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April 6, 2022

Kelsey's Recap of the Most Perfect Day

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon welcomed back newlywed bride, Kelsey to give us a recap of her November 2021 wedding… and she says it was perfect! From the moment she laid eyes on the reception hall before it was filled with guests to the major vendor team she and her wedding planner assembled, Kelsey says it was more than she could have ever imagined.

Listen in as she gives the details of her BIG day from start to finish, what she would do differently and the advice she has for the newly engaged about what to tackle first when planning for their own wedding.

• [6:15] “just thinking about it all… my hard work for so long, what I focused on, but it ended up being perfect. And then I did try to stay in the moment…” 
• [8:33] Sharon recalls having to discuss with Kelsey if the ceremony would still take place outdoors when the weather forecast was 33 degrees for wedding day. 
• [13:43] Kelsey shares that they went with French macaroons over wedding cake… and it was the perfect choice. 
• [19:40] Sharon shares the glam, princess decorating vibe for the reception that was signature Kelsey… and that there was nowhere in that room you could look without seeing Kelsey’s personality come through.

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Michael Gaddie  0:00  
She's back. One of our favorite brides, Kelsey is back to recap her wedding with us,

Kristina Stubblefield  0:06  
Want to understand how a bride really feels and get the scoop and what they truly think about their wedding day.

Sharon Rumsey  0:13  
Pour yourself a glass of pink champs and take a listen as Kelsey shares all the things about her wedding day,

Kristina Stubblefield  0:21  
You're listening to The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee down the aisle and into happily ever after. Our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between and after. Now, let's get started with this episode.

Sharon Rumsey  1:01  
Hey there Ring Bling And All The Things family. I have got such a treat for you guys today. My sweet Kelsey, who got married last fall. She is back on today. You guys got to hear Kelsey talk about planning her wedding and the weeks leading up to her wedding. You got to meet her before we're bringing her back on today. We're gonna recap this wedding and we're going to give you all of the deets on this wedding and let you know what happened and how Kelsey felt about everything.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:31  
And I was at this wedding. It wasn't just Sharon and my. Yes.

Michael Gaddie  1:38  
There in the way.

Sharon Rumsey  1:43  
Kelsey was kind enough to let Kristina come in and shoot some behind the scenes shots, which I'm sure we will be sharing out. So Kelsey, What's up girl tell us about married life?

Kelsey Haas  1:55  
Well, it's really not much different. Just good. Yeah, John, and I got married in November. And we've just been we got a puppy because I didn't have any wedding planning. So I needed something else.

Sharon Rumsey  2:06  
She's so cute. Puppy.

Kelsey Haas  2:07  
She's so good. Her name is Halo. She is five months old coming up like next week. So she's so good.

Sharon Rumsey  2:14  
I love all the pictures you've been posting of her.

Kelsey Haas  2:16  
She knows I love being a dog. Mom. She's so spoiled.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:21  
Well, I'm gonna jump to the first question. Kelsey, when what's the first thing that comes to your mind from your wedding day?

Kelsey Haas  2:30  
Literally just all of it all the details together? i It was just the most perfect day, even though I know things weren't perfect in the beach. You didn't know that. But I didn't know that. No, I didn't know. And we just tied it too much. I didn't want to know. That was the whole point of Sharon being there. I didn't want to know anything. So

Michael Gaddie  2:49  
well, that shows right there. How important it is to have a wedding planner.

Kelsey Haas  2:52  
Yeah. I tell everyone, they need a wedding planner. And thank you

Kristina Stubblefield  2:56  
to hear her say the whole thing. Not just one aspect of it. I think that's what you want to hear from people it course they can like one thing over another but to hear that. It was the whole day. Like that's awesome.

Kelsey Haas  3:11  
Yeah, from start to finish. It was it was great. I mean, given I was pretty nerve not nervous to get married, just my control aspect of who I am. It was a hard data. Let go and let it be like everyone else's. Hey,

Sharon Rumsey  3:26  
I know there are several moments from your wedding day that really stand out to me. But I think my favorite moment from your wedding day, and I'm going to try not to cry because she knows I love her. But we had a moment where you were able to walk into the reception space before any of your guests came in. And I remember we walked in together. And I was starting to rattle off something, you know, we did this, we move that or whatever. Because I was just in work mode. And I looked at you and you were starting to tear up. And she got these big tears. And she goes it's more than I could have ever imagined. And it hit me right then I'm like, this is why this is why I do what I do. This is you know, this is why my who was who was in the room at that time as well. Like we all stopped and we just I just remember that feeling with Mike and I have

Michael Gaddie  4:19  
like, this is why we do what we do. Yeah.

