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July 3, 2021

Flowers With A Twist - Designs Inspired by You Spotlight

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with Denver floral shop owner & designer, Lisa Weddel, about her flourishing business concept of Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers parties and events.

Don’t miss this spotlight episode! Co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon sat down with Denver floral shop owner and designer, Lisa Weddel, who has put a twist on wedding bouquets and centerpieces by allowing the wedding party to create them!

Listen in on this fun episode to hear how The DIY “Designs Inspired by You” floral studio in Denver, Colorado allows wedding parties to set their inner artist free by designing their own wedding florals in a two-hour hands-on session. 

Tune in to hear how one floral business owner came out of retirement when she had an inspired idea that not only allowed engaged couples to find savings on their wedding florals; but also gathered their favorite people together for laughs, community & creation while crafting beautiful bouquets and centerpieces for the upcoming nuptials!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL FIND OUT how a little ingenuity turned into a flourishing business of Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers parties and events for one Denver floral shop owner.

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Connect with our guest, Lisa Weddel:


Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  

There's nothing better than a girls night, especially one that involves shants and flowers.


Michael Gaddie  0:05  

Come along on this episode as we spotlight Lisa Weddel, the creator of designs inspired by you.


Sharon Rumsey  0:12  

How fun is this unique and innovative idea for the bride and her girls to create their own florals and have a great time while they're doing it?


Kristina Stubblefield  0:20  

You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes. joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling, and all the things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.


Michael Gaddie  1:31  

Okay, guys, we have got something really special for you all today. It's a really good friend of mine actually worked with Lisa, on the Rose Parade. And we've talked about that a few times. And she has been so gracious to join us here on our live podcast. And, Lisa, I want to turn it over to you. And I just want you to tell everyone what kind of business you actually do.


Lisa Weddel  1:58  

Okay, well, my name is Lisa Weddel. And I've been a florist for 35 years, I guess. And about four. almost five years ago, I had this crazy, crazy idea. I retired for two weeks. And then I had this idea that I wanted to bring a whole new concept into the floral business. The last few years that I had my wedding business, I had brides keep coming to me and asking me about doing their own flowers, or could they bring me their own flowers. And then when I put them together, it's just all kinds of craziness. And so the concept for our business plan is kind of like if you have any of the wine and painting parties around you all but we have them it's called canvas and cocktails are kind of like that. But with flowers. That's the best way to describe it. However, we don't, we don't have a liquor license, but they are allowed. If they want to bring in a bottle of wine they can. But anyway, so that's what we do. We have them come in and we have flower parties.


Michael Gaddie  3:14  

So basically, you have packages that they can choose from. And you have the flowers, they're already prepped and ready for them to go. And then the bride and the wedding party comes in and just has a little party making their own bouquets.


Lisa Weddel  3:28  

Is that correct? Correct. And so a lot of people freak out. Because they think that the flowers are 10 minutes a day of the wedding. And Michael you know, as well as I do that we do not do the flowers the day of the wedding. Correct. And depending on how big the wedding is, I mean, you can't even do them the day before. There's different things that you can prep and do and and so we have brides come in to about two days for a Saturday wedding or Thursdays are usually booked up pretty solid. And I I have currently about maybe 30 different packages on our website. And so they can take a look at them and pick which one works for them. And of course, you know we can have a little alterations in color and stuff like that. And we order all the flowers. I have recipes for everything. And the flowers come in. Of course my business partner and myself, we clean everything, prep everything, count everything and when they come into the shop. If there's five bridesmaids, we will have five buckets completely full of exactly the same stuff. The bride has their own and when they get in to the shop then usually and we also do centerpieces, so I usually instruct on the bouquets and my business partner Lauren strux the centerpieces and when they come in, they just get on their aprons. Then away we go. Chairman,


Kristina Stubblefield  5:04  

I don't know about you, but I'm not sure Mike has really thought this completely through. Would you agree with me? I'm not sure he knows what he's doing here. He already knows the number of local listeners we have, although we have nationwide, well, actually even in other countries, but Sharon does. Does he really know what he's opening himself up to? I mean, Lisa, this sounds amazing how exciting that girls can be so interactive with our weddings, when


Sharon Rumsey  5:37  

Michael first told me about what you do. He He's the florist on 99.9% of my weddings. And I was like, I really wish you would start doing that because I would have a ball. I would have to go with him because I would have so much fun. But he told me No.


