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April 21, 2021

Fancy Clancy & Her Two Year Planning Journey

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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with the FUN, particular and excitable bride-to-be, Fancy Clancy about her two-year wedding planning journey, the Rona Coaster and all the things she has planned to make her day special.

You will want to tune into this episode! We have a special guest… future bride-to-be, Fancy Clancy! She is excitable. She is particular. She is relatable. And most of all, she is FUN and FUNNY!

Listen in while co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with bride-to-be, Fancy Fulkerson, about her two year wedding planning journey due to Covid-19; all the wedding planning pivots, Come-To-Jesus meetings, parental compromises, TiaraGate, remix bachelorette parties and more!

If your wedding has been affected by the pandemic, be all ears with this episode to catch the feel goods! You can’t help but smile and get pulled in by our bride-to-be guest, Clancy Fulkerson. She will make you laugh and her spirit will warm your heart.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL DISCOVER you can and will still have your special day even with delays due to global pandemics… AND how your attitude and having professionals in your corner will make all the difference.

Has your wedding been postponed due to the pandemic? How have you turned lemons into lemonade? Share your responses with us and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings 

While you’re there, make sure you follow us @theringtheblingandallthethings so you can see behind the scenes where me, Mike & Sharon will take you from engagement to your wedding day and beyond with The Ring, The Bling & All The Things 


Sharon Rumsey  0:00  

Can you wear a tiara, your 150 foot veil and your blinged out high heels? All while you walk down the steps and the glare of a spotlight? Well, yes, you can.


Michael Gaddie  0:11  

We can't wait to introduce to you our bubbly guest affectionately nicknamed by her vendor team, fancy Clancy.


Unknown Speaker  0:19  

On this episode, we share her two year planning journey, her ride on the roller coaster and all the things she has planned to make her day special.


Michael Gaddie  0:28  

Secret Service code names, check


Unknown Speaker  0:31  

furniture as your guestbook


Sharon Rumsey  0:32  

check, arguing with your mother over which one of you gets to wear the tiara. Check.


Kristina Stubblefield  0:39  

You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes, joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling, and all the things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie. And Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.


Hey, we want to thank all of our listeners for tuning into the podcast. We really love hearing from you. And we have a listener of the week. Thank you so much Sarah for writing in this review. She says informative and all the things such a good podcast for those that need tips and tricks, getting ready for the big day. All Thank you so much. We'd love to hear from you as well. You can go to our website, the ring, the bling, and all the things calm. And you can click rate this podcast and write us a glowing five star review. We hope also we'd love to hear your story. Maybe you want to share your engagement story, or where you're at with your wedding planning or already married. share with us how your big day went, just go to our website. And on the right hand side. Click Share with us. There is a microphone and you can record a message to us that we may feature on one of our upcoming episodes. So stay tuned as we dive into this next episode. Okay, Sharon, I know you've been patiently waiting to do this intro because this is definitely one of your wedding. BFF so I believe is what you call them. 100% Okay, so take it away, Sharon.


Sharon Rumsey  3:01  

So super excited today. I have one of my brides on. She's getting married in just two weeks. We are literally on wedding countdown, but we're so grateful that she took the time out to come in and be with us today and share a little bit of her story. She is a hoot, y'all. She is one of the funniest brides I've ever worked with. I call her fancy Clancy. So without further ado, we are going to introduce our guest today. Clancy alright. Clancy,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  3:33  

I mean, that was a great intro. Don't you


think? A lot of pressure right now No


pressure. So do you want us to call you fancy Clancy during this or would you like to share with us your actual name? So my actual name is queasy, however soon to be Fulkerson. Awesome. Okay, so let's talk about how long have you been engaged? We have been engaged since St. Patrick's Day of 2019.


Sharon Rumsey  3:57  

She is not kidding. Wow. Okay.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  4:00  

So do you want to share a little bit about your engagement story? Yeah, absolutely. So if we're going to go back a little bit, Ben and I are actually the highschool sweethearts that never happened. We have known each other since eighth grade, and came in and out of each other's lives quite a bit, but never just found the right timing. So he actually moved back to the area. He got a new job took me on a date that Thursday, and it has been just great ever since. So we're really excited. And he actually proposed with our families there the day we moved into our first home. So we were really excited that we got to check off that adult box and then got a little bling to in the day. So I was pretty excited. Wow, what a great story. So I know Mike, you don't usually get an word in edgewise. So maybe we should let you start asking your question.


Michael Gaddie  4:50  

Well, I know from day one, you're excited. Your first your first wedding date was set for


four for 2020.


And that didn't happen with no So now we're looking forward to the next one. So tell us what what's some other dilemmas that you've been through? I know what you've been very stressful up and down all around. And I know you're excited to get this day going.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  5:13  

Yeah, I'm really excited. So I guess, big picture. My family, my parents are each one of five. So for me, the first dilemma was finding a venue that could fit the over 300 people that we've invited to this big day. Um, so I think we went through quite a bit. And, you know, I think that's that normal how to start wedding planning and figuring out that budget. And I think a lot of that is based on how many people you want to include, because that tells you where you can and can't cut where you can and can't pinch a little bit always. So I'm really lucky that my parents have been very, very engaged and involved in sometimes that's been a huge, huge blessing. And sometimes that's been a lot of very strong opinions that not are always in a linear line. So I think that's been an interesting one. But yeah, I think that, you know, the dreaded C word. I think that COVID has definitely been an unpredictable and unplanned I, I joked with Sharon, right when all of it was starting, and we were really close to the first date. Within already had the seating chart done kind of thing is when we had to postpone and I was like, you know, my, my little type a planner, event planner, self could have could have gone for almost every contingency, I think, Sharon, I had a plan A, B, and C for just about everything. But even I can't control a worldwide pandemic. So


Michael Gaddie  6:39  

well. I know when it comes to wedding planners, and Sharon was yours, or is yours. I mean, she's been there, but with you every step of the way. And I think that plays a big part. And hopefully that took a lot of stress off yourself.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  6:52  

