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Dec. 20, 2021

9 Success Strategies You Can Implement Immediately

In this episode, Kristina invited Dr. Christine Li back on the show to have her share 9 success strategies that anyone can implement immediately to give you a fresh perspective and forward momentum as we head into a new year.

With 2022 slated to be the busiest year for weddings since 1984, have you thought about your company’s vision or mission? You have a unique opportunity before you to grow your business and increase pricing due to demand. Tune into this episode to hear 9 success strategies that will help you get out of your head and take the leap that could grow your business exponentially!

Do you question yourself and your business decisions constantly? Are you filled with self-doubt personally and professionally? Risk needs to happen in order for your business to grow and self-doubt is a time waster! Listen to this episode to hear how forward momentum, and just taking action instead of overthinking it, will start to cure your self-doubt and move your business to new heights.

Do you have a business bestie or accountability partner? Do you schedule your time to intentionally include periods of rest throughout the day? Do you purposefully add joy to your every day? The success strategies being offered in this episode will help you answer YES to all of those questions the next time you get asked. Tune in!

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND some of the blocks that may be causing your negative thinking and at least 9 ways you can address them!

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Kristina Stubblefield  0:00  
This is one episode you won't want to miss. I had my accountability partner and business bestie Dr. Christine Li back on the show. Not only is she a clinical psychologist and a podcaster herself, but she's a procrastination coach, who better to share nine success strategies that any business owner can implement immediately to give them a fresh perspective and forward momentum as we head into the New Year. 

Welcome to Marketing Monday on The Ring The Bling And All The Things podcast. My name is Kristina Stubblefield. And for over 15 years, I've served as a marketing strategist, and business coach. Also, I was once a wedding vendor. In these podcast episodes, I'm providing bite sized digestible marketing solutions and information that can be immediately implemented, and make an impact on your business. Now, let's dive in to this episode. 

My listeners are in for a real treat. If you missed my guest, the first time she appeared on the podcast episode for Marketing Monday, I am so thankful that she's offered to come back around and what a best time to have her as we come to the end of the year and into a new year. I could not be talking about anybody else. But my good friend Dr. Christine Li, you know what, I'm gonna let her tell you just a little bit about herself. Before we dive into today's topic. Christine, thank you so much for taking time to be with me.

Dr. Christine Li  1:39  
Thank you, Kristina, it's always a pleasure to see you and to collaborate with you and to talk with your people. Hi, everyone.

Kristina Stubblefield  1:47  
Thank you, will you tell them just a little bit about your background

Dr. Christine Li  1:50  
tour. I am a clinical psychologist based in New York. And I've been a psychologist for more than 20 years, the time has flown. And for the past 10 years, I've been an online entrepreneur as well, online, I am called procrastination coach. And you might be able to gather from that title, I help people of all walks and all places in all industries to get rid of the blocks that are in their way. And that can be emotional blocks that can be skills deficits that can be negative thinking, you know, the drill, every one of us has some sort of block that gets in the way every once in a while. And some of us have the experience of having blocks that are way too much of a factor in our lives. So I particularly enjoy working with people who have a mission, have a vision, have real skills, and feel like there's some anxiety about getting it out into the world. So I really love helping people just get to work with their best selves.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:08  
Well, and I'll tell you what she left out. She has her own podcast. I do her scene. Tell him about that.

Dr. Christine Li  3:14  
I do I have to say before I talk about the podcast that Christina is one of the main reasons that the podcast is live and successful. This podcast is called make time for success. And I love podcasting. Just I think as much as Kristina loves podcasting. I host different guests I'm anxious to have Kristina on. And I have people showcase their expertise in different areas that are relevant primarily to women 40. And over. It's just a fun time. So I invite everyone here to listen there.

