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July 13, 2022

Bobby Pins, Extensions & Hair Spray with Stacie Hutchinson

The hair stylist you select for your bridal party is one of your most important hires. There is so much to understand and to consider when planning your wedding hair looks. Listen to this episode to hear co-hosts Kristina, Mike and Sharon talk with hairdresser, Stacie Hutchinson about considering the aesthetic of your stylist, scheduling trial runs, gathering inspiration photos and when a 2nd stylist is needed. Stay tuned because this episode contains ALL THE THINGS a bride should consider when hiring a stylist for herself and the bridal party!

 Stacie's career in the hair industry started in 2005 and although her first love was bridal make-up, she found bridal hair to be her lasting passion and creative outlet. She has pursued additional education, so she remains current on trends and all the tips and tricks. After over 17 years in the industry, Stacie still gets excited about getting to be part of each bride’s special day! Stacie also has worked for the Kentucky Opera placing wigs and doing makeup.

• [02:41] Sharon “one of the first things I want to point out is, don't assume that the person who does your hair normally regularly wants to do your wedding hair” 
• [03:26] Stacie “I think then the top thing to consider is the style of your stylist. Not every stylist has the same style. Some of them are better at boho, some of them are better at sleek looks. And some just aren't versed in using added additives to the hair, like extensions or buns that make the hair make you look like you have more hair than what you have. 
• [18:38] Kristina “When you're going to book your stylist for that day. How many can you have but then also do they? Do they find someone else to help them or work with them?” 
• [31:19] Michael “what's one tip that you would give up or tell a bride before she started looking or even thinking about hair?”

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Michael Gaddie  0:00  
Bobby pins, extensions and hairspray. Oh my,

Kristina Stubblefield  0:03  
The hairstylist that you select for your bridal party is one of your most important hires.

Sharon Rumsey  0:09  
There's so much to understand and so many different things to consider when planning your wedding hair looks. We're learning all the things today with Stacie Hutchison. On this episode.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:21  
You're listening to The Ring The Bling And All The Things Podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee down the aisle into happily ever after. Our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between the end after now let's get started with this episode.

Sharon Rumsey  1:00  
Mike and Kristina I am really excited today because one of the first vendors that I like to book when I book a wedding is my hair stylist and my makeup artist. Nobody thinks about doing those things first, but it's crazy important because these ladies book up fast. We have my absolute favorite with us today. Stacie Hutchison is my go to hairstylist for all of my weddings. I absolutely love working with her. We are going to get the details on wedding hair today. Brides always have questions. I never know the answers. I always send them to Stacie. So we just brought her here with us to give us all the scoop.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:43  
Stacie, I don't know about Sharon's intro there because she has really set the bar high that you're going to give us all the information, all of it. Yeah. Thanks for coming in and being with us today.

Stacie Hutchison  1:54  
No. Thanks for having me.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:56  
Sharon, you have talked about this and talks about this because one of the things I hear you say is people don't realize how much it takes. And before we get ahead of ourselves, do you want Stacie to tell? Tell us a little bit about herself and share with our audience?

Stacie Hutchison  2:11  
Okay. My name is Stacie Hutchison. I am a hairdresser at Roots Salon in Jeffersonville, Indiana. I've been in the industry since I was 18. And I'm going on 35. I have a two year old little girl, and her name is Violet. And when I'm not with her, then I'm usually hiking or fishing.

Sharon Rumsey  2:32  
I love it that you fish. 

Stacie Hutchison  2:34  
Yeah, I love it. 

Sharon Rumsey  2:35  
I didn't know that.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:36  
So now here comes the plethora of questions from this. 

Stacie Hutchison  2:40  

Sharon Rumsey  2:40  
Well, one of the first things I want to point out is, don't assume that the person who does your hair normally regularly wants to do your wedding hair 

Stacie Hutchison  2:50  

Sharon Rumsey  2:51  
Because I honestly go to a stylist that is the co owner of Stacie's salon. She won't do wedding hair. It makes her nervous. She doesn't like it. And when I first started planning weddings, and I asked her about it, she said absolutely not. Not doing it not interested. It is a little bit nerve wracking. You're working on a timeline, you're expected to produce perfection every time. Tell us a little bit about things a bride should consider. When she's looking for a hairstylist.

Stacie Hutchison  3:26  
I think then the top thing to consider is the style of your stylist. Not every stylist has the same style. Some of them are better at boho, some of them are better at sleek looks. And some just aren't versed in using added additives to the hair, like extensions or buns that make the hair make you look like you have more hair than what you have. So you just want to make sure that the stylists that you do end up choosing is it's going to fit your day it's going to fit your needs, your wants, and whatever your expectations are of your look. You know if that stylist isn't for you, if you have a trial with one stylist, no big deal. Move on to the next one. And you know, because it's your big day, you want to look perfect.

