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May 16, 2022

Educate, Inspire & Entertain Your Following To Book More Events with Brandee Gaar

Every purchase in the wedding industry is an emotional one. Your future clients need to know about you and love you to choose you. How do you capture the attention of your future clients and keep your current ones interested? VISIBILITY! One of the 6 core competencies that any healthy business owner needs is VISIBILITY! Stay tuned as Kristina sits down with 15-year veteran wedding planner and social media super user, Brandee Gaar to discuss consistent, cohesive social media messaging that educates, inspires, and entertains your following so you are visible where it counts, chosen over the competition and book more events!

• [07:14] Brandee talks about one of the 6 core competencies that all healthy business owners need to have.
• [8:48] Kristina talks about how many business owners forget that social media allows you to connects with people.
• [10:25] Brandee “And to be honest, unless you're Apple or Nike, people aren't buying your brand they want to buy from you especially in the wedding industry.  They need to love you and know you and know about you.”
• [15:26] Kristina talks about creating vendor relationships. 

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
No more excuses to be considered, you have to be consistent when it comes to visibility on social media. If you aren't taking the spotlight, it's likely shining on someone else. Tune in to this episode to hear my own recent experience from excuses to showing up and getting organic results. You're listening to a business booster episode of the ring doubling and all the things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. I'm a technology consultant, marketing strategist, business coach, and in the past a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing impactful, easy to implement solutions and strategies for efficient workflow and business growth. Now, let's dive in to this episode. I can't even tell my audience right now how excited I am to have this special guest on the guests I'm talking about is Brandee Garr, thank you so much for joining me. I really appreciate it. I want to tell you all. First of all, if you do not follow her podcast, I really encourage you to do so. Brandee is probably known as a mentor in the wedding industry. She's a coach, and she's also the host of the wedding pro CEO podcast, Brandee, I cannot do your introduction justice. I'm gonna let you tell my listeners a little bit about yourself.

Brandee Gaar  1:37  
Oh my gosh, Kristina, I am so excited to be here. And I feel like we've become like, best friends. Just in the few minutes. We've gotten to talk over the last week or so. So thank you so much. First of all, for having me. I cannot wait to talk all about reels today. But I am actually a wedding planner in Orlando, Florida. And I have had my company Blush by Brandee Garr for 15 years now, which sounds crazy. That's also incredible. Well, thank you it. You know, I always think does that make me sound old or wise? I'm not sure. But

Kristina Stubblefield  2:09  
I'm gonna go with ya. Okay,

Brandee Gaar  2:11  
I appreciate that. We'll take it. But so yeah, I have had that business, we have a team of six. And it's been really, really fun kind of just building that my husband quit his job 10 years ago now, and he works full time with our company as well. And, you know, my dream was always to build a business that I really didn't have to spend a lot of time being involved in. By the time, my three girls were teenagers. And two of them are now teenagers, I have a 16 year old, a 13 year old and a 10 year old. And I started my business when my oldest was one. And so I feel like you know, in that hustle stage of your business, it's like, wow, you're you just are in it, you're, you're just going 100 miles a minute, right. And so being a young mom and building a business, I feel like I missed out on a lot that my girls did when they were little but to reap the rewards now. And so I've built a business that really requires less than a couple hours a week from me, on, you know, to oversee it, I have an incredible team that we've built. And now I am fully involved with my girls. And you know, I don't know if you guys have teenagers, but that feeling of when they walk in the bedroom, and they just want to start talking, you know, 11-12 o'clock at night and you're like, wow, okay, now's when you want to talk. Okay, so I feel like that's a really, really important piece for me of defining what success was to me. And so yeah, so I'm really proud of what we've built. And now I teach other wedding industry entrepreneurs how to scale a profitable business that they love. So really, to help them define what success looks like for them to be able to take a full time salary from it possibly to retire their spouse and have their spouse come on with them, whatever that looks like for them. But that's I'm super passionate about helping wedding pros stop with the overwhelm. You know, like we can build businesses that align with life that we love and still be profitable. So that's what I'm passionate about.

