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March 15, 2023

Discover the Latest 2023 Wedding Floral and Design Trends

Are you planning your dream wedding and wondering what the latest floral and design trends are for 2023? Look no further than this episode of “The Ring The Bling And All The Things” podcast. Kristina and Sharon welcome Michael Gaddie, an experienced florist and designer with over 30 years of experience and a member of the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD), a prestigious title for professional floral designers in the United States.

Gaddie and Rumsey discuss the latest trends in wedding flowers, with Gaddie sharing his expertise on the current popular color trend on the West Coast and in New York. They also stress the importance of utilizing Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration for floral designs, while keeping in mind the availability of flowers during the season.

But that's not all – the trio also dives into the latest wedding trends for the upcoming year. Get ready to make a statement in your ceremony space with asymmetrical pieces like half-moon arches for your ceremony backdrop and candles down the aisle. The move away from blush and navy colors towards more white and greenery is also emphasized.

00:02:24 Conversation with Michael Gaddie, Owner of Lloyd's Florist and President of the Kentucky Floral Association
 00:03:49 Exploring Floral Design Trends with Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey
 00:09:30 Conversation on Ceremony Design Trends
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Kristina Stubblefield

Michael Gaddie, Lloyd's Florist

Sharon Rumsey, A Perfect Plan Events
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[00:00:00]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: Thanks for tuning into The Ring The Bling And All The Things. I feel like Sharon, this is gonna be an all Michael episode because we are gonna be talking about floral trends for 2023. Sharon, do you have anything to say before he takes over?

[00:00:16]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Absolutely not.

[00:00:18]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: What do you think about floral trends? What do you think he's gonna talk about?

[00:00:24]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I think

[00:00:26]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: and you don't have to be politically correct since he's sitting right here, but tell me, what do you think about this year? Like in your mind?

[00:00:34]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I am starting to see, Mike's probably gonna disagree with me. Couples that are wanting more color, I think we're going to see, that the era of the blush and navy and rose gold is going away. I think that we're gonna see more pops of color. Maybe that's just because I love pops of color, I don't know. I also know that I am a wedding planner and Mike is a florist and I'm gonna stay in my lane. If I knew how to design florals, I would do it. So I don't, and I'm gonna stay.

[00:01:12]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: No, wait, you don't get to talk yet.

[00:01:14]  :  Sharon Rumsey: You are, you are trying to get me in trouble, so bad.

[00:01:16]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: I'm not sharon, Mike doesn't talk about himself enough. I think in this episode we should refer to him as Michael Gaddie. And Michael has been doing this for how long?

[00:01:27]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Over 30 years. And honestly, I give him a lot of crap a lot because we're like brother and sister. But Mike has probably been the designer on 99.9% of the Perfect Plan Events weddings, because I do believe in his talent and I trust his judgment more than probably, I trust my own. His team is amazing.

[00:01:55]  :  When I've been asked to do weddings out of town, the little voice in my head.

[00:02:01]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: Only if Mike can go with me,

[00:02:02]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Only if Mike can go, because as a wedding planner, having a designer with me of his caliber is like, it's true. I feel like I can fly on the trapeze because he's the safety net.

[00:02:17]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: So what I was trying to get back was a great intro for Mike on this episode. So he's been doing this 30 plus years.

[00:02:24]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Well, I'm telling you, he's the best.

[00:02:26]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: He's part of many organizations. He doesn't talk about it enough, but he's been part of the Rose Parade for over 20 years, I know of that. So before you start with these trends, share with everybody just a little bit about your background.

[00:02:44]  :  Michael Gaddie: I've been in the business for 33 years. I have Lloyd's Florist for 23 years. And yes, I do a lot of things. One of our things that we really enjoy doing is weddings, but we also do the Rose Parade. We've been at the Rose Parade for 22 years, and me and a good friend of mine is the team leaders of two floats, sometimes three floats out at the Rose Parade.

[00:03:07]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: And by that you mean you designed the whole thing?

[00:03:11]  :  Michael Gaddie: We designed the whole thing with florals. We have to come up with the recipes and everything to put on here. And when you're talking about recipes, you're talking about a hundred thousand stems of flowers. From roses to carnations to whatever

[00:03:26]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Everything on the floats living.

[00:03:27]  :  Michael Gaddie: Everything is on the float, living or organic.

[00:03:31]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: Where I'm getting is you have a pretty good pulse on the floral business and what's going on.

[00:03:37]  :  Michael Gaddie: I feel like I do.

