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Dec. 28, 2020

Girl! Check Your Face!

Girl! Check Your Face!

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk to make-up artist, Angie Maxwell, about her tips and recommendations to look flawless on your big day!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall… Want to be the fairest of them all? Tune in to hear why hiring a professional make-up artist will make all the difference in your photographs.

Girl! Get that peach fuzz off your face and tame those crazy brows. Tune in to hear our guest, Angie Maxwell, talk about things you can do leading up to your wedding day that will make your look flawless.

Why is the location you and your wedding party get hair & make-up done for the big day important? Tune in to hear what a professional make-up artist has to share about this!

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk to make-up artist, Angie Maxwell, about her tips and recommendations to look flawless on your big day!


  • DISCOVER -why professional make-up and hair on your special day will help you exude confidence and make all the difference in those photographs.
  • UNDERSTAND -that you must book your make-up and hair professionals early and go through a trial run so you feel like the QUEEN you are on your wedding day.
  • FIND OUT -what the professionals have to say about where you get ready on your wedding day can make a difference.

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Connect with the hosts:

Kristina Stubblefield
social media @kristinastubblefield_ or @soinmediagroup

Sharon Rumsey, A Perfect Plan Eventswww.aperfectplanevents.comsocial media @aperfectplankentuckiana

Michael Gaddie, Lloyd’s Florist  social media @lloydsflorist


Michael Gaddie  0:00  
Girl get that peach fuzz off your face and tame those crazy brows.

Sharon Rumsey  0:05  
If you want to look your absolute wedding best and still stand out from all the rest, we're talking all things professional wedding makeup today,

Kristina Stubblefield  0:13  
we got a chance to sit down with Angie Maxwell, local professional makeup artist and she has some tricks you will not want to miss out on so stay tuned. You got engaged. Now what? Happy? Yes, joyful time, of course, stressed and overwhelmed. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling and all the things where we will get you from down on one knee to down the aisle will cover all things from yes to I do's and all that happens in between. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie. And Sharon Rumsey with over 50 years of wedding experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now, let's get started with this episode.

So Mike and Sharon, I know we are super excited about being able to get this celebrity guest to join us today. And Sharon, I'm gonna let you talk just a little bit about Angie. In the intro. We mentioned who she was in a little bit about her. But why don't you share your experience and then we're going to dive right into Angie. We're going to talk about tips, tricks and anything else she wants to share with us. So

Sharon Rumsey  1:50  
why don't you start I am honored to introduce Angie Angie. I've known her since high school. She used to teach jazzercise classes. Wait, I

Kristina Stubblefield  1:59  
didn't hear you say how long that is.

Sharon Rumsey  2:03  
It's been a minute, a few years, but Angie used to teach jazzercise classes and yes, Michael, I did take jazzercise don't say one word. Well,

Kristina Stubblefield  2:11  
we may have a different topic to discuss here today. Are we gonna mention fitness.

Sharon Rumsey  2:17  
But as I met Angie, she was always encouraging and over the years has just became one of my absolute favorite people. I love working with her. I love sharing my clients with her. She is so so talented, her makeup. I mean, it is unreal. And not only that, but she's so professional. I love that when I work with Angie, I know she's going to be there 10 minutes before we asked her to be there. She's going to be set up and ready to go. And I know that she's gonna treat my bride like a queen all day.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:47  
Angie, this sounds like a lot of pressure. I mean, building this bar up, Mike and I know you'd might not know a whole lot about Angie, but she's really setting it. Hi. Can you

Michael Gaddie  2:58  
come impressed?

Sharon Rumsey  3:00  
She's literally one of my first calls when I when I start booking a wedding because I want on Angie's book. Thank you

Kristina Stubblefield  3:05  
Well, and I'm gonna tell you, Angie, a lot of times me and Mike have trouble getting a word in edgewise. And since you've known Sharon for so long, I'm sure you can completely understand. I understand. So now that Sharon has brought you in and introduce you, in your own words, share a little bit with our audience who you are, how you're in the wedding industry, which it's really kind of twofold. And anything you want to share about them about your experience and your background.

Angie Maxwell  3:33  
Well, I did used to teach jazzercise but many years ago um love fitness but regarding weddings, I went to airbrush makeup school in LA about nine years ago. So I've been doing airbrush professionally for about eight plus years. I've known Sharon forever and I appreciate her asking me to come but I just I guess in my lifetime I was the girl who always did the girls makeup in my house or for prom or my daughter's friends and just always love doing it. I'm somewhat of an artist so I feel like makeup is just a face you know that replaces a canvas I love to paint and draw and so I just decided to change my career path about eight or nine years ago and went to school in LA my daughter was out there going to college so I went out there and learn the process and airbrush is you know kind of a newer thing and not a lot of people know how to do it around here especially so wanted to get trained really well. And that led into lots of weddings. I mean I do other things like proms and special occasion and I'm a licensed aesthetician so do facials and all the goodies that come with you know women and faces so but weddings definitely is one of my favorite things to do

Kristina Stubblefield  4:55  
well and you're being very kind but you come your whole family is very artistic. I remember your daughter, very small young girl who a voice of just there aren't words to describe it. And I know she's been able to travel. And I know we're sticking to wedding topics, but really your whole entire family very creative, artistic, and what a way to go in your own direction to be able to bring that full circle.