Michael Gaddie  5:52  

Well, and I'll tell you what, I mean, I know that. Sharon's has been saying that to me for a long time. But she did get me to do a bridal shower. And exactly what you just explained. That's what we're doing for how many people Sharon 7575 women. Oh, now now, Sharon. Thanks, that's gonna be a breeze. But I'm glad you explained how you clean all the flowers. You have every person have a bucket, she thought I was just going to be a little clean thing. I said, Sharon, there's more in details than what you


Sharon Rumsey  6:25  

said. What do you need? like half an hour?


Kristina Stubblefield  6:31  

Some So Mike, you just said that you let Sharon just put you in the deep end? Pretty much. Okay. That's what I just heard. Now, Lisa, I really do have some questions. One of the things that stuck out to me is how you mentioned about cleaned and prepped? And for those, I'm not even familiar with what you're talking about, then I've been around Mike shop. What does that mean for our listeners, just so they understand a little bit more about that.


Lisa Weddel  6:57  

Okay, so when we get our flowers in from our wholesalers, there's a whole process, it's called a chain a life, which, you know, we've learned at florists through yours, I mean, and with Michael and I both working at the Rose Parade, we even do it there on that big magnitude of flowers that we get in, you don't just get flowers and throw them in a bucket, you have to take all of the foliage off the bottom half of the stem so that it's not sitting in water, any of that foliage that sitting in water will just turn to mush and mold and bacteria and, and that's what causes the flowers to die, they will get turned moldy very fast, very quickly. And I tell people, I tell Brides, you know, it's fine. I'm not saying anything about grocery stores or big box stores, they have great flowers, too. I mean, I will say I've had to run in and pick up a dozen white roses before, you know, just to fill in or whatever. So I'm not saying anything about product anywhere else. But what I am saying is that the way that our business differs is because you can order flowers online, or you can go to a big box store and grab flowers. But if you don't know what you're doing with them after you get them to where you're going. It's all for not. And that's how we're really different. These girls come in and their flowers are ready to go and they aren't asking me. You know, like, oh, gosh, you know, all the hydrangea died. Or why did the tulips you know, just blow open or the roses blow open. And it's because of this chain of life that they have to go from the grower to the wholesaler, the wholesaler to us, then we get them all prepped, and then it's all ready for the bride in her and her friends and a bride.


Michael Gaddie  8:45  

Well, there's so much to that we have to process I mean we yes it did. And we have to process those flowers. I mean, like she said, they don't just come in and then we start designing with them. It takes about 24 hours for us to put them in certain solutions. We de Thorne them, you know, abroad comes in specially with you, Lisa. I mean, they're coming in, they're handling all the flowers and they're full of thorns. Roses are thorny. So I mean, you have to remove all that or there'll be you know, grepping about that. So that's something that's I mean, you don't know how much detail goes into it until you're actually working with flowers itself.


Sharon Rumsey  9:19  

Lisa, I'm sorry. Exactly. Just thinking like logistics like, that's my job. Once they're created, do they take them home with them? Do you guys deliver them?


Lisa Weddel  9:33  

Okay, that's a great question. And because I've done this for so many years, my whole thing was one of my mentors was always Bobby after Blatchford who's since passed, but she always used to tell me to work smarter, not harder. And so after being gone for 30 years of Saturdays and Sundays, Fridays, whatever. With this, I decided our costs could be a little bit less We're definitely not wholesale. But we're not quite retail either kind of an in between. And because of that we don't deliver. We have them, pick them up. So what happens is they design, we put everything in our coolers. And then, like we always tell Brian, there's always somebody that says, you know, what can I do for you? Is there something I can do for you? Do you have a job? Whether it's an aunt or we've we've had from the maid of honors husband to? Well, many dads, because I always say, you know, the date of the wedding dancer just as nervous as anybody else. As you knew the job. Yes, they need a job. So the dads are usually the best ones to come pick up. But when they come to our store, we are in a location where they can back the car right up. We have everything packed in boxes, the bouquets are all in faces of water. And they don't even one girl said my brother's coming, but I'm afraid he's going to do something to the flowers that I said, he doesn't even have to touch them. He's opened the door, and we put them in and away they go. So they don't even have to touch the flowers. And it takes about five minutes. Seriously, five minutes. That's awesome. That's amazing. Actually, we're five weddings picking up in the same day. And we just kind of straddle them and get them out.


