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June 23, 2021

Cake Take

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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with Max Maxwell, local Louisville area band celebrity about choosing the right band for your reception… and choosing the right cake! Max has a CRAZY love for wedding cakes and has developed a YouTube following with his fun and informative cake reviews.

Listen to this episode where co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon sat down with a local Louisville band celebrity, Max Maxwell, and got tips on how to pick the right band for your reception… and the right cake!

Tune in to hear all the things you need to look for when hiring a band to do your wedding reception. From set lists and experience to an ability to interact well with a diverse crowd and keep the evening flowing smoothly, our guest Max Maxwell shares some great tips you won’t want to miss!

Catch this fun and informative episode where we are not only dishing out tips on picking the right band for your reception but we are having fun talking about wedding cake and how one local band celebrity took his performing lull during Covid and turned it into a new passion for taste testing and reviewing wedding cakes on YouTube.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL DISCOVER how a local Louisville band celebrity pivoted during Covid when his band couldn’t perform… and found a way to keep entertaining by giving fun and informative wedding cake reviews on YouTube.

Share with us photos of your wedding cake/dessert & why you chose the vendor you did to make it… and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings 


Sharon Rumsey  0:00  

Guys we all know love is sweet, but so is cake.


Michael Gaddie  0:03  

No matter how amazing the dinner is, every guest looks forward to what comes next dessert.


Kristina Stubblefield  0:09  

There are so many choices. But we are here to sort it all out with the one and only. And our favorite cake expert, Max Maxwell, from cake take. You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes, joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the ring, the bling, and all the things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.


Sharon Rumsey  1:30  

You guys, this is the episode I have been waiting for with more anticipation I think than anyone we've ever done. I was up late last night doing my research on our guest. I've known our guests and his family. Well honestly since high school, a couple of them. But anyway, we are so excited today to have max Maxwell with us. Max is the drummer for our favorite band here locally the crashers but also has started a really really unique fun. Take on cake, he does cake take by Max I'm gonna let him introduce himself and then we are going to get all into wedding cake.


Max Maxwell  2:14  

Thank you so much. Well, my name is Max Maxwell and I'm from a family of musicians and have played and been playing music for longer than I want to say maybe 47 years. And and I absolutely love wedding cake. Like


Kristina Stubblefield  2:38  

now you can't just jump right there. Oh, yes. A little bit about yourself first. We know you love well. I'm a I'm a I'm an Aries. How many kids do you have? I


Max Maxwell  2:50  

have four kids. I have. What about pets? I have four dogs. I have two Great Pyrenees, which you know what? Those are great big white dogs. And I have two little doodles. And that's why I like you. Yeah, to your little doodles and to great tyrannies. And they, I want to just kill them all the time. And if you listen, if you watch Kate take, like last week, I yelled at one of them. Because she wouldn't stop barking.


Kristina Stubblefield  3:25  

And while they were trying to video every


Max Maxwell  3:27  

time I do it, they bark. They're barking. They're barking dogs. And so we luckily live on a couple acres. So we have some room for them to run around. And but it's it's chaos. Always. But yeah. I love lots of things. Life is is is an amazing thing. I have a daytime job business that I own. That is a we engineer and design sound systems video systems. That's what I do during the day. And in the manage all the crasher wedding stuff. So I'm connected with all the brides and the planners and, and I love that it's like the greatest, most fun to be involved in somebody's life like that. And so I have an amazing wife who supports me and doesn't think I'm too crazy. Other than this cake thing. She does think I'm crazy, but but she's very supportive of that and and I've just real blessed my brother's a great. I have a great brother. I have a great sister. My mom and dad are awesome. My dad's you know, like a living legend in Louisville, Kentucky. And yeah, so I'm a real blessed guy. Very, very blessed guy and, and I again, love wedding cake.


Kristina Stubblefield  4:47  

Well, we finally got it out of him a little bit. Did you hear that chair and he's part of a kick ass band, the crackers, my favorite to just go ahead and spill the beans to everybody we all know about the crashers but for those that are listening who may not Be local to us. Although you do go just about anywhere


Max Maxwell  5:03  

we do. Yeah, we go all over the place. Yeah, we've played, uh, weddings or private events all over the place all over the United States that haven't gone out of the country yet. But you're leaving the door. Yes, that's right. Completely leaving the door open. So we, we love, again, we play a lot of private events, we play probably more than half of our work is in weddings. And, and realistically, we put the band together, that's what we put the band together for was to play weddings, a first event we played was a wedding. And so we love to be part of someone else's life, we feel like that that's a blessing for us to to to be a part of something they were going to remember for the rest of their lives. And luckily, we only had one couple break up since we've been together. I wish I Yeah, that one's just yeah, just want a couple. And so I think it has a lot to do with, with, you know, typical, typically with our band where we, you know, we're so involved with, with the party with the folks, and we want them to be the happiest I've ever been in their life and their guests to be. I've wanted the best wedding I've ever been to. That's that's the goal with our band


Kristina Stubblefield  6:24  

chair. And I know you have some questions in regards to the band. How long has the crushers been around?


Max Maxwell  6:31  

12 years 1212 will be 13 years. It's next year?


That's awesome. Same guy, all same people. And it really does. Yeah, it


Sharon Rumsey  6:39  

speaks highly of, of all of you. Because a lot of bands, people come and go it's very transients. Yeah,


Max Maxwell  6:45  

we're friends. We like we we love each other and hate each other at the same time. And it's a great, it's a great, we have a great relationship.


Sharon Rumsey  6:53  

That's awesome. That's awesome. So I know that we're going to do another episode, hopefully soon, where we're going to specifically talk about bands and what to look for when you hire a band. But just before we get into the cake, if there's a bride and a groom out there that are looking for are considering using a band versus DJ, what guidance would you give them in making that decision?


Max Maxwell  7:18  

Well, the first thing I would do is look at their setlist that's the most important part of it is to see how how wide the range is. Because for your wedding, typically you have kids there and then you have your great grandparents. Sure, and at the same events, and so a band has to be real diverse to be the perfect man for your wedding. That's the first piece of it. The second piece to me is how are they interactive with you? directly? are they connected? We talked about this a little bit before that, will they sit down with you? And will they spend time with you? Will they help? Well, they will it will they say hey, you know you need to go through our song list and tell me the songs that you don't want us to play because we don't want your we don't want to play the song that your you and your ex boyfriend loved. We don't want to play that song for your way. I


Sharon Rumsey  8:10  

always tell my couples that do not playlist is the most important part of the music


Max Maxwell  8:14  

select it is I don't even tell them to put a setlist together because typically when we walk in the room, we put something rough together. But when we walk in the room, we look at the at the crowd and go Okay, it's a little older this time or it looks like they might want a little more 80s rock music or, and then we shift as we go yeah, Mark and I are connected a whole time we have a way of talking on stage. So but to know that the band's diverse to know that the band is is will connect with everyone there, no matter who it is, is really important. You know that connectivity to the crowd? You know, that's the one thing mark is really good at is walking around, right? And getting people involved in bringing, you know, bringing the bride and groom on stage. And it's about them. It's not about us. And that's the thing you need to watch out about with a lot of bands because bands are they're psychos. They're they they're about themselves most of the time.