[00:03:37]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: I think so too.

[00:03:38]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Mike has also, and will not tell you, served as the president of the Kentucky Floral Association, and he's also an AFD.

[00:03:49]  :  Michael Gaddie: A, I, F, D

[00:03:51]  :  Sharon Rumsey: That means?

[00:03:51]  :  Michael Gaddie: There's about 3000 of us in the United States.

[00:03:54]  :  Sharon Rumsey: What does that stand for?

[00:03:55]  :  Michael Gaddie: That's the American Institute of Floral Design, and it is a prestige title that you hold to be a designer. And there's courses you have to go through, just like your

[00:04:04]  :  Sharon Rumsey: continuing education.

[00:04:05]  :  Michael Gaddie: Continuing education, just like a degree. When you get your degree, it's expensive, but I mean, it's, it's worth every penny. You got me off track there for a minute.

[00:04:14]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: So the whole reason I'm sharing this with people listening who may not be, have any idea who you are, you're so involved in the floral industry. You have an idea of what is coming, what is being used, even not just in where you're located out of Louisville, Kentucky, but also across the United States.

[00:04:35]  :  I'm making sure that I'm sharing with everybody, this is credible information. You know, we joke around a lot, but what you're gonna talk about with trends and everything, this is stuff for people to know if they're wanting to go with trends, things that are happening. You can, but you can also do your own thing, but I like that we're bringing people information about trends.

[00:04:57]  :  Michael Gaddie: The one thing I like to talk about first is, Sharon is all about saying the trend is color, it is color. But let me explain something. Where I'm located, so if you're listening to this in California, on the West coast, you are probably seeing lots of color.

[00:05:15]  :  But when trends come out, just like fashion, you know, it starts on the West coast or in New York and it takes a while to get to our part of the country. So yes, that is the new trend for 23 is colored. Are we seeing it a lot here in my area? No. Maybe one out of the 225 weddings that I'm doing this year, we're still seeing, a lot of dried material, pompous grass, dried palm, that kind of thing.

[00:05:43]  :  Is it my favorite? No, but it is a trend that you're seeing. If you get on TikTok, you get on Instagram, you get on anything like that, that's what you're seeing. You're starting to see slowly to see color in there, but I think we're gonna see it in our area more in 24 than we are in 23.

[00:06:02]  :  Sharon Rumsey: So what I really hear you saying is that I am cutting edge.

[00:06:06]  :  Michael Gaddie: Exactly, Sharon,

[00:06:08]  :  Sharon Rumsey: but I am just on it.

[00:06:09]  :  Michael Gaddie: You were on it, but you're just about 12 months in advance.

[00:06:13]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: But in all honesty, the thing about it is, is some of the client Sharon's working. They're, they're 24 getting into 25.

[00:06:23]  :  Sharon Rumsey: And I have a lot of clients from out of town.

[00:06:25]  :  Michael Gaddie: Yeah. Like you said, when it comes to a trend, a trend is something that is popular, nationwide. But just because it's a trend, that doesn't mean you or you or the next bride is going to even like it.

[00:06:41]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Right.

[00:06:41]  :  Michael Gaddie: Or love it, or she may hate it. So that's one reason why I think all designers should have an open mind and, take their ideas that they have and expand on them. One thing is, I used to hate Pinterest.

[00:06:57]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: I know you did. There was multiple conversations about this.

[00:07:01]  :  Michael Gaddie: I used to hate it, and I mean we used to have pictures and photographs and TVs that had slideshow on it to make your dream a reality, to get you motivated to pick out something

[00:07:15]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: people need to see it, ideas. Because they don't deal with it.

[00:07:17]  :  Michael Gaddie: Exactly. But now Pinterest has made my job easier, you know, you can go on Pinterest and type in bold, bright, bold colors, and there's going to be crap loads of it come up. It doesn't matter what it is, it can be a combination of orange and green, it can be a combination of pink and orange. You're going to be able to find it. So basically Pinterest has helped us a lot and not that when you bring that Pinterest to me that I'm going to copy it. like a photocopy, but it gives you an idea, but it gives you an idea of what she likes. And sometimes even the flowers on there, just because you see it on Pinterest, does not mean that that's realistic because they don't season their Pinterest pages.

[00:08:01]  :  They don't say, okay, this is fall, winter, you know, whatever. You can categorize everything in months, but just because you see that, that doesn't mean it's available in your month.

[00:08:13]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I learned that with enemies.