Sharon Rumsey  4:15  
Absolutely. Do you prefer that the brides that you go to the brides on wedding day? I know as a planner, I absolutely do not like my bride, my bridal party to have to like tromp all over the city. Go to different places. So is that something we should think about? Is that stylists willing to come to you?

Stacie Hutchison  4:36  
Yes, it is. It seems to be easier. It's easier on the brides it's easier on everyone in the wedding party because they're going to one location. They can relax for the morning they can have their mimosas, their coffee, chill out and just get prepared for the day so they're not You're not trying to get 8, 10, 12 people to the hair and then so and so's got to run and do that, and it's much easier on their wedding planner. It is much easier on the wedding planner. Yes.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:06  
Okay, well, you made me think of something. Do you recommend that everyone does a trial? 

Stacie Hutchison  5:11  

Kristina Stubblefield  5:12  
Okay. I know some people do that and use it for like engagement pictures or some other kind of purpose when they're working on that. So you do recommend that everybody does a trial.

Stacie Hutchison  5:24  
I do recommend that everyone does a trial, but not necessarily on the day of their engagement pictures, unless they want that specific style. Some styles are too formal for engagement pictures.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:37  
Very good point. I'm so glad that you talked about, I do hear a lot of people doing that. And that makes me think, why would you want to have the same hairstyle and that that you may be doing something like that for your wedding?

Sharon Rumsey  5:49  
Well, I also know to the makeup artists that Stacie and I work the most often with, she does not. If you come to her to get your trial on engagement picture day, she will tell you that she's not going to do the shimmer on the eye and all of the special things that make wedding day makeup wedding day makeup, because she wants to say that for your bridal look. And I think that's exactly what I hear you saying is you want to save that super formal. I know a lot of girls do up dos that kind of you want to save that for? 

Stacie Hutchison  6:21  

Michael Gaddie  6:22  
So let me ask you this Stacie when it comes to trial day. And you mentioned this a little bit ago. They come to you and said I don't like it. Or you tell like you know that people come to me and they interviewed me and they interview about four or five more on the floor. If before they decide on me. Is it the same way with doing hair? Do they have that flexibility, or you are the person they hire? 

Stacie Hutchison  6:49  
Well, typically on the day of their trial, because I send them a contract beforehand just to look over. If they want to sign it at the end of their trial, great if they want to think about it great. But typically, in a trial setting, I have I book out an hour to an hour and a half to work with them. So in that time, depending on the amount of hair that they have, sometimes we can try a couple of different looks. But I try to make sure that the looks that they want are cohesive. So if they want a sleek style, and a boho style to try to choose from, those are two different textures of hair. So it's kind of we got to pick and choose which one we want to go with. Because if I've curled their hair and done a braid and done a twist for a boho style, they're not gonna get that sleek style look that they're wanting to go for in the same day. So at the end of their trial, I just let them know, you know, if I'm not the stylist for them, someone else is someone else can get them to where they want to be that day.

Sharon Rumsey  7:55  
Well, I know I've had some clients that come they'll do two or three trials with you on different days. Because they want to try the different looks. And like she was just saying you can't always you know, once a hair has been braided, it's got the bend to it, you can't do that sleek style. Trials do cost money, and I always tell brides, that's part of something we should know, that's something we should plan on. Because you are taking up that hairstylist or makeup artists time, but it is so so worth it. Because you do not want surprises on wedding day, you want to know exactly how you're going to look. And I'm sure from Stacie's standpoint, you don't want surprises on wedding day, you don't want to do a bride you haven't ever met 

Stacie Hutchison  8:33  

Sharon Rumsey  8:33  
Until her wedding day.

Michael Gaddie  8:34  
So do you have most of your brides bring you a picture and say this is what I want to look like that day.

Stacie Hutchison  8:40  
Inspo pictures are always welcome. Because it gives me an eye to see okay, and I try to pick it apart. What do you like about this style, because there may be a giant braid or twist on the side. And they're not even paying attention to the messy bun in the back. So I say what do you like about this? Do you have other pictures and try to put those together to get the style that they're going for.

