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March 29, 2021

MM | Marketing Strategy & Thinking It Through Before You Do

MM | Marketing Strategy & Thinking It Through Before You Do

*Episode previously recorded and released as part of Kristina Stubblefield's Genius Marketing Solutions podcast.

In this episode, Kristina talks to her friend and Wonder Woman or Jack of All Trades, Christy Smallwood, about being strategic when marketing your business and “thinking it through before you do!"

Fasten your seatbelts and hold on for this episode! Kristina chats with Christy Smallwood, a self proclaimed jack of all trades in the digital marketing world, about marketing strategy and thinking it through before you do!

Are your marketing efforts creating awareness in the marketplace? Do you desire to be the market share of your industry in your area? Then listen to this episode to hear about actionable steps you can take right away.

Do you know who your target audience is? Are you consistent with posting content? Do you have an action plan? Tune in to this episode to hear why it is important to understand that there isn’t just one magic piece to the marketing puzzle.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND why marketing is not sales and awareness is not referrals and how you can be more strategic when you have a marketing plan in place.

Visit our website to send us a message or record a voicemail and share with us your marketing pain points or any topics you would like to be considered for an upcoming episode.

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  

Are your marketing efforts creating awareness in the marketplace? Do you desire to be the market share of the wedding industry in your area? Then listen to this episode to hear me and my special guest, Christy Smallwood, a self-proclaimed jack of all trades in the strategy world. Talk about actionable steps you can take right away. 

Welcome to genius Marketing Solutions podcast. Hi, my name is Kristina Stubblefield. For over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist in coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In my podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized, digestible marketing solutions and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. Everyone, this is an episode that you definitely want to listen to, and probably go back and re listen to, because one of my good friends is joining me today. And she is a jack of all trades. That's kind of how I look at her. Because she has accomplished a lot of things. Even most recent, she has a couple things to add to those collections. Without further ado, I'm going to introduce to you my friend Christy Smallwood. Thank you so much for being here.


Christy Smallwood  1:19  



Kristina Stubblefield  1:21  

So I can't do your introduction appropriately. So I'm gonna let you tell all my listeners who you are. And a little bit about yourself.


Christy Smallwood  1:30  

Well, those in the local area tend to know me as Wonder Woman. So we'll start there.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:34  

Wonder Woman, I won't be saying anymore.


Christy Smallwood  1:38  

So are you sure? Cuz Nope. That's how we roll.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:42  

So my let me give a disclaimer. Fasten your seat belts, because you are going to be along for a ride. And not just because she likes Disney World, or Wonder Woman. Right? Okay, go ahead.


Christy Smallwood  1:54  

Tell them all about you. Oh, gosh, where to start on that. No kidding. So my backgrounds, I have got almost 30 years now of marketing, advertising, radio media, strategic planning, leadership, organization, training and development. And yes, all of these things at once. And so when it came time for me to start my own business, I created a business model that housed all of that under the umbrella of strategy, because it's what I love to do with people's help them to figure out what it is they really need to figure out next. And then how to put that in a succinct order that's aligned with their values. And their vision, like what do you really want to have happen here? So that what do you want your life to look like? And how can the business support that? And what do you want to accomplish with this thing? And then I provide services that fuel the strategy that support all of the work getting actually done, such as marketing and sales, training and development, business coaching and group facilitation. I'm even a travel agent, I can take you off site to do all those things. So


Kristina Stubblefield  2:57  

Wow. See, I told you, she's a jack of all trades. And she's not done yet, because she's actually an author.


Christy Smallwood  3:05  

I am an author and speaker and a podcaster. That's right.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:09  

We love the podcast life. Do


Christy Smallwood  3:11  

you love the podcast life? podcast life is very interesting, because I'm an only child. And I've always pretended that I was. I've always pretended somebody was there to talk to you. So to have a mic in my hand in front of me, it's just another person and talk and do


Kristina Stubblefield  3:24  

and you're recording. I'm recording you may or may not share with people


Christy Smallwood  3:28  

most of the time I go ahead and do anyway.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:31  

Right? No Holds bar here.


Christy Smallwood  3:33  

We'll just see what happens with this. Right.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:36  

Well, and also tell people recently, you got two awards.


Christy Smallwood  3:40  

I did. I had, I got real involved with the Chamber of St. Matthews over in Louisville area. And it's a very large chamber, actually, we're the second largest in the region now. And super involved with them had been really involved with one southern Indiana prior to that moved over to being more involved with St. Matthews chamber, then on the board been doing all kinds of things. But this year, I actually won Small Business of the Year, which is amazing to me. And I also won community pride, which is their oldest award that they have. And I think that was from being so involved in all these different places.


Kristina Stubblefield  4:17  

Can I tell you a little secret?


Christy Smallwood  4:19  



Kristina Stubblefield  4:20  

I knew a day or two before you got it because I talked to Josh. And hopefully I don't get in trouble for saying that. He's gonna like and he was like he said, I'll share something with you. If you promise you won't tell this person and I was like, I won't. I won't say anything. And I was just like, Oh my gosh, she is going to be so shocked. Oh, I don't know that what you do is great. But you had no idea that it was coming.


