to shoo people away and leave it with just the bridegroom and photographer.

Kristina Stubblefield  9:49  
I've also seen some great video footage. It is even included the photographer, like be that just very private. intimate moments. And then being able to experience that together, I've seen some clips of that. And it seems very special,

Misty Enright  10:09  
it really is special. And what I tried to do is, you know, you lower the register of your voice, and you know, you set the use up, decide which one is is less nervous, and you set them in a spot, and I, you know, I go up and I'll be like, I saw our, she's beautiful, She really looks great. Don't forget to tell her how beautiful she looks, she feels beautiful, she looks beautiful. And when you see her, you should, you should really tell her. So that register of my voice is much lower than the normal hyper thing, very soothing, very smooth, and lower than my normal crazy hyper, let's go, you know, like, like I am the rest of your helping

Kristina Stubblefield  10:52  
set that tone for that moment. And I'm trying

Misty Enright  10:54  
to let him know with my voice that this is an emotional special moment. Don't miss it. You know, because if you, if not, if you're like, Go stand over there, she'll be right there, you know, and then it just becomes like another moment, then it's not special. But if you set the scene for them, then

Kristina Stubblefield  11:14  
and you're helping them guide through that, Brian, then stepping back for them to have it.

Misty Enright  11:19  
And I always say if you don't, you know, just talk to each other, just talk to each other. I'll be over there. And if you need me just make eye contact and just be like, we don't know what to do help us. And I'll come back and we'll get started. You take as long as you need. I have time. And if we have to bump something around so that you can have this special moment. Fine with me. Like this is your special moment. This is your wedding day. This is not my photos, right? So

Sharon Rumsey  11:48  
let's I have a lot of grooms that will come to me on the side. And they're worried that they're not. They're not criers. They don't show a lot of emotion. Right? And I get asked a lot what if I don't cry? Am I going to hurt her feelings? Is it going to mess up the pictures? And what advice do you give to those? Maybe even a bride? I've had a bride say I'm just not a big crier. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. In this moment.

Misty Enright  12:16  
I would say find a photographer that can Photoshop tears. I had

Kristina Stubblefield  12:24  
me go in there.

Misty Enright  12:25  
No, I think you just tell them you are who you are. Right. And are you happy to be here? Do you love them? Then? You know, I've had couples that did first looks where they jumped up and down and they were so excited to see each other It was at that show? Yeah, it was special to them. Because that's what that's what, that's how they are. So you don't have to have a teary, you know, like, oh, john, you know, I missed you so much. You know, like, I have to run to each other's arms. I

Kristina Stubblefield  12:53  
mean, it's not the movies, and

Misty Enright  12:56  
it's never from them.

Sharon Rumsey  12:58  
I get asked a lot like, that's so funny. Yeah. You know what, what do I do if I don't start crying? Like, you know, do I try to cry? Do I fake a cry? I'm always like, let's not fake anything. Let's let everything be what it is. But yeah, I get asked that a lot. So another thing that as a planner, I would really like your input on is the family photos.

Kristina Stubblefield  13:22  
I was gonna ask about the shot list. Yes, the family

Sharon Rumsey  13:25  
photos I feel. I often will try to like help the photographer with that. Sure. And I I tried to mention at rehearsal, who I have the bride give me a list of who she wants included in the family photos. And I rehearsal, I will tell those people and you know, the photographer and I will talk about where the photographer wants them to go. And that kind of thing. But what what are your what's your advice for the herding of cats that family photos becomes pretty much every single wedding will and

Kristina Stubblefield  13:59  
cannot plug in here to about when you're talking about this. The shot list like I think that's what you refer to it as, how extensive is that? You we kind of mentioned that earlier. But

Sharon Rumsey  14:10  
your second cousin from five states over that you've never met is not a family photo.

Kristina Stubblefield  14:14  
Right? But that kind of ties in not only hurting them, but how do you narrow that down? Or how long should that list because I'm sure that plays into how long the photos take,

Misty Enright  14:24  
right? Um, for me personally, I only shoot formal family portraits of immediate family and immediate family are grandparents, siblings, parents, obviously, and their spouses. So like your siblings, spouse or fiance. If your brother has a girlfriend, and he's had a girlfriend for six years, great. She gets in one picture because guess what, if they break up then we've ruined that whole segment of family pictures right? He's gonna have to come down off the wall. Something's gonna have to come down on the wall. And and some taco shopping. Right, right. And I'll put a cat where she, you know where she was?