Michael Gaddie  9:05  
I've noticed in just over the few past weeks, actually, the girls that come into the shop, I mean they have short hair, but then when I get to the wedding, and they're all glammed up they got long hair so extensions, I mean, is that something that you're seeing a lot of right now,

Stacie Hutchison  9:20  
Absolutely. Nine times out of 10 when a bride brings me a photo of wedding hair, especially if it's hair that's half up, half down or all down. There are some sort of extensions in the hair. Because a lot of those photos if it's not done by a stylist that has put that picture on Instagram or Pinterest, their editorial photos. So that's a whole different ballgame. Because that is that's ours to do. You know,

Kristina Stubblefield  9:48  
That's an excellent point. What you just said there, if you're taking at face value, the photo that you're seeing out there on some kind of social media platform, especially by the photographer, they could have done editing in, that's not a real life photo.

Stacie Hutchison  10:02  
Exactly. Yes.

Sharon Rumsey  10:04  
I think one of the things we talk about here all the time holds holds true. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know. And I think brides just assume they can go in and they can show that picture and boom, we can recreate that hairstyle. But, you know, I have hair that's above my shoulders. So if I want some big fancy up do I don't have the hair for that, you know, I would have to get extensions or something. And I'm actually still learning as I go. Stacie did extensions on one of my brides a few months ago. And she had them hanging up when I walked in the, in the bridal suite. And I was like, Oh, my What, what are we doing? What is that because there was just all this hair hanging, getting ready to be put in. So it's really kind of fun to watch. I love the getting ready part of wedding day. Because it's just super fun to watch all the girls come in and get glammed up. And they always have such a good time.

Michael Gaddie  10:53  
But one of the things that really blows my mind, especially with working with Sharon, because usually she has her hair team come in, her makeup team come in.

Sharon Rumsey  11:01  
I got my people. I love my people 

Michael Gaddie  11:02  
Early in the morning. 

Stacie Hutchison  11:03  
Yes, yes. 

Michael Gaddie  11:04  
And you know, you're all there early in the morning. And then the weddings at four or five o'clock. I'm just that just surprises me. And I mean, I know that your profession, but it surprises me how they still look good when they walk down the aisle doing you know, doing something that far in advance which I get it because you may have 10 girls to do plus a bride? 

Stacie Hutchison  11:21  

Sharon Rumsey  11:21  
I get asked a lot by brides, is my hair still gonna look good? Come you know, if we start this early? First of all, we have to start that early. And secondly, it's always yes. If you get professional people that are used to once again, it goes back to hiring those professional vendors, people that are used to doing wedding hair it will hold up.

Michael Gaddie  11:44  
Well and I have the same question. You know, they'll say, Okay, we're delivering the flowers at 10 o'clock in the morning. Well, they are going to have to look good at four or five o'clock in the afternoon. So I get that question. You know, I understand how they would think that the normal or you know, out of ordinary people.

Sharon Rumsey  11:45  
And that kind of opens up the door to talk about timeline is I know, I always reach out to Stacie before a wedding. And I pretty much have it down pat, now that she wants an hour for the bride and 45 minutes for each other lady. And that's usually that's worked really good for us. What is your cut off for how many you will do in a row? When do you want to bring in that second? When do you say Sharon, I need that second stylist.

Stacie Hutchison  12:26  
Usually when I get to six, okay, because anything past that, it's hard to keep the momentum going. And it's hard to guarantee because you may have six bridesmaids that all want their hair half up, half down and curled. And that takes more time than up dos typically, just because some of the bridesmaids have tons of hair. And you have to make sure that that hairstyle is going to stay up and that you may have to re curl a bridesmaid a couple of pieces at the end before you're finished up getting ready to leave.

Sharon Rumsey  13:00  
Yeah, a couples always look at me shocked when I say I want to bring in a second stylist but they don't realize, first of all, how much time it's going to take. And then you've got that hairstylist standing behind a chair for 8-10 hours without a break, if you if you don't bring in a second stylist. So Stacie and I usually talk and Stacie has a great team of people that work at her salon with her. So she always helps me find that second person. And I appreciate that so much timeline is is a booger. Because if you're going to get behind on wedding day, if you're gonna blow it out of the water on wedding day with time, it's always in hair and makeup. That's where you're gonna mess up the most. And I know some wedding planners don't feel it necessary to go to hair and makeup. But I am still so afraid that we're gonna get behind and the whole schedule for the whole day is going to be messed up. It's also super important that you have a schedule, not not just that you say we're going to start here hair at 8am. And we're going to be done by 1pm You need a schedule that says who's getting their hair done when and who's getting their makeup done when? Because I want we'll just say I want a butt in a chair the whole time. So you can't have

Kristina Stubblefield  14:22  
Did she just say a butt in the chair?

