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Nov. 30, 2022

As You Are - Sassy, Sexy & Badass

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In this ladies only episode, Kristina and Sharon sat down with professional photographer, Misty Enright, to dispel any preconceived notions you may have about boudoir session photographs… and that they are actually meant for you to feel pampered, empowered and sexy!

Tune in to this episode to hear all about empowering women to feel their confident best through boudoir session photography… and how it makes a great gift for your groom on wedding day or a milestone anniversary.

Don’t miss this episode! Kristina & Sharon sat down with professional wedding photographer Misty Enright to discuss her business of empowering women to embrace their beauty and their version of sexy - AS THEY ARE - through beautiful and tastefully captured intimate and romantic portraits. 

Listen to this episode to hear how one woman took her talent for camera work, gift for captured moments and passion for empowering women to feel good about themselves and combined them all to create a successful boudoir photography business. 

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL LEARN boudoir photography does not always = lingerie or no clothes and that embracing your own version of sassy and sexy through tastefully captured photographed moments can be empowering and mojo enhancing… not to mention an amazing gift for your fiancé or spouse.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Misty Enright
Misty shot her first wedding in 2003 in Cincinnati. It was a friend's wedding. She took some 'for fun' jobs after that and in 2005, after being 'that girl with a camera' her whole life, she made photography her job. Since 2005, She has shot proposals, engagements and weddings in 15 states. Her work has been featured nationally in wedding planning blogs and published in local magazines. And after almost 300 weddings, She has seen it all. And after 16 years in the business of weddings, She is excited for what is to come and possibly new beginnings.



Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
Ladies, have you lost your mojo? needing to feel pampered, sexy and empowered? This episode is for you,

Sharon Rumsey  0:08  
girl, you are beautiful. We're going to help you find your mojo or even turn it up a notch as we chat with misty and right founder of sassy, sexy, badass portraits for real women. Put on something that makes you feel amazing and take a listen to this episode.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:24  
You got engaged. Congratulations. Happy. Yes, joyful time. Of course. Now what timelines to do lists and checklists. 100% Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to The Ring The Bling And All The Things. Hi, I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends, Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We have over 50 years of wedding industry experience between us. We have seen it, heard it, done it and found a way around it. We are here to get you from down on one knee to down the aisle. Our podcast will cover everything from you saying yes to the I do's and all that happens in between. So buckle up and enjoy the journey. Now let's get started with this episode.

We hope that you all are prepared for this episode. Because Sharon Mike is not here to butt in with us on this episode.

Sharon Rumsey  1:45  
I know I kind of miss him though.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:46  
I know so it's gonna be an all girls day because we have an awesome guest with us with over 16 years of photography experience. Sharon I know this has been a hot topic. But she's also going to touch on this other I'm not I don't want to call it a side thing. I don't want to put words in your mouth. aventure new direction new direction there's the right word. Okay, Misty, share with our guests who you are. You're a little bit about your background. Sharon I know we have a list of questions that we're just

Sharon Rumsey  2:24  
so excited for this because I always tell my click my couples, the only thing that becomes more valuable after your wedding or your photos. I think it's your biggest hire I've always said that i think it's

Kristina Stubblefield  2:37  
it's memories for a lifetime

Sharon Rumsey  2:38  
well and they're so personal you have to really choose someone that you like their style, you're going to work really closely with that person so someone that you click with. So I'm super excited to have misty on because I know she has the experience to give us some really good pointers and I've got my little notepad out because I know I'm gonna learn some things and I'm really ready to

Kristina Stubblefield  2:59  
go dive into this new direction than to alright misty lets you go introduce yourself.

Misty Enright  3:07  
Hello, I'm misty in right with misty and right photography and I have a studio. You know, not too far from here outside in Oldham County, which is right outside of Louisville. I've been shooting weddings like like Christina said for 16 years.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:24  
That's amazing.

Misty Enright  3:26  
I'm a lot older than I look and my grace. It's October and it's wedding season. So there you go.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:33  
Is this a good time to plug that if they don't want to just listen that they can go and watch the video on YouTube.

Misty Enright  3:41  
Try to avoid the glare that migraines show I think

Sharon Rumsey  3:45  
like misty said it is wedding season and we are all a little frumpy. So if you want to just listen that so.

