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April 25, 2022

Automated Processes & What They Can Do For You

Automated Processes & What They Can Do For You

In this episode, Kristina talked with wedding floral vendor, Michael Gaddie of Lloyd’s Florist in Louisville, Kentucky about thinking smarter and being more strategic by automating business processes. Listen in as they discuss how Mike went from being resistant to change to totally embracing the convenience of it all after it was set up. He shares how his business has increased, become more streamlined… and how he finds he is spending less time on the follow-up and administrative procedures because of automated processes that have been put in place.

 Michael Gaddie is a well-known name in the event industry, and he is a proud member of AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers – an International organization). After starting his floral career in 1989, Michael went to work for Lloyd’s Florist, a full-service floral shop offering décor and gifts. Michael and his wife, Pam, purchased the business in 2000. He has been bringing the bling to weddings and other events for over 30 years. Having enjoyed a very successful career in the floral industry, Michael has been the recipient of several awards over the years, highlights of which include… Kentucky Designer of the Year and 2020 Sweepstakes Award in the Rose Parade, where he has been a designer for 20 years. Although best known for his creativity and eye for design, what most love about Michael is his huge heart, ridiculous sense of humor and over the top work ethic. Michael and his wife Pam are also an elite partner of Jim’s formal wear in Louisville, Kentucky.

 Michael is currently the president of the Louisville Wedding Network, Past-President of Kentucky Florist Association and has held many other offices in professional organizations including Past-President of Teleflora Kentucky Derby Unit and Past-President of Southern Retail Florist Association.

• [2:35] Michael talks about automating some of his processes that are now saving tremendous amounts of time… and how grateful he is that he did so.
• [9:17] “It usually takes five or six times for you to put your business in front of somebody before they really recognize it.”
• [13:49] “ It has made my life so much easier. And two years ago, I swore I would never do it to… I can tell a big growth.”
• [19:07] Mike discusses the bridal shows he attends being more profitable because of the follow-up systems and automations that have been put in place.

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
In this episode, I got to talk with my friend and co-host of our Wedding Wednesday podcast, Michael Gaddie of Lloyds Florist, about thinking smarter and being more strategic by automating business processes. Listen in as Mike went from being resistant to change to totally embracing the convenience of it after everything was set up. He shares how his business has increased, become more streamlined, and he's spending less time on follow up and administrative procedures. 

You're listening to a Business Booster episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. I'm a technology consultant, marketing strategist, business coach, and in the past, a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing impactful, easy to implement solutions and strategies for efficient workflow and business growth. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

You all are going to recognize today's guest... it is not Wedding Wednesday, but one of the cohost from Wedding Wednesday is in the studio with me and that is none other than Michael Gaddie from Lloyds Florist.

Michael Gaddie  1:18  
You're crazy.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:19  
I did a pretty good intro there right now, my day job did. I am really excited that you're here with me on this fabulous Monday. But more importantly, I'm ready to talk about this topic. And it's follow up, follow up, follow up follow up. And what in the world do I mean by follow up? Recently, I've had many conversations with wedding professionals. And my guess what, what? Number one, they do not follow up a lot of times with leads, or they may email them back once. No other follow up. The other thing I'm hearing from people is they do not work their list from wedding shows or from networking events or any other organizations they're part of, they do not utilize their list. And I knew that you would be great to talk about this topic. Why? Because this is something that you used to not do. I'll

Michael Gaddie  2:35  
be honest with you, I did not do it. And if it wasn't, and I'm not tooting your horn. But if it wasn't for you, I probably still wouldn't do it. But by having your knowledge of following up with, you know, all my clients. Also through book like a boss, you got me hooked up on that also. But the main thing is working our list from these bridal shows. We do, you know, probably five to six bridal shows a year. And that's a lot of brides or couples that we come in contact with. But we don't get to talk to every one of them. So what I've learned from you, is, you know, follow up with these brides. send him an email, follow up, you actually videotape me at the bridal shows itself and we send that email and then it has the link where they can go and actually book an appointment with me right there. And I'll be honest with you, I have wit from doing weddings, all wedding appointments all over the board. And you know, I might do one here on Monday and one on Tuesday and one on Thursday and somebody want to come in on Friday or Saturday and I don't do that anymore about doing book like a boss, they you send out a link to all my list that I get from Bravo shows and they can actually go right there and book an appointment right there. And it is so much easier for me, because I just have a designated time set aside for them to book an appointment. And that way I don't have to. This sounds bad, but it doesn't. It's not what it means or sounds like what it says do you it might be maybe, but I have I don't have to have a conversation with when I'm available when I'm not they get to go in and pick their own time. And by having this follow up. You're taking care of that for me. And that's something that I don't have to worry about. Only thing I have to do is show up at the appointment that they've picked. I think it's one of the best things I have ever done over the last 22 years that I've owned this place and just deletes floors, voids floors, and I appreciate it to you but because it's made me grow. And it's so much easier and less complicated on an everyday basis for me.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:09  
Okay, well, I wasn't really looking for a four minute commercial. Well,

