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Diana Indries Profile Photo

Diana Indries

Creator and CEO of Better Topics

Co-owner, Co-creator, and CEO of Better Topics Card Game for Couples.

Helped thousands of couples in over 170 different countries improve their relationship and communicate more effectively whilst still having fun by playing the Better Topics Game for Couples. A game that encourages couples to have those much-needed deep conversations, but with the fun and light-heartedness of a game.

The best part is that Better Topics is a repeatable game, so couples can play this over and over again.

The game also won the Innovative Gaming Product of the Year 2021/22 at the Central England Prestige Awards.

May 18, 2022

Create A Relationship That Is All Fun & Games with Diana Indries

Would you like to bring greater value to your relationship and be motivated daily to create fun and exciting memories? In this ep…

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