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May 11, 2022

A Sprinkle of Pixie Dust with Master Planner, Monica Richard

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In the year that will host the most weddings of all time, what is going to make yours unique & special? Stay tuned! You will get some great inspiration in this episode! Kristina and Sharon had the pleasure of interviewing Master Wedding Planner, Monica Richard of Mon Amie Events. 

Listen in to hear them discuss their goals of intimately getting to know their clients to create an event beyond their wildest expectations and orchestrating a unique evening that leaves guest’s gob smacked and remembering it for years to come!  

Mon Amie Events, Inc was founded over 10 years ago by Monica Richard, MWP ™.   Her strength lies in making her clients’ experience less stressful and more magical.  This stems from her background at Walt Disney World. By focusing on logistics, Monica’s goal is to make each of her clients feel as though they are guests at their own events, while allowing them to step into a fantasy beyond their wildest expectations. 

• [5:05] Monica talks about her goal of getting to know her clients so intimately that she exceeds their wildest expectations. 
• [7:30] Monica talks about how she creates memorable moments for her client’s and their guests at every wedding.
• [15:25] Monica talks about making the weddings she plans unique: “I want to find something that they wouldn't have even thought of…”
• [18:43] “Create something that is the guest’s gift, because they've taken time, they've taken an investment in money to come… Probably hotel rooms travel, and you want to show gratitude that they've come.”

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
In a year that we'll see a record breaking amount of weddings, what is going to make yours unique and special? How do you make it stand out?

Sharon Rumsey  0:07  
You will get some great inspiration in this episode, Master Wedding Planner and Indiana State Chair for the Association of Bridal Consultants, Monica Richard is here to explain why it is important for each wedding to have its own unique personality along with her tips and tricks for creating out of the box guest experiences.

Kristina Stubblefield  0:27  
You're listening to The Ring The Bling And All The Things Podcast. I'm Kristina Stubblefield, one of your hosts, along with my two good friends Michael Gaddie and Sharon Rumsey. We are here to get you from down on one knee down the aisle and into happily ever after. Our informative episodes deliver valuable tips, trends, ideas, and advice covering everything from you saying yes to the i do's and all that happens in between and after. Now, let's get started with this episode.

Sharon Rumsey  1:06  
Hello ring the bling family. I am so super excited for this episode. We have someone on today that I have looked up to since I started planning weddings honestly a little bit before. We have the Indiana State Chair of the Association of Bridal Consultants, the owner of Monami Events and Master Wedding Planner and she's going to explain to you what all that entails Monica, Richard.

Monica Richard  1:34  
Hello, friends.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:35  
Thank you so much for being with us.

Monica Richard  1:37  
I would miss it. I'm really honored. You asked

Sharon Rumsey  1:39  
I'm so pumped for this. I

Kristina Stubblefield  1:41  
won't get a word in edgewise Monica. And that's fine. 

Monica Richard  1:44  
Guys are so so nice. Sharon, I

Kristina Stubblefield  1:46  
know you've been so excited about I have heard you talk about Monica so much. So I'll let you lead the way.

Sharon Rumsey  1:53  
Well, I actually found Monica, when I was deciding it's not fair to just hang up your shingle and say you're a wedding planner, you actually probably need to get some education and you need to put yourself amongst those people that are leaders in your industry to learn from them. And I'm lucky enough that although most of my weddings are in Louisville, Kentucky, I live in Indiana. So Monica, Richard is my state chair and is responsible for planning all of the education for the wedding planners that are part of ABC in Indiana and I just look up to her so much I, the company you have built is just unreal. It's an amazing, amazing company and accomplishment. Becoming a Master wedding planner is a huge accomplishment. I didn't even know what all that entails till I looked into it. So tell us a little bit about your background, how did weddings find you?