[00:08:15]  :  Michael Gaddie: Enemies, right! So when you come in and you bring me pictures, if that's not available, I'm gonna show you other things that are available in those same colors and styles of flowers.

[00:08:26]  :  Trends is always all over, all over the place. And I've been doing it for 33 years and, trends is a word that even in furniture, even in fashion, it takes a while to get that trend going and when you first see it. For example, this dried product that came out, it's been around for about three years and we're still just now starting to see it really heavily.

[00:08:55]  :  Me personally, when it first came out, I didn't like it. I thought, oh, be honest with you. I was kind of scared. I thought, am I gonna be able to do this ? You see these pictures and you think they look kind of cockeyed to me. But it's a new trend. It's a new style. We learn it. That's why we're always trying to learn new trends because we want to keep up with the trends.

[00:09:16]  :  But again, it takes a long time for us to get to that point. We can do anything, you know, you've got an idea, we're gonna run with it, and it's always fun to bring in different things because it kind of gets stale after a while.

[00:09:30]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I love it when we go out of the box.

[00:09:32]  :  Michael Gaddie: Yeah. Just like you said, blush and

[00:09:35]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Navy.

[00:09:35]  :  Michael Gaddie: Navy. I'm over the color.

[00:09:39]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Yeah.

[00:09:39]  :  Michael Gaddie: But to be honest with you, we're still doing it. Blush is disappearing. What I'm seeing for this year.

[00:09:45]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Same.

[00:09:45]  :  Michael Gaddie: But you're seeing more whites, and I know we said that greenery was kind of going out. I'm still seeing a lot of greenery. I had a bride yesterday, she brought me this picture on Pinterest and the whole dang thing was nothing but greenery.

[00:09:58]  :  And I thought, Hey honey, that's what you want. That's what we'll do. But I mean it goes up and down like crazy.

[00:10:04]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I know. Something I wanted your insight on, I'm having so many of my couples now, I used to feel like the ceremony was kind of like a, we'll put a couple of arrangements up front.

[00:10:17]  :  We're not spending a lot of time, our money in ceremony space. Now I feel like ceremony, they're really wanting to make a statement. I'm having a lot of more requests for some design down the aisle. I know Arches and I don't know what they're called, but ceremony, you know, statement pieces on

[00:10:36]  :  Michael Gaddie: Right.

[00:10:36]  :  Sharon Rumsey: How are you seeing that going in the next year?

[00:10:40]  :  Michael Gaddie: That is bigger now than it ever has been statement pieces. It is. So when your guests walk in, either if at the church or at a different venue that's just holding receptions or ceremonies, they're taking that space and making it a wow factor.

[00:10:57]  :  You know, either with the arches or candles all the way down the aisle, cover with petals, even doing, a striped aisle runner, there's tons of things. Just to make that entrance to that wedding a statement. And I think that's great because soon as you walk into a church, you know you're going to a church, you know, you're sitting, going sit down and you know you're gonna go to a wedding.

[00:11:18]  :  But now the trend is that they're going to catch their eye right then and not really catch their eye as they walk into the reception. Because when you were going to the reception, that's always a beautiful piece. But I think they wanna make the wow factor when the story starts is when the doors open to go to the wedding.

[00:11:34]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I'm seeing, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, cause I know you will, but we were seeing a lot of arches and their traditional, like wooden arches and that kind of thing behind our couple is a backdrop for ceremony. But now I'm having couples a lot more often asked for the asymmetrical.

[00:11:50]  :  Michael Gaddie: Right! Where it's almost like an arch, but it's cut in half.

[00:11:54]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Like a half moon.

[00:11:55]  :  Michael Gaddie: Yes.

[00:11:55]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Two separate pieces.

[00:11:57]  :  Michael Gaddie: That's very popular. Believe it or not, though, the arches, the arch round arch, all that's real still popular. Now they've got A frame arches like, which it looks like a humongous A up there, and they're adding two more pieces of A's to it, and we're just adding floral to it.

[00:12:13]  :  That trend there comes in from all the wood product and the dried product and that kind of stuff too.

[00:12:18]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Something too that I'm seeing trending more and that you have taught me is when you have those big statement pieces at ceremony, I'm seeing a lot of couples repurpose those into reception behind a cake table or a sweetheart table.

[00:12:34]  :  Michael Gaddie: I'm glad you brought that up because I tell all my couples this, it's great and I want you to save money, but you've got to, and we experienced this, you have got to plan, and now everybody automatically thinks, oh, we can take those alter arrangements, we can take that arch and we can take it to right to the rception.