Yeah, absolutely. So we hired Sharon, we, we had a couple of other other vendors in place. And we went to a wedding show and met Sharon and my mom said, I don't care what the budget says, This is my gift to you and my gift to us so that we still like each other after the wedding day. And we just fell in love with Sharon. So she has a nursing background, my mom's an or nurse. So they really clicked on that. And my mom said, if it's somebody I would trust you on the operating table with I'm definitely somebody I would trust you with on wedding day, she's ready for just about everything that could come up and she can keep a smile on it and get through the day, whatever it takes. So it was definitely a unexpected blessing that I was you know, trying to be very conscientious and, and make sure at probably much to Sharon's dismay, I had almost every doll her down on that budget, there wasn't a ton of wiggle room. So I was just really excited that we were able to bring share on the team and luckily the vendors I did have in place Sharon really did feel comfortable with the team. We didn't have any flat on our face. Oh, no. Did you already sign that? Please? Please God, no,


Sharon Rumsey  7:57  

no, sign that contract.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  7:59  

We did pretty well with that. But yeah, so Sharon has been with me for almost every appointment. She's been with me through every type a wake up in the middle of the night and ask if where she's going to have the shoes place for the shoe game so I don't have to look for them that night. I've gotten a little picky. But as far as COVID goes, we talked literally, every day for two weeks leading up to we'd already had our month of pass off the book appointment, I got to put down the book and put on the veil. We were ready for it. And you've been rocking that veil for a little while. Right? I really am getting my way out of it. My girls got me a custom veil made for my first bachelorette party, which we also did a remix because


Kristina Stubblefield  8:51  

well, for those that are listening on the podcast, we actually will have video up on our YouTube channel. So fancy Clancy is here, veil and all and she even brought champagne and chocolates. And we have yet to dive into those. So we're still all safe here on this podcast. We're starting off good Wi Fi. Yeah, we're gonna pick ourselves up first.


Sharon Rumsey  9:13  

Clancy not that we want to dwell on COVID because I am so over it. But prices name prices. Yes, I'm over at Sweet Baby Jesus make it go away. But share with us a little bit because we did talk every day and just a little bit of, of the feelings of the emotional roller coaster that that brought and I remember, we just couldn't make the decision like do we cancel do we not and or postpone? We didn't cancel of course. But we're Yeah, that P


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  9:44  

word is pretty important to me. we postpone we are not canceled. I like these things that they're coming up with, see where that'll get your attention.


Sharon Rumsey  9:56  

But just share with us a little bit as a bride how that felt


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  10:01  

yeah so i guess i'll get a little analytical and then get a little feelings on it so we were so gung ho that we were doing it called the courthouse they were closing in 45 minutes my fiance is a golf professional so he was actually out helping get cars done i hate called the main office had them go find him on property and get his but the guards actually were so sweet at the courthouse they i was like he's coming i promise he'll be here they actually stood by the door and extra three minutes to let him sneak in we had the paperwork so we got our marriage license we were we were moving we the world got shut down on the 13th and we were like you know what no we're still we're doing it we posted on the 17th been made of post on facebook we are absolutely getting married no matter what and then that next day it came out that we can only have up to 10 people and for us that's not even us our parents and and just our wedding party much less all of the people in our life that are actual family and friends that might as well be family that we just couldn't imagine not having that day with so we took a deep breath we lit up on fire in our backyard it was safe it's in a fire pit we didn't burn the world down


Sharon Rumsey  11:21  

lady thought about it


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  11:24  

more than time we made it through we're still smiling today she had some alcohol to help her get through it it's probably my my nine year old man tendency is that i say that i had a cigar and a whiskey and we sat outside with the dogs in our bonfire and it was march so it's still a little chilly for bonfire really but we needed to to just be for a second and made the call to share and we put her on speakerphone and just i there's all of this emotion in this build up and you've had your shower and people are gifts are already arriving like it is done and then you just have this moment and you feel guilty with everything everyone else has going on with COVID and every other issue people just have going on their lives he feels so guilty that you're worried about one day but it's it's not one day it is the start to forever that's what everyone's goal is that's why you get married as you as you're so in love and and you want to celebrate that day and we just are so lucky that we have such a strong support system and so many people that we want to get to be part of that start for us that we we could not imagine that day being anything less than we're so excited that it's gonna be this time so we called sharon and we were i was definitely in tears i think been his allergies were definitely but so i mean we had you know i don't even think i called my family i texted my parents because i couldn't get those words out call again and i will say the best investment over the venue over the dress over the food over the open bar whatever we've done the best investment we've made is the gift that my mom gave me that sharon had to make those calls because i couldn't have i couldn't have made 14 calls to vendors and to family and to wedding party i couldn't have made that call that many times in a row and and get those words out because it's such a surreal feeling that you're at your no your highest high you're ready literally ready to walk down the aisle the shoes everything's laid out you're you're packed and and it it's gone in a second and that's it's such a surreal feeling that you just keep waiting and pinching yourself to wake up from from from the nightmare from the like what should i mean i'm joking now but i'm actually having nightmares now with my anxiety waiting for it to happen again but you truly just cannot believe that after all of the planning and the months and the conversations that it's stopped your your life pauses for a second and you really don't know where to go next and you don't know when i wouldn't have thought i just thought i needed to call people and postpone but are vendors available on the new date are your wedding party are they available on the new day is you know what all has to switch we had to send out change the dates we had to send out just all of those things that at that moment i could not get my brain to process that many things at once and so having sharon having you know the team of vendors that we were really excited to get to build and work together it was absolutely the biggest gift that that day we had you know 14 people plus our friends and family that we're all just on rsi Whatever we wanted to do to still get to have the perfect day,


Sharon Rumsey  15:02  

and it's certainly not a commercial for myself or for any other business because this, this podcast is, you know, in other countries, it's definitely nationwide. But if there has ever been an example for why you want professionals on your team, it's what Clancy just said, you know, given the last year that we've all went through the brides, the wedding professionals, you, you definitely, definitely need a team of professionals that are able to be flexible and bend and do what we need to do. And I will say that with Clancy, that's, you know, that's the one thing we had going for us is that every single vendor of hers, I call just said, Sharon, what do you want us to do? What What do we need to do? And I, you know, so, so thankful that she had the team that she had in place, and that she chose quality professionals,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  15:56  

when they had the insight to go ahead, and we're just going to send new contracts, we're going to get you exactly where you are. Because I've been really lucky that I had some newer but strong vendors that now their prices have gone up because they're more in need, they've been booked more than they really are, are picking their weddings even a little tighter than they were when I got engaged. So the fact that Sharon was able to and whoever your planner is, but the fact that you have a professional team that is ready to say, Here's Let's lock in your rate, let's lock in, here's your new day you're under contract with us, you're not just holding the date, but that we're all moving forward. We're still team bride and groom, we're still team get you married, no matter what the date is gonna say on your it whatever you get engraved with that day


Michael Gaddie  16:42  

that because she says team bride and groom because that's what Sharon always says. Now I had the honor and I have the honor to be able to do the flowers for your wedding, which is coming up. And, you know, sitting here talking to you today. I mean, over the last year we I have talked to about 130 brides that has postponed their wedding. And sitting here talking to you or not one on one, I really did not comprehend what each of you all are going through. And I mean,


Kristina Stubblefield  17:12  

no Mike to because as a business in the wedding profession, you've been through your own terms. And it's hard to step out of that.