Monica Richard  2:47  
Well, thank you, I'm glad that our rules for ABC are such that it's your home address, not your not your point of business, because that means you get to be mine. You're one of my kids. And I appreciate that. Because you're you're definitely skyrocketing. And I appreciate that I get to watch you grow. So I have been a planner for more than 15 years. That's the secret code for a long time in our industry. And I started my career path actually at Disney. That is not to say I was a Disney wedding planner, I want to be very clear about that. But I did start working for Disney right out of college. And it absolutely transformed who I was, and instilled in me what I wanted to do for events, and what I do on a daily basis with my clients. I use those fundamental key points in every single event I do. I do sprinkle a little pixie dust and all of my best. But I don't put Mickey ears on all of my events, there's there is a fine line there. And that isn't to say that I branded myself with many mouse ears, which I know some people do. But there is a little bit of magic and all the events that I that I do. I became an ABC member about the year 2000. That's kind of shameful that I don't know the exact date. I apologize for that. And it was in 2005 that I found out what a master bridal consultant was. Now there have changed the name to master wedding planner. And it was because of my mentor Sasha Sousa. And she was young and fiery and as cool redhead from California. And I thought, oh, I want to be just like her and similar hair color. And here we are. And she was formative and helping teach me about events about design about learning who your client was, and a term that really instilled in me something that I try to do, which is called dating your client and that is Not to take off Jennifer Lopez, who ultimately to date her client, right? Wedding Planner. But what I mean by that is getting to know your clients so intimately, you're reading their books, you are watching what they watch, you are traveling where they travel, or if you're not, you're learning about where they travel, you shop where they shop, or know where they shop, you know everything about them so intimately, that you're reading their mind in such a way, that when they walk into the ballroom space or the event room, they think I never could have imagined that. Well, of course, they could have imagined that it's just not their job to imagine that. So you create something beyond their wildest expectations. Because you know them so intimately you, you're dating them. So that is something that she instilled in me really, really early in my career. And I hope made me a better planner than I could have imagined because of it. And therefore a good designer. So through taking classes and experiences and creating different clients, you ultimately take the coursework, and the path to become a master wedding planner. And there are approximately 50 in the world. And they do span all over the world.

Sharon Rumsey  6:18  
That is an elite group.

Monica Richard  6:20  
Thank you. So fun group.

Sharon Rumsey  6:22  
And I love what you just said, because on wedding day, you have to know them inside out because you're gonna have to answer for them. Yes, you know, you're gonna have to know what would Kelsey want me to? Do? You know, what would she choose? What would and that was my one of my favorite brides. So I was turning but yeah,

Kristina Stubblefield  6:42  
you don't just have one favorite. She talked about many have a

Sharon Rumsey  6:46  
ton, but she was the most recent. Your most recent favorite, my most recent favorite for sure. So one of the things I love, you know, in following your career and your weddings, and in your events is the entertainment aspect that you bring in is just like five notches above anything I've ever seen anywhere else. So when you're planning a wedding, how do you first of all, figure out what type of entertainment you want? And then how do you take that and do your magic and take it 10 levels up? I mean, I've seen you bring in solo performers I've seen you know, how do you do that?

Monica Richard  7:30  
Thank you, I I do not want a wedding when people leave that they don't think that their time and their investment, both time and financial was worth it. Right? If they could have spent their Saturday night and in front of Netflix, then that was not a good investment from anybody from the family, or from the guest. And at the end of our lives. Nobody's going to remember the Saturday night in front of Netflix, you think back on vacations, you think back on weddings, you think back on key moments in people's lives. And we do remember weddings, we do. And you don't necessarily remember your own. You also remember your friends and families. And often you remember the entertainment that was at a wedding. And it isn't always the band. You know, it could be other moments in the evening that entertainment. And so my clients and I have big conversations about that. Because every client, if I say tell me three things about that you want your guests to say about your wedding, they all answer how fun it was. So I'm like, Okay, tell me anything about that sentence? Because they're going to say that every time every time. So you cannot answer. My wedding was fun. That's too obvious. So tell me three things you want your guests to say? On Monday morning, as you're leaving on your honeymoon, what do you want to say about your own wedding? And so I want my couples to really, really think deeply about that. And I give them a dossier of questions that they have to answer. And, and my wedding professional team, so caterer, florist, graphic designer, all of us dive into it. And they could answer things about their first date. They could answer where they've traveled. But they they've got one cool nugget in there that we're going to find. And that ultimately could pull out some cool entertainment. So I had a couple who they we noticed the underlying thread. There was a lot of miniature golf involved with this couple. A lot. And so I went back to them to the couple after I we went through their questionnaire. We're like, Hey, you answered a lot about miniature golf. You're like, Well, yeah, we do a lot more often than we realized. Yeah. And I said, so who's the better miniature golfer? And of course they each answer that They were each the veteran miniature golfer. So competition was big with this couple and miniature golfing. So we surprised the couple with their own miniature golf course at their wedding. And oh my goodness, I didn't even know it was happening. The only person who knew was the mother of the bride. So, but the guests, the way this event was set up was that dancing was in a different room than dinner. So when they went into dance, that's where the miniature golf course was. And the there were not 18 holes, that would have been a little bit much so that the number of holes was actually that the flags were the date of the wedding. And the obviously the you have to have different colored balls. So the balls match the colors of the wedding. And I mean, there were just little things that is so creative, people went bananas, but that couple was like they were so gobsmacked. But actually the guests were like, Oh my gosh, you know how many times we've been golfing with them like guests. Guests. They put it out they Yeah, guess freaked out over it because they they of course had been miniature golfing with them a million