Sharon Rumsey  4:23  
And I honestly was a little bit nervous because Kelsey knew exactly what she wanted. were nervous. I was nervous. She knew exactly what she wanted that room to look like. And I I want all my brides to have a perfect wedding. I don't mean to say that. But she had just literally poured her heart into this wedding so much. And I couldn't have I don't know what I would have done. If she hadn't have liked the room. It would have broke my heart but she when I saw that expression, just that pure joy on her face. And on John's face to be honest. He was always surprised I was gonna say even though He didn't know what was supposed to be there and what wasn't. Um, he was like, Oh, we had a balloon. But anyway, I that was just my favorite. When I look back at the whole day, that was my favorite moment.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:11  
I was fortunate enough to be off in the corner when that happened. And she had her back to me, so I didn't. But when I walked up alongside her, she had the biggest smile. It was just kind of as she here in the room. And I think that that's what it you you wish that for everybody? But to me behind the scenes, honestly, she seems pretty calm. Yeah. She really did. And now maybe there's things that I don't know about, but she's like, Oh, no, you can stay in here. Oh, no, you're fine. And I was she was

Sharon Rumsey  5:45  
just just Kelsey though. Very sweet. It

Kelsey Haas  5:47  
was internal. No, everyone around me was totally fine. It was really just like, everything coming together. And like I had been planning it for 18 months. And then it was just overwhelming that it was like there and happening.

Michael Gaddie  6:00  
I think that's one thing that brides don't realize is you plan for so long. And then it's there and then you blink and it's over. Yeah, I definitely think the sad part about it.

Kelsey Haas  6:12  
Oh, yeah, it was definitely like the post wedding blues after like, just thinking about it all my hard work for so long, what I focused on, but it ended up being perfect. And then I did try to stay in the moment as much as I could like the whole

Sharon Rumsey  6:24  
job of that. Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:25  
Did it seem to go by really fast for you the day? Um,

Kelsey Haas  6:30  
yes, I know. I feel like getting ready lasted forever. But it did we were getting what you were doing pictures and all kinds of 7am but we never had like a lot of like, LOL time, like we were constantly like going which was nice. I didn't I don't like to like sit around and like wait, he also I

Sharon Rumsey  6:45  
think because you know I was with you from 7am on and you had a really fun bridal party and your hair and makeup people were on point. And I think that we just really had a fun day. Like I enjoyed that time.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:59  
And we just talked about the rooftop. When you just said the wedding party popped in my mind. I will not forget that. I was bundled up like it was chilly. But they went out there like just queen. I nothing was gonna stop

Sharon Rumsey  7:16  
sure on my phone, I think my assistant Rachel ticket but I have a picture on my phone. And I'm standing next to Kelsey because we're looking over the ceremony space because I wanted to make sure it was the way she wanted it. And she is literally in this little white Robe.

Kristina Stubblefield  7:30  
Robe that no robe shell or what it is it's not row

Kelsey Haas  7:34  
it's like a fabric like it's from she in from China. It's like the thinnest fab robe to

Sharon Rumsey  7:40  
me sounds when I'm standing in my winter coat my gloves and a big scarf. And I was showing it to my husband and he's like, Yeah, that's really helping your client there. Take one for the TV set up like an Eskimo and Kelsey is like,

Michael Gaddie  7:56  
you know what Kelsey was walking out there. Like it was like she owned 90 degrees. I like the cold. You can tell you can tell what it was. It was probably what 25 or 30 degrees. 4343. Okay, she knows well.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:09  
What about the windshield?

Kelsey Haas  8:11  
I didn't look at that they were on

Michael Gaddie  8:13  
the 17th floor that the top roof 16th floor.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:17  
Yeah, yes to where your guests though embraced it. There they

Sharon Rumsey  8:22  
are one person no playing. Oh,

Kelsey Haas  8:23  
I told I texted them. John. I texted everyone. Bring it before the wedding. And I was like, sorry, it's happening outside. You're gonna be outside for 20. I remember

Sharon Rumsey  8:31  
going into her because I think that morning, if I'm remembering correctly, it was 33 that morning. And I remember going to her when I first got there the wind. I don't know about the wind, the wind is and I said, Okay, we're gonna have to make a call and she goes, I want it outside. Like final decision. She said yes. And we never wavered from it. We kept it outside. And she had a huge ceremony arch. You know, Mike was building we have pictures of that as well. I can't wait to show you that. And I remember him being worried about the wind. And that arch.

Kristina Stubblefield  9:05  
Wait till you see the footage of them putting it up. I was like, this is pretty stable. Right? And he's like, yes. I was like, well, the wind seems to be picking up

Sharon Rumsey  9:17  
your experience with the arch.

Kristina Stubblefield  9:20  
It was a glorious experience. Right, Mike?