Michael Gaddie  5:12  
I know. Thank you, but but it's the truth, it is the truth.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:16  
We're gonna dive into everything you just said. And there's a reason why a lot of people are scared of automation. And you were too, I was, and but what I want to remind people about is, let's be honest, a lot of times you pay to be part of organizations you pay to do wedding shows. Great, someone meet you face to face at a wedding show that you also probably meet how many other vendors, you may be the only florist there, you may be the only person they are in your industry. But it's overwhelming. It's a lot to take in. And I keep hearing right now. Well, I thought email was dead. Well, will they open it? Well, will they respond? What follow up are you doing if you're not doing email, and you're not doing text message, you're banking on them remembering who you are, or that they're going to go through that whole bag of stuff that they acquired throughout the show. And they're going to remember, that was that amazing person, because let me tell you something, if they do, awesome, but in the reality of it, a follow up is critical. And what I mean by that is sending an email blast out there are software's you use, you don't just hop in your Gmail and send it to 300 people or however many. But there are software's that you use to automate some of that process. But the reason you also use those softwares is for the reporting. If you don't know what actions taken with what you send out, how can you then take the next step? To follow up with you, you sent the email to 300 people out of that 100 people clicked and went to your email, or I'm sorry, clicked and went to your website. Now, why in the world, would they have clicked on your website, they must have been interested in something that you offered. So the power of an email marketing tool is you could turn around and send another message not to the whole list, but to the warm list that clicked on the link in that email. Now, there's some people out there, they don't even need to take that step. Because they get enough action activity. Appointments, however you want to word it just from sending the follow up email, you don't even have to take that next step if you don't need to in your business, but you get the option. So if it is slower, if you do need to nurture that warm list, you have the option to do so. And the other thing that frustrates me while I'm on this soapbox is people don't understand the power of that email marketing tool. Sure you're doing a follow up, hey, it was great to meet you, I hope I got the chance to talk to you. Now I can say that you get much better results if you include a video message in those emails. But number two, oh, you want to grow your following on Instagram? Oh, you want people to know, now you have a YouTube channel? Oh, you're trying to really build up your LinkedIn audience. You can include links and calls to action to those to whatever's in that email. When you send an email, the only call to action doesn't have to be book an appointment, or, Hey, I want to sell you my services. It's all in the strategy of what you want out of that audience. Because when you're talking to somebody at a show, not always do you get to have a several minute conversation with them. Follow me on Instagram. Oh, did you know I have this special going on? Oh, if this if that they're not going to remember. And that email follow up is what plays that role to make those. If there's five actionable steps that you'd really like out of your audience, they're not going to take all of them, but you are the one that decides what they're seeing from your business?

Michael Gaddie  9:17  
Well, I'm the one that decides plus, you know, it usually takes five or six times for you to put your business in front of somebody before they really recognize it. Yes, they're at a bridal show. Yes, they talk to me, that's number one. The next number two is I'm going to give them a brochure or a business card. They're going to shove it in that bag. Three, they're going to get a follow up email from me. So now they're continuously seeing certain things if I especially by sending an email, they're gonna go back and get into that bag and say, Okay, I just got an email from me. Let me pull that brochure. And remember, I remember that what that

Kristina Stubblefield  9:57  
logo looks familiar. Also another step up To QR code on your banner that's at your booth. So you could have possibly gotten them to follow you on Instagram or Facebook, or go to your website while they were at your booth, maybe it's saved in their phone, you've added that additional element to one of the steps that's needed for multiple titles.

