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June 1, 2022

Making Your Ceremony Meaningful

Show Notes – Episode #134WW - Making Your Ceremony Meaningful
The reception may be the biggest part of your planning tasks, but don’t overlook the ceremony! In this episode, we are joined by our special guest, Diane Walker, a previous event planner, now Minister and wedding officiant. Stay tuned as she shares tips on making the ceremony meaningful as your vows are meant to last a lifetime and talks about the importance of finding an officiant who listens to your wants and needs, understands your vision, and knows how to include your guests in your intimate moment. 

Reverend Diane Walker is an interfaith minister and wedding officiant who honors and respects all paths, beliefs, and cultures. 

• [02:12] Michael asks Diane for a tip for couples couple starting to get into the marriage and the ceremony itself.
• [02:26] Diane gives tips for couples  
• [09:10] Kristina talks about how important it is to click with your vendors.
• [13:23] Diane gives advice for writing your own wedding vows.

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Michael Gaddie  0:01  
The reception may be the biggest part of your planning task, but don't overlook the ceremony. And this episode we are joined by our special guest, Diane Walker, a previous event planner, now minister and wedding officiant.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:15  
Stay tuned as she shares the importance of finding an officiant, who listens to your wants and needs and understands your vision, and knows how to include your guest in your intimate moment. You're listening to the ring, the bling, and all the things Podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie, and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee down the aisle into happily ever after our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between and after. Now, let's get started with this episode.

Michael Gaddie  1:08  
I am so excited. Today we have a long, long, long, good friend of mine that I've known for about 22 years. Her name is Diane Walker. And she is a Minister slash Officiant. So Diane, why don't you introduce yourself and tell people what you do?

Diane Walker  1:25  
Well, that's a mouthful. I'm sure you'll get it. First of all, Mike, thank you so much for having me today. What a delight, especially to see you again, Mike, because we did spend so many years doing work together and have fond memories, and still like each other. As I said earlier. Yes, I am an interfaith and an independent minister. I work with all past all people. And my specialty is designing and planning sacred ceremony. So I take it very seriously. I tailor it designed to people. And at the same time, I like to have a good time and be real and a human with people. So that's basically what I do. I do about 60 weddings a year and growing every year, just love what I do.

Michael Gaddie  2:12  
So if there was one tip that you could tell a couple starting to get into the marriage and the ceremony itself, what would you tell these couples. But to start with?

Diane Walker  2:26  
Well, the first thing is remember what this is all about as you're getting married. And sometimes the ceremony is, oh, yeah, we got to get a minister. Because there's so much that pulls to the event itself, and the party and the dress isn't all the things and I used to be an event planner. So I'm very aware of what all they have on their hands to take care of, is vitally important that people remember your ceremony after the party is over. And that it's meaningful. And that these, these are your vows for a lifetime. And these are people that have come from all over to be with you on that day. So to take it seriously. And choose carefully work with somebody that you really resonate with and know that and you know, will do the job that you want and help create what you want.

Michael Gaddie  3:19  
Well, I think that's so important. And we've talked to a few people. And, you know, sometimes I'm I hate to say this out loud. And I say that often. But you know, sometimes they think it's all about just the party. Yes. And it's not. I mean, really, it starts with you. And that's what's pulling those two couples, or that that couple together. And I think that's the spiritual part of it. And I wish more couples thought more depth into it than they really do. And I see that in younger couples nowadays. You know, they come in, they're excited, they're ordered on their flowers there. They're talking about their cake. But the whole reason you're there is to unite is one and I think that's where you play a big part in it.

Diane Walker  4:07  
I do and I I'm going to say that most of the couples that I work with due care about it. And that's why they've chosen me and not gotten one of their friends to get ordained online. Yeah, and do something they've never done before. So I think I don't even see many of the couples that don't take it as seriously, I'll just get somebody to do the deed. And actually, I'm not the cheapest gal on the block. I'm competitive and reasonable. And I do charge for what I do. And you definitely get that back in what I give and I think people who are just wanting the deed done they'd be turned off that I'm not cheap.