Sharon Rumsey  11:09  
million and I'm just imagining the photos to Oh, miniature golf in your wedding dress. Yes,

Monica Richard  11:13  
that Yeah. And guys always always make a big deal. I mean, every guy can minister can golf, and it was sure it was a great, great moment. It it really wasn't overly cost prohibitive. It was a pretty incredible experience. And everybody was we the one thing we didn't do was have as many balls as guests regrettable, honestly, because people we knew people would want them. We didn't know that people would want everybody would want them. Everybody would want every single color ball. Yeah. Because we we should have gotten more golf balls. That is my only regret, honestly. But it people, everybody has their golf club story, you know, and I tell my clients, I'm like, I'm going to find your golf course. I'm going to find what it is. And they're like, Oh, God, oh, God, we got to figure out our golf course. And I'm like, you have a golf course. Everybody has one is that one thing that we can find your one one moment to make your form of entertainment. And, and sometimes I don't find it the first week I'm working with them. That's completely okay. I've got a year or year and a half. Right, find that. And every wedding has it because I don't want your wedding to be salad, chicken and cake. You know, I don't want guests to leave and think wow, that was a wedding. That was a wedding. And I could have gone to Netflix tonight. Yeah, I want it to be something that when guests leave, they don't say that was so fun. They say that was so Kelsey, just to take it right, right? That they leave and they say this was so fun. I'm glad I spent the money to come. I'm glad I gave up my Saturday night in front of Netflix. This was an incredible evening. It was exactly them. And I'll never forget it. Because that's what entertainment should be. It should be an evening of great entertainment, an evening about them. And an evening that for the rest of your lives. You remember, so when I go miniature golfing, of course I think of them I absolutely I have I have a pale blue golf ball sitting on my desk. With their logo, I always well, this couple is imprinted in my heart forever. This family means so much to me, not just because I made a golf course for them, right. But for a myriad of reasons. I went to Paris, and it happened to be their honeymoon. I mean, forgive me their wedding anniversary. And I snapped a little picture. And they were like, that's how it happens to be our favorite hotel in the whole world. And it it just was, but it was also their wedding anniversary. And I and I said the only thing missing is a golf course. You know, I just think of them all the time. They are a wonderful, wonderful couple. And there are certain musical acts that I've brought in and of course, years later here, then I hear them and or see them on TV. And I think, Oh, I wonder how that couple is doing or, you know, you'll text a picture of somebody, you know, I'm going to their concert and you think of them or wonder if they're in the cloud. They are. Yeah,

Sharon Rumsey  14:19  
I think that's one of the things that I appreciate the most about what we do is those relationships that you build. I mean, I literally my husband teases me all this time because post wedding day, I'm exhausted. But I'm sad. Because I've just gotten to me, I've just taken these people into my heart for a year for 18 months. And I'm like, I wonder what's going to happen to them Monday, like we know, I'm not gonna get to talk to them all the time anymore. But I'm starting I'm far enough in now that I'm starting to get what you're saying. Because I do the same thing. You know, I'll drive by a venue and I'll remember that wedding and I'll you know, oh we did a bourbon. Hello, Kentucky. We did a bourbon tasting They're for his bachelorette party or, you know, and I'm actually starting to get, you know, asked to plan some baby showers and be part of those special events in their life too. So I totally get it. And I love that. What I hear you saying is you get to know that couples so well, that you know what their golf course is our gonna find out? What will make that wedding uniquely about them? Oh,

