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Sept. 1, 2021

Band Tips With The Crashers

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In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon sat down with Mark & Max Maxwell of the popular Louisville, Kentucky based band, The Crashers. They dish about questions to ask when hiring a band for your wedding, why they think a band is better than a DJ for your event and why they feel they are the best wedding band that’s ever been!

Your guests will forget what flavor cake you had, what your bridesmaids were wearing and what florals you chose for your BIG day… but they will remember how they felt and if they had a good time! Tune in to this episode to hear all about hiring a band for your reception, getting it right and locking it in early to ensure your night is epic for you and your guests!

Find a band that will learn new songs to ensure you are getting the music you want. Find a band that will also serve as Emcee - making your announcements and being interactive with the audience. Find a band that doesn’t take breaks and plays straight through to the end of your reception. And finally, find this episode and give it a listen! Kristina, Sharon & Mike made sure it is chock full of tips when considering hiring a band for your wedding reception.

Tune in to this episode where co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon sat down with renowned Louisville, Kentucky band, The Crashers. Brothers Mark & Max Maxwell share their best tips about hiring entertainment for your wedding reception, the questions to ask when hiring a, why they think a band is better than a DJ for your event and why they feel they are the best wedding band that’s ever been!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL DISCOVER all the questions you should ask when hiring a band as the entertainment for your wedding reception. 

Did you hire a band for your reception? Tell us about their performance and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @theringtheblingandallthethings

The Crashers (Band): Max & Mark Maxwell
Widely recognized as one of the nation’s best party bands, THE CRASHERS are the perfect band for any occasion! With their unparalleled energy, extensive song list and extraordinary musical talent along with audience interaction, they will make your event incredibly fun and memorable and keep it ROCKING all night long!
Members of THE CRASHERS have been certified as gold and platinum selling artists by the Recording Industry Association of America and The Canadian Recording Industry Association. They have also made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Grand Ole Opry, MTV and many more. These outstanding musicians have toured all over the world sharing the stage with world famous artists such as Blake Shelton, Kid Rock, Aerosmith, and Michael McDonald. 

If you’re looking for WORLD CLASS entertainment, then look no further than THE CRASHERS!


Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
Buckle up, because this episode is gonna ROCK! In today's episode, we're

Sharon Rumsey  0:05  
sharing the mics with two members of the band The Crashers picking their brains about how to keep your dance floor packed and your guests calling yours the best wedding ever.

Michael Gaddie  0:15  
So join us as we chat with our friends Mark and Max Maxwell. To learn everything we need to know about booking a live band for your wedding.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:24  
You got engaged, congratulations. Happy. Yes, joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to The Ring The Bling And All The Things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.

Sharon Rumsey  1:34  
I'm super excited for this episode today. I know when I meet with my clients, one of the major things that we always want to lock in super early and make sure we get it right is entertainment for your reception. And we are thrilled today to be joined by two members of the crashers anyone who is not from the Kentucky in an area. This is one of the premier bands here in our area. Anyone who is from this town has seen them heard them and is probably a huge fan. I know I certainly am. So we are thrilled today to have Max Maxwell and Mark Maxwell from The Crashers on today. And we are going to talk all things banned at your wedding reception.

Kristina Stubblefield  2:15  
Okay, now you all can take the spotlight off Sharon some tell us a little bit about the crashers

Unknown Speaker  2:22  
you want to talk you want me to. Hi, my name is Mark Maxwell. I am the brother of Max Maxwell who sits next to me on the left. He is my older brother, though everyone says I look older. I did think you were the older one. Everybody thinks okay. And so it's because I'm so much more mature than my brother. No. So here's the thing. So my ex and I've always played music together, we've been in lots of bands together all of our lives. And 13 years ago, we said let's make a really great band, let's make the last band where we're going to be in, right let's make this band, let's be very focused on being a great band and the things that would make us a great band. And so myself and my brother and then another set of brothers in the band, the jetley brothers are in there, they play horns and all kinds of different instruments. There are six guys in our band. And we built this to be like Max said, let's try to be the best wedding band that's ever been. That's our goal. Right? So we had several goals that were there was one, let's be the let's how would we draw more people in a public venue than anyplace else? Who would? How would we do that? In other words, how would we be the best at whatever be? So Max said, let's be the biggest best wedding band? Well, how would we become that? What makes a great wedding man? Well, you play the songs they want, right? You don't play the songs you want. This wedding is not about Max and myself or our band at all. It's about two people get married. And whoever those two people are. Our job is to celebrate those two people. So last week, it was Adam and autumn. Right? And Jody and Jimmy the weekend before that. And every night. That's our goal. We walk into the wedding and go How do we make this their night, all night long. And so that was our goal. Our goal was Let's be a great wedding band. You got to play all the songs they want, not the songs you want. Right? So our preference was to try to figure out how to do this. So 13 years ago, we started and here we sit in and we play a lot of weddings and we really enjoy it. And it's fun. And we've learned a lot too. So

Sharon Rumsey  4:38  
you guys kill it. You did an awesome job.

Unknown Speaker  4:40  
Well, thank you. We do try. I tell you this again. We know we walk in there. It's not about us. How do we celebrate two people? That's it? And who are those people and how do we make the whole night from front to end about them?

Sharon Rumsey  4:54  
And that actually is something that I think some couples have a concern about when we meet is there like we you know, it's Our wedding, we don't want to go to a concert, right? You know, we want the focus to be on us. But we still want really, really good entertainment and dancing. So I think that's a really important point to make is that it has to be about the bride and the groom.

Unknown Speaker  5:12  
Well, I've been to a lot of weddings in my life. And I've seen a lot of things happen, especially at the reception, that I've always wondered why anybody would make it about them. While anybody would make anything in that entire room about them, it's all about the bride and the groom, or the bride and bride and groom groom, or whatever, this the couple. So I think losing sight of that, that we're there to serve the two people who are getting married. And we're there to make it the most unforgettable night ever. We had a sane one, when we first kind of got together and started doing these things. We had a saying that said, I hate to say this, but you're going to forget the people at your wedding, too, are going to forget what kind of cake you had. What the dress looked like, sorry, right. What's your flowers were like, but they're gonna remember if they had a good time. I'm not exactly sure. And so our thing was, that's what we're supposed to do. Let's have a great time. Let's make sure that we celebrate them all night long. And so it's the only goal. It's the only goal that anybody I don't care if you're a DJ, if you're entertaining at an event, it should always be about the two people getting married all night long.

Michael Gaddie  6:35  
So what can I ask? Let me ask your question you since you brought up DJ, so why would a couple choose a band over a DJ? Or choose you over someone?

Unknown Speaker  6:45  
If you ask me our band? Oh, there's no doubt. There's no DJ that's going to come close to us. There's no way there's there's it we are. We're so much more interactive than a than a DJ will ever be. Ever. I mean, I think that's our thing is that it's extremely interactive throughout the night.

Kristina Stubblefield  7:04  
Do you say that for any band compared to a DJ? No. Okay. And I don't mean that in any bad way. I can tell you this right now. Hey, Max, you don't have to punch him. It's okay. To speak freely. Listen,

Unknown Speaker  7:16  
I here's the thing. And Max has been on this podcast before, right?