Kristina Stubblefield  4:17  
There's so many messages and what you just said. I personally heard at least another two episodes that I'm gonna have to have you back on. It'll be hard to stick to today's topic. But on behalf of my listeners, thank you very much for taking time to share with us your knowledge and for the listeners out there. Like with that intro we're really going to be talking about Instagram. And we are because that is what really drew me in to brandy. I was introduced to brandies brand, by a friend of mine you all probably know her the co host on Wednesdays Sharon who we have had these conversations. And where they come back to is consistency. Yep. The not the topic between us being consistency. But because you were consistent. You were top of mind. And that's how I was first introduced to you and your brand. And I got drawn into your podcast. I think a lot of people out there wedding professionals and other industries feel like if you're anywhere in the same lane, there's this competition factor. And I'm very happy of the fact that I love collaborations. I love being on other people's podcasts. I love having conversations, candid conversations about the wedding industry, what we're hearing out there, you know, the pain points, because all of us are striving to help the wedding industry. So because Brandee has really utilized Instagram reels, and we're going to talk a little bit later about this. Yes, she has a podcast episode or episodes about this, that I'm sure she's going to share. And she also has a course, what I really want to dive into to start with, is the importance that Instagram reels played with your business what you just talked about, and you built. I think so many wedding professionals don't realize they can have the vision and can achieve for their spouse, or whoever it may be in their life to possibly retire or maybe only work part time. And I know that traffic and reels. I know, there's many things that went into that. But I know you're very active with reels. And I feel like that's really something that our listeners can can benefit from hearing more about.

Brandee Gaar  6:56  
Yeah, it is. I know people always are like, Okay, wait a second. So I don't understand how you started teaching reels, because that's not actually your platform. And I'm like, Well, it kind of is because I think that the one of the six core competencies that all healthy business owners need to have is visibility. And that includes a lot of things that includes grassroots networking, and, you know, getting out to venues and creating partnerships in your own market, but also includes understanding how to use the tools that we have access to, on Instagram, you're constantly being able to put out new information and keep updated and, and you know, your portfolio is getting different every single time that you produce a wedding. So I think that we forget to harness that power. And so when reels came out, it was 2020. And so I was bored, right as most of us were, and I was like, I'm gonna learn this because I want to understand how to use it. And you guys, I cannot even tell you the power that it holds. I mean, I didn't even have an Instagram account. I started my Instagram account in November of 2019. And by no means do I have hundreds of 1000s of followers. But here we are just over two years later, and I've almost hit 4000 followers. And I'm not trying to go viral. Like I'm not out there trying to you know, grow this massive following. I want to grow the right following. And just like Kristina said, because I was consistent on social media, because I was always there because I was consistently sending a cohesive message and having fun. She was drawn right in. And that's really what we're wanting to do with engaged couples through reels.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:39  
And I think so many times people get hung up on the business side of it. So so so so so we forget the social Yeah. side of it. Yes. And no. Okay. I know some of the listeners out there rolling their eyes. They're thinking of like the nope, I'm not going to be dancing. I'm not going to be doing silly shit. Yeah, examine Instagram or on the internet that is attached to my business. This may not be for everybody. Yeah. But let me tell you something, you need to continue to listen to this episode. Because you don't have to be a dancing chicken. And you don't have to make a fool of yourself. Now, I can't help when you start using this, that you get drawn in more. And that starts to happen, because I'm one of them. Yes. But I didn't start out like that. And I definitely cannot really dance. I just can't. But I can have fun and what you're doing, you're vulnerable. You're relatable, you're personable. People want to connect with people. And if we circle back around to social, so many times we leave the social part out. And I really think that is why reels. And even though this isn't an episode about tiktoks People say that There are a lot related. I think people are looking for refreshing. They're looking for something different, not the static graphics that I'm a wedding planner, I do full service. Here's my phone number