Sharon Rumsey  14:24  
Yeah, and we say it a lot on Wedding Day. 

Stacie Hutchison  14:26  
I need somebody's butt in my chair right now.

Sharon Rumsey  14:28  
Because you can't have Kristina getting her makeup done. And Stacie waiting for Kristina to come get her hair done. Because now you're wasting time. So it's my timelines don't just have hair and makeup and a set number of hours it literally has a schedule for each girl and who's going into hair at what time and who's going into makeup at what time and I, I just live and breathe by that you need to do that I will never change that. And then when we talk about timeline to how important is it that they be on time?

Stacie Hutchison  15:03  
Very important, right? Extremely important. It will blow the whole thing it does it really messes up the whole day and and then..

Kristina Stubblefield  15:13  
What I'm over here chuckling about is because that's Sharon's bread and butter timeline. Being on time like she's walking you right into. Do you think that that's important? Sharon's, like, you better say hell yeah, that's important is what Sharon says

Sharon Rumsey  15:27  
She thinks it's as important as I do, trust me,

Stacie Hutchison  15:29  
I will say, as someone who is always five minutes late, I am on time to Sharon's what

Kristina Stubblefield  15:37  
Sharons gonna be there 10 minutes early. Yes. And that is definitely a must when it comes to wedding planning that somebody is on time or even a few minutes early.

Sharon Rumsey  15:45  
Well, I think another thing too, to talk about is what kind of environment sets you up for success? Because I know you've taught me this. What do you need in that bridal suite? For for the wedding planner, or if there's not a wedding planner, the maid of honor someone to have ready for you ready to go?

Stacie Hutchison  16:04  
Well, what I've learned over the years is there's never enough outlets for all of my tools, I have probably five different curling irons, they all do something different, I swear. So I actually started bringing a power strip with me.

Sharon Rumsey  16:17  
She does bring out this big old power strip when she comes in.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:20  
Hey we need to talk after this. Because I've seen some new ones out there. And I'm just like, wow, I was like, then I'll think I'm not really that excited about a power strip. But I'm gonna tell you a technology. You need it? Yes, you do.

Stacie Hutchison  16:34  
Then on top of that, because a lot of times it with us carrying all of our stuff. I mean, I would love to have a chair that went up and down just like in the salon. But making sure that there's a good chair for the stylist that isn't too high isn't too short, right? So that we can access our clients head because I've gotten to some venues where we get a bar stool, and I'm a pretty tall person. And I'm standing on my tiptoes, try curl hair. And then also just counterspace counterspace in a mirror to work in front of us, yeah.

Sharon Rumsey  17:09  
I loved I love it when I can get a cocktail table for them. It's perfect. Because you give them their own table, you put them in some good light, let them do their thing. So when that bridal party is getting ready to get ready, how do you want them to come to you the morning of the wedding, I hear all the time, should I wash my hair, should I?

Stacie Hutchison  17:30  
I say hair clean and blow dried, you want to dirty it up with product, not oil that's in the hair. Because oil releases the curl and you want that curl and you want to be able to make sure those bobby pins are going to stay in the hair, you don't want them sliding now. And also when you sleep at night, you think about you get you get creases in your hair, your hair splits in the back in a weird spot. And if you're trying to tease the hair to high heavens, you're probably going to get a split, especially if someone's got a growth pattern that doesn't like to go the direction it needs to go in. So that's what I say clean, dry hair is my preference. Other stylists have their own preference. But that's mine.

Sharon Rumsey  18:12  
I hear you saying is wash it that morning. 

Stacie Hutchison  18:14  

Sharon Rumsey  18:14  
And blow it completely dry.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:16  
May I chime in with a couple of questions, I made notes. So I didn't interrupt. When you were talking about the number of bridesmaids or people that you can accommodate that day. All our listeners are from all over. So I would assume that that is a question that should be high on your list. When you're going to book your stylist for that day. How many can you have but then also do they? Do they find someone else to help them or work with them? Because I know you said you do. But we don't know if everybody out there does that same thing. I'm guessing.

Stacie Hutchison  18:54  
Some hairdressers refuse to work with people that they don't know. And I welcome it because you it's a learning experience. That person may know something that I don't.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:03  
I didn't even know that. So you some people don't. Oh, interesting. Okay,

Michael Gaddie  19:07  
But that's something that you're going to schedule out and know way in advance before that date.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:13  
You should that's what they said in the beginning.