Sharon Rumsey  7:20  

Unknown Speaker  7:20  
So this is my time. No, I listen, here's the thing. If, if you think being in a band is about you,

Unknown Speaker  7:34  
any time and you're in a band, you've lost the idea of being in a band. Our job outside of even a wedding is to entertain people so they can forget about their crappy lives. Right? You have a rough week, a rough day, whatever, and you go dance to the Crashers, our goal is for a couple of hours, is to make all of that go away. We're like a good movie. You go to the movies, and you walk in and you watch a great movie, and you're like, all in and then you walk out the door and reality hits you again. That's us. To me, we're a really good movie that you're going to go in. And for a couple of hours, you're going to forget about everything that happened to you this past week, and maybe feel a little bit better when you walk out the door.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:20  
Love it. This makes me think of something. So for people out there that are thinking about using a band for their entertainment for their wedding. Yeah, go watch them. That's what I was gonna recommend that they see them. And are you kidding me? Yes, you should

Unknown Speaker  8:33  
go see them in person. And, more importantly, study their their videos. And, you know, I think it's great. I love live music, especially if it's done well. And there are some good bands around here. Don't get me wrong. I don't think we're the best of the best. Even though I kind of do. But I'm saying I don't think that I don't like but there's other bands that I've seen. And I think Man, these guys are really good. And they're really fun. And they in some of them do celebrate the bride and groom. And but if they don't, I'll go up to them afterwards. A lot of times just to my friends and go, man, just remember this. It's about two people tonight. There's not about you sing a song. This has nothing to do with your drummer, your keyboard player or anything else. It's about those two people.

Kristina Stubblefield  9:17  
Well, and I've seen some of your pictures and things and I know you're interactive with the crowd. Yes. And you're there trying to get other people involved the wedding party and things like that pictures tell a big story. I feel like from a band standpoint from a reception. What is something that you hear people ask you all about? If they're on the fence about using a band? Do you all get some of the same similar questions? Oh, yeah, everything you've asked here,

Unknown Speaker  9:43  
and it's it's hard it's it's almost like I just say what just come watch us. Come out and watch us do our thing. Even though our public shows are different than our wedding stuff. It is a bit different. Or I tell them to crash a wedding. Because Do you know how hard it is? It's easy to crash a wedding You can go to anybody's wedding in this town walk in the door, start dance and have a good time. And no one will ever know you can eat all the food and everything think about the bride doesn't know the groom's who will the groom people don't know the bride, the mom and dad's side, don't know that. You could go to anywhere opening a whole new level you can set at any Table Talk with everybody you can, the Wedding Crashers movie was spot on, it was spot on, you can go to anyone in this town, anytime you want it all the food you want, as long as you're not I've actually

Sharon Rumsey  10:27  
asked clients that were considered, I've actually had clients that were considering a band or even a certain DJ. And I've asked other clients, hey, do you care if so and so stops by your wedding? You know, to see the band or to hear to hear the DJ? So I actually, I haven't totally had anybody crash but I have arranged that they should be able to come by

Kristina Stubblefield  10:48  
recommended is Sharon Is that what you're saying? And you recommend it being arranged? Well,

Michael Gaddie  10:52  
Mark decided it was okay. So

Unknown Speaker  10:54  
no, I crash and go I don't think there's any problem with that. I gotta be honest with you. I always act I tell everybody that my whole life has been one of those things if act like you're supposed to be there, and you're supposed to be there. That's the way it is. And don't be a jackass, right? Don't go in there and be stupid. Go in there to you know, check things out, eat some of the food, have a drink, talk to some of the guests if you want, but more importantly, watch the band.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:22  
And there's an episode on how to crush wedding.

Unknown Speaker  11:24  
I'm just saying to you if it was me, okay, if it was me, I would do my research, my due diligence of research and I don't know,

Sharon Rumsey  11:32  
should ever hire a band that you haven't seen performed totally agree with you.

Unknown Speaker  11:35  
Yeah, I think that that is that's, that's I think it's selling.

Max Maxwell  11:40  
So the sort of biggest problem with with bands that we see in the wedding markets, is that a lot of these bands that don't have the same members every time. Like there's different members, at every single wedding, they play, they don't have the same people playing in the band, I've had that happen. And with us, it's never been that way. We've never done a wedding ever, without these six people. And if you don't go see them, you don't know what you're getting, you really don't know what you're getting. You don't know if if they can actually they may bring a different singer in every single time. And they may not be able to sing the songs that you want to sing that night.

Sharon Rumsey  12:18  
We actually had a band brought in out of Chicago, at one of my earlier one of my very first weddings, actually. And it was none of the people that the couple had went to Chicago to see at a nightclub perform. Wow.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:31  
Yeah. And it was an issue. It was it was an issue. So I'm sorry, Sharon, you just mentioned something about music. Do you ask people to give you a setlist if they're using a band for you? Or if they're using another band, even if they're not even local?

Max Maxwell  12:45  
Well, we luckily our website has all that on there. And typically, I'll send that list to them. And they can tell us not to please yeah, we I asked him I said hey, what? What on this? Do let us know what list you don't want us to play? Because I'd rather know that than what you want us to play.

Kristina Stubblefield  13:02  
Okay, what's the top song that people say they don't want you to play?

Max Maxwell  13:05  
What's not, it's not a top song. It's like that reminds

Unknown Speaker  13:09  
them maybe of their boyfriend from high school?

Kristina Stubblefield  13:14  
Dance or no? I could do

Unknown Speaker  13:17  
all of those if they want us to. But I've never been asked to do those or not do those.

Sharon Rumsey  13:21  
Please don't do the chicken dance. No. The duck dance?

Michael Gaddie  13:25  
That's what I think of it. When engaged couples come to you all what some of the questions that they should ask you to, to build up to your services. Oh,

Kristina Stubblefield  13:39  
well, are there actually, because they're just sitting in this band, just like they're trusting in their other wedding professionals is what you're getting. And

Sharon Rumsey  13:46  
if our wedding planner, and I call Max and I say hey, I have a client, considering the crashers What? to do my due diligence. What should I ask you?

Max Maxwell  13:58  
Are we available? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  14:01  
Are you available? That would be the first question. The second question would be, how much are you? Right? Which is a lot. And then the third thing that, hey, listen, you pay, you get what you pay, you get what you pay for. That's another thing you'll figure out about this thing you find something that's a good deal.

Max Maxwell  14:21  
Let me let me let me suppose the other thing that we started doing. The other thing that we started doing early on, is that we would, most bands would play an hour, take a half an hour break, play an hour, take a half an hour and they go well we play for hours, they don't play for hours. They play one hour and then that 30 minutes I take that break half your guests leave and go home because they're tired. And so what we started implementing is that we would play straight through so two and a half hours of straight music typically, that's what we do for a wedding because, again,

Unknown Speaker  14:55  
you'll love them.