Sharon Rumsey  9:10  

You don't I mean, I bother any experience where I felt like the band wanted the focus to be on the band instead of the bride and groom. Yeah, and yeah, that's kind of hard as a wedding planner.


Max Maxwell  9:19  

thing. I'm gonna say something that's probably gonna make all the band people mad. But the other thing that we do that most everyone else stays away from is they see, there's my dog. Follow me over here. So the, the thing that they That happens a lot of the time is is somebody will ask a band, how long they'll play. And the band will play say, well, will we play three one hour sets and we take a half hour break? That is the worst thing that a band can do at a wedding. Very worse. It's like


Kristina Stubblefield  9:57  

I'm so glad that he brought that I mean that's yeah


Max Maxwell  10:00  

I can give you what you're the worst thing. So, for us, we created our muscle of buying the band to be able to play two and a half to three hours for anyone's wedding. And typically, you know how that goes with most weddings, everything's running behind Anyway, you know, you can't go well, at 959, we're going to do this. And then at nine, at 1015, we're going to do this, because it never happens that way. You just kind of end. And that's the one thing I tell brides as well. What what what should I do? What should I do when you know if How can I enjoy myself as it was, don't worry about the timeframe, right? Just don't worry about good advice, just really go. I'm going to enjoy and the mother of the bride and mother of the bride, they're the ones that are usually so wound up in this app and just let it go. And just have a great time. And don't worry about the timeframe, because it's all gonna work out just fine.


Sharon Rumsey  10:57  

Yeah, I always tell my couples, my job is to assemble the absolute best team that we can get, including the band, the absolute best team we can get, and they get out of the way and let them do their jobs. Yep. Because you've hired the experts in their field and every field and you just get out of the way and let them go. That's right. Yeah,


Max Maxwell  11:14  

that's exactly blast. It really it really is. And so those are a couple of things that I would do, I would look at their setlist, I will see how interactive they are with you, particularly. Or if they just don't want to do anything, we talk to you on an email, then you might have a problem. If they don't have a phone conversation, you don't want to sit down to Starbucks and have a coffee with you and talk about you and learn a little more about you. That's the things that to me make up a great band, it's all the playing stuff is great. But if they have a great song list, and they want to really be involved in your event, they really care about it, then you get something going you got something good. That's awesome.


Kristina Stubblefield  11:49  

And you know, Sharon, one of the things that stands out, and we've talked about this with actual using wedding professionals, is that experience, you know, because being able to read how the crowd is being able to shift or change. And I think that's so important with a band, because that's who's leading your night, so to speak that live? Yeah, yeah, it's not pushing buttons. And that's nothing at all towards DJs. Because they're terrific as well. But the experience is what I just heard max completely talk about what you bring to the table. And with like, with us having those six guys together who have been together, for as long as we have.


Max Maxwell  12:33  

There's a bond there that you cannot get from pulling putting a band together with a singer and these four or five people that you have different people in the band. And that's a lot, there's a lot of those out there, right? I've worked with some of those with us, it's you're getting a vibe, with the band that creates the vibe of your events, and, and it and it and it we have done so many of them, were able to look at the room and go, this is what we need to do. This is what we need to do. And that's why we have we were lucky to have glowing reviews. Because that's what people say it's the best wedding I've ever been to. It's the most fun I've ever had, I think


Sharon Rumsey  13:11  

whether it be a band or a DJ, you know, everybody thinks the wedding planner is gonna run the day. And I'm going to create a timeline and we're going to try to stick to it and we're going to you know, but the person on that mic your guests most of your guests are never going to meet me they're never going to talk to me the person on the mic being a DJ be in a band head to your guests are going to that's who they're going to remember that's who they're going to see. Yeah, so having someone that's professional smooth on that mic and can keep that evening growth going is like so so important. Yep.


Kristina Stubblefield  13:40  

It really Yeah. Because also as max mentioned, diverse crowd most of the time weddings big age differences at the guest


Michael Gaddie  13:50  

well I don't see how I mean with today's generation with the younger people getting married and then you've got older people you've got a big diversity there to entertain so many different age groups. Yep, a lot of things that's amazing for you all so I'm sure you all practice constantly on new upcoming things


Max Maxwell  14:11  

we do yeah we do we practice twice a week until we get into really crazy season where we're playing three times a week or so then we will pull it back to once but it's it's focused on a handful of things because we also offer to play the first day we don't know your first dance song we will learn it and then we have this huge list of songs so if say we already know your song for first dance and your but you want your mother son's song or the father daughter song to be a specific thing that we don't know we will learn that song so we spend a lot of our time learning those songs as we go through the year because I know already know what we have to learn in June our you know we need to learn in July already because I get so I try to keep that up as far as I can. With with the brides because I want to, I want to know everything I want to know what's going through their mind. And sometimes they'll call me the week before and go, Oh, I want to change the song. And I'm like, Well,


Michael Gaddie  15:11  

alright, sorry,


Max Maxwell  15:12  

we can't learn that that quick is, you know, it seems like it might be easy to do that. But what you really want is the best of us. And we want to give you the best


Sharon Rumsey  15:19  

thing. It's like everything else in weddings people, I always say you don't know what you don't know. So I think people don't understand all the behind the scenes and the work that a band puts in to be able to get up there and keep that reception going for two or three hours straight. So yeah, I can't wait to have you back on and focus. Yeah, yeah,


Kristina Stubblefield  15:37  

we can we can talk about this all day long. A couple of things I want to mention is yes, we're gonna put your bio that you've sent us in the show notes. But for those who may not read those show notes,


Sharon Rumsey  15:48  

he would not toot his own horn, I


Kristina Stubblefield  15:49  

know, he's not going to do that. I know. But the other thing too, is a lot of times experienced musicians have played at multiple places have experience, so to speak outside the wedding scene. And that way, when things do happen at an event, you know, because it's everyone involved in it's human, you know, you all can handle whatever's kind of thrown your


Max Maxwell  16:17  

way. Yeah, it's the same thing. It's like our sound person is incredibly important. Because if we play a building a space, say like the Gillespie in law, that's a really ambient space is gorgeous, and it's a really neat place, but it's real ambient. And so the band us the musicians have to be trained to be able to play at a quieter level and the sound person has to do the same thing. So you ought to be on the same page. A lot of times bands are not like that. They don't really care. Like I'm we're gonna do what we do, and that's what it is, and you're gonna have to enjoy it. Here you go. Yeah. And, And that, to me, that team that you have to get those people you have working, the way you do the announcements, the way the bride and groom come in the room, how you make them feel special. Those things are so important. When you're hiring somebody


Kristina Stubblefield  17:07  

and you just hit on a lot of Sharon's list right. I


Sharon Rumsey  17:11  

say check in my boxes.