Angie Maxwell  5:23  
Yeah, I agree my family, they are very talented. My husband, is the lead singer of the local crashers have to give them a shout out my daughter, very angelic voice went to American Idol and went really far with it. Which is really what led to LA and her going to school and she was sitting.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:40  
Yeah, we didn't even talk about that.

Angie Maxwell  5:43  
And, you know, getting off topic here.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:46  
No, but I didn't even really give them all the details that we knew about you before you

Angie Maxwell  5:50  
go. Then my son, my oldest child is extremely artistic works in the leather industry and very creative. And it's just kind of a fun crew. Well, and

Kristina Stubblefield  6:01  
also your daughter has traveled overseas, I've been able to see some of that on social media. What an experience and I know you all went over there.

Angie Maxwell  6:10  
Yes, yes, the work she got me She married a wonderful Swedish guy. And we traveled a little bit because of all of that. So they are now here in the US and living and have our first grandchild. So

Kristina Stubblefield  6:25  
yeah, yes. Well, in honestly, the reason I brought up about creativity and artistic because I've heard Sharon mentioned so many times is you're really bringing a face to life on the one of the most important days is how a lot of people word it in their lives. So just really digging into that creativity and being able to paint a palette is how I kind of look at it. Right. So okay, well Angie, let's start off with what is one of the first tips you would give someone that's getting married in regards to makeup. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Book

Angie Maxwell  7:03  
early? Right here?

Sharon Rumsey  7:04  

Angie Maxwell  7:06  
Yeah, she's my number one cheerleader with that because i think that you know makeups not one of the first priorities are trying to get a venue and a band and you know, deciding on those factors and you really need to book your makeup artist early because I booked out a year in advance so it's not rare that I get a month before someone emailing me can you do my wedding and I have to chuckle because I always respond with 2020 are you talking this here? Because you really do i mean if you're getting professional makeup artists you need to book early and then my other advice for any you know bride as it gets closer to the wedding is to really take care of your skin. Few weeks before get a good dermaplane which gets off the fuzzy hair on your face. brows tamed and be ready

Kristina Stubblefield  8:01  
well now I saw Mike look at you a little weird. Okay. And I'm not ashamed to say that I know I know what dermaplaning is. I know Sharon does that Yeah. But will you explain that just a little bit so

Angie Maxwell  8:16  
every and this is the aesthetician side of me but every woman has vellus hair on their face which is peach fuzz. I'm getting some looks over here.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:26  
So inside more than others some more

Angie Maxwell  8:28  
than others and you can truly see it in the car when the sun shining on your face. Just look up in your mirror, tilt your head. We all carry it on our face. So dermaplaning is taking a scalpel and of course you know I'm trained to do this and any institution can do this for you but you take a scalpel and you go over the whole entire face and get this peach fuzz off. Which is also a great exfoliation because it gets the dead skin cells off your face. So really, it's one of my favorite facials because the customer leaves. You know it's just gratifying to immediately see the results your skin's like butter. was very smooth, your makeup goes on flawless and you don't have all that peach fuzz. And so you know people that don't know about it or really are just kind of heard about it. They're really intimidated by it because they think that the hair will grow back course like a man's and you can't change the structure of hair. So if you only get their implant once and you never come back and do it again. Your peach fuzz is going to grow out like peach fuzz it's not going to change but once you get dermaplane two you will forever get

Kristina Stubblefield  9:32  
in Sharon you deal with this a lot with girls getting dressed their makeup and all of this as a planner. This is to really those close in shots that a lot of times photographers get, you know that's really focused on their expressions, their face, and everything like that.

Sharon Rumsey  9:50  
I think anything that you can do to make a bride more confident and more self secure. She's going to take better pictures. You know If you let them pick if you let a bridesmaids pick their own dress, they're going to take a better picture because they're comfortable. So I think you know, like Angie said getting your skin in tip top shape and then getting your makeup professionally done is going to make a competent gorgeous bride.

Kristina Stubblefield  10:13  
Like does that help answer that question?

