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May 4, 2022

Customized Bling & Other Unique Things with Sarah Martin Rowe

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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talked with Gemologist and custom jewelry designer, Sarah Martin Rowe of The Leake Company Private Jeweler & Design. Stay tuned as they discuss the latest trends in wedding jewelry for men and women, specialized pieces to show off your unique style and tips for customizing, budget, cleaning, appraising & insuring your wedding day and happily ever after bling!

Sarah Martin Rowe the owner and lead designer of The Leake Co. Private Jeweler & Design, located in Louisville, KY.  Founded in 2020, she serves as a GIA Graduate Gemologist, jewelry appraiser, and designer with over a decade in the jewelry industry.   

• [1:59] Sarah explains what being a GI Graduate Gemologist means: “which means that I went to school for approximately two years to study, diamond grading, gemstone identification gemstone grading, in a way that's very scientific. So if you bring me a ring, I can tell you exactly the type of gemstone and whether it was lab created, possibly even where it came from.”  
• [3:32] “I think the fun is in the imperfection and that there's no right diamond for everyone.” 
• [8:59] “We can design within a budget, or we can design for a look. And there are a lot of times where both of those things can coexist in the same space.” 
• [12:28] Sarah talks about the changes she has see in the industry in the last ten  years and how couples are picking the ring together now instead of the groom flying solo and deciding.

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
In the house for this episode, we have Sarah Martin Rowe. Sarah is a certified gemologist and custom jewelry designer.

Michael Gaddie  0:07  
Listen to learn all about the latest trends in wedding jewelry for both men and women,

Sharon Rumsey  0:13  
Not a trend follower. Hey, that's okay to learn how you can get a piece custom designed just for you, or even repurpose a family heirloom.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:23  
You're listening to The Ring The Bling And All The Things Podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee down the aisle and into happily ever after. Our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between and after. Now, let's get started with this episode.

Michael Gaddie  1:03  
Hey everyone, we are so excited today. We have got a wonderful lady here Sarah Towe from The Leake Company and she's going to give us some information and tips on picking that right that perfect ring. So Sarah, tell us a little bit about your business.

Sarah Martin Rowe  1:19  
So my name is Sarah Martin Rowe. I am the owner and lead designer at The Leake Company -  Private Jewelery Design located in St. Matthews here in Louisville. We are a full service shop, but we primarily focus on custom jewelry. So taking a bride's vision or a restyle and bringing it to fruition in a way that's very fun, interactive and stress free. And as a gemologist, I really love to educate my clients too. So we do tons of diamond education gemstones and everything you could possibly want. Um, it's a fun process. Well, I

Michael Gaddie  1:51  
think it's exciting just to talk to a gemologist.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:55  
Tell me a little bit about that. As a gemologist, what does that mean?

Sarah Martin Rowe  1:59  
So I'm a GI graduate gemologist, which means that I went to school for approximately two years to study, diamond grading, gemstone identification gemstone grading, in a way that's very scientific. So if you bring me a ring, I can tell you exactly the type of gemstone and whether it was lab created, possibly even where it came from. And, and conjunction with that I also do appraisals. So

Kristina Stubblefield  2:25  
Wow. I'm really excited about this. I'm trying

Sharon Rumsey  2:28  
really hard to concentrate, but she has brought this tray. You guys have got to you know,

Kristina Stubblefield  2:33  
call it a tray.

Sharon Rumsey  2:34  
I don't know. I mean, I just did a road up in a suitcase, you guys have got to get on YouTube. And look at this what is sitting across from me, it is this beautiful display of the most pretty diamonds I've ever seen. And they want me to think of intelligent things to say but I can't because I'm just looking at this jewelry.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:54  
Okay, well, you just keep looking that up towards the camera just a little bit. So if you're going to catch this on YouTube, we'll definitely put up some pictures on social media. She has brought a whole bunch of different stuff. So Sarah, I'm gonna put you on the spot here. For those for anybody that's listening. What is one important tip, whether they're already married, they're engaged, whoever could be listening, what is one tip that you share with people about jewelry? I know you said specifically you work with engagement rings or wedding rings. But what is one tip you would share

Sarah Martin Rowe  3:32  
that it doesn't have to be perfect. I think a lot of people when they go to look at diamonds, or they're looking to upgrade, they think that that diamond has to be perfect. And I just I fundamentally disagree with that. I think the fun is in the imperfection and that there's no right diamond for everyone. I mean, there's, there's so much difference. So have an open mind and be ready to learn a lot.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:56  
That's an excellent tip. That's more than a tip. I think sometimes people think in their mind. It's all about the amount of money they spend on it. And she's shaking her head already. But there's so much more just in what you've said already. There's so much more to it than just the size of it, the shape of it, and the amount of money you spend. So where do we start?

