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Feb. 28, 2022

Become The Go-To Expert In Your Industry Utilizing LinkedIn with Mindi Rosser

We need to utilize multiple social channels to promote our businesses and LinkedIn should not be overlooked! Continuity of your brand across all social channels is important and LinkedIn can be used to promote your most important news and showcase your specialized products and services… and turn all of that into leads and sales for your business!

In this episode, special guest Mindi Rosser shares her expertise on the do's and don'ts for LinkedIn, how to make the most of your presence by designing a strategy that works for your business, what it takes to grow your network and how to become the go-to expert in your industry. 

• [4:09] “ I've noticed a shift on LinkedIn, where are people that are not in like corporate jobs that are really using LinkedIn to connect with each other…”
• [5:49] Mindi explains why it is important to have an updated LinkedIn profile 
• [8:37] Mindi explains that engaging with others' posts will help connections know that you are still there even if you aren’t posting… 
• [13:40] “as a wedding professional, you pay attention to the details, the details matter a lot. And so I think taking that same attention to detail - to your business, your personal brand, making sure everything is kind of smooth… makes it easy for people to find you to learn more about you.” 

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
We need to utilize multiple social channels to promote our businesses, and LinkedIn should not be overlooked. In today's episode, my special guest, Mindi Rosser shares her expertise on the do's and don'ts for LinkedIn, how to make the most of your presence by designing a strategy that works for your business, what it takes to grow your network, and how to become the go to expert in your industry. 

You're listening to a Business Booster episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. I'm a technology consultant, marketing strategist, business coach, and in the past a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing impactful, easy to implement solutions and strategies for efficient workflow and business growth. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

I am so excited for today's episode. And I think that my listeners are going to be as well. I want to introduce my guest it is Mindi Rosser. And I'm going to call her a LinkedIn expert. And just really quick I connected with Mindi, we are both in James Wedmore's Business by Design. And it is a fabulous group. And Mindi, I'm so thankful that you were willing to come on and be a guest. Thank you so much. Will you take just a minute and introduce yourself to my audience?

Mindi Rosser  1:32  
thing, I am really excited to be here or as we say on the island stoked to be here. So yes, so I help people that feel like they are the best kept secret in their industry to become that go to visible expert in their niche using LinkedIn. So that's kind of where my sweet spot is really helping people build their personal brands create an engaging LinkedIn profile. And then how do you turn that profile into sales or leads for your business? That's, that's where I operate and LinkedIn is pretty much my hub these days.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:03  
Well, and I shared with Mindi right before we started recording, um, been one of those Yo Yo, people using LinkedIn here and there. And recently, I've started embracing it more and was very surprised at the results. Not that I'm not a fan of LinkedIn, you just have to try to prioritize your social media channels, you can't be everything to everyone. But for me that was looking to connect with more wedding professionals, I got a very good response. And in doing so over the last couple months, I've started asking, letting professionals are they on LinkedIn? Some would say yes, a very low number. But on the same token, most who would tell me yes, they were would say, oh, but it's been a couple years since I've logged in or done anything. So I'm really excited because I have watched some of Mindy's stuff, and the items, the thoughts, the ideas that she shares on how you can embrace LinkedIn. Mindy, you are opening my eyes to a whole new world inside of LinkedIn. So some of my listeners may not have ever thought to even use LinkedIn to a have a profile. Or maybe they did and they've kind of abandon it. So where should we start? LinkedIn, in my opinion, is a very big opportunity for wedding professionals.