[00:12:52]  :  Sharon Rumsey: And as the planner, my question is, who's we? Who's taking it?

[00:12:55]  :  Michael Gaddie: Yeah. You have, you have to figure that out. The thing about us taking it, if it's just two arrangements, we usually do not do that. And the reason we don't do it, and I've mentioned this quite a few times, just in the last few weeks with to couples, is you're gonna be taking pictures after the wedding's over, you've spent the money to decorate the altar area, either it be church or whatever, but then you want me to come in and remove that for pictures.

[00:13:24]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Right.

[00:13:24]  :  Michael Gaddie: So why would you, not want those things to be there for pictures, and me go ahead and move them right away to the reception. The one reason why I don't encourage that is because your guests are gonna leave the church and go right to the reception.

[00:13:39]  :  Here comes Lloyd's Florist, pulls up in the van. We take the flowers out the van, and we're carrying them into the reception and placing them, and your guests are already there. For one thing that makes me look bad because Lloyd's Florist is running late. They don't put two and two together that, that was what was on the altar at the church.

[00:13:57]  :  Some do, but some won't. I think that's a negative thing for not just me, but the couple also. I'm all for saving money, but if another couple so, or say at the rehearsal you designate a couple of groomsmen to say, Hey, would you take these two arrangements and take them to a reception? That's different because another company is not involved in transporting them.

[00:14:21]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I wasn't talking as much about like just simple arrangements, but I know we've done one of my favorite wedding. We had the big asymmetrical pieces

[00:14:29]  :  Michael Gaddie: Right.

[00:14:29]  :  Sharon Rumsey: That we used behind the cake table.

[00:14:31]  :  Michael Gaddie: Right.

[00:14:31]  :  Sharon Rumsey: But her guests were in cocktail hours.

[00:14:33]  :  Michael Gaddie: Exactly.

[00:14:34]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Not in her reception.

[00:14:35]  :  Michael Gaddie: And everything is different. I know we did one at the Seelbach and we moved from one place to the other. The guests were nowhere around.

[00:14:42]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Right.

[00:14:42]  :  Michael Gaddie: That's a totally different ballgame

[00:14:43]  :  Sharon Rumsey: than if your guests are right in the room.

[00:14:45]  :  Michael Gaddie: Exactly.

[00:14:46]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Yeah.

[00:14:46]  :  Michael Gaddie: So there's a lot of logistics that you got to think about to be able to move point A to point B.

[00:14:52]  :  Sharon Rumsey: What are you seeing now at reception? What's trending now? Is it huge head tables? Is it sweetheart tables?

[00:15:01]  :  Michael Gaddie: I'm seeing a lot of it. Every other one is a long head table. The king's table are still popular. A lot more people this year are asking for taller arrangements.

[00:15:11]  :  We've always done tall arrangements, don't get me wrong, it's just that we're seeing more, where in the past we would see 50 50, like if they've got 20 tables, we'd do 20 tall, 20 short. I've had a few say no, I want all tall. Me personally, I think that's an overkill, but I'm not gonna tell them no if that's what they want.

[00:15:31]  :  I always say always, if you've got 30 table, you want to do three different types of arrangements.

[00:15:37]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Right.

[00:15:37]  :  Michael Gaddie: If you have 20 tables, you want to do two different types of arrangements. If you have 10, I would still do two different types.

[00:15:43]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Right

[00:15:43]  :  Michael Gaddie: just to give interest to the room. So you would have a tall and a short one

[00:15:47]  :  Sharon Rumsey: because you wanna look over the whole scope of that big room and see the variation in the height.

[00:15:53]  :  Michael Gaddie: Something else that that's real important is, and I just dealt with this a couple weeks ago, is all florists, or all event planners know what the rules are for almost every venue.

[00:16:08]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Yes.

[00:16:09]  :  Michael Gaddie: Whatever it may be, when a bride and groom comes in, or moms, I'm gonna say moms comes in and has an idea of I want all open flame candles across the room.

[00:16:21]  :  And we know we cannot do that. So what happened was we had this mom come in and she was insisting that we have all open flame candles. Well, I am invested in tapered candles. That was a Luminar candle, the flames look rails and everything. But she didn't want that so I said well, I'll supply the arrangements, but you have to supply all the candles.