Michael Gaddie  9:22  
I have done many weddings at the silverback brown we are in the brown sorry. And I'll be honest with you that day I was a little a little stressed out now usually don't get that way. But what happened was that the elevator letting planner fail, did not go to the 16th floor. And we didn't know that and Sharon didn't know that. So I'm not blaming that on her this time. But I mean, we literally had to go to the 15th floor, take the freight elevator and then take a staircase that's probably 36 inches wide and carry this. Eight pieces of this arch up the steps plus all the flowers. It love you, Mike. It was very, it was very different. But let me know. We do

Kristina Stubblefield  10:12  
pivot the couch that was going on and

Michael Gaddie  10:17  
be honestly during that time, I wasn't worried about the steps or anything. I was just worried about getting it up there to make sure that it was what you wanted. I mean, that was my main thing. I didn't care if we had to take it outside and haul it up there with ropes. We were going to get it up there. But I'll tell you what, it was an experience. What

Kristina Stubblefield  10:38  
about the other experience about getting it down to the the the reception room,

Michael Gaddie  10:43  
but this is probably one that she don't want to talk?

Kelsey Haas  10:47  
It's okay. But

Michael Gaddie  10:48  
we had to take it back down because the original plan was that we were going to put the arch box and repurpose it. Yes, you are going to repurpose it and we're not going to repurpose it ever again. But you

Kristina Stubblefield  10:58  
know what, you all made the right call because those macaroons if I'm saying the right correct was really important to her and Ayane with the Louisville chocolate fountain was right there. And after all guests safety, their safety being there, what

Sharon Rumsey  11:15  
happened was, after they brought it back down the steps to reassemble it in the reception room just to catch everybody up. The floor was a little bit on level. And I saw that they were struggling with it a little bit. And Rachel and I went over and we thought we were going to help. I got a picture of you helping and it just wasn't working. And Mike looked at me and he said I'm not doing it. It's not safe. And he might have said something else that I didn't repeat.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:43  
Well, you all had it up and it was

Sharon Rumsey  11:45  
literally all

Michael Gaddie  11:46  
I could everybody kept saying just leaning up against the wall. I said no, we're not doing that I literally not doing

Sharon Rumsey  11:51  
that if we left it the chance of it coming down and hitting her macaroon display the chocolate in disaster class, God forbid

Michael Gaddie  11:59  
a person.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:02  
So the order that she just said that in Kelsey macaroons and people

Michael Gaddie  12:07  
that literally the floor went from this to this, right? I'm thinking what is going on now we could have moved tables out, but you could not have done that with the guy. And I

Sharon Rumsey  12:16  
remember I never want to bother abroad with anything on wedding day. I just pretty much won't. But I remember knowing Kelsey, she would have walked in and the first thing she would have seen was that it wasn't there because that she in her head had this picture of this room. I'm

Kristina Stubblefield  12:32  
like how she's sitting over there like not saying anything at all.

Sharon Rumsey  12:35  
And I said, I said to Mike Okay, I'll tell her and I loved again, this is just my sweet Kelsey, I went up and I said, we can't do the arch. If we do it's gonna fall she goes, okay.

Kelsey Haas  12:48  
Yeah, it didn't bother me. Like I totally get I literally

Sharon Rumsey  12:51  
was like, What is she gonna say? How upset is she gonna cry when

Michael Gaddie  12:54  
it comes to that point to be in safety or not safe or safe? You know, it's just it is what it is. But I was disappointed. I'll be I was I was probably more disappointed than you are because he was not disappointed was not able to accomplish what you wanted.

Kelsey Haas  13:10  
But it wasn't your fault. It's technically the Browns fault.

Michael Gaddie  13:13  
Right? So and I've lived and learned a lot about the brown

Kristina Stubblefield  13:15  
but it worked out great. Like the photos over by the macaroons and a chocolate fountain.

Sharon Rumsey  13:23  
Let's talk about the blends talk about some of the

Kristina Stubblefield  13:27  
what we're jumping all around and share

Sharon Rumsey  13:30  
listening. And I'm like you guys, they weren't there.

Kristina Stubblefield  13:32  
We have to back it up. Oh, yes. You're right, Sharon. Thank you for that.

Sharon Rumsey  13:36  
I want to talk about some of the things that I think made your wedding unique. We've mentioned the macaroons two or three times so let's

Kelsey Haas  13:43  
Yeah, so I don't prefer wedding cake. I just didn't want that at our wedding. We had a Groom's Cake at the rehearsal dinner. So John could have his cake, but I really I love French macaroons. And I obviously like on Pinterest when I was like researching wedding inspo there was just like florals and macaroon towers. And so that's what I went with.

Sharon Rumsey  14:06  
And they were so fun. I love your pictures because it's not the every weekend wedding cake pictures. And they were so good. They were really good. Oh John our groom. He and I share a love for anything pistachio. And for him, you know I for him. We got pistachio macaroons. I may or may not have eaten two or three of them. They were so good. And the pictures are just unique because we had they were green and the pistachio was green the chocolate.

Kelsey Haas  14:41  
Yeah, it was chocolate flavored and then we had strawberry which was red and then the hazelnut which is like light brown.

Sharon Rumsey  14:48  
Yeah, so pretty. We're gonna post pictures of that too, I'm sure

Kelsey Haas  14:51  
yeah. And Mike added the florals to it, which Yeah, definitely.