Michael Gaddie  17:21  

I'm in my own little black tunnel trying to handle all of you at the same time, but really not putting my thoughts into what is she going through. So I'm glad we're doing this. So it's a learning experience for me


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  17:35  

as a bride. That's something we felt too, because I don't know if every bride is so lucky. But I I am very invested in and I'm a big relationship builder in my life. So it was really important I have met talk to more than once shaking hands with had a coffee or a drink whatever they prefer with each of my vendors. That's something that was really important to me that that day, that person knows me well enough that if a hiccup happens, they're like, Oh, this is how Clancy would want it. This is how Clancy would like that to be. So I we felt that as well. We had a couple of vendors that we went ahead and paid in full because they needed it that everything they do was also posed, especially, you know, I don't wanna say you're lucky but you do have some other like, you have personal florals you have, you know, bereavement florals, you have a lot of different events, but but people that just do weddings, that was a big and just like for a bride we postponed 11 months in two weeks, almost a full year. And everyone was like clean. So you do not need to wait that long that says silly like, honestly, it was less of a choice that just that was really the availability for us getting our entire venue space. We needed all the space, but I can't. I mean, my somebody we know that's easier than me trying to say my fiance's dad's girlfriend's daughter.


Unknown Speaker  19:04  

Yeah, I know, I tried to tell you it


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  19:05  

was gonna be a long one morning, that's fine. They had to postpone three different times. And they finally said, you know, it's, she was like, I cannot keep starving myself to fit into this dress for another year. So we were we were really lucky that we, you know, went ahead and made, you know, a tough decision and everyone was making tough decisions, but I can't imagine if we had tried to only postpone a month or two and I know that that's that bad. People keep saying like, what are you going to wear on your one year anniversary of two weeks to flatten the curve. I'm like, That's not funny. Some of us are still like that two weeks to flatten the curve is almost exactly my wedding day and I hope people are dressed up because that is gonna be a celebration. I'm not celebrating that stinky day, celebrating a fun day.


Sharon Rumsey  19:48  

I remember one thing that you did that I and I know other vendors really appreciated. She called me you know, after we made the decision and I had started to reach Got two vendors. And she said, I've talked to my parents, please ask everyone, each vendor if they would like us to go ahead and pay them now, if that would help them through this time, because we've already got the money set aside, we already thought we were gonna, you know, knew we were gonna have to spend it. And I know I'm gonna just be honest, I said, that would really help me. Because when you have, you know, I, I personally had nine weddings that just went right off my book, like in the in the matter of a month. And that's a lot of money going out the door. So I thought that was just so thoughts amazing of her family. And I did call vendors and several of them said, yes, if she could go and pay me, that'd be great. We made some


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  20:41  

that we just paid in half or whatever they needed to just also secure it because they were like, if if for some reason something changes, a lot of people are like, well, y'all got your marriage license, y'all went ahead and got married? I'm like, No, we didn't, we waited to have our perfect day. So we wanted to make sure that all the people that we, you know, truly labor of love with our parents and poor Ben, he walked around watching the Masters on his phone at wedding show so that I can pick out the vendors and get to meet them. I got a real good one. But you know, those are people that we really handpicked. And like I said, had that bond, I don't want to sound cheesy, but truly a bond that I absolutely trust with, you know, up to this point, one of the most important days of my life definitely up to this point. And ever, I really, that was important to Ben and I that we wanted to keep pervin I wanted my team.


Kristina Stubblefield  21:33  

And I'll tell you what it plays right into what Sharon always says, You want your a team. It's so important, regardless if COVID was here or not, because we always say it doesn't matter what's going to happen. Because we're all human, there's going to be something that probably comes up on wedding day. But that a team as Sharon says, they're there to have your back. And I think you're really honing in on a change that is happening in the world, I really believe more so with COVID is we're getting back to the human aspect of it of relationships, and that person's just not a business. They're a person. And I think that is even a more important message. What if someone's listening to this, that's not even planning their wedding? You know, that's just listening to this, there's, there's more of a message there than just about your wedding


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  22:23  

substitute in going to the amusement park going to the movies substitute in whenever it is, Are you being conscientious of the people around you? And are you taking your time to say who do I really, you know, what, at the end of the day, who do I want to experience this with and and making that the priority. And I know that, you know, we've all said the you know, you at the end of the day, you're gonna get married, and I'm so excited to marry my best friend. And at the end of the day, you're still gonna have that, but I, we want to have that day together. And for us, it was so important. Like I said, I come from a big family, being comes from not quite as large of a direct family, but family friends that that literally come to Christmas Easter like there, there are people for sure. And we couldn't imagine that day without them. So at the end of the day, yes, Ben and I are going to get to be married. But we're also going to have done things the safe way, the smart way. And we're gonna get to do that with the people that are going to get to remember that with us everyday too.


Kristina Stubblefield  23:27  

You know, we could close out the podcast with that right there. That was excellent. But we have so much more to talk about. And I know there there is more to life than COVID. But with wedding planning, I know it has been such an area of concern. So thanks for sharing that information. Because I know it's tough to keep talking about it and everything but it is part of your journey heard my story. So well. And I know the question that Mike posed, I know that that COVID is not the only hurdle that you've had to jump over go through the Ring of Fire however you want to word it. I know you've had some other stuff happen to


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  24:02  

Yeah, I


mean, what are you comfortable talking about? So I'm just gonna start this sentence with. I am so lucky that unlike a lot of Brides, my parents have been very, very, very involved. They are the sweetest people. Absolutely. Eileen and Papa Bear are coming in strong. They have gone above and beyond they set the budget but they also were very realistic. We did have a couple of hype. I want you to know this is the price every time you invite one more person and I really need that not to go against the budget that we agreed on because I was in budget on the initial list you gave me the 30 people you have now added and their dates have no put me over my food category budget. So we had a couple. Look, I want to make sure our listeners caught that her food category budget. Sharon, this right here is right up Your alley right? She sounds like she is organized.