Sharon Rumsey  19:15  
There are several makeup artists here locally, at least that won't work with a makeup artist that they have not trained. So they won't bring in a second person that they have not trained.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:26  
It doesn't take long to add up if you've got the mom of the bride, the mom of the groom, any grandparents, a large bridal party. I mean that's at least two stylist. So being able to communicate that and ask in advance that's a note I jotted down about making do you need to know and I didn't even know I guess that some wouldn't worked together.

Sharon Rumsey  19:46  
Stacie and I actually did a wedding where I had three.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:50  
Well, and I'm assuming your timeline would play into that. Right? Right. If you don't if you've got a crunch time even though you could do the number you said working together to figure all that out seems really important.

Sharon Rumsey  20:02  
Yeah, it's it's super important. And I feel like from my standpoint, I've said it before, like, my job is to hire the best team I can hire, and then set them all up for success. So it's my job to reach out to that hairstylist and makeup artists are the beauty team and ask them what they need. 

Kristina Stubblefield  20:22  
Well, I've even seen on some of your timelines, like it's a four hour block. For hair and makeup, it's usually more okay, well, more, I was being easy. I was being easy to the listeners out there. But I know we've heard people got like, I need that much time for, you know, by the time you add hair and makeup, picture, I mean, your day. It's a flash.

Michael Gaddie  20:46  
So let me add this in, because I'm in between what Kristina just said and Sharon said, I mean, if you've got 10 or 12 people, and you said, you know, yes, you want to make sure you have somebody else on on on the timeline, or to make sure that that hair person works with that. If I hire you to come in and do myself and all my bridesmaids, talking from a bride, I would feel like that would be your responsibility that I have hired you, am I hiring you? Or am I hiring a business? 

Stacie Hutchison  21:19  

Michael Gaddie  21:20  
So I mean, I would look at

Kristina Stubblefield  21:22  
you posing that as a question,

Michael Gaddie  21:25  
right? Because I mean, I would look if I hired you to do my all my peoples hair. And if you need any more help, I would just assume.

Kristina Stubblefield  21:33  
There we go with that... Michael, We've talked about that assume word! 

Michael Gaddie  21:38  
I know, I know 

Kristina Stubblefield  21:39  
That's why you're posing this right?

Michael Gaddie  21:40  
That's right. 

Kristina Stubblefield  21:41  
Can you hear people out there assume exactly. Okay, Stacie's gonna give us the answer.

Stacie Hutchison  21:46  
Usually, I do make sure that I have someone that I like to work with. And I put it in my contract that there are I say, the stylist of my choosing. Because it makes it easier because I know what work is going to come out of that. But you know if that bride has their hairdresser, but their hairdresser needs help, and they don't have someone and Sharon says they need a second person, can you do it? I'll work with that hairdresser. But nine times out of 10 I am making sure that it's taken care of for the bride the bride has enough to deal with

Kristina Stubblefield  22:22  
Sharon amen to that, right? The brides got enough to deal with

Sharon Rumsey  22:27  
Yes, and to add on to what Stacie said. So if the bride hires a hairstylist and the bride goes to that hairstylist for their trial, as the planner, I always make sure the bride and her mom, because her mom's usually been to that same stylist or been at that appointment when the bride got her hair done for her trial. So I always want to make sure that those two people are with the primary hire, though, you know, if they've hired Stacie, Stacie is going to do the bride and Stacie is going to do the bride's mom. Because you do not want to see a bride walk in and we go Oh, yeah, we know you did your child was Stacie. But today, no, Mariah is going to do your hair that does not. So you always want to put that second stylist with the bridesmaids and not the the VIPs of the bridal party.

Michael Gaddie  23:16  
I guess what I'm getting at is, you know, I have a crew of 15. And, yes, I sell all of our weddings. And yes, they think I'm going to make every piece of the whole wedding. But that's not true. But I am there to oversee everything. And I'm just trying to compare my business to a hairdresser. And how brides would look at both of them the same or different, right? Or they should look at it differently.

Sharon Rumsey  23:42  
Well and we've actually been in situations where, you know, it's really funny to me. If a if there's something someone doesn't like with their hair, they will come and tell me like I can fix it. And I can't I can't fix my own hair. So if there is a second stylist and there's something someone didn't care for, you know, we've had a mother, the bride that just wanted her was too flat, she just wanted more volume in her hair. So I just want you to Stacie and very quietly said, hey, when you get done, I always scheduled some time at the end for touch ups, for makeup or hair. So that's kind of time that you know Stacie's, as far as I'm concerned, Stacies's in charge. So she can go back and she can, you know, look and see if anyone has anything they want her to touch up or fix.