Christy Smallwood  4:49  

I did not and you would think that I did based on the video I did. So let me give you a little backstory. So our annual meeting of course is virtual and the winners they shared a video of The winners, you know, talking about themselves and what we do. Well, the god loving Jonathan Knight when he came over to do, they came to us to do your video on site. Well, I've always been a home office, kind of girl. So he came over and I'm like, I don't even know what we're supposed to do. And all of the videos I do, no bodies are round.


It makes a difference.


Oh, good. gracious. It certainly does. That's not what you want.


Oh, hell yeah, it makes total difference. Now that sounds more like that's more like me. So I stammered like crazy. Because I now mind you, I go through two or three takes of video my may put out there about a tutorial, not tutorials, really, but think about this concept. Or think about this thing or whatever. Here's what you should focus on for your business. I might take two or three times to get that right. But it's like all sustained. I don't stop and start stop start. But when somebody else is in your bubble, and now all of a sudden, it was just felt super weird. And I flubbed miserably. It was awful God loving for being so patient. And I had said something when I was trying to explain my business. And I think I went into I'm honored to be a nominee. I'm honored to be a finalist for this. He's like, Okay, that was good. But let's try it again. It's not I want to I want to test something out. I just want to try something. He said, Why don't you rephrase that? Do it again, and leave out that your finals like pretend that you want just pretend like, well, if I want, this is what I would say. And I just totally went into this. Are you sure it was me? You might wanna go back and check those results. Are you positive that I want, I want this thing, I got all excited. And that's, that's what they played at this tag on. So Oh, my God, I can't believe I did the video. First of all, second, I can't believe that's the one he posted. And third, I can't believe I won this. And I just started crying. I was crying the entire time. Like, I'm so glad this is virtual, because I would have been an absolute mess in person with everybody.


Kristina Stubblefield  7:03  

But that is your authentic self. Oh, that video that you did. And when you get people that are in front of you. You know, this is a lesson for everyone out there. Even Chrissy and I do videos on a regular basis. You put somebody in a room when you're used to in person not being there, or you put a couple people and you're doing it for something else, or whatever the circumstance, it is really hard to get focused in on. Remember to be yourself because that's who people want to do business with? Is yourself.


Christy Smallwood  7:39  

Yes, edit it just because in my head at that time, it was no longer me just being myself. It's how am I presenting this in a professional way. Not that I'm not professional, I obviously want awards. But time was like, it kicked in that I was supposed to be something a little different, and not what I really was. So it took me out of my comfort. It just totally threw me off. Jonathan did a great job calming me down a little bit. And he took me off on a different tangent about one thing, a part of the book, like what did I learn in 2020. The being super book came up and I talked about this concept. And he's like, Christie, that was fantastic. But I'm just telling you about the spec. He's like, that's the point. You were just did this for me. And I'm like, Okay, got it now. So yeah, it was better once I figured it was it was a mental game in my head. And I didn't realize I had that issue. But now I know I


have that issue.


Kristina Stubblefield  8:38  

Well, and for anyone listening, no matter where you're located, you can actually get Christy's book. It's available on Amazon. Yes. Not very long after it came out and tell him the name and everything. Again, it is called being super hot. And it even has a red cape on the front. That's


Christy Smallwood  8:55  

right. It's easy to find. So my name is on the front to so you're looking for Smallwood meaning super that way new Amazon has it


Kristina Stubblefield  9:02  

this would be a great time to share with people that sometimes I record video record these episodes. And for those of you who are listening, you can go to the YouTube channel, my YouTube channel, Christie will be tagged in it and see the video recording of this because you won't want to miss our animated conversation. conversation is the right word. Okay. So me and Christy, you probably really click on a couple of topics, actually, to be honest, the list is lengthy and we had this conversation before we started. Chris, he's just gonna have to come back a couple other times, but we really hone in on strategy and planning.


Christy Smallwood  9:46  

Yeah, that's where I thrive. Because it's such an important thing to prep before doing. And strategy is a big part of that.


Kristina Stubblefield  9:57  

Yes. And that's why I really wanted to Focus because when I do these episodes, I want people to be able to implement a little bit of something that can make an impact immediately in their business. And there's a lots of things in these two topics that you can immediately implement. But what is your definition of being strategic?


Christy Smallwood  10:22  

It really is as simple as this. Think it through before you do.


Kristina Stubblefield  10:28  

Excellent wording. Excellent. I loved that very simple explanation in regards to strategy, it


Christy Smallwood  10:35  

really strategic Yeah. Because if you've been, if you've been in a corporate environment at all, or if you've been taught in school in business classes, they teach you that strategy, you have to do a lengthy process to have a strategy and I'm err, quoting this strategy? Well, it's a lot simpler than that. In that to be strategic, you need to think about all of the variables of the thing before you do it. So think it through before you do. So even when it comes to your monthly budget, hopefully, you've got a monthly budget. When you do a monthly budget, I'm, I'm very strategic, I think everything through before I make that next decision on a purchase, that's going to affect my monthly budget, like new equipment for the business, or a new location for me to live in, or a new vehicle because all of the bigger purchases affect that monthly budget in a totally different way. And if I'm not strategic about it, then I haven't Well, first of all, I've not learned the fine art of delayed gratification, obviously, if it messes it up that much. But thinking things through before you do helps hone your decision making skills for the betterment of where you really want to take your life and your business. So that's why I love strategy so much is it it's instilled in every piece of your business.