Sharon Rumsey  25:03  

I mean, I am not ashamed to say that after she's married, she's going to work some weddings for me.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  25:07  

Right? There's no shame in that. So anyway, I'm just highlighting. That's excellent. Yeah. So we you know, went in with a plan. We knew where, you know, we were definitely we wanted comfort food over plated. My name is Clancy My mom is McCarthy. So Irish Catholic German in the local area, like we're ready to party. So we don't want to wait too long on all the alcohol


Sharon Rumsey  25:30  

budget is strong.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  25:32  

Yeah, we know that. We don't want to weigh on all the pomp and circumstance, we're ready to get to the fun with the people that we want to celebrate with. So, but we did have a couple of just like, come to Jesus moments, all around budgeting all around


Sharon Rumsey  25:48  

clancys. mom's name is Eileen, and I adore her. But you know, the song Come on, Eileen. Yeah, it's, it's already on the DJ playlist. Come on, Eileen. My first meeting with Clancy and her mom, we sit down at a coffee shop. And you know, I'm just kind of going through what the vision is for the wedding and everything. And Eileen says, and I'm wearing a tiara. And I laughed, like, that's funny, you know,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  26:15  

the white dress thing, doesn't it?


Sharon Rumsey  26:17  

Yeah. But I thought it was a joke. And I'm gonna guess your mom wasn't kidding. So we go on, we talk a little bit, but


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  26:25  

remember, this is May of 2019. Right?


Sharon Rumsey  26:29  

She's been on my book a long time.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  26:31  

But this is some context on where this story. Okay, so been two years of this conversation.


Sharon Rumsey  26:36  

So we go on a little bit and Clancy tells me about, you know, her dress and all that and that that's done and then the next meeting, come on, Eileen says, I'm still looking, I'm looking at trs. I kind of look at Clancy and I was like,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  26:51  

This Sharon's twitching at this point.


Sharon Rumsey  26:53  

I'm like, well, that's getting old. And I look at Clancy and Clancy's not happy.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  27:00  

I mean, we love you. We did. Like we do really,


Sharon Rumsey  27:04  

because she's really serious. She really thinks that she should get to wear a tiara on my wedding day. And then I'm like here comes mama share and then wedding planner red flag. We're in trouble


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  27:15  

now. Decided to clean see if you get to be the princess and I think that makes me the Queen that day did


Sharon Rumsey  27:22  

and I realized that she was dead serious y'all she wanted to wear a tear on Clancy's


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  27:28  

wedding day so boom Let's finish this story how what's the plan? I see wearing a tiara


Sharon Rumsey  27:34  

she is not


Michael Gaddie  27:35  

D is nine oh wait


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  27:36  

no no reception please when the song plays or something neither is Clancy we have Cami tonight


Sharon Rumsey  27:41  

we have nixed all two error are no longer


Unknown Speaker  27:46  

none can


Sharon Rumsey  27:46  

search for world peace we have next all


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  27:50  

we have added that. I will have a spotlight on me to come down the stairs and of the aisle that's


Sharon Rumsey  27:57  

a wedding.


Michael Gaddie  28:00  

Wow, I have to have a surprise for your mom. But


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  28:03  

you are laughing but up until a month ago. So two full years to the point that after Thanksgiving this past year. My fiance was like, I really think I've offended your mother and I was like, okay, we've been doing this for a long time. Like why are we now picking fights with Eileen, like let's not pick fights with Eileen at this point. And he was like, I just I told her that the TR thing wasn't funny and she really wasn't joking as I told you. She really wasn't joking. I really thought she was just like teasing you, too. I did too. So no, so sweet. Eileen, we got her a very fabulous dress. She is still getting her bling bling must be on her dress her moment in the light. But yeah, acknowledge


Sharon Rumsey  28:47  

her seat at the wedding.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  28:50  

She gets a talk like we've we've definitely compromised but no tear. That's a new thing on pivoting isn't it Sharon? are compromised for Papa Bear. Who really I mean, I'm very lucky that my parents are still together and feed off of each other pretty well. Papa beer and I made beer and wine growing up that was kind of like our thing. So he really wanted to incorporate that in the day, which has been tactically a little difficult on getting now liquor deliveries and homemade homemade


Sharon Rumsey  29:29  

beer and wine


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  29:31  

and some of those will be tagged in some of those will be bottled. We will have champagne on tap at the wedding though that we have homemade. So we're really excited that there's some personal touches for sure. But yeah, for getting some of these pictures


Michael Gaddie  29:46  

take pictures cuz I won't be there.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  29:50  

So yeah, we've had definitely some, some strong and I say this with absolute the most love in my heart, but some some strong parent compromises and I think we We've been lucky that our parent compromises are probably a lot more tame than what a lot of people have to go through. Because I know a lot of people when mama says something, that's what happened. So I'm pretty lucky that I'm just about as strong and talk just about as fast as Mama. So I'm probably the only one that can keep up with


Sharon Rumsey  30:17  

me mix the tear as I was trying to figure out, you know, Clancy, I love her so much because she, if you guys can't tell from this podcast, she is such a huge personality. She is just like, she just blooms. You can't be in a bad mood around Clancy because she's hilarious. But anybody that walks in our door and says, I brought chocolates and champagne. You can hang around as long as she really really does want to be a princess on her day. So since we took her tiara, she's coming down a big staircase before she meets her dad at the end of the staircase and goes down the aisle. So I was like, What if we get a theater spotlight? And I can spotlight her and so I mentioned it to her and she was all in she probably said something to the effect that she's all in before you finish your sentence. I have a few set of spotlight.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  31:10  

I was a theater kid, you can always put me in a


Sharon Rumsey  31:13  

way we have we have it reserved and it will be there and she will not wear it here. But she will be in a spotlight all the way up the aisle. That's awesome.