Sarah Martin Rowe  4:21  
I think a great place to start is just having very honest conversations with your partner or your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend just to make sure you're on the same page. Of course we all have a budget in mind. So I would start there because at the end of the day when you go to a jeweler, my job is to really maximize your dollars to not push you into an Echelon that's not comfortable. So I think having that comfortability to say you know I have $5,000 Just spent I have $10,000 to spend and taking that idea to a jeweler and and trusting them to make the most value of your dollars. And then Pinterest is a great place to start for my clients who come to me and say, I just I don't even know what I want, I don't know where to start. Just enjoy the dreaming process. Don't get into the nuts and bolts immediately and just enjoy

Michael Gaddie  5:11  
that. I know that you are actually a designer to design the ring, and I asked you this before we even started. A bride has been dreaming up of this ring, since she was a little girl, just like with her dress. And she's drawn this design out, she brings it to you, you're gonna make that reality happen? How fast can that happen?

Sarah Martin Rowe  5:35  
So for a very decisive bride that comes to me and says, I, I've always loved this ring, I have to have this ring. We can have a rendering done in 48 hours, we can have an approval on that rendering and a week and from start to finish from initial conversation to hey, I have this beautiful dream ring in my hand. As little as four weeks. Wow. Pretty quick. That's Wow.

Michael Gaddie  5:59  
Now when you have a I'm sorry, you go ahead when you say you have an approval on the rendering, is that approval from the bride? Or is that something else that I don't know nothing about? You're exactly right. That happened. Your customer? Yeah, absolutely. I'm

Kristina Stubblefield  6:11  
the customer. Yeah, we

Sarah Martin Rowe  6:12  
always when we do a rendering, we do a 3d rendering with a movie. But before we send anything into production, we do a nice, beautiful, detailed contract for that client. So they see exactly every piece of detail that's going into that ring, before we actually make it.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:27  
Do you only work with people that are local? Or do you work with people that are in other places,

Sarah Martin Rowe  6:34  
I shipped off a really beautiful carat 72 Round Brilliant to Atlanta this past week. Okay, so it's fine. So we also take virtual design appointments. And with the wonderful technology we now have on the market, we can do virtual design consultations from start to finish, so you don't have to live locally to work. Wait,

Sharon Rumsey  6:57  
I'm still hung up on this. You sent it how? Like with the armored truck or an A magical FedEx box? Oh, Ma, it's an

Michael Gaddie  7:09  
insurance comes in again.

Sarah Martin Rowe  7:10  
Yeah, you'd be amazed at what gets sent through FedEx and UPS.

Sharon Rumsey  7:14  
So it my son actually works for UPS. And I've heard some stories, but I don't know that that my case.

Kristina Stubblefield  7:19  
So it's a safe way with insurance. Okay, definitely. Did you all think that she worked with people that weren't local? I'm, I'm really excited to hear this. Because just in the conversations I've had with her, anybody else that I've talked to in the jewelry business, she just has a total different personality. And even maybe a different take on it is my opinion?

Michael Gaddie  7:43  
Well, just by talking to Sarah, just that the 10 minutes that we've talked to her right now. I mean, I would love for you to design a ring for me. I mean, I would if I was getting married, this is the girl I would go to just because of the way she looks, I'll be honest. I mean, she looks like she knows what she's doing. She comes in with not about

Kristina Stubblefield  8:03  
her bio or her education.

Michael Gaddie  8:07  
That's all impressive too. But then she comes in with all these rings and all those her shit. Let's just say she knows her stuff.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:13  
I love the inner coffee. Give her a cup of coffee. She's good to go. She's

Sharon Rumsey  8:18  
my people. But I love the thought, you know, you'll hear Mike and I say all the time, we don't like crackerbox Weddings like I want your wedding to be different. I want some unique aspects. I love that you can design something that's special and unique. And it's not the same ring that you know your neighbor might have or another friend of yours who got married might have I love that you can do a unique design. When we're talking about budget, though, does doing a design. I'm sure it costs more. But is it a significant amount more than just going to buy maybe the same carat rain? someplace else?

