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April 20, 2022

Event Rentals & ALL THE THINGS to Consider with Janna Holland & Megan Jones

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Sure, you can buy your wedding linens off the internet… But should you? Need extra tables? Does your venue come with chairs? 

Don’t miss this episode! Co-hosts Kristina, Mike and Sharon had the opportunity to talk with two wedding industry rental experts, Janna Holland and Megan Jones, about what you should know and ask when coordinating rentals for your BIG day. They also discuss how rentals can save you money, stress and time over purchasing the items… and delivering them… and setting them up… and packing them up again at the end of the night! Stay tuned!

Janna Holland started in the wedding industry in 2000 doing white dove releases. Her love of the industry incorporated her expertise of event planning and coordinating which segued into her becoming ordained to preside over weddings. 

Megan Jones has served as the manager for Rivers Edge since their opening. She takes pride in ensuring all contracts are fulfilled so all their brides have a wonderful experience.

• [3:19] Sharon talks about linen rentals and how you will save if you rent over purchasing them. 
• [6:05] Megan shares that its not just about price when reserving equipment rentals for your wedding… you need to consider delivery, set-up, tear-down, etc. 
• [13:00] Megan talks about cancellation policies and understanding them before you rent equipment. 
• [24:58] Janna gets real about your dreams and expectations vs. your budget reality.

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Janna Holland & Megan Jones


Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
Sure you can buy your linens off the internet, but should you ?

Sharon Rumsey  0:04  
Need extra tables? Does your venue come with chairs?

Michael Gaddie  0:07  
Take a listen as we discuss the ins and outs of weddings and Event Rentals.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:13  
You're listening to The Ring The Bling And All The Things Podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee, down the aisle and into happily ever after. Our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between and after. Now, let's get started with this episode.

Michael Gaddie  0:53  
Hey, everyone, we are so excited. We have got two gift today from River's Edge events and rentals. We've got Megan Jones and Jana, and they're going to talk about the rentals of products that they rent and they also have a beautiful rental place that you can rent and have your wedding there. So Megan, tell us a little bit about river's edge.

Megan Jones  1:17  
So represent is located in Shepherdsville. We are just a few miles off the exit of 65. So only about a 20 minute drive from Louisville. We can accommodate up to 200 guests at our venue but we also have a full extensive rental department so tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, backdrops, bistro tables, we rent all of those out, we can deliver them, take them to the venue where you're getting married, set them up, come back at the end of the night, take it all down. You don't have to do anything.

Michael Gaddie  1:48  
And that's really important too, to talk about rentals. I know Sharon does a lot of rentals, how important it is, you know, a lot of brides and moms will say, oh, we'll purchase those linens ourself. I get so tired of hearing that because they rent them or they purchase them online. But they don't realize that they've got to iron them. They've got to put them out, they've got to take them back. They've got to clean them. Sometimes I'll just throw them away. But how easy is it for you all just to tell them what color they want? And you all deliver it and set it up and clean them and everything?

Megan Jones  2:24  
Absolutely. So it's funny you say that we actually had a bride that we signed a contract with four weeks ago, they were using us only for outdoor chairs. Because they bought their linens off the internet. And I tried to explain to the customer, you know, it's a lot to steam those linens. And you can't just pull out an iron out of the closet and not iron them. Yeah, it has to be a steamer. She was like, Well, I'm just gonna take them to the venue we get to go in the day before I'm going to steam them while they're on the table. I was like this is not a good idea. But you know, whatever works,

Michael Gaddie  3:03  
live and learn. So do

Megan Jones  3:04  
you know that she ended up actually calling me the week of the wedding. With 30 tablecloths that needed to be steamed. I let her drop them off. She paid for us to stay mum, she would have saved money if she had just rented them from us in the first place.