Michael Gaddie  4:48  
Well, and I think you get what you pay for Absolutely. And I hate to say it but yeah, there are all fly by night. Ministers are supplied by my florist. there's like eight people and that just a different level of wedding. Absolutely. And I think you are ranked right up there with the top. And I'm that's why I'm glad you're here today. Thank you. So tell us, you know, what's your procedure? How do you start out? How do you get the couple to sit down and start talking about what they want?

Diane Walker  5:20  
Okay? Well, first of all, you know, when I got into this, I've been ministering for 20 years. So I'm pretty seasoned. And at that time, it was actually, you know, you actually got a phone call, and you had like, 24 to 48 hours to reply. Now, everything's online, and I still get referrals. And sometimes I marry several people in a family or within a group of friends, which is a lot of fun. But the the thing that's very different now is that, basically, they go online searching and they, what I call trolling for someone, so they might send 10 messages out to different people. So the key for me is to get to them as quickly as possible. And then I asked very pertinent questions right up front, you know, like, I want to know the size and scope, what are you looking for? You know, what are you looking for in your ceremony? What's the date and those logistical things? First of all, am I available, because there's no sense in going any further if I'm not available. So once I get that answer, and you can tell pretty quickly if someone is serious about their ceremony, because they just disappear, or you never get feedback or, but the ones that interact, I find out about what they need. And, and then I send them an information about this is how I work. This is how I charge and this is exactly what I do for what I charge. If they're interested to talk further, we can jump on a zoom call, we can get on a phone call, and some of them like to meet them in person, I will do any of those. What's important is that they get to know me, I get to know them and see if we're a fit. I might look good on paper. But we're we don't resonate with each other as you really want a minister that you feel good about and that you that you will work well with and you want someone who's going to be there to minister to you as you go through your journey because stuff happens like COVID, or a parent getting sick, or a fight with your maid of honor those kinds of things. And then you have a minister to also lean back on. And then once the once they're clear that they want to work with me, then I have a contract and a deposit, they review that once they sign and pay for that, then I'm theirs. And then we have a consultation depending on if they're simple, I have two two offerings with add ons or you know, I can adjust it. But basically, I have a sweet and simple for those back. Yard weddings are made me under a waterfall and Red River Gorge or whatever, I got a lot of those during COVID, you know, reduced to smaller ones. And then I have a classic ceremony, which is my full service. And it has a rehearsal and of course more time and planning, and all of that. And then I have ways of for people who are kind of in between, I have ways to add on or. And if you're out of town, I do mileage, standard corporate mileage. And so once that's done, we have our consultation. And then if there's a rehearsal, I come and do a fully facilitated rehearsal or if there is a wedding planner, then we work as a team, I always let them drive it unless they want me to I can do it. Because not everybody has a wedding planner. So I have to be able to do that. But since I used to be a wedding planner, or an event planner, I work really well with a team I work, you know, I respect what they're doing. And I'm grateful that are there because my job is easier. And I'm not distracted with the logistics, although I can certainly do it. Because I'm seasoned at event planning. It's really wonderful when I can actually relax and focus and know that a lot of things are handled. That's why you want to have an event with your wedding planner. There's many reasons why you want to have a wedding planner, but that's one of them so that your minister can be focused to do what she's here to do. Or he exactly, you know, because it's a different side of the brain that we work out if when we do ceremony, then we're running around doing logistics. So

Kristina Stubblefield  9:10  
absolutely. One of the things, Mike that she just said was really important. And we've talked about it with other with all of your wedding professionals, is making sure you click making sure that you vibe, you're going to be working with this person, maybe months or longer. And when you talk about someone doing your ceremony, I have to say I've been to events before it was abundantly clear that the person performing the ceremony had no idea who the couple was right? It was very and I want to say planned but it was very templated and not personal and those things that you've touched on. Yes, there's a party when you get married. Most of the time with that reception, but she has just said like that that's, that is the foundation. That's where it all starts with your marriage. And I think sometimes people just go out, I've got to have somebody, and like you've said, having conversations meeting with them, make sure you know everybody's on the same page. And whatever your personalities are, that's kind of reflected in your ceremony?