Michael Gaddie  14:54  
Pictures talking about the pictures of them. Give a shout out to your photographer because oh my god, one of them were top notch.

Kelsey Haas  15:02  
She did amazing. I I wanted her for her like dark and moody like editing like that's what I wanted. I know a lot of weddings go for like the Brighton airy, but it was November and the brown is like, you know, like kind of what is it's like 120 years old. Like the antique like old Mr. Brand. Yeah, vibe. So I thought the

Sharon Rumsey  15:24  
shout out to against the grain photography. She's crazy talented.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:29  
Can I ask a quick question in regards to this? What made you choose the brown?

Kelsey Haas  15:34  
I've always loved it. The Crystal Ballroom there is just I think it's the prettiest room in Louisville. And I love like the chandeliers and like the princess wedding vibe. And so I Sharon set up a few appointments but we went to the brown first and we canceled the other ones and we

Kristina Stubblefield  15:52  
went and got coffee one of one of my favorite pictures of yours and I don't know that I've seen all of them. And chair and I think it's one of yours today is my absolute favorite. The archway just Yes. Very icon. I mean that picture just very statement like you're sitting. Yeah, well, she

Sharon Rumsey  16:08  
said he was honest standing there Express.

Kelsey Haas  16:11  
My photographer Kheda. She, like set that up. Like she like literally posed us like to get that photo. And when she snapped it she like freaked out because she knew it was like so good.

Sharon Rumsey  16:21  
I'm actually I'm getting a new banner to display at wedding shows. And with your permission, it's gonna be the main picture. Yeah, absolutely.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:30  
Sharon, I just wanted to ask about the brown. I didn't know if there was a reason behind it. I hadn't heard her say why she had chose there. But Sheila, it's amazing that you are so

Sharon Rumsey  16:39  
Kelsey is the only client I've ever had. I think I talked about this on the last episode that told me she wanted me to be her wedding planner before she was engaged. So she knew it was coming. And we wanted to plan. And I remember even saying that day that we talked for the first time, you know, where are you thinking and she goes, I'm open to looking but ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to get married at the brown. And so I made that our first visit and we cancelled first and only we can't. We actually had three appointments and we canceled the others.

Kelsey Haas  17:10  
Yeah, I did a site tour at the brown when I got my sales manager position at the Hilton Garden Inn ate up, because I had to do a comp competition like set tour and the Brown was right next door. So the Assistant Director of Sales took me on a tour there and took me into the ballroom. And I mean, John and I weren't engaged yet. But in my head, I was like, this is like this is where I want to get married.

Sharon Rumsey  17:34  
One of the other things I think that you had that I've now started using more because of your wedding is you had a balloon wall. So I think we're seeing a trend where weddings are going away from like a photo booth. And we're doing more of a photo opportunity. How did you come up with I mean, you knew exactly what color balloons and everything you wanted. I actually

Kelsey Haas  17:54  
saw it on Instagram. The Muhammad Ali center had posted it. So kudos to them for sharing that on their social media. And I reached out to the company that did theirs. There I was it was like the same colors I wanted. But she ended up being booked. So I reached out to Sharon and I was like, Look, I really want this like do you know anyone that can do this in Louisville, and she sent me to Derby City events. And they ended up being like so affordable. And they did an amazing job. And like I ordered the neon sign like separately from Etsy that came from China. But the sign was literally more than the balloon well.

Sharon Rumsey  18:28  
So shout out to Beth, City of

Michael Gaddie  18:30  
LA City for our

Sharon Rumsey  18:32  
ads. It was great, amazing. I actually am planning a baby shower, big, big news announcement. I'm about to be a grandma again. But planning a baby shower for my daughter in law. And we're going to do a balloon wall with them as well for photos. We're really excited about that

Kelsey Haas  18:47  
everyone loved it. They thought it was so different. Most you know, weddings have like a greenery wall or that kind of stuff. And I was like I just wanted to be a little different in the color of

Michael Gaddie  18:56  
your whole wedding. You went in with a plan. You stuck with it. From the very first day I talked to you, you brought me your Pinterest board Pinterest page, and you stayed with it. And that is so important, because so many brides will bring me something and they keep looking and looking and looking and they'll change their mind. Yeah. And that's one thing you never did. You never did that.

Kelsey Haas  19:21  
I don't do that in normal day life. I'm pretty decisive. Yeah, I

Michael Gaddie  19:24  
think that's great. And if anything can be taught to another person playing in their wedding is do something stick with it and run with it. Well, because no one is going to know what your vision is until they walk into that door. And they see it there. So

Sharon Rumsey  19:40  
usually as I get to know My Brides, you know with working with them, I kind of know like what they would like and what they wouldn't like and you know what's going to be Yeah, someone's going to be you know, and there was just nothing in that room that was not Kelsey. You know, she she very much loved the glam. I have the princess vibe. Even down to like her linens on her head table, we went with a rose gold sequined linen. I think those made the room, they made the room. It was so so pretty. And then Mike with the florals on that table, there's a picture we have, Christina is going to kill me because I probably have talked about 20 pictures we're gonna have to share. But there's a picture of the whole room. I think that actually Christina took. And it's just stunning. I mean, the whole entire thing.