Sharon Rumsey  3:19  
I always talk my clients out of purchasing napkins, linens any of that stuff on their own, because they don't realize they can iron them. They they think they can or their grandma. It's always my grandma can do anything with laundry, but she can't get those wrinkles out of those linens. And just the ease of you guys bringing them placing them and coming back to get them. Yes. And I know like if you purchase those and you plan I have a lot of brides that say well, I'm gonna resell them. Well, they don't take into account that it's going to cost. I know when I do a bridal show, I have my own linens and I pay $18 a tablecloth just for it to be pressed. So you're gonna have to get those linens clean before you resell them. So if you start adding all that up, you're gonna live

Michael Gaddie  4:01  
in the home.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:03  
You're not even taking in consideration the time involved in all of that. You would

Michael Gaddie  4:08  
be surprised how many weddings I have showed up at and they've taken them right out of the bag, put them on the table. And the same way with

Kristina Stubblefield  4:18  
Megan starting to twitch.

Megan Jones  4:20  
I would not be surprised

Michael Gaddie  4:20  
it does. It happens.

Megan Jones  4:23  
We have a lot of people that all just use us for backdrops or outdoor chairs. And we talk to them. When they come in. They set up an appointment. We ask them all the questions Who are your vendors? You know, where's your caterer providing linens? You know, if you're getting a photo booth, are they providing linens for it? You would be so shocked at how many times they say oh no, we've got that under control. We we know somebody and then I'll go the day have to deliver what they learned from us and I look around the room and think they've spent all this money from what they got from us. They spent all this money for the venue but they didn't take care of their tables. and their centerpieces. The way that it ruins the whole does. It does. Or they decide not to. Not to have charger plates. No charger plates are such a cheap way to really make your table stand out. And you go in and there's just a little bitty centerpiece sitting in the middle of the table with nothing else when you can add a charger plate and a napkin, fairly inexpensive. And it just I

Sharon Rumsey  5:29  
really dress it up.

Michael Gaddie  5:30  
Yes. So do you rent charge your plates? Also, do you have all colors? I have

Megan Jones  5:34  
red, silver and gold in stock. Those are the most popular colors. The red came in at Christmas time. Most of our brides pick either silver or gold. But if they needed a different color we would order him in. That's interesting.

Sharon Rumsey  5:50  
So Megan, if I'm a couple, maybe I don't have a wedding planner. And I'm needing to rent some tables, some linens. What do you guys think, are the questions I should ask that rental company before I decide who to go with, it's not all just about the price.

Megan Jones  6:05  
It's not all about the price. A lot of it is about your setup and delivery and your teardown. There are a lot of companies that are rental companies and they do a phenomenal job with that. But they do tailgate drop off only, they don't come in and make sure your linens are put on properly that they're even on the tables. They charge extra fees to come back and take them down. At the end of the night when I sit down with the bride or Jana sits down with abroad we get all the information that so that we can give them an accurate quote of exactly what it's going to cost for their event. So if we need to come back at midnight, down to their venue and take it down, we've got all of that configured in and there's no hidden extra charges.

Sharon Rumsey  6:47  
I know you guys just did that for me. The couple of weeks ago, I had a wedding. And this venue does not offer cocktail tables. And my bride was having a cocktail hour. And I was able to rent the tables from river's edge. And it was a lot less expensive than renting through the caterer because we've cut out that middleman. And we were able to rent them. Your people came in, they set them up, they place the linens, they came back that night and got them. It was the easiest, nicest experience and the sweetest people. I think that's really important, though, because a lot of times people don't consider who's going to pick up. Same thing with florals. I know Mike has dealt with they don't consider who's going to pick up that stuff at the end of the night.

Michael Gaddie  7:31  
Well, I wish that just by couples listening to this podcast, you know, knowing how much money you can save just by going ahead and renting the product. Because they don't know and we say this quite often. You don't know what you don't know.

Sharon Rumsey  7:51  
Well, not only saving money, but the stress of it. You know, because I always hear I'm going to rent my own linens because it's a lot cheaper. So we've talked about the cleaning them. We've talked about that you can't press them. Let's talk about who's going to put them on. My mom's gonna do it. Well, your mom's gonna be in hair and makeup, who's going to put them on? My caterer is going to do it? Well, they're going to charge you extra for that. Oh, and

Michael Gaddie  8:15  
the caterers don't show up until two hours before.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:18  
So how would you design people? florists is going to show up. Bob can keep going