Max Maxwell  14:56  
Yeah, we don't want to lose them for any reason and We want them to leave, they're sweaty. We want to leave, they're sweaty and exhausted. And going, that's the best thing I've ever been to in my life. And I happens every single time every time we do that.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:12  
And it's like a good question, though, is if if you're not even local to us, and you're considering a band find out their timeline that they play. Yeah,

Sharon Rumsey  15:20  
how long? Most of the bands I have worked with do exactly what max just said. They play an hour then they put on and you know, like, a computer from a

Max Maxwell  15:29  
laptop or something. Duck dance? Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:31  
You put the duck put on a computer. Did anybody else they put on a computer

Sharon Rumsey  15:35  
like iPad or

Max Maxwell  15:38  
Spotify, take a break? Yeah, they got a Spotify playlist.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:41  
Okay, so they don't do that. That brings me to another thing. Do Sharon, you've come across this, I'm sure. But when people hire a band, that some of them think they also have to have an emcee? Or do they also have to have a DJ? And I'd certainly asked the band if they take care of that. And if they said, the announcements and bridal party, don't book them. Yeah, I wouldn't book them if they didn't take care of that. I wouldn't book them

Sharon Rumsey  16:04  
to vendors family, what is one job that's,

Max Maxwell  16:06  
that's right in the band should do that. Because it enables the band to then be interactive with what's happening, you know, and connect that that them to the audience immediately.

Unknown Speaker  16:18  
And so it's for a long time, I would handle the things that would happen. Hello. at like, I would be the guy who would do the announcements, and sometimes I still do them. But are we lucked out because we have an amazing sound, man. So a sound man is the guy who, who makes you sound great, right? You're only you're at the mercy of your sound, man.

Sharon Rumsey  16:40  
And if the crashers come, he comes with always.

Unknown Speaker  16:42  
Okay, so there are seven people that are always in that room, six guys in the band and our sound man, his name is Dave. And Dave used to be on the radio all the time. So not only can he is a great sound, man and can control it. And and we never have an issue. But more importantly, he's really good on a microphone. And so, you know, Hey, could you make this announcement? Could you say this? Oh,

Michael Gaddie  17:06  
the sound man is the one that announces it. No way. Okay, that

Unknown Speaker  17:09  
now it's always him until I hit the stage and start to sing, then I take over. So now Dave is so like, I didn't know that he was that comfortable with it. And then I remembered, oh, this

Sharon Rumsey  17:20  
guy's on the radio all the time. He's a DJ.

Unknown Speaker  17:23  
He knows what he's doing. And so I just kind of said, Oh, my gosh, we lucked out. And so I just like stepped out of the way and said, let him handle it. So

Sharon Rumsey  17:31  
because sometimes I know when I'm working with a band, I end up like going up to the side of the stage trying to get somebody's attention to say, like, Hey, you know, it's time to cut the cake or Hey, you know, and I can't get anybody to look at me. And I don't know, I don't know who I'm supposed to talk. So I'm

Michael Gaddie  17:44  
sure that you're you get a timeline. Sharon's really big on timelines, you'd get a timeline and you just follow that timeline. Yeah, yeah,

Max Maxwell  17:53  
I said that I said, I have, I have my own timeline that I run. And then if they give that to us, and that's we share that with everybody. So we have three other guys other than our sound person that takes care of all of our equipment, and they're there for the evening, take care of our lighting, and anything else that's needed, like, you know, getting cake or whatever. And so if if those people all have that same list, so they're all aware of what's happening, they know, they know what the flowers are, what they're going to do with this and what they're going to do with that. And if they're going to cut the cake here, and they're going to do a announcement here, they all everybody in the group knows, I

Sharon Rumsey  18:29  
think what I'm hearing now is, you know, I have worked with bands that did not have that support team, the sound man, the the people to take care of the instruments that you're talking about. And what I've had happen is, you know, you've got somebody hopping off the stage to try to correct a problem with sound or, you know, somebody has to hop off the stage to change lights. So I think, for us, non musical people, you know, to know what has to happen behind the scenes. I think those are great questions for engaged couples to ask, because I wouldn't have known in, in I've seen you guys play. Gosh, I don't. I'm from Jefferson, I've seen you a million times. But I never knew those people were there. Because you don't see them.

Unknown Speaker  19:11  
They're ninjas. Say, but go ahead. They are we have we have a we have a light guy, we have a sound guy. And then we have two of the guys that maintain all things so that you don't you get I'm saying like, yeah, we just get up and do our thing. And they support that well. And we never leave the stage. Like Max said, we're the only band that does this. That just says because we know you're gonna lose people. And if you want to retain a lot of people for the entire night, you can't stop the music.

Sharon Rumsey  19:41  
You just can't Oh, you can watch it in any way you can in it. The iPad comes on. It's over, especially older people there. That's our key. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  19:50  
And I know that and as the lead singer, my job is to connect us with the older crowd even quicker than I do the young people because I know they're going to stick around. So I'm reading it going who's looking for the door? Right, I will go literally to them and I see him and sing with them and pull them on the dance floor. Because as soon as they start having fun, they'll stay the rest of the night.

Kristina Stubblefield  20:11  
That's you gotta,

Unknown Speaker  20:12  
you got, you've got you got to hook them. And here's the thing to a band, or a DJ. If they're in it for the money, or if they're in it for any other reason, then that they love to do this. They shouldn't do it. Right? And if they are going to do it, why wouldn't they think it really thoroughly through to be the best business? They could be? Right? The best band The best DJ, how do we fulfill whatever your client is, how do we fulfill whatever they think ought to happen and make it happen.

Sharon Rumsey  20:47  
But if a client has a, I don't know, a first dance song, this has came up. That's not on the band's setlist.

Max Maxwell  20:55  
So for us, that's something we've included since the beginning, if we will learn one of your dance songs, because sometimes we'll know the first dance song, but we won't know the mother, son song. And so we'll learn one of those songs for you. And then if we if you need us to learn because we rehearse every single week, this band versus every single week, a lot of wedding bands, that's important to know, they don't Yeah, you know, you need to find out how much they add. Because, quite frankly, if somebody books this a year from now, we're gonna have another probably 40 songs are added to our song list between that timeframe but yes, we will learn the first dance song, it's one of the things that I sell to the bride and groom is, hey, we'll even learn your first dance song if we don't already know it.

Unknown Speaker  21:43  
Sometimes we'll even learn more than that, though. I don't like to. I'm just saying I don't want to learn a whole bunch of songs. But the idea is that if they have things that mean something to them, then it means something to us. Right? And that's the way it goes.

Sharon Rumsey  21:57  
Right says Look, this song is really special to my dad.

Unknown Speaker  22:00  
He does. Oh, yeah, we're gonna learn it. We had it last week, we had somebody say, Hey, we want this Randy Travis song as our first dance song. Right? It was like, I'm going to love you for it. You know, forever and ever. Amen. Man.

Kristina Stubblefield  22:13  
He didn't tell us he was gonna seren Wait

Unknown Speaker  22:14  
a minute. So then then they said also we want this elton john song called blast of which makes me want to puke. But listen, there are great elton john songs out there that I just get it. It means so much. To a to a mom, this song really does. So the mother son dance, I find that this songs probably we've already done it twice. So I don't expect that we're not going to do it in the future. Again, because it does. The lyrics are are amazing. And so. But in that, yes, we want to cater that as much as we possibly can towards what they do. That's it. It's catering.

Max Maxwell  22:54  
Yeah. And so on our website. If you go to the website, we break down what we what we do song wise 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s new stuff, you know, so that's all broken down so you can actually look at it in in in stead of just seeing this big list of songs that some of my doing we have 500 songs on our song list. Most bands do not have that. How do you even how do you even kind of remember that? Yeah.