Sharon Rumsey  15:05  
What are you? How do you handle situations because this happens to me a lot to where the bridal give me a list of immediate family and we'll go over that. But then you get mom or grandma that says But wait, I want a picture with so and so and so and so and

Misty Enright  15:20  
right. So I send a questionnaire to my couples that's do about six weeks to a month before they get it before that, but it's do about six weeks to a month before the wedding. Then we have our final walkthrough about a month before where we're walking through that that list. And I asked very leading questions like I need the first names of anybody that is immediate family and their relationship to you and any spouse, children, etc. I need the first names or family name of any other groups that are important to you that we will do casual like grip and grins during the reception.

Sharon Rumsey  16:01  
I love that term grip and grip. I love it, I'm going to use it.

Misty Enright  16:04  
Yeah, so I want to know those people too. But those people aren't as important. So I always tell couples, I spend 80% of the time shooting 20% of your guests, and the other 20% of my time shooting the other 80% of your guests. So if you think about that, then the 20% of the people that were shooting is your bridal party in your immediate family. So if you tell me that Uncle Bob is like a dad to you, then I'm going to keep Uncle Bob on that list. And if Uncle Bob goes to the bar, I'm a following because Uncle Bob might be up to something and I'm right. He wanted to see what's going on, you know. So if you tell me and I always tell couples to that this question here that I said, it's very much like a breakdown of your entire family history. I need to know about divorce. I need to know if your parents are okay, being in photos together. I need to know if your parents are divorced. Can they even be in the same photo together? Do they if they're remarried? do their spouses talk to each other? Do do I do talk to their spouses? Like

Sharon Rumsey  17:02  
Yes, I have conversations for seating charts. totally get it?

Misty Enright  17:06  
Yes. But I need to know everything. So I'm not walking into a bomb because there I'm being then then the whole mood is shifted right? If I post somebody and I accidentally put mom and dad next to each other in a large group photo, then nobody's going to be happy, right? And everybody's going to be stressed. And it's all my fault.

Kristina Stubblefield  17:25  
So can we go back to something you said it stood out to me that you take professional portraits of the immediate family is how you do it, right? So that means you take a picture with mom and dad and the couple, right? And then the whole family.

Misty Enright  17:42  
So I do a large group first and then we subtract people. Okay, so like we'll do out you step. Yeah. So we'll do you know, I'll ask the bride and groom Who wants to go first. And it's usually the one with the smaller family wants to go first, so that they can go relax or whatever. And then we'll do everyone. So bride side, both sides of bride side. I want everybody if you're related to the bride and you're in the immediate family, you come up, okay, now bride's dad side, I want you guys to step over here. Let's do bride's mom side. Okay, so then we're gonna do, you know, dad, and mom and grandma. And then we're going to do bride with grandma. And then we're gonna do bride and groom and grandma. And so we just keep taking away and the first person that I want to take away our grandparents, because they can't stand that long. Let them go. We want to let them go said and then the next person you want to get rid of is the parents because they're the host to the party. And so they need to go do host things. And the siblings, they're usually in the bridal party. So they they better buckle up Buttercup. A long day. Oh, my goodness, she

Kristina Stubblefield  18:44  
got one of our favorite.

Misty Enright  18:46  
I'm a fan. Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:49  
Mike will be so appreciative. Yes,

Sharon Rumsey  18:52  
I think it's so important. And I just can't stress enough. And I go over this with my clients all the time, not to let those people for those family photos go to cocktail hour, because getting them out of cocktail hour is horrible.

Misty Enright  19:07  
If you don't have a first look, yeah, and see if you have a first look. You have them arrive at wherever you're doing the ceremony or sure at the venue or wherever, you know you have them there an hour before they would need to be there so an hour and a half before the ceremony starts. Because if you think that the bride gets hidden about 45 minutes to 30 minutes before, I have them come an hour before and we do all the family pictures then and then at cocktail hour, they don't have that stress of remembering why they have to be or driving to somewhere new or you know anything that can relax everyone

Kristina Stubblefield  19:40  
frees up a lot of time for them to host if they need to write or to be present.

Misty Enright  19:47  
You got to remember those people that mom and grandma are saying they want pictures with you know this wedding. I just shot this weekend. The mom had two of her high school friends there. Well she hasn't seen him in years or 10 years. She needs to go party with her friends, you know, this isn't just about what's going on with you and your, you know, spouse, this is also your parents having their friends there. And, and you seen it, you know, like your friends from high school and your friends from college and, and spending time with those people too if we don't if we take that cocktail hour, that's an ample time for you to, to meet and mingle and all the things with those people. But you know, I ask couples all the time, are you guys thinking of a first look? And they'll say no. And I'll say why? And they'll go, Oh, well, I don't know, whenever I never

Kristina Stubblefield  20:36  
thought about they know when they don't know, right?

