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June 14, 2021

MM | Focus On The Core Aspects

MM | Focus On The Core Aspects

*Episode previously recorded and released as part of Kristina Stubblefield's Genius Marketing Solutions podcast.

Are you getting in your own way of being more profitable in your business? In this episode, Kristina talks about focusing on the core aspects of your business… your area of expertise, and how outsourcing the tasks you’re not an expert at will actually save you valuable time and money.

Listen to this episode to hear Kristina talk about bettering your business and increasing your profits by outsourcing some tasks to the pros!

What is your hourly rate? What are you worth? Tune into this episode to hear how wearing all the hats for your business is costing you valuable time & dollars and how you’d be better served paying someone else to do some of those tasks.

If you got the time back you spend each month on tasks that don’t generate income for your business, how much more profitable would your business be? Don’t miss this episode! Kristina is discussing outsourcing and how it can actually save you money!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL DISCOVER that outsourcing tasks not in your area of expertise will save you valuable time and allow you to produce more dollars for your business.

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Are you getting in your own way of being more profitable in your business? In this episode, I'm talking about focusing on the core aspects of your business, your area of expertise, and how outsourcing the task you're not an expert at will actually save you valuable time and money. 

Welcome to genius Marketing Solutions podcast. Hi, my name is Kristina Stubblefield. For over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist, and coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In my podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized, digestible marketing solutions and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