Mindi Rosser  3:35  
I agree. And I think sometimes it's overlooked. It's not, I wouldn't call it the sexiest channel. So I think especially from like an image visual perspective, I think as wedding professionals, it's like, you look at things through the lens, you thinking of images and photos, and it's just a different experience. When you go to LinkedIn, you're like, oh, is this just stuffy corporate professionals. And I think that's the perception that a lot of us have around LinkedIn, like, oh, I don't need to use LinkedIn, unless I'm looking for a job or I'm trying to get a job, or you know, I'm going to be in the corporate world. But it really has changed over the past, especially the past five years, I've noticed a shift on LinkedIn, where are people that are not in like corporate jobs that are really using LinkedIn to connect with each other? And I think the reason is that it is really the place that people go when they're in like, their professional mindset. So that's how I view it. It's like, okay, when you go to Instagram, you're kind of wanting to be entertained, do you want to be inspired? You want it you want to see something fun and light and airy. When you go to LinkedIn, though, you're there to do business. Like when you log into LinkedIn, you don't accidentally log into LinkedIn, you actually intentionally log into LinkedIn, you don't go there to scroll, the newsfeed when you're bored. You go there when you're at work, you go there when you're like, oh, I should be networking that should be connecting. How can I be more intentional with my outreach? Oh, I wonder what professionals I can connect with. So it's just a different platform and I think it's like the same people are on Instagram. Oh, lot of times as are on LinkedIn, but they're not in the same headspace. So that's really what sets it apart. So I think taking that into consideration, we think, okay, so LinkedIn is like my professional sites, you know, it's like Instagram, I can have a little more fun over here, I'm posting really engaging pictures. But what do I do with LinkedIn? Like, how does that actually fit into my next, I think a lot of us need multiple channels, and LinkedIn should be one of them. So even if you are not using it as your primary channel, and maybe you will down the road, maybe you won't, but it needs to be updated. It's the biggest thing is to have your profile. So even if even if you're thinking, Mindy, you know, this is great, but I'm really busy on LinkedIn, I'm getting enough leads, I'm connecting with enough people. Okay, that's fine and good. But people are also going to look you up. And the thing with LinkedIn is it is prioritized in search. So anybody that's going to Google you, they're going to Google your name, and you are going to pop up and your LinkedIn profile is going to pop up. So do you want them to see an outdated LinkedIn profile? Where they're gonna say, Oh, that was an old gig that she definitely Who is she, and they're going to have this immediate confusion around who you are and what you do. And they may say, they may have seen you what you're doing now elsewhere. But when it mismatches on LinkedIn, that's a very big problem. And for us, as professionals, we need our personal brand across channels to match. And so it's critical that everything is up to date, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it does need to be current. So I think when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, think, okay, maybe I'm not ready to like jump all in to LinkedIn, like, you don't have to become a LinkedIn expert. You don't have to post there all the time. But the biggest thing is just get started, like, just log into LinkedIn, first, look at your profile. Is it up to date? Do you need to add a new headshot there? Do people need to know about your business? Now, maybe you're serving a different demographic or different companies. So think about that with your LinkedIn profile, and just kind of updated, like, update it visually. So it does match if people see you on Instagram or other channels. Go ahead and take a look at that.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:54  
That Monday, I have notes. And I'm just like, Oh, my goodness, like, first of all, one of the things that you said was about being intentional. And is so the intentional part of especially as a wedding professional, when you log in and you want to take action right then and there and focus on your business. What a great platform to do. So it really focus on that.

Mindi Rosser  7:22  
Yeah, I think that's, that's so critical to especially when you're thinking, Okay, I want to build my business. And you're not, you don't want to get distracted. I think on LinkedIn, it's different it like it immediately. As soon as you log in, you're kind of focused, okay, I'm here to do business. I'm here to be professional, I'm here to connect with other professionals, I'm here to get gigs. A lot of people are using LinkedIn from like a social selling perspective. But even if you aren't, the fact of the matter is, it's really important to keep up with your LinkedIn profile, just to make sure you have a decent sized network as well. So even if you don't have, if you don't have 500 connections there, you really want to work to that 500, just to look like your current. So that is something to think about connect with your friends, connect with your colleagues connect with peers, to get to that 500 plus number. That's kind of a telltale sign that you're like a real professional on LinkedIn, you're actually on LinkedIn that you haven't forgotten about your profile. So some ways that you really want to think about just kind of revitalizing your profile, log into LinkedIn, make a few updates, I would probably comment or like on something in the newsfeed to show that you're there and that you've been there because your activity is actually tracked and shows up on your LinkedIn profile. So even if you aren't posting content, yet, you don't feel comfortable. Just look in your newsfeed for something that you can comment on to make people know that you are like, okay, oh, yeah, she's here, she's here, she's, she's somewhere here. She may not be completely active, but she is engaging. And if I wanted to reach out to her on LinkedIn, or him, then I could, so that I think that's something to really be thinking about when it comes to LinkedIn, intentional, and kind of you need to kind of spark that LinkedIn profile in that activity on LinkedIn.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:56  
Well, even though we've talked about wedding professionals, some of these wedding planners, for example, they also help with corporate events. Yes, in what a great place to connect with companies in order to showcase the services that you offer. And even though I just said wedding planners that could go across the board to caterers, photographers, videographers, in all honesty, a lot of times people that are involved in a wedding industry, or a good number of people involved in the wedding industry will also do or have done corporate events.

