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Aug. 16, 2021

IG Reels & Stories

IG Reels & Stories

In this episode Kristina is discussing how much social media has evolved… and rather quickly. This includes Instagram! Tune in to understand the difference between Instagram Stories and Reels and when you should use them.

There are over 500 million daily active users on Instagram! Don’t miss this episode where Kristina breaks down Instagram Reels vs. Instagram Stories, when they are appropriate to use, why Instagram is THE space to market your products or services and how utilizing it and their different creative tools will increase traffic and engagement for your business.

Did you know that a third of the most viewed stories on Instagram are posted by businesses. Are you missing the boat with this free marketing tool?! It doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Tune in to this episode to hear Kristina explain the different types of Stories and Reels you can post to engage your ideal customers where they spend the most time.

You can reach even more potential customers outside your current base using Instagram Reels… and it doesn’t have to be perfect and choreographed. Sharing consistent educational content on your industry, behind the scenes excerpts and just announcing your sales and events will have an impact on your bottom line!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND That Instagram is THE space to market your products or services and how utilizing it and their different creative tools will increase traffic and engagement for your business.

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Social media has evolved rather quickly over the past couple of years. And this includes Instagram. Tune in to this episode to hear me break down the difference between Instagram stories and reels when they are appropriate to use, why Instagram is the space to market your products or services, and how utilizing it and their different creative tools will increase traffic and engagement for your business. 

Welcome to Marketing Monday on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized digestible marketing solutions, and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

Today's topic can make you feel all different types of emotions. Social media has evolved so much in such a short period of time. Even as a marketer, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the changes. You know, I'm involved with several different marketing groups and organizations. And I know about things that could be coming down the pipeline, you know, before it's even released. And I look back to a time when I felt like social media, Instagram specifically, was a lot easier to use, or a lot easier to plan out maybe. And I think for a lot of business owners, wedding professionals, especially the daunting task of the many options that Instagram offers, makes it feel so overwhelming that you do good to put a post out on a regular basis. And that's why I wanted to tackle this topic, because Instagram is one of the best social media channels for increasing traffic and engagement for your business. And I know I talk a lot about increased traffic. But Instagram seems to be the place. A lot of engaged couples, as well as other wedding professionals are spending their time. And if we need to go back to marketing one on one, you need to live in the space where your target audience also lives. So I wanted to take this episode to really talk about Instagram stories and reels. This is one of the top questions over the past probably two months, that

when I sat down with a person to work on a marketing plan, or when someone reaches out just initially to talk to me about some of their pain points and how we can help them navigate through those or come up with better suit systems for their business. You know, it's like throwing balls up in the air and saying okay, if I'm gonna juggle these, which is it? Is it posting on Instagram? Is it stories is it reels? Is it going live boomerangs, the lingo just goes on and on and so do the options. So today, I really want to let you walk away from this episode understanding more about Instagram stories, and about Instagram reels. And at the end of this episode, I really want to go through and highlight some of the differences between the two because I will I think that will help bring it full circle for you. So I'm going to try to keep this episode short and sweet. But there's quite a few things to cover. If you are already using Instagram stories and or Instagram rules, I still believe you will be able to take away something from this episode. Planning is key. And I know that that can be a fine line because as I've said before, something else to add to my plate. But honestly, if you plan out your social media, including Instagram stories, and reels, it can make your life a lot easier. It can help eliminate things every day off of your plate when you're talking about to do items. So, let's go. Let's hop right into this. And let's start with Instagram stories. If you remember, in a recent episode, I had mentioned about Instagrams, CEO, or founder, I don't want to misquote. You know, Instagram wants to be known not just for pictures, they want to be known as the go to place for video, they're just solidifying their presence in the social media world, I think it's great. I tend to have a love hate relationship with Instagram. There's a world of opportunities on Instagram, with not only connecting, and really working on those relationships with current customers, as well as other businesses that you work with. But there's a big opportunity for connecting on a much different scale with your potential clients. And that's why I felt like it was really important to discuss the details of this. So you have to get out of your mind about Instagram just being Oh, I'm going to upload a picture to Instagram. That can work. But as you hear the hesitation in my voice, it's not always the answer, you know, because now, not only are there images, videos, you can do boomerangs, timelapses, there are so many things as well as live streams. And it really can be a benefit for businesses to use these types of post on their Instagram. So let's go a little bit deeper. And let's talk about how Instagram is evolved and stories. First of all, stories can also be called Igy stories, some people say Insta stories. But it's a feature that allows users to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. There's your key right there, stories do not live forever, on your Instagram, unless