In today's topic, I want to talk about how not hiring employees or outsourcing can cost your business more money than it actually takes to pay employees or contractors. Now let that sink in for just a minute what I'm saying you could be costing your business from making more money, because you're trying to still wear all the hats in your business. Most wedding professionals are the marketing manager, the sales manager, you're probably the accounting person, as well as the accountants when it comes tax time. You also are probably the person who does the events. What other service or product do you provide for weddings or events. But there's so much more to it, you're probably the person that handles the contracts and the deposits, and the scheduling, the list goes on and on. And so many times people come to me and they say, I just don't have the money to hire someone, I would love to have you help me with your mark my marketing. But I just don't have it in my budget right now. That last item is said to me so many times throughout the year. I love your work, you all are awesome. I can't wait to the day I get my business to a point where you can help me with my social media, you can build a new website for me that I can meet with you on a regular basis for coaching or consulting. I hear that time and time again. And when I start to have conversations, the smallest conversation with wedding professionals especially. It's kind of an eye opening experience for most that's what I hear from people. Because when you start talking about the number of hours that one of those hats cost you then it kind of starts to put it in perspective. Hmm, wow, maybe I really need to think about it. And I want to walk you through a scenario. Let's say you're the person who does all your social media graphics, plans out all your social media, you make the graphics, you go in and do the post or schedule the post, you do all of that yourself. Now, if it's done correctly, and not by the seat of your pants, and you just hop on there and post something that's not a social media marketing plan. That's really not even social media marketing. That's just posting when you think about posting, and that's a whole nother topic. But if you try to stick to some kind of social media plan, X number of posts per week using these social media channels. And if you keep track of the amount of time that you spent an entire process, thinking about what you're going to post, planning it out what days it's going to go out making the graphic, or what picture you're even going to post not even a graphic then or maybe it's even video, because that you have to have that in your mix, there's no longer an option. And then doing whatever you need to do to get it ready to go on social media. If you're putting together a video or if you're using a picture but you're putting your logo on it or putting a saying on it. And then you go in and you either go into post it or you go into schedule it and if you keep track from A to Z on how long In one month, you spend, how much of your time is involved in those posts, what you're probably going to find is, Wow, I didn't realize I was spending that much time. There's number one. Number two, you're not a social media marketing professional, you're just going off of some of the stuff you've learned, maybe you've taken a class, maybe you follow others, and you're trying to kind of mimic what they put out there as a guide. You have your time wrapped up in that as well. I'm not even counting that. So you're basically trying to also be a Social Media Marketing Pro. Okay. So you also have to kind of think about that. But if you just look at your time, what is your hourly rate worth? What are you worth an hour? That would be the better way to say it? What are you? What is one hour of your time worth? Let's put a price tag on it? Is it $100 an hour? Is it $200? An hour? Is that $500 an hour? Is it $50 an hour? And then are you working 10 hours a month on that? Okay, so let's just say your consider your worth $100 an hour, and you work 10 hours in one month on that, that's $1,000 $1,000. In you're not even the professional in the social media marketing field, the for the information that you're putting out there. Okay, so you're probably doing a disservice to your business. because number one, you're taking away time from working on your business that you're the expert in. In number two, you're putting out the best you know how to put out to social media, because that's not your specialty. So there's two sides of a disservice for your business. Now, let's think about it like this, we're going to flip it around a little bit. If you had those 10 hours a month to work on your business, not in it on your business, soliciting for more events, going and networking with other wedding professionals, maybe signing up for a wedding show, whatever you could do in those 10 hours in one month. How much money could you generate for your business, because I'm here to tell you, if you really focus those 10 hours, if that's what you're spending on building your business and working on your business, you're going to make more money than those hours that you've just invested to do social media posts for your business, you're probably going to make much more money, if those 10 hours are invested in your business correctly, than it even begins to cost for someone to help you with your social media marketing. Now, a disclaimer here, when we're talking about social media marketing, social media marketing is not just something that you go and hand off to someone, I'm here to tell you as a marketing professional, you do not do that. Why do you not do that? Because your best results come from a collaboration with your social media, I get it, you need help scheduling out, you need help planning it out. You need help putting together the graphics or the videos completely understandable. But it needs to have your flavor. It needs to have your personality, it needs to represent your business. And you cannot fully get that across. If you hand that off to someone else. And you don't have anything to do with it. Okay. I'm here to tell you in today's time, that does not work how it used to. It used to be you could just hand off your social media, somebody and they run with it. And that worked for your business for businesses out there. And now with how social media how people are wanting to connect with businesses and entrepreneurs in the social media space, it doesn't work that way. Now, back to the topic at hand. If you've really sat down with a piece of paper, a lot of times if you know me, you know I like some whiteboarding it, there is nothing better than whiteboarding. Because when you start putting those numbers down and you really look at them. And you think oh my goodness, gosh, 10 hours and honestly if you're really truthful With your numbers, and you keep track of the amount of time you work on something, which is what I have a lot of my clients do, because they need to understand to their core. This is how much I'm honestly spending of my time on doing this for my business. And when you whiteboard or you put on a piece of paper, and you just sit there and you look at that, you need to jot down what comes to mind. I can tell you, from my experience with working with wedding professionals, most of the time at first they sit there and they don't say a whole lot, because it's trot it they're trying to let sink in the obvious numbers on the whiteboard. And then they start talking, oh, my goodness, what have I been thinking or Oh, my goodness, I should have done this. First of all, you can't go back in the past that that's not an option. But what you can do is you can switch gears going for the future, and adjust according to how you're spending your time. So when I hear someone give me the answer, I just don't have the budget, I just don't have I just can't do it, maybe next year, if you honestly sit down and do the math and keep track, you will probably find that you're spending 235 times maybe 10 times the amount of time on your own marketing, I'm using social media marketing as an example, then it would take a professional, that's going to do it in less time, and has a high probability of producing better results than what you're doing by yourself. So I just wanted because this is such a hot topic with clients that I work with. And it's such an eye opening experience, when you really sit back and think about it. And again, I encourage you to write it down on paper or whiteboard it for you to better your business by letting professionals help you. You know, people will say to me, gosh, I would love to work with you, you could probably be such an impact in my business. Absolutely, probably so because you've probably never had someone with experience and an expertise in productivity, marketing, and technology, help align your business with the right systems, to take some items off your regular to do list or your regular process of doing things. So you have more time to work on your business. And that's a big thing about on your business, okay, because you can get involved with busy work in your business. And that not produce results for you results from the standpoint of more revenue, more events, more time freedom, things like that. So that's why I always say, on your business and not in your business. So a couple of things. Number one, just because you want to sit down and talk to someone that is a coach or a consultant, me or someone else does not mean you have to sign yourself up for a year's worth of work or several months of work. And that is a misconception that I hear from a lot of people, some clients I have come in, they just need to have someone to discuss where they're at, help them set some goals, where they're going, and what some stuff they can work on. I meet with some people monthly I meet with some people quarterly, sometimes a couple times a year. It just depends on where a person's at where their budget is, and what are they in what they're trying to accomplish. I am very proud to say some of the people that I have worked with in the past some of my clients current clients past clients, I've actually been able to help them not only free up some of their time and allow them to make more money in their business. Because we have set up some processes that are now automated Did or that they used to have 10 steps. Now it's five steps. So instead of being caught up in admin work, they're able to work more on their business and generate more events. Or I have a couple of clients that just wanted more free time. And there's nothing wrong with that. Just because you offload some things off your plate does not mean Well, now I've got to work more on my business. Absolutely not. I have a lot of people, there's, like, I'm working too many hours a week, in my business, I need help. I need back part of my life, I need to have some time away from my business. And it doesn't matter what you're trying to reach. It's having someone to walk beside you and help guide you along the way. And use their expertise, to find ways to save you time, possibly save you money, really save you stress as well, and get to where you're trying to go. So that's why I wanted to do this episode is really put some thought to the time you spend on some task inside your business. And really look at those numbers to say and think about, what else could I be doing to grow my business, or book more events, if I wasn't tied down to 10 hours a week, doing my social media, or some other type of marketing. Again, social media is just an example I wanted to use in this episode. So I hope that you're able to take away and I hope this episode encourages you to do just a little homework, not trying to add something to your plate. I'm trying to help make you realize what is there in your time, because your time is much more valuable than most business owners, especially wedding professionals give themselves credit for. So really analyzing in the simplest form, where your time is spent.

 And if you've never reached out to a business coach, or business consultant, sometimes people refer to him as that. to just have a discussion about your business, you would probably actually not probably you would be very surprised at the guidance that that can provide you with reaching your goals. Whether that's more business, more revenue, more time to yourself, or at the end of the day, just less stress. So whether that be with me, or someone else, I encourage you to think about that opportunity and what it can give yourself and your business. I hope that you found this episode helpful. Make sure to connect with me on social media, you can find me there genius marketing solutions, or you can find myself Christina Stubblefield. on different social media platforms. always you can visit the website and hit the contact button to give me feedback on episodes that you hear. There's also a little microphone button if you want to record a message I would love to hear your feedback. Until next time, keep working on your business and shoot for the stars. It's so worth it. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of genius marketing solutions. If you would like to get notified of upcoming episodes, make sure to click the subscribe button on your favorite podcast platform. We welcome any feedback from topic ideas to questions you may have. You can visit our website for previous episodes or to send us a message visit genius Marketing Solutions


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