Sharon Rumsey  20:38  
Well, when I asked why cuz I'm kind of a first look, fan. But I'll hear I just I want that moment. I want that moment. But I don't think they realize they're still gonna get the moment. Right. And that's when I separate the moment. Right? Yeah, 100%. I

Misty Enright  20:50  
agree with that. In fact, your moment is better with a first look. And that's not and you know, this is totally selfish, because the you know, as the photographer, I get to get all the pictures that I want, and do all the things that I want,

Sharon Rumsey  21:02  
some couples just don't want it. And if they don't want it, then we work around it.

Misty Enright  21:07  
But you then have to garner their expectations for the coverage because then you have an hour, or sometimes less to do romantic photos of just them, post photos of them with the bridal party and all of their family portraits in an hour, that's going to get you know, variety, anything that you see in my portfolio, the couples have given me over an hour of them plus the bridal party or just them or we've done a first look. And that's what you're seeing on my website, you're not seeing the rush jobs of you know, having to fit everything in including families. Right an hour. And so that's where it gets to be a little.

Kristina Stubblefield  21:49  
Well, and what you're talking about right there is we've talked about this on several episodes, about hiring professionals, right to be part of your vendor team, right? And do you find that, you know, I feel like I hear a lot of engaged couples saying that they're looking for this certain style this for certain vibe, insurance mentioned it before, you're going to spend a lot of time with this person, right? And you're going to have these photos for life? Do you find that it is a struggle for them? To let you make some decisions and guide them through? Do you feel like I guess, the trust factor is I think that's what I want to share to people is you've got to trust in your vendors you hire, especially your photographer, to make the decisions where to place people what order the picture should be taken in. You've done this for a long time. And you're gonna bring a photographer in, that's their job,

Misty Enright  22:48  
right? When I shoot a wedding, it is a well oiled machine because I've shot so many weddings, if you have your friend do it,

Kristina Stubblefield  22:57  
you've been through the you've been through the good, the bad, and

Misty Enright  23:01  
the plan B's, C's, DS, and Z's, like whatever else happens, I can tell you that I can pivot on a dime. And I can tell you that in our meeting, and that I've literally done anything, but also I I know my camera and I know what I can do. So let's say the electricity goes out, well, we're not going to cry, I can take pictures in the dark like, right, let's just go do that. And it'll be dark and moody. Or if we're gonna be at the beach, and it's gonna be noon, and our transportation doesn't come and we're stuck on the beach at noon, you're still gonna get amazing photos, because I know what I'm doing right? But it's, it's so important that you have someone that can pivot on a dime, and that they know what the wedding day is coming. I knew what's happening on a wedding day, three days, I mean three steps ahead of, of what is where we are at this moment. And there are some moments that I accurately predict. You know, it's like you see the flower girl sliding on her knees across the dance floor, and you're like, I bet she sticks her finger in the cake I'm gonna follow. Yeah, and you walk up on you, right? So you pick up on cues and whatever is in front of you. With you know, most photographers look in front of them. I tried to look in front of me, but know that there's action behind you. So if you're looking at the vows, and the couple of shooting that you know that saying their vows, guess what mom or grandma is crying, right? Or the bridesmaids crying or somebodies doing something else behind you that is like, is just as important to the story. There's a memorable moment right that that the bride didn't even know happened. And that's what I want to do. I want there to be photos where they're like, Oh, yeah, I remember Oh my gosh. Like, that's what I want

Sharon Rumsey  24:39  
to and I have this conversation. Pretty much every client. When when a couple hires a professional to do a job. Don't then try to put that professional in a box, right? I go through it as a planner. I've watched PJ's go through it. I watch photographers go through it. You know. don't hire me. And then tell me who does this every weekend. Right? Who, like you said, I've seen A, B, C and D. Then Then, you know, I've had brides that send me their whole timeline, they've done their whole timeline. And I look at that and I'm like, Well, I get it in a while, but that's not gonna work and

Kristina Stubblefield  25:17  
and that's gonna mess that

Misty Enright  25:18  
up. How many weddings have you planned bride? How many? How many times have you done

Sharon Rumsey  25:22  
though? I think it's so important, especially with those creative vendors, your

Kristina Stubblefield  25:26  
video, your photographer, let their creativity shine. That's why you picked them. You

Sharon Rumsey  25:30  
hired your team, you hired each member of that team, because they're an expert, right? Let the experts be the experts. And you enjoy your wedding day. I mean, think that is so important.