Sarah Martin Rowe  8:59  
That's a great question. I don't know if I ask it right. But no, it's perfect. I kind of describe it the same way I'm sure you get florals is that we can design within a budget, or we can design for a look. And there are a lot of times where both of those things can coexist in the same space. Right? So if a bride comes to me and says, you know, I have $5,000 to spend on this ring, we can make that ring for the budget or we can make it for the exact specs. I would say people would be surprised that it's actually not a ton more expensive. The reason I say that is because I think when people hear custom jewelry, they think it's going to be three times as much. Well, I

Sharon Rumsey  9:37  
mean, that's what to be honest, what I would think I would have thought until I met you. Yeah,

Sarah Martin Rowe  9:42  
so for instance, recently we did a really pretty, very classic hidden Halo kind of solitaire ring for the client. And it was actually she was looking at something similar online on a big online website, and I was able to get it for her for about 10% Less us simply because I have direct relationships with the casting houses. So she's not having to pay for a salesperson to sell it to her, she's not having to pay for a case for that to sit in, we work directly in order to make these waxes very accessible to the client. So,

Sharon Rumsey  10:18  
so that's what it is. That's the coolest thing ever. Right?

Sarah Martin Rowe  10:22  
So this is a resin 3d print. When we design something, we can actually print it into resin for the client to try on first before we make it to see

Sharon Rumsey  10:33  
if they like how it looks on their hand. And oh my

Kristina Stubblefield  10:35  
gosh, okay, so I have so many questions. Okay. So I have a $5,000 budget. And I like square. And I know that I want it to be a thicker band. I'm just pulling this out of the year. And I come to you, you can work with me to go over my different options to achieve if possible. My once and what may be affected is what I don't know. I'm going to ask because you talked about different the different types of diamonds and things like that. So your knowledge allows you to help work within their budget. On those mi explain asking my question. Okay, yes.

Sarah Martin Rowe  11:18  
So the beauty of it of being a private jeweler and a custom jewelry is that we have so much at our fingertips, right? So if the client says, you know, I saw this $50,000 Tiffany ring that I love so much, but I have $5,000 to spend, what we can do is we can scale that piece down without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of that ring of what you love so much about it. He says it's

Kristina Stubblefield  11:41  
so much better than I did. Do you don't catch that? That's my point, though. You find something on Pinterest or something that you like, you can help get them there.

Sarah Martin Rowe  11:49  
Yes. And especially with the knowledge of different gemstones, I mean, we have so much like cost effective material at our fingertips now from lab grown diamonds to Moissanite, to natural diamonds to gemstones that look like those big types of stones that are expensive, but just at a budget that's more approachable. So it's great to have so many different options.

Sharon Rumsey  12:11  
Are the majority of your customers that come in for customer engagement rings? Is it? Is it Grimms? Or is it price? Are there? Couples? Yeah, come together? Yeah. I

Kristina Stubblefield  12:25  
think she had said something to me when we were talking before

Sarah Martin Rowe  12:27  
about this. Yes, I would say most people are coming in as couples because they're doing it together. Yeah, I we've seen that really change in the industry in the past 10 years, you know, 10 years ago, when I started, you saw the groom coming in and solo. But I think more and more, especially as couples begin their lives together financially together already. They're already making decisions about their finances, even with their ring before they get married. So it makes

Sharon Rumsey  12:54  
no sense. I mean, I'm older than you think. But I know when I got married, it was the puppet a little bit. It was like a surprise your your wedding ring was a surprise. You know that the groom totally picked it out and everything. But now we actually have one of My Brides, she'll be coming in tonight we're gonna do a wedding recap with her. But I commented on her ring. And I you know, I said, Oh, John, you did great. And he's like, I just got told where to go and how much to pay. Like she totally, you know, owned. And I'm hearing that a lot more that the brides are picking out their rings, which I kind of get because you're the one wearing it the rest of your life. Exactly. Yeah.

Michael Gaddie  13:34  
I like you know, going back to what you said 3035 years ago, I got married. We had nothing. I mean, the bride had nothing to do with it. I mean, we the groom showed up, I walked in, what do I want? We didn't even discuss what my ring look like, I just did it.