Kristina Stubblefield  17:12  

Okay, one of your favorite paid places that you've played.


Sharon Rumsey  17:17  

You don't have to stay local.


Max Maxwell  17:19  

One of my favorite places that played well, we played I weep played on Royal Caribbean. We played a cruise on Royal Caribbean. Somebody, a travel agent talked us into doing something and and bringing our fans with us on a cruise and


Sharon Rumsey  17:39  

pressure Chris,


Max Maxwell  17:39  

it was a crash or cruise. And I think that that was probably one of the most unique things that I've done. I mean, you talked about all my bio on that planet, the Grand Ole Opry. I have played with a lot of people that I toured with, like, play with Gary Lewis and the playboys. And I got to play some amazing places with him. You know, outdoor amphitheaters. And then my brother and I, when we were younger, we played places like the, like the Starwood amphitheater and, and in Nashville, opened up for cheap trick. And so there, there's, I've got so many memories, I again, I've been so blessed and, and I've been prepared. I think that's the biggest thing is I've been prepared. So that when an opportunity came, I had people in my family and and the people around me, that would enable me to go do something. And that's been a blessing, but I had to be prepared. I had to be able to be willing to go do it, and have all my skills together practice now that I'm doing be able to have conversation with somebody and, and you know, all of that it's just business. It's business no matter what I'm a drummer, but I'm a I'm a business person. Absolutely. And I have to that's how I create more business for myself. My daddy


Sharon Rumsey  18:58  

wouldn't call it people skills. That's right.


Max Maxwell  19:00  

I got that from my daddy and my dad and my, my dad and how to win friends and influence people. Those are that that that old book is, is a really great book should be required. You really should for every high school student, I just downloaded again, to listen to it because I was doing


Kristina Stubblefield  19:21  

well what a great segue into how did you prepare for getting involved with cake take?


Max Maxwell  19:28  

Well, again, I am so fortunate to have I had a great grandmother, that baked I had a grandmother baked my mother baked. So I grew up just eating baked goods, a lot of baked goods and I like every kind of baked good. So so that the that you know the one of the benefits about playing in a band that plays a lot of weddings is there's wedding cake at all of them and I've got we've got great Production people that work with us we have a team of people to set up our stuff. And those one of those guys is the guy who goes and get me It gets my cake. And I'm taking Tupperware now because I'm bringing it home to do these these things because before I


Sharon Rumsey  20:16  

would give him your Tupperware before the show,


Max Maxwell  20:18  

I just sitting there next to my drum said I have a little table.


Kristina Stubblefield  20:22  

Here we go. Here's Dan.


Max Maxwell  20:23  

We're getting good. Here's how it started. It started as Okay, I want a slice of the cake. Can you go get me a slice of the cake? Yeah, we'll get a slice of cake. Well then the cake. I said, Well, I needed something to put it on. So because I'm I want to eat it. Like why would I want to eat it? Like while we're playing so


Kristina Stubblefield  20:43  

serious about your baked


Max Maxwell  20:44  

goods? So some segue where we're not playing a song I will reach and take a bite of the cake when you don't have to sing. Yeah, no, you don't have to sing and want to play I'll take a little bite and I'll be back there chillin as we're playing. And so that's kind of how it got started. And then and then over over the COVID situation, I was kind of sitting around thinking, you know, what can I What can I do? How can I help create more community of that with something that I will really like to do? And I'm like, Well, you know, the band is already doing some of that as it is being part of that. And I thought you don't want to presume by doing a cake reviews like who's doing a cake review? Is anybody doing that? I started No, I started searching no cake reviews. I was like well what can I call it? What can I call it cake take my take my take on CAKE CAKE take sounds like a great idea. So


Kristina Stubblefield  21:43  

I'm still stuck in what you're just saying. So do you require two pieces of cake now one that you eat while you're playing and then one that you take home so you can video ad need specifics? It started out that way.


Max Maxwell  21:57  

Oh, but but but the issue is once I open started open the floodgates some people started to seek me out to make a cake for me because they want me to do a review on their cake. So it's become like right now I have some brownies from Indianapolis in my are sorry cupcakes in my in my in my refrigerator from Indianapolis that after shoe on two days ago I shot two cake takes did they ship you know I like I was in Indianapolis. So I went to a fake couple bakeries and I got them when I was up there. And I'm going back Friday, we have wedding a Friday. So it's, it's it's become a lot and so I don't typically eat them unless it's something that I look at. And I'm like, I just I gotta have I want it now because the problem with it is is you know, I got a as a marketer, I'm going to put on my Instagram and I don't want it to look like that I've taken a big bite out of it every time. That's


Kristina Stubblefield  22:56  

why I asked if required two pieces.


Max Maxwell  22:59  

It just depends of late they've been making smaller cakes. And you know, and there's there's a couple of things about CAKE CAKE deals that I and I and I realized that cakes are expensive, they can be very expensive. And when you have a couple 100 people at your wedding, you can't really make a wedding cake at our wedding cake that's going to handle everybody so you're going to make some sheet cakes. So my goal is always to get a piece of that cake the cake itself. But sometimes I end up getting the sheet cake or I'll get one of each I'll get a sheet cake and I'll get a slice the slice we'll go for the cake take and the other one I'll eat on the way home in the car.