Monica Richard  15:25  
absolutely. That I want to find something that they wouldn't have even thought of, even though of course, they would have thought of it. They they just didn't know, either that it was possible. Or they don't think about weddings that way. Because they're always a guest. Or they're so myopic on. I need a gown. And we need tuxedos. We need invitations, we need to eat dinner, we need flowers to get transportation, they think like that. They check the box. Yes, yeah. They're not thinking, what can we do so differently? Right? What can we do to make guest experience something they ever have before? They don't know the possibilities are out there in order to think of things in a grand way. I have a client who is obsessed with lipstick. I mean, Justice actually has an Instagram account that is nothing but the shade of lipstick that she's wearing that day. And so it's kind of a you know, that's her Fenster is her lipstick color. And there is a company that I don't want to say it does like palm readings, but they do lip readings of your lips. So you put on your lipstick, blot it, and then they read read your read your fortune. Oh, my goodness, what with your lip print? Does that make sense? How did you find that? Actually, I went to an event in Dallas. And I was they read my lips. And it was the same idea. So

Kristina Stubblefield  16:56  
I'm definitely going to need that contact information. I'm really excited about that. Really. I had you heard of that,

Monica Richard  17:02  
though. So anyone who knows this? Bride knows,

Sharon Rumsey  17:06  
they'll get it built? Yeah.

Monica Richard  17:09  
They, they also will have some very matte colors for the men in the crowd. But actually, the guys were all over it all over it. So during cocktail hour, they we set it up and people went bananas because they have the teeny tiny lipsticks, like sample sizes. And people were going crazy. And they were really daring with their lip choices. Right? Because why not? So then they got you know, they did their blot. And we had a calligrapher put your name on it so beautifully. And you got your lip print. It was really cool. Oh my gosh, cool kissing booth. And in the COVID era to have a kissing booth was kind of exceptionally special. Because you weren't kissing? You weren't doing that? Yeah, I love it. So you've got to think of things that are just very different. Sometimes to be a little bit risque is what people are talking about. So yeah, when you have a kissing booth when people are like, wait, wait, what is going to happen over there? Yeah, you gotta think of something different. So everyone has their something. It's find out what it is get to know your clients on a really intimate level. And it exists. Because sure, you're going to have a great band, or you're going to have a fun DJ, but have something little little different. Because both of those scenarios became the favor right? me share the Jordan almonds of yesteryear are is no. Right. So what can you do that create something that is there the guests gift, because they've taken time, they've taken an investment in money to come? Probably hotel rooms travel, and you want to show gratitude that they've come. So give them an experience that is so different. And how many people took how many Instagrams, how many stories is that lit print on? But how many people tucked that up in their mirror? And Kevin and yeah, I have my lip print? Of course I do.

Kristina Stubblefield  19:16  
Super cool. And I hear her saying is, don't be afraid to embrace your own personality, something that's special. Don't shy away from that to include it in your special day.

Monica Richard  19:30  
Oh, the more you show that, the better, the better. I mean, we've all seen a boxwood wall with a neon sign, right? But if you could do something different to show your your intrinsic personality that is going to be on way more people's minds and show who you are than something that everybody has seen and you're 75 sorority sisters, or bridesmaids have not done yet.

Sharon Rumsey  20:05  
Well, and you know, speaking as a wedding professional who's at weddings all the time, I even get tired of the crackerbox weddings. You know, I'm like, Could we please not do this over and over and over again. So I love bringing in that extra element because you're totally right. And I think sometimes in a couple's head, they're just so ingrained, I have to do this and check that box. And I have to hire a florist. And check this box and transportation and check this box, I need to have new boxes in their head that they can check off. I love it. Like just an experience instead of checking off a box.

Kristina Stubblefield  20:44  
I know the one thing you've mentioned before, what is it the bourbon barrels?

Sharon Rumsey  20:47  
I'm done with them?

Kristina Stubblefield  20:49  
Every event you felt they were using, though? Yeah.

Sharon Rumsey  20:53  
Yeah. When it comes to the music and dancing? What do you do you put any spin on that to make it a Monica wedding? Like how do you?