Sharon Rumsey  8:24  
that just happened to us. Tom, I can say hey, I'm sorry, the linens aren't on yet. I'm going to push you back a little bit. Because there's just a whole lot that goes into a wedding day timeline that if you don't do this for a living, you don't know, a florist cannot come and play centerpieces until your linens are on. You know, you can't place chargers until your linens are on. So and then at the end of the night when everybody's had a few drinks, and everybody's exhausted. Who's going to take those linens and who's going to make sure that they get home but now you got to get in put in bags and stuff. And not only get Carthago I had a very good friend and she insisted on doing her linens for her daughter's wedding. I'm sorry, Sherry for listening. Very good friend. And at the end of the night, she was so tired. She put all our linens in these huge garbage bags. And she was going to resell them. And I said you don't want to do that. Open up three days later, mold, mildew, they all got thrown in the trash, hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of linens. So I think we Megan's heard this

Kristina Stubblefield  9:23  
before. Oh, it's her over there shaking her head

Megan Jones  9:26  
all the time. And the other thing to think about so yes. It's wonderful when a bride has a wedding planner, to plan all the things. That's not always the case. Sure. So when we meet with our brides, we ask very specific questions when they start talking about oh, we need you to deliver him. Okay, what time is your florist coming to put centerpieces on? Because you can't have Mike come in at 10 o'clock and me come in at one o'clock. It doesn't doesn't work that way. Anything

Sharon Rumsey  9:55  
with the cake I have to coordinate when the florist is coming to when the cake is coming because the cake has flowers. So much to it.

Megan Jones  10:01  
And a lot of people don't think about, yes, obviously, there's a fee for us to come in and deliver everything and set everything up. We did a wedding this past weekend for 250, outdoor chairs. And a lot of people don't think they did pay for us to do all the delivery and setup. But a lot of people think, Oh, well, if you can just drop them off, and remind them, that's fine. We can do tilgate drop off and you can be responsible for the setup. But keep in mind, if it's drizzling on your wedding day, somebody has to go wipe them off before the ceremony. At the end of the night, somebody has to take them all down, take them back to the load insight. Stack them all back up and stocks of 20

Sharon Rumsey  10:42  
That's a hell no.

Kristina Stubblefield  10:44  
I mean, really tell the show. I'm not Wow,

Megan Jones  10:47  
why is that stress on yourself? When we can just come and we're in and

Sharon Rumsey  10:53  
out. Sometimes people are afraid of how much it's going to cost. But if they really look into it, it's not near as much as what they're imagining in their head, it's going to be that's why I always tell my couples just let me price it just let me quote it

Kristina Stubblefield  11:06  
because you don't know what you don't know. And it's really worth doing their research on because like you're saying, you got people I feel like when I deal with, it's not just the item. There are other things tied to that, like your time that you have invested in planning this wedding, there's a lot of moving pieces, whether you're using a planner or not. And I'm sorry, but time is money time has you have to take time away from your family time away from your fiance time away from something

Sharon Rumsey  11:39  
well, and not only that, but when you're dealing with a rental company like Megan and Jana, they do this every weekend. They know what they're doing. If you if I just say hey, you too groomsmen, I think you're the cutest. So you go set up all those wedding chairs, I'll be on there straight chair, they're gonna be willy nilly, half of them are not gonna be, they'll be inside out. You don't think they're gonna be even right. But if you get

Kristina Stubblefield  12:02  
is not have faith.

Sharon Rumsey  12:04  
Same thing with the linens. It's a truth though. If you don't know how to steam, a linen, it's still gonna be wrinkled. When you're done. Like, you're not getting it back on the hanger. Once again, what we drive home all the time is hire professionals, vendors.

Michael Gaddie  12:18  
So Megan, when it comes to your chairs, do you have a few different ones to choose from or

Megan Jones  12:26  
so I have the white resin padded chairs for outdoor ceremonies. And then we do also have now these are used a lot at weddings with chair covers and sashes. We have the white plastic folding chairs that we also have the chair covers and sashes to go for.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:44  
So for somebody that is maybe needing to rent chairs would would. Is there any questions that they should be prepared to ask or that they should ask? Because we have listeners from all over including other countries? So is there any tips on that kind of thing?