Michael Gaddie  10:17  

Kristina Stubblefield  10:18  
oh he has it he has a question. Do

Michael Gaddie  10:19  
you ever question you know, I know you specialize in airbrush. So what why should a broad choose airbrush over regular makeup

Angie Maxwell  10:28  
airbrush lasts so much longer it is will stay on your face and not move for 12 plus hours. You can't sweat it off. You can't it really doesn't budge. It's very lightweight. And I have to say that I've had brides with experiences with airbrush that they felt like it was too heavy. And then they leave with me and they say that can't I can hardly feel anything on my face. So that's one of two things either the artist is putting too much on, or it's the product they're using. But if you get a good airbrush application, it will last so long and three reception and through your dancing and through your sweating. It will stay on and I

Michael Gaddie  11:09  
and you're crying

Angie Maxwell  11:10  
and you're crying. Yes. And you know the airbrush product that I use is silicone based so one of the things that I love about that is you're hugging people and you're pressing against suits and and collars and it will not transfer on clothing so that's also nice, but it's just long lasting. It's pixelated so it's very fine going on in the art of airbrush it's kind of fascinating when I went to school it comes out of the gun the spray gun and you're looking and I love for people to watch me airbrush because they're looking to see the makeup come out and you don't and it's something you have to train your eye for and my instructor it just blew me away because I kept looking for this makeup to go on and she said don't look for the makeup to come out you won't see it watch the face and watch the flaws disappear and when they disappear to the point that you want them you stop

Sharon Rumsey  12:04  
I love to watch airbrush makeup I'll always like sneak over into the corner and watch because you can just see their face change

Kristina Stubblefield  12:12  
you know Angie this makes me think that and Sharon I believe I've heard you mentioned this before what with nice pictures with a wedding party. If the bride gets airbrush and your other girls do their own makeup What is your recommendations there do you recommend it for the whole wedding party?

Angie Maxwell  12:33  
I do I personally do and you know it's it's all affordability with bridesmaids they have so much to spend and pay for that you know my heart breaks for them sometimes there's the dress, there's the hair, there's the makeup and sometimes they have to choose. So sometimes they will go with the regular makeup and I also do that as well. It's gorgeous as well but it's not going to last as long so at the end of the night and you go to the bathroom during a break in the dance floor, you're not going to look like the person with airbrush so I recommend always at the bride get airbrush I love it when the whole bridal party does the same because they look the same in photos, the ones that do it themselves and there's some talented girls out there. I personally can always tell

Kristina Stubblefield  13:18  
the difference. And those pictures are for a lifetime. We've talked about that before. You know you're basically capturing these moments and these memories that you're going to look back on and I think that's something that's not talked about a lot about makeup is maybe try to stick to a plan for your girls. Even if it's not airbrush in its traditional makeup. That's what you consider it right tradition,

Angie Maxwell  13:42  
right? Right.

Kristina Stubblefield  13:43  
That way everyone looks the same or they have the same type of finish in those photos.

Michael Gaddie  13:49  
So when it comes to color for individuals face do you choose the color that looks best for them? Or do does the bride or the bridesmaids? Say this or that

Kristina Stubblefield  14:01  
good question. Well, first jumping in here Oh,

Angie Maxwell  14:03  
that's a good question.

Kristina Stubblefield  14:04  
Sharon. Are you okay?

Sharon Rumsey  14:05  
there I am. I'm just taking it all in.

Angie Maxwell  14:08  
Okay first of all with foundation color which is the skin color. Okay, that's the first thing that goes on and that's the airbrush part because the blush and the eyeshadow and all of the rainbow colors are done manually with brushes and powders. So the airbrush makeup I mix because I have a professional machine. So I'm mixed colors and these colors are in bottles and they're numbered. So I'm gonna go back a little bit because a lot of people want to get airbrush machines at home and I get asked this all the time. I don't recommend it only because when you buy you know the consumer type airbrush machine, they come with pods like a Keurig coffee pot, and each pot is a number and it's a color or a shade. Well no person is one color. So when you sit in my chair and if I were to airbrush you then I would probably probably pick a two and a four and a seven and mix it all together and get the color your own custom, yes, custom. So when you're not artistic, and you can't see that it's really hard to do and no one's really one shade, and your shade changes with seasons as well. So that's really important. It's also important to match your chest. So when I look at you, and I'm going to figure out the color of your foundation for your face, I look at your chest and all women have been taught to test your neck, okay, it's the color of your neck. Well, that's incorrect because your neck on everyone is lighter than your face. Because natural sun, when you're out in the sun with the layout are not your chin shade your neck, so your necks always going to be lighter. So I look at the chest. So your face matches your chest, especially on a bride with her low cut dress. And that's how I pick the foundation regarding eye shadow lip color. I do converse with the bride, we have a bridal trial that I love for them to get so we can play around. And I I truly, you try to talk brides into doing natural colors, because like you said before, pictures are timeless. So you don't want a purple eye. And you don't want a bright blue eye or a green. You know, if you want a color, I might tend to put it in a liner or in the corner. But I always stick with browns and topes and natural colors because your pictures are timeless. So that's really discussed at the trial. And we play around with colors and get it right.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:31  
Can we just take a minute to take all that in

Michael Gaddie  16:34  
that I mean, I had no clue that that much detail went into that

Kristina Stubblefield  16:37  
in that five minutes. Whether you're getting married, you're a mother of the bride, or you're just an individual, she just gave a tip that can apply to everyone, regardless if it's a special event. And Angie, I have a question you mentioned that you like or love for people to do the consultation. Is that something you recommend everyone do?