Mindi Rosser  9:35  
Yeah, and that's critical that you're on LinkedIn, because anything corporate, everybody expects everybody else to be on LinkedIn. And if they come to your profile, they may come across you elsewhere, they may have been referred to you. So sometimes we think, Oh, if we get a referral, we're safe. But no, those people are going to actually look you up. They're going to look you up on LinkedIn, especially if they're anywhere in the corporate space. So it's really important that it is updated, even if you feel like oh, well maybe my website is great. My Instagram is good. Everything looks current there, just take all of that over to LinkedIn. Like literally, it would take you probably 30 to 60 minutes to update LinkedIn with what you have elsewhere, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. And I don't recommend that necessarily that everyone does, like, I do have a program that walks people through step by step how to do their LinkedIn profile. But for a lot of people, all they need to do is update your headline, kind of make sure you have a good headshot, good header image, make sure your about section tells people about the company and about your professional journey. And make sure your experiences are current, it doesn't take a ton of time, especially if you just sit down with a focus session and knock it out, get it done. And then you're going to feel proud to link to it from your website or other channels. And especially if you are trying to get into the corporate space in any way, shape, or form, make sure your profile is updated and that you are current there and you are working to build those connections.

Kristina Stubblefield  10:53  
Well, I'm going to circle back around to something that you mentioned. And it ties into outdated information. I mentioned this a lot when I teach classes, or do webinars is, especially in the wedding space, a lot of time, people that are out searching for you engaged couples, other wedding professionals, they make assumptions or judge your business based on the information that is online. So if you do not have updated pictures, video information, all of that stuff across the board on the social channels that you are on, as well as your website, people can be deciding whether they want to consider you as one of their wedding professionals without a phone call without an email, without a consultation without a zoom, without any of that. And one of the other things in regards to that is what you talked about coming up in the search. You're exactly right, your LinkedIn profile will be found in search results when someone is looking you up. And if they click there, and it's been five years, and maybe you were only two years in the business at the time, but now you're in it for seven years. And instead of doing, I don't know, 10 events, maybe you've done 250 events. You've give them the correct information to make sure your business is in the running to be considered. And I think people abandoned social media platforms, if they've set up a profile such as LinkedIn. Without even realizing, wow, this is coming up on the first page of Google, this is one of the items that people are clicking on to make a decision about my business.

Mindi Rosser  12:52  
That is such an excellent point. And I'm glad you brought more attention to that. And I think when it comes to our businesses, a lot of times people are typing in our names. And if your business and name are not the same thing, your name is going to pop up and they even if they're looking for your business, they are still going to Google you as an individual. And so you really do want to make sure that it is updated. And I think it is it's part of just running a business like as business owners we know this is part of being a responsible business owners like giving them that up to date information just so they can make an informed decision. Think about the last time that you hired somebody or that you were you know, looking to work with somebody you googled them like in the first thing you're going to see is their online information. If stuff is like kind of not matching, or it looks like they haven't paid attention to the details, they're gonna pick up on that. And as a wedding professional, you pay attention to the details, the details matter a lot. And so I think taking that same attention to detail to your business, your personal brand, making sure everything is kind of smooth, and makes it easy for people to find you to learn more about you. And you have to think about your LinkedIn profile as well in terms of like the flow and the way that people kind of flow through your profile, there are people who are going to click on your contact info, there are people who are going to really want to read that about Section others are going to want to check out your featured like, especially as wedding professionals, that featured section is like a gold mine for you. So you want to feature your best work, if stuff that is in that featured section is outdated. Or if it shows like a year, two years ago, people are gonna like, oh, I guess you really don't use LinkedIn. You know, there's just like this really subconscious chatter that they're going to have in their head that's going to add doubt, you don't want to add doubt you want to solidify their decision that in working with you and hiring you, you are the right person for the job, you pay attention to the details, you showcase your best work, you give them the opportunity to make a great decision. And so using these different sections of your profile to your advantage, it doesn't take a lot of work. It's like literally just pull stuff from your website and link to it from LinkedIn. And then it just gives people that really cohesive experience when they go to your website and they see oh, there's some of the same language here. Oh, I see some of the same case studies. I see some of the same offensive some of the same imagery that's really going to build that trust before they ever hop on a conversation with you, before they ever shoot you an email to have a chat about working together? Well, I tell