Kristina Stubblefield  12:02  

And my podcast is really is geared more towards wedding professionals. But I tell everyone, if you are a marketing specialist for your business, if you're a small business owner, you can take something away from each episode, even though I tend to talk a lot about wedding professionals. And when you talk about strategy, and being strategic, I feel that I don't feel I've heard from several wedding professionals, they're juggling the balls are in the air, you know, they're juggling, and you're talking about pulling off an event, which I've already said on other episodes, that is a small miracle in itself. And when I say miracle, I don't mean that in any disrespect. I mean, there's so many moving parts to an event takes a lot of brainpower, it takes a lot to put those together, pull them off and get through that day. However, when a lot of them say to me, I just don't have time to spend on marketing. And I say


Christy Smallwood  13:11  

not true, not true.


Kristina Stubblefield  13:14  

It's not in their plan in their weekly plan and their monthly plan. And if they start to implement something, you know, because I do talk about time blocking and set assigning certain amount of times and things like that, if they start to do that, you can be a lot more strategic in whatever your marketing is, it could be social media posts, it could be doing better flyers that you're going to hand out at wedding shows. Well, and let's let's make no mistake to when you have when you have a solid strategy,


Christy Smallwood  13:50  

that that helps give you that foundation of all of the decisions that you're pulling from. Once you have that strategy in place, then you start planning out the work necessary to meet the objectives of the strategy. So say you want to have you want to be the the the dominant go to resource for your thing in your marketplace. Okay, so that's, that's top of market, you want market share? Definitely. So you need certain things to happen. You need to have a super high awareness, you need to build those relationships so that you have a high referral rate. Awareness is not referral, right. And so good point. There's two different cases, what's called KPIs. They're the key performance indicators, two major pieces of things to look at. And so how to figure out what is working along the way well, that requires a plan of action. So from your strategy of what you want, and how you want to try to get there all the ideas and and all the data that's backing this up. There is a lot of work that goes into a full on strategic plan. That plan of action include All the things that you think NASA are necessary to get you where you want to be, but then you have to determine the capacity for the workload. This is something that gets missed a whole lot. Because we have a ton of ideas, especially we get really into the fun part of strategy and all of these great ideas and like, I want to do this and you know, a lot of people want to do tik tok, and there's still Snapchat and there's still this and that bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. And I'm like, hold up a hot second.


Kristina Stubblefield  15:35  

Wait, you haven't even updated your Instagram profile?


Christy Smallwood  15:38  

Well, and is that where your target audiences, right? So let's start back, there's so much about that that's like, let's, let's rein this in, and think it through before you do. And then the old adage of if you don't think that you have the capacity, you pick one, and go a mile deep in the one and own it and get it down. And then when you feel comfortable with you know, this, this isn't as hard as Auto lumby. Then add the second one. But start with one. I mean, this is the concept of the raving fans, you start with the what you want to have happen, what they expect to have happen and provide the 1% and you do it in one area, providing that 1% extra of expectation, then you're owning it, man, you're just shining like a rock star. But the part of the strategy that's important is figuring out Is it the right channel for the right people, and being consistent with great content.


Kristina Stubblefield  16:40  

And that's what I talk to people a lot of times about, because if you can't be consistent, doing it great for a week isn't going to get you you're not going to get it and one time in a one and done. ain't gonna happen might save yourself the time, energy and effort and just don't do it. Exactly, honestly. And that's a hard truth for people to hear. The other thing too is there isn't one magic piece to the business and or marketing puzzle. There isn't? No, I know you're Superwoman. But there is I tell people all the time, I hate to break this to you. There's no magic one, I'd love to wave it for you. But there is not. And then people can get overwhelmed before they get started.


Christy Smallwood  17:22  

That it totally is a thing. And that's like what try to win as we do this strategy thing I'm like, let's find the one thing that's going to have the most impact faster. And let's focus on that one thing. Let's get it right, get it in. The other thing about marketing in general, and I just had this conversation for came here was understanding how marketing works in the eye of the beholder, if you will, right, that first time somebody sees you, here's about you that first impact. First awareness is just that it it's an awareness I did you get their attention. That's number one. touchpoint. This and they kind of decide immediately first impressions, whether they like you or not, the second time they see you, that's when they kind of think well, do I need that or not? Am I am I gonna do it? If the answer's no, immediately on that second touch point. And it could be a commercial, it could be a social media post could be an email, it could be a networking event, it can be anything to touch points. That's if after that second one, they haven't done anything. Number three, to number 3000. And beyond is your reminder system to them that you are here and ready when they are. That's what marketing does for you, as you keep it keeps you top of mind, to those people that you want to work with when they're not ready, you need to let them know you are


Kristina Stubblefield  18:49  

well and we both have this conversation you have to live where your target audience exist. Yes, 100% you have to live there.