Kristina Stubblefield  11:22  

So and Lisa, you said that you do centerpieces, as well as bouquets?


Lisa Weddel  11:27  

Yes, we do now, and those can all be taught so they can have that we've had full on parties, bridal showers. You know, like a lot in Colorado is a destination wedding place. Obviously, a lot of people come in from out of state to get married. And excuse me, so some of these girls have not gotten to have a bridal shower. For instance, we had one bride that was from Colorado, but she's lived in Hawaii for a long time. And so she didn't get to come back and have a bridal shower. And so they treated this as her bridal shower. And we let them they they hung decorations they had some champagne, we've had lots of champagne you know and what like little little frowns and stuff like that. So anyway, they come in and then they do all these Oh gosh, really our our shop fits 15 comfortably one of them that had it at the bridal showers. Well had about 20 some people in there about 25 I didn't think we were gonna be able to move around much. But anyway, we just we just have a blast and they come in and and we get it done. We get it done. So they can do centerpieces, bridal bouquets. And then when it comes to the massages, a booth nears, because this will be a question I'm sure for some people. And Michael, you know this as well as I do. They are too hard to teach that there's more more technique and time consuming. Put time put into a procession booth near then. I mean, I would rather do five bridesmaid bouquets than 15 years. What do you think, Michael?


Michael Gaddie  13:12  

I just totally agree. That's what that was going to be one of my questions. So do you give a little class on that? Or do you take over from there? We do those


Lisa Weddel  13:21  

so they don't even we don't need that we do all the corsages and boutonnieres and also if they have arch pieces, we do all any arch pieces or altar pieces. And and those of course, you know we charge regular retail because they aren't doing that. I that's my time and and it's just better if we want to make it fun. We don't want it to be stressful for anyone.


Kristina Stubblefield  13:47  

So Lisa speak Lisa speaking of fun, one of Sharon's favorite things is the boot nears so I'm so glad that micron right here


Sharon Rumsey  13:57  

we're not gonna


Michael Gaddie  13:59  

figure out how to pin them on so what I'm there at the wedding I'm I'm always going around she's always saying Mike, but you stick around and make sure you get the pin the burden is pinned on but it's all good. I'll do anything


Sharon Rumsey  14:13  

to flop so


Lisa Weddel  14:17  

hard it's harder than what people think. And so that goes from making them all the way to putting them on. I used to that's one thing I did do and I did full on weddings. I stayed the pin all the years on


Sharon Rumsey  14:29  

that's what I do, Michael.


Lisa Weddel  14:33  

I was I was from a lot smaller town than Michael well. Here's the thing. This The reason why I did I was in a little town in Iowa. And I always bought pictures. I had a separate whole waiting room kind of like you do Michael and and I bought a five by seven and an eight by 10 for every bride after her wedding and my walls were covered with them. And when I first started out I did like most floors doing just delivering the way we go. And the groom came back. And his booth near was sideways is every single picture that I just so


Michael Gaddie  15:15  

I get that I get it.


Lisa Weddel  15:16  

Um, it's hard. You can't really do that when you're doing a lot of weddings or big weddings, or there's a lot involved.


Michael Gaddie  15:23  

Sometimes you'll even be pinned upside down. So it's like the stem sticking out.


Sharon Rumsey  15:28  

I've never done that. I bet I think you have I have not.


Lisa Weddel  15:32  

Well, okay, you know, you know what, what, what you can say about that? That's a European thing. If you look back at old, old pictures, all of their years are upside down. Oh, wow.


Sharon Rumsey  15:45  

Well, if I did, it was probably a European wedding, apparently.


Kristina Stubblefield  15:49  

And Mike tends to learn something in every episode. It's awesome. But I really like how Lisa called out about the destination weddings like her being in a destination area. What a cool way to, to go out of town for your event, and to have some kind of little event where you can participate in something together. Yes, absolutely.


Michael Gaddie  16:13  

So let me ask you this. So how far in advance Do you usually book your weddings? I mean, I know that Denver if totally different than global. And I can't even imagine on how even to even begin to start doing what you've done. And you've done very good at what you're doing here. But how far out advance do they come to you knowing that they're going to make your bouquets and how does that work?


Lisa Weddel  16:41  

Well, um, okay. So, okay. You mean how Okay, it's not is far out in advance is what it was when I was total retail, right? Because, I mean, I would have a booking a year in advance. Easy, correct. Now, I think because it is DIY, you know, is that they think they can I will have some brides call me two weeks in advance.