Kristina Stubblefield  31:21  

Now I have a question. I'd like to go back to something you mentioned. Since you were just talking about alcohol and partying. Let's talk about this. I think you called it a remake on your remake.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  31:33  

remit. Yeah, we called it so instead of part two, because we just weren't done party and for the first one. So we had our Bachelorette remix. So I have a good variety of some work friends and growing up friends, some family in my wedding party. And we did you know, Bachelorette the first time around, we went we got our house. We went out to the bars. We went out and got a fancy dinner. We went to Cincinnati today we did a fancy dinner we did a painting party. We did a really really cool walking brunch to her and God to like see a lot of different places in the city. But it was a good kind of meeting point from where all of our people were coming from. And so we did this time we just rented a house here in the local area. We had somebody come and do party Friday night for us and a


Sharon Rumsey  32:23  

party, Clancy.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  32:26  

podcast. Oh, well, okay, we'll keep going. I'm


blushing and no one else can just slip right there. No, so we did a pure romance party and I will say I didn't get to untame Eileen was present for it. So we kept


Sharon Rumsey  32:43  

Eileen it's a pure romance that's the one


Michael Gaddie  32:45  

that that dog took off with something


Sharon Rumsey  32:47  

that was a party I was


Unknown Speaker  32:51  

oh my gosh, I thought that was


Michael Gaddie  32:54  

a party thing. So sharing you do this quite often.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  32:56  

Oh, okay. So


anyways yeah, so we had a was really good time and we're not we're if you want to look up to Ryan's you go right on ahead. Thank you. Then we did the drag brunch at Borden u which is a local restaurant in the area. And then we went and got Mexican and we came back to the house and we drank and just had a really nice like girls night and I said that was my biggest thing I know I probably am a broken record but I just wanted to be around my people and I just felt like with COVID and some people have kids and some people aren't in the local area we've been trying to be really careful. I've pretty much my entire wedding party is not allowed to leave their house between now and the wedding so that no one risks catching the


Sharon Rumsey  33:45  

bubble stay in the bubble


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  33:46  

not an allergy not a cold I don't want you to have anything that day to be don't break a nail though. You're not allowed to do anything I've Yeah, bubble people is all over now. So yeah, I just wanted to like get to do something with my people. So we had a really good time. But yeah, we caught it. caught it the remix. Are you all catching this


Kristina Stubblefield  34:06  

about I really think as she was brought up and they made homemade beer and you didn't say one this is carried on she really enjoys that I


Sharon Rumsey  34:17  

finished Clancy's timeline over this past weekend and I I have a new software where the bride can collaborate on the timeline once I'm done and send me comments so I sent it to her and I had 45 comments later I sent it to her and I had you know alcohol service on site at such and such and she she's like please add in delivery for the homemade beer and wine and I was like huh never done that before. I don't know what exactly button to click to do so I had to type it in manually because there's no button for homemade homemade beer and wine but we have it


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  34:51  

she does have it down for before all the festivities start right you're gonna have Oh, we're gonna have it's gonna be a very fun weekend. Now You know, though Sharon has a rule, you cannot be hammered or we have a better term to use a hammer. You can't be feeling good, must be coherent, must be coherent to go down the aisle so minds that you've worked. You've waited a long time for this. I earned this day for sure. hours on this day, let's


not get too far in before the actual time


my bridesmaids have also we have a song and I am not allowed to be offended if they only will hand me water for 30 minutes after they play a song. Because that's my soft notification that cleans. you've stumbled over a word that was one too many glasses of champagne. We're switching to water until you feel better. Did she just say soft notification? Yes. Awesome. Yeah, I do. I'm I'm particular and excitable. Those are the words that we use. And I do not feel as though I will enjoy being told what to do that day. So we have put in some road bumps so that I don't hit a wall she offers more of a nudge. Yeah. nudge, restive nudge but but they're calling it a South match.


Sharon Rumsey  36:09  

She also not unlike the US Secret Service has asked that she and Ben be assigned codenames. Okay, so wait, what Wait,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  36:17  

where this came from? Something that just like came out of my little mind.


Sharon Rumsey  36:22  

Let's see. So


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  36:24  

Sharon was saying that because she will have a few assistants and because the DJ will have a few assistants and we're coming down the stairs. I


Sharon Rumsey  36:30  

want us to be ready. Oh,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  36:32  

there's gonna be an earpiece radios. And I think I worked in politics. Previously Hail to the Chief plays when I call my dad still that is my ringtone. So I very much felt like Secret Service should have a codename for me that day.


What are you? What about Ben?


So my code name is Iris bells. Because that's the flowers that I insist a little Clancy I needed a little green in me. So I am Irish Belle. And Ben has decided he wants to be Constantine because he thinks he's the Emperor that day.


Sharon Rumsey  37:06  

So so I get my timeline back from my DJ. And he's got all the normal things on there and hope he has the right name. He says code names. Irish Bell Constantine noted. Oh my God, that's also I get to say Irish Bell is walking.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  37:28  

I mean, I'm not mad about Constantine Constantine is missing. The lights are


on Irish bell.


Michael Gaddie  37:35  

I hope you've got this being videoed from the day would you wake up to the


photographer and videographer all day?


Because this is going to be a hump there isn't any cut outs or retakes or anything


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  37:48  

we have specifically added and we are providing additional memory cards because I said the good the bad, the ugly. I want everything you get that dad


Sharon Rumsey  37:57  

helped me,


Michael Gaddie  37:58  

Sharon. Awesome. I want to be one of your assistant that day. Okay. I'm gonna be there a little while but I'm gonna be there all night. Now.


Sharon Rumsey  38:04  

I'm never mad at


Michael Gaddie  38:06  

my calendar.


Sharon Rumsey  38:07  

I just had my little phone meeting or whatever with my assistant Rachel to talk about the next two weddings. And I was like, well, this is Clancy


Unknown Speaker  38:18  

didn't call her fancy currency.


Unknown Speaker  38:22  

Or some of our texts this week. I've just been cleaned


Sharon Rumsey  38:25  

up. She's She's two weeks out from her wedding, and has been through the wringer. And she's starting to get a little bit where like, she's planned all this for two years. And all the major planning was done. And I'm finding this with COVID brides. All their major planning has already been done. So they start getting so paranoid and looking at little bitty ditty things that they would never look at, if they had only been planning their wedding the normal 12 months. So she's had extra time to review we've had we met again with DJ we met again with our florists. Mike, we've we have went over everything and we are good to go.


Michael Gaddie  39:04  

Now correct me if I'm wrong. I know you've been you're believing listen to the ring.