Christy Smallwood  19:02  

And we're talking in the marketing realms not necessarily like your house


Kristina Stubblefield  19:06  

correct? Well, and if there's only so much time in a day, so being realistic with your expectations, and with your planning, you have to be realistic about what can get accomplished, just like you said, because you work your you work your tail off, to get to Top of Mind you network of it, you're running, you're doing social media, you got a killer website, so forth and so on. You can't take a three month hiatus and expect your raving fans to still be there. And that's one thing is whatever level of consistency, you have to own it you have to show up and you have to maintain that because in the way of digital marketing now you Take a hiatus for a week, you're taking a big hit,


Christy Smallwood  20:03  

you're losing the game. And I try to get people to understand there's two games that you're playing when it comes to digital marketer. Let's just take social media by itself, because digital marketing includes ad buys and all that kind of stuff. So with social media channels, there's two games you're playing, you're playing the game of the channel. And the game of your audience, the channel says, if you are not here, on a consistent basis, engaging with your audience, you lose points. And the points are eyeballs, people, points or eyeballs.


Kristina Stubblefield  20:38  

Okay, so they love themselves. Facebook, loves Facebook, Instagram loves Instagram, YouTube, it's the same thing, no matter what platform we're talking about.


Christy Smallwood  20:48  

You learn the game of that channel, what works for the channel itself, then you match that up with the magical content that your audience wants from you mixed in with what you want to tell them. Then you've got this wonderful combination of, well, holy shit that actually worked. Oh,


Kristina Stubblefield  21:08  

wait, if you mean, if I do the work and follow a system, I get something out of it. What that


Christy Smallwood  21:15  

strategy, huh?


Kristina Stubblefield  21:18  

What it works, but that a lot of people think if it's not tangible, if they can't see it right then in front of them, for them to look out a week, a month, six months, because let's be honest, stuff doesn't just happen at such a rapid pace that, oh, boom, and I'm at the top of the list. It's tough for them, because they're either a investing a lot of time and energy in it, or be there paying someone to help them, all of which is your spending something, whatever it is, you know, your time money,


Christy Smallwood  21:57  

yes, for somebody else's time,


Kristina Stubblefield  21:58  

you've got to be able to kind of look down the road. And that's why a lot of times, I think it's so important that I tell people, you don't have to come to me or Christie to do services for you, sometimes. Sure, you need help. Absolutely. But a lot of times it is that coaching, it is that person alongside of you to help guide you to work the plan, you know, yes, whether that's day in and day out, week in and week out. And I think sometimes people don't realize that, to use my or your services, we have to do it for them, or they have to give up control or this sometimes just being right there to be that coach for them. And help them navigate those I call it waters to navigate those waters. Because if you are not an expert in this field, or you're not working it day in and day out, what do we have to talk about how many changes Facebook and I


Christy Smallwood  23:01  

was gonna say that are like, Oh, my God, and you if you're not in there, and you don't realize something, just change in your email platform, Constant Contact MailChimp, pick one, I don't care. They're all checked, let me just say, when Facebook made some changes last fall, it was a trickle down effect. Everybody made some changes. And it's already into, like a website, if you're doing a retail website, which I've managed a couple of those. And we've got these third party integrations. Just because you're checking out on that website doesn't mean there isn't a lot of shit happening in the background that could break real fast. So we've had some issues where I'm like, we just, we just made this brand new website. Why is this thing not working? Oh, that's right, because Microsoft updated something that affects my third party plugin.


Kristina Stubblefield  23:55  

Oh, you mean what we learned in school cause and effect. This is such groundbreaking information that we're sharing.


Christy Smallwood  24:04  

Isn't it if it's my memos, if it ain't what they gets another


Kristina Stubblefield  24:10  

it is. Okay, but you bring up another interesting point. And I have news for people that if you are not evaluating your stuff on a regular basis, now what do I mean by evaluating currency we can go down this rabbit hole for hours on in evaluating, turn it into what you reviewing, looking, checking, all of that kind of stuff on a regular basis. Now for some people that might be weekly, could be monthly. Please don't go further than quarterly. Unless it doesn't matter what's out there on the inner internet. But I've got news for anybody that thinks that or that's not the truth. You have to have some kind of check in with yourself with your business. Yes. And a lot of people don't they don't do it three years down the road? Well, business is kind of slow. And, you know,


Christy Smallwood  25:09  

well, it's the same conversation at the end of the year. And that's the only time you look at your p&l.


Kristina Stubblefield  25:14  

them. Yep.


Christy Smallwood  25:15  

Don't do that. Yep, don't do that.