Sharon Rumsey  23:23  
Mark like,

Max Maxwell  23:25  
you know how he does that.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:26  
Mark you just remember him right? You don't need you don't need anything to look at right I have an iPad.

Unknown Speaker  23:32  
I do have an iPad, but I would tell you that probably within any one night. I would probably look at it 10% of the time, right? Meaning that I have to have a crutch 10% of the time on any one show.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:47  
Well if I've 100 song setlist cheese it is Yeah, and it's most

Unknown Speaker  23:51  
of the time it's just the first word. I literally sometimes have to just turn around Go get me started. And they'll go like a fool and then I'll start singing and then I got the whole song. So if you just need something to something to trigger my memory of what what what is the next lyric I have to say? That's the hardest part is lyrics. I could play guitar all night long and play any song in the entire world. I don't know why. Because once you know the lick or once you're there it is what it is. But lyrics man.

Sharon Rumsey  24:22  
Yeah, I can't imagine what

Unknown Speaker  24:23  
Yeah, so But you know, I think most most people wouldn't know it. Because I'm mostly in the crowd. You know, I'm mostly dance on the dance floor getting them to, you know, to have fun and so, but yeah, you got it. That's a bit of a crutch.

Sharon Rumsey  24:39  
Right? There is that option to personalize what's played? Always Yeah.

Michael Gaddie  24:45  
I mean, you can tell that you're going to get you can tell you're there for the couple and not just to have fun. I mean, even though you're having fun, but I mean if you're going out and learning a song and and wanting to give them the product that they They want Oh, he sold me just sitting here.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:03  
Yeah. Okay, so Max, you mentioned it earlier, how far out if they're gonna if a person is going to use a band, Sharon, you talk about not being married to dates. If a person is going to use a band, you all how far out?

Max Maxwell  25:16  
Well, me fortunate for us every single public date that we do what by the time we do that date this year, they're booking us for next year. So those dates are gone off the books, if that makes sense. Mark and I look at the calendar and go, Okay, here's here's river stage, and here's this and here's Greencastle. And here's this thing we do in Indianapolis, those are already going in the book. Right? And so typically, if we're while we were in August, right, so august of next year is already pretty much full. We just started every wedding. And so right now we're fall is the only thing next year that's there's some early in the year because you know how January February weddings are, but but we just booked one in Georgia in Atlanta in February, so the the typically we stay a year out on just about everything a year out. And so I've already got stuff for 23. That's in the books. So

Kristina Stubblefield  26:19  
okay, you just mentioned Atlanta. So you'll travel,

Max Maxwell  26:22  
we'll go anywhere. Anytime. We had a couple asking us about the Caribbean and I said yes.

Sharon Rumsey  26:29  
Do they need a planner? Yes. A wedding planner. Send us their

Kristina Stubblefield  26:36  
Well, you did Eurozone cruise. We did do a crash your cruise a few years ago.

Unknown Speaker  26:42  
You did that probably will never happen again. You didn't like that. I'm saying with the way the world is. Probably never happened again. I

Max Maxwell  26:50  
cancelled it. Yeah, the one I was going I was going to watch on October on Royal Caribbean. I just know last night. Oh, sorry

Kristina Stubblefield  26:58  
about that.

Sharon Rumsey  26:58  
Another question that comes up. And I know what even comes up for me in my own business. You know, brides will say you know, you're my wedding planner, you are perfect plan events. What if you're sick the day of my wedding? And I have a plan for that? And I have other planners I can call in? What if one of the crashers is sick on the day of a wedding? what's what's the plan the backup plans? I mean, that's an important question for a bride to know the answer to

Unknown Speaker  27:21  
I know this, I know this answer this. You're there no matter what we take our health very seriously. And what I mean by this is that we have we talk about this as a band. Like, we don't get sick. It's not 13 years never missed 113 years. Now. I'm not gonna say accidents don't happen. But do we have a backup plan? Yes. Is there a drummer that can fill Max's shoes? Sure. Is there a singer that can sing for me? Absolutely. I can invite and honestly, yes, we can make it good. Can we make it as great as the crashers? I don't think it's ever gonna happen. There are six guys that make up the crashers and that's what that is.

Sharon Rumsey  28:09  
And they're all very dedicated. y'all been together a long time.

Unknown Speaker  28:11  
I'm telling you, we're married. Six guys married to each other like we we would you would be killed. If you left the crash was like we would kill you.

Michael Gaddie  28:22  
So you all have been together since day one day one, six guys.

Kristina Stubblefield  28:26  
13 years. 1313 years, not one person has missed this.

Sharon Rumsey  28:31  
Isn't that almost unheard of in the music world?

Kristina Stubblefield  28:36  
We've had Okay, I'm sorry, have sued a wedding. Somebody hasn't been there.

Unknown Speaker  28:41  
Never wedding. We would never do that. But in this case in 13 years, there has been max missed one. I missed one. Yeah, but nothing major. Like it was a smaller gig. It was something that we pulled in people and we made it we made

Kristina Stubblefield  28:59  
you all have so many connections in the music industry. I think that's what Sharon was really about. It's a phone call. It's a text message. And you have

Sharon Rumsey  29:07  
to cancel.

Unknown Speaker  29:08  
And not only that, even if let's say I didn't do it, or I couldn't do it. Like we were playing a nightclub. And my doctor said, Hey, don't you sing and I could have sang. But instead I called half a dozen of my best buddies. And they all sang and I got I stood up on stage with them. We had the best time

Sharon Rumsey  29:26  
and the crowd probably loved the crowd loved

Unknown Speaker  29:28  
it only because I'm sitting there we're having fun. But all the guys were you know, all these these guys and girls were getting up singing songs and it was just a big party. Yeah. So if anything will make it really good.

Sharon Rumsey  29:42  
Yeah, so as a couple, the crashers would never cancel on a parent. Yeah, yeah, you would figure it out.

Unknown Speaker  29:48  
Yeah, it's never happened. It's never happened. And literally our goal in life is for it to never happen. So we're a business about weddings. You know, we want to be the best wedding band ever. And that's our goal. And every day we work towards that. And again, one guy is dedicated to dealing with all the weddings, but everybody else in this band knows. That's what we are really good wedding.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:16  
So Max, if someone's interested in talking to you all about having you or even inquiring, what are some questions that you like to know from them? What some information that helps you?

Max Maxwell  30:27  
A lot of it first, first is the vet, where are you getting? Where's your reception? And sometimes they don't even know that because we're the first one, they're booking. They're like, I need to find out what date you're available so that then I can find a venue or wherever it is. But typically, I want to know the venue. I want to know how many people they're expecting. I want to know if they if they do have a budget or not. Those were questions that I ask whether you actually have a budget. Typically, if they're calling us, their budgets, pretty nice budget. I don't care how much you're spending on everything else. But I want I want to know that they're

Michael Gaddie  31:07  
forgetting to buy and you know, they're getting they've got a pretty good budget on their bill.

