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March 9, 2022

Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

Let’s Hear It For The Boys!
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Stay tuned! Co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon decided it was time to pay some attention to the most overlooked person on wedding day - THE GROOM! This episode is all about the boys and the podcast crew is sharing their best tips, tricks and secrets to make sure the sharp dressed man waiting at the end of the aisle has all the attention he deserves. Listen in to hear what he should be doing in the final weeks and days leading up to the wedding.

• [1:58] “Today's their day. Let's talk about the groom and what the groom needs to do in the couple of weeks leading up to the wedding and especially on wedding day.” 
• [2:13] Mike explains how today’s modern groom is much more concerned with the way they will look on their wedding day. 
• [4:20] “ I think the groom's are just as special as the bride…” 
• [5:16] Sharon shares the best time to get that last haircut, beard shave and teeth whitening before the BIG day.

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Sharon Rumsey  0:00  
Let's hear it for the boys. It's time we pay some attention to the most overlooked person on wedding day. The groom.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:08  
This episode is all about the boys and we are sharing tips, tricks and all of our secrets to make sure the sharp dressed man at the front has the attention he deserves. 

You're listening to The Ring The Bling And All The Things Podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee down the aisle into happily ever after. Our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between and after. Now, let's get started with this episode. 

I know some of our listeners probably think that we leave topics out about the groom's Well, you're in for a treat today because that's what our topic is about. Sharon, We've wanted to cover this topic for a while so take it away.

Sharon Rumsey  1:15  
I mean the groom's... God love them. I'm a boy mom, I Oh, God, love God love them. I'm a boy mom. I mean, boys are my heart raised two amazing men.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:28  
are just a minute. She did she has two amazing boys!

Sharon Rumsey  1:33  
Thank you. But I mean, boys are my heart. But on wedding day, everything is so focused on the bride. And so we decided that we're going to just do a short easy listen episode because guys, we know we only got you for a few minutes and your attention spans going elsewhere. But we wanted to do an episode just for the boys. Let's hear it for the boys. Today's third day. Let's talk about the groom and what the groom needs to do. In the couple of weeks leading up to the wedding and especially on wedding day. How does he get looking his best?

Michael Gaddie  2:11  
Well, let me start sharing because I'm gonna tell you in today's society and our grooms our grooms are as picky as our brides are and somewhat pickier than our brides. As you know, we do suits in our stores with our flowers. And when these groups come in, they want I'm just going to say it they want to look their hottest. They want to look their best. This past two years I've never seen guys bridegroom's be so picky about their shoes, the way their butt looks, way their chest looks, the way their shoulders look. And I think that's important. I mean, when in today's society and the new age coming up, you're seeing more guys like this, but I think it's very important that you know they they take time and come in and pick out what they want. Sometimes we'll have brides come in and say they're going to wear this well if you work with my wife at gyms from aware at Lloyds florist, she tries not to have the groom or the bride be involved at all. Because why is that because the groom is not sitting at the dress shop helping her pick out the dress, right? And and Pam wants the the guy the groom to look just as good and surprise her as much as

Sharon Rumsey  3:32  
and shout out to my ex wife Pam, she's also a boy mom. And I think she and I both have a really special place in our hearts for the groom's they, I Pam has told me they deserve their moment. They do

Michael Gaddie  3:43  
they really do they do. And I'll tell you what paint when it comes to Pam to dress those guys. She wants them to look just as hot as they want

Sharon Rumsey  3:52  
to look and the end she gets them going. No and I love it.

Michael Gaddie  3:55  
But you know, when it comes up to planning, getting ready for the week of the wedding. I mean, the guys need to plan a day. You know, even if they're going to go out and play golf, they're going to go to a bar, just have a guy's day at playing golf or whatever it may be. And I think there's a lot of men tasting bourbon tasting specially in Kentucky, you know, do the Bourbon Trail. But I think the groom's need to are just a specialist the pride as you

Sharon Rumsey  4:24  
say and you know, the bride and her girls are going to schedule all kinds of beauty appointments. And I've actually had some guys laugh at me because on my checklist, you know I have a checklist the 12 months leading up to your wedding well, two weeks before you start to see a lot of appointments for the groom. So about a week out I want my groom to get a manicure. He can get pedicure too if he wants to, but I'm not gonna look at his toes, but I want his hands. I want guys do not often take care of their cuticles and their hands. There are going to be so many photos of that gentleman's hand on wedding day, so we want those hands looking groomed and sharp.

Michael Gaddie  5:04  
Well and the next thing is their teeth. Teeth. A lot of grooms have their teeth whitened and you know, you're like you said you're gonna see their hands and you're gonna see their smile.