Michael Gaddie  17:10  

That's what I thought,


Sharon Rumsey  17:11  

oh, that just made me happy.


Michael Gaddie  17:12  

That's what I thought.


Kristina Stubblefield  17:14  

Okay, so a question that I have Lisa, then how far how far out? Can they do the flowers? I know you said Saturday, weddings normally come in on Thursday. But how far? Can you back that up? Is there room?


Lisa Weddel  17:29  

Well, I say two to three. I don't go any further. And Pardon? I


Michael Gaddie  17:34  

said I agree with you.


Lisa Weddel  17:36  

Yes. So one of our packages and is actually it's called gorgeous greens. Because a lot of brides are into a lot of greenery right now. Now about one. Obviously, we could back that one up a bit. Because it's mostly greenery, nothing's going to happen to it. And when I'm speaking to the brides, I usually tell them, depending on what you pick, I'm going to be able to tell you how far in advance you can do that, you know, if it's something really fragile, and I don't feel that they should be able to you know, they shouldn't do that on Wednesday night. There's two choices. They can either come in if Wednesday's their only choice. And we do everything except for let's say, an enemy or something. I can put those in right before they pick up. And if they're okay with that, you know that I just add that last bit for them, then that's what we do. But what they pick?


Michael Gaddie  18:34  

Yeah. And in case you girls didn't know, an enemies is an enemies and rynok aeolus. Those are more fragile flowers. That's something that you don't want to use right away.


Kristina Stubblefield  18:45  

Well, that was what I'm sitting here thinking in my head is I'm wondering, Lisa, do they get options of all different types of flowers?


Lisa Weddel  18:55  

Well, okay, and we haven't evolved. Since we first started when we first started. This has kind of been an idea that like I said, it's just kind of kept going. I first had some very generic packages. And one was we called it wild flowers, something wild flowers. I don't remember what the name was anymore. Then we had radiant roses. And then we had premium Posey. So what happens is that Brides, I would say and you You all know this 99% of ride tech, social media have pin Pinterest pages. There's a lot of florists that hate that. And they hate these brides with these Pinterest pages that you know they bring them up. For me. I'm trying to make that positive. So I just say hey, send me your Pinterest pages. Let me take a look at what you what you like. From that I could fit them into one of those three categories real easy. If they had the anatomies ridiculous pennies, anything that was more expensive, more fragile. Of course that went into the premium posing something that had a lot of roses, maybe some hydrangea, maybe. Maybe Alstroemeria. I don't know what, Veronica, something like that. It that would go into the radiant rose package. So just because it was called gradient roses didn't mean it was all roses. It just meant there was that was a predominant part of it.


Sharon Rumsey  20:24  

So they can customize a little bit.


Lisa Weddel  20:27  

Yes, I'm sorry. I think I heard that. They can cut things


Sharon Rumsey  20:30  

they can customize a little bit to what they want.


Lisa Weddel  20:34  

Yes, exactly. So and then. And then here, as I said, of this being a mountain area, we'll have a lot of brides say, Oh, I want mountain flowers or you know, wild flowers. So that's why we always had that wildflower category, because there's a lot of brides that would request that. So that was like sunflowers and and I don't know, lots of filler flowers, things like that. So since then, I have been able to do some other packages. So if you ever go to our website, you'll be able to see now, I'm trying to make it even easier for brides. So we can do either or they can give me what I still ask for their Pinterest pages. But, um, they can go and maybe they see something they love. And they can say, Oh, I want that. Just today I have one that was called Blue for you or something like that. And it was it's white roses, and


Unknown Speaker  21:30  



Lisa Weddel  21:32  

Orange em, which is a pistol type flower. So either or, I tried it. But really what this is, is to make it the easiest possible way for the bride to be able to get her flowers. Well,


Michael Gaddie  21:45  

I tell you what, going back to what you said about the Pinterest page, I used to hate Pinterest. But I tell you what, if I have a bride come to me and does not have their Pinterest page. I'm kind of like really what's going on. Because they just give it to me and not that I duplicate what they're showing me. But we'll take that inspiration. And I'll add or take something away from it. But I think it makes it easier for the bride. And it also makes it easier for me to but five years ago, I wouldn't have said the same thing. I would have said no, we're not doing nothing Pinterest page, but my my attitudes changed completely on