Misty Enright  25:40  
It doesn't happen nearly enough. But I my favorite thing for a bride to say to me is I trust you. Yes. Wait, you trust me to do my job? Oh, if you trust me to do my job, I'm gonna do it. Well, yeah, if you don't trust me to do my job, then guess what? We might run into some create my faculties down the road. My favorite thing to hear is I trust you. I'm just gonna relax. You've got it? Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:03  
Well, the thing too, is they are they? There can be so many things that happen, that they don't have any idea about it. Right? And do you feel like people struggled to be themselves, like in their photos and stuff? Like, at the very start of this episode, you said the best piece of advice is to breathe. Yeah. I feel like providing some of those that guidance along the way is so important, because they're looking in so many different directions and reeling from this special day. Right? Like, do you find it's tough for people to just relax and be themselves? Uh, yeah,

Misty Enright  26:41  
I mean, I definitely think that the weight of the expectations of the event far exceed the expectation that they have for their marriage. Do you? Do you know what I mean? Like this event? will be grand, my marriage will be fine. Yeah. You know, well, actually, like, this should be the start of it. But tomorrow should be more exciting than right, like, and then the next day should be more exciting. And you know, I didn't tell you 100% Yeah, so the weight of the expectations. And the only way to do that if you're nervous, and you're you don't like the way that you look in photos, then you should definitely do an engagement session, because all we do is try out poses, and play and laugh. And that's what I do. And so that way, these things are muscle memory, there's little tips and tricks that I teach guys, that when I go back and shoot their family portraits, when they have kids and stuff, they still do it, like the finger, the hand in the pocket, pop the thumb out, do you know this, I do know you put if they put their hand in their pocket, it the camera kind of amputates their hand. But if they pop their hate their thumb out, and I'm demonstrating, if you pop your thumb out of the pocket, then the camera sees your knuckles and your thumb. And so your eye when you're looking at that photo will say Oh, they have a hand. There it is. But when I go back and shoot family portraits for clients that I've had 1011 years ago, when I say Oh, just throw your hand in your pocket, let's do that. They'll stay out into their pocket and they'll they'll pop their thumb out and they'll be like you taught me that I'm like,

Sharon Rumsey  28:15  
I think having an engagement session with your wedding photographer is so important to just to get to know them right? So that there's that comfort

Kristina Stubblefield  28:22  
level, but I love what she's talking about, like the different shots and it's

Misty Enright  28:26  
muscle memory. Yeah, because then you can say hey, Fred, do you remember the tree that we posed at the engagement session? Can you do that? And then they don't have to think about it. Their bodies already done it. And they're like, Oh yeah, You mean this? And then it's perfect.

Sharon Rumsey  28:42  
Let's talk about getting ready photos. I'm just going through all the questions brides asked me Yeah, how much time do you need? When do you like to get there for getting ready photos?

Misty Enright  28:53  
I like to get there about 45 minutes before the bride puts her dress on

Sharon Rumsey  28:57  
before she puts her dress on so you're fine as she's in hair and makeup.

Misty Enright  29:00  
Oh yeah.

Sharon Rumsey  29:01  
cuz I've had I've had brides that want to photographer they're so early and and I'm like, what are we doing? What Why are they here?

Kristina Stubblefield  29:07  
You're gonna take a picture with no hair done no makeup on Oh,

Sharon Rumsey  29:11  
the bride won't but there'll be bridesmaids getting ready and they want those pictures, but they don't care about them. When they get their pictures back.

Misty Enright  29:17  
Those pictures never go in the album. They will such a good fly shoot for the album. Every one of my couples has an album, I want every one of my couples to get an album, The album is your record your printed record of your day. Your computer can't love your photos. I they they don't they shouldn't live on your computer. They should live in a book or on your wall or somewhere where you can see them and appreciate them every day. Those pictures will never be printed. So why are we it's already a long day and it's a lot of hard work. Let's focus on you. And it's

Sharon Rumsey  29:54  
even Okay, if maybe you've already gotten your makeup done. Yeah, you're working on your hair. We can have that makeup artists scooch over with a brush and we can fake a little make sure if we need to absolutely I think brides they worry a lot about those getting ready pictures and the pictures in the robes. And you know the that kind of pictures and I feel like if we only have you know, a limited amount of photography coverage limit amount of hours. I don't want to use a lot of that time pre

Misty Enright  30:22  
dress, right? I like to be there for the bride to step into her dress shirts. That is my favorite part of the day where the emotions are likely. And she's like, I'm getting married. I'm getting married.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:33  
I'm getting married. I usually

Sharon Rumsey  30:36  
I usually scheduled photo at about an hour before the bride dresses.