Kristina Stubblefield  3:50  
Well, thank you so much. And you are going to be in for a real treat. And you're going to want to pay close attention. She has compiled nine topics or tips that are success strategies. And that's why I said this is the perfect time as business owners, entrepreneurs, as you come to the close of one year, you're looking for fresh perspective, momentum going into a new year. And wedding professionals especially have a unique opportunity on the horizon. And I'm going to talk a lot about that. They are predicting that 2022 is going to be the busiest season for weddings since 1984. And some may not see that as a really important statistic. But I do because it's an opportunity for wedding professionals to grow their business if they want, maybe scale back their business, increase their prices due to demand but not take on as many events and some of the stuff that I've already heard from Christine is going to hit very close to home on this topic. So, Christina, I'm going to turn it over to you. Let's get started with this. I'm really excited.

Dr. Christine Li  5:07  
I have to thank you so much. These are quick tips. But I feel these are tips that we kind of forget, because of the every day chasing the to the to do list items, taking care of family taking care of business, we forget that there are these micro strategies that can really boost our productivity and calm our hearts down. And I love these kinds of tips. I use them all day long. So the first one is a big one. The first one is to realize that any sort of self doubt, is your biggest time waster. And you can say go I'm just really fussing with this. I'm thinking this through, I'm considering all my options, but you really want to be real with yourself, are you taking a little bit too much of your free and open time to really become perfectionistic? And get the right answer when you can just move forward with something it might just be covering some sort of deeper self doubt you might have that you're thinking I'm just gonna think of my way through this, instead of taking action. And I'm going to encourage you to take action to cure yourself doubt because when we take action, things get better income comes clients come people start to know us, we start to feel better about ourselves and the self doubt tends to get quieter.

Kristina Stubblefield  6:30  
Well, one of the things on that note that I've been trying to implement the last few months is messy action. I tend to lean on Oh, I'll wait just another week, I can fine tune that more. And that really hits home for me. Some action is better than no action. So that's an excellent tip.

Dr. Christine Li  6:50  
Yes, it's again, a really important one. Okay, number two, I just borrowed from someone I interviewed yesterday for my podcast, she said that she fills her mind with positive material to crowd out the main girl voice that she has oftentimes begging for her attention. And I love that tip. So that means the right books, the right podcast, the right collaborators, fill your mind starting from early in the morning with this positive information so that you don't have space for the self doubt anymore. I think it's a fantastic tip.

Kristina Stubblefield  7:32  
Excellent. Gosh, I'm going to start doing that. There's only so much room up there, believe it or not. That's a great tip.

Dr. Christine Li  7:41  
Okay, number three, understand that you need to plan your time sounds super obvious. But I think we allow ourselves to let the benefits of planning dribble away, we think oh, I have to do this, I have to do that. I have to do X, Y and Z. But we're not thinking, Okay, how much time am I going to dedicate to this? Is this worth it? What is the best time of the day for me to start this? So to be really strategic about your time planning?

Kristina Stubblefield  8:17  
Did you pick these because all of them hit home for me? I did it starting to sound like it.

Dr. Christine Li  8:25  
Okay, step number four. This is a tricky one. And I think this this may startle or frightened some people. In a way, I need to let you know that risk needs to happen in your business, for it to grow for you to grow as a person. So you need to understand that when you're feeling fear. It's just a sign that you're doing something that's bigger, that's going to move you forward that is new that is maybe innovative. That is maybe out of your comfort zone. But I want you to practice just recognizing that as something that you can handle. It's not something that threatens to take your life away, or crush your business or whatever other frightful thoughts you have in your mind. Risk is part of doing business. So get used to that.

Kristina Stubblefield  9:16  
Well, if you always operate from the safe zone, you never know what's actually out there. But you're right, it can be scary.

Dr. Christine Li  9:25  
I would never have asked Kristina to be my accountability partner when we were in a podcasting course. And I would never know this beautiful soul.

Kristina Stubblefield  9:35  
You can't imagine my hesitation when I saw she was a procrastination coach. Josh, my husband got a thorough kick out of that. So this is awesome. And we still have more to go.