Kristina Stubblefield  13:51  
I'll be honest, I personally, I didn't want to know. I think Josh mentioned it to me. And I was like, No, I don't want any input. Now, at one point in time, I may have said I do like a thicker band than I do thinner. Just I personally may have said that but nothing else. And I don't. Me personally, and that's what I like about it is this isn't for everybody. It's no one size fits all or anything like that. But that is one of the things that I wanted to be surprised, but not everybody is going to think like I

Michael Gaddie  14:27  
didn't even know she was getting a ring. Well, I didn't either. So she got what she got.

Sharon Rumsey  14:32  
I'm gonna call her on the way home tell her she needs to get another one.

Michael Gaddie  14:37  
I know you design a lot of rings for couples, but I'm sure just to let the people know listening. They can come in and pick out product in your cases at your showroom. Correct.

Sarah Martin Rowe  14:48  
We do have a couple of showcases of live things that you can go ahead and purchase and take out the door. But also, I think what a lot of clients don't understand is that we can source things too. So if it's Three weeks before Christmas and you're like, Man, I don't have time to custom make something at this point. But you're looking for diamond studs. I mean, I have the entire inventory of the industry at my fingertips to sew by amazing Yeah, so we don't have to have showcases upon showcases a product anymore everything we can call in for review.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:20  
One of the other things that I really liked that she has talked to us about is it's probably not calling repurposing you call it something better than that. But your if you have something heirloom and heirloom that you want, maybe it's a maybe it's earrings but you don't wear that type of earring or it's a necklace and you don't wear that kind of necklace. You can take and put do it in a way that that person would wear it.

Sarah Martin Rowe  15:44  
Yes. I mean, there's the sky's the limit on what's that tick.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:47  
What's that technically called?

Sarah Martin Rowe  15:49  
There's so many terms for Well, I

Kristina Stubblefield  15:50  
said repurposing, but we'll call it restyling restyling. Thank you. That's what I was going for

Sarah Martin Rowe  15:55  
maybe upcycling, I don't know what that

Sharon Rumsey  15:58  
restyling sounds fancy. Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:00  
Are people doing that at all with engagement rings that people use that passed down rings Am I

Michael Gaddie  16:08  
think long ago Okay. Long ago. Okay. So you know, for an example, my sister was divorced. They had a daughter. And when she got married now this is not during engagement rings or anything but she had a necklace made out of her engagement ring and her wedding ban from her father. And were presented it to her that day. And talking about I love that spoken about emotional. I mean, you know, they still have a relationship, the her ex husband and my sister. But I mean to give that part to Lauren was amazing. And the guy that did it did amazing job to

Kristina Stubblefield  16:53  
just the opportunities to utilize because I know I probably have pieces. I'm not going to do anything with them how they are to even know that you can go to somebody that can just it can customize something you don't have to pick from a mold. They can customize something for you to use and or pass on.

Michael Gaddie  17:16  
Do you get that often when they do Yeah.

Sarah Martin Rowe  17:18  
So two two opportunities with that if you well speaking from a legal technical standpoint, gold right now is the highest we've seen it I mean, since I've been in the industry. We're at almost 2000 An ounce which is that's crazy money right now. So it's a great time that if you want if you have some heirloom jewelry that you're not using, we can actually melt that down recast into something you would wear. Or we can just change the function of it. I had a bride who had a beautiful art deco watch that she was like well I'm just never going to wear it but it's my grandmother's watch. So we took off the sides of that watch that were already in crested and beautiful diamonds. We added post to them and we made earrings for her. So oh my gosh it can be as such a creative and fun process.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:08  
restyling is such a great word but to understand what that fully means the opportunities are endless. Exactly. Wow.

Sharon Rumsey  18:16  
When it comes to engagement rings now what is popular What are you seeing

Sarah Martin Rowe  18:26  
so traditional engagement rings. The most popular shape we're seeing is oval oval cushions and rounds. For our I would say most people coming to me are looking for a solitaire, something that's really clean and classic that they can add to over time with a band or something that is approachable for everyday that they can wear. I have that kind of client and then I also have clients who want salt and pepper diamonds with really interesting shapes. Were using things like Montana sapphires that have three different colors in them. So

Sharon Rumsey  19:02  
I stayed with salt and pepper diamond.