Angie Maxwell  17:00  
I do 99% of the brides will do a trial run. Really the only ones that I have found that don't I have done their makeup before in another wedding. Or I've done their prom makeup or, and they've known my style and what I do, I like it because it's just a fun day. And we get to play around if you're questioning whether you want false lashes. Let's do it today. live with it today. Call me tomorrow if you don't want to. We don't like them. You know, if you don't like the lip color today, take selfies look at yourself, we can adjust things. And that way when I come to the venue the day to do your makeup, because Sharon knows we're very organized like her. I have it all written down what I do on your trial. So I pull out that sheet she has I got it. I have a face chart and I do exactly what we agreed on trial day. So my I save you time. We're not sitting there talking about colors and eyeliner and how you want it. And to me, it's just a good test. And I also recommend on your trial day do your trial because it's a cost it mean it costs to do it on a special occasion. Do it on your shower day, do it on your bachelorette party day. Do it on a day you're going to somebody else's wedding,

Sharon Rumsey  18:15  
I've had a lot of My Brides that um, and honestly I learned this from My Brides, I didn't come up with this, but they will schedule their trial, their makeup trial and their hair trial on the day that they're getting their photos taken for their engagement picture. Yes. And man, it just makes a huge difference. Yeah.

Angie Maxwell  18:32  
And I do have to say if you do that, and I encourage you to do that because you're paying for this beautiful flawless face. So why not go celebrate and do something special? But I do if I know it's engagement pictures. I do hold off on some things like you know, a bigger lash for wedding day versus that day. You know, we talk about it and don't really do the face exactly like we're gonna do wedding day because I don't you know, there's an element of surprise for wedding day. So save off some cheeky Chimerica personally Yeah, I have a few tricks that we say for wedding day. But it will give you that feel of what airbrush feels like and how long it's gonna last and you know your basic look.

Sharon Rumsey  19:09  
We've been talking a lot about the brides but one of the things that I always appreciate about working with Angie is it's kind of becoming a real trend for bridesmaids to wear different dresses, different colors. And so we recently did a wedding back in July where every bridesmaid had a different kind of Paisley floral print dress. And I really appreciated that as Angie would start to do each bridesmaid she was like Sharon Can I see their dress? So I would show her the dress and she was able to coordinate their colors with their dresses and so it's not always just on the bride she put so much attention into what each lady is going to look like and man they were stunning.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:51  
Mike, here's what I'm hearing a lot of communication can play a key role in achieving the feel the vibe The look that you want with all of your vendors and especially your makeup artist,

Michael Gaddie  20:06  
when it comes, I got a question because I mean, this kind of blows me away a little bit.

Sharon Rumsey  20:12  
I think he's loving it too cuz he's a designer and he's very creative and yeah,

Michael Gaddie  20:16  
you know, everybody has a little design in their their style and well except for you.

Sharon Rumsey  20:23  
But I know who to call.

Michael Gaddie  20:25  
But when it when it comes down to time to say you've got 10 girls and the bride Oh, Lord, I mean, how do you do it you that goes in and do does a mall and you just have a timeline that you follow? Or I mean, you have people helping

Angie Maxwell  20:40  
you or unfortunately Yes, and with me, you know, I am freelance so I am alone. I just this year have backed off my numbers to a maximum of eight. because believe it or not, over the last year I have been asked to do 15 and it's just me

Sharon Rumsey  21:00  
brinell Tories are getting bigger

Angie Maxwell  21:02  
they are and it's outrageous. I block off 30 minutes per girl. I'm pretty fast. And you know, I just with experience, I got it down. The bride I like 45 minutes for just to spend a little bit more time with her. But you have to back that up from when pictures are being taken. So whip start early. And that kind of shocked some brides because you know, I might say well, you have that many we got to start at 7am but I know that the airbrush is going to last all day. So number one in my chair, you're gonna look just like number 10 You know, I've done 1213 before it's a really hard day for me. So I backed off my numbers but in you know, my contract I let them know and Sharon's great at helping with this. If you have a lot and I can't accommodate you, I can either bring an assistant to at least just help me put on lashes or prep the face with primary just to help me with time or hire a second artist that can do half and I'll do half so it is a challenge.