Michael Gaddie  10:29  
Well, I think it's good to that's when you when you meet with them. And like you said earlier, you know, I sit down and sell flowers. I really don't think I'm really selling flowers, and I don't really think you're selling ministry, I think you're selling yourself. Because if they like you, and they like me, they're gonna book with us. And I think that's so important. Because just like you just said, You've got to have somebody that you click with, and you have good professionals across the board, everything is going to run so much smoother. Sharon was here, she would tell you that because she has, she says, We got to work with our team, you're 18 I'll vote

Diane Walker  11:07  
too, because it's a world of difference when I show up as minister and there's my team of people that I'm familiar working with, you know, with you or others that

Kristina Stubblefield  11:16  
it just like flow stream. Yeah, because

Diane Walker  11:18  
we already know each other's ways and professionals at that quality. We jump in and do whatever it takes. We don't say oh, it's not my job, or I just, you know, tell me when it's ready, and I'll step in,

Kristina Stubblefield  11:30  
there's not even been a pause. It's just go, that's

Michael Gaddie  11:33  
we're all there for the broad. That's right.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:35  
It's the it's the experience, that's what I was gonna say when you're you're not selling flowers. I mean, if you people want to look at it that way, and you're not selling a decor, you're not selling a look, it's an experience, you're helping create and the same for the officiant, the fisherman is up in front of everyone, and pretty much controlling for lack of better word, the atmosphere, the person, ality, like, what is

Diane Walker  12:01  
I call it, I call it holding the container? Yes, hold on, I hold space for something very special to happen. And you're holding space for whatever may happen. And over 20 years, I've seen a lot, you know, that's a whole nother episode, right? It's once I don't do this anymore, because I'm too old to walk, or talk or whatever I'm going to be writing a book about. And then when you imagine me being too old to talk, I doubt it. And then we

Kristina Stubblefield  12:27  
can go through and quote in now in Diane's book, on page three, she talks about this story. But you're exactly you're exactly right. Because when you've probably even a helmet, I don't know how many weddings, but you know, when a person's up there, and they're trying to include everybody, but it's still yet a very sacred moment of the exchange of the vows. I've just been to so many, and I love about how you're explaining, it is so important about who officiates your wedding. Now. There's all different circumstances, like you said, people going to different places, especially during COVID. And it just being the couple or a very small group. It's it's your day, you get to decide how it's done. But it's so important what you're saying.

Michael Gaddie  13:17  
So what do you encourage couples to write their own vows, or

Diane Walker  13:23  
I asked them what they want to do. And they pretty, they're pretty clear about that. And then I give them some samples, and I support them and whatever they want to do, some don't want to talk much. And I said there's no right or wrong way you go with what's best for you. I do say my favorite way is when people write their own vows. And I like it the best when they surprise each other. And all of it works beautifully. What's what's important is that you choose words and vows that are reflective of you. And so even with my sample vowels, I give them about six or seven samples, encourage them to go online, whatever, even if they're writing their own, use them use this as a sample. You can change any words you want. Edit it make sure that the words that come out of your mouth as you look in your beloved size or words that you mean from your heart. And so there is no right or wrong way. I I have lots of resources and they can bring anything that they want that they want includes I've had a few over the years write the entire ceremony and asked if I'm willing to do it. I said let me look at it. And as long as there's not anything in there that I wouldn't say I'm happy to do it. It's actually a little harder on me because I have to get familiar with something new. I'm out of my flow. But I'm happy and I'm happy to always do that. My you know, my job is to help the couple create what they want with as little or as much input from me as they want. And most people come to the table with very little In fact, most of the time they go, Oh, we never thought about that, Oh, we didn't think about that, you know. And so it's like said, yeah, that's why we do this. And I encourage them to have their consultation earlier on with me, because I will bring up things that they might want to think about that will affect the whole ceremony, and maybe even throw some tidbits in about their party afterwards, too, because it's, you know, I know a lot of people and I know a lot of referrals and things that work. I also like to, when I meet with a couple, I like to see what their heritage is, what special in their background or family, you know, so that so that we can bring those touches in, because it's wonderful when you watch the faces of the family members, the parents, the grandparents light up, because you've mentioned something, or, you know, for them to hear about their son, and they light up saying, yeah, he we did a good job with him or whatever, you know, just to see that personal touch. Well, I

Michael Gaddie  15:58  
was gonna say, I love how the personal touch that you put into your ceremonies, I think that's great.