Monica Richard  21:03  
I think entertainment is incredibly important. I will have conversations, you know, I want more than one entertainment act in the night. I grew up in the Sesame Street generation. So an entertainment changed every seven minutes my whole life, right. So your guests feel the same way. And now they are clients grew up on iPhone iGeneration, you know, they shouldn't be Generation Z, they should be i Exactly. Everything's changing all the time, everything's

Sharon Rumsey  21:32  
in their hand all the time. So instant. So they

Monica Richard  21:34  
the entertainment should change instantly all the time. And so if you have one form of entertainment, something is wrong, it has to change. And so your ceremony, genre should be likely different than your cocktail genre. And that should also be different than dinner, and dancing. So theoretically, we're looking at four forms of entertainment. Right? If budgets don't allow for that, at least make the sound different for different kinds of music. I know that that not every budget can allow for four different musical acts. Right, I get that, but at least have four different entirely different sounds. Okay, so I'm trying to, to qualify that conflict a little bit. But if we have four different musical acts, what what are we looking for here? And I'll have conversations about Okay. Where Where do you travel? Where are we traveling? What can we pull from? So if they're going to Mexico on their honeymoon, why isn't that cocktail hour? A mariachi band? Let's live it up. Let's have that sound equate to where we're going. You know, we just got married. It's joyful, celebratory. Let's pull in that sound. And let's have our flavors match the sound because your your cocktail hours fun, lively, vibrant, full of flavor full of sound full of color, and have your cocktail or be fun. Because you just got married be full of joy. Yeah. So let's let's do that. Because your ceremony, although the most important 20 minutes of your life, there's this. There's a solemnity to that. And so the sound often has that tonality. Yeah. So then let's kick it up. We just got married. Play it up. And that

Sharon Rumsey  23:19  
way you're just kind of amping them up for the reception. The party. Start Yeah,

Monica Richard  23:24  

Sharon Rumsey  23:25  
I love that.

Monica Richard  23:25  
So those two sounds those musical tonalities are very different for that reason. So and often live music is not a budget buster people often think that it is I encountered

Sharon Rumsey  23:39  
that all the time. And I just let's look let's quote it let's see yeah,

Monica Richard  23:43  
sometimes even just like musicians at a cocktail hour it can it can often not to be a budget buster right so frequently that it is like why don't we just look at it for your for your ceremony or your cocktail hour or dinner. Because I think you may be pleasantly surprised and support live musicians support local artists. It's really important

Sharon Rumsey  24:05  
adds so so much as I love live music.

Monica Richard  24:09  
And so any one of those three points on the night. I think it's wildly important and very often you can get family history involved. You know, a bagpiper adds so much if indoors, but not necessarily be wildly thrilled with it. But if you're outdoors a bagpiper can can add so much. I love bye bye due

Sharon Rumsey  24:32  
to one of my very favorite.

Monica Richard  24:33  
I do too. And I think Irish families are always so proud and why not and they don't cost very much and they add so much to the night. harpus are lovely. And they're loud. People are always surprised with how the amplification that's not necessarily for them. People are like whoa, I have no idea. And what's great about a harp is you can have classical music or like The Rolling Stones. Yeah A autoharp and people are always like, what I think bridgerton did bring to light that you can play contemporary music on strings, or on on harp, where, a year and a half ago, I don't know that people knew that. And I would always tell my clients, if you're unsure, go to Spotify, and type in vitamin String Quartet. And then they were their mind was open to that entire genre of music. But bridgerton did that for so many couples that I don't think were wildly aware of that before.

Sharon Rumsey  25:32  
There's a trio that I've used several times, and they're called electro Nia. And it's three like he just said, redheaded Farley like fine ladies gotta love us. And it's an electric String Trio. And they can play anything easy top, you know, anything you want them to play, they can play it. And I usually will have them do ceremony and again that solemn very, you know, serious tone, then we send them to cocktail hour and let them open it up. Right. And it's so so fun.

Monica Richard  26:01  
I love what even when you have a couple who does contemporary music for a ceremony and the guests are like tinnitus here yellow, I'm like you should. Or the dad is like, when we're walking on the eldest child of mine, I'm like you are. Your kid is awesome. You can actually

Sharon Rumsey  26:16  
see guests too, I've been at a ceremony and seeing guests because they're expecting the very traditional, and they're listening to what we would call, you know, instrumental classical music. And then they're like, Whoa, I know that song. Like, you know, you can see their faces kind of I always love when that happens.

Monica Richard  26:32  
Yeah, like when flower girls walked down the aisle to you know, any any contemporary music. It's very, very cool.