Megan Jones  13:00  
The biggest question upfront to ask is what is the cancellation policy? I have a lot of people that don't realize if it rains on their wedding day, and they don't need the chairs. You mean they have to pay, they still have to pay rights because they hadn't gone to that event. And I could have I could have said them out yet. Well, and I could have said oh, you know what, I'm not going to rent them to somebody that's getting married outside. I'm going to wait for somebody that needs them for indoors and just not let him be available. But when you rent chairs, you rent them rain or shine. And we were out this last Saturday morning. And I say we It wasn't we it was my lovely team of people that always go and do our setups. They had their rain boots and raincoats on and it wasn't Jana Jana is lucky enough to get to do the setups at river's edge for a lot of our events there. I don't send her out in the rain her her hair. But I mean, they were out there with their rain boots and raincoats on setting up the chairs, getting them all ready making sure that the wedding planner of the day knew that they were there. They were ready. They're going to make sure that you come and inspect it before they leave, make sure you're happy with it. But also to remind Hey, right before the ceremony, somebody will need to wipe them down and get them dry. Because I mean it was raining and that Brad wanted an outdoor wedding and she got an outdoor wedding

Kristina Stubblefield  14:23  
that's really important about the cancellation policy. Sharon, I know you talk a lot about contracts and things. So that's really important about and I would assume that the same would go any type of rentals. Yeah, make sure you read your contract and know what you're signing.

Sharon Rumsey  14:37  
One of the questions that I would ask if I were representing one of my clients about chairs is always the cushion because you might have the prettiest chivari fancy chair in the world. But if it's got some raggedy nasty cushion on it, that's on wedding 300 and stained and Hickey you've ruined the chair so I always Wanna see the cushion?

Megan Jones  15:01  
Yes. And I don't we don't have chivari chairs. Most of the places that we've been as guests and or in the rental world of things and going and setting up in other locations, they are hard to keep clean. Yeah, they are. You can have a gorgeous venue. And then you go to sit down. And there's chocolate stains, yes,

Sharon Rumsey  15:23  
or, or wine or whatever believer in the vinyl seat cushions that can be wiped out Harz

Megan Jones  15:29  
or vinyl and they are white. And we do have a lovely job that everybody loves to do. I'm pretty sure one of my staff members was cussing at me, if you want to go, because we bring all of our chairs inside and hand clean them as needed. I would not want that job. Yeah, it's not great.

Michael Gaddie  15:51  
Well, in earlier years, I was into Brinton chairs and chair covers and linens and all that. Well, I got out of that. No, no, I'm done with that. But one of the questions and this is maybe a way off the wall. One of the questions that I got asked most of all, was, how much weight? Does a chair hold?

Megan Jones  16:15  
Just had that question. Every chair is different for weight limits. Our chairs are supposed to hold up to 400 pounds. That is per the manufacturer that we order them from. We do get asked that

Michael Gaddie  16:34  
that wasn't the number one question that people would ask me. Yeah,

Megan Jones  16:39  
well, there is. Mike, there's this wonderful thing called Google Sheeran.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:47  
That is why he got out. Said he does not do that anymore. Go

Megan Jones  16:52  
ahead. Yeah, you can Google it. But yes, or you can ask the rental company, you can ask the rental company, they're gonna know and one of my employees got the phone call the other day. And I was in a training class. And she said, I need to know what Wait are chairs can hold and I responded Google like that. That is a question that's asked. Um, a lot of other questions that a lot of people don't realize is what is a charger plate? I eat off that. Do I throw it away when I'm done? If I see you throwing away a charger plate, I am not going to be happy. Because they're not disposable. I have seen you shouldn't eat off of them

Sharon Rumsey  17:35  
almost every decorative piece right? Every time I I have a buffet meal and charger plates on the table. I actually used to like make a little bit with Rachel, my assistant that we would see somebody take their charger plate to the buffet because they think that's their plate.

Megan Jones  17:53  
Yes. And a good caterer will say Oh, I'm sorry. I'll take this back to your slot right in them. Yeah, a real place.