Lisa Weddel  22:23  

Pinterest. I think that's why you are so successful as well, I think I think you have to embrace that. And if you aren't a business, a wedding business that's embracing social media, you're gonna be left behind. And that was kind of part of this whole thing with me, too. I needed to find a way. And it was your right, Michael, it was five years ago. And it kept coming with these Pinterest pages. And that's when they were saying Can I get flowers and bring them to you? And have you put them together? And I'm like, well, that's not No, no, we can't do that. Yeah. So this was my way of embracing that and turning it into a positive. Well, I


Michael Gaddie  23:03  

give kudos to you. Because I mean, I think it was about three or four years ago, you came up and helped me with the Kentucky Derby. And you were telling me about this. And I'm thinking the whole time you're telling me I'm thinking, I don't know about that. I don't know if that'll work. But girl you have taken it to the next level and that I think that's amazing.


Sharon Rumsey  23:22  

I think it sounds so fun. Like just something to do with your your bridal party that week of the wedding to get out and drink, you know, some wine or champagne. And,


Kristina Stubblefield  23:33  

Lisa, if you could only be in this room right now I know that look on Sharon's face. And Kim, you mark my word here in about 90 days. We'll do a little follow up to see what's come of this.


Sharon Rumsey  23:47  

I've got to get him through that shower once I convince him that it's fun then right Lisa?


Kristina Stubblefield  23:51  

let's just hop in with 75 people right? Just jump in. Yeah. I got I just while many do you normally have Lisa in your parties?


Lisa Weddel  24:04  

No. 15 in our shop. Now I do a lot. I do a lot for the Denver Botanic Gardens. I would say it's been two years. We're going on three years of course, you know, last year you kind of app that's kind of a wash. So um, they came to me and asked me if I would do they do classes at our Denver Botanic Gardens, whether it's food, they do drawings, they do whatever they asked me about some floral classes. And then since then it went so well. We are continuing that they just built on all these awesome classrooms. So I do go to them. Most of the time, you know 90% of time everything is at our shop but I do go to the Denver Botanic Gardens. And we will have I think we have like 25 in a class for that because we were able to leave the room for it. And I also do the Denver Art Museum. The Denver Art guild is part of the Denver Art Museum and we will Go up to about 25 on that as well. So you know, it's doable. However, Michael, you might have to just fly me down there to help.


Michael Gaddie  25:10  

Well, that was gonna be my next thing, maybe you're gonna have to come down and help me do this. It's gonna be fun. Sure, thanks. It's gonna be all clean and just a little petite little things


Kristina Stubblefield  25:20  

better be by the time she gets there's gonna


Michael Gaddie  25:22  

be stamps and trash and, you know, she doesn't realize every person gonna have to have something to cut with and measure with. I mean, she thinks it's gonna be like making bows.


Kristina Stubblefield  25:34  

Well, like Sharon says she likes to, you know, wrapping event up and tie a pretty little bow on that's what we're in. That's exactly what Mike's gonna pull out of somewhere


Michael Gaddie  25:43  

for this, contact you when is that September.


Lisa Weddel  25:48  

August, it will be doable. It's just that you're going to have to have a lot of hands, like when I do, I hate to say, but when I do the art museum or the Botanic Gardens, it's usually myself and my business partner. And then the Botanic Gardens is has the gal that's in charge of the classes. She's there. And then they also give us another helper. So we usually have


Sharon Rumsey  26:14  

four helpers. So


Michael Gaddie  26:16  

she has four people or five people for 25. So that means I need 15 people for 75.


Kristina Stubblefield  26:24  

Okay, well, I'll be honest with you, Lisa. I really, I hope that you can carry a little bit of this over to Mike. Just because it sounds so exciting. And honestly, what I'm hearing here guys is, you know, we might have to hit the road and head on out to Denver and really experience this ourselves. I love Denver pack my bag. Shirin always says halves. What do you say have luggage real travel? That's exact? Denver? Yeah, well come on out. You know, I didn't realize everything that went into. And I think this is going to be so beneficial for engaged couples, but also other vendors that listen to the podcast. I don't think I had any idea what goes into the preparation, depending on the type of flowers, all of the different types of flowers. But when you're putting together these bouquets, and things like that, it's not like the flowers just come in, and you all start poking away and form a bouquet. But no, I love what she's doing and really making an experience out of it.