Misty Enright  30:39  
Yeah. And what I do when I get there is I say hello to everyone. I want everyone to know that I'm here. You can see my face you can see my smile. If I'm wearing a mask, you know, I still will like smile at everybody and like right say hello and however and I want everyone to know that I'm on their side and I'm gonna get their good side. Yep, I'm team bride and those boys all smell funny or whatever. You know, like we are team bride here and, and that's how it's gonna be. And then I asked for the invitation, the shoes, the jewelry, and I get to work. And from that moment of me saying hello. Then it's go time and I'm shooting things. I'm shooting people laughing. locked in. I'm at work. And that's how it goes. We can fake things. Hey, have you Oh, I saw that you already have your lipstick on? Do you want to just do a real application in the mirror? I'd love to get that shot. Or hey, hairdresser, can you just tell me when you put the veil in that'll be a really great shot. I don't need picture of you curling her hair work.

Sharon Rumsey  31:36  
I always try to have My Brides put together what I call a details box. Right? And I actually learned this from a photographer. Yeah, with all the time. Yeah. But it's so much easier if they have all those little items, the invitation shoes, perfume, all that in a box ready for the photographer, rather than we're running around a hotel room trying to gather up all this I call it a detail bag. Yeah, I brought that up. Yeah. Another question I get asked all the time is should a couple pay for a second shooter?

Misty Enright  32:06  
I mean, this is so hard, because yes, I mean, a second shooter is going to help their day. But if their day is small, then maybe they don't need one if they don't have all the time, you know what I mean? So it has to be specific to the day, certainly it makes my life easier.

Sharon Rumsey  32:26  
Well, I was just thinking like what you just said with while you're shooting the couple reading their vows to each other grandmas crying behind you, right, that second shooter, your chances of getting all those different things? Do they go up with a second shooter? Or can one person do all of that?

Misty Enright  32:41  
I mean, I think I have ADHD, I'm pretty good at getting

Sharon Rumsey  32:47  
a lot of times when you know they're on a budget, and they're trying to shore out what they should pay for and whatnot, I get asked a lot should I pay for a second shooter I

Misty Enright  32:54  
would say honestly, and this may not be what you want to hear. Honestly, I am about 5050 on me doing it alone. And I'm talking a hard day a couple 100 people a wedding, doing it by myself or doing it with a second shooter because you're hiring my vision. And so I've done this so long, and I was a second shooter before I was a primary shooter. So I know where I want my second shooter to be and I find that if it's somebody that I'm not familiar with, and it's just somebody that I've brought along to second shoot, I'm spending a lot of the day worrying about where they are or where it needs to be. But it's certainly if it's the right person or if it's a friend or if it's something like that it certainly makes my

Sharon Rumsey  33:38  
day the benefit to it from my job. Sure. Oh, yes. is I can have one person with the guys right? While the primary shooters with the bride, right? So if especially if they're getting ready in different locations, yeah.

Misty Enright  33:51  
Again, though, if if you have a first look that that can all be fixed. Because you can do though you can fake those moments, because I don't ever send my second shooter to the guys until they're fully dressed. Okay, for obvious reasons. And a second you know, but I will hang out with the bride when she's in a robe. Sure, you know what I mean? But I don't ever send my second shooter who's you know, in Connecticut, I had a second shooter who was a male, so I would have no problem sending him to the room to check on guys. But I would never send you know, a female second shooter into the room until they're the guys are totally done. And a lot of times I don't even send them to the hotel room at all. I send them to wherever they're going to take their photos, which if it's a hotel, it might be under the overhang where the cars pull up or it might be the lobby or you're on the roof or in the parking garage or somewhere like that. Then the second shooter will meet you there. So yes, but those detail shots, you're not taking pictures of him putting his jacket on, you're taking pictures of him like adjusting his cufflinks putting on his Yeah, putting on it, and I gotta tell you, I'm the one who's putting the boutonnieres on Nobody seems to know how to put them. But you know what I mean? Like those detail moments, those happen in seconds. And so if I'm working by myself, I just schedule you know, I tell bride, if I'm working by myself, I'm going to get you into your dress about 10 minutes earlier than you thought you were going to get into it, just so I have time to then bounce right around and do other things. But, you know, but that's me. That's not everybody. I'm weird. That's