Michael Gaddie  20:35  
Okay, I'll see if there was one thing that you could give advice to another broad or a couple getting married, what would be the number one thing that you would tell them? Well, if

Kelsey Haas  20:47  
they are like me, definitely go in before your guests go into the reception space to see the room. That was like, like Sharon said, like the best part of seeing everything with John. And then Sharon was in there. And then like a man from the chocolate fountain was in there, you were in there, just like all my vendors were in there. And like our photographer was in there. And that was the first time like she was seeing it. And she was like, This is amazing. And then my other advice would to be stay together like most of the night, like as much as you can, like, you'll get separated, like talking to people, but I feel like John and I spent the majority of the night like next to one another, like while we were talking to guests, and that made everything like so much more special. I love that.

Sharon Rumsey  21:29  
I love that. We were just talking on another episode about how sometimes I'm with bride and groom's and it's like the exit and I'm putting them in a car and they're like, hi, I didn't see you today, you know, like, to the person they just married. So I want to talk about to your your entertainment. Your DJ. Yeah, Cory

Kelsey Haas  21:51  
he killed it. He was amazing. Oh

Sharon Rumsey  21:52  
my gosh,

Kelsey Haas  21:53  
I got so many compliments about him and one of my friends. She's getting married New Year's Eve this year. And she reached out to me literally right after my wedding. And she was like, Who is your DJ? Like, I want him.

Michael Gaddie  22:03  
He's good. Yeah. Or he's good. So

Sharon Rumsey  22:05  
let's talk about that for a minute. Did you? I think I know this answer. But for everybody listening Did you? You know, kind of tell Cory This is exactly what I want. Played. Here's four hours worth of music. Are did you kind of say this is what I like?

Kelsey Haas  22:20  
No, I picked every song. Yeah. I sent him like really? A huge list.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:28  
She did. Yeah, she's not choking. Oh, no.

Kelsey Haas  22:31  
Yeah, literally every sound is from the walk down the aisle of like, you know, the bridal party walking down the parents walking down. I picked every song to what we were played when we walked in what play where my bridal party walked in the whole party time playlist. I asked him, I picked every single song it was a 2000s like throwback vibe. And then I asked him to like mix it together like a club mix. So there was no like Silent times. Like during the reception. She asked

Sharon Rumsey  22:58  
and I actually loved it. And I've mentioned it in several DJ meeting scents. She asked that the next song start about 30 seconds before the prior song was supposed to end. So there was never ever a time that music stopped like even for just a second while a new song started. We didn't do that. Like Cory was on his toes that not because yeah, so shout out to parties on productions. Amazing. Amazing job. You had an just the best team and from little chocolate fountain. Oh my gosh.

Kelsey Haas  23:35  
Yeah. Everyone loves the chocolate fountain. And then she brought out her queso fountain. Oh, towards the end of the night for the late night snack.

Sharon Rumsey  23:42  
Yeah, it was a big hit. Two people were up there

Kristina Stubblefield  23:45  
like crazy. I'm just gonna circle back around real quick when you were talking about Cory and the music. Of all the weddings I've been to that one really stood out in my mind how many people were up dancing with stayed up dancing, you know? Because sometimes

Sharon Rumsey  24:01  
they didn't like were out because, I mean, it was

Kristina Stubblefield  24:05  
active but just kudos to you on your selection. You obviously knew your crowd, but also Cory with how he did it. Just that was something people were singing, smiling, laughing. It was just a great dance floor atmosphere. That's

Kelsey Haas  24:23  
that's what I wanted. Like John and I, we've been to a ton of weddings. And that was just I know what I want when I go to a wedding. And that's basically how I made my wedding. I was like, This is what I want. And I'm gonna make a whole day and show people what I want when it comes to weddings. Well, you did

Michael Gaddie  24:38  
a nice job doing it too.

Sharon Rumsey  24:40  
Let's talk about dinner. Yeah, so I know we asked the brown to go out of the off the beaten path a little bit. So for those of you listening that aren't from this area, the brown hotel in Louisville, Kentucky is where the hot brown originated. It's where it was originally made, and it's kind of what they're known for, but they didn't Traditionally offer it as part of their wedding menu. It wasn't a, it wasn't an option for weddings. So my girl Kelsey, really wanted that. And we asked for it. And they were more than happy to accommodate. They were great about it. So and I noticed that so many people chose that.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:19  
Mm hmm. Yeah, it

Sharon Rumsey  25:20  
was really popular.