Sharon Rumsey  27:37  

Honestly, I didn't know that either. I had no idea. And when we first started talking about the shower, that Mike's gonna do the presentation at I was like, can't you just bring all the flowers in in a bunch of buckets and just let the ladies pick what they want and put them in a vise. And he was like, No, no, no, no, no. Look, Lisa


Kristina Stubblefield  27:56  

like, no.


Sharon Rumsey  27:57  

So I've gotten quite the education since then. But we're gonna do it. We're gonna do it.


Lisa Weddel  28:02  

I have a good story on that one if I can jump in on No, right.


Again, with this whole evolving of our business. At first, I pulled the buckets out like that. Just like you said, Sharon, and the only one I counted out. Of course, we had cleaned them all prep them off process ready to go. But the only one that counted out was the bride and I put hers to the side. Well, we get done. And the rest of my just put like, Well, you know, we could tell Okay, each girl grabbed five roses. Yeah, we get done because at the end, if you go to our Facebook or Instagram or our website, whatever, you'll see we have this big sign. And at the end, we always take a picture of the whole group in front of our DIY sign. And what brides me herb okay was probably as big as the bridal. Okay. Kindness wore she was grabbing more and just because it was in the bucket. She thought she could have it. And so it was from then on. We're like, Oh, yeah. Okay. Now this


Kristina Stubblefield  29:05  

all has to be does your software. Does your sign say don't be this person. Assign No. We're fine. Well, Mike, I never thought about that about people reaching and there are bridesmaids


Sharon Rumsey  29:21  

that would do it.


Michael Gaddie  29:23  

That's another episode. Yeah.


Kristina Stubblefield  29:24  

So. Okay, now I'm gonna reel this back in. Lisa, do you do other types of events other than wedding parties?


Lisa Weddel  29:34  

Yes, we do. We do? That's a great question. So we have had several birthday parties from we've had, like, Oh, I think they were I think it was a 10 year old that came in and I remember we did rehearse. We also had another little girl and her theme was a Hawaiian luau. So we made lace and grass skirts and they have like We've had a 25 year old on the 25th. It was her golden birthday. So they all came in, and they make flower crowns. And then they went out partying. So we're in a really cool district, you know, round a lot of restaurants and bars and signing up and making their crowns. They took off and went out partying. And let's see, we've had sororities, we have had book clubs, we have had church groups. And then every year I have a Valentine's night for the men. And we've done that for three years. Now. We didn't do it this year. Well, we did it last year before COVID hit. We didn't do it this year. But we let the men come in. And under our everybody's insurance is a little different. But we learned a lot on that we had, we have to find all the paperwork, we were going to do liquor license, but what we found was that we are so busy when people are there, we don't have time, we would, it wouldn't pay for itself, because we don't have time to drink. But under our insurance told us that we can give one drink, we can't sell it. We can't give them a lot. But we can give one drink. So we have the guys and on Valentine's Day they can do a dozen roses or 10 tulips. One year we did carnations in the shape of a heart, we got like a heart shaped waist. And they were able to do that. But anyway, and we give them a beer, and then the barn across the street. They work with us and they gave out chips. And so as soon as the guy they're drinking chips, not eating chips. And so when they were finished, they got to go across the street and have another drink. So that that has been very popular.


Sharon Rumsey  31:57  

That is so cool.


Michael Gaddie  31:58  

I think that's a wonderful idea. Wonderful. Oh


Lisa Weddel  32:01  

my god. And you would not believe the guys get a little picky. You know what you always hear? Guys don't care about flowers. So they don't like flowers. They do like flowers and their artistic. their creativity comes out?


Michael Gaddie  32:17  

Well, I'm gonna give a shout out to the grimms right now because what you saying that in the last two years, I have had more grooms show up at my wedding consultations. And have they're more interested than the bride is to be honest with you. So I think that's I mean, that's a trend that we're starting to to see change that the guys are more interested. You know, in being involved with weddings,


Sharon Rumsey  32:44  

I always ask my couples, I'll ask each one. What's the most important part of the wedding to you? And it shocks me how many of the guys say flowers? Yeah, yeah, I mean, they. Well, I


Michael Gaddie  32:56  

may still that Valentine's Day. I don't know when I'll squeeze that in. But I think that's a really good


Sharon Rumsey  33:03  

way to do that. That's a really, really neat idea.


Kristina Stubblefield  33:07  



Lisa Weddel  33:08  

I mean, I have all these ideas going around in my head. But to get them done. I guess I could keep going. I'm just kind of tired. So


Michael Gaddie  33:18  

I don't know why.