Sarah Martin Rowe  19:06  
It is a diamond that by industry standards. A lot of traditional jewelers would kind of turn their nose up at it's a heavily included diamond but it looks like you some of them look like a pane of glass that you just sprinkled a couple of dots of ink into and then some of them are really heavily included to looks like you you whisked smoke through them. They're really really fun and they're they make a really nice artistic statement. And I think they're great for unique brides. Wow.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:35  
I didn't even know that was an option to be honest with you.

Sharon Rumsey  19:39  
I had one of my brides the other day telling me that she had taken her ring to be sighs she had just gotten engaged. And she called it a chocolate diamond. And she said I can't wait to show you and I didn't want to seem stupid but I was like I don't know what that is. What is a chocolate diamond

Sarah Martin Rowe  19:57  
just has a lot of a lot of nitrogen in it. In a lot of there's, it creates this really pretty brown color throughout the stone. There's a jeweler actually just hour and a half south of us that has a trademark on Bourbon diamonds. Oh, wow, I know, genius. And so, but that that's a color grade that is truly Brown. And you can get them in different colors from light brown all the way to a deep, rich,

Sharon Rumsey  20:26  
just delicious, that's not considered a less valuable diamond.

Sarah Martin Rowe  20:30  
From a traditional standpoint, we would consider that maybe not as value obviously as maybe a D flawless, but they're no less valuable in their purpose, right? Because we don't have one dime that's perfect for everyone.

Sharon Rumsey  20:45  
That's what she chose. I mean, she wanted that

Michael Gaddie  20:47  
good word in there. I like that. So let's not leave the groom out. When it comes to the ring of the band for the groom. Are you seeing what's what's the tradition you're seeing right now for them because me personally, I'm seeing more grooms get involved with flowers. I'm getting I'm seeing them more involved with how they look in their suits. I mean, they're so particular. I'm just curious about the jury. I love it when the grooms are involved.

Sarah Martin Rowe  21:19  
So I think that I mean, there should be a say in that. Um, so a short little story I actually proposed to my husband and made his reign really amazing, a little different. So with his band, and I'll tell you my husband's in corporate America, he's a sales executive, you know, suits, ties and whatnot. We use Bourbon Barrel titanium, the metal from a p 52. Mustang plane in it. And so now with a lot of grooms, they're wanting something a little different. Of course, we still have traditional grooms who want that great classic six millimeter band that they saw their grandfather have, but we're seeing a lot of grooms that want to do. Bourbon Barrel, they want to incorporate media, right? We didn't. Even though you can do that. There's so much. And the fun thing is, is that so say you met at one of the bourbon distilleries in town, that's where you kind of ignited your relationship, we can take a stave from that, punch it out and make it into part of your wedding band.

Sharon Rumsey  22:22  
That's unreal. I love it.

Michael Gaddie  22:24  
I love that too.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:25  
Oh, my goodness, I have so much. There's so much, honestly, it. That is another level of custom in my opinion like that is you're creating something to your wildest imagination, honestly,

Sharon Rumsey  22:39  
about an heirloom, you pass that down to your son, your grandson, you know, your mom and I met here and my ring has a piece of that. And you know, I mean,

Kristina Stubblefield  22:48  
anything like that, that something important to that coupled to that? Oh, my goodness, this is I don't think I realized the level of custom that could be done for engagement rings, or the band's

Sharon Rumsey  23:05  
when a couple comes in to you. And they say we just don't know what we want. We have no idea. Where do you even start?

Sarah Martin Rowe  23:11  
Oh, those are the fun ones. Those are my favorite. That's what I like.

Sharon Rumsey  23:14  
They just come in and they're like, I haven't hired anyone. I'm like, Hey,

Sarah Martin Rowe  23:19  
friends, I think that's to me. That's the most magical client because we get into this phase where anything is possible. And we can dream together. And I think that unlocks so many more possibilities to be creative. So with that client, I love technology. I love it so much. So for that client, we have something on our website called Design library. And the client can actually you know, if you're just sitting in your bedroom, 11 o'clock at night, can't sleep and you're watching Ozark on Netflix or something, you can go to our website and play with different designs, you can customize them with just different gemstones to see how that looks. And it will actually spit out a price that you Oh, wow. And then you can save all those things, especially for my brides who are really indecisive. You can save all those customizations and email them to us. And we will save them to something called design board, which is a collaborative online space where we can share ideas. So that way, the client that's that seems really intimidated by that process. I mean, we can curate that kind of like an artboard over time.