Sharon Rumsey  39:11  

She's like our one listen


Michael Gaddie  39:14  

to every one of our podcast and after listening to them, you felt like Oh, man, maybe I haven't done this enough or something. So we had a little meeting with Sherry. Make sure we fill in more so I definitely did have


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  39:26  

I was going to have florals on the table and after we talked about it and with the rental companies, that's not usually something they do. So we switch that she was gonna have flower petals. I had actually booked Michael before I booked Sharon. So unfortunately Sharon did not get to come to that first appointment.


Michael Gaddie  39:44  

But I think I got scolded for that too because I probably did. I did.


Unknown Speaker  39:49  

Just like changing with it a little bit but no,


Sharon Rumsey  39:51  

I've gotten we've added let's see what we've added we've added the spotlight. We've added the monogram on the dance floor and on the fountain a And on the


Michael Gaddie  40:00  

fountain fountains pretty spicy with that on, it's gonna be good to


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  40:04  

share with our guests where you're getting married. Yes, I'm getting married at the refinery, so Jeffersonville, Indiana, your wedding and reception is going to be there. Yeah. So we're getting married in north and we're getting or having a reception in south. That was one thing that was really important to us as we were picking, we knew that we didn't want a room flip, we are going to go ahead and do our first look and most of our photos before so afterwards, which is very specified on the timeline after this week, in that we're trying to do a 30 minute or less cocktail hour if possible, the photo booth will be open but that we're really just doing our four big family photos dad side, mom's side on both sides, and then we want to just get me reception ready? We're doing you're right Upon doing a full costume change, but it's gonna feel like


Sharon Rumsey  40:53  

no joke on the timeline. I put. I don't even remember the exact times just say six hours


at photographer's discretion.


Yeah, you know, cocktail hour begins. And then it's usually 630 to 730 photos at photographers discretion, because I'm a big believer that you just hire the absolute best team you have and then you let them do what they know how to do. They're the experts. Well, I get my timeline comments back from Clancy. And she goes please note that also during this time, Clancy's hair will need to be put up Clancy will need to be bustled Clancy's. underskirt will need to be removed,


stays off and signed the marriage license with his grandparents,


Clancy shoes will need to be changed and she will need to sign the marriage license I use might be Sharon's clone,


Michael Gaddie  41:36  

I was gonna say.


And I already knew that in her mind. I knew that. But I love that you put that in.


Sharon Rumsey  41:43  

And I responded noted.


I'm getting a lot of notes lately.


That is like, what's your actual response? Would have been? Like I was gonna do that anyway?


Well, I honestly didn't know we had to put her hair up and change her shoes. So I wasn't mad about it.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  42:00  

Hey, there's a lot of commotion, the day on what I mean pieces, and to keep the boys entertained, the bartenders are going to bring over a round of drinks for them. So we're trying to do a couple personal additional touches to make sure that people are comfortable. And everyone is as happy as me that day. is so with your wedding just a couple weeks away. And you've had a lot of time to enjoy all of the planning, let's just say what are you looking most forward to? Like maybe what are your top? Oh,


Sharon Rumsey  42:31  

I love that question. That's I need that.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  42:34  

Um, so I will say some of them have have already kind of happened. So both sets of my grandparents have passed and one set of his so we are doing some interesting ways to kind of incorporate them his living grandparents are going to sign our marriage license so that they've been together over 60 years. So that's something that is kind of we think, again, that gateway piece for us and then his are they going to be able to come? Okay, great they are they're going to be able to be there. So we're really excited. And we're using two sets of my grandparents hopefully they're serving pieces and their fluids were using his other side's cake stand so we can incorporate them without doing a traditional memory tables. You


Sharon Rumsey  43:16  

thought that was kind of sad. Yeah, I


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  43:17  

just didn't I those people are going to be with everyone there that day in a different way. So we also because my mom sighs McCarthy's we do the Irish blessing, though. May the road rise up to meet you. So we incorporated the handfasting in our ceremony. So my uncle who is now the my grandpa's has kind of the patriarch of that side. He's actually going to do that reading and then read the Ecclesiastes is a quarter three shooting just not easily broken. And that's what been and I'll pull apart and have are not that we're tying the knot to start the marriage.


Sharon Rumsey  43:47  

Do you practice that? Just wedding planner? Side


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  43:48  

note? No, because I need Jerry to practice tying it. So we're going to have to practice at the rehearsal.


No pressure, Sharon, no pressure.


Sharon Rumsey  43:55  

All right. I want that go really well,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  43:58  

and I've had it go bad. Okay. Now let's go back to things that you're really, that's your top three things you're looking forward to. So my aunt Ben and I went and picked out a piece of raw edge wood and my aunt and I actually built a binge, and that's what we're using instead of a guestbook. So we'll have a piece of literally free furniture to take into our home that everyone's had a piece of on that wedding day and been able to sign so we're really excited about that. That's very unique. So I know,


Sharon Rumsey  44:27  

we will get a picture of that at the reception and make sure that we post it on our social media for you guys to see it.


Unknown Speaker  44:33  

We're gonna need her whole album


Sharon Rumsey  44:35  

painted and it's beautiful.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  44:36  

So yeah, we've definitely got some labors of love. But no, I'm really excited. I'm doing a first look with my brother and my dad and my fiance. So I'm really excited. I think those are definitely the three men in my life that are really, really important. So I'm excited to be able to have that moment with each of them and honestly, I know this sounds stupid, but I'm excited for afterwards, I want the outtake photos and I Want the video outtakes? I want that. That was like I said a few times that that's been so important to me as the people that we want to be there be there and having fun and celebrating us and celebrating with us. So I'm ready to see the celebration. I think we're doing a very last song to exit the night I think we're gonna have trouble getting people off the dance floor as it is been and I included so we're doing low places as our last song so we're doing a party jam on the way out but we're doing we've incorporated JSON LD and concert was our first date so we're actually walking into the reception to adjacent our Dean song so we're just trying to do a couple of personal touches that that mattered to us and even if no one else notices them, so I think that's the thing I'm most excited about I


Sharon Rumsey  45:42  

and that's what makes a wedding special. Like let's talk about Ben song that we had to convince him wasn't a great choice.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  45:50  

My fiance and I, we're have music on a lot in the background, but I would not say we're not like music people that's one thing I know some people don't like have this is my song. This is my dance had it in their head the lyrics really spoke to them. The only one for that was been in eyes our first dance were dancing to I don't dance by Lee Brice because that's something that like he that was kind of in our where he's like yeah, I wouldn't do this for anybody but you babe so I'd say that pretty much most of our wedding planning is I wouldn't do this for anybody but you and so that that song has been really important to us. But the rest of it we had a lot of suggest something to us a lot of flexibility. Nothing that just we had to have. So been picked out. Hero by Enrique Iglesias for the parents to walk into. And I had forgotten that we had decided that that was an instrumental. So we are at this, you know, two years later meeting with the DJ engineering, and we turned that song on and it's


Sharon Rumsey  46:58  

definitely not a parent of the day and I just looked at each other because it starts out quite breathy. Yeah. And it's a love song.