Michael Gaddie  22:06  
I bet it's a challenge

Sharon Rumsey  22:08  
you're looking into. We've talked a lot about the brides and the bridesmaids but the majority of people in those categories are younger people usually 20s early 30s when you're looking at the moms and even the grandmas to do their makeup, what's different What do you look at differently for the more mature lady?

Angie Maxwell  22:30  
Well and back to the number thing that's you know, we talk about big wedding parties, and they are getting bigger and bigger. But you know when it comes to makeup that includes mom, mother of the groom grandma to grandma's like little girls. And so when you add those into the mix of bridesmaids it can be outrageous. But with aging skin is how I like to refer to it. And moms and grandmothers, they get airbrush the same they get the same treatment I look at their dress and match them up just the same. But I do go a little bit lighter on lashes, some don't want lashes and totally fine with that. I'm just kind of have a consultation with that. with them. Just a very natural look a little bit lighter. The You know, they're not at their glamorous but they're not like the bridesmaid that like you know a little bit bigger lash and bolder colors sometimes. So the moms, I love doing moms, I love doing moms and grandmas because a lot of times they don't choose to do that or think that they're not, you know, worthy of having their makeup done on that special day. And they're in photos too. So I love doing them.

Sharon Rumsey  23:43  
I remember we shared the sweetest family a few months ago. And the mom had never the mother the bride had never had her makeup done professionally ever in her life. And when the bride wanted it done. You know, I told her Angie would do it and she would take good care of it. And she was just like, I don't know, that's just not me. I'm really uncomfortable. What if I'm allergic? You know what if it What if it looks like pancake, she was so worried. And she got it out of Angie's chair and she came in the room with all the bridesmaids and she goes, I'm hot. Somebody take my picture. Like she was just full of herself. And she looked gorgeous. And when we met when she saw her husband later that day, same thing she was like, you know, you better make sure you're worthy of being with my date today because she was just she said she never wanted to wash it

Kristina Stubblefield  24:36  
off. And you know, and Angie and talking about all this. One of the things that I think about is what about the getting ready location, and Sharon might chime in on this too. But when you're talking about that many people and moving parts and pieces to a day of really, this really highlights how a planner can assist you and help take the stress off of it. But what do you think people should consider about their getting ready location?

Angie Maxwell  25:05  
Well, this is one reason why I love working with Sharon because I know that if I have a wedding and she's coordinating it that the venue that I'm going to be in to do the makeup is going to be big enough, it's going to fit us all. It's usually hair, people are in their makeup artists are in there, all the girls are in there. And when you don't have a planner, and you try to do it yourself, you know, I've been stuck in hotel rooms, not good lighting, my makeups all scattered all over the bed on towels. It's, you know me, I get it done and I don't complain. But it's you know, I prefer great lighting a higher chair if you have it. If not, I'll bring my own. I hate to just pack up tons of stuff. So, you know, Sharon's, always there to just give me a higher stool, save my back, you know, tablespace and good lighting, whether it's by a window or you know, it's just really really important. So that makes or breaks it for me as far as my attitude going to a wedding because if I know I'm going to be stuck in a little hotel room or bad lighting, it's, it's kind of a bummer for me.

Sharon Rumsey  26:10  
Well as a planner. If I can have it all set when my hair and makeup artists come in, that's going to help keep them on time. Because if they have to come in and they have to look for an electrical outlet because her airbrush machine has to plug in. So when I go preview, getting ready side I'm looking is Angie going to have natural light is there enough outlets for her as well as the blow dryers and straighteners and everything that the hairstylist is going to need. So if we're in a hotel, what I like to do is I like I love getting ready in a hotel, but I like to get adjoining suites, and I like for makeup to be in one and hair to be in the other to give those artists room to space out. A lot of My Brides now are running Airbnb ease. And that's awesome. I mean, it's really fun. They usually have like a slumber party the night before. But man, you've got to check that light a lot of Airbnb or older homes and they don't have a lot of outlets. So I usually ask that I go look at the Airbnb before they sign just to make sure that we're it's good for what we want to do. And the other thing that I've learned with hair and makeup artists is I offer them lunch. I offer to warm up their coffee, because if I can just keep them going and they don't have to stop to do those things. We

Kristina Stubblefield  27:22  
stay on time. You know, and we give Sharon a hard way to go. She's organized to the please me horrible Angie, I have right here. I have a packet on Angie. After I said I don't want to go really off question. But she wanted to make sure we were covered. And I think even though me and Mike joke with her a lot of times, you don't realize bringing a production of a wedding together. And having those details checked ahead of time. You basically know you've got somebody that's got your back as a vendor, but also as the bride, the family, all of that. And, you know, kudos to Sharon because anytime someone says anything to Sharon, I'm sorry, Mike. I know. I know. He's not saying anything because he's like, you're really starting off already. So but kudos to her because at the end of the day, it's about enjoying that moment. And when you can remove that stress from your vendors, in your wedding party, your bride and groom your couples, then they can really enjoy that day and a vendor really enjoys working with you. It makes it a whole better experience for everyone. Right?

