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April 28, 2021

Fancy Clancy & The Uncut & Unfiltered Follow-Up

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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with the now married Fancy Clancy Fulkerson about her most memorable wedding day moments and everything that went into making her day unique and fun!

You will remember this guest! We had her on recently to talk about her two year wedding planning journey due to Covid-19 and all the wedding planning pivots. Well… SHE’S BACK! And she is now a married woman and here to tell us all about her most memorable wedding day moments.

Tune in to this episode to get an update on the excitable, particular & relatable bride-to-be… now bride… Fancy Clancy Fulkerson. She gets teary talking about her wedding day first looks and laughs when recalling motorized coolers zooming around and 200 bright red rally towels waving at her when she arrived at her reception!

Attention brides to be! Stay tuned to this episode! Newly married Bride, Clancy, gives her best wedding day advice… from eating right away once you arrive at the reception to giving yourself and everyone a little grace the day of, you’ll be sure to walk away with some great recommendations for your own BIG day.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL DISCOVER that newly married bride Clancy has some sage advice for those still in the planning stages and those who are on the verge of their BIG day!

Did your wedding day turn out to be all you had dreamed? Tell us some of the highlights! Share your responses with us and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings 

While you’re there, make sure you follow us @theringtheblingandallthethings so you can see behind the scenes where me, Mike & Sharon will take you from engagement to your wedding day and beyond with The Ring, The Bling & All The Things 


Michael Gaddie  0:00  

The story continues. Join us as we visit again with our sweet broad fancy Clancy


Kristina Stubblefield  0:06  

we had the opportunity to sit down with Clancy two weeks post wedding to get the scoop on how a bride really feels after her wedding day.


Sharon Rumsey  0:16  

support a glass of your favorite as you relax and enjoy this episode. Clancy is an open book as she shares all her feelings, the laughs the stories from her wedding, as well as her best advice. bride to bride.


Kristina Stubblefield  0:30  

You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes, joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling, and all the things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:41  

Okay, Mike, I don't know about you. But let's get started on this episode because we've got to get a word in edgewise because I have a feeling Sharon, and our excellent guest, which we tend to call fancy Clancy is back to join us for round two as promised, right, Mike?


Michael Gaddie  2:00  

We're excited about it. We want to hear all the good stories from


Kristina Stubblefield  2:05  

Okay, so share with our guest when you got married, what was the date? 313 21? March 13. Okay, so before I let Sharon take over you we had you on a previous episode. So for anyone listening, that hasn't already listened to that episode, we talked a lot about planning and things that you were incorporating in your wedding and all the ideas you had and what you were expecting. And you said that you would come back and give us the other side of it the uncut, unfiltered, after the I do's. And I know Sharon was a big part of that. And all jokes aside, Sharon, we are going to let you talk right Mike, when we get done here, but Clancy I have a question.


In one sentence, how would you sum up your wedding day?


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  3:03  

I want to just say Best day ever, like that's cheesy. Everyone says that. I will say it is the day probably in my life where I have felt the most singly loved by every family member, every friend, every vendor, my new husband, I truly did that. I feel like everyone was there because they loved me and they wanted it to go just as well as I did. Okay, Mike, I'm sorry. But I have to ask Sharon and Clancy didn't know I was gonna ask that you all were looking at me and I know we didn't talk about this ahead of time. We didn't let Sharon completely plan this episode out. Sharon. Is she okay, everywhere? Have we checked? All this stuff running through a month. Sharon in one sentence. How would you sum up Clancy's wedding day? We need some Jeopardy music organized chaos


Sharon Rumsey  3:56  

really hard in one sentence. Her Clancy's wedding day was I'm so excited to hear her say that she felt really loved because I could feel as her wedding planner The Love Around her that day there was just absolute let's let's do what we need to do to make the perfect day from every guest every bridal party member every vendor so I you know got I like to talk and I have a hard time with just one sentence. But don't waiting on this one sentence where it would be abundant love


Unknown Speaker  4:35  

mine, she


Sharon Rumsey  4:36  

got it down to two words. Okay, Sharon, do you want to take over me and Mike and step out and you all can just actually I'm not going to take over I am just going to guide this bride as she shares her wedding day with us had the privilege of being alongside Clancy through the wedding planning journey the


Unknown Speaker  4:58  

now Can you remind our listeners. That was a long process. Yeah.


Sharon Rumsey  5:03  

So Clancy had been on my book since 2019. And had her on, had her on my book since 2019. And had, you know, journeyed alongside her through deciding very, very close to her original wedding day. What were we two weeks? Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  5:23  

we were within 14 days,


Sharon Rumsey  5:24  

14 days that we were going to have to cancel because she just postpone, postpone we did not keep


Unknown Speaker  5:33  

as a vague word choice for me to


Sharon Rumsey  5:37  

postpone her day. And we rode through that difficult decision together, and then kind of regrouping rescheduling her for her new date. And, you know, planning again, you know, what she wanted her day to be. And I just felt so blessed to be a part of it all. And so grateful to see it all come together in her have the day that she really wanted. And to tell you the truth. I had a blast.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  6:06  

So it was about 18 months. Is that what I'm hearing you say over there about planning a little more? I was Yeah. Yeah. We were almost the full two years. I think we hired you. I mean, May and God, I'm planning to get married. Yeah, last April. So really, really close to two years. So you've had a lot of excitement and a lot of time in between getting engaged planning your wedding. And then finally the I do's it was um, I even talked to Sharon after we had to postpone it was really hard to be in that two week, amped up, it's around the corner, we've had the shower excitement, for it to just end. And really into for a long time. And, and I don't want to say that in a negative way. I was very, very lucky compared to a lot of other brides. We very quickly picked our new day, it was at the beginning. So a lot of vendors and venues were being a lot more flexible, because they didn't have a policy yet. So I think we kind of skated under the radar with a few people that probably would have been more difficult to postpone later in the year. And every single vendor I had already booked was available on my new date. So I still got my team that I had. I know I talked in the last episode, I had met everyone in person and I really needed to feel that connection. So I was very, very lucky that I didn't have a lot to do in my postponement year because my team was set by people were set by your vendor, or picked


Sharon Rumsey  7:37  

vendor team was really important to you like it was it was super important to Clancy that not only she see the work of the person, but that she felt like the person understood her and she understood them and you know, that connection was important. So as her planner when I reached out to all of her vendors, I was really hoping and praying that they would all be available and they were so check that


Unknown Speaker  8:00  

box will and this is probably where we can plug Mike in because you were actually one of her vendors.