Max Maxwell  31:11  
Yeah, it's interesting, because what what I'm being told by other planners is that there's a whole lot more people looking for bands, than there ever have been, like, people are asked that a lot more wanting to have a band, and not and not and not to say anything bad about DJs, because there are really good DJs out there. But they want to have that interaction with more than just one person, if that makes sense more than one person. In fact, if I was a DJ, you know what I do, I just told my buddy this the other day, he's a saxophone player, drummer, and he's in, he wants to be a DJ. I said, Well, I just mix all that stuff up. If it were me, I'd be this interactive person that played percussion. And on the songs you played saxophone solos on the song, I said, that would be so unique and different than anybody else. And and people you could get people involved in that you can bring the bride and groom up like we do, have them get on stage with us play the cowbell, show off thing that we do on stage. And because to me, again, the more that we can connect with the bride and groom, the more that connects with their guests, because the guests want to see nothing more than the bride and groom on stage. Right. So we try to do that as much as we can.

Sharon Rumsey  32:26  
And I think to them, you know, if a couple goes to a wedding with a band, and then I think that makes them want to band, you know, if it's a good band, are it makes them say, I don't want that. I never want to see that again, in my whole life. You know, but, yeah, I mean, I've had some really good experiences, and I've had a not so great experience. So

Max Maxwell  32:45  
yeah, there's not a lot of information we need off right at the beginning. There's really not, you know, I mean, we just want to know, you know, if it's, if it's in law, or if it's in Indianapolis, or Lexington, or Cincinnati, wherever it is, we just need to know that information.

Sharon Rumsey  33:00  
Anything that as a planner, I would need to think of like, do you guys require a stage? Yep,

Unknown Speaker  33:06  
good question.

Sharon Rumsey  33:07  
That's a great one. A lot of times I get a rider from a band that tells me

Max Maxwell  33:11  
Yeah, we do that the

Sharon Rumsey  33:12  
power requirements they need, which that always looks like Japanese to me, but I give it to the appropriate people, right? Then, you know, if there's a stage or if they are, they're okay to play on the same level. And then, you know, do

Max Maxwell  33:26  
they do they need a hot meal? Do they need water, those kinds of things? So do you guys you have a writer, we have a writer on our contract that explains all that stuff, we always want to stage because we feel like if there's not a stage, then the only only people who are going to really be an actor, right? Those are the first two rows first two, three rows and that's it, if the band is up off the ground, and quite frankly, if there was a DJ I want the DJ up off the ground as well because that really helps the crowd connect to you when they can see you above everybody else. It really works well and we we actually have a stage the band we purchased the stage so that if if someone wants to rent that from us and the venue doesn't, that's awesome. I just spoke with Alex about this from the refinery Yeah. And we he asked me about that because discussing it and he said yeah, well we have stations and why did he realize you had one? If we knew that we would you know we would say well it's awesome

Sharon Rumsey  34:27  
because sometimes they're hard to find and then sometimes you know on some band riders it gives me dimensions right? So I might be able to find a stage but it's not exactly what the band needs you know, depending on how many members are in the band that's really good to know. Yeah, yeah, all the

Unknown Speaker  34:40  
our contract is pretty detailed. So when you when you get a contract, it's pretty simple. Like a two page thing. It's nothing big is nothing gigantic, but it just says here's what you got to think about. Right? And that's all we want you to do is his you got to think about there's no hidden costs or anything just here's what you we have to we require So that's a huge thing. I think a professional band would have that.

Max Maxwell  35:04  
Yeah, yeah. And the other thing, you know, here's something else. Wait, I have people all the time asking me would send me your packages. And I'm like, I don't understand the packages. And again, if we go back to the go back to the situation where you have not the same band at every gig, that's a package, because what they want to know is, well, we only got to use these four guys. And then if you want to add these, yeah, I want to add the horn. So that's going to be another $1,000. I'm going to add the girl singer, and that's going to be another $1,000. And those people asked me for those packages. Look, we got we got one package. Here it is. Here's the package. Yeah, here's the package, and and you're getting the Crashers, all of them. 100% every time we play

Sharon Rumsey  35:51  
well, and I love that you have your people that come with you. Because then I'm not as the wedding planner crawling under the stage trying to figure out where to plug something in because something went bad. I mean, I've gotten into some messes. So I think that's really amazing.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:03  
Sharon, one thing that you are talking about a writer for somebody listening to us that, you know, they're getting married for the first time, explain what that is?

Max Maxwell  36:11  
Well, it's a person that is on the back of a horse.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:17  
And you tell them what kind of saddle they need

Unknown Speaker  36:21  
a rider on every yes show. So there has to always be somebody riding on the back of the horse.

Kristina Stubblefield  36:28  
Like a blanket requirement. I mean, you mentioned this and I do know a tad bit about that. No, it's honestly I

Unknown Speaker  36:35  
will let them know explain it because I'm sure they know more about it than than I do. But so our contract in there is a little bit a writer that says we would like to have a room to chill and

Kristina Stubblefield  36:47  
just meant the word writer is just kind of like requirement. Yes. Right. Yeah, details about your

Unknown Speaker  36:52  
rider is like, we the band needs water. Right? And they talk about writers it is everything that you would need to provide. Right? Okay, so a case of water You know,

Kristina Stubblefield  37:03  
so every bands writer has a requirements are would be different. You're talking about

Michael Gaddie  37:09  
a Ryder truck that

Kristina Stubblefield  37:12  
said writer I don't know that people listening may notice

Sharon Rumsey  37:16  
manner when I hire a band, I literally fine tooth comb that because it's my responsibility to see that they're set up for success when they show us

Max Maxwell  37:25  
we're glad that you do that. Because a lot of the times that you have to I have to remind them you know, especially the bride and groom because once I signed the contract and they there's it's an out of sight out of mind it's a man's book

Sharon Rumsey  37:37  
check so

Kristina Stubblefield  37:38  
for those out there that might not be using a planner you encourage them if they're not using you if they're using someone else make sure they were you review that rider so they know what's expected. That's not the right way to say that.

Michael Gaddie  37:51  
The packages so if if you're playing here in Louisville, or you're going to Cincinnati or Nashville, so does that your your price just depends on Yeah,

Max Maxwell  38:03  
yeah, if that is the and the other thing is is that like if we play in Cincinnati and we've we're the event is over at midnight, and our production team has to tear all that stuff down. It's going to be 2am by the time they leave, we don't want them on the road at 2am driving back home it's okay for us to leave at midnight and drive back it's okay but so there'll be they may be there may be hotel accommodations that are needed for our production team a lot of times we none of us really stay too often unless we're we have we played the night before we're going to play again the next night there may be some of that so if we do play in Cincinnati, Indianapolis there could be some additions there obviously it costs us a little more my drive the truck up there and that kind of thing. So yeah it's a different their prices different if we try each individual couple or party wedding whatever you're doing is set different if you're not Yeah, yes if you're in Indianapolis it's this if you're in Los Angeles is your Lexington is that's really what it is. There's not a we don't have a well we're gonna bring in a trombone player you don't mean like right we don't typically have those additions now we can do that if you want it but we don't it's not something we offer because it's not what we do.

Sharon Rumsey  39:18  
Our mom says he will sing for free if he is allowed to go to the Caribbean and have a hotel and something to eat all right.

Unknown Speaker  39:28  
I would I don't need to be paid if it's anywhere where the sun is right 100% and there are free there's free food and drinks I'm there so let's

Kristina Stubblefield  39:41  
so let's go back to the music for just a sec. I showed up here today. They said there was free lunch. That's why fruit was that fruit cocktail. Okay, so the music So do you all ask people like For a full list for them to play.