Brandee Gaar  10:15  
100%. I mean, you couldn't have said it better. And to be honest, unless you're Apple or Nike, people aren't buying your brand they want to buy from you is specially in the wedding industry. I mean, every purchase in the wedding industry is an emotional purchase, right? They need to love you and know you and know about you. And reels are a thing. Yeah, all the things right. And so reels are a really fun way. I will tell you guys, if you follow my personal brand, okay, so if you follow me on Instagram, I'm at Brandee Garr, you'll find a very different personality than what you will find on Blush. Because on Blush, our Blush account, we serve as very high end luxury clients. And I kind of felt like that at first too. I was like, I don't want to dance and be silly, like my clients are not going to resonate with this, we are very, very not that way on our page, or at all in our company. But what we have found to work really, really well, our educational reels over their education and inspiration is what we found to be the best for us. Now, I will say depending on your brand voice, entertain is another one. So there's three reasons to make a real or really any piece of social media content. But to make a real, there's only three reasons that you should be creating. And that is either to educate, to inspire, or to entertain. So you want your real to fall into one of those three buckets. And so if your brand voice isn't, you know, fun and quirky, you may stay out of the entertain a good bit right. Now, I will say I'll give you a couple of examples of each Are you okay, if I dive into this, Kristina? Yes. Okay. I don't do I was like, I'll go. I'm taking notes. I love it. I love it. Okay, so we'll start with entertain, because, you know, most of wedding professionals that aren't quite comfortable with making reels will say I don't want to be goofy. I don't want to be silly, I don't want to be ridiculous, okay. So other ways that I would tell you to entertain with your audience would be, you know, catching the best man's toast on, you know, just your your phone at a wedding. And if it's funny, and people are laughing, you know, you have 15 seconds of it, that's a great reel to make, you know, or if the like we had one where the ring bearer started crawling back up the aisle during the ceremony. And so everybody's like cracking up at this little ring bearer who's crawling up the aisle, and we happen to just whip out our phone catch on video, and did a Mission Impossible song overtop of it. And that was an entertaining reel, right? So there's lots of different ways that you can entertain without being silly. And so that's what I would encourage you to think about is how can I make someone laugh? And also think, oh, my gosh, this company is so fun. Like, I want to see more from them right without you being silly. Okay. So there are some examples of how you can entertain, inspire. This is where you're going to use some of your professional video that you get from the videographer, or you're going to use a montage of images from a wedding. Those are usually where you're trying to inspire. Maybe it could even be a design board that you're creating. Or if you're a florist, oh, my gosh, forget it. florists can do inspire all day long, right, because you can show how you're processing roses. And you go from a bunch of loose stems to this finished product. And you inspire this whole design based on you know, one centerpiece or whatever it is. And those are all the ways that I would use Inspire. So typically inspire for wedding professional is going to be a montage of images set to music, or it's going to be typically for inspire I would say I would use professional pictures or professional video. Usually, I wouldn't use phone footage unless it was going to be a little bit more casual, like an entertain real. So for those for inspire, I would use those. Now I will say there inside of Canva. So there's a new tip if you want to make a photography montage, right, so let's say you get all the images back from the photographer, or even a sneak peek. You get 10 images, you pick a song, and you put it in Canva. And you can go into templates, search and search reels. And there's hundreds of templates you can pick from and you literally just drag and drop your pictures into the reel, set the timer to how you want it to go. And then you upload that into reels and put the song to it there. I will say that's probably the most time consuming type of reel to make. But you can still make one in about 30 minutes or less. So that's a great way to inspire.

Kristina Stubblefield  14:57  
You're also showcasing your work so Oh, it could be potentially, it should be potentially more beneficial. Yes. To spend a little bit more time on one that piece. Yeah. Especially using professional video and pictures. And before you go on Yeah, the other thing I was just going to say yeah, to go back around, it's really important about those vendor relationships. Because just like you mentioned, the photographer, the videographer, no matter who you are the DJ, the chocolate fountain, the florist, whoever you are, know who all of those other vendors are, make sure to follow them on Instagram get their contact information, because that can be really powerful. If each of you all put out a real a post on Instagram about that same event. I just wanted to add those in. Because I can't tell you the number of wedding professionals that I've that I've talked to, what do you mean, get to know the photographer?

Brandee Gaar  15:59  
Well, they're certainly not going to give you the photos, if you don't reach out and get to know them. They don't just randomly send them out, either.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:05  
Yes. And I'm sure that you suggest to give photo credits in the post or tag the photographer or videographer.