Stacie Hutchison  24:28  
I will say I am a perfectionist when it comes to that I like it before they leave before they're done. Even if we're five minutes behind, I'm like, let me spray that piece. Let me do this because it is my name on it at the end of the day. And I just want to make sure that their hair is gonna stay at least until the end of the reception.

Sharon Rumsey  24:46  
Right. And it's really important to if we do start running into a time crunch or something I always try to communicate and say, Hey, Stacie, what's your ETA on? You know, because I can shift things a timeline as much as it just hurts my heart to say it, a timeline is a guideline. Well, you need to, you need to be able to flex a little bit and you hear this, but I always pad mine too. And people don't know that my timelines are always padded.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:11  
Okay, you've just made me think of something else. We talked about this right before we started recording. How if a person wants a certain hairstyle, how in the world do you get it to stay for all your pictures? The end, some people do a first look some don't.,

Sharon Rumsey  25:28  
She's the queen of it, man, they stay forever.

Stacie Hutchison  25:31  
I have my go to hairsprays. I actually, you know, people think bobby pins are bobby pins. There are different types of metal that are used in bobby pins. There's different different strengths, different widths, different everything. So I have my tools that I like, I have a kit that has probably 20 different types of bobby pins in it. So fine, it's work better and fine. Here's some work better in coarse hair.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:56  
Well in your, then that makes me think you're some of these girls, you've never seen their hair before. No. If you don't have that in your toolkit, it's not like you're just going to run down to the store. Well, I'll be back Sharon in 30 minutes, I'm gonna run down here to the Walgreens. And your stuff probably doesn't even 

Michael Gaddie  26:13  
Sharon would have a heart attack. 

Kristina Stubblefield  26:14  
Right, but that's you have to think about that is picking out your right stylist is so much more important, because you're faced with people hair types, and what they want. And you may not have seen in advance what you're working with

Sharon Rumsey  26:31  
That's what always amazes me. I mean, I love what she does with the bride's hair, and she's seen them and done their trial. And it's always gorgeous. But it amazes me that that these ladies can come in and they have never met this person before they've never seen their hair. And every single one of them will look gorgeous every single time.

Kristina Stubblefield  26:49  
While we're talking about this for our listeners that aren't here locally and would not maybe have an option to use you. I'm sure you probably have bags will travel depending but is there a couple things that come to mind that you would share with an engaged a couple and a bride or their parents may be listening? Important questions to ask before they book.

Stacie Hutchison  27:17  
Oh, gosh, important questions to ask before they book.

Kristina Stubblefield  27:21  
I mean, one of them you talked about was the number of people that you can handle and your policy for utilizing others. Other stylist,

Stacie Hutchison  27:31  
um, I think important questions. Some people don't know that most of us require a travel fee. Because just to get me out of the salon takes time, I have to pack up all of my stuff. And usually I charge a flat rate anything up to 20 miles. And then after that I use the IRS tax mileage. So that's what I charge according to that. So if there's a wedding an hour away, they just need to be firm, if they want to use me, they just need to be prepared for that. And also, like we said before, if there's extras with the hair, I try to do my best. Like if a bride does need extensions put in. I try to order those because I'm pretty good with matching up the hair and making sure that I get her good quality hair. But it's the unforeseen things that a lot of people don't think about because weddings are different than they were 20-30 years ago. There. There's, there's more personalization to it.

Kristina Stubblefield  28:33  
I didn't even think about ordering hair in, but with shipping, so many things being affected nowadays. What you may have been used to going somewhere to an actual supply place or anything like that. You don't maybe have as much readily available or might not be able to get the exact thing you're wanting

Sharon Rumsey  28:54  
Well and some things in Stacies's industry some things you have to have a cosmetology license to buy. Yes. So I know that's a big thing. And then I've had several brides where you you know have wrote woven hair pieces in you woven beads and those kinds of things that

Stacie Hutchison  29:13  
I try to keep a lot of that on hand so that and that's so that the bride doesn't have to worry about that they don't have to order that but also like the the bridesmaids that have never seen their hair before. They may need some extra help. And I just try to make sure that I have that but to if they do need that just to be prepared for a slightly increase in price you know.

Sharon Rumsey  29:36  
We had one bridal party that did bobby pin art like each bridesmaid to different bobby pin art. So that hairstylist had to be ready for Bobby Pin Art sure that you know all of that was available. So it's so individual now like like you were saying,

Kristina Stubblefield  29:54  
what are the things so much custom?

Michael Gaddie  29:55  
What is the most popular style that you're seeing right now?