Lisa Weddel  33:22  

But, um, I've also thought that we could have guest artists in and maybe, oh, if you've ever had a baby or went to a baby shower, heard those baby showers now and they do the diaper cake things, whatever. I thought that would be so much fun to have somebody that knows how to do one of those come in and have a baby shower. And and let everybody make one of those in all different events. Any of us that have had babies, you know, you need those diapers in all different sizes. And you need to quickly because they go you go through them so fast, and I just put up an idea. I thought about having a jewelry artists come in. Um, you know, I just haven't gotten there yet. But those are some other ideas.


Michael Gaddie  34:03  

Will you stay busy enough for doing what you're doing? So that's good. That's Yeah,


Kristina Stubblefield  34:07  

that's why I just been informational. But I mean, I know when I hope that Lisa has had a great time promoting our business, but I feel like I've learned so much from this and Sharon stuff that I feel like we were around Mike so much that I'm like wow, there really is a lot to this. He always says he's busy nail I kind of understand a little bit,


Sharon Rumsey  34:31  

but I just love the concept.


Kristina Stubblefield  34:34  

I love the concept. Yeah,


Sharon Rumsey  34:35  

cuz I love it. I have girls all the time that are like, you know, I had my bachelor part my bachelorette party, but you know, we're, everybody's coming in town on Wednesday or Thursday, like what can we do? And I'm always kind of, I can't find anything for them to do. So I think this is a really, really neat idea. I'm going to I'm going to be talking to my friend the florist


Unknown Speaker  34:58  

after this well


Michael Gaddie  35:00  

Thank you. Thank you so much for coming and joining us today. I mean, if anybody, any brides or anyone is looking to do their own flowers, and they're going to be visiting Denver,


Kristina Stubblefield  35:13  

or for that matter, looking for destination spot,


Michael Gaddie  35:17  

yeah, exactly. Right.


Lisa Weddel  35:18  

Absolutely. So yay. Sunday, we hope to have some of these. Maybe in other cities, because our name and our logo are trademarked, we trademarked them. And but we just haven't done that yet. I think I talked to your wife, actually, Michael, when I was there about licensing versing versus franchising. And so it's something you know, there's lots of things that might still happen. And anyway, there was one other thing I wanted to take you guys don't mind. Sharing, you mentioned about him coming in early and, and coming from out of town or whatever. Another benefit that that came about, that we weren't even expecting, is that we've had so many good comments and reviews afterwards about how these bridesmaids all didn't know each other. So maybe some was from a high school, or it's cousin or childhood friend or college roommate. And they didn't know each other. And so they were able to meet at our shop. And so the day of the wedding, it wasn't or like rehearsal, it wasn't like that. That's a good point where she can college or where was she from? And they all get to know each other. And we even had a bride that was just doing like an elopement. And she just brought the two mothers, the two mothers had never met. And so she came in and did her bouquet and just brought the moms. And so it's that's


really that's amazing. That's awesome. Yeah, it's really good. That's been a plus that we weren't even expecting. I love that.


Kristina Stubblefield  36:54  

So much has come from this episode. And, Lisa, thank you for letting us spotlight your business and talk about the details but also teach me and Sharon and Mike something he admitted he learned something to this has been great. And we hope that maybe down the road, you'll come back on and we can have a more detailed conversation about flowers or all that kind of stuff. Because Mike, I know you love to talk all things fireworks.


Michael Gaddie  37:21  

Well, maybe we can get Lisa to come to law. And oh, you know, it won't take take much to get me here.


Kristina Stubblefield  37:28  

So do it in person.


Michael Gaddie  37:29  

Do it in person. Yes.


Sharon Rumsey  37:30  

I mean, we would actually if you ever wanted to come and do something like this. I get Mike shop, we could pack that play. I think we'd have a ball. I mean, I would do it in a heartbeat. Well,


Kristina Stubblefield  37:46  

right. So I'm gonna go ahead.


Michael Gaddie  37:48  

We're gonna have time to do that.


Kristina Stubblefield  37:50  

Lisa, thanks so much for joining us. We really appreciate your time. And everybody that wants to connect or look up Lisa's information, we'll have all the details in the show notes. Make sure that you connect with her on social media. And we can't wait to hear your feedback about this episode. So until next time, everyone, stay safe. See ya. Bye. Thanks for having


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