Dr. Christine Li  9:46  
Yep. And I also got Josh's bonus bonus friends right? Course. Okay, tip number five is I want to encourage you to develop the practice of consistency. And I happen to think that consistency is a really great protection that we have against procrastination. Because when we get in the habit of doing something daily, what room is there for delay, we just know we're going to do this at three o'clock, we're going to get together, we're going to send an email, we're going to do a meditation, we're going to get to the gym, whatever it is for you, I want you to choose one small habit that you can make into a habit, one that really never leaves you that is simple to do, that will align with your purpose and your mission. And you've been thinking about something that is, has some worth to you. So do that. Keep that as a real priority in your day, so that it stays with you. And so that you can get that consistency. Easily. Sometimes we think, Oh, that's such a drag. I don't want to do that every day, oh, this is boring, whatever. That's the wrong mindset to have about something that will really feed you rewards when you stay consistent with it.

Kristina Stubblefield  11:05  
One of the ways that I've been utilizing this is putting it in my calendar. So that way it is marked in there. It comes up as a notification notification on my phone. And I really try to stay vigilant about some of those things that I'm trying to form consistency with. Yes. Awesome. Tip.

Dr. Christine Li  11:26  
Yes. Wonderful. All right, the next strategy tip that we have for you today is building some accountability for yourself. If it's just you talking to you, you might get distracted, you might get tired, you might get overwhelmed by somebody else's request for your time, so having someone like a Kristina, like a business bestie to just check in with or to promise something to or to be working alongside with all of these strategies will help to ramp up your success and speed your progress.

Kristina Stubblefield  12:09  
Well, and especially in the wedding industry, wedding professionals tend to see each other a lot, some of them work some of the same events over and over again, nothing wrong with having like a buddy system in your business, to bounce ideas off of to say, Hey, I'm thinking about offering this in my business. Those people have you probably worked with for a long time. And they're probably going to be honest and upfront with you. And that's the best type of an accountability partner that you can ask for. Excellent tip.

Dr. Christine Li  12:41  
Yes, excellent commentary on that tip, because

Kristina Stubblefield  12:46  
we need to keep them at commentator now.

Dr. Christine Li  12:49  
That's where we need to keep it real. Because when we are just working with ourselves and talking with ourselves, sometimes we get away from what our clients really need, or what our business really needs. So it's great to have someone to bounce ideas off of to

Kristina Stubblefield  13:03  
well, you can also hesitate in pulling the trigger on something because you're not bouncing it off of someone else, you are the one thinking it up creating it making the decision where somebody else could kind of nudge you just by saying that's an awesome idea, or that would really fit with your business. That just a little bit of encouragement and make a big difference.

Dr. Christine Li  13:24  
Yes, agreed. So the next strategy tip that I have for you is very similar, but a little bit different. And that is I'm going to encourage you to collaborate with some new people. So look, to expand your network or to deepen your network, reach out to someone that you think you could develop something with, where you could save each other some time. Or you could push out a new mini product for the holidays, where you could have the work be split in two so that you save yourself some time and I am a big collaborator, I have used this strategy since I was a high school or because I think my confidence was very low when I was in high school and I knew I could get things done. But I needed that friendship piece that other person is with me, I'm not going off the rails with my ideas here. So I really encourage you to look outside of yourself and see who do I want to connect with and how do I want to help someone else to with their business.

Kristina Stubblefield  14:31  
Don't miss the opportunity to work together. Working together, you can reach so much greater audience you can cover more ground. You know if you're not part of wedding groups or the Chamber of Commerce, there's different organizations and things that you can look into. That may be out of your comfort zone. That may be people you don't know. And that is a great way to most of the time. They feel make you feel very comfortable. Welcome. introduce you to people. So if it's something you haven't looked for, for your business, that's a great tip to connect with people you don't know or that you don't constantly run with or work with. Yes, it's it.