Misty Enright  3:53  
Sharon's my favorite. So yeah, I mean, I shoot weddings all over the US here locally. I travel a ton for weddings. And we moved here about seven years ago. And I was already established in Connecticut and I kind of travel back there and do things there too. I was just there this weekend, actually. So that was I'm tired and worn out. But yes, this new direction. I'm starting to, you know, to transition into more studio work and doing booed warm, which is something that I've shot for years and years and years. But when I moved here to Kentucky, I was so busy with weddings and with other things that I just really didn't have time to focus on it. So I'm really excited to be circling back. It's a full circle moment for me.

Sharon Rumsey  4:38  
I love that. I've had a few of my brides that actually did a boot voir shoot and they gave that album as a gift to the groom on wedding day. Yes. And I always tell them honey while you're young and look that good. Get some pictures like it's not gonna stay that way forever. But when I was talking to you, I learned that it's not just young girls that are doing This it's all kinds of all ages and sizes. Yeah, I love that. Yeah, it's

Misty Enright  5:05  
more about women empowerment. For me I'm older now like we talked about my gray hair. I'm older now so it's more about empowering you and you know, like a lot of my clients I think I told you are in their late 30s mid up to mid 40s their moms, their kids are grown and they just kind of lost their Mojo. So this is like a like, a way to pamper them without, you know, with hair and makeup and then you know, wardrobe and you know, you'd everybody has the right to feel like a supermodel in their life and they don't want to be Yeah, they don't have to be a size zero to do it. We You know, I've 16 years of lighting and posing that I can make everyone have that experience and enjoy it. And you know, everyone's nervous when they come in, and then when they leave, they're practically walking around in their underwear now.

Kristina Stubblefield  5:55  
gonna ask I think sometimes when people hear that word boire right, there are different types or different styles. Yeah, what is the terminology there? Yeah,

Misty Enright  6:06  
different styles. You know, I'm more of a fashion driven boudoir shooter I want to wind you know, I want the fan going and when it to blow in your hair, I want you to bring in I like to start with the most dressed that you're going to be first and then we can move on as they get more comfortable, right? Yeah, so that way we can shoot a really classy, high fashion style portrait kind of like you would see. I'm very inspired by Vogue. I'm very inspired by all those fashion magazines. And doing studio work that's dramatic. black and white. Sexy. Like I said, You know, I help style. So I have a ton of, you know, questions to ask them like, what their definition of sexy is. Who knows everybody's definitions different. It could be a Brian Penny set. It could also be like a white t shirt. It could be your favorite band t shirt. It could be something that belongs to your husband.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:59  
not have to be lingerie. Oh, absolutely.

Sharon Rumsey  7:03  
So what makes you feel beautiful, right?

Misty Enright  7:05  
And whatever makes you feel big, beautiful. That's gonna make you look beautiful. And then I'm going to capture you at your most beautiful. So

Kristina Stubblefield  7:12  
children. Yes, I'm hearing the word pajamas. And

Misty Enright  7:17  
I did have a woman who did sweat pants. But sexy sweat pants.

Sharon Rumsey  7:24  
I have a totally not wedding related so I won't take up a lot of time on it. But I have a really good friend that I worked with when I was in healthcare. I worked with her for like 30 years. She's my age. Her husband got deployed. Yes, a few years ago. He was active duty military got deployed and she was probably 4647 were the same age when when she did this. And she went and did a boudoir shoot. And I was like you are crazy. And then she brought the pictures in and showed him to us. And I was blown away. She wore like his one of his camo jacket. She wore his dog tag awesome. And she sent that to him overseas. Yeah, I just thought that was the coolest, personalized? Well, she looked absolutely beautiful. I gotta tell

Misty Enright  8:13  
you, can I tell you a secret? Don't tell anybody. So we won't broadcast this? No, I'm just kidding. So I don't think it's fair that I show women or tell women I don't feel like I have the authority to do those things. unless I've gone through the experience myself. Right, right. So this weekend, while I was in Connecticut, a friend shot my boudoir. And I'd never done it before. Are you comfortable? You know, really good friend. Um, I definitely I have two kids. So you know, there's always little things that you think about that's, you know, like, do I really want this? Or do I really want that? It was awesome. It was very empowering.