Kristina Stubblefield  25:19  

And I get a question all the time. Well, how often should I update my website? Well, what the what industry? Are you in? How many competitors? do you have? What? How? You know, how much are you working the marketing game? Because at the end of the day, no one even beyond our listeners, no one wants to waste marketing money. No. And here's my other thing that I was going to add on about having a coach. It can actually save you money. Listen to me, as I say that, yes, you have to pay for your coaching sessions. And yes, you have to pay for that person's expertise, their knowledge, they probably have a lot of continuing education that they stay up with, because we just talked about all the changes, but even paying that out, whatever amount of money that is, a lot of times, they can save you so much money. I will I will phrase this in just like having a wedding planner. I know that that's a question on a lot of engaged couples months, oh gosh, do I spend however many 1000s of dollars for a wedding planner, nine times out of 10 they're gonna do one of two things are there's probably a lot more than two. But to come to the top of my mind, number one day are going to help you use professional vendors. In a day of a pandemic that we've had going on, there's never been a better time to emphasize professional vendors that can help you navigate through that. But the wedding planner, that role is using Sharon, my friend Sharon always says the a team as honestly, it's like having a team.


Christy Smallwood  27:00  

Yep. But the second part of that is they can negotiate for you. They can Yes, what maybe this maybe they're the vendor is saying you need these three things as part of their package. But oh, by the way, this other person you're using has that in it's half the price or whatever that is, most the time they can save you money. And you can have less stress in your day. That is also very key, especially when it comes to the wedding planning industry with that, because there's so many different layers to what you want your perfect day to be. And that's a whole lot of moving parts unless you love project management is really not your thing to do. Your wedding planner knows those projects knows the right people to go to knows how to negotiate like you mentioned earlier within your budget to get you more than you expected. Like when you put your dream in the hands of a wedding planner, not only do they know their stuff, but they know what you really want,


Kristina Stubblefield  28:04  

and they know how to execute it.


Christy Smallwood  28:07  

Yes. And all you


should have


Kristina Stubblefield  28:10  

most of the time flawlessly. We're all human and things can happen. But by goodness, most of the time, there might be a couple things happen at a person's wedding. And the couple don't even know something happened because the wedding planner is sorting it all out as it's still pulling it


Christy Smallwood  28:25  

all. And let me just say as somebody who is


Kristina Stubblefield  28:27  

a wedding planner commercial,


Christy Smallwood  28:29  

well, probably for Sharon, you're welcome or


Kristina Stubblefield  28:32  

other other ones out there.


Christy Smallwood  28:35  

You're welcome. Because as a person who I was previously married way back in the day, I made I handled all of that stuff myself would not recommend it again. And I also in the handful of years ago, went through this as a What is it? Oh matron of honor. I didn't get to be the maid of honor. I get to be the matron.


Kristina Stubblefield  29:02  

sounds fancy?


Christy Smallwood  29:03  

Oh, no, it just sounds older.




There's no nice way to say that. I'm typically a matron of honor if you've been married. So for my best friend, and she I love her. Let me just clarify. I absolutely love my best friends. But she did not hire a wedding planner because she could do it all herself and she's very OCD and I get it. I understand it's hard to let go


Kristina Stubblefield  29:31  

of not when she has Christie on her team. No, she


Christy Smallwood  29:33  

didn't even hardly let me do things. So that's exactly. So here's the thing come the day of the day of y'all the day of Okay,


Kristina Stubblefield  29:47  

I think we've it's what she's Irsay is on the day.


Christy Smallwood  29:51  

We, as a bridal party, are trying to get all prim and proper and cleaned up and we are also


so Setting up the place settings for the daggone reception.


I'm thinking this lady who came to help put out glasses and silverware and plates and napkins was part of a crew and I was like, Oh, where's your other people to help? She's like, well, I don't know. Janice just asked me to show up as like, an Janice's Dane is my friend's mom. And I was like,


I was going to ask my friend I was like, did you hire a crew to do setup? She's like, Oh, no, I just had my mom bring her friends is like,


if you can see the look on my face, it was not a happy moment for me. Because guess who did not look good at the wedding? That'd be this chick.


I did say to myself, this ain't about you. Looking good. It's about her. The bride looking good.


I was even sick that day. Because we were up till 1230 the night before, after, after the what is it the rehearsal dinner. We went and set up the tables and chairs under the tent the night before and it was all nice and wet outside. So guess who else was sick the next day? sucking to get while everybody else got to have mimosas. Somebody was sucking damn the day quill.


Kristina Stubblefield  31:13  

That's gonna say pepto, they will gotcha.


Christy Smallwood  31:16  

Get a wedding.


Kristina Stubblefield  31:20  

Okay, and that concludes our commercial for wedding planning. However, there is a good correlation there because that planner is to help bring facilitate maybe is a better word, facilitate all those moving parts. And having a marketing or strategy coach does the same thing over in that area of your business in


Christy Smallwood  31:43  

life. Correct? Because there's marketing itself can get complex and overwhelming very quickly. Because there's always a new thing that gets added. It's the shiny object syndrome. Yeah. shiny object syndrome. Are


Kristina Stubblefield  31:56  

you on Tick Tock?


Christy Smallwood  31:57  

I am not.


Kristina Stubblefield  31:58  

I'm not either. Never. People ask me all the time. I like the Instagram reels. Most recently, yeah, them. But that's a whole nother topic for another day. I was just curious. You don't always have to jump, where just because something comes out?


Christy Smallwood  32:15  

Didn't your mom tell you? If so and so would jump off a bridge or you could have follow up?