Michael Gaddie  8:06  

That's what was gonna say I mean really, I mean we did we you know you had this big day planned and then it disappeared and it was we were dealing with a lot of brides that were doing that but we were so happy that we could you know you picked a new date we went on and I mean the things that we did I mean you couldn't have asked for a better day now. I mean because your day was perfect. I was there at the beginning. I was there at the end and I saw you leave and I mean you were very happy. She


Sharon Rumsey  8:36  

was she was she not stunned it was stunning.


Michael Gaddie  8:39  

Yes you were very stuck.


Sharon Rumsey  8:41  

We were that dress was made for you girl and we'll share some pictures out but it was made for you.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  8:46  

I lived my absolute every little girl princess dream that day.


Sharon Rumsey  8:51  

Oh, I loved it.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  8:53  

I magical honestly magical. I know you've told us a few things. But what is one of the most memorable things that you'd like to share with us and on the listeners from your day? Oh gosh. There's not one you can share more and more. I know. I am. I did I know you will talk a lot about doing what makes you happy. So I actually added in did a first look with my brother. My little brother and I are really really close. So that was just he was actually the first one I did a first look with my bridesmaids and my mom were the only ones that had seen me before my little brother and just for him to get to turn around and see that excitement and I had already just felt so lovely after that but for my little brother to turn around and just his whole face lit up because he could see how happy and excited I was. That was just a really cool like giving me goose bumps moment when my fiance now husband did not want to take the cheesy like halfway down the aisle stop for a kiss picture when Everyone cheering in the background that I really wanted. And that day, I didn't even remind him, he just stopped to do it. So I know that sounds like something a little cheesy, but just every single person that was around me that day, really stopped and thought and took every single consideration to make sure it was exactly the day I wanted. My poor Papa Bear. I don't think he was gonna make it through our first day. I


Sharon Rumsey  10:27  

think I was gonna


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  10:29  

that he literally held me against his chest like we didn't even dance at that point.


Sharon Rumsey  10:34  

I have to stop here because Clancy and I had a chance to talk after her wedding. And you know, when this is what you do every weekend, of course, it doesn't lose. It's always special. But, you know, I don't always cry at a wedding. But I do. I usually cry at first looks a lot. But for klancy that day, I saw the first looks and they were amazing. But I didn't cry. But when she danced with her dad, I had gotten to know her dad a little better than I usually get to know the father of the bride he had. We had emailed and of course, when they had to postpone and that kind of stuff. And he had some surprises for her that he and I worked on. So I felt like I had a relationship with we call him papa bear up there. But when they did their first dance, I don't know what it was. But I had to go bathroom. I mean, I I ugly cried and like, someone asked me if I was okay. Yeah. And I haven't done that in a long time.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  11:36  

And then I will say towards the end of the night, we actually had to tell the DJ, he wasn't allowed to play any more music or we wouldn't leave planner said, we're a good time. But I will say that there is a photo and I apparently thought it was a really good idea to take the microphone and wrap a certain verse to a song I really like. And there is a very good picture of my husband just cheering me on. So I know that sounds silly. But I will just say that I you know, and I don't. I'm sure everyone thinks this about their day. But I have not heard one bad thing. I have not heard one thing someone would change. And people have gone out of their way to say how much fun that they had. And I hope that that was a really good representation that day of Ben and I and our families and the people we've chosen to surround ourselves with because we didn't stop smiling that day. And so I hope everyone else I


Sharon Rumsey  12:31  

remember when we played what was supposed to be your last? Yeah, I always have everyone form a circle around my client and my couple and then everybody kind of sings them out on this last song. And everybody was out there. I mean, catering staff was out there. I was out there. And I even come earlier. Yeah, I remember even dancing with Clancy.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  12:53  

And singing. We are just like sway and yeah, we were


Sharon Rumsey  12:57  

really the vibe was perfect.


Michael Gaddie  13:01  

Well, let's talk about some of the special things that you little special touches that were put in the wedding day. And one of them was the food and the beginning of the day for the brunch and that kind of thing. Talk about that a little bit.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  13:14  

So I have two aunts, they are specifically aunts not aunts, and Aunt Helen and Aunt Kate came in. They might pour out Helen does not have any girls. And so she doesn't always get to do the girly stuff with the family. So I was talking to share and I was like I have to find a way for aunt Helen to get to be there for the girly stuff that day. She doesn't get to do it. And Sharon was like, You know what, Clancy we really need someone to make sure you are fed that day and I said you know what, Helen is we have we call her the sandwich or like wherever you are, she will offer you a sandwich whether she has one handy or not. Um, so Helen on Kate came out. They came right at nine when we got into the venue and when I say they brought a breakfast spread that would be an understatement. I