I love


the DJ. I could tell he was just kind of like, do I say something? I was like, Clancy,


Unknown Speaker  47:11  

it was my favorite. Oh, no, she's such a particular bride and we're gonna have to like Nick's last minute we're gonna send I finally


Michael Gaddie  47:24  

think that's appropriate for that.


Sharon Rumsey  47:25  

For the parents.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  47:27  

I will say the instrumental only was a little better, but we had just gone ahead and decided to Nix that. So


yeah, like


we've been really lucky though. Other than the dreaded C word. We didn't have any real major flop foe pause just like oh, no, heck no, y'all I do like


Sharon Rumsey  47:50  

we did pretty ciera and the song


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  47:53  

Yeah, that that's really it. We did. Well,


Michael Gaddie  47:55  

I don't know. I'm still worried about that tear. I think your mom should have no glass Michael's sitting at her table. My goal.


Unknown Speaker  48:04  

Oh my goodness. Hey, oh no.


Unknown Speaker  48:08  

Bless your heart if you do it. Michael will be saying Sweet Baby Jesus Bless your heart. If


Unknown Speaker  48:13  

I walk into that room.


Unknown Speaker  48:17  

Please make sure you look up the video of this because she is not joking.


Sharon Rumsey  48:21  

A little bit. Michael,


Unknown Speaker  48:23  

we have come to an agreement here Eileen and I are on the same page about don't mess with that more. You don't get to throw wrenches. Go ahead and get him under control. Michael


Sharon Rumsey  48:33  

I have spell to you.


Unknown Speaker  48:36  

Do you hear that she missed


Michael Gaddie  48:38  

a pin in her corsage or some the basil crown it


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  48:40  

that actually made me I really liked that he was really trying. I'll give it to him. So I will say Sharon switching my my dad does call me princess like that has been our thing. And so I do you think I'm still going to take one photo during our first look of him putting the TR that we had already bought on just for that moment. I


already bought one.


I've already bought three.


Michael Gaddie  49:03  

Oh, my.


Sharon Rumsey  49:05  

God only knows she bought nine different dresses and return them. So take a funny picture with your mom that day though. Yeah, we will have to Yeah, we'll


we'll take she does. Clancy does want a picture of her dad putting a tear on her because it was always their thing. But we're going to do it quietly and away from Eileen


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  49:22  

only for the first look with dad and then it's going to come off. Oh, I hope you can keep Eileen away. Sharon. Rachel, you're going to need to do that.


Sharon Rumsey  49:31  

I leave is does not take direction. Well, she she she's as strong willed as her daughter. Yeah,


Kristina Stubblefield  49:39  

I learned it somewhere. Thanks to me naturally. So exciting news. For those that are listening. Fancy. Clancy agreed before we started recording this episode, that she would come back and do a part two, a few weeks after her actual wedding. So that way she could give some perspective. divx on the podcast, not only just the planning, but also Okay. How did it go? We're hoping for Sharon's case that everything goes great, right? We're hoping here's the


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  50:16  

sweet baby Jesus be with. If not that podcast episode could be interesting, right?


Unknown Speaker  50:23  

He will not I


Sharon Rumsey  50:24  

think I have a fever.


Unknown Speaker  50:26  

Sharon always does this and people


Michael Gaddie  50:28  

are gonna make her word now.


Unknown Speaker  50:30  

Her praises. Oh my gosh, every time we forgot


Sharon Rumsey  50:33  

to tell them about what we talked about last night on the phone two weeks out from your wedding. How's your sleep? Um,


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  50:41  

I am sleeping very well. I'm just waking with terrible nightmares.


I have had two nightmares. I don't know if I want this documented on the podcast now. nervous.


Michael Gaddie  50:56  

brides all go.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  50:59  

For brides that whatever it is, that's your stress. I'm not a teeth falling out person. That's not the nightmares I have. I never stopped talking. So I'm not really worried about my teeth falling out. That's not something I need to ever keep in. But I will say I've had a thing for nightmares where I have either been bitten by a snake or had to move a snake. I have had a few where my fiance doesn't make it to the wedding. Or for some reason, usually not something like something horrific. Not like he just didn't show. Um,


but um,


thank you for explaining. Yeah, no, he he's trying to get there. Um, I am having. I mean, I said that T thing. I'm having terrible dreams that I fall and break my teeth out. Just terrible dreams where I like, fall in like borderline curb, stomp myself on a curb like walking


Sharon Rumsey  51:51  

down the sidewalk. Do I need to put a flipper in my emergency kit so we can get you.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  51:55  

I mean, maybe I've like tried not to schedule anything the week of the wedding because I'm genuinely like, because we're getting nervous to leave the house. I'm just I feel as though there is a cosmic balance. And I feel like it's leading my way. Because we've postponed a year and because of tr gate and just a few things. I feel like I've earned a little bit of good karma. But I'm also just not testing it and saving it all up for wedding day.


Michael Gaddie  52:22  

Stay away from curb.


Unknown Speaker  52:23  

Yeah, yeah.


Sharon Rumsey  52:24  

So I'm and I just want to let you know that removing touching or anything else with a snake is not in my job description. I can't do it.


Unknown Speaker  52:32  

I hate to call someone.


Sharon Rumsey  52:33  

There's I mean, we'll get Ron Ramsey to do it.


Unknown Speaker  52:36  



Unknown Speaker  52:37  

maybe Ron is my spotlight man.


Sharon Rumsey  52:40  

Of course, we very Ron, your wedding is going to be magic and epic. And all the things you have earned it you have waited. It's your team is great. And we're gonna make it happen.


