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Feb. 14, 2022

Community Platform and The Four Pillars of Support

Community Platform and The Four Pillars of Support

In this episode, Kristina explains that connection, education, visibility, and growth are the four pillars that support wedding professionals inside The Ring The Bling And All The Things community platform and how we foster community over competition. She explains the inspiration for the all-inclusive and comprehensive platform and invites you to be a part of this one-of-a-kind support network and platform that packs a PUNCH! Discover the power of networking and connecting with us and other local wedding pros, learn essential digital marketing techniques to promote your business, position yourself for optimal visibility and align yourself and your business for growth.


• [1:22] Kristina talks about the mission of The Ring The Bling And All The Things encompassing education, connection, visibility and growth…
• [2:43] “We are much stronger together than we are individually.”   
• [8:05] Kristina shares how to utilize your connections with other wedding professionals 
• [9:52] Digital marketing and education is a big part of the online community…

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Our vision is to bring vendors, venues, show producers, wedding groups and engaged couples to ONE amazing place! We have built a platform that you can use us to access local vendors, video and photo inspiration galleries, mood boards, wedding stories and articles, engagement stories, exclusive savings, wedding show and expo events in your area, online stores, resources like wedding registries and informative podcasts as well as education events!


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In this episode, I talk about connection, education, visibility, growth. The four pillars that support wedding professionals inside The Ring The Bling And All The Things community platform. I explain how we foster community over competition, and invite you to be part of this inclusive support network and platform that packs a punch. Discover the power of networking and connecting with us and other local wedding pros. Learn essential digital marketing techniques to promote your business. Position yourself for optimal visibility, and align yourself and your business for growth. 

You're listening to a Business Booster episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. I'm a technology consultant, marketing strategist, business coach, and in the past of wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing impactful, easy to implement solutions and strategies for efficient workflow and business growth. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

Love is in the air. We love connecting wedding professionals with other wedding professionals as well as engaged couples. Our mission with the ring, the bling, and all the things is encompassing education, connection, visibility and growth. And we love helping businesses grow, especially in the wedding industry. In today's episode, I really want to talk about the importance of connecting and networking with other industry professionals. If the pandemic has made us see anything, it is really brought to light, the importance of community. And when we have decided to launch our online wedding community, it is really because we want it to bring engaged couples, wedding professionals, show producers, everyone in the wedding industry together in one easy to use online platform. And that's really what I wanted to hone in on. As wedding professionals you get busy in your own business. But it is really so important to keep those connections alive. The opportunities to work together. You know, a lot of times I refer and say we are much stronger together than we are individually. And one of the taglines that we've really started to embrace is we 100% believe that community over competition. And there's really something to be said there. If we all work together, if we all refer business. We're going to reciprocate what we put out. having opportunities to connect through social media, through wedding platforms, in person events. Those are so important for everyone's business. What is on the horizon for the wedding industry is said to be unprecedented times more weddings than it's been seen since 1980. Something and really what that says for everyone in the wedding industry is there's no better time than the opportunity to refer business to each other, to be there to support each other, not only just in business, but also mentally, emotionally. We're all in this together. And I think sometimes people just see competition. They may just see the other business. They don't see the person behind that business. They don't maybe see or can look down the road and see the opportunities that may lie ahead to work together. And that's really what I wanted to shine some light on. Somebody said to me recently, actually, to be honest with you, there's been two or three people that have said this to me in the past week. You're one of the best connectors that I've come across. And that meant a lot to me.

I do really enjoy can Connecting people. And that, for me means several different things. I like connecting businesses. I like connecting wedding professionals to engaged couples. I like connecting wedding professionals to groups, or show producers that can be beneficial to them. I also like connecting wedding professionals to software's to systems and processes, to social media channels that can help grow their business. So I don't take that lightly. None of us at the ring, the bling and all the things take it lightly about us being a hub of connection. It is so important to help support everyone in the wedding industry. And how can we share with others opportunities that are available to get their name out? Whether it be wedding shows, or chambers, or other wedding groups? Yes, does it take some time to make those connections to share that information? It does. But it's very gratifying to know that that little tidbit of information can make a huge difference in someone's business. There are groups out there on Facebook, that I have paid attention to different things that's being said there and questions that are posed. And I love seeing other wedding professionals jump in to answer those questions posed by maybe even their competitors. You know, a lot of times you hear about wedding planners that want to build their portfolio to create that vendor list. But for me, that is available for all types of wedding professionals, not just wedding planners, although they may be on the front lines of helping bring together vendor list for their clients. To me, it also applies for everyone in the wedding industry. Let's be honest, at the end of the day, you're going to be working with other wedding professionals at weddings or corporate events for that matter. So many times I think we look at it as how can this person benefit me? If I connect with this person? What can I benefit from it? And I always try to think of how can I be a benefit to this person? Who could I connect them with that would be a benefit, it's going to be reciprocated. It's a natural effect that happens. So maybe start to think about how you can utilize those connections. The other thing is I talked about, you know, whether you're networking online or in person, don't forget about the follow up. Just staying in contact on a every once in a while basis. You know, follow up can be so important. You know, we talked about top of mind on online presence or in marketing, but also Top of Mind with your connections with other professionals. There's so much power in working together. Over the years, I've worked with so many small business owners. And I've been so drawn to the wedding industry all the way back to when I was first a wedding professional. And that was a long time ago. But there was just something about the opportunity for the sense of family, it was more than just about your business. And that was really important to me in developing an online community. For wedding professionals and engaged couples, over the past few years have paid very close attention had multiple conversations from all different types of people in the wedding industry. And I knew that I that it was really important to focus on connection.