Sharon Rumsey  26:40  
I love that

Kristina Stubblefield  26:41  
or Bubble. Bubble girls, right?

Sharon Rumsey  26:43  
Yeah, I had a 98 year old Nana, that was my flower girl. And we brought her down to here comes the sun. I love that. And it was a showstopper. Of course it is. I mean, people like stood up and clap. Yes, the best. Yeah, and I have her picture on my desk, because she makes, she makes me happy when I see her, she makes me happy here, I'll have to send you the picture, you'll love it. So I know when you use a band, because we we talked about this prior when you use a band, you also use a DJ,

Monica Richard  27:13  
often, often I do not exclusively, okay, it is client driven. And there are some bands that now include DJs for a fusion sound, they are not as popular in the Midwest. So some, so we're off, they often bring up, I bring them out of out of Miami. But sometimes I will have a DJ and the DJs are club style, for lack of a better description they mix are a couple of great club DJs in our in our in our area. But we will do that for our band breaks, or to do perhaps later in the evening. Like, I don't want to call them after parties because we're still in the same space. But that that that dual component, or because it's a completely different sound, you know, bands, alright, our cover, and these are not. So sometimes we will have joint joint joint nights,

Sharon Rumsey  28:14  
because I love using a band. I love it. But when they do take a break. You know, I've had the experience where they kind of plug and play like, you know, something of a premade playlist or something and you can see the dance floor kind of change because the vibes just not there. So I think have I think that's super smart to have somebody there to start mixing and keep that dance floor going and still give your musicians a break

Monica Richard  28:37  
to cut. Yeah, some some bands, you know that there's going to be a break happening. And so to have that option

Sharon Rumsey  28:44  
work. And I know you brought in solo performers to Lindsey Stirling

Monica Richard  28:49  
i Yeah, yeah. And during the absolute, pardon me the height of COVID. Looking back, you're like wow, why? Why did we do that? What were we thinking it was pre vaccine. To be very clear, there was a lot of testing and a lot of safety, conversation and precautions that took place. It was at a time where things were outdoors. And this family was incredibly respectful and cautionary about everything that was happening. And with an eight week planning period, oh, I didn't know that. It was a very short term planning process from engagement to wedding in part because of COVID. They hurt Lindsay's wedding Forgive me lenses tour was canceled. And the bride's favorite artist is Lindsey Stirling. And she was disappointed that the tour was canceled and the grim sobelle Never say never. Let's see what's what. And so we the calls were made and Lindsay was because a large part because of all the safety precautions that were placed to do a one night only tour, basically. And so there it was in the backyard of this wonderful family. That's amazing. It was it was really remarkable for a lot of reasons, including the fact that this was the height of COVID. This was when people were still weekly, putting in unemployment. And every single person working was from Indiana, that was really, really important to the family to have local professionals working. So with the exception of lenses band, that was entirely true. All of the roadies were local, sound and tech crew. Because everybody who would have been on the road with other bands, we didn't cut out. Yeah, so it was all local, all the staging techs, everybody. And an everybody's safety was really, really paramount. And she came and did the show. But this was not my first national act. It was just the first one with a short short window, and in the height of a pandemic. So when she came back and did the tour this year, we got to see the whole show again, with all the bridesmaids and the photographer. How fun Yeah, and it was very cool, because there were things that we knew she was almost practicing, you know, and had pulled the plug on and had gotten done an NFL costumes, and to see her real show with rigging and how magnificent with all of the dancers and full costuming. And it was very special, because in real costuming, she changes costumes about eight or nine times. And in a backyard, only two or three. Oh my god,

Sharon Rumsey  31:53  
I remember seeing that on your Instagram because I love her as well. And I was like, How did Monica do that?