[00:16:45]  :  And I would highly recommend that you have to have globes on them. She goes, well, I don't want globes on them. So I called up the venue afterwards and said, is, I just wanna make sure this covering my butt from my client. Do you all require globes? Oh, yes, and you cannot have an open flame. Well, so the wedding happened and we go down and there's all real candles.

[00:17:07]  :  And all the candles had these little these little glass globes that sit on top of the candle. Never even saw them before in my life, they got them all lit before the bride and groom got there. All those glass, all that glass busted. I'm not talking about on two tables, I'm talking about every table. And it went all over every tablecloth that was there, they were cleaning up glass, changing, plates and waters, you know, glasses of water with ice in it, because we didn't know where the ice and the glass went. They had to take it all down and replace it before the bride and groom came in. But it was all because the mom had a vision that she wanted, but it could not happen.

[00:17:54]  :  So now look what she had to do. She had to replace all the tablecloths.

[00:17:57]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I'm sure.

[00:17:58]  :  Michael Gaddie: And they were probably about a $90 tablecloth for each table.

[00:18:01]  :  Sharon Rumsey: So, point again, why you hire a professional.

[00:18:05]  :  Michael Gaddie: A professional

[00:18:06]  :  Sharon Rumsey: professional, and let them do their jobs.

[00:18:08]  :  Michael Gaddie: Yes

[00:18:08]  :  Sharon Rumsey: yes.

[00:18:08]  :  Michael Gaddie: But when you go to a professional, they know what's going on. I know this is about trends. But I mean, go to a reputable, any reputable florist or the event planner and let them run with it and let them educate you and make that day as special as we can.

[00:18:28]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Are you seeing, I know something you and I talked about was loose flowers for photos, and I was looking through a gallery of one of my weddings the other night, honestly, making some social media content.

[00:18:41]  :  But as I'm looking through the photos, it hit me. What pulls all those photos together from the church to the cocktail hour, to the reception, to the detail shots, it's the flowers.

[00:18:54]  :  Michael Gaddie: And you gotta think too, and I added that to my contract because that's been coming up so much, is photo flowers. And, you know, it's not much, it's very inexpensive. But I guess what gets me is everything costs, you know, everything costs nothing that I get is free. So it seems like at the last minute, I'm not getting down on the photographers or anything, but they'll come up to me and say, can I have some of your loose flowers?

[00:19:18]  :  Well usually we don't have loose flowers or what are they doing? They're pulling flowers out of okays, Uhuh, so we went ahead and add that to our contract so that

[00:19:29]  :  Sharon Rumsey: That's great.

[00:19:29]  :  Michael Gaddie: A vase of flowers for your photographer to do those, what do they call them?

[00:19:34]  :  Sharon Rumsey: Detail shots.

[00:19:34]  :  Michael Gaddie: Detail shots. And I think that's great because I see them all the time. But we need to plan for that.

[00:19:40]  :  Sharon Rumsey: That's a big trend right now though.

[00:19:42]  :  Michael Gaddie: It is. It's a very big trend

[00:19:42]  :  Sharon Rumsey: And we're going to do a whole episode, I think, on detail boxes. They'll bring a swatch of ribbon or a piece of ribbon or something, and they want the loose flowers and everything pulled together.

[00:19:52]  :  But as I look through photos, it really hit me. I've always thought flowers were important, but just hats off to you because, the flowers are the thing that pulls every part of that day together.

[00:20:05]  :  Michael Gaddie: You know, some people love flowers , some people dislike flowers. But I do think it makes it, I think everybody's gonna remember your decorations, actually they're going to remember your food probably first and the venue, and then your flowers

[00:20:16]  :  Sharon Rumsey: and what type of experience they had.

[00:20:18]  :  Michael Gaddie: Yeah, exactly.

[00:20:19]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I danced all night, or I was bored.

[00:20:21]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: I feel like this could be talked about for hours, maybe even longer than that. It's a very big topic and you know, like you're getting into, ceremony, reception things for pictures, and I think that is something from this episode, even though it started off as trends, is that somebody can get a lot out of this episode because there's so much to it.

[00:20:48]  :  And I can see why you said about Pinterest. I don't know if it necessarily makes your job easier, but I think it helps you get straight to their vision or being in their head and you being able to capitalize on making that their dreams really a reality. Instead of trying to piece, I want this and I want that, and it's one of the things that over the years with weddings, I think back on as many different weddings I've been to always been florals.

[00:21:25]  :  Whether it be simple or elaborate, always been florals. And how you said it pulls the events together and I like what you talked about trends, like whether you want to go with trends or not.