Kristina Stubblefield  23:36  

I love that Mike and Sharon I don't know about you all but I'd love to have the goal set you know to where I get an actual piece of cake. And that sounds like an exciting though. It sounds


Michael Gaddie  23:46  

like it's not just wedding cake either. Right? So if you're going around I did okay


Max Maxwell  23:52  

I am. I'm in search of all the new bakeries of in everywhere everywhere like Cincinnati, I'm going tomorrow to Cincinnati for business. And I've already scoped out a couple places that are in said in Indianapolis or is in Cincinnati that I'm going to hit tomorrow that there's a place up there called the bom bom Bhandari that I did want on and they make some of the most amazing things and their their shop is so beautiful and incredible. I will go by there tomorrow. I shouldn't but I will. And then they turn me on to other people around town that I can go and check out so there's two other to other bakeries. I'm going to hit up there because they're north. I just did I'm getting I just shot the south side of Indianapolis. And a Friday I'm going to shoot the north side of Indianapolis. So there's some bakeries there and they're Louisville I've kind of just I mean, I've really hit just everywhere but I do an Instagram post every Tuesday called tasty Tuesdays. And there's a video of me it's a minute or less of me trying somebody something yesterday I shot one with my son


Kristina Stubblefield  25:01  

Yes, hello, my son, we better get some clarification on this. I'm just curious, do you allow people to ship them to you because you know, our podcast does reach nationwide, I'm trying to act your best interest, no, send it, I love it. We'll work out the details. And we'll include information somewhere in the show notes. So you don't have to spell it out. Now.


Max Maxwell  25:25  

I really love it. I love tasting different cakes. I love the stories behind some of these, some of these bakers and what how they got into it and what's going on. I love all of that. But the you know, the the part about the cake date is kind of taken a little bit of a shift is that, that I realized that the community is much bigger than just cakes. And before I was just focused on that, because that's what I'm on cycle. My eyes are just looking at the cake and like, Oh my gosh, is the cake. And but but now I realize that it takes all these folks to put to put a wedding together and everybody's important. Every single person is important in that and so so I'm doing my best to speak about the back the planners to speak to the the caterers, the venues, because people are looking for venues, they don't know what they don't know where to, you know, they're like, I've never heard of that place. What is that place? What does that place, we're lucky to play a lot of the the homesteads in the places that people know about. But we're also starting to play some places that no one's heard of, we just played a place in the Annapolis that I'd never heard of before. And it was a really cool place. So I wanted to try to help build this community because the crashes are not going to go anywhere. We got we got a 15 year plan. Awesome. We got a 15 year plan. And so we're, you know, well it's a little longer than that because Mark and I so we're going to be 75 before we're going to think about stopping. And so so it's it's important to me that people understand that there's not just this person and that person out there. There's a whole lot of folks. So don't give up on trying to find the perfect cake. Don't give up on trying to find the perfect planner. Don't give up on trying to find the best florist is going to take care of you and be there for you. Don't you know don't the every there's so many. There's so many that that that helped create the saying caterers like, I get the food from all of these events. And so I can tell you who the best caterers are I can if you want to email me at max at the crashers calm. I'll let you know what I think about


Sharon Rumsey  27:32  

well, I know we've been kidding a lot. You know Ken around a lot and making light of it. But what what I love about this story the most. And I you know, I'm big girl, I do like cake. But what I love about this story the most is that during COVID when everyone's worried about their business failing, and I mean you're you're in a band or an entertainer and without events, I'm sure you guys took a hit. But you still were thinking about other people in the community. And you wanted to find a way to help and to get word out there about other wedding professionals. And I just I think that speaks highly of who you are. And I you know, just as a wedding professional, I want to say thank you for that. I'm sure Mike does. Sure.


Michael Gaddie  28:13  

So basically to on you. You brought all this up when COVID started. Yep. Is that when you start that's when I started


Max Maxwell  28:20  

doing this thing? Yeah, I started doing this thing that gave you a little free guide. I think I'm 3030 episodes of my cake take right?


Kristina Stubblefield  28:29  

Well in one of the other things that we really haven't shared out you people can go to YouTube


Max Maxwell  28:35  

to see these. Yes, they're all on YouTube under cake take under cake take and my Instagram is at cake take max. But you can go to cake take and watch those videos and some of them you know, it's YouTube's a weird thing. Like, you'll put one up that I think it's really cool. And 50 people will view it and then I'll put another one of them like as Okay, and your houses are barking Yeah, yeah. 1000 people are loving it. So I'm trying to you know, I want to get my dogs in there on the video with me, but I think people might poopoo me if I give them some cake. You know, I


mean, that'd be lighter. Make sure it's not chocolate. Yeah, no, they're like a careful buff chocolates. My


Sharon Rumsey  29:14  

favorite are our podcast during the blink and all the things is also a COVID baby. Oh, wow. He had some time. Mike and I were both kind of, you know, weddings were happening and Christina had the was the brains behind it for sure. And you know, we were blessed if you can find a blessing in that time to have a little more time than we would normally have to put into this and to get it going. So I think good can come from anything and I think that you've taken a bad situation and made some good.


Max Maxwell  29:42  

Well, I think I the same thing for you guys. I mean, this this thing is creating such connections with people. You know what I mean? And the are the toughest thing that we ever have to deal with. Is someone being aware of you someone being aware Have you that's that's the toughest hurdle for us to get over. Because if someone's aware of you, and they tell somebody else, then they're aware of you, they tell somebody else. And the problem with that is we could be doing the most wonderful things. But if someone doesn't know that you're doing them, you'll never no one will ever come and see you. Same thing with a capsule lately.


Michael Gaddie  30:20  

So let me ask you this. I have not watched in your YouTubes. Tonight, I will be watching all of them. Yes. is are they all positive? Or is there any negatives?


Max Maxwell  30:30  

Well, when I first started this thing, I'm a pretty honest about things. When I first started started, I was I was doing a one to 10 sort of situate that's


Sharon Rumsey  30:38  

when I got addicted to the 10. And so you


Kristina Stubblefield  30:42  

would send me the link and say, you have to watch this.


Sharon Rumsey  30:45  

I would say, Christina, we've got to have him on watch this.


Max Maxwell  30:47  

Yes. It's, it's, it's, it's funny to see that because, you know, I had a couple people not happy with some of the reviews that I got on those. And I've never really had a bad Piece of cake. I've never really had a really bad unless if I'm going to some family function. And then, you know, and so and so brought a piece of cake. And


Kristina Stubblefield  31:10  

let's say Betty, let's see if you have any a buddy.


Max Maxwell  31:14  

Yeah, so so if Aunt Betty made bad cake, you know, I'm not gonna tell anybody. It's a bad cake. But


Kristina Stubblefield  31:21  

you're not going to get a second piece. That's right.


Michael Gaddie  31:23  

tastes wonderful, but it just doesn't stand up. That's great.


Kristina Stubblefield  31:30  

See, we do let him speak sometimes. He holds it in good time. It's


Max Maxwell  31:33  

all good. Yeah, but but so I've kind of, you know, gone away from that, because I opened it up more to be the planner. And you know, and again, I don't we don't seem to work with bad wedding planners or venue people that are because right now everybody is on their game. After be everybody's on their game. Everybody wants to be the best they can possibly be. And it's amazing watching these vendors be the greatest they possibly can be. It's really fantastic. And in fact, you can tell a difference from some planners that I work with a couple years ago to what they're doing now. And they've all stepped up their step up their communication, all that kind of thing.