Sharon Rumsey  18:04  
It happens every time.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:06  
Okay, so what about other rentals? Like so again, people all over listening, what are you can share with us your top questions you get asked in regards to other rentals or information you'd want to share because I know you also rent centerpieces, different things like

Megan Jones  18:22  
that. So we do have in stock centerpieces that are at a flat rate. Or if you Pinterest, man these brides in their Pinterest,

Kristina Stubblefield  18:34  
like she sounds like where you were a few years ago.

Megan Jones  18:38  
You know, they come in with these pictures and they think oh, I'm just going to I'm going to go and I'm going to talk to Janet river's edge and I'm going to show her this picture and she's going to rip me the centerpiece for like $5 but it costs $80 to buy the things to make your centerpiece. So centerpieces are one of those things that every bride thinks also I can dry it. Again. What are you going to do with it when you're done?

Kristina Stubblefield  19:03  
Somebody's got to take it there. Somebody's got to load it up as you're not going to too many times and it's got to go in someone's car. Yeah, I'm sorry. But that comes up a lot. Who who has a vehicle for this stuff to fit in

Megan Jones  19:15  
and you have to clean it. You can't go clean a store and buy a mirror towel and throw it on a table. You have to clean it before you put it on the table. I

Michael Gaddie  19:23  
have learned something over the past couple of years but and spicy was Sharon love you love you more. We had this bride that rented out you know had all of her stuff and

Sharon Rumsey  19:35  
she DIY did all the while.

Michael Gaddie  19:37  
Every bit of it Dee Dee whatever did it all of herself brought it to me and wanted me to put it up from that day. I have not done that since and I'm not going to do it ever again. But when they bring it to me all my career they bring me a whole band load pillow stuff. The glasses dirty land turns out to be put together. I mean, all this stuff I'm thinking, No way ever again this

Sharon Rumsey  20:05  
particular bride she had had to, she had to change her wedding day she had to postpone. So in the interim they had stored all of their centerpieces and everything and her parents barn.

Michael Gaddie  20:16  
So now you can imagine what they look like.

Sharon Rumsey  20:19  
There were some spiders and spider eggs and I did get a phone call from my

Michael Gaddie  20:25  
page, like eight hours to clean and put together these contraptions in boxes. Never again shared but

Kristina Stubblefield  20:35  
it did turn out beautiful. Amazing. Yeah, great.

Megan Jones  20:40  
And I love DIY brides. When they do it themselves. wholeheartedly.

Sharon Rumsey  20:47  
Bring it on, they bring their tea on wedding day, right? The price tag still on the glass? Yeah.

Megan Jones  20:53  
And I've had so years ago, we would allow and we still do like if you want to bring in your own stuff, you can bring in your own centerpieces, you do have to use our linens at our venue because it's a direct reflection on the venue when somebody comes in and there's dog hair, all over the linen like that. I'm not okay with that. Right? But if you want to bring in your own centrepiece, you can years ago, we didn't offer that many centerpieces, when we very first opened the first two years, we didn't have a huge selection. And I had somebody bring in centerpieces with the labels and tags still on them. And I started going around and taking them off. And I got yelled at, because they were taking them all back the next day.

Kristina Stubblefield  21:38  
Okay, so we're gonna

Michael Gaddie  21:39  
answer the next another.

Kristina Stubblefield  21:44  
We don't have anything to say about that. We're just gonna leave that there. Megan, when you we talk about rentals, tables, chairs, linens, anything like that? How far out? Should someone go? Go visit to pick stuff out or see if it's going to work for them? House? How far out in advance?

Megan Jones  22:07  
I love when a bride comes to me a good nine to 12 months out?

Kristina Stubblefield  22:11  
Well, I bet you do. I love it. Right?

Megan Jones  22:15  
Yes. And then where do you usually see your brother come and typically I would see three to six months out this year has been a little bit of a different animal. I have brides calling me for their weddings there in two to three weeks.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:30  
You know what you're not the only person to say some about that because somebody else said to I don't remember if we were together or not, that they had both ends of the spectrum way far out, not even about rentals, way far out. And real close to total different ends of the spectrum.