Diane Walker  16:05  
One other thing I want to mention, because I'm not so sure many ministers do this. But when are officiants I, my focus is the couple. But there's a whole lot of people who have gathered in the honor of love in this couple. And I want each and every one of them's hearts to be touched by what's experience, so that their expression of love may also be deepened. A lot of people that come to weddings, they don't really want to be there. They're there because they love the couple. But they're grieving because they just got divorced, or they're, they've never met anybody or you know how it is you we have our hearts broken. And there's different phases and times. I remember one time when I was doing event planning, I was in the middle of my divorce and had to go to somebody's wedding. And I stepped outside the tent several times through the night to cry. And you know, that's real life stuff, you know. So I always like to include, so people even say, friends and family, we're not just observers tonight, or today, we are active participants in this wedding ceremony. And that may what's experienced here, touch your heart so that your expression of love may also be expanded. So that I say they get more for their bucks, you know, is like, they get a wonderful ceremony. And then their guests are touched, families are healed. I had one gentleman come up to me. And I said, you know, no matter how many times your heart gets broken in a lifetime, don't give up on love. Because look, what might be right around the corner that you're missing, you know, so this gentleman came up to me and he said, I want you to know that you changed me today because my wife died five years ago. And this was a younger man. He'd lost his wife early. And he said, I closed the heart after that. He said, today it opened back up because of you. That's why I do what I do. You know, that's amazing. Yeah. And that's just one little of many stories and how many hearts I don't even get to hear about. And it's because of that couples union that caused that that brought all these people together to hear a message of love. And it's really important that I don't leave half of them out because of a religious point of view. Or, you know, I have ways of doing that where everyone is included, whether you believe in the religion that's being expressed or no religion, because I well,

Michael Gaddie  18:21  
and just by you saying that, you know, you come in, you're going to the ceremony, you're you're preaching this, and you're including everybody. You don't get that from too many. I mean, yes, that minister is there for that couple. And I hate to say it, but yes, the people in the audience are in the congregation kind of drifts away. And I think you have said the right thing. And I would pick you over anybody else right now, just because you are going to grab their heart and bring them up there with that couple. And I think that's amazing. So and you just brought a tear to my

Diane Walker  18:58  
mind, too, I got a little choked up.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:00  
I think too, sometimes as wedding professionals or people in the industry. It it can, it can float away the amount of impact. Every single thing can not only have on an event, but also the guest everything that everyone does, no matter who you are, is important on some way shape or form. So it's always nice to hear those stories. And you're right, sometimes there's so many things that happen that people didn't have an opportunity to share with you.

Michael Gaddie  19:38  
Well and as a professional in this business. And I'll go into another topic too. But, you know, we get into a routine. We do lots of weddings, we do almost 300 weddings a year. Sometimes it's five a weekend. Sometimes it's 10 a weekend. But I mean, you know what, we're pumping this stuff out. We're an not really thinking about the real reason that we're making these flowers. And by sitting here talking to you today, it makes me realize, you know, we are doing and gathering and putting stuff together for a special moment that you really that is very special. And I'll be honest with you, I have never really thought about it that way before until right now, you know, we do that we get into that routine of here's Brian productions and other broad production down the road. But each ceremony is so special. And I'm so glad you brought that up, because I haven't me personally have not looked at it that way before. And I don't think a lot of people do. And I think it's great that you said that your couples do but but I feel like you reel them in, and you connect them. And I think that's awesome.

Kristina Stubblefield  20:51  
You very valid point, because it's a process for you. Okay, here's the order, this is what I need to do. This is the flowers we have to have, this is the outcome, this is okay, I'm delivering it. Okay, I'm here setting it up. You're a part of two people coming together. You're part of that marriage that is for years to come.