Sharon Rumsey  35:27  
okay to ask a lot about how many hours of coverage because what I find a lot when I work with My Brides on their timeline, right? is they want an exit. They want to do a sparkler exit or something but they don't realize that we only buy it we only purchased eight hours of photography coverage and our photographers cutting out at nine o'clock right you know so what do you recommend as far as number of hours

Misty Enright  35:53  
I if you want to do is special a special exit I would say do it with just the bridal party like I've had bridal parties gather at some point during the reception before the photography you know, before I was to leave and we did sparkler exit with just the bridal party so that it's a more controlled more smaller group, you can get a lot more sparkler lights you can you're not afraid that people are going to catch each other and etc but then the couple goes back in for the last hour or so of their reception and they can just party it up and not have to worry about any more photos. The problem is the reception because you've got you know, you know how it is I mean the same 1020 people dance the whole time right and once I've taken 10 or 20 pictures of those 10 or 20 people dancing well what you know and then by the time I walk out of the room you know around the room getting couples pictures or whatever have people sitting then it's just kind of like waiting for them to leave, right? Because you've already that part of your cover again you're not going to frame those photos for sure so i mean i think the sweet spot is it the sweet spots like 910 ideally if everything's at the same venue ceremony and receptions at the same venue you might be able to get away with eight or nine I mean that's kind of the sweet time

Sharon Rumsey  37:18  
usually more of a 10 if if a bride lets me pick just short Why don't have to worry Yeah, my favorite order to do a reception is introductions straight into first and then dinner. Yep. Then as people are finishing up dinner cake toast parent dances open it up Absolutely. So that way I know that my photo and video I have enough time to catch all that special, right? The special events that happen

Misty Enright  37:46  
right? Yeah, and when I have a second shooter work with me, I tell them you can stay until the cake is cut. Yeah, you're the parent dance like whatever because the parent dances like five minutes later. So like that time that's how you know when honestly

Sharon Rumsey  38:00  
I think those are some of my favorite photos. That toasts know though those parent dances those daddy daughter dances I don't know I just I

Misty Enright  38:10  
love toast photos because the bride and groom or bride and bride or groom and groom they don't know what's coming and what's about to be said about to be said and the reactions are priceless

Kristina Stubblefield  38:22  
as long as they people speaking don't use their cell phones right to read off

Misty Enright  38:26  
of I don't care I don't

Sharon Rumsey  38:27  
like it. I don't care I make mine do paper I have to

Misty Enright  38:31  
say the other night at my wedding on this weekend I was called out in the toast and so first time in 16 years it's ever happened the maid of honor said let's give a hand for misty she's doing a heck of a job. Oh, he was like and I was like please don't look at me Stop looking at me. Look at me

Kristina Stubblefield  38:49  
I'm not supposed to be

Sharon Rumsey  38:53  
but it does feel good I it feels good I've had where a father of the bride will speak and acknowledge you know not just myself but all the vendor team and it's always just makes everybody feel appreciated. I think that's really cool that she did that

Misty Enright  39:08  
yes. Yeah, I was like please stop looking at me Why are they looking at me?

Sharon Rumsey  39:12  
right we're not used to being the center of attention at

Misty Enright  39:15  
all. No, I want to hide because that's how I get Linden to the ground right? Yes, that's how I get the best stuff.

Sharon Rumsey  39:21  
Are you pro garter and bouquet toss Are you

Misty Enright  39:26  
depends on the age of the bride and groom. Okay, my personal preference for age of a bride and groom is older on just because they're more confident in themselves, they're more understanding they're less likely to use Pinterest. So it depends on the bride and groom, you know age because if they are in their early 20s and they're out of college and they are going to Allah, you know, everybody has that one summer where you go to like 13 weddings. But that's a fun time for you at that age. But maybe a bride that's 30, maybe one of the last of their friends to get married, especially in this area, then maybe it's not that fun because then it's like one friend and like two cousins. And you don't want to embarrass anybody, you don't want to call anybody out. So I think it depends on the age.

Sharon Rumsey  40:20  
I have found that most of my couples don't do them anymore.

Misty Enright  40:23  
I it's been a long time for me. I've seen it too. Yeah, too.

Sharon Rumsey  40:27  
So what have we not

Kristina Stubblefield  40:30  
been? This is really good information. But I know what you're getting ready to

Sharon Rumsey  40:34  
not ask you that we should have asked you. Okay, what do I not know that? I don't know. Okay.

Kristina Stubblefield  40:42  
Buckle up singer and buckle up.