Kristina Stubblefield  8:53  
And so did you feel more comfortable? Kind of as you went along? Like you've talked about other? Yes.

Misty Enright  8:58  
So I definitely brought outfits that I thought my client would bring, you know, my tip, like, average client, and she was like, no, not feeling that not feeling that. So we kind of got it pared down to something that she had a vision for, because that's, you know, that's what we do is Madonna, you know, photographers, she had already had a vision of how she wanted to do this. Sure. And so I got hair and makeup done. And then we got started and she played some really awesome music and we were dancing around and, and it was a lot of fun. I mean, it was very empowering. I'm like how you say very empowering. You know, like I told her, you know, I tell my clients all the time. It's like no, no, you're beautiful, every part of us beautiful because you know, they'll be like, Oh yeah, you know? And I'm like, No, every part of you is beautiful. Let me show you how to pose it. But I did the same thing I came out and I was like,

Sharon Rumsey  9:56  
I don't really like this. Could you not shoot this

Kristina Stubblefield  9:59  
is like You know and it be from like, chest up right?

Sharon Rumsey  10:03  
Every time we do a video for the podcast I tell Christina chest up chest out she

Kristina Stubblefield  10:07  
doesn't use that word but

Misty Enright  10:11  
right yes and her questions were so cool and it kind of will change the way that I talk to my clients because instead of saying What do you want me to avoid? She said, What do you want me to enhance? And I was like, oh, oh, well I really like my shoulders you know like well and you know, even kind of made me think in a different way about my

Sharon Rumsey  10:31  
bridesmaids. I always tell my brides when they're looking at dresses and stuff. confident woman a woman who feels like she looks good. We'll take a better picture. I was 100% believe that Yeah, so I totally get it. I mean, yes. Yeah.

Misty Enright  10:48  
I mean, I just didn't think it was fair to keep moving on this trajectory without having done it. And I mean, I'm super excited to see him I'm sure I'm gonna be like oh my god. I bet I bet I bet Yeah. I mean, her makeup artists was super talented. You know, I just hired somebody to work for me that I'm really excited about so I mean, this is something that gives I felt pampered from start to finish

Kristina Stubblefield  11:14  
and unique experience. So you know, because we always talk about this podcast is for those that are, you know, engaged planning their special day into married life. And I think from hearing what has already been discussed, this could be something that you did as an engagement gift to your significant other, but also your first anniversary, your fifth anniversary your

Misty Enright  11:40  
maternity session. Yes.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:42  
So booed warm maternity sessions.

Sharon Rumsey  11:46  
And women are gorgeous.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:47  
I hadn't even thought about that. But yes, that's a really good idea.

Misty Enright  11:51  
So you know taking the shape of your you know body and doing things not we're not talking Jimmy Jimmy moron, right Vanity Fair or anything but she looked good. But we could be talking right that you know, but you know, I was at a time when I was pregnant with my first that I didn't really want to do maternity photos because you just feel gross. But my friend who's a photographer she was like, you have to you have to have that record. You're at your most beautiful you're glowing. And we just did I was in a sports bra and you know like leggings, and my belly hung out. I mean it's so I mean it wasn't revealing at all but it was comfortable. I was comfortable. You know it was a really great thing but if we take that a step forward and put this broodwar angle on it then you could have these beautiful photos and robes you know, just like you see these beautiful photos of pregnant women out in fields and a nice flowy dresses we can take that into the studio as well. So I mean, this is an idea this is an engagement gift. This is a maternity I mean these are all things for all people.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:57  
Well the other thing I think when you mentioned maternity, that is something that your significant other can gift to you, right? It doesn't necessarily have to be that you're the one I'm going to go and do this for my significant other, your significant other can encourage you to embrace this time and celebrate you and be pampered

Misty Enright  13:20  
well and actually I tell all my clients and it's even on my website, that this is not a gift for your fiance for your partner for this is a gift for you. This is something that aligns you to get your mojo back or to you know, enhance your mojo or to help you feel your most beautiful or to remind you what sexy is because like you said I mean sexy isn't just bra and underwear. I mean we just were home for how many like months you know, sexy for you know me was me wearing my husband's sport team t shirt after wearing my own sport team t shirt. like whoa, you know what I mean? So it doesn't have to be your preconceived notion doesn't exist here.