you move them to your highlight. And now we can talk about that a little bit more. But that's the key is after 24 hours, the Insta story is gone off of your channel. The interesting thing about Instagram Stories is it's not necessarily in the feed, your stories appear at the bar at the top of the feed. And if a person is actually on your Instagram profile, then there is a colorful ring around your profile picture that signals to someone Hey, there's a recent story that is on this profile. And that really draws people in via Oh, what's going on with this person. And all you have to do to see the story is to click on their profile picture. And it will play the story. You don't have to click another button, it will just go and play the actual story. You can also skip forward and backwards by tapping on the screen through the story. The interesting thing to me about stories is there's nowhere to really like it or do comments. It's a connection piece. If a person is drawn in and likes what they see, what are they going to do, they're probably going to dm you for those who don't know what I mean by that direct message you and Instagram. You know me I'm all about statistics. So of course I'm gonna share one with you. This is I just shake my head, but 500 million daily active users what 500 million daily active users and Instagram stories. A third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. And now this is an older statistic and I look for that number to be much higher. This statistic is actually from oberlo And I think the biggest thing to take away from this is Instagram stories, according to Instagram has encouraged users to use the platform longer and more frequently. So that's pretty important. Also, I think the 24 hour disappearing, if it really just has, it applies a sense of urgency that you should watch it while it's available. And that's something I think that pushes people to take action quicker. It also catches people's attention. And that's probably where Instagram Stories really excels. is getting you attention. And have I said yet that it's free. That's a pretty big stand out is this that I'm talking about is free for anyone to do. Now, through podcasting, I can't necessarily walk you step by step through how to create a story, there are so many tools out there. With one Google search, you can find many great sources on how to create a story. What I do want to talk to you about is the different types of Instagram stories you can create. All within Instagrams platform, there are 10 of them, 10 of them. And let's just let's go down through them. So that way you're familiar with the terminology. First of all, very basic one, it can just be wording, this is known as type. Okay, you can have a colorful background, and really let your words stand out. The next kind, I should say, the next Instagram story type is music.

You can either record a video to a particular music track, or you can include music with an image. And there is a lot of music for you to choose from inside of Instagram. The next one I know is a lot of people's favorite live, you can go live on Instagram, in your stories, and it will notify your followers that you're alive. Now the thing to remember when you go live on Instagram, it disappears. Once you're done with your live unless you save it to your camera, roll you unless you save it to your phone. Okay, because most of the time you're either doing this from a phone or a tablet. So unless you click the Save option, when you're done going live, it's gone. Believe it or not, there's also a type called