Misty Enright  40:44  
I think the most important thing besides breathing is to not get hung up on your shortlist. I think a lot of couples spend a lot of time hung up on the shot list. And they'll say things to me, like, this is the most important photo. And then stuff happens. And for whatever reason we I tried to get that photo to happen. And they're like, hey, it's okay. Okay,

Sharon Rumsey  41:11  
did you happen to me two weeks ago, yeah,

Misty Enright  41:13  
just told me that the most important teen times that this was the most important photo, and I have moved to mountains to get the clouds depart so that the sun could set over that building as you request, right? And then they're like, that's okay. I don't want it. So, getting caught up in that shot list, and like, what, looking at Pinterest, and please don't ever do that. Just be you and be real and let the photographer as do our job is like just,

Sharon Rumsey  41:47  
I just had a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and it was it as a distillery. And they had a whole wall of bourbon barrels, you know, as part of the Leanna. warehouse. Yeah. And through the whole planning process, the bride had talked about the photo in front of these bourbon barrels, right. And she knew what time of day she wanted it and everything and they do you know, so that's communicated to the photographer, and the photographer and I are both keyed in on we got to make this happen. We got to make this happen. So, brides out there, dancing photographer tells me Hey, I'm ready. Let's get him on the golf cart and take them for this bourbon picture. And I go to get them and they're like, oh, we're having fun. We just want to dance like it's okay. Right? And exactly what you just said happened. 100% Yes.

Misty Enright  42:33  
So I mean, the only time that so I had a wedding where the ceremony was in one city, and the reception was about a 2530 minute drive to the reception. And, you know, we were supposed to come to the venue and do like, family pictures and stuff. So I get there to the venue. I drove myself from the church, I get there. And we find out that the limos bus has been caught in traffic and a police chase and the highway is closed. And so we don't know where they are. None of them really have their cell phones on the bride and groom especially because, right, it's their wedding day. And we can't get ahold of them. We don't know where they are. We know nothing, get a driver, we're trying to get ahold of the driver to find out where he is. Kind of like in between exits. So he doesn't even really know where he stopped. And so like, we don't know. And finally the venues like the food is getting cold. We have to proceed. And it's like, okay, you have no bride and groom and bride and groom and no bridal party and no and, and no parents. So there's no host to this party. And there's no so they do they go ahead and and serve the bus arrives at some point. Well, they had stopped at a liquor store to get some beers for the bus because they'd been waiting in traffic forever. They get to the party, and all they want to do is get introduced and they want to start partying, right. We haven't done no family portraits. Now I will that's my Hill to die on. As my mom says, Yes, we are doing family portraits, and I'm gonna pass I will regret it later. All. Yes, because those are the most important. Those are your legacy portraits for your family. So I will pester you and be like, okay, you want me to come back in five minutes? I'll come back in five minutes. Are we ready to do family portraits and you know, the bride and groom they were upset with me. But they got family portraits, even if it wasn't what we envisioned. They got and so you know, those are things that are also on that shot list that are irreplaceable to me. Now your cousins, uncles, brothers, sisters, nephew that you see every single day of your life because your next door neighbor's, we're going to get that casual picture and that's going to be fine. They don't have to come. But family pictures are key. Yeah, and

Sharon Rumsey  44:57  
it's hard to know at least from my job. It's To know what Hill to die on, right? You know, because like when a bride has told me for a year, this is the most important thing, right? But then she's had a few drinks, and she's having a great time, right? And it's not important. I always wonder, like on Monday, is she gonna be mad at me that we didn't do that? Right? You know, right. So I just tried to like, really get to know my clients, and I think I know what's important to them. And I try to use my best judgment, but I totally get what you're saying. Yeah, sometimes it all just goes

Misty Enright  45:30  
awry, right? And it's beyond our control, right? You know, like, you can't help it. And I try to, you know, I try not to take the bride and groom off the dance floor, because I know that's where they want to be. And they've been looking forward to that part of it, right? And I don't want to be the photographer that's like, well, we haven't gotten anything good. We need like, another hour outside or whatever, I don't want to be that person I want to have, right something and they can, I don't want their part and I don't want them to miss their party. Right? So I understand that, that those sunset pictures or those night pictures are essentially taking them away from their party. But I already have everything set up. And I just need them to come stand where I want them to stand, snap, snap, and they can go right back. So when they tell me that this is the most important, I'm going to move mountains like is that make that happen to make it happen? And so when you say, Oh, it's not important, it's like, oh, I did all the things. To You know, like, yes, it's but like I said earlier, it's it's your wedding day, it's not my photo shoot, so but those are

Sharon Rumsey  46:37  
there that happens to me so much, there'll be so hung up on, I don't know, one type of wine that they have to have, or a certain, a certain type of flatware that they have to have, and I move mountains and make 18 phone calls to get it. And then they're like, oh, it wasn't that big a deal. I'm like,

Misty Enright  46:54  
well, and that's what I mean about the expectation of the event kind of overshadows like their like, life together. And it's like, oh, it's an event. It's a party. It's a it's an important day. It's a very important day. But it is just a day and tomorrow is going to be better than the next day to be better and you're going to live up to your marriage and let your marriage be green and let your wedding day be great.