Megan Jones  22:48  
And I think realistically, if you were abroad and you're planning your wedding, do not wait two to three weeks out from your wedding to get outdoor chairs reserved. Do not wait two to three weeks out

Sharon Rumsey  22:58  
your wedding. Wonder if they're not available. Yeah, I

Megan Jones  23:00  
mean, that's what's happened to most places there. Especially like in the tent industry this year. Tents are not available, you cannot

Sharon Rumsey  23:07  
get a tent, especially when

Kristina Stubblefield  23:09  
you're in seasons that you know, you know that you're safer to have outdoor events. I don't even know if that's the right way to say it. But they're going to be more popular in spring, summer and fall than they are winter. And with what is going on in the wedding industry. Things aren't as readily available. Just like dates aren't

Megan Jones  23:30  
an order in if a bride comes to me and they need a specific color and I don't have it in stock order it. The downfall is you can't always get everything right now.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:41  
Right? Well in shipping, sometimes shipping it has been delayed. Yes, shipping

Megan Jones  23:44  
is more delayed. Or if you wait, you know, unfortunately, if if you wait to the last minute to tell me what you want. And I have to pay an expedited shipping fee. You're gonna have to pay the expedited shipping fee. I can't pay that out of pocket. I love it when brides come at least three to six months out for rentals.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:04  
Are there anything that in regards to rentals else that you would share? I know we've gotten off on a few other subjects. But in regards to just top tips or information.

Megan Jones  24:21  
No, you haven't said anything this whole time. She's been saying over and over there. hogging the mic is she's the one with like, the great personality.

Janna Holland  24:30  
I'll just address that question about how much weight does a chair hold? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could

Kristina Stubblefield  24:39  
pull that microphone? That microphone on over there? Right. Go ahead, pull it up there where you get more comfortable. Yeah,

Janna Holland  24:44  
I'm comfortable. Okay.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:45  
Excuse us, Megan. Yeah. Dana. Yeah. What is one tip you would share out there to somebody that just got engaged no matter where they're located. Now if they're in Louisville, Kentucky awesome. What would you share with them?

Janna Holland  24:58  
Share this point. Wait, specifically. Now in a be funny, seriously, the first thing you need to think about is if you're with the right person, that that is the truth. That's the first thing. I'm 37 years in and I've asked myself that question almost on the daily but I feel like I'm too far and now to make a move, that's okay. Bob won't be listening to this. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what kind of wedding do I want? How much money do I have? I like Princess Diana's wedding. But am I more apt to have something more in the courthouse range? Probably. You need to be honest with yourself. Don't lie to yourself. And if you think you have 300 for Instant Buy, you really don't. You don't have that many people. I mean, be honest with yourself. It hurts your own feelings. But be honest, Sweet baby

Kristina Stubblefield  25:48  
Jesus all say, unfortunately, where are you been? Hard net.

Janna Holland  25:52  
I'm right here. I'm trying to figure out what the woodchucks doing.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:00  
You know what, yeah. Do they get to talk to you when they come to Riverside? Yes, they do. They do.

Janna Holland  26:05  
Yes, they do. Yes.

Okay, these are and they come back to you. And they asked for me specifically.

Sharon Rumsey  26:13  
Because you love on him. I bet, don't you? Oh, heck yeah.

Janna Holland  26:17  
And I officiate a lot of the weddings. And I talked to him like my babies. I talked to him like my kids, and we're all crying by the end of it. So

Kristina Stubblefield  26:24  
what is one of your favorite things? And Megan, you can answer this to about weddings.

Janna Holland  26:29  
My favorite thing about a wedding is it's somebody's love story in action. I'm able to see a chapter of life unfold before me. That's amazing. It's a beautiful thing. That's good.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:41  
Megan, what's your favorite part?