Brandee Gaar  16:12  
Yeah, so there's in a real, that's a great point, I'm glad that you said that. So in a real, you're gonna want to tag their page in the caption, because so you'd have to do that, right. So at their page, because you're not gonna be able to tag you can tag them in the reel, but it's much more effective if you put them in the caption. Another cool thing, just since we're talking about vendor collaborations would be there is a new feature in Instagram, called a collab, you can only collab with one other vendor on a reel. Currently, I think that will expand but for now it's one person. And so when you go to make your reel, when you're done making it before you post it, there's a there's a line that says tag add tags. And if you click that there's tags and then there's also collaborators. So if I let's say invite Kristina to collab with me on a reel, it'll notify her and say Brandee wants to collab with you on this reel, she would accept it, the reel would then go onto both of our pages, and it would look like she made it meaning it would say Kristina and Brandy Garr created this reel. And so if I was going to create a reel out of a photographer's photographs, for instance, I would invite them to collab with me because then I'm going to get all the juice from them. And they're going to get all the juice from me. And the real on the top will then say Brandee Garr, and you know, Kristen Weaver photography wouldn't say just me. So I think that's a really great way to get photographers and videographers to love you as well. Or maybe even do some of the venue, go to a venue, take some great photos, do a you know, do a fun reel about it, and then collab with the venue. So I think that's a great idea, as well.

Kristina Stubblefield  17:52  
Absolutely, yeah, I think what we should do is I'll take one of this episode, and do one with you. So that way when this goes out, they can see an example. Yes,

Brandee Gaar  18:03  
make sure yes, let's collab on that because it'd be a lot of fun. I just did a presentation for UCF about reels and we did a collab on it and it was great. It was a great hit. So there's a neat option that I think will start hitting the wedding industry a lot more soon.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:17  
Absolutely. Yeah. Now before I plugged in those couple things, I believe you were going to educate, educate?

Brandee Gaar  18:23  
Yes. Okay. This is my favorite one. Because you guys literally the world is your oyster here. Okay. And the really cool thing about your educate reels is that they also pose you as an expert. So if you think about it, when you think about sales, sales is basically you have the solution to someone else's problem, right? So your clients, the engaged couples are searching for a DJ that can keep the dance floor packed a planner that's super detailed a florist that understands their vision, whatever that is, they're searching for you to have the solution. Okay. They also have so many questions. So educate reels are the very best way to let people know that you have the solution to their problem. They're going to be the ones that drive the most followers and the ones that drive the most sales. There's a couple of ways to do educate reels, you can do voiceovers, which is have you ever seen a real for me because 99% of what I do. So that would be something like picking an office, something from the office or Kardashians or friends there's tons and tons of little sound clips. And you really just move your mouth to the sound. And then you put text on top of it that really is kind of describing what you're trying to say. Right? So you might be teaching them about you know, let's say I wanted one of the most one of the things that irritates planners the most is when a couple gives us their escort cards and table number order. And we have to go alphabetize them even though we tell them 600 times before the wedding, please send them to us in alphabetic order, right? So I might do a real there's there's a trending sound right now that's like ah you know, and you're kind of shaking like don't Do that. And so the text I would put over it might say, you know, bride, here you go, I put all my escort cards in Table number order, and I'm going, Ah, and then the caption, I would explain the correct thing to do, I would say, you know, it makes sense in your head when you're sorting out your escort cards and put them in Table number order, but they have to go in alphabetical order when you give them to your planner, you know, always alphabetize them. So it's a really easy one to do, it takes you two minutes, another the ones that are actually starting to really take steam. So as of the time of this recording, when it's I don't know, it's the end of April right now. So about 30% of the reels you're gonna see on Instagram right now are literally voice face to camera. So it's just like a story, you put the camera on, and you talk straight to the camera. The cool thing about this is you have 60 seconds to make a real now. And you can really give a great message and 60 seconds, even 30 seconds to be honest. And stopping the film is totally acceptable and actually encouraged, right? So you don't have to say everything you want to say in one string, you can say, hey, wedding pros stop. Did you know The biggest mistake you're making on Instagram is stop, you know, and then you can keep recording. And then all of a sudden you have this real. And I'm able to get out such a great message to couples like, Hey, if you're engaged, you know, make sure you're booking your vendors make sure you're booking your photographer at least 12 months before the wedding, the wedding boom is real, you know, or here's three questions to ask your photographer and you literally go face to camera. Don't forget to ask these questions, see the caption for more. And so these are really, really helpful. And in filling the need that an engaged couple has, which is they have questions and you have answers. Does that make sense?