Stacie Hutchison  30:00  
The Hollywood waves are really big right now,

Sharon Rumsey  30:03  
can you talk about those a little bit because they're a booger,

Stacie Hutchison  30:06  
they, they are pretty, I don't want to say difficult to achieve, but not everyone has the right hair for it. If the hair is very, very thick and heavy, it's going to tend to want to fall. The longer the hair, the more weight that there is on those waves. So they just they fall flat. And they're not for everyone. But the Hollywood waves are very big, bright braided styles, they've never really gone away, which I love those. See those so often. And I try to because a bride may see trends that she likes, but I say what does your dress look like? Because they may show me a very boho style when they have a very classic look, a classic, elegant dress that's not going to match that hair at all. So I try to guide them in that sense. But that goes to I do see a lot of the braided half up half down right now. That's that's still big. But anymore. There's no rules. There's no boundaries. So wide open. 

Michael Gaddie  31:12  
That's the thing with weddings everywhere across the board. There's no rules. I mean, it's like, it's whatever you want. So what's one tip that you would give up or tell a bride before she started looking or even thinking about hair? 

Stacie Hutchison  31:28  
Find your dress first. Find your dress first and find the theme of your wedding. If it's if you want a boho wedding, go with it. I say go full speed with it. I love boho so I just say do that. Find your dress and find the feel the vibe you want for your wedding vibes are really in right now.

Michael Gaddie  31:51  
You know I know the different trends and stuff with weddings, but I really did not think even comprehend that there was a boho hairdo. I'm really didn't

Kristina Stubblefield  32:03  
when she said that earlier, I was thinking the same thing.

Michael Gaddie  32:05  
I thought huh? Which you know, they can bring me bouquets and say, This is what I want. Sometimes I don't even know what it's called. But it's your boho look. And

Sharon Rumsey  32:14  
What is Boho? I think I know because I know you but what to our audience and what is boho hair to you.

Stacie Hutchison  32:22  
It's a very, to me, it's a free form way of styling the hair. Because there are no rules with it. No two updos are gonna look the same. No two, I mean, you can have a cohesive look, but there's more texture to the style. There's more. Not so much tight ringlets style curls. It's very beach wavy, it's braids. It's twist. It's just texture in the hair.

Michael Gaddie  32:46  
And it's funny because in bouquets, it's this loose and airy. And really freeform is the word we use. So that's interesting.

Sharon Rumsey  32:55  
That's really cool. 

Kristina Stubblefield  32:56  
This has had so much information packed in it, honestly, it's been it's been great. I even learned stuff. 

Sharon Rumsey  33:03  
She's the bomb, I'm telling you. 

Kristina Stubblefield  33:05  
I mean, she's over there talking about weaving beads and things. And wow!!

Sharon Rumsey  33:09  
We had one bride that had a really long, Mike did this wedding as well. She had a really long braid. And she wanted the old Hollywood glam. And Stacie had a I'm not going to call it the right thing, a wire that had beads throughout the wire, and she braided it in to her hair. And I'm telling you, I've still got pictures of that girl's hair on my phone because I loved it so much!

Kristina Stubblefield  33:34  
Okay, well, we're going to need that to post out on social media. One of us will find it.

Stacie Hutchison  33:38  

Kristina Stubblefield  33:39  

Michael Gaddie  33:40  
I got one more question. So we're seeing a lot of flowers being placed in hair. Do you? Do you do a lot of that? I mean, just in the last year and a half. They're coming to me even at the last minute and saying, Oh Mike, I want to put loose flowers in my hair. Usually what we'll do is we'll wire we'll make a little corsage type thing and keep the wires long. So you all can wire them in there. But I'll be honest with you, I don't know if that's the right thing to do or not.

Stacie Hutchison  34:08  
I would say yes, that is the right thing to do. With the depending on what kind of flower it is because you know some flowers lasts longer than others. So I would ask you to steer them in the direction of that like what kind of flower Are you looking for your hair, and maybe this one would last longer? Because I do save the bride for last typically in a wedding day unless you have a flower girl that won't sit still and her hair's not gonna stay up then you know, do them at the end. But I would ask you to guide them in that direction. And because the flowers they do they're beautiful in hair, I mean

Michael Gaddie  34:46  
when it comes to inserting them into the hairdo itself, I mean, is it easier to have them on a wire or send a vase of flowers that you can work in the way you want to?

Stacie Hutchison  34:55  
It's easier to have them on a wire and I would love you for doing that. because if you just place them in the hair, they're gonna fall out any any sort of movement, it's gonna fall and I have some hair pins that I can stick in there. And I kind of create a hook on the end of them. So then if they do kind of slide out, they just have your bridesmaid pop that right back in there in there for you.