Kelsey Haas  25:22  
Yeah, it was the original Kentucky hot brown and a lot of people, you know, that we invited to our wedding or from Kentucky or went to okay with us. So they're familiar with like the hot brown meal. And that's the original one. So I was like, if I'm going to get married at the brown, I would like that as an option. Most people did order the fillet though, so.

Sharon Rumsey  25:41  
And I think to like, what I want brides to hear from this is it's okay to ask. If there's something you know, you're not you're not in that box of what's on the paper in front of you. It's okay to ask.

Kelsey Haas  25:54  
I asked for a bunch of stuff you did. Brown really didn't tell me no on anything they

Sharon Rumsey  25:59  
were amazing to work with. I know she wanted seltzers like claws twice. Before her bridal party. And to be offered at the bar wasn't on the bar package. And I was like Kelsey, we can try but man, I don't know. I even thought that was gonna be a no, we ask and they accommodated.

Michael Gaddie  26:19  
So that goes to show always ask, you may hear no, but it's gonna you know, she usually bar

Sharon Rumsey  26:24  
packages are a little more like, locked in. But yeah, they were amazing.

Kelsey Haas  26:29  
Yeah. And then Cameron, our contact at the brown I asked for I did a sip and be seated instead of like a sign. Oh, yeah, that was like table assignment. So it was like glasses of champagne. And everyone had like a little card on it. And it said their name and their table number. And I had asked the brown if they could put pink champagne in it. Rosa can pull the pink. Yeah. And they were like, Yeah, of course. Like they didn't even hesitate.

Sharon Rumsey  26:53  
And we have pictures of that too. And it was so pretty.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:56  
Yeah, I'm keeping my list over. That was

Sharon Rumsey  26:58  
my assistant Rachel's job was to put the cards on the glasses, and she did a great job.

Kelsey Haas  27:04  
It turned out great. The photos are really pretty.

Sharon Rumsey  27:07  
It was gorgeous. So looking back, you know if a if a best friend and I think this has happened to you? Because seems like a lot of your friends are getting married, came to you and said, I just got engaged yesterday. What's the first thing I should do?

Kelsey Haas  27:23  
Hire a wedding planner.

Michael Gaddie  27:24  
I knew she was gonna say that was that? I didn't know

Sharon Rumsey  27:27  
she was gonna say that. But I'm really happy that she did. Why do you think that's important to do first?

Kelsey Haas  27:34  
I mean, a lot of brides, I mean that I talked to even at my job, like, they don't know that they can hire a wedding planner before they set a date and pick a venue. Like they don't know that. And I think everyone should know that. They can have Help on every step of the way. Like they don't have to just like blindly go into it signing a wedding contract. It's like a huge commitment. I mean, I send them out at work all the time. And brides are like, oh, like, I'm just like, so nervous. And I'm like, I know, like I get it. And if you have someone who's like, yeah, it looks normal. There's nothing like sketchy in here, like you're good to go. Like, it just makes you feel so much better.

Sharon Rumsey  28:06  
And honestly, that's my favorite time to be hired before they've picked anything. Because I can help I can literally like take their hand and lead them through every step of their wedding. Because my thing is the same. Whether you have your date and your venue chosen are not it's the same. So why not use me for everything? To make sure that you do have somebody guiding you along the way. I love that answer. I didn't plan it, but I love it.

Michael Gaddie  28:33  
I don't believe you.

Kelsey Haas  28:35  
I didn't know. Mike, I am a planter at heart. You know,

Kristina Stubblefield  28:40  
here's what here's what stood out to me. as detailed as Kelsey is what all she's already talked about. She still says no matter where you're located. Now, if you really want Sharon, she has bags and we'll travel. I'll tell you that. But what Kelsey saying even though she's like that, still hire that wedding planner to help you in the process. And that is a big testament. There's people out there that might not think they can afford a wedding planner. They may not think they want a wedding planner, they might not inquire. I think that's one of the best things. Usually a

Sharon Rumsey  29:14  
wedding planner will save you money

Kelsey Haas  29:16  
in time. I'm big on saving time. So the time is money

Michael Gaddie  29:21  
for you.

Kristina Stubblefield  29:22  
Thank you. I've said that many times Time is money. I've heard Sharon say about how many calls and emails she sends to get the point even just the appointments may not even to the appointments. Time is money. And Sharon I know you say that you save people just as much as your fee is or if not more, and I'm so glad Kelsey is touched on this because even if you're a very detailed organized, OCD, whatever you want to call yourself, having that person to just make your vision come to life. I feel like you sound like you really got to enjoy your day. Take it in. Even though it may still been a little struggle like you said internally, a feel like you're saying you got to enjoy your day.

Kelsey Haas  30:08  
Oh yeah. Even if you are like the most detailed oriented person and like love planning, I mean, no one else and like that I'm really really close to like, my mom is not like that, like John is obviously not like that, like my friends like, to an extent they are but I could literally I feel like I you Sharon most to be like, I'm gonna do this, like do you like this? And she's like, Yeah, I love it. It was more just like, someone that I could talk to all the time and like not, you know, and she was like, so interested in like, what I was planning, and that I really liked that aspect.