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This is actually the very first option that most phones or tablets will default on. When you open the story creator inside of Instagram, you can take a photo, you can record a video or you can upload content that's saved on your device. And you can add to that filters. There's many many options to add to what they refer to as their tight being normal. Next up is boomerang. It's probably one of my favorites just because it's showing such a quick a lot of times you see people spanning or in and out with boomerangs. If you're not familiar with that, what I'm talking about, make sure you go out and look up an actual boomerang. But it's a burst of photos, which loop over and over and it creates it into an animation I think would be the best way to explain it. And it just shows something very quickly happening. It's an you can use it in many different ways. Again, it's back to getting attention. The next one, which seems to be kind of popular is focus. And this allows you to really focus in on a particular item or person and it will blur out the background. And, you know, in photography world, this is really having a large depth of field. And it's really more focused on what's in front of you versus what's going on behind you. So this is one that you may see people using in stories. The next one The next type is super zoom, which allows you to zoom in on people ticular feature, and then you can use a sound effect, you know, to make it more dramatic. So there's there's different options inside of superzoom I believe there's four different options to choose from. So this is a different type of story post, I guess it would just be story, not necessarily post that can be confusing to people. Moving on. The next one is rewind. And this lets you record a video that will be played in reverse. Now, some of you out there may be shaking your head thinking, What in the world is she talking about? I'm just telling you what the options are. I'm not really saying that you should use all these. However, if you're no, if you know your goal is to grab attention. Some of these things I've mentioned, are probably going to get people's attention depending on how you use them. So that was the rewind feature, or the rerun type. I'm going to call these all different things by the time we're done with this episode. The next one, the next type is hands free. This allows you to record a video with having to keep your finger on the screen. Yes, if you have tried to, or have recorded stories in the past or videos on Instagram in the past, you know that you have to keep your finger on the button in order to record well now, there's a hands free option. The next one is stop motion. And this allows you to create short animations made from photographs. And it will kind of give you the effect of like a flipbook. And again, these different types that I've went through, it may take some trial and error, I've got to be honest with you, it definitely did for me, I'm not perfect by any means, especially when you talk about Instagram stories. But if you've heard me speak on other occasions, people want to connect with people. So no one's perfect. So if you mess up, or if it's not exactly right, you know, I've learned a term recently, just take action, messy action doesn't have to be perfect to allow people to connect with you. And so just because there were 10 different ones of these that I went over, it's not to overwhelm you, it's to say you have options, you can start somewhere, and you can build on it as you go.

And that's what I really like about this is, even if you're a beginner with using Instagram stories, you can just use the normal version. You don't have to use any of this other stuff, just start doing stories, because it allows you to connect on a different level than just posting pictures on your Instagram. There are some Instagram story tricks, or hacks, as some people call it. But I really think that needs to be a different episode, I was going to go over that. But I don't want you know, doing these marketing episodes, I don't want to put so much out there that it hinders you from actually trying to implement it or implementing it. So I think we'll leave the tricks or hacks to another episode. That way you can start somewhere if you haven't already with stories. Or if you already using stories, maybe you use some of the other types of stories to enhance your recognition or the attention that you're grabbing on Instagram. Now before I go on to reels, I want to tell you overload does a great job. I was referring to their list of the 10 types of Instagram stories, and they do a great job of putting out that information. And that is where that came from. Well, let's hop in to Instagram reels. I don't think you can have a conversation today about Instagram and the topic about reels come up. So I want to start with the basics. What in the world our Instagram reels if you're already doing them, great, but let's start there. So Instagram reels or short 15 or 32nd videos. Is it similar to tick tock? Yes, it is. It reels offer a set of editing tools that allow users to create engaging and fun video footage. Now with reels you can include multiple video clips from thurs captions, backgrounds. Gosh, the list goes on and on. And I'm gonna tell you, Hootsuite recently put out a great article. And I'm gonna pull information from that, because I think they did an excellent job of really breaking it down. And so let's go right in. So a lot of times people will say, Okay, what do you think Instagram reels or Tick Tock? Well, again, your target audience. And for those in the wedding business, my last lot of engaged couples are on both. So if I go back to what I've originally said, that you need to live, where your target audience does, that means both. So that doesn't mean you have to do both at the same time, you can get started with one or the other. And today, since I'm talking about Instagram rules, that's what I'm going to stick to. So let's talk about I'm going to go over here in just a little bit the differences between Instagram rules and stories, because I think you need to understand the differences to see how they can be used differently. So even though they have some of the same features, they're very different. Okay. So reels offers several creative tools, from effects, speed controls, multi clip videos, there's several different things. Also, reels, come up in the Explore section of Instagram. Where stories are not found there. Okay, so you can now choose when you upload an Instagram reel, you can choose if you want to post about it in your Instagram feed. And they also go in a dedicated section on your Instagram profile. That's called reels, very much similar to the igtv. I call it a tab, but section on your Instagram profile. There's a section there for reels.