Diane Walker  21:16  
It's one of the most important days of their lives, truly is yes. Now I want to say something my data, you may be on production, but I've never seen you show up without your heart. And I need to just say that out loud. It's really I mean, I have a certain amount of logistical stuff I have to do when my computer doesn't print, and I've got to get this thing in. And um, do you know what I and I have to say this, that there's not one wedding that I walk into that my full focus is not on that couple and their day. And I never never tire of it. Because of it. They're, they're no two alike. I have a flow that I go by. And each one is tailored and about them and whatever's going on in their life. And the thing is to truly listen, see if you know you do I know that about you, Mike, you truly listen to what's going on. So don't be too hard on yourself.

Michael Gaddie  22:07  
And I'm shy to saying that and I guess it you just get into that everyday routine at work. And what I was gonna say earlier, and I know you preach funerals too. And I tell you what, it's the same thing with with funerals. And I mean, we do more funerals than we do weddings. Yes. And it's a routine every day, you're dealing with emotions. And I hate it when you go to a funeral. Just like you said earlier. And you know, the ministers up there talking and they have no clue anything about that body laying there. And and what you said is so important. And but what I was saying to is, you know, we get in that routine, I don't want to down the subject at all, because I mean, I've lost people on my family, too. But it's like we're in a routine every day to make pretty flower film that casket so people can see. And that's I feel like my job is that way with funerals and weddings. And I think both of us play a big part in both of those. So well, we all

Diane Walker  23:09  
need to be reminded. And that's what I did today. I just reminded you, you did you really do know. And you just you just got reminded, and we all can get into that by rote. Luckily, in the work that I do, I hardly ever do, because it's just a different place. For me as a minister. Those flowers though, those are part of the foundation, that whole every single thing, every little detail that the bride and groom create together. And sometimes the mothers are involved, you know, it's all very different. That is part of their foundation, all of it, the dress, the people that are there, the location, the time of day, all of it is like this foundation that's being built for them to step out into the world. And it truly is. With two people. There's a lot more that gets done in the world. When two people come together and love each other their word is the world is really a better place when two people join like that. So your flowers get taken in with that.

Michael Gaddie  24:08  
Well, I tell you what, just talking about another subject with a funeral. Also, we had a when Pam his father died. We you know, everybody says, Oh, flowers aren't important. You know, people say I'll have Brad's come in and say, flowers aren't my thing. Okay, but they still doing it because mom said so. But for an example, at a funeral. If you had no flowers at a funeral, and this happened at Pam's dad's funeral is we stayed late. And we moved everything to the chapel. And David was laying there by himself in this casket and there was no flowers around. And Pam came up to me and said, This is why people send flowers to the funeral home, because it's such a big impact and you don't realize how important it is until it's not going away

Kristina Stubblefield  24:56  
and it's right it's blatantly obvious

Diane Walker  24:59  
and why What is it about flowers, it comforts. It's joyful. It's full of color and fragrance. It's full of nature. And I've heard it say it's God's way of singing, you know, all the different aspects of flowers. I mean, that's why flowers are given for special occasions. And, you know, one of the things I'd like to say, since we're on flowers, I like to see things done with the flowers afterwards. Yeah, donated someplace. So the joy gets sent out, send it home with your guests, you know, create a dried arrangement of it. I mean, you don't just have to, that used to break my heart when people would walk out and leave 5050 centerpieces, it happens. And I've been gathering them up and put them in my car rescuing them, taking them out to nursing homes. And so I want to say that to awake people that these are beautiful things that you can pass on from your wedding that gifts out into the world. Same thing with the leftovers from catering, you know, if you can't use it, make sure that someone who needs it can, how lovely to sit down the next day and have a meal that was from the wedding. It's almost like living it over again. And sometimes they send food home with the minister and I'm just I love it.

Michael Gaddie  26:10  
So Diane, tell me how far out in advance. I know you say you got your contract and all that. But if I was a couple wanting to send you someone, how far out in advance, should I send someone to you? Everyone's different.