Kristina Stubblefield  15:11  
you, when you talk about cohesive, sometimes I refer when I'm speaking to a group of wedding professionals, how much time energy and effort they put in to setting up at wedding shows, or trade shows, you know, they have their banners, their business cards, maybe their fliers or rack cards, Retractable Banner, they have a TV screen that has slideshow or video playing, they've packed all this stuff up, loaded it in their vehicle, unloaded it, put it all out on display. But when you go to their website, or their social media, not the same time and attention has been given when someone leaves that show, even if it's just with a business card, where are they going to the website, to a Google search to the social media platforms. And it's not cohesive. And when I say that to them, sometimes I get the side eye. And sometimes I get the huff and puff, you know, because they maybe haven't thought of it that way. Their presentation in person is spot on. And they have not really thought about the digital footprint, or presence, and how it needs to all be so cohesive. And that is exactly what you're saying. Especially on LinkedIn being a little bit more professional platform. You wanted to kind of all blend together and show that is your business.

Mindi Rosser  16:55  
Yeah, and I think he made a really good point about the in person just being you're kind of blowing people away with that in person experience. So how can you translate that to an online experience for those people who don't have that opportunity to see you in person to see all of that amazing attention to detail to see that presentation? And I think when we start thinking, Oh, I can actually translate that into some media imagery for my profile or for my website? Or how can I repurpose that across my social media channels? And how does that all tie together for the customer experience? Because people tend to experience this first digitally. And I think we have to understand that like, this is a digital world, it's usually digital first, and then we'll go to something in person. I mean, sometimes it's the reverse, but most of the time it's not. So how do we make that feel trustworthy? Like your brand should be trustworthy, it should be engaging, it should be inspiring, it should match when they meet you in person, and they've already had this digital experience. It's just like a continuation of that, like, you can start that before you ever meet in person before you ever engage each other professionally in that sense.

Kristina Stubblefield  18:02  
Oh, my goodness, so many good points. Honestly, the other thing you mentioned was about features. If you have not logged in on LinkedIn, maybe even for just a year, you know, there's constant changes, improvements, enhancements, some of those options may not have been there. So they're blank, there is nothing there.

Mindi Rosser  18:23  
Yeah, and that's problematic because people on LinkedIn, especially in the corporate like day, even though their profile may not look as amazing, as you would expect. They go and look at other people's profiles, and they know what looks good and what doesn't. So like people that use LinkedIn kind of know, okay, we can tell who's kind of new, who's kind of savvy, you know, who's actually put a thought into their profile, and we judge people, whether that's good or bad, we do and I do it, we all do it. It's just part of being human. And when we have so many options, like we have lots of options to work with people around the globe now, like we're so connected, so how do we stand out, we have to give them that positive experience. And if there are only would you say five out of 50 people that you talked to at that event that had a LinkedIn profile, okay, you're gonna stand out immediately, if you decide to, in this space in the wedding professional space, actually have a profile, your competitors aren't even there. So you all you can actually have a corner on the market. If you're like, Okay, well, I'm gonna start a LinkedIn profile. My competitors aren't there. I mean, there are very few industries on LinkedIn that are like that. So I mean, if you're just thinking of your competitive edge, and really giving that positive experience, it's like, time to get on LinkedIn. You know, spend 6090 minutes, get that profile dialed in, play with that featured section, make sure you added because as a wedding professional, that section is very, very important. And then just make sure everything is up to date and looking good.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:47  
Well, and I think too, sometimes, you mentioned at the very beginning of the episode, people have in their mind that this is just a corporate platform if you you're only wanting to work with corporate are searching for job. And as you mentioned, it's really changed over the years. And once they get their profile updated, I know you said that's the most important thing. A lot of times people I work with are so worried about, well, now that I'm on there, whether you had one or you just needed to update your profile, if they're just starting out, what How often would you recommend them to make a post, if it's something that they they can take on? You know, as we said, Everybody's busy. But just getting started? What would you recommend? Ah,