Michael Gaddie  32:15  

Well, you know, I think with you, we had a break. And we got to regroup. We were going bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, every weekend, and then it came to a dead halt. Yep. So we kind of got to regroup and think about what we actually do for a living and turn ourselves around. That's right.


Sharon Rumsey  32:32  

I think too. I think cream kind of rises to the top. And I think people that maybe wedding wasn't a good fit for them. Right. I think maybe they've decided that and they moved on to something else. So I think the wedding professionals that made it through COVID


Michael Gaddie  32:50  

are here to stay.


Sharon Rumsey  32:50  

We're here to stay. And I think I know, at least for me, you know, sometimes when you just do something every day, and I'm sure it's the same way with playing music, it's easy to take it for granted. And I know for me when I couldn't do a wedding for several months. I was like, I miss my people. I miss my clients. I miss the party. I missed the DJs I missed the bands, you know, I missed the cake, the food I I just realized I love what I do, right? Yeah, yeah. And it kind of got a new appreciation.


Max Maxwell  33:20  

Yeah, we were the same way. And we were exactly saying, well, we did some rehearsing, we played some small weddings through COVID. But very few. I mean, it was, it was a dark time, it was a dark time, but we went kind of dark from everything. And now like, we've just, it's just recreated this love of playing music again. You know, it's it's like you really want someone to have a great time away in regards to playing music, you want somebody else to have a great time you want them to feel that through you. And I think we've we've we've become better at that than we were before.


Kristina Stubblefield  34:00  

I'll tell you some of the things that it really made me think about was it is about reconnecting and just taking taking, we were forced to kind of pause and really take a look at what we were spending our time on. But also how blessed to be part like you mentioned earlier of other people's lives. And you know, I had wanted to do a podcast for a long time many people had asked me about doing them and this that and the other and it wasn't something that I had a lot of experience in I knew enough. But it was something that if I was going to do it, I want it to invest the correct way because it was not only my name, but you know, I invited the two of them, you know to be part of it. And we had talked about this you know we had started him hauling around for lack of better word. Poor basement, Betty, you know back last fall and it was honestly for me like a breath of fresh air. Because day in and day out, you know, as being in the marketing realm with a lot of wedding professionals, you know, like Sharon, and Mike fielded a lot of very upset, not sure if their business was going to survive, not bringing any money in, but they've got to do something to keep their name out there, constantly day in and day out. And I would not the never be a time that I would not answer a phone call or talk to somebody by email or anything like that, because that's just what you've done. You know, we're gonna make it through this together. And I think like Sharon mentioned, you know, doing this podcast, we all love weddings, we all realize and even did before, it's more than just a wedding. It's the start of two people's lives together. Exactly. And I think the thing that's kind of been eye opening for us is, we have people that are married have been for years that listen to the podcast, and we're talking about wedding planning, basically. But we have expanded from engagement into married life. And Gosh, we all had our own therapy session not very long ago, we had a marriage therapist. That's great. But just like you've said, the possibilities are endless. Yeah. And although you start off with one little thing, it sprouts into you don't know what that's right. And I think for what you've said, you know, it's always times when people just need something a little different, that you brought, we're able to help people kind of laugh chuckle it's not because you were given a bad review, but you were entertaining in your own way. And, you know, from cakes to sharing, we've talked about this many times people are doing different kinds of dessert bars. Yep. And all kinds of things like that. You know, we have a mutual friend, chocolate fountains. You can't go wrong with those either. Have you reviewed chocolate fountains? You have not got to add that. Add that to your portfolio I should do. I know somebody that will deliver the Tupperware if you're going to check out the chocolate, you've got to check out the Carmel. Ah, Sharon's husband can tell you all about the car


Sharon Rumsey  37:09  

every time we do a wedding show with the local chocolate fountain. My husband comes to help me break down you know, that's why he says he's coming. But he comes in the door with Tupperware and stops at her booth first so that he can fill it up with Carmel for him to take


Kristina Stubblefield  37:24  

he would he come out when I saw him last I was like Sharon's not joking. He is bringing his own Tupperware


Michael Gaddie  37:32  

she will leave Ron alone.


Kristina Stubblefield  37:34  

I didn't mention any names. But shout out to and we can shout out to whoever you want. But she makes homemade Carmel.


Michael Gaddie  37:45  

My favorite she makes her own karma is amazing.


Kristina Stubblefield  37:48  

We can we can hook you up. We know people we can hook you up with that. Well, I need to wait till I have a little bit of a break.


Michael Gaddie  37:57  

Because you work out every day right?


Kristina Stubblefield  38:00  

With all this cake and dessert well


Max Maxwell  38:02  

and the funny thing is is on this last one I think I shot a talk or one I just shot I talked about I'm on a cut right now because I'm trying to cut cut some calories and cut some so you can eat it all in. I eat I but I plan on following a specific diet. And so I know when I when I'm going to do one of those I pull out my fats and my carbs because I realized that that's all really all this is is fats and carbs. And so I just pulled that out when I do it. You know?


Michael Gaddie  38:35  

With that being said though, is there a favorite that just blows everybody else away? You just


Kristina Stubblefield  38:41  

did you get in trouble for saying the one place he said the one place was really good that was in


Max Maxwell  38:50  

Cincinnati. Yeah. Vaughn Bonner is amazing. They make a and an Opry chocolate cake. That's amazing. They make a great cake. in Indianapolis. There's two places they're both in Carmel, the cake bake shop with Gwendolyn Rogers owns that. And then I just had last weekend I had classic cakes in Carmel. Amazing a bit of businesses 95. And she made this cupcake that was pineapple. And it was like you were having a like a Daiquiri or I was just so amazing. Karen, I couldn't see your calendar. Yes. And so I'm actually


Sharon Rumsey  39:37  

going to end on June 9, okay.


Max Maxwell  39:39  

Yes, make sure you get that information. Lassen cakes is amazing in little like you're eating a drink. Oh, it's the most amazing thing. Yeah, it was almost


Sharon Rumsey  39:49  

going to take some some continuing education and my classes in Carmel,


Kristina Stubblefield  39:53  

either Mike, do you heard that? Right? I mean, because we're going to have a road trip. Yeah, you need to bring it back right away. What's your


Sharon Rumsey  40:01  

what's your absolute favorite flavor of wedding cake? Oh, good question. Um, because you know when I go with my clients will do tasting. And when you get the sheet cakes like you were talking about you get more flavors.