Sharon Rumsey  14:03  

was blown away.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  14:05  

There were three different drink coolers there were the separate water cooler. There was an entire Keurig station. They have called and asked me which was my favorite bakery in the area that did breakfast so they went and got a spread of all of my favorite breakfast pastries. They actually had my name is Clancy my mom's maiden name is McCarthy they had bought I guess I've gone to Michaels and had florals. They had bought me a little four leaf clover plant that is still sitting in my kitchen so I have a little bit of that day and they brought my grandmother's candelabras so that she still got to be a part of that day and on our fancy table. And then they did just as impressive if not more so for lunch. We had snacks all day we had mom stuff for mimosas and different juices depending on what you wanted. And then they also made sure that the boys were taking care When they showed up, so that that was one more thing to check off my day. So again, just went out of their way to do something just to make my day a little bit


Sharon Rumsey  15:08  

better. Just bring in food. I mean, the presentation, like it was


Michael Gaddie  15:15  

a great way to include a family member asked him to do that kind of. I mean, I think they you know, they're not No, they're not going to be in your wedding. But because it's your aunt or maybe older person or whatever it may be. But having them do that, that's very special. That's awesome.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  15:30  

If this is any indication how much she's smiling during the recording of this, I keep watching her. I cannot imagine how much her and her now husband's cheeks were sore. And the how many days after the wedding clothes, I mean, still sore? No, my poor photographer, she shouldn't yell at me by any means. But she looked at me and said, Clancy, I need you to not get mad when you look through these photos. I said, Oh my gosh, Morgan, what is gone wrong. She goes, there's no serious ones. I can't get you to stop smiling. I was like, you know, that's a good problem to have today. I just keep watching her during this like when she's been talking like you can just see that. That actually the love she felt and her emotions just like coming out through your smile and


Sharon Rumsey  16:17  

her and get her hair up and everything between ceremony and introduction into reception. That was his whole own task. I remember going up to her and it was a lot to do. But her her people had it down, Pat. But anyway, she said to me, my cheeks really hurt. And I thought this is wedding planner gold is really hard before the reception. It's a good day. Okay, so


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  16:42  

you're gonna keep going with Oh, yeah, I got a lot more a little a little bit to love. So my maid of honor got everyone in my wedding party. So I don't want to say just my bridesmaids, I did have a bridesmaid and one of my best friends from high school. And they had each written me a note about how much my friendship and like our friendship means to each other. So I got to read those with them, which was really funny. We're getting ready. And I think it was a really interesting, you know, more than a lot of wedding parties. I think they got to know each other well, because they have known each other for two years. Now. It wasn't a you know, six months here in the wedding party. And there are people on that list you might never talk to again. We also had the bachelorette and the remix and the shower. And I'm really trying to convince Ben to throw a both wedding party after party. We're working on it. But so they had each of those. I think it was really nice for them to see how each of my relationships I know that's one thing I made a vulnerable commented she was like, it was so weird when we were planning your first Bachelorette because I was like, Oh, absolutely, we're gonna get sushi. And she was like, but one of them said, Oh, no, we have to do charcuterie or wine tasting. And one of them said, Oh, no, absolutely. It's Mexican, no questions asked. That's what she wants for dinner. So it's just really interesting to see how you have that relationship with each of them. But I think it was also really special for them and special for for me to get to see how each of them love me. And I'm coming to my wife at a different point. So I think that was just a really, I don't want to say unique. I'm sure a lot of people have done that. But it is one of those moments to say it's it's definitely worth I think Porsche and it was not on the timeline that takes a surprise Berliner.


Unknown Speaker  18:24  

But it was definitely not on.


Sharon Rumsey  18:28  

Excuse me, but


Unknown Speaker  18:29  

we're ahead of schedule.


Sharon Rumsey  18:30  

Sharon knew about the timeline. So Caroline mentioned to me that morning that she was going to need a few minutes. And I said that was fine. And it worked.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  18:43  

And then my aunt Kate, one of the ones that I helped to bring food that day. She also they made sure that my grandma's candelabras were on the table. But then she had worked with my parents and took one of my mommy's coats who has passed away. And she got me three pillows made out of one of her codes. So the outside or is a some kind of it was a foe for but and then yeah, but I'm pretty sure it was food, but we'll be we'll be safe for all that. And then the inside was the lining of the code. And I actually they saved the lining piece where the tag was. So I have something now to put in my home and something that that morning, both of my grandma passed away, we're still still got to be a


Sharon Rumsey  19:26  

part of that show that we took some photos, you know, with those so that she would have that memory on her wedding day and know that she was surrounded not only by the love of the people that were there, but the people that were there in spirit.


Michael Gaddie  19:38  

So with that being said, though, talk about the memory table.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  19:41  

Yeah. So we we really wanted to find a way to include I think that's the best word to use all the people that that couldn't be there. And so we have have been very blessed to have very, very, very influential grandparents in both of our lives and We made it a point to make sure that especially the grandparents that were only there in spirit that day could be part of the day. But we talked about it and I didn't want the memory table for me that becomes a little altar free. And I think it for some people, it's not something that they are at the point to celebrate life so they get sad. So that's not something been in I wanted and, and honestly, that memory table was only for Ben and I so that those people were included in our lives. So that wasn't what we needed to make them included that day. So we actually had an angel that his dad's mother had given to his parents when they were newly married. And that was on the table. We had my dad's parents glasses that we toasted out of that they had had in, I think that it wasn't a wedding gift, but they had had in their first home together. We used my mom's mom's cake cutter and server so that they could be part of that first step. And then the cake plate that it was actually on was his mom's mom's mom, actually. So we had a lot of really fun. I think a really great way for people that are torn on how to include the people in their lives that can't be there that day. And, and maybe it's even you have a family member that can't travel or isn't well or, you know, I had, I was really lucky, I have a big family but one of my cousin's couldn't be there that day. So they had like a cutout of her so that she could still party and be in the pictures with us. So I think that was a really nice way of brides are concerned and they don't want to do a photo memory table that I think that there are other ways that you can incorporate.