Kristina Stubblefield  32:22  

In the day and age of social media, I think there's a lot of followers. I sure hope that water's warm. And it's not very far of a drop.


Christy Smallwood  32:30  

Because there's a lot of there is no bungee cord on that. So right.


Just so you know, but yes, absolutely having that. And I have titled myself a strategic guide. Because I'm here to not only help you think it through before you do, but I'm here to also guide you in those, as you've mentioned, the waters, you know, be the help you understand how to navigate everything. Avoid those pitfalls, make sure you're going in the most efficient direction of that mountain because it can get tedious at a time. And once you're consistent, though, making sure those things that you are tracking are important toward the growth of the strategy, like it's moving the strategy forward, like you want it to. So for example, if you're looking at how many backlinks you have on your website, but the more important thing is your engagement rate on social media. Make sure you're looking at the right piece of data. You You You're laughing at me,


Kristina Stubblefield  33:35  

it's not really a laugh. It's most people out there probably do not know what backlinks are


Christy Smallwood  33:42  

okay. So a backlink is whenever somebody else out there, links back to your website, your thing. So say you have a blog post, and somebody thinks it's super fantastic. And they're going to share a link to your blog post I mentioned you that's what's called a backlink because they're linking back to you. So that helps backlinks I'm sorry, did I just see complex complex?


Kristina Stubblefield  34:09  

What your the point you're the point you're trying to make is really good though. It's so don't if you don't know what backlinks are, this isn't, don't run Google and start using backlinks. That is part of a strategy. And if you're not doing it, it is something that can benefit you. It's not an instant gratification tool is not but it is something to explore down the road if you're not doing so. So go ahead. Right disclaimer,


Christy Smallwood  34:36  

right disclaimer, this the whole point of this is watch the appropriate milestones, what things do you really need to look at, in a day, a week a month to see activity actually working the way that you want them to?


Kristina Stubblefield  34:53  

The other thing that you mentioned is reviewing data, reviewing Analytics reports. incites, whatever fancy words you want to attach to them, most people have no clue. And I don't mean this in a bad way. They don't understand or they don't have a clue how to read them. And that's really important, especially if you're spending, if you're boosting posts on social media, if you're running ads, even if you're using a strategy of putting video on YouTube, on your website, and then sharing them out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, where whichever platforms, what is that return? Because most people think, well, I did that. And I didn't get any sales or my revenue didn't increase gravy. So. So that's the thing. You have to look deeper into that because again, it's not going to be one video. That's going to be the answer now, and


Christy Smallwood  35:49  

let's clarify something very quickly. Marketing is not sales.


Kristina Stubblefield  35:56  

Ding, ding, ding, you're the winner of today's prize. Very good. linkers.


Christy Smallwood  36:02  

Like, it's,


Kristina Stubblefield  36:03  

it's really either got raving fans from this episode, or people are like, What in the hell are they talking about? We're talking about all things marketing, yeah,


Christy Smallwood  36:12  

all all things. So think marketing should generate a couple of things, one awareness out in the marketplace, that's one thing automatically marketing should be doing for you. The second thing is is creating it leads to put into a sales system.


Kristina Stubblefield  36:29  

What I also like to say is traffic traffic, because it depends on your call to action that you've used it you've used if you're just sending people to your website, but not calling Hey, I've got this new special or booked me now because my dates are going quickly, you know, set up an appointment on my calendar, if you're not asking them to take action other than just click this link below. How are you judging? If your activity if it's not, click here to purchase this package that I'm offering? Honestly, you really have to look at? What did you ask of your audience? Did they take that action? What did that funnel into? Did that funnel into revenue? Did it funnel into more website traffic? Did you increase your followers? Do you want me to keep going because many things


Christy Smallwood  37:23  

in the beginning of that you also look at copywriting because Are you telling them clearly what you want them to do next?


Kristina Stubblefield  37:33  

It's not just the call to action? Is Is it a riveting post that caught your attention that you couldn't scroll past? Then there's a whole nother content? People think content and marketing. are one in the same Nope, nope, nope, nope. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. And so I try to bring awareness to I've seen people and people, actually even people have come to me and said, I don't understand I'm posting every day. I'm posting on these platforms, I have a consistent plan. And guess what? z ro call to action. And I just you cringe. It's almost like, well, I just took $10,000 and put in the shredder here. Even though they didn't spend $10,000 of actual money. For the past six months, they've been working their ass off every single day day in and day out posting. And they had no call to action. So in any of them. So


Christy Smallwood  38:38  

let's talk about social media for a hot second, because it's the easy thing, right? It's it's a free set of marketing channels, in which you can create audiences and engage with them and have them do stuff. Alright. So Facebook, Instagram, let's pick Facebook. So I've got a few clients. And I've done some different things here as well. I have a Venn diagram that I've already said, once you have a bunch of stuff that you want to tell your people, they have a bunch of stuff they want to hear, which is


Kristina Stubblefield  39:09  

most of the time, how often do those. There's a crossover


Christy Smallwood  39:13  

little Venn diagram in this in this center that is kind of minimal.