Michael Gaddie  24:24  
Oh my goodness. That's amazing.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:26  
Okay, so while we're talking about this, this design studio, go ahead and share your website because I know people are going to be like, wait, what I need to check this out.

Sarah Martin Rowe  24:35  
So you can find us online at www dot the leak That's Lea ke under custom jewelry design and you'll see the design studio there.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:45  
Don't you think Sharon? People already be on there?

Sharon Rumsey  24:48  
I mean, we talk all the time about how people don't know what they don't know. And today I've been taken to school. I didn't know what I didn't know. I mean, I won't be really honest. Yeah, this was under Rio,

Kristina Stubblefield  25:00  
I really think that this could open up people's minds to what we talked about. You mentioned it already about unique. They want their wedding unique, the reception unique, their ceremony unique. What a way to get a unique piece of jewelry that no one else has anything like it can. Its custom.

Sharon Rumsey  25:20  
Yeah, it's It's unreal. Okay. So

Kristina Stubblefield  25:23  
where do you suggest they? So if somebody came in to you, but for our listeners out there, where do you suggest they go? Do you suggest they go out and just start looking on Pinterest, or things like that.

Sarah Martin Rowe  25:37  
I think for the brides who really just don't know what they want, Pinterest is a great place to start the conversation. I also think Instagram is a great resource. We have a lot of wonderful, very talented designers on Instagram now that you can take inspiration from it's very, very fun. So it's a great way to discover new looks without going into a jewelry store yet.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:58  
And I'm assuming you can identify someone's taste or direction they're may kind of be headed. If they have eight or 10 Different ones picked out kind of like you do with flip flowers, florals. Right word can really help spark the inspiration with what you can add in seeing what they've already kind of like,

Sarah Martin Rowe  26:16  
exactly. Alright, I'll do you one better. So if the client is just really confused about her style, I can send you something called our style quiz. And it'll allow them to choose different pictures of things they like, it'll send that back to me and I have like a spidey sense about those things. And then I'll send looks back to her based on kind of that idea. Oh, holy

Sharon Rumsey  26:36  
moly. Sarah, Sarah,

Kristina Stubblefield  26:37  
Sarah, this is I'm not usually speechless, especially on this podcast. But I think I'm so surprised by all this. I mean, maybe I should have already known this. Are you?

Michael Gaddie  26:51  
Well, I feel like that trends are changing every day. And I feel like that's one of the things that I'm not in touch with is your business. And I'm glad I've learned to live and you know, get in touch with you and learn. So we'll see what the bride and groom starting out with or couple starting out with. And I think that's great.

Kristina Stubblefield  27:11  
So no matter where they get their ring, do you encourage them to get it appraised and to have insurance

Sarah Martin Rowe  27:17  
always always so a lot of jewelers out there if you're not local to here, a lot of jewelers offer comprehensive lifetime warranties or limited warranties, right against things like prom damage or resizing, right. What that doesn't cover is theft, loss, extreme damage. So in the unlikely event that someone steals your ring, or you go swimming in the ocean, you lose your ring. Insurance comes in for that. And we'll make you whole by putting you in touch with another jeweler that can remake your piece. So when we look at appraising, it's so important to have as much detail on that appraisal as we can because if we're looking at an appraisal to work with, we know that our ring is no longer with us. So if you're looking for an appraiser in your area, there are some online resources for that. And you can look for different certifications with jewelry stores like gi a GSJ, which is jewelers of America. Or you can visit websites like Nadja, which is an appraisal conglomerate, to find an appraiser near you that will identify your ring and evaluate it very well.

Sharon Rumsey  28:22  
That's great information.

Kristina Stubblefield  28:23  
Okay, I have another question.

Michael Gaddie  28:24  
I've got one, two.

Kristina Stubblefield  28:25  
Okay, what about maintenance or cleaning? Or is there any suggestions or okay?

Sarah Martin Rowe  28:33  
Okay, so, I'm gonna let you guys on a super secret, okay, but you can't tell anyone else. Okay, your best Jewelry Cleaner lives by your sink. So Dawn dish soap is wonderful. It is it cleans baby ducks and your rings.

Sharon Rumsey  28:51  
It's not too harsh.