Dr. Christine Li  15:15  
It. This is what Christina and I have been doing. We've just been enjoying ourselves, but also really thinking about our businesses. With our two brains on board. It's been amazing.

Kristina Stubblefield  15:29  
And that is something that I don't think people, they feel fearful. I don't know, if I really want to share this with somebody, will somebody steal this from me? Will somebody go tell somebody else about it? You know, sometimes you have to break out of that mold. And just trust in what you've done, what you're creating, and get feedback from people. There are times that there have been people I've worked with the need to keep things under the radar, whether it's a great business idea or something in a very competitive market. But for wedding professionals, a lot of times they're in their specific zone of genius. And you can really make big waves by expanding your reach.

Dr. Christine Li  16:13  
I think having copycat authors or people who are unscrupulous is part of everything. And we just have to concentrate on our own gifts and shining brightly. And personally, I tend to tell myself, I don't have time to worry about copy catters, I would be honored if someone chose to copy my work. But I know that my work will go on beyond that copy catters attempts to steal things.

Kristina Stubblefield  16:42  
One of my favorite sayings is you do you boo. Yes, that's one of my favorite sayings. I have had some stuff copied in the past. I've been doing this a long time. And you know what, they can copy it. They're never you. They are never you. So remember that. But it there's so many more, it's greater than somebody possibly copying off of you to be able to expand your connection based your contact list. It's so much greater than that.

Dr. Christine Li  17:14  
Yes. Alright, so we're at number eight. And this one's very important, but somewhat different than the other ones. And this is that I want you to schedule sanity for yourself, the way your schedule is set is the way your day is going to go. So be purposeful in the way you schedule your time, though, in the way that you promised out your time, because you're gonna have to live that day. So remind yourself, I don't want to grow my business. So much so that it jeopardizes my sanity. And also be very mindful of scheduling in rest, intentionally put in pockets of rest throughout the day. And of course, at the end of the day, so that you have that creativity, you have that energy, you have that discipline for consistency, because without proper rest and your brain opportunity to recharge, when we're our businesses aren't really gonna

Kristina Stubblefield  18:21  
fly. This is a big one for me. I'm gonna tell you, I've told talk to so many people recently, that our clients, potential clients, and I said one of the hardest things that you can learn is the power in no. The other thing that I'll mention on this topic is I have to remind myself this, but to my clients, I say you're the one in control of your own schedule, you're in control of how your week plays out how your week is set up. Let's say it that way, you're in control of how your weakest setup, I'm guilty of this, I stack things on top, I realistically need two hours for something and I can get it done in an hour and a half. The bigger picture to that is not just that one appointment, or that one item you're working on. It's how it's going to affect the other things for that day, the next day. And this deserves much more time than we're giving it all of these topics could be an episode on their own. But this is to start your wheels turning about what we said is success tips. You know, ways that you can adjust small things in your business. Whether you're wrapping up your year, or focusing on the new year that's right around the corner.

Dr. Christine Li  19:43  
Absolutely. We've got a choice in the matter, right, we can influence how things go. That's the general message that I have. Now the last tip is the most fun out of the nine tips and that is that you can add joy to your Every day, it is your choice, how you set the mood for yourself. And by the way that mood will translate to your business and to how things appear and feel to your potential clients and to your current clients. And I think that's really important. I think even if it didn't affect our business, I would want to suggest that you add Joy consciously, purposefully, consistently into your every day, because why are we doing this anyway, you don't want to create something and then suffer over it or feel stressed by it every day. And stress can come with being in business. But I think our greater purpose, for most people that I know is to kind of elevate our experience, to spread joy, and to live in that joy. So when you have the chance to do that, take that opportunity, and go big, I encourage all of you to just breathe, breathe in happiness, exhale this wonderful energy to the world, through your business through your how you conduct your life. And have it all be a piece you've got this? No, no worries anymore. We have no time and no more room for that pesky self doubt.