Kristina Stubblefield  39:17  

Right? It's very easy and 50. And what percentage of them


Christy Smallwood  39:22  

not very many, not very many. So if your content is all about a one way conversation, like we have this, we have that we do this, we're great at this, this you should look at this. And after a while. They're like yeah, you're great. Yeah, yeah, yada, yada, yada, yada, right. There's nothing to create the engagement back. So part of strategy with your social media is determining what is it that you expect social media to do for you when you set that objective? So say I want to create engagement. Engagement means define what engagement means to you. Great conversation. Do you want to move them along a funnel? Because those are two different things? Like how do you what is it that you expect and keep defining this down so that when you do look at the numbers, or you look at the activity, it's meeting the objective and expectation you have defined clearly for that thing. So now that we've got this foundation of definition, we put something out there. So Facebook back to this example, I know what they want to see, which is usually something fun, light hearted. kittens, puppies, babies laughing with belly laughs You know, something 80s 80s fine. 80s is a good seller. For Gen Xers like if you know your target, you know, 80s,


Kristina Stubblefield  40:46  

anything, pretty much works. And you just said if you know your target, if you know your target, don't know your target audience, please start there.


Christy Smallwood  40:53  

You're just kind of pissing in the wind with that.


Kristina Stubblefield  40:57  

said like, please stand up. Please start there. Because you couldn't spend a whole lot of time on the platform. It's your money. Yeah, his money, whether you're paying it to somebody else, or we're doing it yourself,


Christy Smallwood  41:12  

right. It's, it's just super important to get the prep work done the strategy, the definition and cluding, knowing your target audience well enough that if you could walk into their house and get in their refrigerator, you know exactly what's in there. Like you have refrigerator rights to your target audience. That's how much you want to know them.


Kristina Stubblefield  41:30  

That's a very good reference. Honestly, it is in so many times people want to just push something down others people's throat, they're not going to take action from that, then I don't care if you're having the best sale ever. Or, hey, you can book my wedding planning for 50% off. And well, your posts have made me glass glaze over before because there's no authentic, good content that has drawn me in. And now you have this great offer and 1000 people just scrolled over it, because what you did before, right? And


Christy Smallwood  42:05  

and you and I could sit here and talk about what we know doesn't work and some couldn't conceptual things of what does


Kristina Stubblefield  42:11  

that would be a podcast all on its own.


Christy Smallwood  42:14  

Yeah. But a good example of creed like so an objective that I had from one of my clients is we want to be able to increase engagement, to be able to increase audience size. more engagement, says, Hey, if I get more shares, organic shares, people are showing it to more people, they'll continue to like the page. So page likes go up based on higher engagement rates. It's kind of one of these natural things that will tend to happen. So I don't have to pay for more people to like the page. So how do I get more engagement? Well, there's some


Kristina Stubblefield  42:50  

I do, you're headed down a whole nother episode. Because there's many options. There's


Christy Smallwood  42:54  

a whole lot of options. But one of the things that I have worked on that has just worked. People love to give their opinion. Think about you. You did too. We Oh said


Kristina Stubblefield  43:07  

Tuesday, oh, well, that's a whole nother keep going.


Christy Smallwood  43:12  

Think about the old TV commercials where you do the taste testing or you see option A and option B. Do that for yourself on something and see what happens to that post that has been one of the best performing style posts that I've done for any of my clients and even for myself, because people love to share their opinions. And you give them something to have an opinion on a or b this or that which one Wednesday whatever.


Kristina Stubblefield  43:41  

That's business appropriate business appropriate. PG,


Christy Smallwood  43:43  

g Don't Don't be Yeah, and


Kristina Stubblefield  43:46  

steer away from the topics that you know you should steer away from that's a given.


Christy Smallwood  43:50  

We don't do we need to even go there. Nope. Let's not just stay away from all that.


Kristina Stubblefield  43:54  

Okay, so as we wrap this up, because honestly, we could be hours. We could you promise me you'll come back. I


Christy Smallwood  44:01  

will. Okay.


Kristina Stubblefield  44:03  

But as we wrap this up? Let's give one actionable step we've already given quite a bit. Quite a


Christy Smallwood  44:12  

bit. Yeah, this is definitely one if you go back, play it again. Take some notes.


Kristina Stubblefield  44:18  

Because even though we were joking around and stuff a lot, we did include a lot of takeaways from this that you can pay hundreds of dollars, if not more for her to be honest.


Christy Smallwood  44:27  

Yes, we did. Absolutely.


Kristina Stubblefield  44:29  

Just it would if you don't mind, just share with the audience, one with listeners, our audience that's watching us on YouTube. One actionable step that is something doesn't take a whole lot to do that they can maybe do over a weekend or something or in a over a couple hour period or less.


Christy Smallwood  44:54  

prep time. So here's what I here's what I would suggest you do because it does tend to get overwhelming. Don't even On the channel yet, go? Yeah, I use one note, sometimes I use a simple piece of scratch paper. But I say, Okay, I'm gonna start doing a hashtag Tip Tuesday. What are all the tips that I could possibly say? That would fit on a square?