Monica Richard  32:02  
Not a lot of sleep. i It's funny, the calm app? Are you familiar with? Oh, yes. I think a lot of people became very intimate with the comm app during the height of COVID. Absolutely. And she downloaded onto the comm app during that time, like summer of 2020. And it was a joke that I was hearing, literally hearing Lindsey and my sleep. And the bride was like did you know Lindsey is on the call map. I'm like, I do know, I hear her and even in my sleep. And so I was Lindsay 24/7 That that time, you know, and I got to know her pretty well. And I wasn't very familiar with her because you either newer or you don't. That's how it was. And now I hear her everywhere. And she definitely is quite special to me. But I think the moment that I will never, ever forget from that entire process is probably get emotional telling it. She She thanked the family and said it was her only shown for the whole year. And how much it meant to her. Wow. And she played on the Lujah. And that Christmas, she did do a show on NBC. And I stopped like right in the middle of my kitchen when I heard it. And I thought she had to practice it with her band because they hadn't gotten together. And oh my goodness so much feels all the feels it was so hauntingly beautiful to hear it and live with. I don't know 100 people and to hear her talk about it. And then there she is playing it a few months later. It was very raw. And every time I hear the song, whether it's her or not, I am taken right back to that backyard. And that's

Sharon Rumsey  34:13  
what it means. That's what creating those moments mean.

Monica Richard  34:18  
I know every guest Yeah, there were there were people that I knew at that wedding who I just happen to have known like outside and they feel the same way about that night.

Sharon Rumsey  34:30  
And that's when you know you've hit you've hit it

Monica Richard  34:33  
and over Yeah, it's there were it was on a place in our city called Geist reservoir. And there were people on the water who heard it who texted and we're like if this wasn't your wedding, I don't care. I think it was and that was the most beautiful concert. Thank you for putting on a concert our whole city could hear tonight because you could hear it and and it was a very special night. Wow, our city needed it honestly. They really did. It was a time that we needed it.

Sharon Rumsey  35:04  
I think we all needed something like that. At that time

Monica Richard  35:07  
we yeah, we really are sure. For sure.

Kristina Stubblefield  35:11  
I'm just sitting here listening to this and to think about what we've been through, and where we are now, it just a whole new appreciation. I know so many people missed so many things about events, not that you wanted to take them for granted, not anything like that. But that pause. For a lot of professionals, a lot of couples, families, everybody, you know, really changed everyone, whether you're in the event business or not. And I really think it also gives a new appreciation to be able to celebrate, and your all's clients do become family. And my gosh, the stories and everything. It's just a whole new appreciation for two families coming together on that wedding day. And just all the feels of all of that. I think it's just hopefully to say we are in a new light, or whatever the right wording is to use.

Monica Richard  36:19  
I couldn't agree more I keep telling my clients, this is the year of Yes, RSVP counts are very high, people are so ready to celebrate, they are so ready to be together again. I said at the beginning that I've been doing this for more than 15 years, while I will reveal I had a wedding in the immediacy after 911. So do some math, you can now figure out how long I've been doing this. And I will never forget the call I got from the father of the family, right 911 happened on a Tuesday. So clearly, there was a lot of we don't know what's going to happen on Saturday, right? And I said, Well, whatever happens, we will figure this out. And people who had said no to his wedding for that Saturday, had to call and decide that they could come because the planes that they were going to be on were all grounded. So his numbers went up. Because people decided we have to be there. Whatever reason we couldn't have come is now less important. And we're going to be there. That is exactly what is happening again. People are It's the Year of Yes, everyone wants to come to be with you to celebrate and to be part of your day. It's the Year of Yes. And so because it's the year of yes, we need to find what, obviously, the two families coming together is important. But to share in that joy is more than just a DJ or more than just a band, share that experience with them in some way. I am not saying everyone has to go out and find some national recording artist or, or a you know, lip print. But find something that makes your wedding so unique and special. Because in the year that is the most weddings of all time. What is going to make your celebration stand out, because they're going to 75 Weddings this year, in a year of only 50 to Saturday nights. What will make your Yes. Compelling because they want to be with you. They want to share your joy. So let's make it exceptional.

Sharon Rumsey  38:30  
Oh my gosh, I was going to ask her to wrap this up with what one tip would you give to a couple that has just started planning but that's it. I mean, there's there's the tip. For sure. You know, make it about you make it unique and give your guests and experience finder golf course not just a chicken.

Monica Richard  38:50  
No salad chicken cake finder golf course. And if your budget is only salad, chicken and cake, that's okay. But find your golf course. Right.

Sharon Rumsey  38:57  
And there's a ton of things, there's a ton of things that you can do to pull in that uniqueness and make it about the couple without spending a ton of money. Yeah, I mean, absolutely. I love it. I love it.