Sharon Rumsey  30:38  
Thank you. Yeah, it was, you know, the fact that that you are able to enjoy your day stress free is huge to me, too. I I feel like I don't know, I just people put so much of their heart into their weddings and then to be stressed out and worried on your wedding day. Seems really really,

Kelsey Haas  30:55  
right. There's already a lot going on. So yeah, you don't want to deal with

Sharon Rumsey  30:58  
what about and thinking of the actual wedding day. If you could give one tip of advice what would it be?

Kelsey Haas  31:08  
Eat food. I had trouble. You did? Yeah, I was just really I have like a nervous like stomach like I don't want to like eat when I'm

Sharon Rumsey  31:18  
I kept saying can I make you play? Can we eat something else?

Kelsey Haas  31:21  
And I was like, no, she was. But no, it was so fun. Like getting ready with like my mom and my aunt and like all my best friends were there. It was just like, it went by really fast like it really even though we started hair and makeup at 7am. All of my bridesmaids. We were we all stayed in the same suites. The night before we were literally all up at like 5am. Like just just awake for no reason.

Michael Gaddie  31:46  
So let me ask you this. We've talked about the positive stuff. So what if? Is there one thing and it can be anything that you want to say? Is there one thing that you would change about that day?

Kelsey Haas  31:57  
I wish it was warmer. But other than that you

Kristina Stubblefield  32:01  
can't dial up the weather? Kena I can't control the weather. If so you'd have been on it.

Sharon Rumsey  32:05  
Is there anything that you would have done differently? or had your team do differently?

Kelsey Haas  32:11  
This is like kind of really nitpicky but instead of the white neon sign I probably would have got like a hot pink one. But I do think

Kristina Stubblefield  32:18  
it looks it really did pop off those balloons though.

Sharon Rumsey  32:22  
I was a nervous wreck. Like what if she says something? I should have done different?

Kristina Stubblefield  32:26  
It was my own fault. No, but I mean, I were I took some of the pictures of the Berlin Wall and I I'm still in this serious conversation with her and you're all joking around. But I

Michael Gaddie  32:36  
thought it was pink. I'll be honest with you. I really

Sharon Rumsey  32:39  
thought it was pink because White. Everything else

Michael Gaddie  32:42  
was pink. And I'm the one that took it out of the out of the balloons. It's probably

Kristina Stubblefield  32:46  
well if that's your answer. I think that's a pretty successful of it. Now,

Sharon Rumsey  32:52  
my sweet John. I love that boy, man. I love him so much. What about him? What do you think? Would he have done anything different?

Kelsey Haas  33:03  
I don't think so. I think he genuinely really enjoyed himself like once all our friends started arriving like Thursday and Friday we did a big after our rehearsal dinner. We did a big gathering at ate up with like all of our close wedding and like basically everyone that was invited to the wedding. I was like y'all should come like, hang out and see everyone. I'm so glad we did that because I got to we both got to talk to all of our friends and it wasn't just at the wedding. So I would highly recommend doing that having a get together at a different venue. Well,

Sharon Rumsey  33:34  
I had Kelsey is friend group. I've done several of their weddings. And one of them Courtney said to me how much fun that event was the night before. And you know, I think they really enjoyed it and got time to visit. Because the wedding is hurried, and it's hard to talk to everyone. Yeah, I

Kelsey Haas  33:55  
don't think I would have been able to, like have you know, catch up with everyone at the wedding that I had seen. In Friday night after the rehearsal dinner like took care of that we were there from like eight till like midnight, I think for 11 just like hanging out and drinking and it was so good to see everyone your rehearsal dinner was really fun, too. I had a blast. It was beautiful at her sporting Country Club. And then John's mom did a beautiful job with the florals. And

Sharon Rumsey  34:19  
he did and she made the cutest little placecards they were wine stoppers. And your name was on your wine stopper so I still have mine. Yeah, I mean it's just it was the whole weekend was just so good and so much fun. And just so I'll never forget the way you looked when you saw that room the first time

Kristina Stubblefield  34:38  
I have one thing to bring up. But about the bouquet toss. Oh yeah. Oh my god. I have video. I've like repressed it. No, I thought it was cute.

Kelsey Haas  34:52  
I threw the bouquet and it got went into the chandelier and stay. Our friends went to the brown with their parents like week or two later, and it was still there.

Sharon Rumsey  35:03  
I have a two are there on Saturday. Okay, so I'll take a picture of it is free. So we

Kelsey Haas  35:10  
redid it with not my toss bouquet but with one of my bridesmaids bouquet. That's

Kristina Stubblefield  35:15  
fine. I could not believe I actually got that on video. I was just on

Sharon Rumsey  35:19  
video. Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  35:21  
Okay, well, we can move on now. If you tried to do that again, I don't think it would happen. Right? Yes.