Michael Gaddie  21:43  

I have not seen that before. include


Sharon Rumsey  21:46  

everything was on her cake table. And from a planning standpoint, I loved it because it wasn't as she said, the altar with the picture and all that. But it's it's from a planning standpoint, I loved the idea and absolutely was into it. But when you're setting that stuff out, I'm just like, Oh my God, please Sweet Baby Jesus Do not let me drop one of these. Because these things are like he replaceable to this family. And I know when we were introducing the bridal party and I got very concerned about them hitting the cake table and I literally said I will find you so people and


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  22:22  

I will kill you. People don't know what you are worried about. So I I would like to say that I had a I had a fairly formal wedding. It was traditional and we were long dresses and cocktail attire minimum. And my sweet baby brother, who loves me so much and we did our beautiful first look together. He came up to me that day. He had already asked the groom who just said do it Don't tell her and even my brother was like, rather not die in front of 200 people let's think of something else. So he asked and I will say in my excited happy. Truly blissful on wedding day place. I said you know what been you can do it and I can see the lugs you are waiting to know what this magical permission I had given out. My brother found a motorized cooler at I'm pretty sure a yard sale and he and one of the other groomsmen rode a motorized cooler into my wedding reception. Can


Sharon Rumsey  23:32  

we pause though not just into your wedding reception right past the cake table like inches, and then around the venue and around the guest. So all I could think when he says to me, I'm gonna ride this cooler and Clancy said it's okay. I'm thinking I got great, great great grandma's cake plate. I got the baby angel from grandma. And I said to him, I said Ben, you're cute as a button. If you hit that cake table I will find and I will. And he said I promise you I won't. So then I had my assistant go stand by the cake table so she could shove him away. If he got too close buddy Didn't he was a good dry


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  24:13  

killer was all fun and games until my mom conned one of my cousin's into driving her around so she could wear the tiara she stolen from the photo booth after my cat so generously given her her little tiara in her corsage we both got ours is the best of both worlds after are nearly I love to hear about these stinkin tr and Eileen stole it from the photo booth props and then parade waved like elbow elbow wrist wrist around. somebody dies around this reception.


Sharon Rumsey  24:50  

On the cooler had been this two year fight over the mother of the bride wanting a tiara tiara and I look up and there she is and she's riding the motorized You're waving?


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  25:00  

Oh, elbow, elbow restroom, she could have been in Miss America. What I want to know is what did you do when you saw that? So at that point, did your cheeks get a break then? Um, no, no at the All you can do is laugh at that point in the night. You know, what does it do to pick a fight on that one? Because I'm also she has to live with the fact that we have video of that for the rest of her life. So I feel as though the karma for her still in the moment. Now it was it really was funny at that point. But it was a good time to say, you know what people are now moving and eating. I think it's time for the cooler to retire for the evening.


Sharon Rumsey  25:40  

She's planning her wedding planner did have a brief discussion, and I said, I think let's have the cooler be done.


Unknown Speaker  25:47  

Please tell me that Sharon wrote off in it.


Sharon Rumsey  25:49  

She did not assume


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  25:50  

that I actually don't know how it made it back into the boys room.


Sharon Rumsey  25:56  

I'd like to see I just waited for the mother of the bride to disembark the motorized cooler. And then I quietly took it away and put it in the kitchen. Mike,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  26:05  

could you look at one of these motorized coolers? Clancy Do you need to talk? Sir? Yeah, no, we need to talk later cuz I might need to see. investment.


Michael Gaddie  26:16  

Right. So let me ask you this. I mean, I know we haven't discussed this even before you got here. But I know the big thing was that you were going to walk down the supply the stairs without light. Yeah, that happened.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  26:28  

With the shoot. Didn't you have on heels to my normal wedding shoes? Yeah, yeah. But you'll see three or four inch heels. Something around there too crazy. four inch. Okay. They didn't hurt. And 100 inch fail. Okay, so how did it go? Take us down through there.


Michael Gaddie  26:47  

Ah, how did you feel when that spotlight came on? Again, million dollar leaving


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  26:51  

out my every princess dream and sharing. So the wedding party all when the music changes. Sharon says take your deep breath. And I thought I really I thought I'd be nervous. And now I'll tell this now i don't think i told it the first time. So the song I walked down to was a mixture of two songs. And if I timed it correctly, then when I hit the ground on the bottom stare, it would say looks like we've made it. So we didn't make it. But I had accidentally told my now husband that. So that's all he can think of down the stairs is? Is she going to make it or she not


Unknown Speaker  27:37  



Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  27:39  

So I'm sure there's some really funny video of everyone's expecting this like beautiful like what is the groom look like first like and he's like, I have you didn't want that photo? Because I'm laughing. Like, you know, like that's kind of fitting. It's a little fitting. Sharon, did you look at him when he was watching her coming down the steps?