Mindi Rosser  20:36  
that's a good question. If you are trying to kind of revitalize your profile and make it look updated, if you post like a few times, you'll automatically look like you've been on LinkedIn for a while, like your activity section will look very fleshed out. So if you're like, Oh, I just need to kind of like get a little bit going here. It's an automatic win. So what I would recommend is probably if you are if you have content that you're posting elsewhere, the beauty is that you can repost that content on LinkedIn. Don't get too crazy at the beginning, yes, I teach a lot of nuance like, Okay, this is how to get the LinkedIn algorithm to work for you, you know, so but your don't worry about getting that advanced, the thing is, you just want to post so kind of take what you've posted on Instagram, Facebook, other channels, posted on your website, and then start posting on LinkedIn and just do the best, you can just kind of make it make it informational provide value, but I would try to post once or twice a week, if you can do that. Now everybody's different. And if that rhythm doesn't work for you, that's fine. But the beauty is on LinkedIn, you don't actually have to post as often as you do on Instagram, or on other channels to get people's attention. You don't have to post multiple times a day, people don't want that there. So at most, you would post once per weekday. And that's a lot of volume. Like most people never post that often, it's usually around two to three times per week. And you're really going for value here and value adding, you are going with your professional hat on. So it's not dancing, it's not like super casual, it is a little bit more on the professional side. But that the flip side of that is you're also selling your services and doing so. So you you can kind of go about selling your services a little bit more overtly, I would say then like on Instagram, where maybe you have to be a little bit more entertaining and kind of pull them in a little bit more. But when people come to LinkedIn, they're like, Oh, your wedding professional. Cool. Okay, see your post? Great, you know what you're talking about? Cool? How do we have a conversation, you know, so just kind of keep in mind that it's a different platform. And it will take you some time to learn how to post and really engage your audience. But don't worry about how many likes or comments you're getting at the beginning, there probably going to be very, very low at the beginning. So don't expect to get what you're getting on other social channels on LinkedIn. And a lot of times something to think about as well. People on LinkedIn, our viewers, a lot of them never engage. So you want to pay attention to your views, not just your engagement, depending on how, you know some people are just more of like, I would call them lurkers on LinkedIn, like they scroll their feet, and they see it, but they may never engage, especially if it's not tied to like their professional journey, like it commenting on your posts is not going to make them look really smart. They're not, they're not going to comment. And sometimes, you know, they may want to hire you as a wedding professional, but maybe commenting on your post wouldn't really make sense for their personal brand. So just keep that in mind. Like a lot of people are gonna see it, and they're gonna go, oh, okay, that's great. But they may not comment or like so don't get obsessed. I think with those metrics on LinkedIn, pay attention to your views, pay attention to be being consistent, because consistency is going to win on LinkedIn and the algorithm loves it. So if you can only post once a week, post once a week for like four to six weeks, kind of see how that's going. If you like that pace, you can you can increase it a little. Or if you're like, I'm just gonna stick with this once a week once a week is a really good like it's showing to LinkedIn that you are active so that's like kind of a good baseline to shoot for.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:46  
I love what you just said because sometimes people way overthink a social platform that they haven't been active on or that they've never been on. And then they work themselves up into into just not doing anything and not not even taking I like to say messy action. Yes, they just they talk themselves right out of it. And I love what you said, a lot of times I tell people to focus on quality over quantity. Don't get so hung up on posting every day or posting this many times. And what you said about posting once a week for wedding professionals. One of the things I tell people in this field, you have so much content to pull from compared to some other people that really have to scrape up content from testimonials, event pictures, services on LinkedIn, you are a little bit more free to be I hate to use the word salesy, Yeah, but you're able to really put it out there and this is what I specialize in. Here's how you can learn more information. So I love how you summarize that. And one of the other things as I kind of wrap this episode up because I think we could talk for hours if not days. And I'd love to maybe have to offer you to come back and maybe do a part two of this of after some people have really embraced this down the road. But we, our mission with what we do is community over competition. And we really focus on visibility, connection, education, and growth. And one of the things I want to say that I feel like linked in gives wedding professionals and other professionals the opportunity to connect to people that are in the same industry, possibly even competitors, those connections and working together, LinkedIn gives you an opportunity, you know, to follow those other businesses to connect with those other owners, we are so much stronger together than we are individually. And I think LinkedIn is a wonderful platform in the business world. Or if you have your business hat on with connecting with others in the industry, or in your same field.