Sharon Rumsey  28:34  
Well I certainly can't take all the credit for that because I learn you know what I learned from every vendor I work with I I learned what to look for in a wedding venue when I started working with and

Kristina Stubblefield  28:44  
and i'm sorry Mike Sharon's not gonna let you in here but I'm

Michael Gaddie  28:46  
going to come on Michael. What I was gonna say is I know we're all being serious and getting this all down but I want to ask you a question. We did a we did a another episode of do's and don'ts and have you ever had the experience with a bride or a bridesmaid where they come up and they feel like you should pay more attention to them than they should the bride?

Sharon Rumsey  29:10  
Oh sweet baby Jesus. Yes. We

Angie Maxwell  29:13  
can only see my look at Sharon right

Kristina Stubblefield  29:15  
now look right here because eventually they will be able to see your

Sharon Rumsey  29:20  
picture her.

Angie Maxwell  29:21  
Yes. Yes. And

Michael Gaddie  29:24  
I that's what I want to know how you handle it.

Unknown Speaker  29:30  
I do try to handle

Angie Maxwell  29:31  
it gracefully. I just pretty much lay it down. right up front that all the bridesmaids when you sit in my chair you basically are going to look similar and alike because most of them have the same color dress. We did have that one wedding, we're talking about what different boho dresses and that was extremely cool. But if you are going to have the same color dress, you're going to basically look alike and this is the bride's day. So you know we're just going to give you a basic natural look. They all are really like 90% of them are great and they just let me do my thing. I will occasionally have someone that requests a smoky eye or a big winged liner and I just basically say, you know what, today's not the day for that. And I love that look, honestly, I'm with you. And you know, I can put a little bit more line on you if that's what you're used to. But again, we're getting uniformity here with all the girls and all the shimmer and all the you know, extras are for the bride today. So you know, I don't really get a lot of that. A lot of the smokey eye thing it just makes me laugh because people don't realize what a smoky eye is. And a true smoky eye is starting from your lid all the way up and starting black and gray radiating to light gray. So your whole lid is dark and it's very, that's a smoky eye.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:53  
But Angie, I'm worried about me, I need more lipstick, I have enough blush. Exactly, you know, you've really got to control that because it is right the bride's day or shoot Han

Angie Maxwell  31:06  
right and, and again, I don't have a lot of trouble with that. Um, but again, when they ask for certain things I do have to clarify like really, smoky eyes this and that's like nightclub look. Now I'll smoke your outer corner out and cut a crease in your eye and it'll look great. And I think that's what most girls want. When they say smoky eye they don't realize that a tree smoky eyes, just really covenant not appropriate.

Sharon Rumsey  31:32  
She puts you correct me if I'm wrong and she but shimmer in like the corner of the bride's eye and it just makes their eyes just pop. And I've had bridesmaids before say, or they'll walk right up to the chair while Andy's doing the bride and say I want some of that shimmer. I want that, you know in my eye. And he is always so sweet and kind and I always go well, you're not the bride.

Kristina Stubblefield  31:54  
So is Sharon saying and she's direct?

Angie Maxwell  31:56  
She makes your job easier, tactful, but people listen. But yeah, I mean, we had one incident, you want a story. There was a bridesmaid and I finally had to let her know that she really wanted to take up a lot of my time. And I think that she really was trying to get kind of a free trial, because she was getting married later too. And so she had this just special look she wanted and wanted me to do it. And I didn't mind. But it ended up that it was what can you do this and a little more that and I you know, I was just kind of given sharing the I like save me because I've spent 45 minutes with her. And this is getting a little crazy, and the bride's rolling her eyes. And you can tell everybody in the room is like, Oh my gosh, like they knew I knew I could get a sense that this girl is all about her right now. And yeah, she

Sharon Rumsey  32:47  
shut it down. I did when the bride has to ask you to give her a turn in the mirror before she walks down the aisle. Like literally you're lining up for processional and the bride has to say my I see the mirror. That's when you need a good wedding planner that's going to come in and say, today's not your day, stay in your lane. Here we go.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:06  
Well, and I know we've talked a lot about makeup, and we could go on and on and on with these stories. I don't think Angie wants to be here with us all day. But we talked about applying makeup and the looks. But what's your recommendation? Because if people don't wear this much makeup or fake lashes and things like that on a regular basis, what's your steps for removal? What do you suggest for them about getting that off?