Kristina Stubblefield  45:23  

unload, get them out of your brain on a matter of your brain or into the computer? Yeah,


Christy Smallwood  45:27  

yep. Because then once you have this list of ideas of things that you would tell people, that tip of time chunk, your calendar, so that you can be more focused on projects, that then goes on a Canva image, to then post to your Instagram, Facebook, wherever now you've got, you've got the start of all of these pieces of content that you can then create, make them pretty, you can repurpose these things. It's something that you can build from, that's one thing, start with what that is, and then build from those.


Kristina Stubblefield  46:03  

And for people in the wedding industry, I'm going to give a tip separate than Christy's people in the wedding industry, that list that you were just talking about, should be able to unload hundreds, oh, I mean, easily 25 or 50? Absolutely, within a few minutes. So that's a task that you could sit down and do and just start somewhere with. So I'm going to give you another I'm going to give you a separate tip. A lot of wedding professionals out there. There are pictures taken of every single wedding event, whatever kind of event you do. Okay, most of the time, the photographers will share them with you. And if you're not asking your photographer there, step one. Ask the photographer that was with you at that event, that you would love to share them out, and you'll give them photo credits. That's a really important thing, photo credits. But here's what I'm saying to you. Go back to some of your previous weddings. Look up those photographers that you did events with, I assure you you're going to find several photographs that you can use on a post that you are very intentional about. Think about before you make that post. Your graphic is there. You don't even have to use the picture. You don't even have to use a graphics program. No, honestly you don't. Because that picture is probably going to be of a couple something happening at the reception. There's going to be something in its own and do a post about what an experience it was to be part of that person's big day. You should have a post a week for I don't know how many weeks. And what you gave them was in separate posts easily a week. There's two posts a week for you. And those posts that we just suggested, can work on any platform. And if someone tells you different number, it will work Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, you can use it in reels you can use it in stories on Facebook or Instagram. What did I leave out? There's one I did if you want to use Tick tock, of course. I mean, I know that's big for wedding professionals Snapchat still with a snapchat Yes. In LinkedIn. I'm gonna leave on this note, Christy, I want to talk about this one, when we come back connections. Don't forget your professional connection, not just with your target audience, but with other professionals. Don't forget connections.


Christy Smallwood  48:44  

Yeah, that's again, a whole nother topic. But always remember, the person you're coming in contact with. So let's take your business profile your professional on like Dan, those that you're coming in contact with no, a minimum 200 people you don't know. And out of that 200 people your target audience is in there.


Kristina Stubblefield  49:03  



Christy Smallwood  49:05  

always be open to connections and conversations so that you can continue to build those relationships. So when somebody goes and sees your awesome Tip Tuesday that use that professional photo, they're like, Oh, this person's sharp, they know their shit, I'm gonna contact them for my wedding. And then that's that's how it that's how the magic happens is it all tends to get tied up in a pretty neat little bow from all of this complex work that's been prepped ahead of time.


Kristina Stubblefield  49:33  

And remember, most of the time, people are making decisions, especially in the wind wedding industry. They're making decisions based on the content that's out there. Whether that be on your social media, your website, when they Google you are looking up on the search engines. They're making that decision that you're an A team. Yeah, company that they're considering you before they pick up the phone before they email. So that's why it's so important to be strategic in all avenues of your business, from email communication to your website, to social media, to your interactions with other vendors. Yep. It all comes back to one thing, your business reputation.


Christy Smallwood  50:21  

Absolutely. And of course, those first impressions through marketing, they do, they've got their mind made up of what kind of what kind of business you are, they don't know about the relationship yet until they make that phone call, but they've already made, they've already made up their mind, how they're going to think about you. Based on your marketing,


Kristina Stubblefield  50:39  

this has been awesome. If we don't, if we don't cut ourselves off, we're gonna keep going.


Christy Smallwood  50:43  

We gotta stop.


Kristina Stubblefield  50:44  

So thank you all so much for tuning in. I hope you've enjoyed this episode, I told you in the beginning, I knew how this was gonna go. This is one of those that you're probably gonna need to go back and listen to again, maybe even a third time because I promise you, there are several great nuggets alive not only information, but strategic knowledge experience that you can all pull out and use for your own business.


Christy Smallwood  51:10  

And thank you for having me on here today. I


Kristina Stubblefield  51:12  

appreciate that. You're most welcome. So and congratulations on your recent couple of awards. You're so deserving. You've worked very hard. Thank you. And it's been a privilege knowing you as long as I have. And thank you so much for being a guest. I really appreciate it. So everyone if you want other episodes you want to tune into them, you can visit the website. If you like what me and Christy had to say take a few minutes, share it with your friend family member, another wedding professional. I hope you have those professional contacts and that you're staying in contact with them and connections. So share it with them. And take a minute and write a review. That's how other people are going to find out about this podcast. So visit my website genius Marketing Solutions Until next time, everyone stay safe. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of genius marketing solutions. If you would like to get notified of upcoming episodes, make sure to click the subscribe button on your favorite podcast platform. We welcome any feedback from topic ideas to questions you may have. You can visit our website for previous episodes or to send us a message visit genius Marketing Solutions


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