Sharon Rumsey  35:28  
What did we not ask you that we should have asked you

Kristina Stubblefield  35:31  
or that you want to talk about or that you want to? I

Kelsey Haas  35:33  
wanted to tell Mike that I got my flowers preserved in resolute Good.

Michael Gaddie  35:37  
Good, good, good. Well,

Kristina Stubblefield  35:39  
we're gonna need a picture of this. Anyone? I don't have it on my phone, but they have 100 pictures over here. Are they on so I'm gonna add that sorry. No, you're good.

Kelsey Haas  35:47  
I got a circular like giant like centerpiece and it has my like wedding bouquet. And she put like the my florals in there along with the spray painted, like greenery. And then she put rose gold like metallic flakes in there, too. That's awesome. And then I got a ring holder as well. So it's like appointed as my florals in there too. So my ring sits on it.

Michael Gaddie  36:11  
That's awesome. I

Sharon Rumsey  36:12  
love that. That's great.

Kelsey Haas  36:14  
They're beautiful. I tasked one of my bridesmaids with taking my bouquet and overnighting it the next morning florals

Sharon Rumsey  36:22  
were really unique and really, really, really pretty.

Michael Gaddie  36:25  
Did you so you ship them somewhere? Yes, they

Kelsey Haas  36:27  
went to somewhere in Indiana.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:30  
But very good call on delegating it to somebody because we've talked about this before. You can't just up and leave them for seven to 10 days. And when you go on your honeymoon so good call on.

Michael Gaddie  36:42  
That's probably one of the number one things that I have brides ask me, where can I send this? And there's they're popping up everywhere now.

Kelsey Haas  36:51  
Yeah, she did a great job. I Yeah. So I designated it to one of my bridesmaids whose family had offered to pay for my floral preservation. So I was like, Carolyn, you're gonna ship it for me. So they went and did that the

Sharon Rumsey  37:02  
more tastic What do you talk about? The greenery? Explain what Mike did.

Kelsey Haas  37:08  
He he airbrushed it for me. And so instead of the greenery. We still went with the rose gold and he spray painted it.

Sharon Rumsey  37:17  
I remember when we took you into the room you were like, I love that so much. Yeah, yeah,

Kelsey Haas  37:22  
I greenery is not my favorite thing detail. Yeah. Of florals. Which is the whole point of florals, I guess. But I was like, I want it to be metallic.

Sharon Rumsey  37:33  
And I think just like I always say and it's one of the things I'm most proud of that I get to really know My Brides. I think Mike the way he does his floral appointments. And he really, really listens. Like he would talk to me and he would go that's that's not Kelsey, like, I'm gonna do this. You know, I love that he gets to know them as well and would know what you would like because he was he was on the money with your

Kelsey Haas  37:55  
Oh, I know. And then the staff at the brown because John and I were in there when the wedding ended. And all the server's came up to me and they're like, Can I take a centerpiece home like they

Sharon Rumsey  38:03  
and they were just saying these are the prettiest flowers? Can we please and I was like, please like, I

Kelsey Haas  38:07  
want you to enjoy them. I hope someone enjoys them. Awesome that

Michael Gaddie  38:11  
you did that? Because I'll tell you what a lot of people will leave. And what literally what we'll do is we'll take them put them in the van. And they stay there until Monday morning. So you know if depending on how they go in a dumpster, we back it up to the dumpster and with them in the dumpster. Yeah,

Kelsey Haas  38:26  
I'm glad my videographer took a bouquet home to his girlfriend. Yeah, literally.

Sharon Rumsey  38:32  
Oh, he was we didn't mention him. But my gosh, Collin, What a sweetheart, he's

Kelsey Haas  38:36  
so sweet. He's still working on my video. But I was like I would rather you take your time. Then I rushed through it. Yeah, so he was so sweet. He did an incredible job. So I can't wait to see it. We'll have

Sharon Rumsey  38:47  
to share that out too. When it comes. We're so excited. Thank you so much for taking the time. I know you're busy married woman now for taking the time to come back and share with us I could relive your wedding over and over again. It was a blast.

Kelsey Haas  39:02  
I still think about it all the time.

Sharon Rumsey  39:03  
You should you should.

Michael Gaddie  39:05  
You'll see I do a lot of weddings. And yours is very remember memorable to me. And I appreciate it and appreciate you letting us be a part of your day. Perfect.

Sharon Rumsey  39:18  
It was. Thank you so much for coming.

Kelsey Haas  39:20  
Thank you.

Kristina Stubblefield  39:22  
Well, thanks, everybody, for tuning in. Kelsey, thank you for also letting me be behind the scenes. I'm over here pulling photos already from the day so make sure you check out the social media to see some of the pictures from Kelsey today. Thank you, as Sharon said for coming back in to recap to all of our audience. Thank you very much for tuning in. We want to hear your feedback. So as always subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and leave us a glowing five star review. Until next time, see ya.

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