Mindi Rosser  26:10  
I am so glad you brought that up. Because I feel like so many of us are like who competitors, you know, you know, we have this, we have this hesitation. And I think we're all in this together. We're all like trying to serve our

Kristina Stubblefield  26:21  
audience what use? Yep, watch what you say, Oh, there's another person that kind of is like, I understand totally what you're saying? Yes,

Mindi Rosser  26:30  
yeah. And it's like, why are we afraid like we're all trying to help our different audiences and people that are attracted to a competitor of ours are probably you know, that that's good, they mesh with them better, that's okay. But I think there's plenty for all of us, I think the the mindset of abundance, like, it's abundant. Like there's plenty of work for all of us, there's, there's plenty of people that we can help and that are going to resonate with us more so than a competitor. And I think there's so much to learn, like, I actually really enjoy connecting with my competitors. And it's like, oh, I'm happy to promote your program, I actually don't teach that niche, or I don't deal with that target audience. Like, that's really not my sweet spot. And so we can refer business to each other. And what a beauty is that, because I think when we look at our mission for our businesses, like when I look at my mind is really to kind of elevate how people are using LinkedIn. And so if there are other people on that same mission as I am, I am thrilled. I'm like, Okay, how can we partner? How can we help each other? And I think when we take that approach to LinkedIn, it becomes a beautiful place. It's not about oh, can I outpost, my competitor? Oh, they got more engagement than I did on this post? Or maybe they're getting more business than I am. They have more followers. I think sometimes we get in too much of that, you know, competitive mindset versus I love what you said about the community. It's like, well, let's, let's kind of raise all that together, how can we help each other. And it's a beautiful place to do that on LinkedIn, as well. And I've noticed a lot less actually, especially over the last few years, a lot less of that kind of a dog eat dog kind of mentality on LinkedIn, where it did feel like people were getting into, like these kind of battles of, you know, these are my followers, your followers. And now it's kind of like, we're all just here, doing what we do showing up as our best authentic selves, trying to help our people. And however that looks is great. You know, there is not that same competitive feel. And I've noticed it's definitely dampened down a lot. And it is a lot more community focused.

Kristina Stubblefield  28:18  
Absolutely. And I think in the wedding industry, COVID really did a mind shift or a mindset shift, where it wasn't as much as you know, so much of that competitiveness. I really feel like it was such a hard hit to that industry, that it's kind of like Okay, now, how can we all band together and get through this? What if something else happens? Or what if when something else happens, and that, to me, has been a really awesome thing to see is us helping, we want to help drive that force of no matter if there is a pandemic going on. Or, you know, if there isn't as many weddings or right now, with the time we're recording this, you know, the next year or two is set to be unprecedented times in the wedding industry. And I have said, I think that that's going to roll for a few years, year after year. We need each other, not only for our businesses, but we need each other mentally, emotionally, the whole kit and caboodle because at the end of the day, that all goes ties into who we are in our businesses. And so that's why I really wanted to mention about the connection opportunity there is with LinkedIn that maybe is a little bit more on a professional level, versus following someone on Instagram or Facebook. And so, Mindi, thank you so much. You have shared so many insights. I'm so thankful to have I met you in the group and I look forward to staying connected with you following your courses and your offerings. I just feel very fortunate to have met you. And I really appreciate you taking time to share with our audience on our podcast. But 

Mindi Rosser  30:19  
Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure. 

Kristina Stubblefield  30:23  
Well, if you want to connect with Mindi, we'll have any of her information as well as social media channels in the show notes. Thank you so much for following The Ring The Bling And All The Things. make sure to hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Or as you know, we always have video when we do guest and you can go to our website or go to our YouTube channel to see the video recording of this episode. Until next time, everyone keep working on your business. And don't forget about connecting with others in your industry. Mindi. Thanks again. 

Mindi Rosser  30:58  
Thanks so much. 

Kristina Stubblefield  31:06  
Thank you for tuning in to this Business Booster episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things. if you would like to get notified of new episodes, make sure to click the subscribe or follow button on your favorite podcast platform or you can visit our website and join our email list. We welcome any feedback you may have. From topic ideas to questions. Just click the Contact button on our website.

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