Diane Walker  26:24  
Everyone's different. I mean, I've had two hours notice before because the because the because the minister cancelled because they had to work or they got sick, or they just didn't show up. So I do have those and I can take care of that I'm pretty schooled at jumping in as long as I'm available. I the way I look at it is that as soon as you start planning your wedding, you need to get your site first your date, get your location, usually your caterer. But pretty quickly after that you want to book your wedding minister, because it may be a year and a half out. And September, October is like the busiest months of the year, I have to turn away weddings all the time, even though it's a year out. So there is no right or wrong about that. But put it at the top of your list. Get your site and date first. And then from there, get everybody booked that you can right up front the date. So you get the DJ that you want the florist that you want. Because not you know, you may have more availability to take more, I can only do one at a time, you know. And the DJ can usually only do one at a time unless they're accompany. So

Michael Gaddie  27:31  
but do you? I don't want to use this word. But do you help counsel? Yeah, the bride and groom because I don't want counsel sounds like it's a marriage counseling,

Diane Walker  27:44  
I coach the coach. Yeah, and here's two ways that I do it. Some people come to me and want marriage counseling. And I say I don't really do counseling, I will coach and guide you. And I set it up on an hourly basis, outside of the price of the ceremony. If they ask for, you know, counseling or coaching, I'm happy to do that. What we normally do is get together for an hour, see what's going on, and then see if they want to do more. If that's enough, you know, some people come that maybe are they're Catholics, but they're not going to do a traditional Catholic and they want to do some pre Cana. And we might do it together. You know, I'm not Catholic, and I can guide them through things. The other piece to know about me though, is I'm always coaching. So when I, when I'm working with them, when I sit down to do their consultation, stuff comes up in the way that they interact with each other or, you know, I just, I'm always my job, and my life is about making things better. Whatever I do, and so, of course, in my ministry, if there's a tidbit, I can say, or, Hey, you know, you might want to jump on this particular podcast, because she's got some really good counsel on relationships, or a book or a philosophy I just shared as I'm going with them. And then in my ceremony, everybody gets some of it is it's to everybody about how to love, we are here to learn to love. And we all can learn to love better, can't we? All right, as long as we're breathing and we're in this body, you can deepen the way that you love. So that's, that's what I do. That's why I do this. That's why I get lit up. And, you know, we talked about how I include people. I've had people come up to me, let's say if we open up with a prayer, because they want me to open up with a prayer. I don't have to I can talk about love without addressing it to a god. Okay. I have like I said, I have my own belief. So I say this is how I may introduce it. I'm an interfaith Minister, I honor all paths, all people, all cultures. I invite you to the God of your understanding, the place where love connects all of us as we open in a prayer of gratitude. And then those who go to God can do that. And those who go to love can Do that. And I'll have people come up to me afterwards saying, you know, that's the first time I ever felt included in a ceremony. Because usually at a funeral that happens, and at a wedding that happens, half the people are excluded, because they don't have that belief system. I love that.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:15  
Yep. I love that. It is a way of all encompassing no matter who you are. That's right. That was beautiful. Well, and

Diane Walker  30:22  
what you did, and what you know, God and love, to me are the same. And one of the main messages of Jesus was love. And when I was in ministerial school, my favorite course was the world religions. And the reason that I love those is because it showed what the commonality was, in all of them. It was love.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:40  
I was getting ready to say I love,

Diane Walker  30:43  
love the divine, however you call it, love yourself and love each other period.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:50  
Boy, I feel like we learn a lot. 

Diane Walker  30:55  
Welcome to one of my ceremonies.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:58  
This is who Diane is. So you know, from our podcasts that we have listeners all over even in other countries. They must find us amusing or something I'm not really sure, but there they are. So for those that might not be local, to be able to utilize your services. Is there something that you could share with them? I know you've already given some tips. Is there something you would share with them? If you had just a few seconds or a minute with him in front of you? Is there something you would share with them in regards to their officiant or their ceremony besides what you've already you've shared so much with us but I was just curious if you had a moment with them no matter where in the world they are? What would you share with them?