Sharon Rumsey  27:56  

I did. And he just he looked like he was having like all the fields. I didn't know that he was worried about the timing. Looks like we made it. But actually I fluffed her big surveil, I always encourage my girls to take one big deep breath and look at that room. I can't I've said it on other episodes, I will say it till I quit doing this as a career. That's a minute in your life that you're never ever going to get back and to look out over that room. Like Clancy said nothing but love and support for you. I mean, no matter how busy the day is, I want my clients to take that in. I want them to have that moment. And she did and I could tell that she was ready to go. And she released that big breath and headed down those steps in the spotlight. And I just was you know, praying that we didn't have a trip. And we didn't and the minute she hit the ground, I quietly ran down the mezzanine to go down the kitchen stairs so that I could be with her where I needed to be in case she needed me during the ceremony.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  29:01  

No, but it was I honestly took that first step. And then I did not have any nerves. I was just so excited. And, and I don't want to sound cheesy, but my papa bear is at the bottom of the stairs. He's going to catch me and make sure I stood up and still had a perfect day something went wrong. And I asked him during the rehearsal and I said Dad, like how how fast or slow Do you want to walk? Do you want to go like, step together, step together and he said, cleans Yeah, I want this to walk to take as long as possible. And I'm gonna cry talking about it. But dad makes me cry. Even that day, he stopped in the middle. And he was like, let's slow down a little bit so you can enjoy this. And he was like, and also so I can enjoy seeing you that haffi it was a really, really special so for every bride who's worried about keeping their face exactly perfect for photos down the aisle. I would highly highly, highly recommend that whole day. As much as you can forget the cameras they are and just be in whatever emotional state you are. If you're tearing up if you're smiling if you're laughing, and if you're ugly crying, because of that photo is going to show up better and, and that photo is supposed to be a snapshot of exactly how you felt at that moment. So make it genuine and make it be exactly how you felt at that moment. That's awesome feedback right there. Yes. Amazing.


Sharon Rumsey  30:25  

Her data, y'all. I love him so much.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  30:29  

Yeah, okay. I know you have other stuff. Oh, I mean, yeah, let's see Ivan brought notes. This time I was prepared. I didn't want to forget one day. Um, so I talked about it last time that we had built the bench with two of my other aunts. So that ended up being really, really, really cool and beautiful. So many people commented on that the legs are being put on poor sharing during the rehearsal, a different kind of wedding day, wedding day when Sharon gone on property and other a couple of like, oh, where can we order that. And Sharon was like, it was custom. And I have to get upstairs to my bride. Now.


Sharon Rumsey  31:05  

They were doing a tour of the venue, and they stopped me and wanted me to send them like a link that was handmade by her family. Like love, you know, here's a business card.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  31:18  

So we were just, it's gonna be a really just amazing piece. And we used really strong wood. So it was really wrong start. And we're really, really excited. So hopefully, that will be in our house this week. And then we did do our own vows, which I recommend, even if you're not comfortable, and you're nervous, saying them in front of people, right how you feel at some point to whoever you are marrying. Because they deserve to hear those words straight from you. And I'm sure that everyone's like, Oh, I say them all the time. Like, they know how I feel. But it's very different that day, especially if you have any, I don't think are at one point, I was nervous. I had butterflies, I was ready. I didn't want to wait, I didn't want to sit still one second that day, I was ready. So it was really nice that Ben and I got to we did do our vows in front of everyone. But it was really nice that him and I had that moment. And I'll be really honest, and people say it but everyone else in that room disappeared when I was talking to Ben there at something could have gone terribly wrong, the fire alarm could have been going off for all I knew, and there was nothing else that I could hear and no one else that I can see. So I will say again, just do everything you can to be exactly present, wherever you can be that day. We also did the mirror photo booth, which was a lot of fun. So that was our, you know, non formal guestbook. So we have a lot of fun pictures as the night we have a couple of as the night progressed for people got more interesting. But it was just a really nice touch and something that like now we can look back at and I know our photographer, we were really lucky that we had a photographer and a second shooter and a videographer. So I think we're gonna get a ton a ton a ton of footage and our full thing comes in. But it was still nice to get to see people when they weren't nervous that this isn't formal photo that somebody is going to keep. So that was a fun, exciting, just one little


Sharon Rumsey  33:17  

thing. One thing that I loved about clancys wedding that I don't usually get is that she had her photographer and her videographer there until the end of her reception. So we got to get those special moments at the end and the exit and everything.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  33:31  

And then I know we talked about Papa Bear, but I don't know if anyone else goes to live sporting events, my family, we go to university of local college football games, we've been going since they played at the fairgrounds, which doesn't mean anything to probably most of the people listen to this. But it means for a very long time we've had season tickets. My single favorite game of every season is when they put out rally towels, or whatever your sport calls them, the decorated team towel that everyone's supposed to wave together and the team can see it and it's encouraging. It's, I'm sure probably safer for the environment than a pompom. But that's the equivalent of what it is. It is my single favorite game of the year, even at in my 20s now and that's as close to my age as I will admit out loud, even now at my age. It is my favorite game of the year. And I have such an amazing relationship with Papa Bear. But during that game, it is his also single least favorite game of the year, because I cannot help myself and I might as well be two or three years old still. And it is my goal to catch him off guard and smack him in the face with this towel as many times as possible during a game. I single handedly pride myself on how often he is distracted by the game and then gets hit in the face. So the rally towel not my most mature moment, but it's the reality of life. So my papa bear knew this about me and this was kind of our thing. So he actually had rally towels made before the wedding, so it truly the only thing the bridesmaids letters surprise me and the pillows surprise me. But I had absolutely no idea. But when Ben and I were introduced into the reception as husband and wife, I had 200 people wave in bright red rally towels just for me. I can't wait to see the picture. It was I truly I think even my wedding party was like, wait, you really didn't know when i was like i? Honestly, you know, most people like oh, yeah, I didn't know about that surprise.


Sharon Rumsey  35:37  

I really did not know about that. And so for my dad had emailed me Actually, first wedding date before we had to postpone and he had told me this story. Clancy just shared. And


Unknown Speaker  35:47  

I'm sharing just as much of detail because he


Sharon Rumsey  35:50  

he had said, you know, will you do this? And as a wedding planner, that's a slippery slope. Because doing something your bride doesn't know about will either a really go over well before get you horrible Google reviews.