Megan Jones  26:44  
How do I follow up after that? Well, you just got to own it. And that was a good answer. So really, in all honesty, and I don't get to see this a lot anymore. Because I've been with River's Edge and managing since day one. I don't work a lot of nights and weekends. But the few times that I get to see abroad, I know Isn't that insane? I have the most amazing like the owner of our company. It's amazing. And I don't have to work nights and weekends. Except when I do wedding shows. I do a lot of wedding shows. When you sit down with a bride and groom and you sign the contract with them, and then you do actually get to see date of it all come to life all

Kristina Stubblefield  27:22  
come to fruition. Yeah,

Sharon Rumsey  27:24  
all that hard work on hours and hours and hours

Megan Jones  27:27  
and hours of steaming linens. Again, not me personally, my lovely ladies in the back. And now don't make Jane esteem Jana doesn't have to seem

Janna Holland  27:34  
Jana doesn't know how you can have the best equipment. But if you don't have somebody that can operate that equipment, you might as well buy your linens. My husband even errands his own clothes. Back to you, Megan.

Kristina Stubblefield  27:50  
I mean, wow. Mike, you had another question?

Sharon Rumsey  27:56  
You don't remember?

Kristina Stubblefield  27:59  
Okay. Let's go back to Janna. Is there anything you would add to what Megan said about tips with rentals, or anything like that, that she didn't say?

Sharon Rumsey  28:09  
Like, what should they be asking?

Janna Holland  28:10  
What should they be asking? They need to be in the reality of wondering where their people are going to sit and how much they can spend. And they need to be honest about the venue they're at, they need to know if they're going to have chairs at that venue, a lot of venues don't have the chairs. So they need to find all that out if they're at a venue that really doesn't offer everything. So they need to be completely sure of what's being offered what they're going to need. And when they come in to talk to us about their rentals, they need to see the whole picture, they don't need to, like try to see part of it like for the ceremony, they need to see the reception in their minds, they need to know that they're going to need linens are going to need chairs, they're going to need napkins are going to need chargers, whatever their vision is, they need to be honest with it. But they also need to be honest with their budget. And the budget is the most lot about thing. When you're talking to a bride about planning their day, they see the vision of grandeur, and they're really their pockets are so empty.

Kristina Stubblefield  29:08  
That you know, we've talked about budget a lot. And honestly how she's saying it is just the honesty of and that's

Janna Holland  29:15  
what I always tell him you're not going to hurt my feelings by telling me what your budget is. I would rather try to make it happen because

Sharon Rumsey  29:21  
my once I'm booked, and we have our initial not consultation, but the first planning meeting, I always want to dive into budget and they're always like, can we talk about that later? And no, we can't. station I can't do anything until I know what we've got. You can't you can tell me x or you can tell me way up here with y

Janna Holland  29:43  
and then I can tell you can eliminate it. Nobody else

Sharon Rumsey  29:47  
will have a beautiful wedding. Yes,

Michael Gaddie  29:48  
exactly. That's the way I do my contracts. I put everything on my contract that they want. Yes. Can they afford it? Sometimes they can. Sometimes they can't. But at the end I'll turn it around and say, Okay, I don't even ask them before to and cheering can tell you this. I don't ever ask what their budget is until after now we're sharing cheating. I usually know what her brides are. But 90% of them, they'll come to me and say, at the end, I'll say, so what's your budget? Do? Well, I asked them, Do you have a budget? And I say, just tell me yes or no. Don't tell me the dollar amount. And I want to see how close I am. When I turn it around. Okay, it's $3,000. Well, my budget was $2,000. Okay, what on here? Do you want to eliminate what's most important, what's most important to you? And sometimes, they will keep everything on there because that's what the daughter wants. And mom says, Oh, honey, it's okay. That somewhere else, or they'll say, Okay, let's lose this because this is not important. So my main thing is, I want to work within their budget, but you've got to be realistic about it and your

Janna Holland  30:55  
budget does not ruin your day, you should be able to feel like a princess, no matter what your budget dictates. It's a it's a state of mind. It's not really what you have there. It's the persona that you feel in your heart. On your wedding day budget is not a nasty word. You know, it's the B word, but it's not nest. We do say that get five over here. Yeah, it's true.

Kristina Stubblefield  31:18  
Okay. So I would like to ask you any other questions, because I want to Jana, will you share with our audience all about River's Edge, what you all have to offer? Because I know, I know, you offer more than venue and rentals. So take it away.