Kristina Stubblefield  21:43  
It does. What's popping up? In my mind? I feel like I saw recently you did one about Mondays being non client facing day. Yeah. Am I remembering that correct? Yes. Just okay. I posted that. Yeah, I know, you batch two, which we can talk about. So sometimes it's hard to remember which ones have just went out? Yes. But I know that you've also done what was the other you how not to run out of reels or something like that? Yes. And

Brandee Gaar  22:10  
actually in that one. So you know, obviously I teach I teach a lot about reels you guys like it's my favorite. I told you, I followed you. Well see, there you go. And so one of the things that I always talk about is like how to not run out of content, or reels myths kind of busted, right. And so here's the tip that I gave, actually, I don't even think I gave this tip in there. I'm not sure what the tip was in that one. But here's a tip you guys need to write down. Okay, this is massively important. If you want to never run out of real content ideas, go to a website called answer the It's completely free. And it's called answer the And you can put in any search term that you want, and it'll tell you the most asked searches over the last 30 days. So if you go in and for me, I'm a wedding planner, right? So if I go in and I type in wedding planning, it will literally give me hundreds of questions that have been Googled or searched over the last 30 days. And they're in question format. So it'd be like, how do I create my wedding budget? How do I save money on floral? What do I put on my wedding invitations, literally hundreds of questions. And the coolest thing about it is you guys can make a reel to literally just answer the questions. These are the questions being searched the most in the last 30 days. And I don't know if you guys know this, I'm like totally going crazy, because I like there's so much information I can tell you. And now Instagram captions are SEO searchable. So I don't know if you guys know that. But that's a huge thing in the last year. And so if you type in the question, literally what came up and answer the public. So you type in what should be on my wedding invitations? Question mark. And that's the real you're making about you should say make sure your wedding invitation has you know the address of where they're going accommodations information, your website, if you're going to have whatever it is. And then in the caption, you list out again what it should be. You're going to competent SEO search that real is going to come and come up in an SEO search. When clients go and search what should be on my wedding invitation. So go to answer the literally print out that list. And you can do it like once a month and make all your reels to answer those questions.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:22  
I mean, you can so tell you're in your element. If you're listening on the podcast, great, whatever platform you listen on, but if you want to see the video of this, you can go to our YouTube channel. And you can just absolutely tell as she's like so excited to share this. I mean, how awesome is it that you get to work in the zone you really love like that. It just exudes from you. And that's awesome because a lot of times people won't ever do that.

Brandee Gaar  24:54  
You know, I appreciate you saying that so much. I will say when I first became an educator You know, I just knew I wanted to impact other wedding professionals because we had reached this place in our business where it was like, I want other wedding pros to know, it doesn't have to be this hard. I have so many friends in the industry who are significantly older than me and amazing at what they do. But there's no exit from the industry, like there's no plan. And it's like, Well, I think to myself, Why do you have to just do weddings for ever to be able to have a living, and that makes me very nervous. And so I thought, No, this has to change there, I have to be able to help people understand that there needs to be an exit strategy, there needs to be a way for them to have a thriving business without them physically walking on site. And so in the beginning, I felt like I didn't even know really what I was, I knew what I wanted to get across. And I had the tools, but I felt like I was just speaking to anyone you know. And so when rails came out, and I learned it, I thought, wait a second, this first of all I can I can learn it. And then I can take it back to my people, my people who are so afraid of technology, to be honest, our industry is so afraid of technology, and new things. And so I thought, well, if I can make it easy for them to embrace this new tool, and build these thriving businesses because of it, then that would be amazing. That's exactly my platform. And so it kind of has just become, honestly the entry level into what I do. Because I think no business can exist without visibility anyway. So it's kind of like the platform of any businesses, you have to be visible on social media and networking and things like that. So I feel like it's almost just like that entry point to any business. So it's become my entry point. And I love it,

Kristina Stubblefield  26:40  
you can definitely tell. You know, with having an IT and marketing background, you know, I've been very fortunate to work in many different lanes or specialties. And one of the things that I find that I can really hone in on with the IT side is systems and processes, which tends to frustrate people the most, because you're right technology is not just social media, but the other side of it for business, and being able to free up somebody's time, or for them to grow their business and whatever that means to them. And one of the topics that comes up so often is well, I mean, I don't I don't have content. Oh my gosh, wait, your wedding professional. And I'm not gonna call anybody out by name. And I've heard it from all different types of vendors me to all different types, even venues. Yep. Okay. And I'm just like it. I've worked with other industries. Yeah. And I am here to tell you, wedding professionals have most of the time the most content to utilize. I mean, and yes, it's there for the taking. It's now and I when people say to me, but Kristina, you don't understand, like, I have a job to do that day. I can't be taking pictures in video.