Max Maxwell  40:13  

Yeah, sometimes we'll pick five or six flavors of that. Yeah. Italian cream cake is one of my favorites. Anything chocolates. Anything chocolate is good for me. Like anything chocolate. German chocolate cake is my favorite cake. German chocolate is it? Yeah, I just had a cookie from a place called crumble. That's cookies. They make a German chocolate cake or cookie that is


Michael Gaddie  40:41  

good for


Kristina Stubblefield  40:44  

Okay, if you want to see what he's doing, you can check us out on YouTube and experience. It's he doesn't have the words right now. Yeah,


Max Maxwell  40:51  

it's it's it's, I could say some things. But it's it's really good. I was really surprised. It surprised me how good it was.


Sharon Rumsey  41:00  

If your daughter you have a daughter, right? Yep, we're getting married. And you went with her to the cake tasting? Yes. What would you be looking for? I mean, would she even get a word in? I don't know.


Max Maxwell  41:13  

Well, I certainly would want to know what flavor she's one of my daughters is a big cheesecake fan. And so I did a cheesecake one with her. And so she would I'm sure choose some sort of cheesecake. But if I was gonna do cheesecake cheesecake has to have some density to it. You know, I mean, there has to be this dense thing about a cheesecake. And, and I like chocolate, more chocolate Eve sort of cheese cakes or peanut butter, cheese cakes. Those are really good. But if I would let them pick the flavor, but there's a density and a moistness between those two things. Something has to be there has to be like I'm eating something like I want to like flat. When I slide that piece on there. It's got to have some density to it has to be dense. And at the same time, it has to be moist. And those are two things that are tough to get.


Sharon Rumsey  42:05  

Because it's usually one or the other. Yes, I


Kristina Stubblefield  42:07  

agree. A lot of no better we would think he's a baker. No.


Max Maxwell  42:11  

I don't know anything about that I did. The funny thing is when I was in high school, you guys had to take home economics. And we had to make a cake in there. And I came home, you know and made the cake at the house and I used them baking soda instead of


Sharon Rumsey  42:27  

baking powder. Yes.


Max Maxwell  42:29  

And it came out like salty cake. And so the funny thing about this and I'm going to do a cake take of this because I'm going to make this cake again because I had a lady reached out to me on Facebook and said, Hey, I found this in a junk a bunch of stuff I bought. And it looks like that. It might be you had max Maxwell on there. And it was the recipe that I got from school that I had handwritten out at school to take home it was on a yellow piece of paper. And she had found that and it had the date on it and everything. And she she sent that to me. So I have that piece of paper with that cake recipe on it from you when you run out of high school.


Sharon Rumsey  43:17  

That's so crazy sweet lady.


Max Maxwell  43:18  

Yeah, the sweetest. It was like in scottsburg, which my grandmother live in scottsburg.


Sharon Rumsey  43:23  

So where my family's from?


Max Maxwell  43:24  

Oh, really? Yeah. My grandma lived in scottsburg. And she was a she was a you know, made pies and cakes. And I mean her strawberry pie was too, too too good. And so she my great grandmother made a Manet's cake. That was actually called a Manny's cake had mayonnaise in it. Chocolate cake, my mother still makes that Manny's cake and it's amazing. So but I'm gonna make that cake that I made in high school on a show with my kids soon once I get a little bit of a wall between these weddings. I'm gonna I'm gonna shoot a shoot a video with those guys tasting my cake and reviewing my cake. Oh, you're gonna open yourself up. I am. I am. I trust them.


Michael Gaddie  44:08  

Save us a piece of that. Yes,


Sharon Rumsey  44:10  

absolutely. So we need we need the right balance between density and moist. Yep. And then what about icing? buttercream?


Max Maxwell  44:23  

I mean buttercream. Well, it also depends on the cake because it means cream cheese cake. You know she creamed cheese on specific cakes is perfect. It's wonderful. But I'm a buttercream. I mean, if you use real butter like Mertz or flat you know all these there's tons of them. Yeah. Great. plains makes them like that. Sweet shot all these places make it but if you put real butter real cream in that.


Sharon Rumsey  44:49  

Whoo. It's, uh, you don't mean like the store bought better? Not me. No, like make the butter make water? No, I just learned I did a tasting at heitzmann bakery and I learned something from Margarita owner there. I had a bride that liked cream cheese icing. And she wanted her whole cake iced and cream cheese icing. And I learned from them from Marguerite that you can't do that because cream cheese icing is too soft. Yep. And it won't hold up on the cake. That's right. I never knew that before.


Max Maxwell  45:22  

Well, I was just in Indianapolis. And I was at a at a new bakery that I've never been. And I just went into grab a couple things. And I ended up meeting Larry that one of the owners who's the guy who makes cakes there, he told me that he likes goat goat cheese to make his cream cheese out of because he said it doesn't have that bite. There's not a bite. It's much smoother and sweeter. And he said next time you're in town you let me know and I'm going to come up I'm going to make something for you can come and hang out in the bakery. And so we're in heaven. I'm in heaven. I can't haven't done it yet. And as well. Classic cakes the same thing they told me the next time I'm in town please come by and see them and that makes me feel so good. Because


Sharon Rumsey  46:09  

I know they're when I


Max Maxwell  46:11  

you sure next week? Yeah, sure they've been doing like I said they've been making cakes up there since 95. But my favorite cake in Louisville. I have to say my favorite cake in Louisville is Mertz. That's my favorite cake.


Sharon Rumsey  46:25  



Max Maxwell  46:28  

Doesn't matter. Everything that I've ever had. I have one wedding planner that uses her exclusively. And I have a couple of her have already done two reviews on her cakes and I'm good a couple more coming this year. And I'm very excited about it. Because her her buttercream her cake is amazing.


Michael Gaddie  46:48  

Virginia, Virginia is in lady Yeah, she's a sweetest


Kristina Stubblefield  46:51  

Yeah. Something about having her on here.


Max Maxwell  46:54  

Yeah, she's very, very sweet. You should I've been over there. She let me go in and hang out. And it's she's just amazing. Really great.


Kristina Stubblefield  47:02  

That's so cool. Me and Mike are over here brainstorming. Okay, what do you need? Prepare yourself. Yep. I think that we would like to challenge you to a Bake Off with the three of us.