Max Maxwell  39:58  
I mean, they You really should trust in the band, right? Like you don't want them dictating to you. Right? Yeah. And a lot of it we were doing, we're flipping around. Once we get there, we look at the audience and we go, we put together a setlist, that's our rough wedding setlist. So we know that grandma and grandpa and great grandma and grandpa and look in the little kids that come to the wedding are all going to be happy about they're gonna be oh my gosh, they played all the songs that we wanted to hear, I got happy, they got happy, everybody's good. But within that night, we we were selecting things going, Oh, that we need to play this song. Here's the group of young people hear. So we're gonna play a Taylor Swift song that may not have been on the set. So we don't recommend that they the ones that they give us this list of huge list of songs that we want all of these songs. And we're like, Look, man, we really should. Yeah, we shouldn't play the rush. This rush song at your wedding. I don't think anybody's going to really dance to this rush song now. And I understand you probably want that. But I think it's a bad idea. You know, let us trust us. We've been doing this a long time. And we can take a look at the audience ago.

Kristina Stubblefield  41:07  
This is what we need to trust in your experience. Yeah, to deliver the performance based on the crowd. That's correct.

Sharon Rumsey  41:14  
Well, it's like we've said on so many podcasts, you know, we always talk about putting together your a team of vendors, you hire the best experts in each field. And then you get out of the way and you let them do their job. I mean, these guys have played music their whole lives. It's what they do. And it's their job to read that crowd and see what what that crowd is going to respond to.

Kristina Stubblefield  41:36  
And I know that we've talked about you all will play wherever you can get to, or wherever somebody will send you. So if they can't come and see you live, you, you mentioned it earlier, you recommend them checking out your pictures, your videos

Unknown Speaker  41:51  
that are YouTube, I don't you know, and again, we're not maybe for everybody. I know that for a fact. But we're for most. And if you want if you want your night to be extremely memorable, and I believe that's what we do for you. Like I think people walk away going, Oh my gosh, Matt Melissa's wedding. Wasn't that was amazing. That was so much fun. Matt Melissa's wedding. And people will never forget that. They'll just never forget that. As opposed as i can tell you. I've been to a lot of weddings. And I can't. I didn't remember a dang thing about it. Right? Yeah, there was nothing that made it was special. There was nothing ever that night that was just like, magical. We're trying to create magic. That's all we're doing.

Kristina Stubblefield  42:40  
And I think that goes back to what you're saying about reading a crowd

Unknown Speaker  42:44  
is like we played Listen, we were playing this thing. And I showed up and I'll go, Oh, wow. We need to rethink this. This is a is an older demographic, right? This is an older demographic, or just like last weekend. Look at all these kids. There's so many kids. And it was like, yeah, it was like, hey, let's How can we get to them? Right? How can we have them be engaged and have fun too. And so I think that's what we're doing the whole night is just trying to watch people to see who's burying their head in their phone.

Sharon Rumsey  43:22  
Literally, what's gonna get that person up?

Unknown Speaker  43:24  
How do you get that person out their phone, you go and watch a wedding anymore and look around the people just just view people 90% of them are on their phone 90% come to a crash your wedding out on their phone, I can tell you 10% are it's flip flopped for 10% of the people and I those are the people I walk over into and stand right in front of insane until they look up and realize I'm singing to them. And then half of those people will put their phone down and they will come maybe they're afraid I'm going to do it again or something but they'll come to the dance floor right and all I'm trying to do is go look this is this is a great night

Max Maxwell  44:02  
forget everything. Forget it. Yeah,

Kristina Stubblefield  44:04  
cheering you're around weddings a lot. Not that Mike isn't but you're there for the event. Well,

Sharon Rumsey  44:08  
I think this can only come from working together so long being able to read a room but being flexible, like I'm not sure I'm that experienced with bands. But I don't know how many bands would just up and adjust their setlist according to what they went in planning to do. Honestly, my experience has been that some of them don't even have that ability because like Max was saying they might not have all been together for so long and you don't know who knows what, you know, they came in ready to play this setlist because that's what they were given. So I think just the fact that they have the ability to on a dime, change it up,

Kristina Stubblefield  44:45  
you're versatile.

Michael Gaddie  44:46  
Yeah, I know and music from the 60s to the day. I mean, that's that's a wide span.

Kristina Stubblefield  44:52  
He actually said the 50s 50s Okay, and actually we

Michael Gaddie  44:58  
didn't have to

Unknown Speaker  44:59  
wait you Go further back. But I think, listen, there are some good bands in this town. And there are some good wedding bands too that are around here. And there are some just the same way. There are some good DJs that do a good job. I think you just got to search it. You got to look, find out who it is because you wouldn't not go to the venue. You're going to have your wedding that you did just you would not not Oh, Oh, that sounds good. I'll take that route. I've never seen it walk through that. And nothing. Oh, yeah, that's fine. Yeah, we can get married there. Yeah. Oh, you're a band. Yeah, I'll book you. Theory research. It's the two most important things my opinion your room and your band. That's the To me, it is so important to have those things locked in because band's gonna bring the good time. And the rooms they're gonna fit everybody in. It's gonna be wonderful or not.

Max Maxwell  45:57  
Michael is a florist, right? No, no, I listened. Everybody knows is gonna be all good.

Kristina Stubblefield  46:02  
florals are important. Listen, listen, here's the thing. Flowers are always at

Unknown Speaker  46:05  
a wedding. But you know, they're gonna and there's always gonna be a cake. And there's always going to be a wedding planner. It's just people. I mean, I think what it comes down to is, I want them to always have a live band. I completely agree with you. And it supports more people when you do so when we go anywhere. There's 10 1112 people that are supported by you hiring our band. Right? Right, which I love. I love the fact that not just one guy gets all the money sticks in his pocket. It feeds 1112 families.

Sharon Rumsey  46:34  
Well, and I know sometimes I have conversations with brides all the time, because they get fixated on these little details. That that in my opinion, and this is not the wedding planner thing to say don't really matter. I mean, everything matters, but like you're talking about experience. You know, I came home and I'm like, Oh my god, I danced on i that is the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. I've never ever came home from a wedding and been like, man, they gave me a crappy plate. They gave me a plain white plate. Because nobody cares. Nobody cares. So I think if you're on that, you know if you're if you're watching your budget, put your money where it's going to have the most impact is what I always tell my girls put it where your photos are and put it where your experience are. So I think that I think they've summed it up. I think that this was band 101

Kristina Stubblefield  47:18  
and 101. Okay, so, a couple questions to close this out. Alright,

Sharon Rumsey  47:25  
we'll do rapid fire.

Kristina Stubblefield  47:27  
Okay, go ahead. Yes, you start with rapid fire. I'll let you start. You don't remember this. For those of you that don't remember Max was on here with us before because he does something called cake take you want to plug that real quick. Go ahead.

Max Maxwell  47:40  
I review wedding cakes on YouTube. And on the Instagram. If you're on the Instagram and YouTube

Kristina Stubblefield  47:48  
in a friendly way, right? Yes,

Max Maxwell  47:49  
you can. Oh yeah. On Tuesday. No one makes it No one makes a bad cake.