Michael Gaddie  36:02  

Match the decor. So


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  36:05  

with my girls and smoky blues really match with that article read, but


Sharon Rumsey  36:10  

it was just so important to his heart. I had to say yes to it. And she loved it


Unknown Speaker  36:15  

loved every second of it and one


Sharon Rumsey  36:17  

on every single chair in the venue. It was


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  36:20  

one of those moments that again, kind of like the cooler. Definitely not planned. Definitely not if you had at any point in my entire life, even probably 10 years from now when you say Oh, Clancy, what did you imagine your wedding would be? It was not rally towels, motorized coolers, I'll be really honest. But I equally cannot imagine my day any differently with my


Sharon Rumsey  36:42  

favorite DJ make an announcement where she couldn't hear I'm telling everyone that they weren't to wave these towels for any of the other bridal party. This was a bride only moment. And nobody did


Kristina Stubblefield  36:54  

like that person very well. I'm very surprised by our group that. That's awesome. You hear these unique stories, and I know that word unique, but just something that means so much to the main people involved in a wedding. And that's something you've probably talked about for your entire life. And I'm sorry that a motorized scooter is involved in that conversation. But it can mean a lot.


Sharon Rumsey  37:22  

I think when Clancy has a daughter, and Clancy's daughter gets married, there's going to be rally


Unknown Speaker  37:28  

Oh has to be at this point.


Sharon Rumsey  37:30  

I think it's a tradition that has to be


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  37:34  

alright, so Oh, she's flipped over her No. More, come on, share with us. Um, okay, well, I have like kind of my bride advice. I can go into that if you want to. Okay, perfect. Well, then, I mean, that's what you were going to do. Anyway. So just in case you all had another question for you. So I was prepared to answer. Um, so I have just literally nine things that I wrote down that are my bride to bride advice, so that you also get to live your princess or prince or whatever your perfect day is. Eat right away. So we walked immediately into our reception and did our first dance. Our cater already had food on our place settings at our table for us. And then that's when my family spoke, that's when my parents welcomed everyone. And it was a really really good time that everyone was listening to the welcome they definitely weren't coming up to the front of their room so that Ben and I actually got to like finish a couple of bites of solid food before the night started. So I will say whether you want to do your first dance cake cutting and then have your toast then or whatever it is go ahead and build in something else for people to be looking at. So that you can be in the corner shoveling down as much food as quickly as you absolutely can. Because it is 100% true the rest of the night you will only get to eat things in three two segments. I won't even say three bite but three choose segments between conversations so eat as quickly as humanly possible. I will say to remember that everyone there loves you that day and I was really lucky that that also included my vendor team I really hope or at least they faked it well but but everyone there that's that he loved you trying to help asking what they can do that even maybe bugs your vendors because they have asked one too many times how they can help and they there's there's really nothing more that they can do at that point. Just remember that everyone there loves you that day. So just take everything that would normally bug you and especially for my little type a self that was something that that day I was like I flippin planned all this stuff, so y'all wouldn't have to do anything and now y'all won't stop asking what you can do. But it just is very, very sweet. And so just remember that everyone there that day really does love you. They're really are trying to make you have your best day. And I think if someone there wasn't trying to make you have your best day, you know before that day, so just go ahead and tell them that they don't need to come anymore. Also, I was really lucky. I think that every bride needs to give themselves and everyone else that day a lot of grace. When my dad did his welcome poor Papa Bear accidently read the first three paragraphs of his speech that he gave at the rehearsal dinner because he was a little nervous. He had grabbed the wrong one. My poor DJ had done a absolutely perfect, beautiful Mic check. And when everyone got into that room with their phones that had Bluetooth on and the groom was miked up and the officiants booked was miked up and the officiant was miked. The microphone popped once, but it didn't pop during the vows. So I that was really the really important part that I wanted people to hear. And my poor officiant was not very well that day, and he still showed up and push through and did his absolute best. So have a little grace. And also realize those are the only three things out of I mean, I was at the venue for 15 hours that day, those are the only three things. So if three things went wrong, that means over 10,000 went right that day to make every little detail fall into place. Right. So I amen to that. Look at everything that went right.


Unknown Speaker  41:23  



Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  41:25  

that everyone there that day, well, at least for us, we did do an adult only wedding. But most of the people there that day that are trying to help you, they're all adults, quit putting yourself in the middle of it, because you're probably not the one that's going to solve any problems that day in your white dress. So go ahead and just let the adults that you trust and are there for a reason and are surrounded in your little circle that day for a reason. Let them figure it out and make it happen. Even at the end of the night, I was standing there. And I could tell that me being in the room, everyone was like, no, it's really fine. I was like, I can tell it's not fine. So I decided that I'm gonna go downstairs because I am no longer helping this situation. So trust the adults in the room and know when to take a step


Michael Gaddie  42:06  

back that before the wedding. She was like right on, you know, she wanted it done this way, this this way. And it doesn't always happen that way. But it's always still a perfect day.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  42:18  

It's pretty stinking, but it was very, we did really like pre plan as much as you can. So that that doesn't happen. But again, that goes to choosing the right team. And that team, I will say that was another note that pick your team also includes your wedding party, are they I have unfortunately know a couple of people that picked one or two for a photo where they needed an even number of people on each side or whatever it was, but I truly had the people there that day. And each of them had a different role. I know one of them was just to stay in there and told me I was pretty I knew one was never going to let me see the bottom of a cup. I knew one was going to stay in there and make sure every detail happen. I knew one was going to do whatever you ask them to do, no matter how big or how small. So know your team and pick your team. Well. And I'm not saying that your bridesmaids are the only there to work because I really do I have a lot of pictures to my wedding party having a really good time. But just like know that about each other, have that conversation as surely as your wedding planner, and let your wedding planner know who are the people that are are the ones These are your first two to go to. Yeah. And one of the things I think that you're kind of summarizing, you knew all of those people were there to support you in what you needed. And I think that's a really good point because we've talked about that in other episodes. But Clancy as a recent bride just really helps drive that point home, you specifically knew how they could support you that day. And even into the reception. I had one bridesmaids specifically assigned to only bring me water and I had one specifically assigned to only bring me drinks. And I knew that they were talking throughout the night. And I knew that if I looked at one or the other, I knew what drink I was going to get. So I wasn't ever surprised if I took a drink what it was, and I was never looking around saying oh my gosh, I'm not gonna make it if somebody doesn't give me a sip of water. So I will say that's a really little thing that you can do, but it made a big difference for me that night, and I paced very well and I am very lucky bride that remembers it remembers every single moment of my night. I however, had to have one of the groomsmen undress my groom and I had to go put him to bed and then go keep partying with my family because he had had too much fun early in the