Michael Gaddie  10:19  
If the last bridal show we did you actually put the QR code on my son, and there was like 1617 brides that actually clicked on that, at that on that same day. And it goes right to my appointment, you know, to so they can book one, it makes it so much easier. And with today's society with these younger, I don't want to say kids, but younger adults, that is what they're used to that is everything is by their phone, or their computer convenience, convenience. So I mean, really me talking to a bride on a phone anymore. Arrays of the past or days of the past, it's all communicated through cell phones, internet, and websites.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:04  
It's interesting that you say that because about a month or six weeks ago, from the time of this recording, someone said to me, I call every person that's on that list. And at first I was like, wow, okay, it leads to they're taking action. But do you know what they said? Maybe one or two people will call me back out of two or 300. And I'm like, wow, that is a lot of time. It's a lot of time I'm talking to those people. But why? Why are they not getting callbacks? Because I'm sorry, they don't want to talk on the phone. They're you're lucky to talk to your family, you know, everybody's went to texting or video chatting this way or that way. And truth be told, they don't want to talk on the phone. No. And that when you're going to dedicate that much time, energy and effort, you want to get results. And people are afraid of that term automation, because they don't understand enough of it. But email marketing is a form of automation. It is a form of automation, the QR codes that you're talking about. I'm a big believer in not just signing up for necessarily some free software if you produce a QR code, and that's it. I like numbers, I want to be able to know, Okay, how many people scan that? Well, where were they from? You know, what type of device are they using? Everything's mobile these days. Again, they're something lies in that data, you might not need it right this second. But in the future, you will, there's also other things you can do with, there's automations, you can set up with the email marketing, if someone clicks on this link, send another email a week later. And so many people will say, Well, I don't have time to do all that, well, you can get somebody to do it. But the thing about it is you set it up one time. And it's it's done. It's set to work for you. It's not something you constantly have to do. And I feel like once I meet with someone, and can show them, they're like, I didn't realize this was automation. They don't know enough about the term to realize how it can benefit them every day for the next however long. And they've spent time doing it one time. And I think that's what I want to accomplish in this episode is just saying, find out more research more about automations and how it can help you in your business.

Michael Gaddie  13:49  
It has made my life so much easier. And two years ago, I swore I would never do it to be honest with because I thought it was complicated. Which I've got you and your staff to take care of it for me. But I mean, I have, I can tell a big growth.

Kristina Stubblefield  14:06  
You didn't understand how to understand and you thought it's going to be technology. It's not gonna work, right. I'm going to constantly be fighting with it. But what I kept hearing you say was I got appointments every night this week, like, get them on the phone, you know me, I'm not gonna say no, you know, I'm supposed to go to a family dinner, but this person could only meet Thursday at six o'clock. And you you really got to take back some control. I really did by using automations. And in the beginning of it, you weren't a fan. You weren't sold? No, but you trusted enough. Because what I said is, here's how this works. Once it's set up and could show you let me show you this is how it works for me and you're like, you can do that. I get options. Most of these things you can customize, and you're talking about online. Maintenance is what you're referring to. And I personally use book like a boss. I'm a fan of it. There's others out there. But I've been with them for a number of years. And the thing about it is you get to customize the appointments like for you, I think you have two different types of appointments,

Michael Gaddie  15:18  
an existing or a new inquiry.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:23  
And one of the things I said to you was, you don't have to go back and forth. Because one of your other things was, well, it's not just the bride, she's got to bring her mom. So now I've told her three dates I'm available, she's got a call, she calls back, well, I've already had two or three people either call and inquire. It's a juggling act, I don't deal with any of that anymore. Nothing. And the reason they see your availability, and in a person's mind, that's when Mike's available. I want to meet with Mike, I work late on these nights wonder, could I take my lunch and get off early? Okay, maybe I need to take two hours off of work early. It becomes they figure out how to make it work for your schedule, where you're not hearing the stories, because let's be honest, when you're in the industry, and you work with multiple couples. That's a lot to juggle with appointments. And especially when you have multiple people come in, so it puts the ball in their court. And all that's going on, just from your website. One

Michael Gaddie  16:37  
thing that I like about it too, is when back in the olden days, when I had to make my own appointments, I used to have to call them and confirm the appointment. All that does that for me. And it 99.9% of the time, I never not have a broad or a couple show up. Because they're constantly reminded through the software. You know, I used to, you know, text people and say, Hey, I'm just wondering on your appointment tonight. They make sense. It's a text from me personally, they make reply and say, sorry, I have to reschedule or something. But with this process here, it's not like that.