[00:21:38]  :  It's your event, you know, it's very difficult to do flowers obviously, that aren't in season. But knowing you, I know that you've also made some of that happen. We don't have to get into the details of that.

[00:21:48]  :  Michael Gaddie: No.

[00:21:49]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: But if there's something mentally special to a person, you always work with them to try to, even if it's something very small, you try to make us part of that.

[00:21:59]  :  And I think that's one of the things with this floral episode is just letting people know how much it is involved with their event. I

[00:22:08]  :  Michael Gaddie: There's a lot of detail across the board, but you know what, when it comes to a, a designer and a florist, they're there because they love it. We do a lot of events, we do five to six weddings a weekend, a and we used to do more. And I've kind of cut that way back, but, and at the end of the Saturday night when we're done picking up, it's just like we're stressed out and we're tired and we're done. But you know what, Monday morning when we go in, we're ready to work on the next week.

[00:22:36]  :  We're already thinking about the next thing, what we can do. Cause we're creative people and I think creative people, just like to constantly be doing, making new thing just like an artist painting a picture. But we are painting a whole event.

[00:22:51]  :  Sharon Rumsey: And you do it so well.

[00:22:52]  :  Michael Gaddie: Well, thank you.

[00:22:53]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: So many times in the wedding industry, you have to love what you do. It's not something you just go out and, okay, I'm here for six hours and that's that. There's so much more to it in the wedding industry with all different types of vendors, especially florist. If people think that you just wake up one day and I'm going to put this whole wedding thing together.

[00:23:12]  :  No, no, no, no. There's so many days, and I didn't even know that in the beginning when I got to learn more about your business. Just how much goes into when those flowers come in and I don't know the right words. So here I go. Cleaning

[00:23:24]  :  Michael Gaddie: processing.

[00:23:25]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: Is it pruning? I don't know what the words are, processing,

[00:23:27]  :  Michael Gaddie: Processing. When you sit down with me, I would love to take a bride, talk to her, come up with this whole flowers, all, everything that she likes. And then take her to the farm. Now all of our flowers are shipped in, I mean UPS every day, but when we order those flowers three weeks out, they're already out in the fields tagging those flowers, and cutting them the week before and boxing them and shipping them to us, and then we're processing them and then they're walking down the aisle, you know, seven days later. What episode? Wouldn't that be a great episode or a TV show? To take that bride.

[00:24:04]  :  Sharon Rumsey: I think a bride would love that

[00:24:06]  :  Michael Gaddie: on that journey from

[00:24:08]  :  Sharon Rumsey: with her flowers.

[00:24:09]  :  Michael Gaddie: With her flowers.

[00:24:09]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: You know what? I think we can make that happen.

[00:24:12]  :  Michael Gaddie: Let's do it.

[00:24:13]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: I don't know that people, like most things have no idea. Wedding planner have no idea about florals. Oh, these flowers just magically appear and Mike does his waves, his magic wand.

[00:24:24]  :  Michael Gaddie: They fly thousands of miles to get here so you can hold to walk down the aisle

[00:24:30]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: and people don't realize, and we could keep going but I know we're going to have to cut this off, but how long it takes to process them there. There's a timeframe those have to be done in. You can't just do it when you want. I've learned that with you. You know, you start in on Tuesday for something to be done on Saturday.

[00:24:47]  :  Michael Gaddie: Yep.

[00:24:47]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: So there's a lot to that. And I think we've just talked about four different episodes. I'm pretty positive we did.

[00:24:53]  :  Sharon Rumsey: We got a little off track yeah.

[00:24:55]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: But I think this has been really good information. So if you are listening and we've just stirred up a whole list of questions for you, I'm sure that Mike would answer some of those.

[00:25:09]  :  And I know you can't be in all places at all the times, but you do travel and do events in different places, not just here in Louisville, Kentucky. So if someone out there is seeking you, Michael Gaddie. They can get you, if you're available. Thank you very much. This was good information and Sharon even let him get a few words in which I'm so happy about.

[00:25:31]  :  But if you have questions, please reach out to us. I will get those to Mike and I'm sure that he'd be happy to answer you back. You can submit them on social media or just go to our website and if you like the information that you heard, sharon.

[00:25:45]  :  Sharon Rumsey: We want you to hop on and leave us a glowing five star review.

[00:25:49]  :  Kristina Stubblefield: All right, until next time.

[00:25:51]  :  Michael Gaddie: See ya.