Kristina Stubblefield  21:18  
Well, Hmm, let's see, where do we start here on this topic. I can't remember a few years ago, I remember about a person speaking, I wish I could remember who it was about gratitude, daily gratitude, before you go to bed. What are you grateful for in that day, and then when you wake up, just being thankful for what you do have, and reminding yourself about that. The other side of this, and I have this conversation a lot with people, we don't give ourselves enough space, and enough room to celebrate what we are achieving, no matter how tiny no matter how small or big in our business. And so many times you're just busy in the grind, that it's worth just taking a breath. How many people are you impacting? Because if you're thinking to yourself, for wedding professionals that are doing an event for a couple, if you think you're just impacting that couple, you're far off most of those events, whether they have 50 people, 100 people, 300 people, you are directly affecting not only that, the other vendors that are there working, the magnitude of the smallest thing that you do in your business, the ripple effect. I'm guilty of this. I work with a lot of people I referral based business very thankful to be I tend to shy away from people congratulating or saying how thankful they are to work with me to know me to met me. I don't I just kind of blow that off. But in all honesty, it's been a lot of work. And it's been a lot of years to get to where I am and my team is. And we owe it to each of ourselves. Ash if you're an entrepreneur or small business, hats off to you because it's not easy no matter what business you're in.

Dr. Christine Li  23:20  
So take care of yourself. Always be proud. I

Kristina Stubblefield  23:23  
knew you. I knew you would have a little something to add to that. Yes.

Dr. Christine Li  23:27  
Be kind to yourself, it's the most important principle I can share.

Kristina Stubblefield  23:32  
Okay, well, she's definitely coming back on, I think I might see if she can come on, like every quarter of 2022. Just because these little small tips. And you all know for my podcast, I try to do bite sized digestible. Smaller episodes is what I consider it to where you will utilize this in your business. That's why I do this. This is basically free information and free tools that you're able to get from listening to the podcast, as well as Christine's podcast, go out and find that on your favorite podcast platform. Or you can get a link to her website in the show notes. She has tools and information that's available in her specialty. And I'm here to tell you, anyone can use what she has out there. So, Christine, thank you so much. I really value your time that you've taken to share not only with me, because this has been super helpful for me. I'm over here taking notes. I'm going to go back and listen to this. But to my audience though, thank you so much for being willing to give this information I think it will be very valuable for them.

Dr. Christine Li  24:39  
Thank you. I hope it is. I love you so much, Kristina, thanks for having me on the show.

Kristina Stubblefield  24:44  
Thank you. Okay, for everybody listening, I really appreciate you take time to share with another wedding professional or business owner, family or friend that you think can benefit from the podcast, whether it's this episode, or any of the episodes, and if you like what you hear, you can always go and leave a review review on your favorite podcast platform. Until next time, everyone, stay safe. Thank you for tuning in to this Marketing Monday episode of The Ring The Bling And All The Things. If you would like to get notified of upcoming episodes, make sure to click the subscribe or the Follow button on your favorite podcast platform. We welcome any feedback from topic ideas to questions you may have. You can visit our website for previous episodes, or to send us a message just visit

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Dr. Christine Li

Clinical Psychologist, Author & Procrastination Coach

Dr. Christine Li is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City and is also known for her work as the “Procrastination Coach” online. Her Procrastination Coach blog is one of the top blogs in the world on the topic of procrastination. She has helped thousands overcome the procrastination habit and get crystal clear on what needs to be done, so they can get into action fast and achieve their goals. Dr. Li’s new book, 5-Minute Self-Discipline Exercises: Stay Motivated, Cultivate Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals, is a compilation of her best strategies set inside a highly-engaging and useful workbook format. Listen to Dr. Li’s brand new podcast Make Time for Success for inspiration for creating a life of joy, productivity, and abundance.