Kristina Stubblefield  17:16  
Well, I'm what you're saying is you've turned on where they get an email X number of days out, I don't remember off top my head, but also the biggest two days, and texting I think is the morning of the appointment, if I remember correctly, and we're back to automation, you don't have to remember that stuff, that software does it for you. And this software we're talking about is not expensive, it is not expensive. And most of the time, the software's you could do the basic plan, and I've worked with people that have been on the fence, they don't think they can adapt to it. Or they'll say, Well, I use a couple different calendars. Like I don't know if I can decide how it pulls your availability from whatever calendars you tell it to you give it the information, it then can figure out when you're available. The other thing about the software is you get to pick the times that you're available. So for you, you only have Monday and Tuesdays turned on from certain times. And you decided that. And then if you have something come up or you don't want to schedule an appointment on a day, you don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops, you go into the calendar you normally use, and you block it off, or you put in there, whatever you have going, and then that system knows not to schedule anything.

Michael Gaddie  18:41  
That's why I love it. Because I mean, if for some reason, you know if I have another appointment that's not brothel related, all I do is pencil it in and it's done. It's done. And

Kristina Stubblefield  18:52  
that that see the the outcome? The solution is what I like talking to people about is do you even know how much time that saves you in a week? Or a month?

Michael Gaddie  19:07  
I don't know. But I'm gonna tell you this. I'm a lot less stress. Well, and that's, that's more important. That's more important to me. Absolutely. I mean, there's so many things that you know, that you have brought to the table for me. And with just follow up with the emails from my brothel. Actually, the wedding shows that we do are more profitable now than they ever have been because of that.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:39  
And that to me, is it's about education. And it's about talking about these topics for people to realize, Oh, I didn't think about follow ups or Oh, I used to do that years ago, but I didn't realize that's still a thing. Now. I'm here to tell you I know for a fact in your email marketing just recently, a campaign went out out. And always we usually always we include a video as part of that, and your open rates 40%. And I can tell you, I know industry standard is 18 to 20%. Now, you, it is structured a certain way, your subject line is important, but you've included a video as well. And that's something that's not very hard to do. The other parts of this, Mike, that talking back about email, and automations is, those leads are now in a database, say they don't, they don't use you for their wedding decor as their designer, then you want to send something out that every year you have a celebration, and you have sales that you do for Christmas, and things like that, they might have used you for their floral designer. But with

Michael Gaddie  20:55  
our users, yes, maybe send flowers to their mother for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

Kristina Stubblefield  21:02  
They don't just sit in an Excel sheet that just goes away to rot in your computer. And for those people out there that are like well, but I don't sell Flora flowers for every day of the year, right. However, they may know someone else, they may have a sister or a brother, a family member or a friend that's getting married, maybe six months down the road, maybe they already had their photographer, for example, they already had that when they came to the wedding show. But their best friend just got engaged a month later, and you're fresh in their mind, because you sent some kind of follow up to him. The other thing that we encourage people to do is turn that use those list to have some kind of newsletter. Now, when I say this, people like I don't have time to do that, well, it's lead generation, and you're massaging those relationships, and you never know what it could turn into. By newsletter, I don't mean something every week or every month, it could be something that goes out quarterly, they're seeing your name or seeing your logo. And as you mentioned, it takes seeing your business a lot of times more than just once. And hey, if you close them on the first time of them seeing you at a show, that's awesome. We're not knocking that whatsoever. But the reality of it is, that doesn't really happen these days, and turning them into a newsletter where you can show them, you're an experienced wedding professional, you have what it takes, you're an a vendor, because you've shared with them a newsletter that maybe includes a couple tips, that did not take a whole lot of time. But now that list from the three or four wedding shows you've done is now 12 or 1500 people. Maybe they didn't open your first email, maybe they open the second one. It's long term, it's not necessarily so many people are looking for that quick win. And there can be a lot left on the table, if you don't somehow communicate or reach back out to them on some type of level.