Kristina Stubblefield  52:51  

I tell you what, I'm really excited about the part two, honestly, because hearing the planning, and you've been through so much, honestly so much, but to be able to hear how she was able to experience it. But when she was talking about the pictures and the video and stuff like that, she wants to relive those captured moments because I feel like she's had so much invested. Her whole team has she's been her whole.


Sharon Rumsey  53:18  

I mean, I tease Clancy a lot, because I think we're friends at this point. But she has put her whole heart and soul into planning this wedding. She knows literally every minute of this day. And she knows what she wants it to look like and how she wants it to go. And she's earned it. And it's time she has earned it.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  53:37  

Well, I'm excited to see what well, you know, my favorite three things going in? Were they my favorite three things that day, because I have a feeling that they still will be but it will become my favorite 10 things. I don't think I'll be able to narrow it down.


Kristina Stubblefield  53:48  

Right. Right. Well, and I think a message for me and Mike separate from Sharon, you know, because she's heavy into this and has been for a while I


Sharon Rumsey  53:58  

know every minute of this day.


Kristina Stubblefield  54:00  

I think a message that me and Mike can probably share with you is make sure you enjoy that day. I know you've got that timeline and it's etched in your brain, you know when and what is supposed to happen. But you've got this person who's just like you with you have been sharing on your team. She's going to make sure that nothing gets missed. And so many times we talk to people, they can't they can't remember who always there. It's like it's almost like a blur.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  54:32  

So I will say that I think I said it to you this week that I am being crazy planning because I know now that everyone like I said my vendors know exactly what Ben and I would want it to be they know exactly if something goes wrong. Here's the option we would have picked. Cher knows that she only comes to me and tells me this is how we fixed it. Not if it was wrong. And I thought we talked about some of that stuff on the park. You'll be some Stuff that probably that comes up that's handled that you never read. I didn't know. So we've had that communication and I think that's one of the reasons that Sharon and I've worked so well together because I'm not afraid to say no this is how I want it to be even if it's a little more difficult if it takes a little longer if wait takes five extra minutes. I want it to be the right way and honestly,


Sharon Rumsey  55:20  

it makes my job easier when I brides like that. I'm not miss Cleo, I can't read their minds as much as I wish I could. So when they just tell me what they want, that's easy. I can make that happen.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  55:30  

So yeah, I've got it I've got a bridesmaid that I know that she gets fancy and she'll need a task and Sharon's I'll list a task for her I've got a bridesmaid that is on Eileen duty when either one of us. Right, in our plan with this podcast episode is happening. So I think that that's one thing that we have really been an eye on our families and sharing, we've really invested in the planning. So that that day, Ben and I just get to be in the moment. So that was something that was really, really important to us. And I think I know you all say it all the time. But that's why that that 18 that team bride and groom, I truly feel like everyone on that property that day, family and friends to vendors are going to make sure that it's exactly perfect for Ben and I and that was really, really important to us. Well, I


Kristina Stubblefield  56:14  

think Mike, what she really needs to do is what Sharon always says, Put down the binder, and make sure you leave it at the door and put on that veil since it's not a


Michael Gaddie  56:27  

perfect day, no matter what promise well,


Sharon Rumsey  56:31  

and after talking to Clancy yesterday, and kind of getting even a even a better feel for how stressful this week has been. And, and you know, just kind of moving up to wedding day. I pictured after we hung out from our phone call last night just she and I on the mezzanine with nobody around. And just that moment where I get to say, look out over this room. Think about how long it's been getting here. Think of what went into this and everybody sitting down there loves you and support you. And we're going to take a minute for her to take that in and I don't give a crap if the DJ has to looper song. She's going to take a minute and take that in and just get to feel that feeling because


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  57:13  

could you all document that I'm not trying to take away from the moment. But Caitlin Clancy Can you remember to be like, hey, Sharon, do this Boomerang for your employer for now. She's always recommending that you do things they


Sharon Rumsey  57:25  

just get so rushed and so hurried and I make my bride stop. I


Unknown Speaker  57:30  

will take it in


Sharon Rumsey  57:33  

this moment. Well, and I'm young, 52 years old. And I will tell you that there is no other moment in your life, that you look around a room and everybody in that room and almost 300 people is there because they love and support you and want your happiness.


Unknown Speaker  57:47  

They're there for you and your fiance and I want really


Sharon Rumsey  57:51  

I want them to have their moment.


Michael Gaddie  57:53  

Yeah, you're lucky to have this lady here.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  57:56  

Like I said, I couldn't when mom when we I mean we definitely like added it into the budget because how much we love meeting sharing and it has been the single biggest thing where I tell everyone no invest. I'm like, go get pulled pork BBQ but get a wedding. Like whatever you need to cut. You go down you have no y'all hate it, but having somebody make your cake to make sure


Unknown Speaker  58:20  

whatever you need it.


Unknown Speaker  58:25  

You know what, it's been a couple episodes. And we're gonna have to give the disclaimer at


Unknown Speaker  58:30  

the end of the day.


Kristina Stubblefield  58:32  

All right, well, Clancy we could go honestly, on and on. And people would probably listen to the entire list how long it was because I think you've really touched on how other people probably feel out there. Maybe they don't talk about it as much. But I think you've also really given them some insight on things that they can use when planning their day. So we really appreciate you taking time to come talk to us. But we also appreciate you being probably one of our number one fans for the ring the blade.


Fancy Clancy Fulkerson  59:02  

Maybe too much like I I'm reading on Wednesday morning, I was listening to today's on my way here. I have to hear that I have to be careful when episodes are going out because this one says claims he's gonna call me


Kristina Stubblefield  59:17  

whatever sounds are hitting next Clancy's wedding, only a couple of weeks. But Sharon's, like people really do listen to me say I was like, well, you all better be careful what you say.


So I'm waiting like six episodes down the road to be like this one bride and like, Oh, dang it. I know that. All right, well, thank you so much. It has been a true pleasure. So let's pop the bottle of champagne. And


thank you. Thanks for everybody listening. As Sharon mentioned earlier, we'll have some of these pictures and stuff posted on our social media when her wedding day comes around. And again, you can catch the video on YouTube and make sure if you like what you're hearing, take Just a second and hit the subscribe button and download the episodes or if you're not planning your wedding, share it with somebody else that we always love to hear your feedback. So hit us up on our social media or visit our website, the ring, the bling, and all the things calm.


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