Sharon Rumsey  44:40  

night. Our keys and you


Unknown Speaker  44:42  

mean he didn't have somebody assigned to bring him water and I think all of his water had some brown liquor in it with it.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  44:51  

There's a really great picture of him. So at some point, the best man he had a special bottle of bourbon that was like his special only bartenders are necessary to the groom or if the groom walked up with someone, and at one point that bottle was brought out, unbeknownst to me for a photo, because the bartenders had been told, like Do not let any bottles cross your threshold, it had been brought specifically for a photo, I did not know that. So I took the fun photo, I could tell that that is what he wanted, I was trying to be so life giving in my two and a half hours of marriage. And then I turned around and looked at the best man and said, if that bottle is not out of his hand, in the next three seconds, there will be an issue. And magically, the bottle disappeared. So I did, I did make a scene, I fixed it. I knew who my people even in his group were the ones to go to and make stuff happen. Also, at the end of the day, it is a really funny picture, and actually probably one that we're going to get printed so he can hang up in his office. So every time that you think something is, Oh, my gosh, how could that possibly happen? take it with a grain of salt. Give yourself some grace that day. That was something Ben and I had a big conversation, that's his day to, you know, I don't think people go into weddings expecting to have 10 of them like this was our one and done. And so it was his day too. And if that is something that for 15 seconds, put a smile and laugh on his face, then it was worth it. So give yourself and give him a little bit of grace that day. Because your vision of the perfect day and his are going to be very different. How do you find that middle ground?


Michael Gaddie  46:34  



Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  46:35  

and then I will say for me a big big one was, whoever comes that day is exactly who's supposed to be there. So we had people come this time that couldn't come at the first day, we had people that weren't going to come the first day and couldn't this time, we had people that were still not comfortable with the virus. We had people that didn't feel comfortable traveling. Whatever it was, we had people that said yes, and then something changed. And they were closing on our house that day. So remember that for everyone else, this is just today, even if this is your biggest day. And if anyone doesn't come it is not because they don't love you. It is not because they don't wish the best for you. But for whatever reason gets you there. Whoever is with you, dancing, eating, having fun sharing in your smiles that day is exactly who's supposed to be there and just enjoy who's there. Instead of thinking about who isn't?


Michael Gaddie  47:28  

Well, that's really, really good advice. And I do want to say thank you for being here. But I know you were here, the first time before you got married. And now. And I know you have been a real believer in listening to us three. podcast actually


Unknown Speaker  47:45  

on the way here.


Michael Gaddie  47:46  

And it's funny, because to give other Brad's advice, I mean, you listened and you called Sharon, you call me and you said, you know, maybe I should do this? Or should I do this? And I think that's great. And vice with what you're what you're saying right there?


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  48:00  

Absolutely. I think that if you think of something, even if you think it's a tiny minute detail that nobody's gonna care about, it doesn't hurt to call and ask because you might not know the severity, I really thought I wanted fresh florals on the table. After listening to this podcast, you cannot do that you will almost always lose your deposit with your decorator, floral petals, direct your paddles on your linens, but they will stay in the linen. So you usually can't do that. That is something I had not thought of previously. That is something I change directly from listening


Michael Gaddie  48:32  

today to change during that process.


Kristina Stubblefield  48:35  

Absolutely. I think it's safe to say that Clancy, as far as we know, has got to be our number one fan. I mean, she absolutely is. But to be able to come in and share your full circle of your journey, I think is so important because you can talk about all these tips and ideas and you know all this, but when you pull it together, and now you're after the event, you can pull these things off, you can have your own special touches. And I think one thing that we really didn't hone in a lot on here. But everything you said, it is so important when you're having an event like this to have a wedding planner, because you were able to enjoy your day, somebody to take that stress of that day and just let you and been enjoy it. Because as you said, it's both of your all's day, not just yours, but also the stress from the family. Because you talked about, you know, what, what happened and how you were delayed. Having a person really kind of hold your hand or be there, you know, and you mentioned that in the first episode with Sharon. But no matter where you're listening from, not everyone can use Sharon as their wedding planner. But I really hear you saying that is something to really consider