Michael Gaddie  23:17  
Well, on Facebook, I'm in this group that's called florist to flourish. And it's only flowers people. And you know, they have so many comments on there. How do you do you know, somehow get on there and say, do you do bridal shows? And then somebody will say, I do bridal shows, but it's a waste of time. I think it's all about and I've said this many times on there. I think it's all about how you market yourself. And just like what you're doing for me if Yeah, if you just show up and stand at a table and hand out a business card here or there. Yes, it probably is a waste of your time. But you've got to learn how to market it and follow up with everybody to make it work.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:57  
Side note not necessarily automation related, but I'm not even going to mention targeted ads on social media platforms to your list. That's what that that's that's an option. A lot of times people don't even realize that something they can do. But the whole point with this episode is it does not have to be so overwhelming. It doesn't have to be so time consuming. That is the point of the word. Automation, your automated automating something I've worked with a lot of people that do the same 10 steps, or same 25 steps for every client. How in the world do we get that narrowed down their systems processes, and a lot of times there's some kind of automation piece in there. So every customer you onboard, you're not doing 25 steps, maybe you're doing 10 steps. That's the power of automation. It's not going anywhere. It technology can be your best friend. You have to be open minded about it, I'm gonna go sit here and lie to you and tell you it can't be frustrating because it can't, it's frustrating for me and I have an IT background. But technology can be your best friend and your business. For whatever you're looking for more sales, grow your social media, whatever that is, that is your strategic plan, whatever it is you're looking to accomplish. If it's implemented correctly, it can help assist in all of those goals, not just one thing.

Michael Gaddie  25:36  
Well, if I can give one suggestion to anybody out there listening, as a business professional in the wedding industry, is be open minded, and let someone take over and help you with it, because it will make the world of difference, and you will get your investment back quicker than you would ever think. And

Kristina Stubblefield  25:59  
this isn't something to come to Kristina for, for all your services. Now, that is not what this is about. You could be listening from another country, you could have somebody you already work with. And you've just need to hear somebody else say, to try to embrace automations. It can really make a difference when I'm

Michael Gaddie  26:19  
talking about, I'm talking from one floor left to another. Because I know so many floors all over the country that does not work, or follow up. And I'm telling you, just like you just said, we're not talking about grifting or so in media, we're talking about anybody that can do this all over the country. Any advice that I could suggest is let somebody take over and do that for you. Because you will get more for your investment than ever before. It's worth

Kristina Stubblefield  26:51  
considering it's worth as well. And while we're talking about automation, so we've really kind of talked about email marketing, but another thing to throw in there is putting an auto responder on your email. Look, the wedding industry, it can be very busy at times with what It's the busiest it's going to be. I think that's going to continue to roll over. That's my own opinion. But okay, you cannot, there's no way you can be in your email every day.

Michael Gaddie  27:20  
I mean, you said that because that was going to be one of my things that I was going to ask you tonight.

Kristina Stubblefield  27:25  
There are free auto responders, if you use Gmail or G Suite, it's built in some other emails it's built into as well. There's also software out there that you can utilize. That is taking it a step level with just being an auto responder, one of the other things that I will throw out there is it's not always best practices to live in your email all day long. It can be very distracting. I've started using a software Boomerang, where it basically pauses my inbox where I can work on the emails that are in my inbox already. It moves any new emails, it holds it basically where I'm not distracted, and I can get in there and focus on what I need to, then I can click the unpause button. And it'll allow those to come in. It can be very distracting, just like being on Facebook, squirrel squirrel, it doesn't take anything for that to happen to me. The tools that are out there to automate some of that, setting your expectations, we're getting into 14 different episodes here. But setting your expectations with that auto responder, thank you for emailing you care. You appreciate that they emailed you. At this time, I'm responding within 24 to 48 hours. I really am excited to learn more about your wedding. And I appreciate you're considering me, but bear with us as whatever your wording is, you get to decide.

Michael Gaddie  29:01  
I'm so glad you mentioned that. Because I mean, I'll be honest with you from Thursday to Sunday, when we're in busy season with weddings, I do not check my email. And but when I follow up with them, I always say, you know, hey, I'm sorry, I had quite a few weddings this weekend. And they all understand for them to wait for my response. But I'm glad you mentioned that because I want to put that on there too, to let them know right up front.