I knew that there was such an opportunity to provide education, to help wedding professionals move the needle in their business or stay up on what was going on with social media. Digital marketing is not going anywhere. And that's where I knew that part of this online community needed to be Education. But I also know, visibility. You have to be found when someone is looking for you, you, your business or someone in your industry can't hide, cannot play the hide and seek game. And I knew visibility needed to be one of the pillars of our online wedding community. I also know that there are wedding professionals that want to grow. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean more events, it can mean that maybe they want to grow their team, maybe they want to add more events. But maybe also, they want to grow to where they're making more money, and not working as hard. Growth can mean many different things to many people. And I knew that in order for us to develop an online community that packed a punch, so to speak. That wrapped everything up into one place. Easy to use, there when people need it have many opportunities to grow in the future. I knew that these four items, education, connection, visibility and growth needed to be the pillars of this platform. I've been very excited so many things have been going on in the background in order to pull all of this together. And I'm so excited about the launch of the ring, the bling and all the things online wedding community. We refer to it a lot as a platform. But it's a place where you as a wedding professional can come learn valuable information, tips and education for your business. You can connect with local wedding professionals can connect with engaged couples. You can connect with others in the wedding industry. You can get failed. Visibility is so important with so many different types of businesses but it is really critical for wedding professionals. You we are helping you get found out there in the internet and give you tools to put in your toolbox to reach whatever goals you want to accomplish with growth in your business. I will wrap this episode up by saying really take a few minutes to think about the opportunities that lie with connecting with other business owners connecting with other wedding professionals show producers wedding groups. One connection has the opportunity has so many opportunities that you can even see. It has unlimited possibilities and in saying this, I'm very excited to share with everyone if you are local to us in the Louisville, Kentucky and southern Indiana area that we are hosting ring bling, all the things mixer. We are so excited. It is taking place on February 23. It is going to be from 430 to 730. At the Henry Clay in downtown Louisville. You're invited to come out. Meet other wedding professionals mingle with these professionals. Make connections, see some familiar faces. Meet new people in the wedding industry.

As I said we believe 100% in community over competition and we hope that you will join us at this mixer. We have some amazing vendors involved that are helping us bring this event together. You can find out more information about it online. There will be a link in the show notes to this. It is a free event again 430 to 730. We just ask that if you would please RSVP that would help us out a great deal. Never know what we have in store. I can tell you, it's going to be a lot of fun. There's going to be a lot of laughs and our biggest goal is to help everyone that attends with connections, connections that far exceed this mixer. I will also hope that you will join us inside our online wedding community. We've been working a lot behind the scenes to bring this together to help everyone in the wedding industry as well as the engaged couples as they embark on planning the wedding of their dreams. You can get all of the details in the show notes. Again, you're invited to enjoy. You're invited to join us on February 23 from 430 to 730 at the Henry Clay in downtown Louisville, for our ring bling all the things mixer for those listening that are local to the Kentucky Anna or southern Indiana area. I will also share with you we are so excited about our special guest the one and only Angela prophet is joining us from Nashville, Tennessee, to celebrate with us in the fun of one year of podcasting. Wow one year of podcasting over 100 episodes, and the launch of our online community. If you're not familiar with Angela Proffitt, we will also put links in the notes please go and follow her on social media. 

If you don't already follow The Ring The Bling And All The Things you can find us on all of the different social media platforms, you can always visit our website for current episodes as well as past episodes. We look forward to seeing those that can join us at the mixer and for all of you that tune in on a regular basis to our episodes. Thank you for being a loyal listener, we would love to hear from you. All you have to do is subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Write us a review and as Sharon would always say a glowing five star review. we'd love your feedback at any time you can reach out by social media through direct message or you can go to our website and click the Contact button. And me or one of my team members will be happy to get back to you. I will leave you on this note. Keep working on your business. There are people out there that are looking for wedding professionals just like you keep digging people working on your business. Until next time, everyone, take care. 

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