Kristina Stubblefield  14:06  
You're embracing your own version. Right sexy. And I think that is so important.

Misty Enright  14:12  
And it's sassy. You know if you look through the pages of a fashion magazine, they're sassy. It's not you know, these aren't like demure you know and these aren't dominatrixes either. This is somewhere in between where it's like this is me This is my body. I own yes this is mine and you can't take it from me you know and what I am is perfect and what I am is perfect and I don't need to lose 10 because obviously as a photographer I hear all the time that people are saying well I'll do that but I have to lose 10 pounds for no you don't you're beautiful. I

Sharon Rumsey  14:43  
hear that as a planner all the time and I'm like why don't you have a dress they always say I'm waiting to lose weight and I'm like

Misty Enright  14:48  
Please don't do please don't do that. Please don't do that. You are beautiful the way you are right and we want to capture you the way that you are enhanced without retouching.

Kristina Stubblefield  14:58  
Oh excited about the This topic because I mentioned before we started recording, and I don't think that this is necessarily discussed enough. I think people have from their parents from their this from their that in their mind this preconceived notion over what that means like no clothes on right? I can remember hopefully my mom won't listen to this episode. But I can remember back in the day, she did something similar my family's involved in racing and she wore my dad's race uniform. Oh nice. And they were what I had in my mind that she had went and done. And I'm not gonna say when this was many years ago, but I was thinking, oh my god, like really, but then, like she felt comfortable enough that the photos were in a fold down book right thing there were several different ones, you know that it didn't sit out in the kitchen or the living room, right? But it set out in their bedroom, but they were very tasteful. Something that would mean a lot not only to her, because how involved she was in in racing, but also you know, to my dad, and I think it was an anniversary gift I believe is how, but I can remember talking about how much fun she actually had and you're talking honestly 20 plus years. And that just stood out to me is I think she was nervous going into it back then. But she was really glad that she had done it. Sure. I think I don't know if she'll like that I shared that I think to

Sharon Rumsey  16:35  
the message that it sends i know i mean i'm 53 years old and I have struggled with my weight my entire life. It's not a secret I'm very open about it now but for years and years I really struggled with self confidence and you know feeling as good as the next person in the room because of my weight and I think now when I think back to when I was a teenager and going through all of that stuff, I think now it's so much worse because of social media. I mean, I have a 15 year old granddaughter and Instagram is life right to kids at age so I think just something to give girls and women the the message that they are perfect they are beautiful, they are fierce. I love

Kristina Stubblefield  17:25  
brace them sigh absolutely love

Misty Enright  17:27  
it. And this also leads into the other program that I do which is for tweens. And it's the same idea of empowerment no hair no makeup them in their favorite outfit just a couple of studio shots as they are and we talk about how they can pose for selfies and how they can you know lift each other up and things like that. So this doesn't have to be this is about a beauty portrait as you are you know this isn't like we said 100 Times has to be a glam squad This is not ugly, right so I mean we can do this with tweens and teens and then we can do this with women who are so cool they're perfect you know model size sample size or anything like that. You know the makeup can range from avant garde and heavy and glam to supernatural and just you know some lip gloss and some you know like some pink in the cheek like it doesn't have to be anything

Sharon Rumsey  18:23  
I love that you offer that I didn't know that you did yeah because I mean just I have two boys but having a granddaughter that's a teenager I mean when her friends come over it's it's all Instagram and they my toes are ugly I'm too fat. I'm too tall I'm too skinny you know I hear them criticizing and criticizing and you know I've been known as that weird grandma that will just go down and bust the whole thing out because I I can't stand that that that's their self talk but they're