Kristina Stubblefield  29:27  
What wedding professionals are in their email on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Number one Sunday, even if you don't have an event, you got to take some time for yourself. That's up to you how you decide to set your boundaries. But that is part of it. That's part of your brand. Do you read if you emailed somebody and you're not familiar with the industry or you're not familiar with the business, you email on Thursday night at 9pm. Do you automatically think well, they're they're going to realize they're not going to get a response from me for Monday or Tuesday? Maybe not So just by putting that out there, you're taking all the question out of, well, is this how they always respond? That's what I worry about. You're setting the you're setting the boundaries to say, thank you, I've received your email, we will review it. But we do. We are not in our inbox Friday through Sunday, as we're focused on our clients, please be patient as we reply, by Tuesday, whatever, in again, that's part of automations. But people don't realize that simple tool, and some of these tools, they're free, they don't even cost anything to utilize. And now, we're not going to get into the topic of you can automate your onboarding, you can automate your onboarding. I've mentioned some of that in previous episodes, the whole thing I wanted people to realize is, automation does not have to be a scary word. And if you take anything from this episode, what me and Mike have talked about is, it's worth opening your mind up to talking to a professional sharing and disclosing with them. This is how it works in my business. This is the process. And a lot of times people that I come in contact with, they just, I get to talk into him, it's about one thing. But then as they're talking, you can see the frustration, you can realize and be empathetic to their pain points. And you can say there's a better way. And what do you mean, you don't have to be the stressed out? You don't. You don't have to do 30 steps, like there's ways to get that down. And that's what I want people to realize, let technology work for you. I get it frustrating. Sometimes it doesn't work, right. Okay. Sometimes we get frustrated with many things. But in the grand scheme of things, it can save you time, energy, effort, money, that's what it comes down to. And as people in the event industry, a lot of times I hear their frustration, okay, had three events. This weekend, I got 15 emails. And as I need a day, you should be able to take a day. No, but you have to allow that software and those tools to be able to work for you. So thank you for tackling this topic with me. Because I really felt like by talking about this, and given real examples, and you being willing to be honest and say, Look, I was not on board with you know, I was not on board with this. And I wasn't, but I am now well in as you start to open up to things, then you're looking for like, look, this is a problem. Is there a solution for this, you start to feel comfortable or more comfortable asking, because most of the time depending on the situation, there are systems and processes that can be put in place. And a lot of times it comes down to what automation software, what tool is needed to tackle that in your own specific case. So thank you, I appreciate it, I knew that you would be a good one. So thank you all for tuning in. As always, you know that I like to give information where you can implement in your business. And what I want you to implement today listening to this episode, open your mind up to allow technology to work for you in your business. If that means starting to do some research starting to read about some things that's available, reaching out to a company that you already work with. If you don't know where to turn, you can always reach out to me on social media, or send me an email and I can help point you in the right direction or if it's something that we can help with. The biggest thing is just taking a step forward in your business, because it is going to help you so Mike, thanks again. I appreciate it. For all of our listeners, thank you very much make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Until next time, make sure you keep working on those businesses via

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Michael Gaddie

Owner, Lloyd's Florist

A well known name in the event industry, Michael Gaddie, is a proud member of AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers – an International organization). After starting his floral career in 1989, Michael went to work for Lloyd’s Florist, a full service floral shop offering décor and gifts. Michael and his wife, Pam, purchased the business in 2000. He has been bringing the bling to weddings and other events for over 30 years. Having enjoyed a very successful career in the floral industry, Michael has been the recipient of several awards over the years, highlights of which include… Kentucky Designer of the Year and 2020 Sweepstakes Award in the Rose Parade, where he has been a designer for 20 years. Although best known for his creativity and eye for design, what most love about Michael is his huge heart, ridiculous sense of humor and over the top work ethic. Michael and his wife Pam are also an elite partner of Jim’s formal wear in Louisville, Ky.

Michael is currently the president of the Louisville Wedding Network, Past-President of Kentucky Florist Association and has held many other offices in professional organizations including Past-President of Teleflora Kentucky Derby Unit and Past-President of Southern Retail Florist Association.

Michael has been married to his bride, Pam for 30 years and has an awesome son, Ryan Michael. They also have 3 cats: Lucy, Rosie and Derby.