Brandee Gaar  28:12  
Oh, that's the best. I hear that all the time. Never said you. Never said you. Yep. However,

Kristina Stubblefield  28:19  
when you start saying What do you mean, I need to pay somebody, like another person on my team. You're really getting into several other conversations they are. However, I've started to work a lot in the content lane. Because this is such a pain point for people. They cannot see the forest for the tree. They cannot see the through the forest. Yeah, because of the trees. Yeah. And I want to talk just a second about that. Because so many times people are thinking reels, like I said, You gotta dance be funny, and you've just went through amazing. Three different types. Or the person doesn't even have to be on camera. Yep. And the footage that can be obtained. The behind the scenes, this is several, we're going into a whole nother topic, a whole nother podcast episode. But if you're a wedding professional, do not let fear have the excuse of I don't have the time to capture it. There are other people out there that can help you. And it is well worth what you will pay someone that is your marketing material aid for not only your warm audience, not your cold audience, but people out there on social media who don't even know you yet. Yes. And that takes me into the next topic I want to talk to you about so many times people will say well, I put up a couple of reels and I mean only 150 People saw me forget? Well, this one, I only had 232 views. Only.

Brandee Gaar  30:06  
I knew I beg I'm like, please let me see your insights. Because I will tell you that there's never been a single post you've ever made that seen that many views

Kristina Stubblefield  30:17  
ever on it hasn't been boosted that I have not had money thrown at it 100%

Brandee Gaar  30:22  
real? Oh, I'm so glad you touched on this, Kristina, I'm so glad because I say the same thing is, especially when, you know, this is why I'm also passionate about teaching the wedding industry about reels is because there's so much education out there about reels right now. Really, I mean, you could you could throw a stick and hit 10 influencers trying to teach you how to do reels. And they're brilliant, right? I learned a lot of what I know from them. But then I take it apart and figure out how can this work for the wedding industry? Because the problem is, you know, it, it there's a lot of ways you can make reels. An influencer is trying to build hundreds of 1000s of followers. They're trying to get a real to go viral. So you'll see a lot of influencer reels that will say, you know, here's how to go viral, you know, here's how to get 100,000 followers or i i 20 times to my following in a year. That's not what we're trying to do as business owners that are, you know, marketing to engaged couples, the only people I want following me are engaged couples, or vendors, like, I don't want hundreds of 1000s of people following me, we actually had that happen. We had a real go viral, which was super random, because it was random. And we had all these people following us that were just out of nowhere, they didn't they weren't engaged, they certainly weren't buying from us. And it will actually tank your engagement for the rest of your posts, because they don't care about the engaged stuff that you're posting the wedding stuff that you're posting. So I would encourage you to really understand that. It's not how many but who, right, who is seeing those reels, who's following you from it and really track your followers and your engagement more than your views. Views. I have a real about that, too. views don't really matter. They're a vanity metric. And they make us feel good. Don't get me wrong, y'all. When I have a reel that flops and I've got like 200 views on it, I cry a little I'll be like one bag. But because I only allow myself to spend five minutes on a reel or less. I'm like, Well, five minutes, right? It didn't it wasn't that big of a deal. When you spend hours on a reel trying to go viral. And it flops. You know, you've just wasted so much time?