Sharon Rumsey  35:20  
Are you saying that most of your brides now, they not only pick out their hairstyle, but they tell you how they want their maids? Are you seeing that most brides let their maids pick out what they want?

Stacie Hutchison  35:32  
It's 5050 I think it depends on the bride. But I try to steer them into saying, Let's do what works best for your bridesmaids hair. Because not all bridesmaids are going to have the same hair. And not all bridesmaids are going to do well. You know, if they don't have a lot of hair, the big side braids don't work that well for them. So I say let your bridesmaid kind of choose because also the time of the year for the wedding matters as well. If you've got a wedding in June, and all of your bridesmaids have half up half down curled hair, and it's 80% humidity, it's probably not going to last through the wedding or

Sharon Rumsey  36:16  
That's a really good point. What do you recommend for those crazy hot days,

Stacie Hutchison  36:22  
Up, up! Hair that's up. And when you think about it, too, you've got family members hugging you congratulating you, it's hot, you're gonna be dancing, a style that's down like that typically isn't gonna last through the night.

Sharon Rumsey  36:37  
Good point that I had not thought of.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:40  
Absolutely. This has been great. Any other questions before we let her go? I feel like we've just been like rapid fire at some things. 

Stacie Hutchison  36:48  
No this has been fun. This is my very first podcast 

Kristina Stubblefield  36:51  

Stacie Hutchison  36:51  
Thanks for having me

Kristina Stubblefield  36:53  
I'm glad you come in to join us. And I think just getting the wheels turning in people's heads, whether they're just engaged, maybe they're already into planning mode. And they didn't even realize how important it was to go ahead and book a stylist or, Oh, I've got 12 or 14 people that need their hair done. That's the whole thing is just providing education and tips. So people can make better decisions and ultimately make their wedding planning a little more seamless.

Sharon Rumsey  37:19  
It honestly should be one of your first vendors, I would say at least within your first five, 

Kristina Stubblefield  37:24  
especially if you

Michael Gaddie  37:25  
After you dress?

Sharon Rumsey  37:27  
Well no, you can hire your hairstylist and then buy your dress.

Kristina Stubblefield  37:31  
Just don't decide on your style right

Stacie Hutchison  37:33  
Yeah, and I will say that I would recommend doing your trial, anywhere from three to six months before the wedding, make sure that you don't have any major hair changes in that time. Because then your hair is not going to match up with your trial. And the point and the trial is very much for it's a trial. And typically when you come in with your hair that day, it's not going to be the same as the wedding day. There's not as much time the refinement really comes on the wedding day.

Kristina Stubblefield  38:03  
Again, back to finding a person that you that understands what you want or that has been referred to you. Just having that meeting or that conversation. As Sharon always says about your a team to make sure it's going to be a good fit to

Sharon Rumsey  38:18  
get them booked. Get them to hold your day make sure your dates reserved. And then like Stacie said to get that trial scheduled when it's time and

the big day will be here before you know it.

Well it hopefully it'll be pretty stressed for you because you've already met your beauty team. You've got everything lined out you're on time. It just it really matters. People don't realize what all goes into it.

Kristina Stubblefield  38:40  
Stacie thank you so much for being with us. 

Stacie Hutchison  38:42  
Thank you!

Sharon Rumsey  38:42  
Thank You!

Kristina Stubblefield  38:42  
Will you just to sum up our episode will you just share with them again, where you're located, how they can connect with you. We will definitely share links in our show notes and social media but as we're wrapping up,

Stacie Hutchison  38:55  
I am at Roots Salon it is at 5420 Indiana 62 It's in Jeffersonville. We are right next door to a 24 hour bakery. 

Sharon Rumsey  39:05  
That's a Plus

Stacie Hutchison  39:07  
And if they want to contact me they can reach me probably my Instagram is the easiest way and my Instagram is bombshell red.

Kristina Stubblefield  39:15  
All right, easy to remember. Well thank you all so much for tuning in. As Sharon always likes to say if you like what you've heard on this episode or other episodes,

Sharon Rumsey  39:26  
leave us a glowing five star review.

Kristina Stubblefield  39:28  
Mike did you want to get any other words in because I felt like you didn't get many in for that episode?

Sharon Rumsey  39:33  
Mike doesn't have any hair.

Michael Gaddie  39:34  
No, Thank You so much. Great information.

Kristina Stubblefield  39:38  
Thanks to all of our listeners. If you haven't already subscribed, go to your favorite podcast platform and hit that button. Until next time see ya!

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