Max Maxwell  47:17  

Have you lost your mind live? Alive? alive,


Kristina Stubblefield  47:21  

alive Bake Off. Okay. My husband has stopped in his tracks cuz I don't cook. But I think we're gonna we want to challenge you to a Bake Off. Okay, three of us. All right, we get all the details coming to your place. Yeah. I think they actually have these places that we can go. You got somebody? I'm over here, like jot notes to my


Max Maxwell  47:49  

preparation time because I'm, I'll need to speak with some of my friends about


Kristina Stubblefield  47:57  

So, okay, okay. Thinking, huh? So, but I tell you, we'll work out the details. So you're in to do that. Yes. Live now. Not recorded, right. We're


Max Maxwell  48:08  

gonna do a live live. Yeah, we can do a multi camera shoot and everything. Okay. So I want to say something about huysmans. Okay, I did a pecan pie. If you're looking for pecan pie. Sorry, if you're looking for a pumpkin pie. I tasted a whole bunch of pumpkin pies, including the ones that most people buy and think that it really is good from Kroger. And I mean, I shop at Kroger every week. But their pie is nothing like a pumpkin pie. If you go to huysmans they make the best pumpkin pie.


Kristina Stubblefield  48:46  

You're talking about marguerites she'll be marguerites Yes,


Max Maxwell  48:50  

I had her pumpkin pie and it was the best out of all, we all everybody in my family thought it was.


Sharon Rumsey  48:56  

Well you talk about loving the story behind the bakeries huysmans 130 years in business and Marguerite is the fourth generation of her family to run that bakery and


Kristina Stubblefield  49:06  

her son, I believe is getting ready to join them. And I think that's Yeah, that is incredible. The stories and I love she has the photographs.


Michael Gaddie  49:14  

You know I love that especially since every model and stuff. It's great. Yep, yes.


Sharon Rumsey  49:18  

I just had a meeting with her this morning.


Kristina Stubblefield  49:20  

When you go in her cases. It always stands out to me. You know the marang Oh, yeah, it's super high on the different pies you've gotten. So some Anyway, you like pie too? Oh, yeah. I mean, brownies. You miss it, right.


Max Maxwell  49:34  

Have you ever had chocolate Eclair? Check? Chocolate clear pie. Well, chocolate Eclair period? Yes. Many times


Kristina Stubblefield  49:44  

like the dessert chocolate


Michael Gaddie  49:45  

Oh prize. You're not about 400 pounds.


Kristina Stubblefield  49:48  

I mean, Mikey works out like four times a day and we'll start


Michael Gaddie  49:51  

working out with you. Where do you go?


Max Maxwell  49:53  

I go to bridgeview CrossFit. Yes, I Claire's are amazing. Nothing like plugging your Claire's are amazing. Yeah, plug everything.


Kristina Stubblefield  50:06  

Exercise when we're talking back. Hey, so


Max Maxwell  50:10  

yeah, so Claire's are great. I love them. I love cannolis. But pies, pies, the other side of me pies their own thing, you know, it's like, because there's so different. There's so many different flavors that you know, with cakes, a lot of times you'll see the same things like I said, Italian cream cake, and you'll see, you know, this cake and that cake. But with pies. There's just a billion different things, you know, from rhubarb, which a lot of not a lot of people have never tasted a rhubarb pie before. You know, I love them all. We I have a cherry tree in my backyard and we make cherry the, whatever the cherries are, that are really sour that you make pies with. So I know


Kristina Stubblefield  50:51  

you can't have trees growing in your backyard that you're gonna bring to our Bake Off.


Michael Gaddie  50:55  

So I got a question though. You were talking about cannolis. What about Carlo's Bakery in New York? Have you had anything from them? I've never had that. I'll tell you what, I ordered something from them for my son's birthday. And they shipped it. I can't remember exactly what company we use. But it came from their bakery. It was the best I've ever had. Really. So you need to let us know. Was it a canal? No, it was it canali it was actually a day we got to actually a sample pack. Oh, I had 12 different cupcakes. And they shipped them to us in a frozen box where you know, yeah, ice box. And I mean, they were great.


Kristina Stubblefield  51:31  

We might have to do that for the next time you come back. I like that. We need to order something. A sample pack where you can try. Oh, my goodness. You know what, though? Sharon? I mentioned it earlier. at weddings. I'm seeing like people can't make a decision on dessert. So they're doing like the little pies. Yeah. And then cupcakes and cookies like a whole assortment. doughnuts. Yeah, I just when they have that. Do you get a sample of each? Yeah. Oh, yeah. So


Max Maxwell  51:57  

okay, so we just did Keeneland last weekend. And they had a huge dessert bar and I got for different. But But what's what seems like the the thing right now is multi flavors of cake. Yeah. Multi levels of multi flavors


Sharon Rumsey  52:17  

with different fillings. Yes. And


Max Maxwell  52:18  

yeah, I've had up to five different slices of cake. From one wedding. Five different slides. Now are you


Sharon Rumsey  52:25  

one of those people that when you get your piece of cake, you just eat like a bite. Because I have a lot of skinny friends and they'll be like I want I want some cake. But then they eat a bite of their cake. Now you


Max Maxwell  52:37  

let people in on my Well, here's what happens. If the cake is really great. Then I'll eat maybe two or three or maybe the whole thing. Most of the time I'm taking a bite. If I take a second bite, you know that I really like if I'm on the cake and I take a second biking, you know that I like the cake.


Kristina Stubblefield  53:00  

Now we're really excited. Yeah,


Max Maxwell  53:02  

but, but typically I take one bite, I try to take one bite of it. Because a lot of the times if I'm like doing two week two on a weekend, I gotta shoot those. Right right after and so it's a lot of cake.


Sharon Rumsey  53:14  

I just remember I follow your Instagram because I've been a crashers fan for Gosh, forever. And I remember seeing it and I was like What is he doing? Yeah, what he's lost his mind. Well,


Michael Gaddie  53:26  

I can't wait to join


Sharon Rumsey  53:27  

Yes, something about them that you just keep.


Max Maxwell  53:30  

I keep watching them. They're so good and glad. Really glad I I love doing them. I like really love doing them. And my wife does. She thinks I'm crazy. She thinks Yeah, I'm setting up, I got a place. We my wife and I remodeled our studio at the house. We have a recording studio there where the band practices and so I've got a space there to shoot these videos now. And you know, I invest the money on in the stuff to do it. And that's awesome. It's It's fun. And again, I just want to connect people, I just think that, that that's what life is about is connecting people with other people and making them aware of somebody else's business. Because I'm hoping that that you know, I'm hoping that because I'm making them aware of that they're gonna make them aware of who I am or what I'm doing. Sure. It's just you know, I scratch your back. you scratch my back situation like days. Yeah, that's what it's about. It really is. And then we can all work together and


Sharon Rumsey  54:30  

we can make some epic wedding. Yes, epic weddings.


Kristina Stubblefield  54:33  

So are we going to be brought in? Well, if you're listening to us, you won't be able to see this but you can go to the YouTube channel. So max didn't come empty handed. He's brought in.