Kristina Stubblefield  32:42  
Well, here's a couple things to what you've just said. That was still 200 and some odd people that may not have seen you before. You've also done this for a while. You understand more about it. And I share with people like I have not. I have not implemented a lot of times what I preach for my own brand. Yes. And I'm okay. I'm admitting that perfect. Yes. However, I have tried to be better about it. Yeah. But, um, it's still 200. And some people that may not have known my name or what I did beforehand. And so even those out there that are just starting, if you spend five or 10 minutes on a reel, and 50 or 100 people see it. Most of the time, like you mentioned before, even if you have 1000 followers on Facebook, and you do a post, even if it's a video because of what's going on with the algorithm 50 or 100 of your followers that may not even be shown to them who already know you. Yep. And so I'm glad that you said that vanity number. I try not to really even look at it. And I know there's a lot of people out there you know that talk about using trending audio trending this trending that. And I think one of the things that I like sharing with people just get started. Get started. You don't have to get hung up on taking four or 510 classes, or what equipment to purchase. Do you need a ring light? Do you not need a ring light? Most of the time as wedding professionals using content from your events can give you so much consistency. And now it can we can get into of course how do you break that down? Okay, you've recorded for a minute. There are some amazing tools out there that are not rocket science to trim down videos and all of this stuff. But the reason I really wanted brandy to come on here is to share that this is an avenue to really consider, especially in the wedding industry, because there are a lot of engaged couples, even their family and friends on Instagram, yes. And they're not making the switch over to Facebook, what we've seen in years past, they're not. As a matter of fact, at the time of this recording, I think more people are leaving Facebook, right. And I'm not here to say what's right or wrong about Facebook, I try to remind everybody what you said at the beginning. These are free,

Brandee Gaar  35:37  
write free, it's free. It's free marketing, you guys. And really just take advantage of it. I will say Kristina mentioned that just start. And that is so important. You guys can scroll all the way. All the way back to the beginning of my reels. If you click the reel tab, you can just see those and scroll all the way back, y'all. I want to delete them so bad. But because I teach people how to do rails, I leave them for your benefit. Okay, I embarrassing myself for your benefit. But I leave them because I want you to see that. I wasn't always comfortable on camera like they're so cringy. So cringy. In the beginning, I'm so awkward. I did not have a ring light, which is fine. I didn't even know how to use good lighting. And but you know what, but you were doing it I was doing showing up. And every time I did it, I got better. And I started realizing how to do it faster and how to easier what what content resonated with my audience, and I had to just do it, you're going to look ridiculous at first you just are. And that's okay, because you're still putting out a great message. Go educate your audience. It's really that simple.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:44  
So I know we could talk about this. Like, I mean, we could have a three hour podcast, I mean, maybe four hour episode on just this. Yeah. But for those out there that maybe have already been doing it a little bit, or they feel like, I don't know, if I really feel comfortable to take that step. And they need to hear more about this. I know that you had a podcast episode that you wanted to maybe

Brandee Gaar  37:12  
share. Yeah, absolutely. So we'll link it in the show notes. I'll send the link to Kristina. But it's called the Five reels mistakes I've made, so you don't have to. And we publish our podcast twice a week, and our Thursday episodes are real short, they're like 12 minutes or less. And so this is a short, and it's just gonna give you five bite sized mistakes I've made don't make the same mistakes when you're making reels. So click that link in the show notes. And it'll take you right there to listen. Absolutely.

Kristina Stubblefield  37:39  
And then Okay, so if you need the extra encouragement, you want some more structure? Or you're like, look, this is my business. I really need to take a course on this. Yeah, I've asked Brandee to share her course with you all. And we will put in the show notes. The link to get access to this. Do you want to tell them a little bit about that? Yeah, absolutely.

Brandee Gaar  38:00  
So it's called the real traffic toolkit. And you guys, it's actually a blast, of course, like it's fully video, and you can see me and my phone at the same time. So you can see everything I'm doing on my phone. I kind of think it should have been called like reels for dummies. But I hate that word, right? Like it's those that. So it's called the real traffic toolkit, but it literally walks you through like step by step, how to make a real, how to edit it, how to post it. And then it also there's tons of bonus content. There's like 150 ideas like prompts specifically for wedding pros. There's equipment you can purchase if you want to level up your game, but it's totally optional. There's batching whole content on batching reels. So definitely go grab that if you feel like you need a little bit more help it's  And I'll send the link over for the show notes as well. And just for your listeners, Kristina, if they put in the code Ring The Bling, then they'll get $10 off of that course. So it should be a really great, easy course for them to digest in less than an hour, you can digest it and start making reels.