Sharon Rumsey  47:18  
I love it.

Misty Enright  47:18  
It's Yeah, all the things

Kristina Stubblefield  47:20  
can you believe this has been going on for 45 minutes like but

Sharon Rumsey  47:24  
no I can talk about weddings for

Kristina Stubblefield  47:27  
now. But I think you know, you really summed it up at the top of how important this is. The photographs from their special day

Sharon Rumsey  47:37  
The only thing after your wedding that becomes more valuable I say it all the time.

Kristina Stubblefield  47:41  
So I think conversations like this you know you're mentioning getting hung up on this or hung up on that. I loved your wording about what's going in the album would you call it something else? When is the album when you know these pictures are for the album and that's your mentality of shooting these images and you know people not being dressed is probably not going to make the album so I think that's a whole different perspective that you don't hear a lot about. Are those memories that you're going to have and do you really need the girls in their pajamas or robes before they have any makeup or hair done? What is really important and I think you've shed a lot of light on some of these top tips I think we could talk about this for hours on it I

Sharon Rumsey  48:31  
think to just just from plan or land over here I think it's so important if you have a wedding planner and everyone knows I believe you should but definitely I think it's so important that you're not just your wedding planner and your photographer but that your whole team yes be team wedding team bride and groom team wedding because sometimes it becomes a power struggle of like well the wedding planner said this but the photographer said that and you know the bride and groom get caught in the middle so 100% there should be good communication between that wedding planner and every vendor on the team. Yes, and everybody should have what they need to make their day the most successful and ultimately the bride and groom's day the most successful right?

Misty Enright  49:16  
Absolutely, totally agree.

Sharon Rumsey  49:18  

Kristina Stubblefield  49:19  
Thank you so much for not doing one episode with us but two episodes

Sharon Rumsey  49:23  
we appreciate it so much I learned a lot

Kristina Stubblefield  49:25  
I'm gonna be honest I definitely think there could be a part two to this because I really think we've made it through everything in this is such a loser photos

Misty Enright  49:35  
are a lot. And we really didn't even talk about all the years of funny stories. So if you ever do like a blooper reel I got we've got

Sharon Rumsey  49:43  
an episode just where we all share our story we talked a thing though is I would like to work again and I don't really know how My Brides are going to feel about Miss Sharon sunrise.

Kristina Stubblefield  49:53  
Right? Well thank you so much misty. We really appreciate you sharing your insight. I can tell obviously have our listeners be able to tell you've done this for a long time

Sharon Rumsey  50:02  
long and she loves it. She's

Misty Enright  50:03  
very passionate.

Kristina Stubblefield  50:05  
Yes. And as we said at the beginning of this, if you did not listen to the other episode, we encourage you to go check that out. And thank you for tuning in. We love to hear your feedback. So if there's topics that you want us to cover, or more you would like to know about shoot us a message you can always connect with misty on her website.

Misty Enright  50:26  
I misty and right calm super simple. There we

Kristina Stubblefield  50:29  
go. Or you can also connect with her on social media. Yes, Facebook. Yep, Instagram.

Misty Enright  50:35  
Yep. All the things, all the things, all the places, I'm everywhere.

Kristina Stubblefield  50:40  
Okay, well, until next time, everyone stay safe. And if you love what you heard here, and what should they do,

Sharon Rumsey  50:46  
I want you to hop on. And I want you to leave us a glowing five star review.

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We've made it super easy. All you got to do is go to our website and click rate this podcast. Missy is a fan and she thinks you should be one too, right? Yes, big fan. All right. Until next time, see ya.

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Misty shot her first wedding in 2003 in Cincinnati. It was a friend's wedding. She took some 'for fun' jobs after that and in 2005, after being 'that girl with a camera' her whole life, she made photography her job. Since 2005, She has shot proposals, engagements and weddings in 15 states. Her work has been featured nationally in wedding planning blogs and published in local magazines. And after almost 300 weddings, She has seen it all. And after 16 years in the business of weddings, She is excited for what is to come and possibly new beginnings.