Unknown Speaker  50:00  

Is that fair to say? I


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  50:01  

would absolutely say that I was really lucky that it was my mom's wedding gift to me and my parents are still together. So it was really kind of her gift to all of us. Because we did we got to, you know, my dad got to show up. We were even gave all the final payments to share in the night before so that there was nothing that day that my parents didn't have to do if they didn't want to. But my wedding party got to sit there and my for maid of honor, I'll pick on her a little bit. She panicked when she saw my bridesmaid and sees and was like Sharon, this is the wrong suit. And Sharon was like, No, Caroline, it's the correct suit usually is that wrong suit, she said cobalt in her head. It was like gunmetal cobalt gray. So she panicked when she saw the blue cobalt vest. And we're like, no, but she got to worry about that little of detail. Because we knew that number one, we had a really strong vendor team. Number two, I knew that that day, Sharon was just going to fix it because her and I had a good enough relationship. And she knew me. And all my vendors I would say knew me so well that I think even they could predict what my answer would have been if they had needed to ask something. We, you know, probably over planned this poor little baby wedding because we had so long, my por la five a heart just like couldn't sit still and just be like, oh, it'll happen. I think much to share. She panicked a little bit on wedding week, she's like, I haven't heard from you in 48 hours, I was like, I actually think I'm done planning it, I think we got everything checked off. So I will say do as much as you can before. If it's not in your budget to hire a full a one day one planner, if it only is some kind, I would say even if you hire a quote unquote, day of coordinator, please don't meet them that week, they really need to know you and feel comfortable being able to step up step in but I will say whatever you can do, if there's anywhere else you can pinch in your budget, I would say that's the one single biggest investment that I recommend brides making, because it really is the difference of you know, you being up the night before your wedding on your Cricut trying to DIY The last thing or you, you know, you're gonna end up paying extra at the venue to get there earlier or you have it the night before to decorate it. So I will say that, you know, at least go talk to a planner. I know Sharon really does work very hard to say that she tries to save you at least as much as you spend on her. And I would say that that's true of planners. And I will say that that is the one go between even my family that week, I was like, Hi, nobody's talking to me. They're like, Oh, we're not allowed to talk to you this week, we have to go through Sharon first, like, whatever you can do, I really did make the absolute single largest difference that day because she had vetted my, the rest of my vendor team and felt strong with them. She had talked to my wedding party and knew who the troublemakers were going to be and who the black team players were going to be. She knew my parents well enough to know when it was worth coming to them and when it wasn't. So that would be the, you don't realize how much of a difference that will make and it doesn't just affect everything getting put out that day. But having a real planer full coordinator, it really does affect every single piece of your wedding all the way from setup to clean up and, and even afterwards, my poor officiant left with all my marriage license thing so I didn't have any of those who share made sure that those made it back to me and you know, she checked on me post honeymoon. And so I will say that even that that that is the it is a full circle that comes around there. But that is the one biggest recommendation I can give to another bride is is work with a planner, they'll help you find a place to pinch your budget a little bit to make that work to take that stress off you and and that was the biggest gift I think my parents and I could give each other was that we really did just get to enjoy that day.


Sharon Rumsey  54:06  

All Thank you. I'm about to cry. Thank you. So I don't ever need any more marketing. But on behalf of Mike and I, when a bride trust you with this day, which to us is here's another wedding. I never want to lose sight that for that bride. It's her one and only it is her most special day of her life. And I think you just really drove that home. So on behalf of Mike and I both thank you for trusting us with the most special day of your life and I'm so glad to hear that your cheeks hurt. That makes me crazy happy and I think you had an amazing wedding. Yeah, I


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  54:46  

mean I was really hoping for more dirt a little bit in this episode. Like I don't want to be like that but I don't really know anything that went wrong. I really was hoping for more dirt to come out I don't know


Sharon Rumsey  54:57  

about is the person And that delivered your rentals set your arch up in the wrong ceremony space completely assembled and put together. And it was fixed really


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  55:10  

good. I went down and had I mean six before I came out for a first look


Sharon Rumsey  55:13  

that's coming out till it was fixed.


Unknown Speaker  55:17  

That day I


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  55:18  

teared up a little bit but i don't i thought i would be a little more emotional I'll be honest but I was so we're just so excited that I wasn't but stinking Mike I walked out to do my look with my my first look at my bridesmaids and, and give my mom I got my mom a bracelet with my hand riding on it. And I got my dad and it wallet with like a special note. So they could both carry a little piece of me. And I walked out thinking that those would be the things that would really choke me out. And I just saw the the flowers and I went for his traditionals I went on a lot of stuff I went for big and colorful and bright. And I threw in my code name I wish bells are in there. So no, I just but I just walked out. And it was this this full circle that I knew that every single flower had honestly been placed with love and much to the dismay of Mike's for team and the only thing I wasn't picky about, I knew that every table would be completely set up. And I didn't even need to see a mock up because I trusted that he knew what I would want and that Sharon made sure everything was in place. And I will say before the towels went out I did take a minute that day. And I told Sharon I was like before I get dressed. While everyone else is in hair and makeup. I was like I don't want to walk through in a picky way. But I want to walk through and just see the space. And I was like I just want to get to like, be in that moment. Because the next time I walk in, there'll be people and everyone is wanting to talk to you and and it's amazing. And you want to talk to all these people that are so excited for you. But I really did want to take that moment and I walked into that room and I mean even share and like I didn't have my picky but do not have one comment to make about it because it is so perfect. So I just I can't put into words, how grateful I am again, I can't keep going back to that. But like, truly just how loved I felt that every single person put everything that they could into making that day exactly perfect for Ben and I.


Michael Gaddie  57:18  

Well, Clancy Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day. And thank you for sharing your story with us. I mean, we went from two years ago to the day so I mean, it was a big story. So thank you for sharing it with us.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  57:30  

Thank you guys for having me. Absolutely got to let me like relive it again. I got goosebumps talking about it. You know, I'm maybe kind of see like one year into marriage that we have her back on. I mean, should we go ahead and plan that now? I bet she'll probably say yes, I'm almost certain then. Yeah, we should do. Yeah, that's our poor baby. We have anything to say.


Kristina Stubblefield  57:57  

Well, thanks everyone for tuning in. Clancy definitely thank you for coming back a second time to be a guest sounds like we might have a third down the road. And we appreciate everyone listening and we would love to hear your feedback. If any of this information hits home for you or helps you with your planning, just visit our website, the ring, the bling and all the things calm, you can hit the contact button or just click on the microphone and record us a message. So until next time, everyone stay safe and keep all the fun planning going on for your special day.


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