Diane Walker  31:48  
Well, first of all, I'll have to say I travel anywhere in the world. If you want to bring me

Kristina Stubblefield  31:54  
I dare you have bags will travel thats a Sharon saying 

Diane Walker  31:57  
So I actually call myself a minister a go go but down right and and I drive anywhere and people have flown me to to do their wedding. So that doesn't exclude having me there if you want to, you know silly if you want to do that. You know what comes to heart is this is about the two of you. And it's really important that your ceremony is a reflection of the two of you. And not only for your own sake, but you're taking a stand to start your own expression of family. And it's not to be a rubber stamp of what your family is. It's supposed to be what the two of you want to create. So please honor your family and honor your heritage and your culture. There are ways to do it in ways that you can put touches in without taking over your ceremony. Make it about the two of you. And don't let anything rock your boat that brings you sadness or stress or upset around that. Everything can be worked out with love. Amen. And take the higher route as much as you possibly can when a family disagrees. Stand your ground with love and with kindness.

Michael Gaddie  33:15  
You're amazing. Well,

Diane Walker  33:16  
thank you took a long time for me to grow into the person that I am today.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:23  
I feel like every minute of this episode, no matter who you are, where you're at with your wedding planning, maybe you're already married and you just love to listen to us. There is something for every single person out there with pretty much every moment of this episode. And that is our mission is to provide quality information and education for those who want to listen. And I think this episode pretty much summarizes that mission. Definitely. Good job. Thank you so much. I mean it's been fabulous and I feel like we could talk all day. I really do. Easy peasy Yeah, it comes easy to all of us. Before you go Would you mind sharing with our audience anything else you'd like to share how they can connect with you where they can find you? You know of course we put links and stuff in the show notes but would you share with our audience

Diane Walker  34:24  
Sure. First of all, I want to say thank you to you both to I've had a ball. I love it because it was human and heartfelt and spontaneous. And that for me is the richness of life so what you do here is really cool and and it was fun to jump on and listen to the podcast before I came to date because you do have a lot of fun and and I do have fun at my weddings best thing is my my website ministers with and then you can message me directly and then we can set up what I love it that we can meet on Zoom these days. So you know we can actually see and get Doesn't matter where they are, no doesn't matter where they are as long as we can line up the time, so I'm not my pajamas. So

Kristina Stubblefield  35:07  
well, at least from the waist up.

Diane Walker  35:10  
As I said, when I came in, I said I looked decent from the waist up. Anyway, yeah. So that's, that's just it. It's pretty straightforward. And I'm really good at responding quickly. So awesome. Yeah,

Kristina Stubblefield  35:21  
like, I know that you've known her for a long time. And you said that she would be an excellent guest to have part of the podcast. And for once I can say, you were 100%. Correct. I mean, this hasn't been a very joking episode. So I figured we better get something in there who don't want to disappoint our audience? But no, it does feel refreshing to say you were correct. Well, thank

Michael Gaddie  35:47  
you. Thank you very much. And Brian. Thank you.

Diane Walker  35:49  
Oh, my pleasure was fun. I'm glad it worked out so easily today. Yeah. Excellent. For all

Kristina Stubblefield  35:54  
of our listeners out there. We appreciate you being part of our podcast. And we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for everyone that has shared this with your family, your friends, other engaged couples, business owners, whoever. Throughout our journey with podcasting, we really enjoy it. So since Sharon's not here with us, she's always with us in spirit, but she is definitely missed in the studio. So we have to give a shout out for her Mike, what does Sharon always ask from our listeners

Michael Gaddie  36:26  
to give us a glowing five star review!

Kristina Stubblefield  36:29  
She would be so proud of you because you did excellent there. Yes. So make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Diane, thank you again for your time. We appreciate it. And until next time, everyone take care.

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the ring, doubling and all the things. If you liked what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe or follow button on your favorite podcast platform to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, ring bling, all the where you can join our email list and get notifications about new episodes and other information. You can also follow us on your favorite social media platforms.

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Reverend Diane Walker is a former self employed event planner, now an ordained interfaith minister specializing in designing and officiating sacred ceremony (weddings, funerals, life celebrations). She is a navigator and guide to the many seasons of life and officiates nearly 70 weddings a year... and does destination weddings!