You can also include original audio, and you get credit that that is your audio. There's many other options with it. But there's just a couple things that stand out to me. Okay. I think the way that I like to look at it as Instagram rules focus more on content creation, while Instagram Stories focuses more on real time events. I can't take credit for that sentence, because I came across that somewhere on one of the groups or software's that I use, in that that sentence really stood out to me. A lot of times with reels, you see them being very fun. Not necessarily as professional, but then again, you see reels that are educational, that are not light hearted and fun and humorous. There's so many different ways to use reels. But I really like that sentence Instagram reels focuses more on content creation, while Instagram Stories focuses more on real time events. One of the things that I want to point out, you know, I'm a numbers person, and I like some analytics, Instagram reels, you get just that, and you actually get some very detailed metrics to review, including accounts reached tells you how many unique Instagram users saw your reel at least once plays, the number of times your reel has been played, likes, how many users liked your reel comments, the number of comments on an individual reel, saves the number of times your reel was bookmarked shares the number of times Instagram users shared your reel to their story or Senate to another user. That is really important information. It tells you a story basically about the content you're putting out. So if you do a real on one particular topic, it does way better than three or four other topics that you've done. You probably want to do another real something to do with a similar topic or a version of that topic because it was popular Those numbers tell a story. It really helps guide you with your content. What I'm about to share with you, as I mentioned Hootsuite article recently on Instagram reels, they put together five ways to use Instagram reels for business. And I really thought this was good, and I want to share it with you. The first one share educational content, it's a great way to get started. If it's a business that you're in, number one, you're not talking about something new. People are most comfortable talking about something they do every day. It's not something new, you have to learn. You're very familiar with the terminology. Start in your comfort zone, don't create something new. Go with where you're comfortable. So number one, share educational content. Number two, showcase your products. Wait, what? Yes, you don't even have to be on camera. You can showcase your products, your services. Talk about couples that you've worked with. Talk about an event. Maybe you did a video clip of an event space before the event started. You can go back and use that in a real you have so many options with Instagram reels. One thing to point out about this when you're showcasing your business product or services. If you remember what I said back just a little bit ago, users can find reels in the dedicated reels tab,

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on the Explore page, which means Instagram users who don't follow you will see your content. That is incredible. That's what you want is you want to reach new people, you want to reach outside your circle. And you want to make sure you use hashtags with reels, especially when you're talking about showcasing your business product or service. hashtags are really important across all of Instagram. But with reels it can when people are searching for topics, especially in wedding industry. This can help your reel come up higher in the Explorer search. One of my favorite things, and I have this conversation a lot with people. Number three on the list, share behind the scenes content. Let people in this helps you gain trust. It shows that you're personable. But more importantly, it helps you massage those relationships. If someone's on the fence of reaching out, you're showing, this is who I am, this is my personality, this is what I do. You're just establishing yourself as more of an authority in your industry. And to me, wedding professionals have so much content to pull from never so much as behind the scenes. Something that you record before an event starts or during setup, or while everything's getting in place. It's not something you have to put out live. It's something you can do the next day or the next week. It's not something that has to be used right that second, just because you're letting people see behind the curtain. So to me I love using behind the scenes content. The next one, number four, announce your sales and share offers. reels is a great opportunity to put out about dates that are available, or if you've had a cancellation and you need to fill a date. If you have a new product or service that's coming. If you've added something to your offerings, as a wedding professional. This is a great way to announce that out to your existing followers, as well as others that you're going to reach through the Explorer tab. Number five, you can use Instagram real ads. I believe it was as of June of 21 Instagram advertisers can choose reels as a placement for their Instagram ad. And you get six different advertising objectives brand awareness reach traffic app installs video views and conversions. So using the Instagram reels ads can be an added benefit to reaching more people. And again, that list was five ways to use Instagram reels for business. From Hootsuite, I think that's a great small set of options. And that's why I really wanted to share it with my listeners, because I think they did a great job putting that list together. Again, if you're not familiar, or haven't started using Instagram reels, very difficult to walk someone through that on a podcast episode. So there are many different outlets that you can look up to find step by step how to start using Instagram reels or how to create your first Instagram reel, all you have to do is actually go out to Google and there are many different sources to do so. Now as I wrap up this episode, I want to I want to highlight the differences between Instagram reels and stories in this is really just to kind of summarize some of the stuff that have already been saying, but I just think this is the way to close it out. And let's start with time availability. Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours and less they are saved in your highlights, while Instagram reels stays in your reels tab and feed link. for Instagram Stories a videos a maximum length is 15 seconds. And for a picture it is seven seconds. for Instagram reels the maximum limit