Kristina Stubblefield  39:02  
Well, thank you for doing that. I appreciate that. And don't for those out there. And it's okay, if so many times people are very hard on themselves. And they know they need to utilize something they want to do it. They don't really know where to start if if you're not comfortable just starting just turning your camera on just starting or if you are for some reason don't have footage from events, and you feel like I need that extra just that extra education or some education to get started. Yeah, I think brandies course would be an awesome avenue for that to help you get more comfortable. Yep. And the thing about this is and I think what the best way to close out on this Sure. If you're out there and you think okay, I heard this episode, I hear what they're saying. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna put up a reel and then I'm gonna see what happened. Yeah, save yourself the time and just don't do it to true Is that the matter is, its consistency, its consistency for those that put out one reel and get 10 or 15 or 100,000 views. Great. Yeah, that's not a lot of times what happens? It really is consistency. And that's why I was so thankful that you shared the three different types that you can dive into. Because for wedding professionals, there's no really better term. But there's, there's not a reason out there to not that to not have content about that you can include in a reel,

Brandee Gaar  40:41  
there's absolutely not even if you're brand new to the industry, you have to know enough to actually do your job, right. So let's say you're a brand new DJ, and you've never had a wedding yet, but you probably at least know what the top five first dance songs are for this year. Right? You can Google it.

Kristina Stubblefield  40:58  
And you can make a real effort you go to that website that you heard, yes, answer the And you could be a brand new wedding professional and sounds like an authority in the end 100%.

Brandee Gaar  41:09  
And that's the coolest thing about social media. So I really encourage you guys to embrace reels. If you need some help, you can grab the real traffic toolkit, or if you want to come over to our wedding pro SEO, podcast community Facebook group, I'll drop the link as well to that, Kristina, I can send it to you. Come on over, you're welcome to join the fun. And we can help you with reels or content ideas, and everybody's just having a good time over there. So come on in and join the party.

Kristina Stubblefield  41:42  
Well, I really appreciate your time. I think this has been very educational, no matter if they have not taken the step to get involved with reels, or maybe they've been dabbling with it just a little bit, but really did not have some clear understanding of the different types. So I really love how you talked about those. I think that gave clear direction on how to get some results, even if you're just starting. Yeah, good. Well,

Brandee Gaar  42:10  
I hope that it did. And you guys, I really appreciate being here. Kristina, thank you so much for having me. This was fun.

Kristina Stubblefield  42:16  
Well, thank you so much for being a guest, anybody that wants to connect with brandy, we will have social media links in the show notes. Anytime we share this out on social media as well, please make sure go and follow her. That is one of the best things that all of us can do to help everyone is to follow on the different social media platforms or like their page, whichever platform it is. And if you really want to see us recording this, then you can always head over to the YouTube channel. And check that out anything else brandy that you would like to share with the audience?

Brandee Gaar  42:50  
Oh my gosh, no, this was been this has been amazing. But I will say you guys, I love DMS. So if you have any questions, or you just want to say, Hey, I saw you wandering the bling. Hop into my DMs and say hi, I love getting DM so feel free.

Kristina Stubblefield  43:05  
I'm so glad you mentioned that because I think a lot of times people hear a podcast or see someone on YouTube or on social media and think that they're not reachable, or I won't reach out to them because it won't be them that reply or even though some of us have teams. That doesn't mean we're not involved in those communications. I personally have a team, I know you as well. But I see all of my messages. Now, my team may see them first because it may be later in the day when I catch up. But I take those very seriously. And I do trash the ones that are spam. Of course. Of course I don't. But I'm so glad you said that. Because I think a lot of times people are just they get in their way of reaching out to people that they follow or that have inspired them or they have a connection with so thank you so much for sharing it. For all of our listeners out there. As I said, make sure to go follow brandy on the different social media platforms. Thank you so much for listening. And you know, we always love your feedback. So I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about this episode. But more importantly, if you're upping your Instagram, Instagram real game, Instagram, I said it too many times in this episode, I had to mess it up at some point in time. If you're up if you're upping your IG real game or if you're just getting started, I would love for you to share your channel. I'd love to follow you and see how you progress utilizing some of the topics that we dove into today. And I also like supporting other wedding professionals I know Brandee does as well, and I will be happy to share that information with her so we can follow them together. Also when this episode airs don't forget to go to Instagram and see this collaboration that we talked about from the collab feature in Instagram. Until next time, everyone take care and keep working on your businesses, See ya!

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