Misty Enright  18:53  
also getting that from the other female you know model in their in their lives. So if we can start by empowering women to see themselves as beautiful and and and lovely and as you are I mean I what was that in Bridget Jones's Diary, you know he loved her as she was I think that's always stuck with me I mean, you know till to be loved for who you are at that moment. You know, sure. I was exactly when I got married I got married Yeah, you know, 15 years of course I was thinner than but this is the body that they gave me my two babies you know, so why so if I do lose weight in the future great, but I want pictures to reflect this body that gave me my babies. You know, like, that was hard work. Yeah, what I mean so like it's it's all things to all people but it can be the same experience no matter who you are, you know, from preteen, you know, all the way up.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:49  
That's amazing. The other thing I would just quickly mention, and I know that there were people that came around before her, but Ashley Graham, I felt like Celine really opened up a whole different levels of conversation. Sure. Um, and you know, like, right now I believe she's pregnant and I think it's come out with twins. Oh, is she? Yeah, I believe so. I don't want to misquote. Yeah. But now that I'm saying that I, but I watched an interview with her and on social media, what were the top questions? Do you think that she got ask? I can imagine what I'm all about, like, what are you going to do to get the weight back? It was just like, wait, she's pregnant. Congratulations, let her enjoy. Citing write, you know, but she's one that will fire right back. And I really think that and I know there's been others not as trying to single her out, but that one comes to the top of my mind. Because a lot of times when she talks, it is about embracing who you are.

Misty Enright  20:52  
And one of the things that she does that I hear or see her do that other, you know, supermodels with their the same power stature or whatever doesn't do she calls out designers for not having not even plus size, you know, models, just models of different shapes, and sizes and colors and, and all those things. She does a great job of saying, Hey, you, you know I was at your show. And your show was not very there was nothing more Yeah, it's not very representative of the world that we live in. So you know, I think she does a

Sharon Rumsey  21:26  
great job to see more of that young

Kristina Stubblefield  21:28  
girls really do not everybody is a size two hourglass figure. No. and for how long growing up, right? I can remember that's all you saw. Yeah. It anytime there was any kind of print any kind of thing on the internet or television. It was, quote, you know, the perfect body. Right, you know, but that time that feel like that's what was pushed out there. You are undersized for and it is an hourglass figure. And that's just how it is. Right. So and I did look it up just by the way she is pregnant. And that's I didn't know it was boys, but she's pregnant with twin boys. So

Misty Enright  22:08  
very nice fashion, it a very busy one. Well, and

Kristina Stubblefield  22:11  
I just think that in the time where we're at with social media, with appearance with people about pregnancy, and, you know, I feel like a lot of times I hear people so trying to get back to their pre pregnant pregnancy weight, right? What a great role model, I feel like her journey, I'm sure she will share it out there, and will empower others not to get so hung up right on the number on that scale, but to just embrace the time and enjoy it. And I'm sure there's plenty others out there that do that. But I know she will be active and vocal right about her journey and not allowing people to push her right into a certain direction that she doesn't want to go.

Misty Enright  23:00  
And that's why this whole you know, this whole campaign is so important. You know, it's, it's a local thing, like let's, you know, when I first moved here, I had been doing weddings for a long time in Connecticut, and we moved to here, I'm from Kentucky, I'm an Eastern Kentucky girl, we moved here in 2013. And, you know, that's something that I wanted to do full time, you know, I kind of wanted to, you know, ease off weddings since I had a small child and do more of this, you know, because I saw how fun it was and how, you know, much women enjoyed it and, and at the time, I was only shooting brides to be you know, as a as a gift for their fiance. And I hit some resistance both from my, you know, support system and from, you know, like friends who didn't understand. And then from the community when I tried to promote it, you know, just some real negativity. And so I was like, Oh, well, maybe we're not ready to celebrate

Kristina Stubblefield  23:57  
ourselves again, hung up on that word, right? booed war, right?

Misty Enright  24:01  
I don't even have a bed in my studio.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:05  
But that's awesome, though, because some people have no idea what they're walking into, or what the studio they're going into,

Misty Enright  24:12  
right? It's a it's a big open, beautiful room full of light. And there's some chairs and stools and we sit and we stand and we we pose and it's so super fun. And we're changing the light up. We're doing natural light, we're doing silhouettes. I mean, it's there's a lot of beautiful things that happen, but it's not. It's kind of the opposite of what you imagine if I like

Kristina Stubblefield  24:39  
that what you've said about empowerment sessions, that to me, embraces more of what you're talking about, right? Because I think people's mind when you just hear broodwar they think lingerie or no clothes,

Misty Enright  24:53  
right? It's hard because when you're trying to and as a marketing person, tell me if I'm wrong. I mean, as somebody who's trying to do Do something different and break your old identity and kind of like launch into something forward. You know, I would rather call them sassy, sexy, badass portraits or real women fierce photos or Yeah, something. But you have to say broodwar in order for it to catch with people, and then you say boudoir, and you're like, No, that's not what I meant. That's right, listen, listen.