limit is 15 seconds as well. hashtags are used to gain more reach on everything you post. For the Instagram stories. If you add a hashtag, the users must tap to see your story. Since there are many stories, the chances of your showing up are low. Plus the story disappears after 24 hours for Instagram reels when a hashtag is search the real show up at the top due to the algorithm settings. This ensures maximum reach. Next is reach mostly the people who view Instagram Stories are the followers of the account. To me this is very important. In the case of Instagram reels people who do not follow can also view your reels increasing your reach, saves an Instagram story of someone cannot be saved for you to view later. The Instagram reel can be saved by the users explore page, Instagram Stories rarely get featured. Wow, there came my accent. Let's try again. At the Explore page. Instagram Stories rarely get featured on the Explore page. On the other hand, Instagram reels take the most space ensuring they are watched the most editing tools for the stories you can access filters, different layouts and camera effects. While Instagram rules gives access to more devices such as audio editing, ar effects, alignment of several clips and pictures, timer and countdown. You can also control your actions speed sharing Instagram stories can be shared as a story or be sent to someone's inbox but they disappear after 24 hours. Instagram reels can be shared by almost anyone and do not disappear. That list that I just went over is from one of my favorite software's. It's actually from Filmora we've been a user for many years of their product and absolutely love it for video editing. And it's just a great product. I know that this has been a lot to take in. And I know that this is a hot topic, Instagram reels versus Instagram stories. I think there's a place for both for many businesses marketing. I do think it comes back to having a plan and what you're looking to accomplish through social media marketing. And, you know I recently it's been a few months ago I pulled it up to look had a short arm article out about four reasons why you need to be making Instagram reels in 2021. And I think this touches on all of the points that I really pushed in this. So you can go back and pull up that article if you'd like. But there are four items are there four reasons were reach more engaging content, showcase your true personality, and hit the Explore page. And I think that's what I want you to remember is that explore page that I keep referring to is very much like a Google search is how I would refer to it on Instagram, that explore pages where so many people can be discovered. Businesses, products, services, individuals, influencers, celebrities, the list goes on and on. And again, it goes back to having a plan for your marketing, there's no magic piece to the marketing puzzle. And because there are different outlets, different social media channels, you know, internet advertising online presence website. Oh, it can be lengthy. But that's why it goes back to having an overall plan of what you're wanting to accomplish. And from my marketing background, and my it experience, you know, I really think for wedding professionals, Instagram reels, Instagram stories,

all of Instagram can be a great avenue, a great avenue for marketing, your business product service, your story. It will allow you to connect with not only your existing clients, but also potential clients. And after all, you don't want to lose touch with the ones that you've already worked with. Because that could be your biggest referral source is from people that have already been your clients. But you also don't want to miss out on the opportunity to connect with people who may not even know about you. Maybe they've heard about you, but they don't know who you are, they don't know your personality, they don't know that you would be a great fit for helping them achieve their dreams on possibly the most important day of their life. So I know these topics can be overwhelming, but it's something that I wanted to take the time to dive into. Explain, kind of break through the noise and the chitchat that goes on about Instagram stories and Instagram reels. Can they be time consuming? Absolutely do they have to be Heck no. Bake can be a huge benefit for your business. That's why they deserve to be considered in your overall marketing plan. So I hope you've enjoyed this episode and this topic. Oh, I feel like it was a lot. And I'm familiar with this topic. So I can't wait to hear your feedback. Make sure you visit the website. Find me on social media, and share with all of your friends, engaged couples, other wedding professionals that you think can benefit from listening to me talk about marketing tips, tricks, and all that good stuff on marketing Mondays on the ring, the bling and all the things. Until next time, everyone, take care and make sure you keep getting the word out about your business.

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