Max Maxwell  54:45  

Well, here's the thing. I we saw each other at a couple of different wedding shows because I covered some wedding shows this year. And I said, Hey, you know, I want to bring some things for us to try and And then when I'm on my way here today, I'm like, I remember them. So they're very close to one of my favorite bakeries around here. Williams bakery. And yeah, it's a great the doughnuts are fire over there.


Kristina Stubblefield  55:17  

Well, I will tell you when I went to high school, we could leave the property at lunch. And I went to school in walking distance to Williams. And quite a few of us would go because they also I don't know if they still do but they used to serve lunch, chicken salad, you know, things like that. But some we always didn't get that. You know, we went straight for the donut. Oh, yeah, the


Max Maxwell  55:40  

donuts are great. There. They make some donut. There's I'm a big fan of the cinnamon roll cinnamon bun donut with chocolate on top. That's my that's my husband's favorite. It is that that's a Williams makes a really good one. But Jeff's bakery makes the best one and and if they don't have them, if they don't have them, all you got to do is say can you take that cinnamon bone on the back and put some chocolate on there and they will all put slathered on there and it's warm. I love Jeff when


Sharon Rumsey  56:10  

I did a wedding with Mike and it's gonna require a little bit extra of him a lot of setup most


Kristina Stubblefield  56:15  

every one of yours. All are available. Oh, sorry.


Sharon Rumsey  56:20  

I usually enter the door with coffee crossing and Jeff's bakery. doughnuts and say Hi, Mike. I love you. Let's have a great hour. I'll


Max Maxwell  56:29  

remember that one. My daughters get married.


Kristina Stubblefield  56:32  

Okay, let's go back to Williams though for a minute. Yep. Um, in recent times, I have discovered one of their I guess most popular ones is called a young young me roll or some roll. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about already. I


Max Maxwell  56:46  

had one the other day. The other day? A little bit of I think I shot my Instagram. First of


Kristina Stubblefield  56:52  

all, you think they gave you three doughnuts instead of one in your bed? That's exactly right. But it's got cinnamon in the middle. Okay, you already know what I'm talking about.


Max Maxwell  57:03  

Okay, it's kind of like it's kind of like planes makes one call a Yum, yum. And if you get a chance to get a Yum, yum. But they you got to get there early to get them but you get a yum there. Oh my gosh, you don't change your life. Unless you change. You'll leave there a new person. I promise. Mike,


Kristina Stubblefield  57:21  

are you okay over there? I'm fine. Okay, so I'm gonna explain what I brought. Okay, let's explain it. You explain it.


Max Maxwell  57:27  

This is something new that I've not had from Williams bakery. There's three different things. I brought a lemon cake. Because everybody likes lemon cake. It's fresh and delicious. Yeah. But it seems I think it's got some weight. Yes, a little weight to it is good. But the other two pieces that I brought. One of them is a white cake like a wedding cake where white cake with buttercream and then it's dipped in chocolate. The other one is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and it's dipped in dark chocolate. That's what I brought for us to try. Notice you could hear a pin drop when you're describing. So these are these are they're pretty. I'll shoot some pictures and put them on my Instagram so you can check them out at cake take Max and but they're you know Williams is one of those places that they make everything every day and you know that I love. I love seeing bakeries when I can walk in bomb the bomb Bonner is one of these where you can walk in and watch people making this stuff. And I just I was in Indianapolis at a Mexican bakery that makes incredible strawberry cakes up there. But they they had a space where it was like they were in a fishbowl and I could watch them make the cakes and I was mesmerized. That's one


Sharon Rumsey  58:50  

of the things I love about heitzmann go in there to grab lunch or something. And you can see through the window there under American wedding cake.


Max Maxwell  58:56  

Yeah, it's it. I mean, it's an art those those some of those folks are just artists to making this stuff. Absolutely. And it tastes good to us. So


Kristina Stubblefield  59:04  

we're going to record a second clip when we get done with this. So if you want to check it out about us tasting these delicious treats that Max is brought then make sure you go to our YouTube channel. Or you can go to our website to get access to it. Max, thank you. I mean, I never knew so much about cakes and you're not even a baker i'm not i'm not i don't want to be one can you be called like a cake extraordinare


Max Maxwell  59:32  

I didn't really tell you what my goal is this year. My goal this year is I would like to be one of the cake judges at the State Fair. That's what I would like to be. That could probably be


Michael Gaddie  59:46  

so funny you said that I was I got a number that I can hook you up with that really a call me today to be a judge for the flower arrangements. So


Max Maxwell  59:56  

I was I would you love to do that as nine Can you can you turn around towards that camera so they


can see how excited you are? It's my goal. It's like this year, that's my goal. Next year, I would like to have, I really would like to have a television show. And I would like to go to different cities and I would like to taste baked goods and cakes. That's what I'd like, I would watch that nobody's doing that. I you know, I'm hoping somebody won't take this, but, but you know, living vicariously through my sweet tooth is what it's about. That's amazing. That's what it's about.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:00:27  

Well, but you bring entertainment and all of that to me. You can go and try cakes and stuff like that. But you're a true entertainer. And that's that's the difference. Right? Thank


Sharon Rumsey  1:00:37  

you. Nobody can be you. My dad, mom taught me that. That's what I'll say your dad he was a he's an entertainer, or an entertainer. 24 seven.


Max Maxwell  1:00:48  

There's no off switch. You're not even that doesn't matter whether it's just the family at Thanksgiving. He's fired up and going for it. Yeah. So he's, he's taught my brother now a lot about that kind of Well, that's where you've gotten your drive for tasting. Hey, between that and my mother's baking. That's what I got right there.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:01:03  

That's all thank you so much. Oh, you're coming in to not only share your story, but about like, What inspired you to do this what your goal is, hopefully my beats been really,


Michael Gaddie  1:01:14  

I'm so excited. Everything happens for a reason.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:01:17  

Like, can you just wrap this up? I need that number. Just hop right to it. So Okay, thanks, Max for being again. Thank


Sharon Rumsey  1:01:24  

you so much.


Kristina Stubblefield  1:01:24  

Thank you. Yes. So it thank you for tuning in to listen to this episode of the ring, the bling and all the things. If you would like to give us feedback or share with us, we will pass it along to Max, what your favorite cake is out there. No matter where it's located. You can go to our website and send us that information we make it easy to do just hit the contact button. Connect with us on social media and make sure you look up max to connect with him. All the details will be in the show notes. Until next time, take care.


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Max is a fourty-year veteran of the Louisville music scene. He has performed and recorded with numerous local, regional and national groups, including Trace Atkins, Kidd Rock, Chaka Kahn, N'SYNC, Michael McDonald, and Days of the New. Mr. Maxwell has also performed on the nationally televised Grand Ole Opry.