Sharon Rumsey  5:15  
Exactly, exactly. So about two weeks out. There's all kinds of places I know here in Louisville where we are, we recommend shades wider. There, you know, but there's a lot of different places to get your teeth whitened all over the country. So I think that's a really important appointment. Also, about two weeks out is the perfect time for the groom to get that last haircut. You know, the hair shaved? Yes, get your get your hair cut. If you have facial hair, even maybe a couple of days before the wedding, get your beard trimmed up, get that looking sharp. The other thing that I've had a couple of my guys do is they get a spray tan for a bride, she's probably gotten a spray tan before. Or a grim it's usually the first one. So you don't do that. You do not want your first ever spray tan to be the week of your wedding. He will come in looking like a full lupa. You do not want that.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:18  
I don't know what she's referring to you could look a little orange.

Sharon Rumsey  6:22  
I've had it happen and they come in and I'm just like, oh, Precious Lord, what are we gonna do? How are we gonna cover this up? You know, did you exfoliate? Did you try to get some of that off? So it was a trial run is what you're saying? Do a trial just like your bride is going to do a trial for hair and makeup. If you're going to get a spray tan to a trial?

Michael Gaddie  6:42  
Do you have a lot do that?

Sharon Rumsey  6:44  
I do. I do.

Michael Gaddie  6:46  
I didn't even think of that.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:47  
Honestly, I'm hearing more and more about spray tans. There's actually some guys that do it on a regular basis. And you just don't know it.

Sharon Rumsey  6:55  
Almost all of My Brides do my average I would say 98% of My Brides spray tan. But I'm seeing more and more that my guys are spray tanning. I've also had guys get facials you know are start getting facials maybe a few months before the wedding leading up so that their skin's in the best condition it can possibly be in. There's nothing wrong with any of that. I

Kristina Stubblefield  7:18  
will tell you, my husband was a barber for years. And one of the biggest things that he would talk about, especially if you're going to be having pictures taken family pictures, wedding photos, is beard oil and conditioning that instead of it looking all I don't know what the technical term is on wirey. And, you know, but he would and I was like, is that really important? He was like, Well, you know, how much product do you use in your hair that's on the top of your head, you know, in that you want to condition it and stuff. And honestly, some of that needs to happen for a little while. You know, in a good amount of time before your actual wedding I had why not throw it on the day of and think up it's gonna be

Sharon Rumsey  8:04  
magically I had one gram and groomsmen and I loved it. And I've tried to get several of my groups to do that since and I haven't been able to but they actually had the second shooter for the photography team, go to the barber shop with them and they on wedding day they got the actual straight razor shaves. And it made the best pictures the whole fashion you know, shaving cream with the brush and the straight write the best pictures and I've never had another group do it. But they're I think that's so fun. So I mean, I guess to wind it up, we're just saying, Don't forget about yourself, gentlemen, when it comes to wedding day, you want to look your best as well. And you know what? I know from raising two boys is it it'd be about I don't know. Tuesday. When a guy I'd be like oh, do I need to do something you know, Tuesday before Saturday wedding is it should I be doing something? So make sure you plan those things out. Get those appointments set and look your best to stand beside that beautiful bride on wedding day.

Michael Gaddie  9:06  
Well, you know, I'm gonna go back up a little bit because the bride and groom we've had bride and groom's on here before together but we've never had just a groom to get his fill we need to and very good idea tell us you know tell us how you feel. We need to get the Groom side

Kristina Stubblefield  9:23  
you know what I think we may have one I'm not gonna mention any names or anything but I think we've got one that could be a good one. And you know recently we've been around some couples and I love hearing that they're giving their input and everything and I love the other side of it is I hear them Yeah, but I've got my plan you know it well

Michael Gaddie  9:46  
I've got more brought more grooms come into white and appointments for flowers now than I ever have. And they give their opinion and honestly their opinion matters more than the broad sometimes. Believe it or not.

Sharon Rumsey  9:57  
I've had some groups say I'm really into flowers. I'm Wanna go? Yeah, I love it. Bring them on. Well, I

Kristina Stubblefield  10:02  
just like that we've done an episode that is geared. Let's hear it for the boys. What? How many brides or parents do you think is they're going to listen to this episode? They're going to because they want

Michael Gaddie  10:18  
to know what we're talking about. And we're gonna have another one follow it.

Kristina Stubblefield  10:21  
I do think we need to dive a little deeper into some of those topics. Hello. I think it'll be great. All right, Sharon, this one's all you so I'll let you wrap it up.

Sharon Rumsey  10:30  
I want my key to say it this time. If you love what you hear,

Michael Gaddie  10:34  
go on our website and give us a five star glowing review.

Sharon Rumsey  10:39  
There you go.

Kristina Stubblefield  10:40  
He did it. Alright, everybody. We look forward to talking to you soon having some brides come on some grooms. Come on. We have lots of things in store. So we hope you enjoyed this episode. Until next time.

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