Angie Maxwell  33:30  
It's just like you would get off any makeup that you put on daily. The airbrush is no different. You just you know use your basic cleanser. I think the only thing that people question is how do you get the lashes off if they've never worn them, especially moms. You just pull the outer corner, get the glue and stick a little bit peel them off, throw them away and really be careful at working the glue off your lid with a Q tip or your pinky finger. Mike's laughing over you don't pick your own lashes out. Like that's just little tips that I give but as far as cleansing, it will just come on Believe it or not. It comes off just like in the shower your regular makeup. What?

Kristina Stubblefield  34:06  
Okay, now Mike doesn't know we're getting ready to do this. Sharon does. Okay. But we're going to wrap it up and we're gonna start doing this little fun part with our guests. Okay, okay, we're gonna give you three rapid fire questions.

Unknown Speaker  34:19  

Kristina Stubblefield  34:20  
are you ready? Yeah. Okay, here we go. You're the first guest in cocktail hour. What do you order?

Angie Maxwell  34:29  
You're the first guest I'm terrible at this.

Kristina Stubblefield  34:31  
Okay, if you're the first guest to go up to the bar, what do you order

Sharon Rumsey  34:35  
at a wedding and cocktail hour?

Kristina Stubblefield  34:36  
What should order? What's your drink? What's your drink of choice? Me

Angie Maxwell  34:39  

Kristina Stubblefield  34:40  

Sharon Rumsey  34:40  
red wine.

Kristina Stubblefield  34:41  
Red wine. See was that that was

Angie Maxwell  34:44  
right or wrong answer here. It's gonna be a great honestly, I'd rather get something else but that's what my go to is

Kristina Stubblefield  34:53  
you're going to get one. Okay. I bet I know the answer to this one. No, I think Sharon said because we were going to ask you this one. Do you run to or away from the dance floor?

Angie Maxwell  35:05  
Me personally, to that's what

Sharon Rumsey  35:07  
I figured she's a dancer.

Kristina Stubblefield  35:09  
I'm actually I think she kind of has the bounder I have the wine, glass of wine. There's an order. Okay. And then are you the first to RSVP to a wedding? Or do you wait to the last minute?

Angie Maxwell  35:25  
I attempt to be the first because I get so busy I'm afraid I'll forget. But I have forgotten before and I feel really really bad about it. So I would say typically I'm first okay

Kristina Stubblefield  35:38  
now did you all get those answers caught on red wine? She's on the dance floor and she's the She don't want to forget and

Michael Gaddie  35:44  
so she's gonna want to go to a wedding with

Kristina Stubblefield  35:48  
a girl. So Angie for our listeners out there if they want to connect with you. Share with me and all of us. How can they find you online social media,

Sharon Rumsey  35:59  

Kristina Stubblefield  36:00  
Anything you want to give out? Sure.

Angie Maxwell  36:02  
You can follow me on Instagram and G Maxwell airbrush you can follow me on Facebook. Angie Maxwell airbrush. I have two separate pages Angie Maxwell and then my airbrush one so you know you'll see my personal stuff and the makeup stuff as well. website is www. Angie Maxwell airbrush calm. And my phone numbers plastered everywhere texting is best for me. So yeah, I'm not hard to find.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:30  
Well, we'll have all of that information in the show notes. But Sharon shared with me a little piece of information last night, and I bet you can help make this happen.

Sharon Rumsey  36:39  
Gee, we did have a drink in the bar. So I don't remember what I

Kristina Stubblefield  36:44  
know. She told me about this YouTube channel that I need to pull up. Oh, that has to do with someone in the crashers that they're doing. And I bet they would be an awesome guest for us to have on here. And Sharon, you tell me what the name of it is Max?

Michael Gaddie  37:03  

Angie Maxwell  37:04  
the Jake take? Yes. My best with it. My brother in law. Yes. He loves cake. So especially wedding cakes, and you know the crashers play weddings all the time. So yeah, he's created a YouTube channel, the cake take and he gives his take on cakes.

Kristina Stubblefield  37:22  
Well, I think he would be a great guest if we could get along. Yeah, I don't

Sharon Rumsey  37:27  
know if we're ready for that.

Kristina Stubblefield  37:30  
She would be fun. She would tell me all about this. And I was like,

Sharon Rumsey  37:33  
I do watch every single one.

Angie Maxwell  37:34  
Yeah, he makes me nervous though. Because he ranks the cakes doesn't have to say I get really like I can feel my face. Like I have to fix my face. Because I'm, you know, I'm just one of those. She knows me. I'm just like, she's kind of everyone and not that he's not. But you know, when you give somebody a seven and a nine, I'm just like, oh, but no. I mean, he's brutally honest. So it's awesome.