Sarah Martin Rowe  28:52  
Not at all. It's probably the best jewelry cleaner that you can use outside of going to a jeweler. So whenever your diamond or gemstone needs a little bit of a, you know you're at a party you just needed to spark a little bit more. You can soak that in a small dish of warm water not hot, not freezing cold. With a couple of drops of Dawn dish soap. Stir that guy up, soak your rings for as long as you want. And then I usually mine for about 1015 minutes. You can go over with a new soft bristle toothbrush new not not old. We don't want gunky toothbrush to bring in stuff in there. But then he rents it off and paddock completely dry and you're good to go. It's great. But some general tips and tricks is take off your rings when you're doing sports don't do to CrossFit and your rings. That's not good. No one cares. Don't sleep in your rings. Blanket fibers can pull your problems back. Don't go swimming in your rings. Chlorine is caustic to gold. And don't shower in your rings. Really easy.

Kristina Stubblefield  29:54  
Wow. Okay, I just learned some steps.

Michael Gaddie  29:57  
Yeah, that's that's good. So I want to jump back A little bit of talking about insurance. So I bring my wife's ring to you audited another company long time ago. You appraise it? Do you help me insure it? Or is that something that I need to go to my homeowners are? How does that work? Explain that to me.

Sarah Martin Rowe  30:22  
So once you have your item appraised, you'll receive an insurance replacement appraisal, which is just a paper, you'll take that to your Ideally, your homeowners or renters, usually they will have the best rates and less of you for some reason that they just don't have a comprehensive blanket policy. But I would also mention that if for some reason, either you don't feel comfortable with that agent, or they're not offering the coverage you need, there are a number of other companies that will do very comprehensive policies that are just really wonderful. So you have options, but any jeweler would be able to educate you on that.

Michael Gaddie  30:57  
But your company specifically, or jewelry companies do not supply that you just appraised the product for the insurance company,

Sarah Martin Rowe  31:05  
I appraise the product, and then I can refer you okay.

Sharon Rumsey  31:10  
This has been amazing. It has.

Kristina Stubblefield  31:12  
I don't know what else to say. I think that this short window of time, however long we've been recording has packed so much great information. No matter who you are, that's listening, engage hope to be engaged soon married, whoever you are, this listening can take many things away from this episode. And I think that's something we're always striving for is to provide good education and information for people to display. So Sarah, thank you so much for your time. Before we go, will you share just a little bit more details about your business, all that kind of stuff, we will put links to your website and social media in the show notes. But anything else that you want people to know about your business? And if you didn't catch earlier, she can work with people anywhere?

Sarah Martin Rowe  32:03  
Yes. So we take local and remote clientele. So we work one on one with our clients to make sure that everything they want about their jewelry is exactly what should it be, and we help you curate your perfect jewelry box. Working with a private jeweler has so many different benefits from cost to personal attention to really creating something that you can pass down from generation to generation wherever you're at. So my company is The Leake Company - Private Jewelery Design located in Louisville, you can find us online at You can actually use our booking tab under client care to even just say hello, and we'll meet you where you're at, whether that's you're an expert, and you've done all your research, or I'm just starting out and I have no idea where I'm at. So we'd love to work with you.

Kristina Stubblefield  32:49  
And with your permission, we'll share links out to your design studio. And if that other link is available in regards to the quiz. I'm not sure if you said it was on your website or you send it to someone. Either way, we can include your email address. If you want someone to email you in order to get that quiz. I think that's great for anybody that don't know what they want. They can take that quiz, like she said and help guide them. Okay, it's amazing. This is this has been awesome, Sarah. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you saying yeah, thank you so much to our listeners. We appreciate if you've already subscribed to your favorite podcast platform. Great. We always love to hear your feedback. And gosh, guys, I can't wait to hear the feedback on this one. So until next time, everyone, stay safe.

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Sarah Martin Rowe

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Sarah Martin Rowe the owner and lead designer of The Leake Co. Private Jeweler & Design, located in Louisville, KY. Founded in 2020, she serves as a GIA Graduate Gemologist, jewelry appraiser, and designer with over a decade in the jewelry industry. Prior to opening her own design studio, she traveled the US as a national trainer and sales executive for an internationally-renowned bridal jewelry brand, interacting with some of the best independent retail jewelers in the market and curating high-end jewelry.
As a designer, Martin Rowe knows it is important to educate, empower, and guide her clients towards heirloom jewelry that will withstand the test of time. The Leake Co. provides diamond education, diamond sourcing, & gemstones combined with lifelike virtual design services.

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