Sharon Rumsey  47:54  
Tasty Tuesdays.

Max Maxwell  47:55  
There's are a few bad cakes but

Michael Gaddie  47:57  
typically they keep that to him. So

Kristina Stubblefield  47:59  
does he let you in on any of this or now?

Unknown Speaker  48:01  
No, I wish he did because I mean I don't like cake like he does like I we would be playing weddings literally for the first 10 years of this band. We would be playing and Max would be playing and you'd look back and he was single handedly playing drums and was eating cake off of this floor tom. Why we were playing and you never would have known that would happen. He doesn't miss a beat doesn't miss a beat. So and forever he would that was his whole thing is like I don't care what happens just give me a piece of the cake. And then finally he was like, why don't I do a show about this?

Kristina Stubblefield  48:35  
Is that in the requirements?

Unknown Speaker  48:37  
It is 100% in the contract.

Max Maxwell  48:39  
Why so caked on the writer

Sharon Rumsey  48:42  
on the right.

Kristina Stubblefield  48:43  
Thank you.

Sharon Rumsey  48:44  
Okay mark, this one's for you. You cannot say your family because that's a given. What do you love? What can you not live without? The sun. I love the sun that's why you'll sing for free in the Caribbean. Totally.

Unknown Speaker  49:02  
I love the sun. Yeah that would be my besides my family. My wife by the way does is a makeup artistry person in this wave reading. I love her Angie Maxwell airbrush airbrush and she airbrushes, you know paint and she also righthand spray tans people. And I love thanks for putting all the words in my mouth. But I

Kristina Stubblefield  49:27  
guess you need to know more.

Unknown Speaker  49:29  
But here's the thing both of us are the same way. Like we are very focused. We even have conversations about this. She is very important to the things that make a bride feel good about herself at the wedding. And I provide the joy in music at the wedding. So like we you know we she's beautiful her family does this kind of thing. So

Sharon Rumsey  49:50  
I think that you I am having like you could make fun of me. Both of you. I think you both have a servant's heart. I mean when I've noticed Angie She's great. Yeah,

Kristina Stubblefield  50:02  
she's much better than me than a human. Are you gonna? Are you gonna ask max that same question or no,

Sharon Rumsey  50:07  
just Mark Kelly has a different question.

Kristina Stubblefield  50:09  
Okay, go ahead.

Sharon Rumsey  50:11  
You do you can do the rapid fire. Okay, I

Kristina Stubblefield  50:12  
have a question for both of you. What was the first concert you attended?

Unknown Speaker  50:17  
Dude is Summer Jam with foreigner. Hold on. Steve Miller band. Wait. Arielle Speedwagon. Thin Lizzy Roadmaster were you at the same concert we were at the same concert was an outdoor concert and Louisville. That was our very first show. But the second show and one that we would have chosen to go to was kiss. Yes. And it was a Judas Priest opened up for kiss but we were big kiss fans were kids. That's dates us but my

Sharon Rumsey  50:46  
husband is such a kiss fan that even has his own room in our basement for his

Kristina Stubblefield  50:50  
well truthfully, he needs the whole basement but somebody won't let him have the hallway. I love that I need to come over your house then. That'd be fun. Okay, go ahead,

Max Maxwell  50:59  
Mike. You're just sick and I get to tell mine.

Kristina Stubblefield  51:03  
I thought you were agreeing with him.

Sharon Rumsey  51:07  
Yeah, he went to one before I have to tell the story though. The

Max Maxwell  51:10  
story of the situation with the Summer Jam the Summer Jam. If you didn't know that was like an outdoor thing at the fairgrounds. And we were both I was 13. Maybe he was probably 11 or 12. And I was 13 or 14 and our dad took us down there dropped us off. And we had backstage passes because we had to take drumsticks to Arielle Speedwagon. So we were these kids. There were three of us, Mike Dewey's was

Unknown Speaker  51:37  
running around in the backstage with all these crazy drug taking people. Literally, we were flipping out.

Max Maxwell  51:48  
So that but that wasn't the very first one I went to was Boston, Sammy Hagar and

Unknown Speaker  52:00  
Eddie money.

Max Maxwell  52:02  
So that was the first one that I

Sharon Rumsey  52:04  
know for our listeners that don't know you guys. Your father was pretty well known in the music industry. You still is, which is probably why you were which is probably why you were delivering drumsticks we were Yeah,

Max Maxwell  52:17  
yeah. They called and said, Hey, we need some drumsticks and Mr. Maxwell owned, he just dropped us off. And Maxwell's music's we were there all day by ourselves.

Unknown Speaker  52:27  
So he still keeps you all in line, right? Yeah, our dad started a music store called fire out music over and over in Clarksville, and then he started mom's music in Louisville. And now we have mom's music and Maxwell's house music and my dad still is crazy. And yes, he did drop us off to a bunch of crazy people. I saw things that night I couldn't believe

Kristina Stubblefield  52:48  
so back to our what we're doing here.

Sharon Rumsey  52:52  
For anybody watching our YouTube channel, I want them to watch the expressions that just came across both of these spaces. Yes,

Kristina Stubblefield  52:59  
so let's make one more video.

Michael Gaddie  53:03  
A little bit more subdued. What is your favorite word? Mark? Indeed.

Max Maxwell  53:12  
I think mine's probably amazing.

Sharon Rumsey  53:16  
Mark, what is your absolute least favorite song to sing? That the crashers do still perform?

Michael Gaddie  53:26  
butterfly kisses? I think Mark singing that song.

Sharon Rumsey  53:34  
That's a very common first dance. I

Unknown Speaker  53:35  
listen. I sing it well. And I love when I get to sing it. Because I do well.

Max Maxwell  53:43  
There's a couple that one that one's one of the ones that makes me tear up

Unknown Speaker  53:46  
a jazz actually. Actually, there's there's a song. What's that one song we all get like Crowe said Cinderella. Do you know? She knows? It said

Sharon Rumsey  54:00  
it's one of the most popular father daughter. Oh my gosh. Playing Cinderella after bedtime prayers. Yes. So we're all like, you know.

Unknown Speaker  54:13  
There must be something in my eye. Does it that touches us.

Sharon Rumsey  54:16  
So what's your absolute favorite song to sing?

Unknown Speaker  54:24  
If the crowd has never seen us before, anything that makes them sing along with us. So I like songs that they sing too. And so I don't know there's a bunch of songs like that. So I don't know if there's any favorite but I just know the moment everyone in this room is going to be singing this on a Sweet Caroline or brown eyed girl or whatever. So

Kristina Stubblefield  54:49  
one of your last public events. What was one of those songs?

Unknown Speaker  54:53  
Watermelon sugar? Oh yeah. Which is interesting because I didn't think anybody would know it yet. You know or even know It all so popular and it was just like, Okay, you got this. You don't need us to be here happens a lot where I know

Sharon Rumsey  55:07  
the last I didn't see you guys this year at river stage but the last time I saw it river stage it was don't stop believing the whole. I don't know how many 1000 people were there, but they were all singing. They were singing.

Unknown Speaker  55:19  
Yeah, and that's more fun too. I have to tell singers a lot of time because I've coached a lot of bands and stuff. And I'll say hey, listen, if they're willing to sing in the crowd, stop. Because this ain't about you. Yeah, it's about them. And you make it about them and then you ask them to sing the whole night long and if they'll sing

Max Maxwell  55:41  
stop singing let them carry the thing right.