Kristina Stubblefield  25:23  
Those are your best friends, right? Because you can not necessarily market your style with one word, right? You can't write, you can't eat people seeing those photos on your social media on your website. That is what really drives home from a marketing standpoint, because it's not really just labeled one thing or another, just like you just said, right? Sexy, fierce, you know, all those things. I'd love to hear you say Brood War at all, until you're like, well, you kind of have to tell them. But in all honesty, like you said, they can come in sweat pants, right? Or a sports bra, or Yeah, they can be younger, they can be older, they can be pregnant, you know, you're really incorporating anyone in everyone. And that's the message,

Misty Enright  26:12  
right? I mean, on my website, they're called real women sessions. And you see, I love that picture that's on my website to show it is a picture of a woman who is fully dressed. And it's sassy. And it's high fashion, and it's dramatic, and it's in black and white, and it is totally 100% my style. And then from there, then as you scroll, then you get like, some sexier things. But that is but it

Kristina Stubblefield  26:40  
goes back to what you said. The the client that is there with you. It's up to their exactly what they want to write and share how much they want to take off what their level of comfort, right is. And

Misty Enright  26:54  
for that there's no wrong answer. There is no wrong answer what you say, Sharon is your definition of sexy may not be my definition of sexy, but you're not wrong. And I'm not wrong. And Christine, yours might be different than everybody. So you're not wrong. Yeah, everyone is different. And, and I can't say that I've never shot someone who was practically, you know, like, in nothing at all, because that has happened to but I think it was more surprising to me than anybody because when we had talked we had talked about a very different session. And then all of a sudden she comes out of the bathroom and she was like, but that's that's up to you. She wasn't wrong, right? You know, and I gotta say, like, that's okay, too. But that's not what I'm you know, I feel like when you start advertising that way, or marketing in that direction, you miss the real women, right? You miss the women that are lying.

Sharon Rumsey  27:49  
I mean, I'm gonna be really honest. When I hear the word Brood War, it that scares me. Like, I would feel like, intimidated to do that. Because I wouldn't really know. It had I not said here and had this conversation with yours. When I heard that word. I wouldn't think of what your

Kristina Stubblefield  28:06  
level layers of clothes that you can have on or not have on Oh, she doesn't have a bed. She has chairs and tools and you can stand to take some of your you. All you have in your mind is maybe other things you've seen out there or things you've heard from other people,

Misty Enright  28:22  
right? I had a woman who did a boudoir session and it was an anniversary gift. So it was after they were already married. I did their engagement photos, excuse me on their wedding photos. And then and I'm still working with them have kids now but I did this bid wars and anniversary gift and she wore her husband's a huge Cincinnati Reds fan. And they went to UC big Cincinnati Reds fan. They go they take off work every year they go you know, she wore his reds jersey and I don't know what player but it was bright red and she's a brunette. I bet it's sharp. It's sharp, and it's Stark, and she's fully dressed. And there's a picture of her with her hands like on the buttons and she's buttoning it. And I had zoomed in on her hands and that's one of my favorite pictures and it's sexy, but she's fully clothed her face isn't in it she you know like Uh huh. There it's totally anonymous. And she's buttoning it not unbuttoning it, if that makes sense. And it is really it's just a it's a beautiful portrait. And then she framed that and she put it in her bathroom. I love it. I think I don't know if it's still there.

Kristina Stubblefield  29:36  
And I think this is one of those things that whenever you're branching out or going off in a little different direction, right? It's a little tricky because, you know, you've been known in this field for so long and you're kind of going out into this field. But now talking to you I can tell you are very passionate about this extremely passionate, I can tell Yes. Because you've completely switched from when we were talking about some photography tips about your wedding photography. But that, to me is what makes it so incredible about having this conversation is because you're truly passionate about what you're doing and making a difference for people, right? Because this not only affects them, it affects you.

Sharon Rumsey  30:29  
Sure. On what a compliment to you that ladies feel so comfortable with you. Right? Yes, because that I mean that would.