Janna Holland  31:40  
So it River's Edge. Yes, we have a beautiful rental apartment a gorgeous venue. And we do have a grand package. But we also have something that's called Pop goes the wedding and also extreme pop up Friday night. And what we've done is we've created a package to give a bride and all inclusive package to give her everything that she needs for her wedding day. I mean, from linens, decor, DJ officiant coordinator, cake, and cupcakes, all condensed in one price. We are partnered with Shaq in the back is our caterer of choice. And we have a wonderful time. So if your budget is less than what you think it needs to be, or you can't have a great day, trust me, you can we can make it happen.

Do not go to the courthouse.

No, there's one

Kristina Stubblefield  32:24  
thing I thought about when I saw your all's package about that you were given people an experience of versus Yes, for whatever reason, maybe something's come up, and they've got to get married very quickly. And they can't. That's just what they need you. So I think it's great that you all offer that. Will you also share what else you offer? I know that you're

Janna Holland  32:43  
smart. Okay, we do white dev release as well. And if you've never experienced a white devil release on a funeral site or a wedding site, then you've truly missed out it is the most beautiful symbolism of unity. As the two white doves are released out of a heart shaped basket, it gives that opportunity for the bride and groom to actually see the picture of nature is so beautiful in itself, because the doves will not fly separately, they fly together, they follow each other. They prepare for life, if we only knew how much that we can learn from just these elements that the devil represents. So they're, they're beautiful for a wedding. Absolutely gorgeous. And we do offer that in house at river's edge.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:24  
So I did not know that

Michael Gaddie  33:26  
that's amazing.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:27  
I have an inside scoop,

Megan Jones  33:28  
it will give you a cold chill. Literally, every time she does a dove release the hairs on my arm stand up. Like I cannot wait to

Kristina Stubblefield  33:37  
see it in person. The other thing that I will say I've been fortunate to be out to their venue and the opportunities that you offer for showers, birthday parties, anniversaries. Other thing I know we mainly talk about weddings, but you have great spaces, even an outdoor area to have your ceremony you offer a lot. So I've felt fortunate to be able to see that and really, really pretty Absolutely it is we actually

Megan Jones  34:07  
just booked our first barbecue. There's a group of about 20 guys that are coming together and they're gonna hang out outside with some tables and chairs. And they're going to bring a grill and they're gonna barbecue and just spend an evening hanging out with the guys. That's awesome.

Kristina Stubblefield  34:24  
Well in the to add on to what I was saying I always forget the name of it, but I believe you call it the hearth room. Yes. And you can go on their website or their social media to see pictures of that space. I've seen some different events there and chap salutely. Breathtaking so thank you so much for coming on to share information show you so man, thank you real quick before we go if you're listening to this and you know I mean Megan did a great job but Jana and all her personality. Make sure you check out our YouTube channel. Gina. Look right there. Right there and wave Adam. This is Jana. And there is Megan, thank you all so much for being here to share some great information about rentals. Sharon, I know it's a topic that we've talked about a lot and how important it is for people's weddings, showers and other events. So thank you for your time. Mike,

Michael Gaddie  35:16  
thank you so much for being here. Love you, girls,

Kristina Stubblefield  35:18  
all of our listeners, if you've liked what you've heard, we hope that you subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. And Mike, what do we like our listeners? We'd

Michael Gaddie  35:26  
love to see a five No, a glowing five star review. That's right,

Kristina Stubblefield  35:31  
Sharon, I'll let you close this one

Sharon Rumsey  35:33  
out. Guys, we appreciate you so much. Thank you for coming on Reynolds is a huge part of what I do. So I'm happy to know you and share a client's with you and we just appreciate you for being here. Thank you.

Kristina Stubblefield  35:53  
Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things. If you liked what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe or follow button on your favorite podcast platform to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, where you can join our email list and get notifications about new episodes and other information. You can also follow us on your favorite social media platforms.

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Janna Holland

Janna Holland started in the wedding industry in 2000 doing white dove releases. Her love of the industry incorporated her expertise of event planning and coordinating which segued into her becoming ordained to preside over weddings.

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Megan Jones has served as the manager for Rivers Edge since their opening. She takes pride in ensuring all contracts are fulfilled so all their brides have a wonderful experience.