Michael Gaddie  55:44  
I think we should have Sharon join them on stage one night and

Kristina Stubblefield  55:48  
I think she should sing that one song.

Max Maxwell  55:51  
She's gonna learn it fancy and is that because

Sharon Rumsey  55:54  
I'm fancy like app fancy like, date night? It's the country tune it's

Kristina Stubblefield  56:01  
you haven't heard it? It's Walker Hayes Walker. Hey, you've heard it max my show Go ahead. Oreo shake without spoons or some Bourbon Street shake and or it's a steak. That's a steak cream. Okay, we're gonna edit this part out there edit this part of the whole show. My ex What's your favorite song to play?

Max Maxwell  56:23  
I always enjoy playing any journey song that we play. I think this is my favorite. Any journey song that we play is like my favorite song. What's

Unknown Speaker  56:33  
the first song you will learn to play? I don't know why I just thought it

Max Maxwell  56:38  
was the Jeremiah was a bullfrog?

Unknown Speaker  56:45  
Yeah. All we learned Oreo Speedwagon song called right in the storm out, but this band started and we played a song by Chicago. But then since then, we've learned a lot. So many songs, I think we forgot most of them to a certain degree.

Kristina Stubblefield  57:05  
This has been good.

Michael Gaddie  57:06  
I absolutely love the room pod.

Kristina Stubblefield  57:08  
This has been really good. Okay, so just for anybody listening, you all don't just do weddings, we've talked about you do public events, what else we got

Unknown Speaker  57:16  
corporate events, we do a lot of corporate events. We do a lot of charity events, that you can check us out and just check out our website. It's really great. New, we just kind of updated the whole website. So it's kind of fun, whether you're going to do a corporate event, wedding or public event, we'd love to play for you. And we'd love to celebrate your night with you, that's for sure.

Sharon Rumsey  57:36  
And for people that are are not from this area. You know, we say local band and in my mind when we say local band, it's like a nightclub, you know, a little bar somewhere. But when these guys show up, the people come out. How many people saw you on river stage this year?

Kristina Stubblefield  57:58  
It was more than 10,000.

Unknown Speaker  58:01  
Well, I wouldn't I wouldn't say that. I went a judge it I said it there. I used to look at 5000 Jeffersonville and 7500 probably in New Albany. Yeah, but he's bigger. Yeah,

Kristina Stubblefield  58:10  
it'd be wrong shots to it. You just you can't really tell

Unknown Speaker  58:14  
I mean, that's how I judge it but then again, I'm wrong a lot as my wife

Kristina Stubblefield  58:19  
you were at you were at New Albany's amphitheatre to I was

Unknown Speaker  58:22  
and that was the there was huge. Again, huge and yeah, those drone pictures. I guess I could sit there and try to count them but

Sharon Rumsey  58:28  
I think it will let us know after you do it. They're very humble. And I love that about them. But I mean, in our area when you hear the crashers are playing somewhere, your brain going you're bringing the peep oh my gosh, we

Kristina Stubblefield  58:40  
got the crashers on our podcast. Oh, big time. Hey, I know. There was always six of you.

Max Maxwell  58:50  
They got a writer cuz they got they got?

Unknown Speaker  58:54  
No, I'll tell you what I think. And I've told many bands. As I said, if you're going to start a cover band, and you're going to have fun and you're going to do what ends you're going to do things like this. Make sure that you let the audience pick the songs you learn, right. So that's one thing that we do a lot. Like we listened to people so when you say that song, if somebody else says that song to me, and I'm being honest with you, then we will all review that fancy like so once somebody's not you somebody else not in this room. Would you stop it? If I literally lived and they said man, do you guys do fancy like, immediately I would send it out to the guys and go we need to play fancy.

Kristina Stubblefield  59:35  
Please don't send them and just

Sharon Rumsey  59:38  
be like hell no. No, they are very good

Michael Gaddie  59:41  
about about email.

Kristina Stubblefield  59:43  
Like fancy you're gonna need like a tambourine or

Sharon Rumsey  59:46  
I don't even know get off my song. I like that song.

Kristina Stubblefield  59:49  
Well, if you need somebody to sing it for you. I promise you it's gonna happen. Okay? They're gonna listen to this song and be like, what's wrong with them? Okay, Sharon, come on, close it out.

Sharon Rumsey  1:00:00  
I just can't say thank you enough. I know that you guys are crazy busy and took your time to come here today. And that means the world to us. I think we learned a lot about hiring bands, I know that I get asked questions a lot that I don't know the answer to you by my client. So I really appreciate you being here and sharing your experience and your talent with us. Go ahead and tell everybody where to find you on social media, and how to get ahold of you and how to book the crashers.

Max Maxwell  1:00:25  
So you can get get on a good our website, the some people know us as the Louisville Crashers, and you can find us at the law as well, because we own that one too. We also are on Instagram, we're also on Facebook, both of those, you can find them out of the crasher band. What else I can call my say here's my cell number. No, but you know, we're on some of the other wedding wire and the knot and those places that are that kind of thing. So and go search and they can find you. And if for some reason you can't find a band like if you if you're looking for somebody, we're not available, let us know because we'll help you find somebody else where we love giving other people business if we're unavailable. That's of helping a lot of bands. Yeah, we really got Yeah, we really, really want to help as many people get business as I can. So just let us know, we'll help you any way we can. And you don't have to be local to use them. That's right. And it's something else I was thinking about today during this little thing we were at today, this little What was it called? What would it be several private things at a mixer luncheon. The one thing I thought about we should get in the business of is engagement parties. Yes. Well, it could you both should get engaged. They should they should for one thing, they should hire us to do a video. And so the groom can give a video to the bride as Yes, a promo proposal. Song of us playing a song about them getting married. The other thing is if once they do get engaged, they should do an engagement party small something at their house for their family. We come in play an engagement party at their house. Now we're talking.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:02:16  
Wait a second, but you could do the video to where it was kind of like happening live, but it's pre recorded. And then you drop the screen and booze there.

Max Maxwell  1:02:25  
And there we are. We have a brain. We have a screen now.

Sharon Rumsey  1:02:32  
It's called a curtain curtain,

Max Maxwell  1:02:35  
the curtain call. But every single public date we've done this year, we have had someone get engaged on stage. It happens at river saves. It happened at the other one we did Bob and you Albany we all know about it ahead of time they people will get in touch with us reach out,

Unknown Speaker  1:02:54  
the guys will call and say hey, I want to you know, they know that we're catering. They In other words, I think that's it people goes to go Hey, can I get up and sing a song with you? And I go Yeah, could seriously I don't care about that. I am not that I don't want to be the star. Let somebody else be the star. That guy calls me on the phone goes hey, I want to I want to propose to my girlfriend. I'm like, Are you kidding me? You can't pay for this kind of stuff. Right? And so yes, I'm in on that.

Sharon Rumsey  1:03:26  
I love it.

Max Maxwell  1:03:28  
Did you have any? Thanks, guys. Very, very nice people. It

Kristina Stubblefield  1:03:31  
was so much fun. Yes, thank you for coming. But where's my $8 Oh, I don't get paid. Okay.

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