Misty Enright  30:37  
And it's not easy and you have nervous jitters and I have nervous jitters, you know, when they come in, it's like, but we're gonna laugh our way through it, too. You know, we're gonna do something and I always say, you know, if you feel awkward, tell me, but we're gonna do it anyway. I love that, you know, like, tell me that you're feel awkward, but we're gonna keep going and it'd be okay.

Kristina Stubblefield  30:56  
Wait, we're talking about communication is key. Again, in another episode, we tend to bring that up a lot, don't

Sharon Rumsey  31:02  
we? Uh, yes. It's pretty much key to everything is them

Kristina Stubblefield  31:05  
just expressing where they're where they're at how they're feeling, right? that can help you with making it a whole better session for them, right? Absolutely.

Misty Enright  31:16  
And you don't have to be connected to the camera looking directly into the lens every minute. You can be looking away, you could be laughing, you can be rolling your eyes at me, that's fine. Like, that's all part of the natural expressions and who you are. And you know, like is that if it takes a couple of bad jokes to get you warmed up, then that's?

Kristina Stubblefield  31:37  
Well, here's what I think I've learned lis going through this whole episode is everyone should experience this at some point in time in their life. I think so. Everyone just did. Well in what a great thing to come back and be going through it. And then you get to, you've just experienced the whole thing. You know how a person's feeling or what they could be our listeners

Sharon Rumsey  32:03  
didn't get to hear misty story. You actually did. You wanted to know what your clients were?

Kristina Stubblefield  32:10  
Yes, she did at the very beginning. Yeah, we talked about some so much before we started. But she was like, Hey, don't share this with anybody. No, I was just Yeah, and I was totally we weren't recording in here. Yes. But I thought that's great that she shared that because she went and lived that experience. We talk

Sharon Rumsey  32:28  
so much before we started down that I thought yeah, telling me that before we started that,

Kristina Stubblefield  32:31  
sorry. Are you okay, Sharon? I know when the wedding started because zero, you need a Coke Zero. Okay. Can you believe that? We've been talking about this for 30 minutes?

Misty Enright  32:40  
Oh my gosh, already.

Kristina Stubblefield  32:41  
So here's what we're gonna do. How about we have you back on to talk about some photography tips Sure. In or wet another episode, wedding photography tips, because you have so much experience. And I know you've got a lot of tips that we can pull from because we were hammering away the questions that you before we started, right. Yeah. But I think this has been so great. I think this is going to be impactful for those that listen and need. Want to do it as a gift want to do it for empowerment, their mojo back, like you said, I think this brings this is a whole different topic than we've ever talked about. And that's why I felt like it was so important to just keep going with this. Oh, I

Sharon Rumsey  33:23  
totally agree. Yeah. Okay.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:25  
So for those that want to connect with you, will you share with them your website? Or how about how they can connect with you, you want them to connect on social media?

Misty Enright  33:34  
Sure, it's, the website is booked with misty and right backslash broodwar. And you can go there. And then on Instagram, it's broodwar by misty. So that's kind of getting built up right now.

Kristina Stubblefield  33:51  
So you're keeping that separate than your wedding except very smart.

Misty Enright  33:55  
So I'm keeping it separate because like I said, I shoot tweens and teens. And so I don't want them to see something that maybe they won't understand. Gotcha. Not that there's anything there that they couldn't see because they're going to get whatever, on Instagram. Right? But I want to keep them separate so that you know the moms feel comfortable that again, there's no beds and

Kristina Stubblefield  34:19  
yes, Missy,

Sharon Rumsey  34:21  
thank you so much for being our guest today. I appreciate it so much. Not only did I learn a lot, but I think you helped us kind of Christina and I find maybe our Mojo again. So guys, thank you all for listening. We appreciate each and every one of our listeners. So so much. The best thing you can do to help us is like I always say hop on and leave us a glowing five star review. Until next time.

Kristina Stubblefield  34:58  
Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things. If you liked what you heard, make sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified of upcoming episodes. You can also visit our website, for past episodes, and make sure to connect with us on social media. If you would like to help us get the word out about this podcast, make sure to share with your family, your friends and anyone you know in the wedding business.