Sharon Rumsey  37:57  
It's great. It would be a lot of fun. Yeah, to

Kristina Stubblefield  37:59  
see if we can get get that to happen. Yes. So one of the last things before I let you go at the time of recording this, we are still a missed what has been going on the last several months. And I don't want to skip over that for our audience. I would just like to allow you an opportunity. You know, we're all trying to get through this together. And I'm sure it's been a struggle as well you work on people's faces. But there are still ways for you to help people. And I'm sure you take all the safety mentor measures, I would just like to give you an opportunity. We don't want to pass over it as if there's nothing going on. But at the time of recording this, you know, what things are limited? It's affecting events. Well, is there anything you'd like to share for me your industry? As far as that goes?

Angie Maxwell  38:45  
Well, I just think we all have to be patient. And this is a really difficult time. And, you know, I tried to not be judgy with it, because people are really, really scared of this virus. And some people are really laxed about it. And I think that we all have to have respect. I try to respect my clients by wearing a mask always and gloves during my procedures. Of course, I have a state approved home studio. So I'm not there's not a lot of people coming in and out. So, you know, it's kind of better for me that I can limit one person at a time. And I think my clients feel really comfortable with that right now. So I'm very blessed to have that ability. For the brides. All I can say is Hang in there. I've had so many people, you know and brides have to switch their weddings and rules change numbers change and you know, I'm there to make the changes with you and everything's worked out pretty smoothly this year for those that have had to change things. But even on location, I think it's really important professionally to wear your mask and gloves and be considerate to all all people and you know in this industry when you're getting your makeup done, you can't wear a mask. So you know it's it's challenging and the bridal party in all weddings that I've been a part of, do not wear the mask but the people in attendance. Do I think that's very respectful. So if you're in the bridal party and you're getting makeup done you obviously don't wear a mask when I do your your makeup, but I will. And try to respect you know, everyone with that.

Kristina Stubblefield  40:13  
Well, and I know thank you, Sharon, I know you were the connection to bring Angie on. I know Sharon was kind of a little nervous because she was like, man, we're good to have Angie, my god on our podcast love

Sharon Rumsey  40:25  
me some Angie, I love.

Kristina Stubblefield  40:28  
And it was no, it would not be any more appropriate unless I let Sharon close out. Thank you, Angie, you're

Angie Maxwell  40:34  
welcome. Thanks for having me.

Unknown Speaker  40:35  
I mean,

Kristina Stubblefield  40:36  
we're really glad we're excited that you were willing to be part of this. So

Michael Gaddie  40:39  
I've learned a lot. I mean, smoky eyes and

Sharon Rumsey  40:46  
I wonder if Angie could dermaplane your head

Angie Maxwell  40:51  
actually is not a great procedure for men. But no, thanks for having me. And before Sharon closes out, I just have to say that any bride listening to this that you know you're planning your wedding, you know, honestly, please get Sharon. Oh, because I have worked with many wedding planners. And believe me, they talk about you behind you back. I want you to know, and I

Sharon Rumsey  41:14  
want my daughter. They don't

Angie Maxwell  41:16  
talk about Sharon because everything that comes out of their mouths was Sharon I always it's full of respect and she's on it. Thank you so much it is but I've also had weddings with wedding planners that behind their back or oh my gosh, our wedding planners crazy forgive her. She's acting like a maniac. Like I hear it all. And I just chuckle but with Sharon, honestly, she's really on it. And she's very, you know, consistent and precise and organized. And I love working with her and

Kristina Stubblefield  41:45  
kudos to them. And if you're not local, you know, we're recording this out of Louisville, Kentucky. If you're not local, I love Sharon's favorite tagline she says Go ahead, Sharon. Tell him you know she's stumped. Have bags will travel. Oh,

Sharon Rumsey  42:02  
I'll go anywhere. Have luggage will trap.

Kristina Stubblefield  42:06  
Mike I messed it up. I'm I'm sorry. But anyway, Sharon, I'm gonna let you close it out.

Sharon Rumsey  42:10  
So Angie, we appreciate you so much for sharing your time your expertise with us. I still learn from you every time we do a wedding together. And I love the way that you treat our brides in a confident bride a confident wedding party takes better pictures, I have a better day. So I think you're doing exactly what God wants you to do. And we are so grateful that you came here today.

Kristina Stubblefield  42:42  
Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the ring, doubling and all the things. If you like what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, the ring, the bling and all the things calm for past episodes, and make sure to connect with us on social media. If you would like to help us get the word out about this podcast, make sure to share with your family, your friends and anyone you know in the wedding business.

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Angie Maxwell is a Licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist. She completed her Airbrush makeup schooling at Award Studio, LA, California and received her Spray tanning education in Miami, FL. Angie specializes in wedding/special occasion makeup. Services she offers include: facials, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, microblading, spray tans, lash lifts, tinting and waxing. Angie is a free lance Artist and offers services at state-approved home culture salon - private entry to studio.