Kristina Stubblefield  39:09  
I just keep sitting here thinking about a season of change. That is when you are talking about that you know how the seasons change. There's this renewed energy and just what you've said, what I've witnessed over the past few months at some events that I've been at, it's almost like this renewed energy with wedding professionals. And like you mentioned, being there celebrating and a joyous occasion all together. It's I know

Sharon Rumsey  39:36  
during COVID I missed happy you know, we are so blessed that we are trusted me. Yes, it's a huge responsibility. But How blessed are we that we get to take part in one of the most special joyous days of someone's life and I missed it I mean I grieved weddings. I really, really did. And I'm, you know, I am happy to be back out there and I'll eat my salad and my chicken and and find my golf course because I am happy to be back even to a lip print i That sounds really fun. I would like to do this company does some really

Kristina Stubblefield  40:18  
neat things, we will definitely find out who that company is and make sure we share it in the show notes. I'm sure

Sharon Rumsey  40:24  
I'm wondering how many of My Brides now are gonna be telling me that they want to lip print reader.

Monica Richard  40:29  
You got to be first on the scene with that one. You don't want to be the second like Oh, way oh, they just did that.

Sharon Rumsey  40:34  
I actually have someone in mind that would love it.

Kristina Stubblefield  40:37  
I love the whole conversation about entertainment. Because I think sometimes couples out there whether you're working with a wedding planner or not entertainment, you may have thought when we started this episode. Oh, we were going to talk about DJs or bands. And you have shed you've shed light on a whole world of opportunities almost like you're at Disney. world of opportunity. No,

Sharon Rumsey  41:02  
I have no Monica long enough that I knew we were going to way surpass DJs and bands. Wow. That's That's what she's known for. I started creative. Yes. design and planning. Yeah.

Kristina Stubblefield  41:15  
Thank you so much. We're I know you're back. Oh,

Sharon Rumsey  41:19  
we would love to have you back?

Kristina Stubblefield  41:21  
Of course I am. I still see the miniature golf in my head from where she was talking about that story. And I cannot wait to hear feedback from our audience. What is your golf course? What are you doing unique with your wedding day or your reception or ceremony? I know we'd love to hear from

Sharon Rumsey  41:41  
ya. So guys, hop on. Tell us after listening to this, what you're thinking about what's your golf course? What's your, what's your niche that you're going to lock in on for that wedding. And as always, if you really, really enjoyed what you heard hop on and leave a glowing five star review.

Kristina Stubblefield  41:57  
Monica, thank you so much for taking time to be a guest thank you for everything, everything that you've openly shared with all of our listeners, we greatly appreciate that.

Sharon Rumsey  42:09  
Thank you for having me. And thank you for always sharing not only so much of your knowledge, but your heart. With all of the members of the ABC not only in Indiana, Lou shout out Hoosiers, but also nationwide worldwide, you share that knowledge and that heart. And personally, I appreciate it very much. And I know everyone else does

Monica Richard  42:28  
don't don't move out of the state of Indiana, we

Sharon Rumsey  42:29  
would win I'm not going anywhere. They can't change the rules.

Kristina Stubblefield  42:33  
I never even said anything. But Sharon that made me think about the first time that I had the opportunity to meet Monica in person was at the ABC national convention last year, which was here, we haven't even said anything. But we're out of the studio. We are we are in West Baden. So in Indiana, of course. So if you are listening to this podcast and you want to see us, you know, you can always go to our YouTube channel. But my first impression of Monica, at that convention. When I spoke to her on the phone even before it, I could tell how important that event was. And it wasn't a client, it wasn't a wedding, she was actually part of it part of an event putting an event together for other wedding professionals. And even before I met you in person, I could feel the importance, the inclusion, that you wanted us to be part of that event that I could just tell that you are passionate about giving and helping others. And that was my first impression and meeting you in person at that event. Just it just compounded what I originally thought when I talked to you on the phone, so to to also say and share the same that Sharon mentioned. Thank you for everything that you do to give back to other wedding professionals and couples.

Monica Richard  44:04  
Well, thank you. ABC means a lot to me and I want couples nationwide to get good planners and good professionals. Because we are all a service to were we all are a service to our couples in the end. Oh, that's important to me.

Sharon Rumsey  44:23  

Kristina Stubblefield  44:24  
Well, thank you everyone for tuning in. Make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, and we cannot wait to hear your feedback. So thanks again, Monica. And thanks everyone for listening. Until next time everyone. See ya.

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